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Version 2.0 (09/12/01)

Written by Henry H. Jerng

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COMMENTS ON THE GUIDE:  Beyond the PS2 graphical enhancements and minor tweaks
in gameplay, what makes Final Fantasy (FF) X stands out from the previous
incarnations of Final Fantasy is obviously the story.  And among the more
recent FF sequels, it's safe to say that Final Fantasy X has the most
comprehensible and enjoyable story.  Therefore, what's presented here is an
accurate and literal translation of the story of FFX for all the folks who
imported the game and wanted to truly understand its plot.  I hope you will
enjoy the discovery as much as I have.
     As noted above, this guide only covers about the first half of the game,
from the beginning to arrival at Guado Salam.  The remaining second half should
be completed shortly.  So, sit tight, and either check back here at or for the latest version.  Again,


Final Fantasy X

Seven wary travelers rest around a campfire.  A blonde male stands up, places
his reassuring hand on a female companion, and slowly strolls up a small mount.
 He scans a ruined city in the distance, reflectively and in awe.

"Maybe this the end?  So, I want to tell you everything."  So begins the tale
of Final Fantasy X.

*  *  *  *  *

A crowd gathers outside a festive arena.  A mysterious figure follows the
departing excited crowd.  They have apparently come to greet our hero, the
blonde male from the beginning.  He arrives at the scene and waves to the
crowd.  When the young fans ask him for his autograph, we learn that he goes by
the name "Tidus".   To the teenage girl fans wishing him good luck, he
indicates that a special gesture will be given for them during the game. 
Before he leaves, the kids ask if he could teach them how to play Blitzball. 
He obliges, but only after the game tonight.  The mysterious figure tells him
that tonight is not good.  Mistaking the figure as one of the children, Tidus
changes it to tomorrow.

On his way to the stadium, he stares up at a large monitor displaying a face,
as if he knows the man.  Then he proceeds onwards.  From the people Tidus comes
across, you learn that his father is Jecto, a very famous Blitzball player. 
Tidus too has become quite a Blitzball ace himself, and the game cannot start
until he arrives at the game.  In fact, it would seem that the Zanarkand Apes
wouldn't even have a chance without Tidus on the team.  A crowd surrounds Tidus
when he arrives at the stadium.  He eventually gets through, although pursued.

The game starts.  Blitzball is soccer played in a large sphere of water. 
During the game, a mysterious man in red walks through the city, while a large
body of water closes in on the city and shoots pulses of energy.  Everyone is
fleeing from the stadium, but Aaron (the man in red) stands casually waiting
for Tidus to appear.  The mysterious boy from earlier appears again, telling
him, "It's starting.  Don't cry." then vanishes.

Tidus reunites with Aaron.  Aaron tells him to look up at the ominous giant
sphere of water in the night sky.  He says, "We call that Sin".  When they are
faced with some monsters, Aaron hands Tidus a sword and tells him to use it. 
"This is a gift from your father", says Aaron.  "My father's?", Tidus replies. 
"You'll learn how to use it in real battle."

Tidus and Aaron defeat a couple of groups of monsters.  "You had better not be
laughing at me, dad", says Tidus as he looked at Jecto on the big monitor. 
Tidus tells Aaron that they should be running away from Sin, but Aaron insists
that they should welcome it.  In the following battle, Aaron realizes that they
cannot win in a fight against so many monsters and instructs Tidus to go after
some fuel tanks to their right.  The road is destroyed, and they manage to

"Aaron! Aaron!" Tidus cries as Sin gets closer and closer, sucking up
surrounding objects.  "Is this all right?" Aaron says to Sin, looking upwards. 
He lends a hand to Tidus in getting up from the ledge.  "This isn't anybody
else's.   This is YOUR story."   In a burst of bright light, they become
consumed by Sin.

As if in a state of hallucination, Tidus floats above the city, eventually
finding an image of himself.  "I remember thinking about various things, like
what's happening and where I was.  Then, all of a sudden, I fell asleep..."

*  *  *  *  *

Tidus finds himself waking up in a strange place resembling a ruin.  "Is there
anybody there?  Aaron!"  All alone, Tidus ventures to explore the ruin.  As he
walks over some stone bridge, the floor underneath him collapses and he finds
himself in the water once more and in the company of some monsters.  Tidus
manages to escape from the first boos, Geosgeino, by luckily squeezing through
a crack in the wall of the ruin.

"The situation was quickly getting worse.  I was out of dreams and hopes."   
That was how desperate Tidus was becoming.  He eventually finds himself in the
central court area of the ruin, cold and starving.  After picking up stone
flints and a bouquet of dried flowers, Tidus starts a fire in the center of the
courtyard.  Exhausted, he falls sleep next to the fire.  When he wakes up,
Tidus discovers the fire going out and he is about to have some unpleasant

During his fight with Klick, the door busts open, and a few characters with
guns and flamethrowers show up.  One of them appears to be helping him out. 
After Klick is defeated, some discussion takes place between the strangers
speaking a foreign tongue, and the girl who helped Tidus punches him cold.

Tidus wakes up aboard their salvage ship.  One of them gestures to Tidus, but
he tells them that he doesn't understand them at all.  The girl earlier reveals
that she can converse with him after all and tells him that they need him to
help them salvage something on the ocean floor.  "There's an ancient ruin on
the ocean floor.  It cannot be operated right now, but there's probably still
some energy left.  I think that if we work on it a little, we can probably make
it come back to life again."  The power is turned back on, and the external
lights shine the ocean floor, showing the vague outlines of a ship.

Tidus boards the salvage ship, but he is prevented from entering it despite his
protest.  Later, the girl re-appears and hands him some food, just when Tidus
complains about being hungry again.  He swallows so fast that he nearly gagged
on the food, and the girl hands him something to wash it down.  Tidus, now no
longer famished, asks for her name.  "I'm Rikku", she replied.  Tidus, very
excited to be able to speak to someone, asks her why she didn't just speak to
him normally.  "There was no time for that.  Everyone thought you were some
kind of monster", said Rikku, gesturing that indicated slashing of the throat.

