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Asked: 5 years ago

What should I do to get dark matter ?

What should I do to get dark matter ?

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From: Bissomoneybags 5 years ago

Well the best way to do that I think is do the monster arena and catch like monsters from 10 areas or something like that and you will obtain like 99 dark matters yet it only happens once. One other way to do it is to defeat a lot of species creations and eventually they will drop 1x for regular kill and 2x for an overkill. Hopefully that was helpful and good luck with your game yennrtanoyo:)

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You can also get dark matters earlier on in your game, if you haven't made it to the calm lands monster arena, through blitzball. It shows up randomly as a league? prize. If not, a tournament prize. Just keep playing or soft resetting until it shows up as a prize.

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Capture 5 of every fiend to recieve 99 dark matters. or blitz for them, or get them as a rare drop from monster arena creations
(1 normal kill,2 overkill[thats area creations,species creations and original creations])

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Another way is at the end of the game, after you reach *spoilers*

"Inside Sin", you can bribe sand worms for those Dark Matters.

But I don't know how much this will help as you can't save at that point.

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They can also be stolen from the Sand Worms on Bikanel Island

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