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Asked: 3 years ago

The chest in the room with the chimera in the al bhed home?

I cant unlock the chest unless i use a code but i dont know the code the is in a room with a chimera at the al bhed home on bikanel island the door to the room with the chest and chimera is in the hallway where the door to the summoners sanctum is in please someone tell me the code

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From: AZorro007 3 years ago

The code for the chest will vary and is likely different each time one plays the game.

You will need to translate the code from Al Bhed to Spiran to be able to open the chest.

If you have been collecting Al Bhed primers, it may be that you can read the codes as they are presented. If you cannot do that, look at the "English Deciphering Guide" of the posted "Al Bhed Language Guide" by enigmaopoeia for a correspondence table that will allow you to do the translation..

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The question is in Al Bhed. Its easy if you can read Al Bhed.

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Its plus the first 2 minus the second 2 times the third 2 and plus the last 2, my answer was 5633, theres also another chest in the room if you didnt know, that one is multiple choice so its easy. Hope that helps

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There are two chests in that lower room, and there are two others in a room up at the top of the stairs. Missable once you enter the door beside the save point.

Also: The three Al Bhed Primer key items found around Home can't be picked up later, except in your next game.

With old, popular games like FFX, the FAQs page is always your best first stop for immediate help when you're stuck. No waiting required.

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The last little "quiz" just before the summoner's sanctum has two chests in the room.
The one with the mathematical skills - the answers are 5,6,3 and 3.
The other one (chest closer to the front) - QUESTION 1: 3rd answer (yes); QUESTION 2: 4th answer (Brother); QUESTION 3: 2nd answer (Bikanel Island); QUESTION 4: 1st answer (Al Bhed).
Hope that helps.

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