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Asked: 5 years ago

Does Auron have a fourth overdrive?

If Auron has a fourth overdrive then how do you get it? Any answers are much appreciated.

Accepted Answer

From: veatboi 5 years ago

Yes he does have a fourth Overdrive. It's called Tornado and it's controls are X Right R1 Left L1 Triangle.
It is available after you collect all 10 Jetch Spheres. Here are their locations:

01 - Macalania Lake, after Spherimorph battle. Collecting this sphere allows
you to collect the rest of the spheres.

02 - Besaid Village, near the Besaid Temple, on the steps. A dialog about
Jecht wanting to eat an entire shoopuf.

03 - SS Liki, bound to Kilika, in the cabin. A dialog about navigating through
the seas at night.

04 - Luca Stadium Basement A, near a locker room. Jecht's message to Tidus
about blitzball.

05 - Mi'hen Highroad, down below on the Lowroad or Oldroad. Use chocobo

06 - Mushroom Rock Road, near a rising platform.

07 - Moonflow, near the Shoopuff boarding dock. A conversation about Jecht's

08 - Thunder Plains South, close to a lightning rod tower on the right side.

09 - Macalania Forest South, right near the entrance.

10 - Mt. Gagazet Mountain Road, on a trail that lead to a dead end.

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I recommend Tidus's Slice and Dice, Blitz Ace and Wakka's Attack Reels because they hit continuously but Auron's Tornado is the best in looks lol.

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