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Sos Overdrive???

I got a drop item from a feind in Macalania Woods , I think Xiphos? it gave me Hruhtig and it had Sos Overdrive my question is , what does Sos Overdrive do????

thanks in advance

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Lateralus281 answered:

A character who has acquired and utilizes SOS Overdrive will receive double the amount of Overdrive growth whenever his or her Overdrive gauge is stimulated at half the character's maximum HP.

Basically, once the character equipped with SOS Overdrive loses up to half of his/her HP, he will then begin to receive 2x the amount of Overdrive. SOS Overdrive only applies when the character's HP is less than half; if you cure the character beyond the half-way mark, then the ability will have no affect.

There is an extensive and helpful glossary of terms, abilities, etc. in the game's "Help" menu. To access it, press Triangle when roaming the map to bring up the Main Menu and then select "Help" at the bottom of the list. The subsection entitled "Reference" will provide information on Overdrives, Overdrive Modes, Auto-Abilities (like SOS Overdrive) and Command Abilities, like Skills and Magic.

I hope this helps.
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