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So who/what is Tidus exactly?

It's been a long time since I've played the game, but I never really understood Tidus's coming into the story. How did he go from his time period to that of Yuna's? Did he even really exist in the first place? Etc. Etc.

iSa91 asked for clarification:

Did you finish the game once? In case you just can't remember exactly, we could refresh you memory a little and that wouldn't be spoilering.

GaiamageX provided additional details:

I've finished the game once, so I'm expecting spoilers.

Accepted Answer

Glacoras answered:


Tidus did NOT travel in time. He is in the same time period as Yuna and the rest of the party. He came to Spira via Sin (becoming "more than a dream" when he touched Sin [like Jecht], as stated by the Bahamut Fayth).

Tidus's Zanarkand, as shown in the Ultimeca Omega, is near Baaj Temple, but unknown to most (if not all) of Spira. This is being summoned by Yu Yevon, who resides in Sin. As Dream Zanarkand is a bigger Aeon than any other Aeon, it requires a huge fayth to summon something so big. This is where the Gagazet Fayth comes into it.

The Gagazet Fayth was citizen's of Zanarkand that survived a war between Zanarkand and Bevelle. Using these remaining citizens, Yu Yevon created the Gagazet Fayth, which was to be used for Dream Zanarkand. To protect himself, Yu Yevon used a Gravity spell to bring pyreflies together to make his armour, Sin. Giving Sin basic commands, Sin could act to protect Yu Yevon and Dream Zanarkand by destroying any machina or place that people gather in groups. Yu Yevon could then focus on summoning Dream Zanarkand, using the powers of the Gagazet Fayth and the dreams of the other, normal Fayth's (like the Bahamut Fayth).

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255Loner answered:

To clarify on the notion you're given early on in the game that Tidus changed time periods would be to give away important plot details that you will come across fairly early into the gameplay (like, when you get to Luca) anyway. You won't be in the dark for long, don't worry.
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that_one_guy answered:

Tidus is a dream of the Fayth. He came to exist because he had contact with sin, who is Jecht. Now, the question is, how did Jecht come to be. No, he never really existed, neither of them did, but they somehow had physical form away from the dream world. It wasn't a time period thing, by the way, it was a "dream vs. reality" thing.
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_Mace_ answered:

>Ultimania< Omega, not Ultimeca
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