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How do i get 3 aurochs symbols for wakka to learn the auroch spirit shot in blitzball?

How can i get all three auroch symbols?

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AZorro007 answered:

For the original North American version of the game there are no "Aurochs Symbols" involved in getting the Auroch Spirit technique for Wakka. Here is how the technique can be obtained for the original game.

For Wakka to learn the Auroch Spirit shot in blitzball, he will, of course, have to be an active member of your team.

Other than that, he will have to learn his three key Techniques so that the "slot" that accepts the Aurochs Spirit technique will become available for use.

The three Key Techniques that he must learn are: (1) Wither Shot, (2) Drain Tackle, and (3)Tackle Slip.

Once the three Key Techniques have been learned, when Auroch Spirit appears as a prize to be won in blitzball Tournament Play, win the Tournament and Wakka will be awarded the Auroch Spirit technique.
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falconesque answered:

Wakka's Aurochs REELS overdrive has no bearing on learning his Aurochs SPIRIT blitzball tech, other than the reels (usually) being an earlier prize.

A technicality on the key techs: Only the THIRD key tech matters in regards to Aurochs Spirit. The first and second aren't polled, so if you win Tech Find in a match and use it to enable Wakka's slot for tackle slip, then it's possible for Wakka to learn tackle slip prior to wither shot or drain tackle.

For more on how to do this, read the following question in my Blitzball Tech Primer, as linked.

Q: Can TECH FIND be used to learn JECHT SHOT 2 or AUROCHS SPIRIT?
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