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Breathing Underwater?

Having finished the game I have always wondered how Tidus and the rest of Spira have an abnormally large lung capacity to facilitate holding their breath for long periods of time (30 minutes)? Or is this one of video game's plot holes like how Link can carry enough weaponry to support a small army on his back?

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BBK_Kid answered:

Part of it is the "it's a video game, so you have to suspend your disbelief", but it's not entirely irrational.

1.) Pyreflies in the water make it easier for people to hold their breath.

2.) It can't just be anyone, either. As we see in the Eternal Calm video that bridges X and X-2, Yuna is practicing holding her breath. Tidus and Wakka are professional blitzball players who have probably practiced for years, and Rikku probably frequently dives for excavation trips or has some sort of contraption that helps her breathe.
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