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Enemy/Boss Help Answers
A much easier way to defeat Dark Flan? 4
Any advice about beating Great Marlboro? 2
Are the monsters at the battle arena any different from those u find outside in the wild? 1
Can I fight Penance? 1
can Neslug be killed? 5
can someone answer a couple questions about Lady Yunalesca? 4
Capturing magic urns? 4
Cuckoo 4 Tonberry!? 1
Dark ifrit glitch? 4
Dark Valefor? 1
Defeating Dark Yojimbo(s)? 1
Easy way to beat the giant dark flan? 2
Evrae NSG no 9999 stratagy? 5
Guardian Wyrm Evrae on Airship before Bevelle? 4
Help Me Beat OverDrive Sin? D: 6
How can I beat Lady Yunalesca? 8
How can I beat Seymour at Bevelle? 2
How can I beat Seymour at Mt. Gagazet? 4
How can i beat seymour at the sea of sorrow (4th fight with him?? 3
How can I beat the Spectral Keeper? 3
How can i defeat sin on the air ship before sin get his overdrive? 4
How can i get anima? 3
How can I get past the Dark aeons? 3
How can i unlock don tonberry? 2
How do I beat ( Nemesis)? 2
How do I beat (Braskas final aeon)? 17
How do I beat (Evrae-Airship Boss)? 4
How do I beat (extractor)? 1
How do I beat (nemesis)? 10
How do I beat (one eye)? 11
How do I beat (ONE-EYE)? 4
How do I beat (seymour third fight)? 2
How do I beat (sin)?.At the end of the game. 6
How do I beat (the scorpion looking thing - sin spawn)? 2
How do I beat BFA in a WONONC challenge? 2
How do I beat Braka's Final Aeon? 5
How do I beat braska final aeon without celestial weapon,magus sister and anima?? 5
How do I beat Brother's Machina? 7
How do I beat Cactuars? 2
How do I beat Dark magus sisters? 2
How do I beat dark shiva ? 2
How do I beat Dark shiva? 3
How do I beat dark yojimbo? 3
How do I beat Evrae while on the airship? 3
How do I beat Evrae? 1
How do I beat final boss? 5
How do I beat Geosaeno at the Baaj temple? 3
How do I beat halma? 4
How do i beat Lady Yunalesca? 8
How do I beat maester seymour second time????????!!!!!!!! 5
How do I beat Magic Urns? 2
How do I beat One Eye? 3
How do I beat seymor the first time at the Macalania temple? 8
How do I beat Seymor? 1
How do I beat seymour and anima at macalania? 14
How do i beat seymour inside sin? 3
How do I beat Seymour the second time? 3
How do I beat sin (on the airship? 1
How do I beat sin? 8
How do I beat Spectral Keeper? 5
How do i beat spherimorph? 4
How do i beat the boss called crawler? 1
How do I beat the combined and area creatures and the area monsters at the battle arena? 2
How do I beat the dark aeons? 6
How do I beat the Luca Goers? 5
How do I beat the Magic Urns? (Is there a pattern?) 4
How do I beat the Sanctuary Keeper? 3
How do I beat the second braska's final aeon? 7
How do I beat the sinspawn? 3
How do I beat water element fiend? 1
How do I beat Yunalesca 3rd form? 2
How do I beat? 2
How do I encounter these enemies? 4
How do I find Dark aeons? 3
How do I knock the chocobo eater off the cliff? 2
How do I surpass the Warrior Monks at the Bevelle? 2
How Do You Unlock Nemisis In Area? 3
How leveled up should I be for Yunalesca? 3
How many times can I beat Penance? 4
How shuold i beat Belgemine in Remiem Temple? 3
HOW the hell do i freaking unlock nemesis in FFX????? WTF 3
HP of Omega (international)?? 1
I can't get One Eye in arena? 5
I need help with can i beat him? 3
If i get more would it give alot? 2
In what order do i hit the eyes on the canopic jar? 5
Is it possible to get away from the dark magus sisters? 5
Is Nemesis strong? 1
Is there a way I can go back and fight the chocobo eater? 1
Is there another way to get a lot ap than fight with Kottos? 1
Monster Arena questions? 3
New game + glitch ? 1
Penance is not showing? 3
Secret Desert Boss???? 4
Seymour Natus? 8
Shinryu help?!? 6
Stolen/Missing Items? 10
Tanket's rush attack, glitch? 5
Ultima buster ? 3
What constitutes as a 'light patch' for Simurghs? 2
What equipment is best? 2
What's a Land worm? 2
Where can i find dark ifrit? and how to defeat it? 2
Where can i find those landworms???? (except in the crystals in within sin) 3
Where do I find Chimera Brains? 2
Where i can find Tomberry? 4
where SPECIFICALLY do you find the garuda enemies? 3
Where's the best area to find Machea's in Omega Ruins? 2
Wheres Omega? 4
Whos better rikku or yuna? 5
Why do the monsters not appear? 1
Why do you have to fight Dark Ixion twice? 2
Yojimbo Glitch? 4

Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
Aeon Break Damage Limit? 1
Al Bhed Treasure Hunt? 4
Ap trick? 3
Blitzball breakthroughs? 3
Blitzy-ball help? 3
Butterfly Minigame - Can't get Saturn Sigil? 2
Butterfly Minigame. Help? 1
Butterfly Race Cheatfest Request! ? 5
Butterfly Race CR (the conclusion)>>>>>>>>>>>? 1
Caladbolg item.. Help me? 1
Calm Lands Riddle?? 1
Can I get Anima before meeting Maester Mika in Highbridge? 2
Can i go back to the coulister of trails to get the destruction spheres? 3
Can i re-learn the Jecht Shot after i reset data? 3
Can I still maximize an Aeon's Stats after Yuna is already maxed out? 1
Can you obtain the Celestial wepons before completing the game? 4
Cloister of trials ? 5
Completion of the game? 3
Do i need to talk to anyone to begin the thunder plains minigame? 2
Dodging 200 lightning bolts? 2
Does Auron have a fourth overdrive? 2
Does winning/lossing Blitzball games make any difference in ffX? 3
Easyer way to dodge lightning 200 time's? 3
Fiends killed? 4
Help I can't see the chocobo sitting above right bottom of CALM LANDS? 1
How can I get the optional Aeons? 1
How do I fully power nirvana? 1
How do i gain access to the temples after getting the airship? 7
How do I get all of the monsters for the arena? 3
How do i get all the codes to input into the airship and get secret weapons? 2
How do I get anti-venom 2? 1
