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Asked: 5 years ago

Where can I find and how should I use level 1 key spheres?

I have 2 level 1 key spheres right now and I'm just starting the mushroom rock area. (I missed the 2 you get from the Chocobo Eater.) Both key spheres I got from people on the highroad, so I have 3 questions.

1. Is it worth using both spheres to get Khimari to Rikku's sphere grid?

2. Are there any level 1 key spheres I have missed recently that I could go back for? It sounds like there should have been more than 2 key stones in Mi'ihen.

3. I read in another question that you can get key spheres from Gui at mushroom rock, but no FAQs I have read have confirmed this. When is the next chance I will have to get key spheres?

Accepted Answer

From: AZorro007 5 years ago

1. Answer to question 1 - Yes definitely! That is what I do when I play the game and it works very well for a lot of reasons.

2. Answer to question 2 - No you haven't missed any other than the Chocobo Eater ones but there are opportunities coming up.

3. Answers to question 3 - After Chocobo Eater the next opportunity is the Sinspawn Gui battle. You can get six Level 1 Key Spheres if you overkill (twice). After that you will find two treasure chests along the road leading to the Moonflow with three Level 1 Key Spheres in them.

Then after a time you will find yourself in a desert environment. You may encounter a creature called Sand Worm. Its rare drop is the Level 1 Key Sphere.

You will get three more as "gifts and mini game prizes" as the story line continues.

Finally, there are additional monster drops of Level 1 Key Spheres and also bribe opportunities that yield Level 1 Key Spheres.

Drops - Master Coeurl and Puroboros in Omega Ruins
Brip - Imp in the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth. Obtain ariund 4 for 17.600 Gil

And, if all else fails, a Level 1 Key Sphere can be forced to appear as the first place prize in the blitzball league.

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