"Who are you guys?" asked Tidus.  "We're from the Al Bhed tribe.  You should
know from our language.  Hey, you probably hate the Al Bhed people", said
Rikku.  "Hate you guys?  I don't even know you", replied Tidus.  "So where are
you from?"  (Tidus) "Zanarkand.  I'm the ace of the Zanarkand Apes, the city's
Blitzball team."  (Rikku) "Did you hit your head too hard one time?"  (Tidus)
"Nope, but I was hit struck by you guys."  (Rikku)  "Do you remember anything
before that? "

Tidus told Rikkus everything, from life and competition in Zanarkand, Sin's
attack during the Blitzball competition, to escaping with Aaron and being
wrapping in the light...  Rikku becomes uneasy.  "Did I say something odd?",
asks Tidus.  "You got close to Sin.  That's okay.  We can fix you up.  People
who get too close to Sin usually get their heads mixed up.  So, you're not the
only one who has seen strange dreams.", says Rikku.  (Tidus) "I'm sick?" 
(Rikku) "I think you're poisoned by Sin"  (Tidus) "What?"  (Rikku) "Anyway,
......Zanarkand doesn't exist anymore.  It was destroyed by Sin 1000 years ago.
 So, you can't be a blitzball player from Zanarkand"   (Tidus) "What?  How can
it be?  1000 years ago?  I saw Sin attack Zanarkand.  That was 1000 years ago!?
 I can't believe that!"

(Rikku) "Hey..."  (Tidus) "What?"  (Rikku) "You're a Blitzball player, right?" 
(Tidus) "Yes."  (Rikku) "Maybe if we go to Luca, we can figure out something. 
Maybe there's someone there who knows you.  Maybe it'll help you remember
something."  (Tidus) "Luca?"  (Rikku) "Okay!  Just leave it to me!  I'll take
you to Luca!"   Tidus hesitates.  (Rikku) "Don't you want to go~?  Wait here
for a second while I speak to the others."   As she walks away, Rikku remembers
to tell Tidus something.  (Rikku) "Ah, from now on, remember this.  It's better
to not tell people that you're from Zanarkand.  I think some people will be mad
because Zanarkand is Ebon's holy place."  (Tidus) "Sure..."

In his mind, Tidus thought:  "Zanarkand is Ebon's holy ground......I didn't
know what to make of it.  Ebon?  Sin's poison?  Luca?  I  had thought only that
I have come to a far away place, and that I will return soon.  1000 years have
passed?"  "I can't believe it!" he screamed, turned around, and kicked the

The whole ship shook, knocking him off balance.  Sin is once again attacking. 
A wave generated by Sin washes Tidus off the ship and into the ocean...

*  *  *  *  *

Tidus again finds himself in a strange place.  "Rikku!"  While staring up to
see the sun, something struck Tidus.  He barely makes out figures on the beach,
and before him was a blitzball.  "Are you all right?", screamed one of the men
on the beach.  Tidus kicks the ball back to them, wowing them with his
blitzball abilities.  The blitzball team coach is so impressed that he asked
Tidus to show it to them again.  Tidus senses that he may getting some real
help this time around.  "Which team do you play for?" asked the coach.

"Zanarkand Apes.", replied Tidus.  That raised some comments from the team
players.  "Where do you come from?"  the coach asks.  Tidus, reminded of what
Rikku told him, recanted, "Oops.  Right now, no team.  I got too close to Sin,
so my head is all confused.  So, where I came from, where I am....."  The
coach, with his arms crossed, said, "So, you were poisoned by Sin, and you're
still alive.  This is Ebon's blessing."  The team gives Tidus the Ebon prayer
gesture, and the coach told the players to get back to their training.

"I'm Wakka, the coach of the Beside Oaraka."  Wakka introduces himself.  Some
noises come from Tidus' stomach, and Wakka invites Tidus to his village for
some food.

(Narration) "I thought Wakka was a pretty nice guy, so I tried asking..."

"Hey, Zanarkand was destroyed by Sin 1000 years ago, right?  I guess it's okay
that it's all just a ruin now." Tidus says.  (Wakka) "A long time ago, there
were many incredible cities in Spira.  They were large cities full of
machineries noisy even at night.  It was because everyone were having
interesting and strange fun with the power of machines.    But now....... look.
 Suddenly Sin appeared, and all the machine cities were destroyed.  Of course,
that includes Zanarkand.  That happened about 1000 years ago.  So, what you
said was true.  Well, Sin got carried away.  It's some punishment for people. 
Really......  it makes me so ANGRY to think that WE have to suffer because of
the faults of people so long ago.  Of course, it's an important duty for people
of today to atone for their sins.  That, I understand.  Yes, but sometimes I

(Narration) "It's just like what Rikku said.  There's no reason for Wakka or
Rikku to lie to me. "

(Wakka) "Ha, ha, ha, ha!  But, I laughed when you said Zanarkand Apes! 
Anyways, which team were you really a part of. "  All Tidus thinks of is how he
may be able to get back to Zanarkand by meeting Sin again.  He doesn't care
where or when Sin may take him.

Tidus follows Wakka and gets pushed into the river.  At the end of their little
swim, Wakka comes up behind Tidus and puts him in a choke position.  "Let go!"
said Tidus.  (Wakka) "I have a request to make~"  (Tidus) "It's probably to
join your team!"  Wakka lets go.  (Wakka) "Soon there is a big blitzball
tournament.  All the best teams are going to gather there.  Because it's the
best tournament, the folks that may know you will surely come.  If so, you can
probably return to your former team and life?  Well, you sure think it isn't
such a bad idea.  So, how about it?  Well?  Well?"  Tidus replies.  "Okay."