How do I get GODHAND(it won't open the treasure chest)? 1
How do I get in the Mushroom Rock Road again? 1
How do I get past the tower of death? 1
How do I get Sun Sigil? 4
How do I get the jecht sphere at besaid? 1
How do I get the Qactuars? 1
How do i get the species conquest place in monster arena? 1
How do I get through djose temple? 2
How do I get to Sanubia Sands? 3
How do I solve (emergency)? 3
How do I solve (macalania temple trial)? 3
How do I solve (the problem of getting back into the temple at Bevelle)? 4
How do I solve Djose Temple? 2
How do I solve marlania temple? 4
How do I solve O'aka donations? 2
How do I solve puzzle at the temple of baaj? 2
How do I solve Rikku's ultimate weapon quest? 1
How do you make the qactuar stones on the thunder plains glow? 1
I am stuck on 2 sidequest? 7
I forgot to get one of the Destruction Treasures. Which one is it? 2
I miss Anima . .? 6
Im trying to get all the destruction spheres so i can get anima but cant find where the one in zanarkand is please help? 1
Is it posible for me to go back to kilika temple cloister? 3
Is it possible to get nimrook on your blitz team before you get the airship? 2
Is it possible to still get the magnus sisters??? 5
Is that right that Ribbon is only for international version? 2
Is there a sidequest that involves counting seagulls on one of the boats? 3
Is there an easy way to get Kimahri's Sigil (butterfly puzzle)? 7
It Won't Let Me Recruit for Blitzball... Why Not? 2
Kimarhi Blitzball? 7
Lame guy blocking path in calm lands? 1
Leaving Baaj Temple? 1
Lost sphere ? 3
Lulu's Venus Sigil?? 1
Magns sisters; Wheres the second key? 1
Magnus sisters, have crown and staff, what gives? 5
Malboro's not the ninth fiend for the Calm Lands? 1
MAXIMUM Stats? 3
Monster arena? 1
Omega Ruins? 1
Question about Dark Aeons? 3
Rikku's Overdrives? 2
Saturn Crest? 2
Saturn Sigil? 2
Shiva? 10
Techcopy doesn't work? 1
Tidus wont learn? 2
Tonberry locations? 1
Two questions? 1
Via Purifico (locked room) Help? 1
Well bikanel desert..........? 1
What are the airship passwords for the Japanese version of FFX? 2
What do i do to get all the prizes from the bartender? 2
What is the best path through the Remien race? (spoilers) 1
What r these 3 passwords for? 3
What will happen if I choose not to perform a sending for Belgemine after defeating all her aeons? 1
Wher are all of the Destruction sphere treasures? 3
Where are all the jecht sphere locations? 2
Where can I find all the cactuor in the sanubia desert? 1
Where can I find these? 1
Where exactly can I find the monster called Melusine in Thunder Plains? 2
Where exactly is the Al Bhed code in the thunder plain? 4
Where I can find the monster called Melusine in Thunder Plains? 4
Where is the bar where Kimarhi punched (*ownage*) that other Ronso in the face? 2
Where is this broken lightning tower that i need to press square at for Kimahris final weapon? 1
Why cant i find black elements in omega ruins? 1
Why do I get different outcomes when opening the chests after saving inside the Omega Ruins? 1
Why is the Nirvana weapon still no AP ?? 2

Item Location Help Answers
"Re-posted"Where can I find more Wings of Discovery ? 2
9th Catcus for Mercury Sigil? 1
A certain method for gil and items that i cannot remember? 3
Abilities Needed 4 ultimate or decent AP gaining weapon? 3
About the Brotherhood sword? 1
Aeons? 2
Al Bhed Pimers? 4
Al bhed primers? 1
Al-Bhed primes problem? 5
Are Al Bhed Primers missable? 8
Are the Celestial items (weapons, crests, sigils) missable? 3
Are there any ultimate armors? 5
Are there spears for Kimahri that boost magic? 6
Auron's silgil? 2
Belgemine in calm lands?? 2
Besaid temple help with destruction sphere and am I to late? 5
Better Celestial Weapons? 17
Break Damage Limit?????? 2
Bribing Monster Arena Fiends? 3
Caladbolg? 7
Can anybody give me a complete list of Kimarhi's overdrives? 1
Can I go back to get a forgotten Jecht Sphere? 1
Can I have a list of where to find -all- the Jecht Spheres? 1
Cannot Get Blossom Crown After the Requirements? 5
Celestial Weapons Upgrading? 3
Celestial weapons? 2
Chocobo Feather? 3
Crest-only upgrading of celestial weapons blocking further upgrading? 2
Customize? 1
Customizing abilities..? 4
Dark Yojimbo and Dark Matter? 5
Different sigils/crests? 2
Dingo (Besaid) Equipment Drops - Strength +3% & Magic +3% ??? 4
Do the chests in omega ruins reappear if u failed to open them? 3
Do weapons upgrade on their own? 2
Dodged 200 bolts in a row and no chest? 7
Dodging 200 Lightning? 2
Does Auto-Regen wear off? 3
Does hot spurs and eccentric mix effect stuck or replaced?? 3
Does the character with Alchemy have to be the one using the potions? 2
Does this ability combination on one weapon work? 1
Does Three Stars let you cast anything? 3
Elixir?? 1
Four-slot Armor ? 2
Hidden Weapon Strength? 1
How are you supposed to use power distillers? 1
How can I get clear spheres? 2
How can i get door to tomorrow's really fast? 1
How can I get Gil faster? 1
How can I get Kimahri's Spirit Lance? 1
How can I get the Jupiter Sigil? 3
How can i get the mars sigil? 5
How can I get Wakka's Sigil w/out the reset trick? 6
How can I got high ap on one fight ? 4
How can i have an auto-phoenix armor? 2
How can i make all of the Auto-? 2
How can I open the treasure chest? 2
How come I can't get Wakka's World Champion? 2
How come i get a different amount of wings to discovery when i bribe marlboros than wat the item database says? 1
How do get to bread chocobos? 4
How do I charge the Cloudy Mirror? 1
How do i find the boy to change the cloudy mirror? 3
How do i get 3 aurochs symbols for wakka to learn the auroch spirit shot in blitzball? 2
How do i get a celestial mirror? 1
How do i get back into bevelle after it's closed for the temple treasure? 2
