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How do I beat Dark shiva?

Okay I have a rikku that can do max damage (99999) an auron that does about 30,000 and yuna there specifically for aeon fodder so can anyone give me a way to beat her good so i can get into macalania temple to get anima.

Accepted Answer

D_Spear answered:

Train ur ppl more. Get them all to be able to do max damage. Also, try to get everyone to learn Quick Hit and Double Cast.

Quick Hit-hit that basically delays ur opponent's turn. Very useful.
Double Cast- cast 2 spells at once.
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Black_Fatalis answered:

1. Anima is found in the Bajj Temple, after you get the airship.

2. Ice=weak to fire.
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GunbladerWielde answered:

If you make Yuna take the path of a black mage and have her cast spells like Firaga, you're a sure fire in.
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