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Which i the best combination of weapon and armors fr tidus?

I think its the very own caladbojd and the gengi shield (break hp limit,ribon,auto phoenix,auto-haste)but someone have a best combination?

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AZorro007 answered:

The "best" weapons in the game are the Celestail weapons. You will definitely need them if you plan on dealing with the Dark Aeons and/or Penance as no other weapons will do the damage to those Aeons that the Celestials will..

They are unique for each character and, yes, the one for Tidus is called the Caladbolg.

Posted FAQs discuss how to get those:

1. "Ultimate Weapons Guide" by CB!

2. "Secrets/Sidequests FAQ" by !.ACA!

The "best" armors are less well defined. In part they are a matter of opinion and in part they may vary depending upon the battle situation you find yourself involved in. Here are some references that will get you started on selecting yours.

1. For "ordinary" battle situations one opinion on a set of four selectable choices is described in the answer given to the posted question "Four-slot Armor?" (North American Version of the Game)

2. The posted FAQ/Walkthrough by SinirothX summarizes discussions by others to present armor considerations in some depth in its Section 13, "Ultimate Armor"

3. An opinion on a "more advanced" armor selection is given in Section 7.0, "Temporary Armour" of the posted "Penance FAQ" by Bee TheGoddess.

4. An opinion as to armor suitable for the Dark Aeon Battles is described in Section 9.0, "Final Armor" of the posted "Penance FAQ" by Bee TheGoddess.

5. A different take on the useful armors for the Dark Aeon battles is given in Low-Level Dark Aeon FAQ by Riverstone30gm.

When you get to the point of trying to decide what armors you will actually be using, be sure and consult the "Equipment Remodeling Guide by CB!. All the customization options are explained and opinions on "best" armors to use are provided there.
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falconesque answered:

Click FAQs, above, and read CB!'s Equipment Remodeling Guide.

Then click Board and search for "ultimate". VERY frequent topic.
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falconesque answered:

For Tidus, best weapon is Caladbolg. Second AZ's advice: ACA's Secrets/Sidequests FAQ tells how to acquire Caladbolg in very concise terms.

Best armor depends on 1) which release you're playing; 2) the style of playthrough, regular or some challenge; and, 3) how far along in the game you are currently. No one piece of armor is suitable for all things much less for an entire playthrough.

Definitely search topics on the Board page. Auto-haste is about the only consistant recommendation.
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FFX-_SavagePlay answered:

Weapon - Caladbolg
Abilities for weapon - Break Damage Limit
Triple Overdrive
Evade & Counter
Magic Counter

Armor - Genji Shield
Abilities for armor (what i use) - Break HP Limit
HP +30%
HP +10%


Armor - Dont know the name
Abilities - Auto-Haste
Defense +__%
(Optional) Auto-Regen or Break HP Limit
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