How do I get teleport sphere easily? 3
How do i get the air ship search spira coordinates from within the game? 8
How do I return to Bevelle cloister of trials? 4
How do i tell which weapons are stronger? 4
How do these customizations mix? 1
How do we make the guy in the Calm Lands blocking the Caladbolg go away? 2
How do you get to that treasure chest in Besaid? 2
How do you get to the chest underneath the waterfall in Besaid? 1
How do you know which item is better to use? 4
How many Chocobo wings do i need for auto-hste? 1
How many of each Level Lock Sphere do I need for the whole grid? 2
How many slots do you have in your equipment inventory maximum? 1
How many three stars do i need for break Mp limit? 1
How many wings to discovery do i need for break HP limit? 1
How to get master sphere??? 2
How to get Rikku's Ultima Weapon Godhand? 3
How to make Tidus learn Nap Pass 3? 1
How to obtain tidus ultimate weapons? 4
I can not find the code for the weapon of rikku? 2
I forgot to find a destruction sphere during my first visit to Djose temple.Can i find it once i am able to free travel? 2
I got Caladbolg but it sucks!? 1
I heard a rumor about a certain item.. does it exist? 5
I need help with customizing? 2
I've already beaten the game but I'm missing two key items. They're in the very top rows. Ne1 kno what they are? 3
If 3 people in your party equip with gillionaire weapon? 2
iNecesito X-Potions y Megalixirs! Donde puedo encontrarlos? 2
Is it possible to get bhpl/ ribbon armour from dark shiva w/ out it also having ice eater? 1
Is it possible to win Anti-Techs in bltizball games? 3
Is Moon Sigil obtainable in the late game? 1
Is there a way to duplicate items? 1
Is there a way to get the jecht sphere on besaid without getting smashed by dark valefor? 2
Is there an enemy other than the Earth Eater who drops Fortune Spheres? 1
Is there any easy way to get these items? 4
Is there any way to de-customize your weapon/armor? 1
It there any possibility to get the moon crest in 2nd time?? 1
Items after defeating dark aeons? 3
Jeckt shot 2 in blitz? 2
Kilika treasure chest? 2
Kimari's crest and silgil? 4
Level 3 sphere in calm land or somewhere near it? 1
Luck 4
Magic booster and one mp cost? 1
Mark of conquest? 1
May I get the celestial weapons before obtaining the corresponding crests / sigils? 1
Meagalixers? 2
Mega potions? 5
Megalixirs???????? 2
Miracle drink? 2
Mixing Combos? 1
More Spheres? 1
Mushroom Rock Road? 3
Must Crests be found before Sigils? 10
My Menu Does not show Al Bhed Primers? 2
Need Help with Triple AP? 5
Need to find mega elixers fast need help on how? 2
Skill Sphere + Return Sphere = Teleport Sphere??? 1
Spheres? 1
Sun crest? 1
The chest in the room with the chimera in the al bhed home? 5
Triple Overdrive Weapons? 2
Ultimate Armor (Dark Aeons)??? 3
Underdogs Secret ? 2
Wakka Overdrives? 3
Weapon abilities? 1
What are clear spheres? 2
What can I get after dodging 200 lightning bolts? 1
What determines lancet ability's damage? 1
What do i do with pendulum and wings of dicovery? 1
what do I do with the Nirvana weapon? 9
What does a master sphere do? 4
What does Godhand do??? 1
What does Miracle drink do? 3
What if you don't talk to wakka? 2
What is a warp sphere? 3
What is infinity? 2
What is the celestial item of Tidus? 1
What is the easiest way of getting sun sigil? 1
What is the master sphere for? 2
What item do i need for break damage limit? 1
What items do I need to make my characters HP break their limit? 5
What makes the ultimate weapons "ultimate"? 4
What monsters drop mana, speed,and ability spheres? 1
What should I do to get dark matter ? 5
what should I do to get wings of discovery? 7
What's a good source of Musks? 1
Whats The Best Way To Get Level 2 Lock Spheres? 2
Whats The Point Of The Key Item Withered Bouquet? 2
When will I get the Al Bhed Primer V if I missed it at SS Winno? 2
Where and how many Turbo Ethers do I need to learn the Magic Booster ability? 2
Where can I farm speed sphere in Zanarkand? 2
Where can I find ( another overdrive of the characters)? 2
Where can I find (4 slotted armors and weapons...)? 1
Where can I find (Al Bhed Primer)? 2
Where can I find (biran ronso)? 2
Where can I find (blossom crown) ??? 2
Where can I find (Break HP limit)? 6
Where can I find (Chocobo wings)? Machea doesnt appear!!! 8
Where can I find (Designer's Wallet)? 2
Where can I find (fortune sphere), (dark matter), item 4 break hp limit? 2
Where can I find (Ice Gem)? 1
Where can I find (Level 4 Sphere's Quickly)? 2
Where can I find (lots of underdog secrets)? 2
Where can I find (lv. 4 spheres)? 6
Where can I find (lvl 4 Key Spheres)? 2
Where can I find (Lvl.4 Key Sphere)? 1
Where can I find (master thief)? 2
Where can I find (MURASAME)? 2
Where can I find (Peaceful Shield)? 3
Where can I find (purifying salts)? 1
Where can I find (Ragnarok,save the queen)? 5
Where can I find (ribbon)? 5
Where can I find (tidus ultimate)? 4
Where can I find 2-Slotted Weapons? 1
Where can I find Ability Sphere in Lake Macalania? 2
Where can I find ability spheres in the beginning of the game? 2
Where can I find ability spheres? 2
Where can I find Al Bhed Primer XV? 1
Where can i find all aeon? 1
Where can I find all of the character ultimate weapons? 1
Where can I find all of the destruction spheres in all of the temples of yevon? *kind of spoilers* 1
Where can I find alot of three stars? 1
Where can I find an armour with the Deathproof ability before Yunalesca? 8
Where can I find an Eldritch Lance? 3
Where can I find an item with a no enemies ability? 2
Where can I find and how should I use level 1 key spheres? 1
Where can I find any weapon with double or triple ap that isnt one of the ultimate weapons? 7
Where can i Find Cactar in the Thunder plains? 2