(Wakka) "Thanks.  I'm counting on you at the tournament."

Wakka shows Tidus his village.  (Wakka) "I was born there and started playing
blitzball when I was 5 years old.  At 13, I started playing with Beside
Oarraka......  and I've now been playing for 10 years. "  Scratching his head,
Wakka speaks.  (Wakka, continuing) "But, even after 10 years, I have not even
won once at the big tournament.  (...) had to back out of last year's big
tournament at the end.  Well, after withdrawing from the competition, I started
a new job.  But whenever I get a little discouraged, I would think about
blitzball."  (Tidus) "In 10 years, you've never won a game."  (Wakka) "There
was a chance last year.  But it was hard, and we couldn't concentrate in the
game."  (Tidus) "It's a good reason."  (Wakka) "It's tough."  (Tidus) "So, you
want to get a fresh start by winning at the next grand tournament?"  Wakka
nods.  (Tidus)"The tournament's goal?"  (Wakka) "The ranking doesn't matter. 
I'll be happy if we can play a good match.  I think I can stop refreshing if
there's feeling of completion, a feeling that we did it seriously."  Tidus
turns around and waves his arm.  (Tidus) "When you're asked 'Goal?', answer
'Victory!'"    Win if you're entering a match.  What is there other than that?"
 (Wakka) "Victory...  ...That's better?"

They come across an old ruin.  Wakka says, "In an old practice, folks who leave
the island will pray at this ruin for safety.  It has worked pretty well."

As they approach the village, they encounter two characters seen leaving the
beach.  The man with red hair says, "Ah, Aren't you the man who came from the
sea?"  His companion speaks, "You had better be on guard because there are many
monsters on the road."  (red hair) "Although you were close to Sin, you were
probably helped.  Don't get killed in a place like this!"  Tidus asks Wakka,
"Who are they?"  (Wakka) "Loots and Gatta, members of the suppression force." 
(Tidus) "What?  Suppression force?"  (Wakka) " You have forgotten even this?" 
Tidus slumped down in disappointment. (Wakka) "Oh, no.  Don't worry.  I'll take
care of you."  (Tidus) "Um.  In return for your help, I'll really help out at
the great tournament!"  (Wakka) "Okay.  Listen carefully.  The suppression
force is supposed to be in the villages lodgings."

They arrive at the village.  (Wakka) "Here's Beside Village."  (Tidus, looking
awfully sad) "Is there any food?"   (Wakka, pointing to a house) " You can eat
at that house later.  First, go kill some free time. (putting his hands on his
waist)  Oh yeah......  That is the 'suppression force lodge'.  Try to ask Loots
and Gatta various things."  Wakka starts to walk away but remembers something,
"Oh, yeah.  Come this way."  (Tidus) "What?"  (Wakka) "Even you should surely
remember the prayer?"  (Tidus)"I forgot."  (Wakka) "Even the basic thing in
life?  Well, I'll teach you anyway.  Okay."  Wakka shows Tidus how to pray. 
(Wakka) "Now, you try it."  Tidus tries the prayer moves.  (Wakka) "Okay! 
That's good.  Now, go introduce yourself to the summoners at the temple."

(Narration) "Well, for blitzball players, everyone knows that there's nothing
better than victory."

Tidus goes to visit the suppression force's lodging and speaks with Loots and
Gatta.  (Gatta) "Hey, you were attacked by Sin?  Was that recent?"  (Tidus)
"Probably......"  (Gatta) "So, is Sin close to the island?  Aren't you hiding
something from us?"  (Tidus) "Of course not!"  (Loots) "If Sin came close to
here, then I suppose it came here to attack the island.  Still...... There's no
such indication."  (Tidus) "It's bad, but I don't understand anything.  The
main point is that I don't understand anything about the suppression force." 
(Gatta) "Are you joking?  Sin's poison..."  (Loots) "Tell him, Gatta."  (Gatta)
"Yes, sir.  The suppression force is an organization designed to fight Sin.  We
have support groups all over Spira, and anyone can join the local group as a
volunteer.  The suppression force originated as the "Red Kill Group", started
by the hero Mihen 800 years ago.  Years later, as the organization got bigger,
it changed its name to the Suppression Force.  Since then, we have continued to
fight against Sin."  (Tidus) "Continuing to fighting for 800 years...... You
can't defeat Sin?"  (Gatta, embarrassed) "Ah...... "  (Loots) "What has the
suppression force has been able to do is to make Sin change its
routes......Well, that is about the extent that I can say for sure.  Sin
probably cannot be defeated by us.  The duty of the suppression force is to
protect the temples, cities, villages, and people from Sin."  (Tidus) "Well,
who will defeat Sin?"  (Gatta) "......Is Sin's poison really so powerful?" 
(Loots) "Yeah, this is pretty awful.  (looking at Tidus) To tell you would be
pretty easy, but if you can, it would be better for you to remember it
yourself.  Go to the temple and strike up a prayer.  Try to remember

(Loots) "We have been expulsed from the temple.  We must leave here and gamble
everything on our operation."

Tidus enters the temple.  "Something, really.  It was really a world I don't
know about."  Tidus inspects one of the great sculptures in the temple. 
(priest) "It's been 10 years since Blaska became a great summoner.  The holy
image finally was realized in this temple."  (Tidus) "What is the great
summoner?  (That statement shocked everyone in the temple.)  I have suffered
from Sin's poison!  (Whenever I have explain the something, I feel a little
strange......  It was lonely.)"
The priest continues, "The works of mystery, are people who
protect us, the believers of Ebon.  These chosen summoners can manipulate the
summon beasts, holy creatures that do not have flesh and blood.  These summon
beasts, appearing in response to prayers, are blessings of the great Ebon."  If
Tidus tries to enter the inner sanctums, the priest would tell him that "people
who are not guards must not go near the practice rooms."

