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Where can I find more amulets?

I been searching like crazy and i don't find any...please answer...

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AZorro007 answered:

There do not seem to be a lot of places. Here is information copied from the posted "Item Database" by KADFC. (Use this as a good source for your item location needs).

+ Amulet
1. Mix Item
2. Customization:
Pickpocket: 30 Amulet

Buy: N/A
Sell: 3,450 Gil
Steal: N/A
Drop: Stratoavis - 2,4;2,4 = Monster Arena
- Capture 1 of each fiend from Besaid Island
Bribe: Tonberry - 2 (270,000 Gil) = Cavern of the Stolen Fayth (135,000)
Found: N/A
Other: N/A

Actually, I think you might want to consider customizing Master Thief instead. Again, KADFC has information.

+ Pendulum
1. Mix Item
2. Customization:
Master Thief: 30 Pendulum

Buy: N/A
Sell: 1,250 Gil
Steal: N/A
Drop: Neslug - 1,2; , = Monster Arena
- Unlock All Area Creations
Bribe: Master Tonberry - 4 ( 960,000 Gil) = Omega Ruins (240,000)
Ultima Weapon - 99 (1,400,000 Gil) = Omega Ruins ( 14,141)
Found: N/A
Other: Prize - 30 = Remiem Temple - Chocobo Race, Win with 4 Chests & No Pole

With a little practice, getting the Remiem Temple prize is not really, really difficult.
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falconesque answered:

Simplest method for obtaining amulet items is bribing tonberries in the Monster Arena, after capturing at least one tonberry in the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth.

See the FAQs page for loads of tips on accomplishing anything you don't understand, whether for pure collecting, customization, or whatever.
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