Where can I find celestial item of tidus and yuna ? 2
Where can I find celestial weapons? 3
Where can I find certin Al Bhed letter books? 2
Where can I find Crest and Sigil? 2
Where can I find Fortune Spheres? 1
Where can I find Heartbreaker? 3
Where can I find hp sphere easily? 1
Where can I find Hypello Potion,Smoke Bombs,Silence Grenades? 2
Where can i find jecht sphere on mi'ihen highroad? 1
Where can I find kimairi's ultimate weapon? 3
Where can I find krystal sword ? 1
Where can I find Luck Spheres? 1
Where can I find magus sisters summoning? 4
Where can I find Mana Tablets? 3
Where can I find Masamune? 1
Where can I find mega phoenixes? 3
Where can I find more amulets? 2
Where can I find more level 3 or 4 key spheres? 1
Where can I find more Mega-Pheonix Downs? 7
Where can I find more Wings of Discovery ? 1
Where can I find one slot armour? 4
Where can I find or where can i get 99 dark matterS? 6
Where can I find pendulums? 1
Where can I find Power Spheres and Ability Spheres? 1
Where can I find remedies,quick!? 1
Where can I find return spheres (outside of boss fights)? 2
Where can I find Return Spheres (SPOLIERS)? 1
Where can I find Silencestrike weapons? 5
Where can I find something to increase enemy encounter rate? 2
Where can I find Stamina Tablets? 1
Where can I find Stone Ward or Stoneproof armors.? 1
Where can I find Tetra elementals? 2
Where can I find Tetra equipement with sure drop? 1
where can I find that ''no encounters'' thing? 1
Where can I find the aeons Cindy, Mindy, and Sandy? 2
Where can I find the bonus aeon? 1
Where can I find the cloudy mirror? 1
Where can I find the crests/sigils for all characters? 2
Where can I find these Armors/Weapons? 3
Where can I find Tidus's best sheild.? 1
Where can I find turbo ethers? 2
Where can I find Wakka and Kimahri's basic armor? 1
Where can I find Wakka's World Champion? 9
Where can I find Wings to Descovery? 2
Where can I get armor with 4 empty slots? 1
Where can I get easy light curtains? 2
Where can I get fortune spheres? 1
Where can I get items needed for Armor Customizations? 2
Where can I get strength spheres? 3
Where can I got break hp limit ? 2
Where can ifind Master spheres? 2
Where do I find Lv. 3 Key Spheres? 2
Where do i get items with overdrive-ap break damage limit ect? 1
Where is the Saturn Sigil? 2
Where is the secret thin path on Number 4 Dock at Luca? 2
Where is the treasure box located after you finish the butterfly maze? 3
Where is Wantz in Macalania? 2
Where to find Ability Spheres? 2
Which fiends drop a lot of ability spheres? 5
Which is better? 5
Which Items do I need to break the stat caps and where do I get them? 5
Which properties define which animal Lulu's weapon looks like? 1
Why can't I get the Spirit Lance? 3
Why is my caldborg still weak? 1
Why won't it give me Wakka's celestial weapon? 5

Plot/Storyline Help Answers
*Spoilers* Is it ever explained how? Regarding the final aeon 2
Blitzball optional? 4
Blitzball? 3
Breathing Underwater? 1
Cactaur stones? 2
Can i use yuna to cure my aeons? 1
Do I have to win the first Blitzball match? 1
Full Life for an aeon? 1
Gatta death explanation plz? 2
Help??? 1
Hey,why WANTZ folow yuna to every place? 1
How did summoners exist? 8
How does belgemine have anima? 1
I would love to hear all of your thoughts on this one? 14
I'm a bit confused on the relation between Dream Zanarkand and Sin? 8
Ideas/Tips for Omega Ruins // 99 Warp Spheres? 1
Is ffx is just finish until defeat yu yevon? 1
Is it possible to fight sin again? 2
Is it possible to get auto-life on u.s. version? 1
Is it possible to....? 2
Luzzu or gatta? 3
Overdrive mode I've never see!? 1
Penance doesn't appear? 3
So who/what is Tidus exactly? 4
Ultima weapon or Omega weapon? 2
What are all the possible abilities you can get for armor? 2
What do i do now that i blew off Sin's arms? 1
What happens if you don't get a "Perfect ending"? 2
What happens if you dont......? 3
What is that town in the back of sin? 2
What is the difference between FFX international than FFX.? 1
What is the most accurate "Zanarkand" translation? Please read, it involves story mainly. 7
What is the most accurate "Zanarkand" translation?-2 (Previous was "automatically closed") 6
What's the difference in what you say to Dona on the airship? 2
Whats the deal with this...?(spoilers) 5
When is Seymour in party? 3
Why did Another Story happen? 6
Why does Auron shave his pits? 2
Why that was Lulu not Rikku?..SPOILER! 2
Yu yevon explanation plz? 1
Yuna and Wantz on S.S. Winno? 2

Strategy/Tactics Help Answers
-Strike and -touch abilites affect magic? 1
A Mixed Trio? 3
Am i forced to use Tidus? 2
Another sphere grid stats question? NA 4
AP trick?? 3
Arena - original species? 2
Auroch Reels? 3
Best way to level up new Blitzball players? 1
Better bounty? 1
Blitz Ball I don't understand it can you help me? 1
Blitzball general advice? 4
Blitzball reset data trick for wakka's reels/jupiter sigil? 6
Can anyone recommend sphere grid paths for a complete sphere grid? 1
Can Brother ever get hired by another team in Blitzball? 4
Can Rikku's healing mixes get rid of breaks, or is dispel/purifying salts the only way to do that? 5
Can you get all aeons to do over 9999 damage? 1
Can you obtain tactician overdrive if the enemy dies? 2
Can you watch the jecht spheres after finding them? 3
Can't I make "Perfect" game in EU version? 2
Copying sphere shot ? 3
Could Rikku be a good attacker/warrior? 3
Do abilities stack? several questioned.... 1
Do characters have to get a turn in a battle for flee to count toward Coward OD mode? 2
Do I need to use Rikku at all if Kimahri learns steal? 3
Does cheer, aim, focus, reflex, etc affect only the active party or do they affect everyone? 1
Does Status Reels ignore Status Resistance? 1