With no place left to explore, Tidus returns to Wakka's place.  (Wakka) "Sorry,
the food isn't ready yet.  Why not rest for a while.  Aren't you tired?" 
(There really isn't much of a choice.  Either starve or sleep...)  A priest
comes to Wakka's residence and asks, "I wonder if it's a good idea to go and
check on her situation."  (Wakka, getting up) "Um...... I think she is okay,
but......"  (Priest) "However, the time is nearly up......"

In Tidus' dream, you see a ship docked at the port.  A man tells a woman, "but,
the time is nearly up......"  "It's nearly a day now......"  "Won't you please
check on the situation for me?"  (You see a woman speaking to a man...)  "Um,
we are looking by diving the work among people involved."  (Woman, holding
hands together) "Thank you very much."  (Boy, Tidus) "Though, it's okay with me
if that man doesn't come back"  (Woman, Tidus' mom) "He may have died." 
(Tidus) "That's fine."  (Mom, surprised) "How can......  How can you hate your
dad so much?"  (Mom) "If he died, you won't be able to tell him even that you
hate him."

Tidus finally wakes up.  "Wakka?"  He heads to the temple.  In front of the
practice room, Tidus finds Wakka speaking to a priest.  "What happened?"  Tidus
asks.  (Wakka) "The summoner hasn't returned from her practice."  (Tidus)
"Huh?"  (Wakka) " No, officially, she isn't a full summoner yet."  (Tidus)
"Huh?"  (Wakka) "There's a practice room in the back, and the junior summoner
is praying in the back.  If the prayer passes, then she will become an official
summoner......  Have you remembered?"  (Tidus) "I understood that someone
hasn't come back out from the very back."  (Wakka) "It has already been one
day."  (Tidus) "Does it affect her life?"  (Wakka) "In time"  (Tidus) "Why can
you go and help?"  (Wakka) "There are regulations that controls guards......" 
(Tidus) "What should you do if something happens!  It would be it if she died!"
 (Priest who has approached the stairs leading to the practice chamber) "You
must not break the rules!"  (Tidus) "Do you know!"  Tidus pushes open the

(After going thru the puzzles... and the pedestal begins to sink into the
floor)  (Wakka) "Hey!  How did you become so hot-headed?  All right.  It is
off-limits here except to summoners, to-be summoners, and guards.  It's the
rule, so remember well."  (Tidus) "So you're okay?"  (Wakka) "I'm a guard." 
(Tidus) "Guard?"  The floor begins to sink under their feet.  (Wakka) "The
summoners leave on journeys to offer prayers at temples around Spira.  The
guards are his/her protection.  Now, the guards with her back there......  One
will be mad soon, and the other won't know what to think.  Well, if you come
all the way here, should you come with me to the back?    Ah, let's go. "

Wakka and Tidus proceeds to walk to the back room and sees two guards, a woman
sitting at the bottom of the stairs and a blue beast-like man standing with his
arms crossed.  (Woman) "Why are you here?  Were you insecure about us?" 
(Wakka) "No, well, ......"  The woman stands up and walks toward Wakka and
Tidus.  (Wakka) "Look, she's probably mad..."  Tidus blabs the first words. 
(Tidus) "Is the summoner okay?"  (Woman) "Who......are you?"  Everyone looks in
the back room in anticipation.  The door opens, and a young female summoner
steps out and falls over.  The blue tiger-looking guard quickly rushes over to
hold her.  (Summoner) "I did it.  I have become a summoner."

The summoner , her guards, and Tidus all come out from the training room. 
(Thinking) "That surprised me.  I had thought that the summoner was an old
man."  Everyone proceeds to exit the temple and gather around a circular
platform in the middle of the village.  Wakka wrestles Tidus down to the area. 
(Tidus) "Hey!?  Eh!?  What!?"  (Wakka) "Have a good look."  (Tidus, shaking off
Wakka) "I can see for myself."  The summoner does a dance and summons her very
first summon beast, a flying creature called Valfarre.  It swoops down and
allows her to stroke its neck.  Everyone is in a joyous spirit and
congratulates the summoner.

(Thinking to himself) "So, the first time I spoke to here was after it became
dark.  I did not understand it, but that was a special night.  For
everyone......  for me......"   At an outdoor part in the center of the
village, Wakka introduces Tidus to his team.  (Wakka) "Let me introduce you to
everyone on the team.  He wanted to enter the great tournament this year no
matter what and decided to join our team.  Because his memory is a little
foggy, he may say some weird stuff, but don't worry.  Hey, introduce yourself."
 (Tidus, pushed forward by Wakka, wondering about what to say) "Nice to meet
everyone."  Everybody nods.  (Tidus) "What is our objective at the great
tournament?"  (Team members) "Do our best to the utmost!"  (Wakka) "Our
objective has changed!  (raising his right hand in a fist) The objective is
victory!  We will bring the crystal winner's cup back to this island!  We'll
win all our matches!  We'll defeat all other teams!  We can win!  It's that
easy!"  (Team members) "......Victory?  (As words of doubt become rallying
calls) Victory!  Victory!  Victory, victory, victory!"

Tidus walks toward the summoner and her company.  (Old lady #1) "Stay back!" 
(Old lady #2) "You cannot come near the summoner!"  (Little girl) "You must
not-!"  The summoner gets up and gets ready to face Tidus.  (Old lady #1) "Miss
Yuna, you must not!"  (Yuna) "But, if we speak of the cause, it was my fault." 
Yuna turns and quickly walks to Tidus to introduce herself.  (Yuna) "I'm Yuna. 
Thank you  for before."  (Tidus) "Ah, that I went to help? But, didn't that
turn out badly?  I did something uncalled-for. (scratching the back of his
head) "  (Yuna) "That's okay.  It was because I was inexperienced."  (After a
short uncomfortable pause, Tidus speaks.) "Hey, I saw the summon beast.  It was
incredible."  (Yuna) "Really?  Do you think I can become a great summoner?"  
Tidus nods his head.  The little approaches and tries to tell Yuna something. 
"Miss Yuna, let's talk some more...... "  The little girls walks away.  (Yuna)
"Well, I'll see you tomorrow."  (Tidus) "Tomorrow?"  (Yuna) "Tomorrow, we will
probably depart on the same ship." (Tidus) "Ah, is that so?"  (Yuna) "Then, we
can talk."  (Tidus) "Um."  Yuna walks away but turns around to say.  "Then I
can ask you about Zanarkand."  Wakka comes and nudges on Tidus' back.  "Isn't
she cute?"

