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How to get Rikku's Ultima Weapon Godhand?

I am having trouble on getting hers. I'll be needing this for Bribing some monsters containing important items. Please send me some answers.

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AZorro007 answered:

There are posted FAQs that cover how to get Rikku's Ultimate Weapon in depth.

See Chapter Sixteen of the "Secrets/Sidequests FAQ" by .!ACA!.

See Section V, Subsection G, of the "Ultimate Weapons Guide" by CB!

Both are excellent sources.

The "Bribe" capability is found at the end of Rikku's Sphere Grid section. Any of the characters can acquire that capability by appropriately activating the corresponding Sphere Grid capability node. Having Rikku's Ultimate Weapon has nothing to do with acquiring the "Bribe" capability.

Rikku's Ultimate Weapon has the Gillionare capability which can double the amount of Gil received after each battle if that is what you seek. However, one can also obtain the Gillionaire capability for any character through weapon "customization". The "Equipment Remodeling Guide" by CB! covers customization in depth. You will need 30x Designer Wallet for Gillionaire.

Check out the posted "Item Database" by KADFC to identiify the available sources for Designer Wallet. You may wish to consider activating the Monster Area creation made available by slaying fiends in Zanarkand to get the Designer Wallet items you need rather than using a bribe strategy.
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falconesque answered:

The crest key item is readily found in a chest on Bikanel.

The sigil is found in a chest revealed by completing a mini-quest initiated on Bikanel.

Rikku's celestial weapon itself is found by way of a clue learned by deciphering the blue markers scatter around Spira.

Read the Secrets/Sidequests FAQ as AZorro007 already specified for exact, easy-to-follow steps. And to confirm, in case it's needed, Rikku's celestial weapon has no bearing on Bribe's effects.
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SteelPenguin90 answered:

just type GODHAND into the airship... make sure you've got the celestial mirror, and get both her crest and her sigil... probably the easiest one, unlike Lulu's..
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