Does x2 ap and x3 ap = x6 ap? 1
Doubt About equipment? 3
How can I get Jecht Shot 2 if I've lost it already once? 1
How can i level up quickly? 3
How can i make yuna lvl up faster? 1
How do i beat Seamore the final time before you get the last Aeon? 2
How do I do techcopy?? 2
How do I get back into the temples? 2
How do I get hero OD mode? 2
How do I get overdrives? 1
How do i get to the djose temple with all those monster battles??? 4
How do u get the triple AP skill? 2
How do you 100% Final Fantasy X? (maxing stats and spheregrid) 5
How do you get Jecht Shot 2? 1
How do you make your Aeons stronger? 2
How do you win the prizes in blitz League? 3
How many does the dark aeons have in ffx int'l??? 2
How many HP spheres do I need to get 99999 HP ? 5
How much Luck do I need? 3
How should i max out my characters? 1
How to inflict doom? 5
How to make yojimbo execute his zanmato? 5
How???? 2
I can't find "Steal" on the Sphere grid? 3
I have 9999 hp but not the break hp limit, should I still unlock hp nodes? 12
I just don't know what to do... Help please?? 2
Intentionally low HP & Maxing Stats? (regarding KADFC's FAQ) 1
Is AP shared at the end of battle? 1
Is it a bad idea to go as far as I can on a character's original sphere grid path before I unlock other paths? 2
Is it alright to get only Rikku and Auron untima weapon ONLY?? 9
Is it possible? 1
Is it true that non-celestials can't hit for 99999 damage? 3
Is the Magic stat even useful? 2
Is there a point to levelling in blitzball? 2
Is there a way to target multiple enemies/allies? 4
Is there actually any strategy in Blitzball? 2
Lancet not working!? 1
Levelling Up/What To Do Next/Help? 3
List of Fiend Formations by Location? 1
Lulu overdrive (fury) help? 1
Money?? 4
Need help maxing 255 Stats? 1
Number of AP needed to move onto the sphere level? 4
Overdrive Mode/AP Help? 6
Overdrive modes victim and avenger? 2
Perfect Game? 2
Pickpocket/master thief question...? 1
Powering up aeons per battle? 3
Quick Hit or Copycat? 2
Quickest ways to beat earth eater, greater sphere, and jumbo flan? 1
Recommendations for awesome Blitzball team? 4
Recommendations for Ultimate (or at least pretty damn good) armor skills? 4
Should I level up all the characters? 1
Should I really go back now? 1
So are Rikku and Kimahri practically USELESS? 1
The Jecht Shot remix? 2
Valefor's Energy Blast? 2
What are critical hits based on ? 1
What are the best items to mix when trying to do damage? 5
What are the best ultimate ARMORS to have? 11
What exactly do the Luck and Agility stats improve? 6
What is the best path for Kimahri? 2
What is the best strategy for (Lulu's Overdrive)? 1
What is the best strategy for (to get 25,000 damage)? 2
What is the best strategy for Blitz ball Level exeeding 99 ??? 4
What is the best strategy for bliztball recruiting early on? 2
What is the best strategy for defeating the chimeras at al bheds HOME? 4
What is the best strategy for getting jecht shot on the boat? 2
What is the best strategy for leveling up? 2
What is the best strategy for powering up Aeons? 4
What is the best strategy for Remiem Temple?/ 3
What is the best strategy for unlocking catastrophe? 1
What is the best strategy to do the ap trick? 1
What is the best use for Rikku? 3
What is the best way to defeat the Dark Aeon? 1
What is the best way to get the chests in omega ruins to give out items? 3
What is the best way to level up in blitzball (all chareters)? 2
What is the best way to level up? 1
What is the fastest way to get yuna to have comrade? 2
What's a good way to level up quickly? 5
Whats the best armor to fight the dark aeons? 2
When EXACTLY is Wantz's Macalania shop available? 2
When is the best time to start sidequests?? 1
Where is reflect on the sphere grid and who can learn it? 4
Where should i put Kimahari? 2
Where should I put Wakka and Rikku next? 4
Which grid system is better? 1
Which i the best combination of weapon and armors fr tidus? 4
Who are the best characters to use in the game? 7
Who is the best players in the blitsbal? 1
Who's sphere grid should Rikku follow? 3
Why does the game get a lot harder when you get to Mi'hen? 1
Will SOS Overdrive help in AP tricks? 2
Yuna and Aeons....How are they connected? 2

Technical Help Answers
Airship wont let me go to sin again i want to know why? 2
AR Max Evo codes for FFX International? 3
Black screen after cutscene with Wakka in the 1st Cloister? 5
Can I play Final Fantasy X on my PS3? 3
Can i use FFX (EU) savefile for FFX INT? 1
Can someone tell em what game I have? 4
Can you play the PAL version on a NA Playstation 2? 2
Can't go to Baaj Temple? 3
Can't push Kilika cloister pedestal? 1
CodeBreaker codes for FFX International? 3
Codebreaker codes for ffx? 1
Does my brother need to restart? 2
European(PAL) Virtual Saves? 7
Game Saves/Versions? 2
Glitch? 3
Help me get rid of this Screen.. PLease!? 3
How can I encounter Dark Aeons? 2
How can i set japanese version into english version?( plssss...) 4
How do convert the ps2 saves from here to the ps3? 3
How do I get the saved games from this site on my ps2? 7
How do i transfer my saves onto the ps3? 1
How do I use the saves that I download from the Internet on my final fantasy x game?Can it be done with a flash memory? 3
How to transfer save data from PC (Virtual Memory, Code Breaker, etc) to my PS 3 ? 3
I can't go back to Sin? 1
I have no idea why this is happening, please help? 2
International version PS3? 5
International Version? 2
Is there another way to get to Sin? 3
Is there any Game+ of this game? you know after we finish it. 2
Is this a glitch or possible problem with my system? 2
Loading game? 2
My game keeps freezing in the same place? 6
My Screen is Frozen!! Please Help!!!? 2
Names not showing up? 5
No enemies. why? 1
