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How do I get GODHAND(it won't open the treasure chest)?

I already Crack the Password for Godhand but when I was there in the place where the GODHAND is the chest won't open why?

Accepted Answer

AZorro007 answered:

The chest will not open unless you have obtained the Celestial Mirror first.

To get the Celestial Mirror, go to the Remiem Temple (use a Chocobo to get there) in the Calm Lands and win one Chocobo race.

When you win the race, you will receive the Cloudy Mirror Key Item.

Take the Cloudy Mirror to the "Secret Spot" in the Macalania Wood to convert it into the Celestial Mirror.

Now return to the GODHAND chest and it will open.

For additional detail on all of this consult one of the posted FAQs covering acquisition of the Celestial Weapons for all of the characters.

Secrets/Sidequests FAQ by !.ACA.!

Ultimate Weapons Guide by CB!

are both very good.
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