(Respond:  Yes.)  (Wakka) "You'll get to like her."  (Tidus) "I can't promise
that.  On the other hand, if she likes me, what should I do?"  (Wakka) "That
must not happen.  Tell me if you're tired.  I have a bed prepared."  If you go
to Wakka and tells him you're tired, then you can go to sleep.

Tidus dreams.  He is sitting at the dock.  Tidus gets up and walks toward Yuna,
who is looking out to sea.  (Tidus) "The ship isn't coming."  (Yuna) "If it
doesn't come quickly, then we'll be discovered by everyone."  (Tidus, standing
near Yuna.) "Is it okay......really?"  (Yuna) "Yes.  Take
Zanarkand."  (Rikku, running toward Tidus) "Hey~!  You said that you would
travel with ME~!"   (Tidus, pretending to be jogging) "Ah!?  Aah!  Well......" 
(Rikku) "I've heard that you've come to like Yuna."  (Yuna) "Is that so......" 
(Rikku) "Yep!  So, you'll go with me!"  (Jecto) "What are you doing?  Going on
a journey with girls even if you're just a kid?  You're 1000 years too early! 
(Suddenly Tidus is just a kid.) Ooh, I wonder if it has started yet...?   You
will cry.  You will cry soon.  You will definitely cry soon.  Look, you're
crying!"  (Tidus) "I really hate you."  (Jecto) "I can't hear you."  (Yuna)
"It's no good if you won't say it with a much louder voice."  (A young Tidus)
"I hate you!"  (Jecto) "Huh?"  (Rikku) "Hey, give it your best shot!"  (Yuna)
"Yeah, try your best!"

Tidus wakes up, screaming "I hate you!".  In the background, you can hear the
woman guard talking.  "He is already dead!"  Tidus gets up from bed to check
out what's going on.  (Woman) "I can swear that kid looks just like Chap.  I
was surprised when I saw him the first time.  (Lulu) However, while he can look
like him, he must not be a replacement for Chap.  Although I don't understand
it right now, when was it right for me?"  (Wakka) "But...... He is troubled." 
(Lulu) "Another excuse?"  (Wakka) "But......"  (Lulu) "But?  However? 
......I'm tired of listening."   Lulu turns and walks away from Wakka.  Wakka
is clearly frustrated as he held his head.

Wakka finds Tidus standing next to the entrance when he steps back in.  (Tidus)
"That was scary.  But, who's Chap?"  (Wakka) "My little brother.  He......
looks just like you."  (Tidus) "Is he dead?"  They sat down on opposing beds. 
(Wakka) "he joined the suppression force and was killed....... while fighting
Sin last year.  It was the day of the great tournament when I heard the news." 
(Tidus) "Ah, so..."  (Wakka) "I decided to become a guard and fight Sin." 
(Tidus) "Seeking revenge?"  (Wakka) "That's what I planned.  Don't laugh now. 
Seeking my little brother's revenge and blitzball are both very important to
me.  Well, after the next great tournament, I'm going to pay close attention to
guarding.  It looks like I'm using you for that purpose....  Sorry."  (Tidus)
"Don't worry.  I depend on you.  Meeting you is really helping me.  Thanks a
lot, Wakka,...... for everything."  Tidus offers his hand...

(After a good night's rest...) Tidus exits the suppression force lodge and
joins Wakka and Lulu.  (Wakka, turning to greet Tidus) "Hey, sleepyhead.  I
want to give you something."  Wakka is holding a beautiful, blue sword that
sparkles in the sun.  (Tidus) "Wow...... Are you sure you want to give it to
me?"  (Wakka) "Yeah, try using it."   Tidus tries it out.  (Lulu) "But you gave
that to Chap."  (Wakka, telling Tidus) "Don't worry.  He never used it, not
even once.  Yuna is late."  (Tidus) "Aren't we going on the same ship as Yuna? 
Wouldn't it be okay for us to go on ahead?"  (Wakka) "Yuna came to this village
10 years ago.  It was the year that Blaska's calm season started."  (Tidus)
"Calm season?"  (Wakka) "Since then, Yuna has been like a little sister to me
and Lulu.  Knowing that she's got her temperament, becoming a junior
summoner......And today, we're traveling with her as a summoner."  (Lulu) "From
the very beginning, we wanted to travel with her.  (They see Yuna coming out of
the temple with a huge luggage.  Lulu turns to say)  "Such a big luggage can
only be troublesome."  (Yuna) "Ah, there's nothing that's mine.  They're gifts
for the legendary shrines!"  (Wakka) "Isn't this supposed to be Yuna's trip?" 
(Yuna) "I guess.  Yes."  Yuna walks toward them.  (Wakka) "So, we're leaving!" 
Yuna turns around to say goodbye to the temple.

They arrive at the top the hill overlooking the village.  Yuna stands next to
Lulu.  (Lulu) "Are you getting a good look?"   (Tidus) "Let's go quickly~!" 
(Wakka) "We'll wait just a bit."  (Tidus) "Huh?"  Yuna walks between Wakka and
Tidus.  (Wakka) "Have you....... had enough time?"  (Yuna) "Yes."  She walks
off.  Lulu nods to Wakka as she walks past the two, and Wakka returns the nod. 
(Tidus) "Wha, what is it?"  They arrive at the ruin structure on top of the
hill.  Wakka kneels down to pray.  (Wakka) "That day, Chap did not offer his
prayer.  It didn't match with the time of the ship. "  Everyone prays.  (Wakka,
getting up) "Okay, it's perfect."

