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Break Damage Limit??????

I got yuna's nirvana and raised it to maximum strength but when i test it out break damage didn't work. I don't know what happened.

michellep80 asked for clarification:

Clarification please. When you said you got the Nirvana to maximum strength, do you mean fully acitvated? With the right Key Items, the only place you can do this is in Macalania Woods. So is this what you meant?

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AZorro007 answered:

When Yuna's Nirvana is fully "powered up" one of its features is "Break Damage Limit". That means, when Nirvana is equipped, it is possible for Yuna to inflict damage on a battled fiend in excess of 9999 Hit Points on any given turn.

However, Break Damage Limit will only occur if Yuna's powers are sufficient to inflict more than 9999 Hit Points of damage. If you increase Yuna's powers by activating more Sphere Grid nodes that could solve your "problem".

Note also, when you have fully powered up Yuna's Nirvana weapon,as "bonus" the Aeon Valefor also attains the Break Damage Limit capability. So, another way of checking the Break Damage Limit capability availability is to call Valefor against a weak fiend or two and see if more than 9999 Hit Points of damage is seen on any given turn.
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ferdk16 answered:

To clarify a bit, Valefor gets the BDL (Break Damage Limit) only by powering Nirvana with the Moon Crest, while the weapon itself needs both Crest and Sigil.

As noted, the ability only "allows" for damage to overflow the cap, it doesn't "force" it to go past that number. If your Yuna's strength means she hits for 500 damage, she'll still hit for 500 damage with her Celestial. You may see an improvement thanks to Celestial Weapons' innate property of Ignoring Defense, so high defense monsters will take more damage than without the celestial, but Yuna's stats don't have anything to do with the weapon.

tl;dr: Wanna see big numbers? raise your strength for physicals or magic for magic
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