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Asked: 3 years ago

CodeBreaker codes for FFX International?

Anyone knows any codes for FFX International that gives off max gil and all the sigils in-game? Max gil is just optional, but getting the sigils is a must for me in-game. I can't take the insane challenge of getting some of the characters sigils but would like to be able to unleash the full potential of every character's celestial weapons.

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Please also state whether the codes gives off glitches and crashes in-game. Thanks.

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Thanks for the answer falconesque, but apparently does not support codes for games outside of US which FFX International is a case.

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From: CaladbolgZERO 3 years ago

codebreaker is not specific to any region. it will work the same with ffx international as any other version. the codes won't work between versions though

use FFXED and you can add exactly which key items you want

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The best place to find codes for your specific Code Breaker version is still CodeTwink, Code Breaker's official site. They use a forum style and archives you can search.


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Thanks for the added info. You answer the question, though: The CodeBreaker is region-specific and overcoming that limitation may not be possible.

Maybe try looking into Xploder or another device that's region-compatible with FFX International?

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