Running the game on PS3? 3
Seymour????? 5
The game won't let me continue after I've beaten the Sanctuary Keeper on Mt. Gagazet? 1
The speech and voice are off and it freezes? >:( 3
Tidus in the water? 4
What went wrong with my Al Bhed download? 2
When fighting the Aeons in Sin, Yojimbo won't die. Could the save file be corrupt? 3
Where did the Chocobo Trainer go? 1
Where is the chocobo chick?!?!?! 7
Why Can't Linna learn her Key Techs? 3
Why can't some players learn techs normally (blitzball)? 2
Why do the Magus sisters Not Stay dead? 7
Why does my game freeze after I fight Dark Valefor? 4
Why does the game keep telling me (ACTION)? 2
Why does the game keep telling me (Armax)? 1
Why does the Gameshark codes for FFX cause glitches? 3
Why doesn't the game show the Al Bhed Primers in my Key Items menu? 1
Why i can only fight with 1 character? 4
Why isnt it letting me into any more rndom battles anymore? 2
Why won't my ARMAX or Gameshark 2 work on this game? 3

Other Help Answers
99999 Hp? 9
A hidden city, perhaps? 4
About blockade? 2
About the Salvage Ship Potion exploit ? 4
Aeon Overdrives??? 1
After i beat the final boss, what happens? 2
After the name of a KOed aeon theres a statement after the name {battles to go: then a #} how do I lower the #'s? 6
Airship blitzball? 3
Airship Use? 3
All temples locations, How to get anima, how can i tell which temple chest im missing by the sphere? 1
Alternate ending?? 2
Am i underleveled? 4
Anima? 1
Anybody knows if the airship's passwords work also for FFX spanish version? 1
Anyone has Final Fantasy X International codes for Game shark Or Action replay max? 4
Are the Break statuses displayed in battle (on enemies immune to sensor)? 1
Are Yuna'a Eyes different colors? 1
Armax? 1
At what point in the story do characters STOP saying anything in battle? 4
Auroch symbol? 2
Auron only challenge question? 1
Auron's Full Break??? 2
Battle count? 3
Best Blitz Player??? 1
Best way to earn gil at The Calm Lands? 2
Blitball: Why Can't I learn Tidus' Key Techs? 1
Blitz Ace...just help!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!? 1
Blitz ball player ? 2
Blitz ball problem player missing ?? 1
Blitzball - Spin Ball (or something else?) lowering SH? 4
Blitzball Cheats for Gameshark? 1
Blitzball saleries? 6
Blitzball Team setup? 3
Blitzball team? 12
Blitzball techniques disapear? 2
Blitzball, Jecht shot, Jecht 2 and the players in the sand? 2
Bribe in Monster Arena? 2
Buster Sword: Is it possible? 1
Calm land guard get out of my way lol!? 1
Calm Lands? 4
Can a copy of the International version play properly on a N.A. PS2? 4
Can Aeons help Yuna learn certain Overdrive modes? 1
Can and how i go back to the other temple ? 6
Can anyone load me a save? 2
Can Dark Valefor be bypassed? 1
Can Deathproof shield Dark Anima's Pain? 1
Can i arrange actions on Battle Screen? 2
Can i beserk my own carictor? 2
Can i do more damage pressing X just before attacking? 3
Can I fight penance and the dark aeons in the US version? 3
Can i get the treasure in besaid cloister of trials (after i defeated lady yunalesca) ..? 2
Can i make a new game with all my stats the same? 1
Can i make ultimate wepons? 8
Can i reset for Omega Ruin Chests? What is Soft Reset? 1
Can I skip some indrotuction scenes of the Aeons? 2
Can i skip the other games? 2
Can I stop the battle criticism? 2
Can I use FFXED on the Playstation 2? 1
Can someone help me get a chocobo? 2
Can someone Upload a save for me? 3
Can someone upload or email me a save file? 1
Can the CPU learn Jecht Shot? 2
Can u still get the secret teasures in the temples after u get the airship? 1
Can you fight the Dark Aeon's in the regular FFX? 2
Can you free roam; is there an overworld? 1
Can you send square enix suggestions? 2
Cave of the stolen fayth or Sunken Cave? 2
Celestial Mirror help? 1
Codes with Swap Magic ( PAR , GAMESHARK etc. )? 5
Comrade? 1
Copycat? 1
could someone tell me why i should give money to O'aka? 9
Dark aeon mod? 5
Dark Aeons? 3
Do tournaments shuffle? 2
Do you guys know how to update the gameshark code using the pen drive feature? 1
Does anybody know where to buy this game? 5
Does anyone have a weapon customization list? 2
Does cheer/focus type moves work after switched out? 1
Does it matter how you reply to people? 3
Does Kimahri's "Lancet" ability acquire a learnable skill on the first attempt? 1
Does magic always hit? 1
Does magic critical? 1
Does North American Memory card work with swap magic? 1
Does pushing the x button repeatedly help? 1
Does the AP Trick Work on the Pal Platinum Version of FFX? 2
Does this game have the following characters in it? 3
Dose anyone have Wakkas full overdrive list? 1
Downloaded Save File Won't Load? 2
Durren? missable blitzballplayer ? 2
Fast way to select quick hit? 1
FFX international cheats for Codebreaker 10? 1
Ffx international codebreaker v9? 5
FFX Music? 6
FFX or FFX-2??? 3
Fighting dark aeons? 2
Final Fantasy X International Codes - MaxConvert? 8
Final Fantasy X Pal Version Help Please!! Can you help me? 1
Final Fantasy X-3 ? 8
Forget Ability? 2
Gameshark Codes and Cheats? 1
Help me find the crests? 3
Help me get anima? 1
HELP! Bahamut blocking Sun Crest?? 1
Help! My Wakka doesn't do 99,999 per hit with attack reels? 2
Help!!! , My Bahamut got big trouble !!? 1
How / Where do I encounter [fiend name] more? 1
How can i change the number of players in a fight? 7
How can i copy Antidrain? 4
How can I copy the save data form computer to MY PS2?? 1
How can i defeat the dark aeons without upgrading my equipments with the ability "ribbon"???? 4
How can i earn a lot of money? 2
How can i get masamune (at mushroom rock road) without running into dark magus sisters? 3
How can I get my Aeons to do more than 9,999 damage? 1