They come across the blue tigerman seen earlier in the temple.  He challenges
Tidus to a fight.  Eventually Tidus beats him.  (Wakka) "That's enough!"  The
tigerman shakes his head and walks away.  (Tidus) "What's the deal with him!" 
(Lulu) "He's Kimari Ronso...... a teenager of the Ronso clan.  He can use
techniques memorized from magical creatures."  (Tidus) "That's not what I
meant."  (Wakka) "He too is Yuna's guard."  (Tidus) "What?"  (Yuna, laughing)
"We don't quite understand either, but Kimari is very reticent (man of few
words). (Wakka nods in agreement.)  But, since I was a little child, he has
always protected me."  (Tidus) "Oh......"

Tidus follows the others passing the beach and approaching the boat.  The
villagers have come to say goodbye.  Yuna waves.  Some folks cry.  (Yuna)

Tidus does some horseplay on the ship, like stealing someone's binoculars to
have a look around.  He goes to speak to Wakka.  (Wakka) "Oh yeah, I haven't
explained something to you.  We're going to an island called Keerika.  There,
we'll change boat and head for Luca.  And, before that, I have to guard Yuna
there because she will be praying at the island's shrine.  Because the Beside
Oaraka will be offering prayers for the tournament at the shrine, you should
come too. "  (Lulu) "Half-cooked odd plan."  (Wakka) "It's not a useless plan,
don't you think? (He looks at Tidus)"  (Tidus) "Don't look at me."  Tidus talks
to Lulu.  (Lulu) "I wonder who you really are, and where did you come

Tidus approaches the crowd that has gathered around Yuna.  (Man #1) "It looks
like she's from a line of great summoners."  (Man #2) "Yeah, she is that
Blaska's daughter."  (Man #1) "Wow."  (Tidus) "Blaska's daughter?"  Tidus goes
to ask Wakka about Yuna's father.  (Tidus) "Yuna's dad is famous?"  (Wakka)
"She is the daughter of the great summoner Blaska.  You've seen his holy statue
at the temple?  The great summoner Blaska defeated Sin 10 years ago.  So Yuna
has inherited the best traits for a summoner."  (Tidus) "...... It seems so
sad.  To have a parent who's famous."    (Lulu) "It's useless even to expect
imagination from him (referring to Tidus)."  The rude comment shocked Wakka a
bit.  (Tidus, serious) "I'll remember that, Lulu."  Lulu walks away.

Tidus walks up to Yuna at the front of the boat, and Yuna anticipates a
conversation.  (Yuna) "The wind feels good."  The two breaks out into laughter.
 (Yuna) "You're a blitzball player from Zanarkand?  (Tidus) "You heard that
from Wakka?  Even though he definitely doesn't believe it."  Yuna takes a few
steps back and faces Tidus.  (Yuna) "I believe you.  (With her arms stretched
out) In Zanarkand, the light fills the city even at night, and there's a huge
stadium......When a blitzball competition is played at the stadium, it's always
a full house."  Tidus, surprised, literally leaps toward Yuna.  "How do you
know?"  (Yuna) "I heard it from a man named Jecto.  He was one of my father's
guard."  (Tidus, after turning around and leaning against the rail.)  "My
father was also called Jecto."  (Yuna) "Amazing!  (Rushing to stand next to
Tidus) The fact that we met each other must be a gift from Ebon!"  (Tidus) "It
sounds like him, but it's someone else."  (Yuna) "Why?"  (Tidus) "My dad......
died in the Zanarkand sea, 10 years ago."  Yuna steps back.  (Yuna) "Is that
so.....?  (Tidus) "One day, he went to the sea for training and never came
back.  Yep, he went missing."  (Yuna, making the chronological connection)
"Jecto came to Spira on that day!"  (Tidus) "No way!"  (Yuna) "But, the day I
met Jecto was 10 years and 95 days ago!  I remember it well because it was the
day my dad went on his journey.  The time matches perfectly, don't you think?" 
Tidus tries to shrug it off by asking "But, how did he get here?"  (Yuna)
"You're here."  Yuna nods.

Suddenly, a loud explosion is heard, and the boat is shaken so hard that Yuna
falls off her feet.  Tidus can't hold on to Yuna , and Kimari comes to help. 
Sin lunges out of the ocean.  One of the sailors gets ready to fire the
harpoon.  (Wakka) "That's hooked to a wire!  Why do you want to hit it (Sin)
with that!  It will drag the boat into the sea!"  (One of the man) "Sin is
heading for Keerika!  I want to get its attention!"  (The other sailor) "Our
families are on Keerika!  Summoner, give us your permission!"  Yuna nods. 
(Wakka) "Wait!  Are you serious!"  The wired harpoons are launched, and the
boat is quickly dragged along by Sin.  Everyone aboard is rattled aboard the

Eventually the harpoon guns are literally pulled off the ship as Sin submerges.
 Tidus is washed off the ship (or perhaps he was hoping that Sin would take him
back to Zanarkand), and Wakka goes after him.  The unconscious Tidus is
attacked from all sides by the monsters, and Wakka manages to rescue and wake

Sin arrives at Keerika ahead of the ship and completely devastates the small
seaside village.

(Yuna) "I will defeat Sin.  I must defeat Sin."  "I guess I had thought how
nice it would have been.........  On that day, at that time, under that burning
setting sun...... I realized.  This is a world I don't know anything about, and
it won't be that easy to go back.  I finally understood that this is a reality
that I cannot escape from."

