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Asked: 4 years ago

Levelling Up/What To Do Next/Help?

I'm at the stage where i have almost everyone's CW and everyone has completed at least one section of the sphere grid. I have the airship, i can get into sin and go to the tower of the dead, but first, i want to do all the sidequests of the game, and max out my characters stats, and capture all the monsters etc.
Can someone tell me what to do next? I'm sort of lingering about, not knowing what to do. I think i want to start killing the big monsters in the monster arena, but there insane! How i do i train up my characters good enough to fight them?

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From: blitzace12 4 years ago

Personally I would go to the Omega Ruins. In the airship talk to Cid and go to search. go the the coordinates (70,39). here will unlock the Omega Ruins. in the ruins are the strongest "normal" monsters in the game. it's the easiest spot to level up. ultima/omega weapon are also found here. Each battle can net 2 or more sphere levels for most of the game. it's by far the fastest way to max stat especially with AP boosting weapons. I hope this helps and good luck

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Look at two of the posted FAQs for a pretty complete set of ideas on what to do for side quests.

1. Monster Arena FAQ by CB!

2. Secrets/Sidequests FAQ by !.ACA.!

A quick read through of those should be all that you need to make a decision or two.

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I would go to the Omega Ruins just like blitzace12 said. and just stay there for a few hours. but make sure to keep saving because you never know when your gonna go up against a monster and cant win and die. that's my advice. and just keep winning and you'll gain level like no other

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