How can i get summon anima for yuna? 3
How can i input the cheat?What is Caps? 1
How can I play this game on my Playstation 3? 4
How can I swim underwater to the temple at Bevelle? 3
How can my characters' HP be 99.999????? 2
How can you tell how many Overdrives tidus has done? 1
How do I catch a chocobo? 2
How do I change the battle menu to include Item? 2
How do i copy the ffx saves to my ps2? 2
How do I create armor that has the 'Break Health Limit'? 4
How do i fill in luck spheres? 1
How do i find final dark aeon? 2
How do i find out about Yojimbo's compatability? 1
How do I get off the airship in the beginning? 1
How do I get through the temple of yevon-djose? 4
How do I get throught the temple of yevon-djose? 3
How do i get to the chocobo ranch? 4
How do I get up the crates near the Al-Bhed machina at operation Michen? 4
How do i increase compatibility of yojimbo? 3
How do i keep going after Yunalesca? 1
How do i learn the overdrive mode Avenger? 3
How do i make Yojimbo do Zanomato? 13
How do I obtain the "Poisonproof" and "Confuseproof" abilities? 1
How do I raise my Aeon's HP? 1
How do I unlock all of the movies and songs at the theater in Kilika? 1
How do I use magic on all enemies? 2
How do i win blitzball? 5
how do I? 1
How do you bribe a Chimera Brain? 1
How do you change the in game language? 3
How do you get back to Kilika Temple after you've gotten the airship? 1
How do you get blossom specter and blossom crown to get through the door in rienmade temple? 4
How do you get on the big red thing in besaid? 1
How do you get the anima from seymor? 5
How do you get the mangus sister? 3
How do you get through the door in the reinmade temple? 4
How do you get to the omega ruins? 1
How do you go to different areas youve already been? 1
How do you race the Chocobo at the east of the Remiem Temple? 1
How do you save the game? 3
How does Lulu get the Fira spell? 3
How does on Overkill? 1
How does overdrive mode tactician work? 2
How does the Act List work? 1
How is tides? 2
How many aeons are there in FFX? 4
How many ending for FFX? 2
How many games dose wakka have to win to get all of his overdrives? 2
How many hp should we have when facing sin at the end of game? 2
How much aeon can yuna get in FFX? 2
How much should I initally pay Yojimbo? 2
How to enter besaid temple? 2
How to fight penance at ffx ? 3
How to get new game+? 5
How to get tidus overdrives "blitz ace"? 6
How to get to zanarkand?? 1
How to make the hp after 9999? 1
How to pronouce Auron? 4
How to recruit on blitz ball? 6
I am trying to get all of the cactaurs in the cactaur village, cant get last one, what do i do? 2
I can't go on after defeating Yunalesca? 1
I can't insert the Rusty Sword into the statue of Lord Mi'ihen to receive the Masamune. Any ideas? 1
I dont remember where to go? 2
I forgot the deconstruction treasure in bevelle is there any way to go back and get it? 1
I forgot to get the mars Crest at Mi'hen Highroad-oldroad and talk to Oaka, can i go back and get it ?please 3
I forgot where i parked my Airship? help please. 3
i have finished the sphere grid and none of my stats are at 255. Why is this? 1
I have missed one treasure at a temple can i go back? 15
I have the airship, but I still can't get back to besaid temple. How do I? 3
I have the weapon, crest, and sigil. how do i unlock the ultimate weapon? 3
I Need Someone To Answer a Question? 3
I sold the rod of wisdom and the red armlet can i still get Anima ? 3
I was told other than megaflare bahamut has giga flare how do i get it? 2
I'm at the airship how many more hours will it take for me to beat the game? 7
I've done dark yojimbo at least 20 times but he keeps coming back... how do i defeat him for good and unlock penance? 3
If i defeat yojimbo in the calm lands, and i dont have enogh money, will i be still be able to get him later? 7
If i kill an original creation in the battle arena, do i have to recapture more monsters to make it again? 1
If you sell the temple items, can you still get Anima? 1
In what order should i do side quests? 1
Inside sin (read more in description)? 1
International Codes for Gameshark? 3
International!?! 3
Is it possible to beat Penance w/out Wakka? 7
Is it possible to get back into bevelle? 2
Is it possible to overkill Sinspawn: Ammes w/o cheats? 2
Is it possible to play as seymour without a gameshark? 3
Is the cave where u get Yojimbo included in the temples neede to get Anima? 3
Is there a break limit for over 99,999? 3
Is there a way to skip fmv's like in some other games? 2
Is there an alternative way to get the Venus sigil? 2
Is there an easy way back to luca? 3
is there any cheat / gameshark to have magus sisters with unlimited HP? 2
Is there any point in fighting Sin after you've already beaten him? 4
Is there any way i can go back and learn the Jecht shot after i obtain the airship? 1
Is there any way to transfer save game from Final Fantasy X to Final Fantasy X Intenational? 1
Is there is a chance to beat dark aeons using expert sphere grid? 4
Is there something new on the game by beating in no sphere grid? 2
Is there such thing as a water element aeon? 7
It's worth to...? 2
Keep Tidus for the second half of the championship game at Luca? 1
Kimarhi's Nova? 7
Looking for some info on ffx remaster? 1
Luck stat? 1
Lulu's Overdrive? 2
Magus Sister's? 2
Magus Sisters? 1
Memories of jecht? 4
Monster hunting bug? Need serious help now please! 3
Most difficult possible challenge using all characters? 6
My game keeps freezing at the scene where cid says 1000years in al bhed can anyone help?? 1
My own AP trick isn't working, why is that? 2
NA version and the AP trick? 2
Need help finding a monster? 6
Need to get minimum bribing on monsters and how to get return spheres? 1
Need to know where to get certain items? 4