The ship arrives at Port Keerika.  Yuna gets off the ship and introduces
herself.  (Yuna) "I am the summoner Yuna.  I came from the Beside shrine."  (A
couple of locals)  "Ah, a summoner!"  (Yuna) "If there isn't any other summoner
here, please allow me to perform the other world."  (Man) "Oh, I want to thank
you!"   (Woman) "I had resigned to having my relative become monsters......" 
(Yuna) "Which way should I go?"  Everyone follows the pair of old folks.  Wakka
walks off the boat and speaks to Tidus.  (Wakka) "We should go check out how
things are in the town.  Maybe we can lend a hand."

Tidus comes across a ceremony in progress.  He quietly walks up to Lulu and
asks, "What's this 'Other World Send-off"?  What is starting?"  (Lulu, clearly
bothered by Tidus' questions) "I sense that you didn't forget- you really just
don't know."  That got Tidus embarrassed.  (Lulu, continuing) " The deceased
are wandering around.  Because they're very saddened by their death, they try
not to believe their own death.  While very much wishing that they want to be
alive, they become envious of people who are still alive.  The dead are envious
of people who are alive.  That feeling soon becomes jealousy and sadness.  If
the hearts of the these deceased stay in Spira, they will become monsters
seeking life and attack people.  Isn't that sad?  So, by performing the "Other
World Send-off", we can make these wandering dead go to sleep."  (Tidus) "Is
that one of summoner's job?"  Lulu nods.

Yuna walks on water and performs the ceremony.  Beneath her under the water are
the wrapped bodies of the dead.  As she start to wave her wand and performs her
dance, the souls of the dead rise upwards.  A waterspout raises Yuna upwards,
as the relatives of the deceased collapse under emotional stress.

After the ceremony, Yuna approaches the others nearby.  (Tidus, speaking to
Lulu) "...... It's tough being a summoner."  (Lulu) "Yuna chose this.  She
realizes it.  What we can do is to protect her.  All the way to the end." 
(Tidus) "......The end?"  Lulu remains silent.  (Tidus) "What's 'the end'?" 
(Lulu, as she walks away and toward Yuna) "the time she defeats Sin."

Yuna rushes toward Lulu, as if to seek approval.  (Yuna) "Did I do a good job?"
 (Lulu, embracing Yuna) "You did well, for a first time.  You certainly sent
everyone to the other world, but next time, try not to cry."  (Tidus' thought)
"It's all right if there's a next time......Yuna sends the people...... killed
by Sin to the other world......  The people who watched over the ceremony,
something mysterious...... a little scary.  I thought I would not want to see
it again."

Tidus gets up from the hotel room and comes down the stairs.  He runs into
Datt, one of his team members.  "You finally got up~!?  Wakka is waiting for
you~!"    The guy runs off.  After exploring Keerika a bit, Tidus comes to
Wakka.  (Wakka) "Oh, you're here.  Oaraka, gather up!  We're going to the
shrine.  Time to offer our victory prayer for Beside Oaraka!  The Keerika
shrine is where the great summoner Ohaland lives.  Ohaland was a famous
blitzball player when he was young."  (Tidus) "Wakka."  (Wakka) "Huh?"  (Tidus)
"It's okay to offer prayer for victory, but I wonder if something else...... is
okay."  (Wakka) "Is it bad to be caught up in blitzball?"  (Tidus) "At such a
time?"  (Wakka) "It's because it is such a time.  The players will fight with
the limits of their ability.  The spectators will support their favorite team. 
During the tournament, they're allowed to forget all the bad stuff that has
happened.  That is the reason why blitzball hasn't disappeared from Spira after
all this time.  That's what I think."  (Tidus) "Is that so......"  (Wakka)
"Strut your stuff on a good match.  Okay!"  (Tidus) "Yeah!"  (Wakka) "The
shrine is beyond the forest.  So, let's go!"

Wakka and Tidus arrive at the edge of the forest, where they find Yuna and the
others.  (Wakka) "What's the matter?"  (Lulu) "Yuna wants you to come along
too."  (Tidus) "Huh?"  (Yuna) "Well......I wonder if it's a bad idea to ask you
to be my guard."  (Wakka) "What are you saying?  You must be joking, Yuna.  He
can play blitzball, but he's an amateur at fighting monsters."  (Yuna, turning
to speak to Wakka) "I don't care if he doesn't guard me, just as long as he is
around......"  Wakka is surprised.  Tidus asks, "What do you mean?"  (Yuna)
"Well......."  Lulu interrupts.  "We're all going to the shrine anyway, so how
about continuing this talk later?"  Yuna obliges.  Yuna apologizes to Tidus,
"Sorry for the suddenness."  (Tidus) "Even if you say sorry, I still don't
really know what's going on."  (Yuna) "Sorry."  Kimari points in the direction
where they should go.

After fighting numerous monsters, the group exits the forest and ascends a
series of stairs.  Wakka stops in his tracks, with his arms crossed. (Wakka)
"He, he, he......You see these stone steps.  They're the historic stone steps
of justice.  Ohaland trained here during his active service period (as a
blitzball player).  All the Oaraka players grimaced as their stretched for the
impending exercise.  (Tidus) "I'm game. (he walks next to Wakka in front of the
stairs) Do you think you can beat me?"  (Wakka) "Yuna, please."  Yuna walks to
stand next to the line-up.  (Yuna) "Okay!"  Instead of giving the go-ahead,
Yuna starts to run up the stairs.  (Wakka) "Ah!?  Wow!?"  Tidus is caught
completely off guard.
He eventually follows after them, after hearing Lulu complaining how they
always like little kids.

