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How do I charge the Cloudy Mirror?

So far two treasure chests and some lady keep telling me I still don't have enough energy...

Accepted Answer

_Lagoona_ answered:

.From A I e x's FAQ:

With the Cloudy Mirror in hand make your way to the Macalania Woods. Head to the Save Sphere near the lake, the path leading Southeast out of this area will take you to a magic walkway back to the entrance. When you approach the main path up into the trees you will see a woman and child standing there. Speak to both of them to learn the husband/father has gone missing.
Head two maps to the East and then go North at the 4-way split. Speak to the man in yellow on the right and he'll say he's supposed to meet his family. Tell him they're waiting. Now return to the family only to find the boy is lost. Head up the sparkling magic path and go North at the fork. Speak to the little boy here. When you are prompted to use the Cloudy Mirror, do it and you obtain the 'Celestial Mirror.' Now you're all set.
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