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Overdrive MiniFAQ
Version 1.01 (7.31.01)
Written by Muni Shinobu (muni_shinobu@yahoo.com)

Tidus - Sword Skill
1) Spiral Cut - single enemy damage
2) Charge & Assult - 6 attacks at random enemies
3) Energy Rain - all enemy damage
4) Ace of the Blitz - single enemy 8+1 attacks
- Activated by stopping the moving cursor in the white area at the
center of the overdrive bar.
- New overdrives are learned after Tidus uses his overdrives a certain
number of times.
- Which overdrive he uses does not matter, and failed overdrive
activations still count as an overdrive usage.
10 times - learn Charge & Assult
20 more times - learn Energy Rain
50 more times - learn Ace of the Blitz

Yuna - Master Summon
Summons any Aeon with filled overdrive gage. After the Aeon uses its
overdrive once, its overdrive gage returns to the previous fullness.

Wakka - Slot
1) Element Reel - elemental attack slots are turned
2) Attack Reel - consecutive attack slots are turned
3) Status Reel - status attack slots are turned
4) Oraka Reel - Bisaido Oraka special attack slots are turned
- Match more of the the same slots to activate stronger overdrive
- New Slot Reels are earned as prized in Blitzball games.

Kimari - Enemy Skills
1) Jump - single enemy damage
2) Flame - all enemy fire elemental damage
3) Seed Canon - single enemy damage
4) Self Detonate - single enemy big damage & Kimari disappear from
5) Rotate Kick - single enemy damage
6) Stone Breath - all enemy stone status effect
7) Aqua Breath - all enemy water elemental damage
8) Death Sentence - death to an enemy after 5 turns
9) White Wind - all allies HP recover half Kimari's current HP
10) Smelly Breath - all enemies random status abnormalities
11) Mighty Guard - all allies all Ba magic + Protes + Shell
12) Sunshine - all enemy big damage
- Kimari uses enemy skills learned from his Dragon Sword attack.
1) Jump - initial ability
2) Flame - learn from Weraha, Grendel, Duel Horn, Enke=Ronzo
3) Seed Canon - learn from Gratt, Balsam
4) Self Detonate - learn from Bom, Grenade Pyuroboros, Biran=Ronzo
5) Rotate Kick - learn from Metal Soldier Type 11, Biran=Ronzo
6) Stone Breath - learn from Bajirisk, Hedge Viper, Enko=Ronzo
7) Aqua Breath - learn from Kimaira, Kimaira Brain, Enke=Ronzo
8) Death Sentence - learn from Ghost, Raise, Biran=Ronzo
9) White Wind - learn from Dark Purin, Enke=Ronzo(after using White
10) Smelly Breath - learn from Marlboro, Marlboro Great
11) Mighty Guard - learn from Behemoth, King Behemoth,
Biran=Ronzo(after using Mighty Guard)
12) Sunshine - learn from Omega

Lulu - Temptation
- Activated by rotating the right stick clockwise as much as possible
in the limited time to increase the number of magic attacks.
- Number of attacks are gained easily at first, but the more the
number, the harder it is to increase.
- As Lulu's magic attack status gets stronger, the increasing of
overdrive numbers gets easier.

Auron - Secret Legendary Teachings
1) Tooth Dragon [down, left, up, right, L1, R1, X, O] - all enemy
2) Shooting Star [triangle, X, square, O, left, right, O] - single
enemy damage + blow away effect
3) Conquest [up, L1, down, R1, right, left, triangle] - single enemy
damage + 4 break effects
4) Gust Wind [O, right, R1, left, L1, triangle] - all enemy damage
- Activated by correctly pressing the command shown on the screen.
- New overdrives are learned by finding Braska, Jekt, and Auron's video
1 sphere - learn Shooting Star
3 spheres - learn Conquest
10 spheres - learn Gust Wind
- These Spheres will appear in previously visited locations after you
gain access to the airship
1) You get automatically after the Jekt sphere event
2) Bisaide Village, to the right of the temple entrance
3) Transport Ship Rikki, Steering Room
4) Ruka Stadium, B1 A, in front of the Ooraka Control Room
5) Mihen Road, Old Road South part, at the end of a dead end road
6) Kinoko Mushroom Rock Road, cliff, around a save sphere
7) Illusion Light River, South Shore, Shipaf riding dock
8) Thunder Plains, South part, around mid-point between the entrance
and the Travel Company, near a thunder tower to the right
9) Makaraniya Forest, South part, around the save sphere right after
entering from the Thunder Plains
10) Gagazett Mountain, on the road up the mountain (this one you can
get before acquiring the airship)

Rikku - Combine
Rikku combines 2 items to make a new item of greater power. Since the
possiblities are almost endless, let everybody try it out for


Overdrive Types

Shugyou - gage increases when receive damage from enemies
Toushi - gage increases when damage inflicted upon enemies
Fundo - gage increases when allies receive damage from enemies
Ji-ai - gage increases when you heal an ally
Gaika - gage increases when enemy defeated
Eiyu - gage increases when an enemy with high HP is defeated
Shyouri - gage increases when battle is won
Taichi - gage increases when joins the battle
Kutou - gage increases when status becomes abnormal
Kyuuchi - gage increases when abnormal status is inflicted
Sakuryaku - gage increases when abnormal status cast on enemies
Kiki - gage increases when HP becomes critically low
Kokou - gage increases when fighting alone
Karei - gage increases when avoided enemy attack
Banjyaku - gage increases when blocked enemy attack
Chijyoku - gage increases when escape from battle
Hi-ai - gage increases when ally gets knocked out

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