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Which caracter is the BEST?


falconesque asked for clarification:

P.S. I *strongly* recommend you start a Board topic for discussion purposes. Include the word "SPOILERS" in the topic's title if you want to talk about the story, not just your decisions.

Be sure to state which FFX release you're playing, AND that English is not your primary language.

This will let LOTS of different players help you out as you go. Very few of us watch the Answers page.

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randumo24 answered:

Since all of the characters can learn everything on the sphere grid, there isn't really a BEST character. It really depends on what you prefer, because they each have unique abilities. I hate when people leave answers like I just said though, so I will give you my take.

I prefer Yuna & Rikku, because they have the best unique abilities imo. Summoning can save you from certain attacks in the game that would otherwise finish you party in one shot. Rikku's mix has great abilities as you go through the game. Early on, the can have attack power far beyond anything any of the other characters can do. Later on, things like Hyper Mighty Guard can set up your whole team with everything you need defensively in one shot(nul all, haste, protect, shell, regen, auto life) so that's a great overdrive throughout as long as you have the items.

Everybody has their own preferences though.
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falconesque answered:

Rikku. Click FAQs, above, and read the Rikku-Only Challenge FAQ to learn why.
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AZorro007 answered:

There are no "best" and "worst" characters in Final Fantasy X. There are only opinions from the players playing the game who use the characters in the game in different ways.

Every character has unique characteristics. There are basic differences in attributes such as "Power" and "Magic Strength" and also more fundamental differences such as the unique capabilities available in individual Overdrive suites.

It is possible to complete the basic Fantasy X story line by using any one of the available characters. So, in that sense they are all equal.

It is also possible to take any character and have that character accumulate all the skills available on the Sphere Grid. Skills wise, then, other than Overdrive differences, all the characters can be made "equal".

That being said, there will be differences in the "effectiveness" of the various characters in the application of the various Sphere Grid skills. Any player of the game will tell you that some characters are more effective in certain roles than others.

Certainly some Overdrives are more useful than others.

And on and on and on ...

Like the man says, this is a discussion topic which has been discussed "endlessly" on the main board for a very long time. Perhaps is would be best to keep it there. It doesn't seem to be a factual issue to be addressed in the context of the Answers system.
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