Question from cocolugg

How do I beat Evrae while on the airship?

I have been trying over and over again and just can't seem to beat him once he uses haste and come close to the airship. I try to pull back before he he uses poison breath, but it doesnt pull back in time. So then I'm just there with just Auron and by the time i use antidote and hi-potion he uses poison breath again kills Auron.
I do fine up until that point and I'm not sure what to do.

zxchaha asked for clarification:

How do I beat Evrae in NSG mode

i cant beat it because i without Underdog Secrets
Underdog Secrets is key to defeat Evrae,it mixes Sunburst
and i have old record finish game already,and get all al bhed book but cant recive Underdog Secrets from Rin

Accepted Answer

SacredPockets answered:

The best way to beat him would to have Tidus slow him, then just pound away with your strongest characters. It also helps to customize Poison Ward/Proof if you can. Also, I would recommend having Rikku use Al Bhed Potions whenever applicable. Save your overdrives for when he is about to use haste (Around 11,000 health, I believe) then just use them.

If all else fails, you can just massively overlevel in the airship caverns.
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tabian00 answered:

Evrae is all about the range game. Lulu should whack away with all 4 -ga spells (firaga, blizzaga, thundaga, and waterga), Wakka should throw power balls (str + 20 preferred) and Yuna goes Aeon crazy (my favorite is Shiva). If you can squeeze a salvo or two in then more power to you. Trying to get everyone involved for S Points only serves to waste alot of time and offer alot of frustration (especially when he gets close like that). You can try to Slow him, but he counters with Haste so stay away from that tactic.
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LineRiderAddict answered:

one strategy is tidus or rikku's turn is right before cids, move the airship away, and if evrae stays away, then cid launches missles at it...
During the battle, make sure u cast slow on it, and haste everyone. If you don't know the -ga spells, then magic is pretty useless. You strategy depends on who in your party is the most powerful. If range is you thing, keep evrae away, and if it isn't, keep it close. Spells like cheer and Aim never hurt, either
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