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Asked: 5 years ago

How can i get summon anima for yuna?

I can't understand 'bout six chest that written an seal door in baaj temple

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From: AZorro007 5 years ago

When you enter the room with the six statues within Baaj Temple there is a sealed door that must be opened to enter the Chamber of the Fayth. Within that chamber a Fayth awaits to award the Dark Aeon Anima to Yuna for her use. However, to break the seal on the door, one must "activate" the six idols that stand in the chamber. To "activate" an idol, move to stand in front of it to see if its seal appears as it begins to glow and if the light it holds illuminates.

Each idol corresponds to one of the six temples Yuna could have visited in Spira. As you stand in the Idol room facing the sealed doorway, the idols represent (proceeding clockwise from the doorway around the room): Bevelle Temple (Blue Seal), Djose Temple (Blue Green Seal), Kilika Temple (Brownish White Seal), Zanarkand Temple (Yellow White Seal), Macalania Temple (White Seal) and Besaid Temple (Rose Purple Seal).

An idol will "glow" when you stand in front of it if you have visited the corresponding temple and acquired and used its Destruction Sphere to reveal the related treasure chest for that temple. If the idol does not "glow" when approached, you must return to its temple, seek out the Destruction Sphere and use it. When that is done, a return to the Bajj Temple will see that idol glow when approached.

I play the North American game so it matters little when the Destruction Spheres are used to reveal the temple treasures. However, in the International Version of the game, according to the posts I have read, the situation is different. In the International Game it is best to use the Destruction Spheres on your first pass through the Cloister of Trails for, if you have to return to do so later, there may be a Dark Aeon waiting for you which must be overcome before you can access the Destruction Sphere for any given temple.

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Heres how:

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When you go to Baaj temple (by inputing a location number on the airship) after Zanarkand there will be these 6 statues inside all you have to do (if you have the Amreican version as said by AZorro007) is beat the previous temples from besaid to zanarkand and obtain the item using the destruction sphere (also said by AZorro007) then "touch" the statues to make them glow and then the fayth chamber will be open for you to enter.

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