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First off im playing the original ffx, not the international version (although idk if it matters, but I thought I'd say it anyways)
Anywho....I'm at the end of the game, well I beat it, I'm just doing all the extra stuff

I need mgalixirs, I have 3 but idk how I got them, I'm trying to get double AP, I can't seem to find or steal any, I've been looking for 3 days now, does anyone know where or how I can get enough for double AP?...I don't know how many I need, so if u could say how many I need also it would be very helpful
Thanks in advance to anyone that helps

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AZorro007 answered:

Here is information copied from the posted "Item Database" by KADFC.

If you haven't unlocked Shinryu for the monster arena, that could be your best bet. Otherwise, bribing will get you some although you will need to collect some Gil first.

+ Megalixir
1. Restores all HP/MP to target party, but limited to 9999 HP & 999 MP
2. Deals 9999 damage and lowers their MP by 999 when used on Zombies targets
3. Restores MAX HP/MP to one character when used in the Menu
4. Customization:
Double AP: 20 Megalixir
5. Aeon Ability:
Full-Life: 1 Megalixir

Buy: N/A
Sell: 5,000 Gil
Steal: Penance - ,1 = Penance
Drop: N/A
Bribe: Xiphos - 2 ( 54,000 Gil) = Macalania Woods (27,000)
Varuna - 20 (1,120,000 Gil) = Omega Ruins (56,000)
Found: Chest - 3 = Sanubia Desert: West
Chest - 1 = Cavern of the Stolen Fayth
Chest - 1 = Inside Sin - Sin: City of Dying Dreams
Chest - 1 = Baaj Temple
Other: Prize - 1 = Blitzball - League Prize - 1st Place
Prize - 2 = Macalania (Central) - Butterfly game after Spherimorph
Prize - 1 = Remiem Temple - Chocobo Race, 2 Chests & No Pole
Prize - 4 = Thunder Plains - Dodge 150 bolts in a row
Prize - 1 = Bikanel Island - Obtain 6 or 7 of the cactuar's sphere
Prize - 30 = Unlock Shinryu
- Capture 2 of each: Splasher, Achelous, Maelspike
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Nimples answered:

There is some foe you can bribe in malcalania woods but you need to bribe it
50000 for 1 magalixer
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