New game +? 1
New game+ glitch? 1
New to Sphere Grid? 4
No bltzball? 1
No multiple targeting? 5
No Non-necessary Encounter Challenge...Can it be done? 11
Nodes? 3
Normal and shortened aeons sequences? 1
NTSC J Final Fantasy X International reads printed in Singapore...which version is this? 4
O'aka Confusion...? 2
Overdrive??? 2
Overkills=more exp? 4
Perfect ending? 2
Platinum version ( Pal )? 5
Play ps2 games on ps3 possible? 1
Please, can you guys tell me how can i get save files from the computer to my memory card PS2 or PSone? 3
Possible to Break Yuna's Damage Limit? 2
Question about sphere grid? 2
Random Question about Kimarhi? 2
Recruit blitzball players? 5
Reset? 1
Secret area/dungeons? 3
Seymour last battle? 3
Seymour?! 6
Should i get this game? 6
Should I go backwards for special items? 2
Song in Machalania? 2
Sos Overdrive??? 1
Spectral keeper? 1
Stat maxing help please!? 1
THe technique (q)? 1
Thunder Plains Monster? 1
Tides? 1
Tidus hiding ? 1
Timeline Confusion? 3
Uhh, airship huh...? 1
Ultamate weapons, How many are there? 1
Ultima Weapon? 3
Underwater Prison in Bevelle. How do you get to the treasure chest? 2
Using cheat codes on final fantasy x for playstation 2? 1
Via Purifica? 1
Wakka in Blitzball?? 3
Weird Sphere Grid? 2
What are Dark Aeons, and where can I find them? 4
What are the differences between the International and NA versions of the game? 4
What are the lyrics to Hymn of the Fayth? 1
What are the music and movie spheres for? 1
What determines ammount of AP required to level? 4
What Do The Mean By Items 1-3, 2-3, and 3-3? 1
What do you need when customising a weapon so that it can have gillionaire? 1
What does Gillionare do? 4
What does having Tiuds pray in Besaid and Kilika do? 4
What does Jecht Shot does on a blitzball game? 6
What does Luck do? 6
What does the weapon skill Alchemy do? 1
What is FFX International? Can I play it on my North American PS2? 6
What is ffxed? 2
What is HP Stroll? 1
What is the best Blitzball team that you can make? 3
What is the best standard sphere grid or expert sphere grid? 3
What is the best way to get all the capture that can be captured in the Ruins of Omega and inside Sin? 1
What is the definition of the "Perfect Game" for FFX? 3
What is the earliest point you can get Valefor's second overdrive? 1
What is the gun barrage on the airship and how do you use it? 1
What is the last aeon? 2
What is the point of aeons learning certain abilities? 3
What overdrive should Tidus use.? 1
What section of the sphere grid has most hp nodes? 2
What stores near scarborough ontario sell final fantasy x? 1
What's that epic song? 1
What's the difference between magic, skills, and specials? 1
What's the highest number of AP a character will need to get a Sphere Level? 1
What's the meaning of trio of 9999? 1
What??? 2
Whats an east way to beat 0:0.0 in the chocobo race? 2
Whats the easyiest way to earn money and lvl up? 2
Whats this piece called? 3
Whats wrong? 1
When can you get Kiyouri? 3
When do you get the airship? 2
When fighting Belgemine, can Yuna die? 1
When is the earliest point in the game that i can aquire tidus's celestial weapon?? 5
When you have yojimbo's overdrive up does he do zanmato everytime? 4
Whenever i try to play Bliztball, it says i need more members, how do i add them? 3
Where and how i can find warp and teleport sphere? 1
Where are all the jecht spheres located? 2
Where are they? 2
Where can i bribe item spheres like power, mana, speed, fortune? 4
Where can i find codebreaker codes for final fantasy X international for codebreaker v10? 1
Where can I find the easiest Gil? 3
Where can i find these monsters? 4
Where can i get 4 slot armour besides Malcania merchant? 2
Where can i get FFX ( INTERNATIONAL ) Saves? 2
Where can i get more HP sphere? 3
Where can I rent a Chocobo in the Calm Lands? 1
Where can u find the chocobo lady in calmlands after u get airship? 1
Where do i find the cloisters of trials? 1
Where do I put these kinda codes? 3
Where do you find the Baaj temple? 2
Where do you get lv. 4 key spheres? 2
Where do yu find the hidden temple? 1
Where exactly is wantz in macalania? 3
Where is area conquest?? 2
Where is Jamal? 3
Where is remiem temple? 3
Where is Simurgh? 1
Where is the 3 bolt zone in the thunder plains? 1
Where is the airship place?? 2
Where is the Yevon Dome? 4
Where is Wantz in the Macalania Forest, and what do you have to do to find him? 4
Where or How can I catch ironclads?????? 3
Wheres don tonberry? 1
Which caracter is the BEST? 3
Which is Better Orginal Game or International?? 1
Which other game is like FFX or FFX-2? 11
Which sounds better? 4
Which team is the best ? 7
Which version is my game? 1
Who are the worst Blitzball players? 4
Who can Tidus Learn Anti-Venom 2 from? 2
Who gets the ball first in blitzball? 1
Who is magus sister? 3
Who is TC? 1
Who throws the BlitzBall? 1
Why can't I make the The End screen Disappear? 1
why can't I play blitzball? 2
Why cant my aeons break damage limit? 2
Why do some weapons have the No AP thing on there? 1
Why isn't there a Wakka Only Guide? 14
Why isnt tidus in any other games? 4
Why?? 5
Will Action Replay Mess Up Save Files? 6
Will the NA version of the guide work for International version? 1
Will the Omega Ruins chests be disturbed if I beat the Ultima Weapon? 6
Will these games play on a PS3? 1
Wraith capture? 2
Xploder cheat help? 2
Xploder V4 codes needed? 5
Yawn what to do? 2
Yojimbo? 1
Yu Yevon Last Fight Help. (Lord Braska's Final Aeon Isnt My Last Fight?! 6
Yuna unique Cure on Crit Status Rikku? 2
Yuna's overdrive against Yu-Yevon? 4
Zev ronso not able to learn pile venom? 1
Zombie Protect on Blessed (armour) not working? 3
Zombie......? 3

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