A couple of the players rush down the stone stairs.  "Oh no~!"  (Wakka) "Hurry!
 Help!  It's Sin's incrustation!"  They proceeds to kill it.   Tidus is really
exhausted.  (Tidus) "That was hard~"  (Wakka, laughing) "Ha, ha, ha......  I'm
sorry for calling for you just now."  (Tidus, turning to face Wakka) "It's
tough being a guard."  (Wakka) "It seems like you've got some talents for being
a guard."  (Tidus, scratching his head) "Oh, stop it.  Hey, what's Sin's
incrustation?"  (Lulu, walking away) "Monsters that comes off of Sin's body and
gets left behind.  If we let them go, Sin will return.  So, we have to quickly
exterminate them."

Tidus stands there as the others walk away, thinking.  "I was told by Wakka
that I have battle talents......  I feel that, in the back of my mind, I
started to consider becoming Yuna's guard at that time."

Tidus catches up with the others.  Wakka leads the group in walking up the
stone stairs.  (Wakka) "Oh yeah...... That's it.  Are there monsters in
Zanarkand?"  (Tidus) "Not very many.  When they occasionally appear, it's a big
deal.  You don't believe what I said about Zanarkand, anyway."  (Wakka) "......
I was just thinking.  (He wonders.)People killed by Sin aren't dead......I
wonder if Sin, with its magical power, can transport you to the world 1000
years ago or after.  Um, so one day you can suddenly come and return by
accident."  (Lulu) "I'm always impressed. (Wakka turns toward Lulu, wondering
what she meant.) I said I'm impressed by how, time after time, you think of
ways to deceive yourself.  Sin did not transport Chap anywhere.  Sin crushed
him and left him deserted on beaches of Joze.  Your little brother......won't
be coming back.  (Yuna and Tidus are left stunned by the scene.)  So, don't
even bring this up.  No matter how you wish, no one can replace Chap.  Just
like there's no replacement for Jecto anywhere......Of course, there's no
replacement for Blaska.  That sort of thinking...... can only bring sorrow." 
Lulu steps away, and Yuna goes after her as if to comfort her.  Wakka is left
sitting on the ground, sore from his thoughts.  (Wakka) "I, I can't replace my
little brother......  Well, we've got various things to do.  Don't mind that."

Tidus wonders.  "The relationship between Wakka, Lulu, and Chap......  That, I
don't know anything about.  It seems like a complicated situation......That
much I understood.  But, it was a ugly topic of conversation."

They arrive at the Keerika shrine.  Three tough-looking guys stroll out of the
shrine, heading directly toward Tidus' party.  They're headed by a red-headed
man with a pony tail.  (Wakka) "You guys are also offering victory prayers to
Ohaland?"  (Red) "Prayer?  We, the Luka Goers, always win.  We don't need to
pray."  (Wakka) "Then what are you doing here."  (Red) "We're praying for a
much stronger team to show up.  Are you guys the ones that aim to 'play your
very best', even this time?  Such weak heart.  This year too, it's a certainty
for defeat at the first game."  (Tidus, all roused up.) "This time, it's
victory!"  (Red, walking away with his buddies.) "Oh, aim high, aim high.  If
it's just aiming high, anybody can do it."  (Wakka) "We'll see you at the
finals!"  Wakka and a couple of players walks away.  (Tidus) "Only these guys
will win."  (Yuna) "A team that you know?"  (Tidus) "It's so stupid to look
down on people......  That attitude is just like my father's."  (Yuna) "Jecto
was a gentle and happy person."  (Tidus) "Oh, that's some other guy."

(Thinking) "It's been 10 years since he went missing......  Still, when I think
about my dad, my feelings get restless."

They arrive inside the shrine.  (Lulu) "For Wakka and others, prayers won't be
enough."  (Wakka) "Ohaland......  Please offer us your strength...... "  Tidus
decides to pray alongside Wakka.  A woman and her helper walks out from the
depth of the shrine.  (Woman) "You're a summoner also?"  They proceeds to walk
out of the shrine, but Yuna interrupts them.  (Yuna) "I came from Beside
island.  My name is Yuna."  (Woman) "I'm Dona.  You're the daughter of the
great summoner Blaska.  You must be a summoner with a great blood line? 
Wait...... (shaking her head)  All these people are your guards?  Such a swarm.
 How shameful.  Blaska had only two guards.  The quality of guards is more
important than the amount.  It's thoughtless to think that you can depend on
numbers.  So, I have just one guard.  Right, Baltero?"  Baltero nods his head a
couple of times.  (Yuna) "The number of guards is the same as the number of
people you can trust.  , It is the number of people that can feel relieved even
if you entrust your life to them.  Therefore, it's fortunate for me that I have
all these guards.  Yes, I think my father too would think I'm fortunate.  Of
course, I think that the way you think isn't wrong either.  Therefore......
Dona, please leave us be."  (Dona) " Have it your own way.  Let's go Baltero." 
Dona and Baltero leave in a huff, and Yuna breathes a sigh of relief.

"Guards are people who can think it's a relief, even if the summoner entrusts
his/her life.  I wonder if I can become such a person?"  Yuna giggles.  (Tidus)
"What are you smiling at?"   Yuna walks off.

Everyone walks to an elevator.  (Wakka) "The prayer child is below.  Well,
let's go!"  (Tidus) "Prayer child?"  (Lulu) "Before that is the 'trial room'. 
We had better get ready, Kimari, Wakka."  (Yuna) "I'm depending on you." 
Everyone steps on the elevator, but Kimari shoves Tidus off.  (Tidus) "Why?" 
(Lulu) "Because you're not a guard."  (Yuna) "We'll return as soon as possible.
 Wait for us."  The elevator descends, without Tidus.  (Tidus) "Aren't you
going to take a whole day again~?"

Dona and Baltero show up at the scene.  (Dona) "Where's Yuna?"  Tidus points to
the elevator.  (Dona) "What are you doing?"  (Tidus) "I'm not a guard.  Isn't
it bad for me to enter?"  (Dona) "Oh, you're not a guard?"  Baltero picks up
Tidus and tosses him over his back.  (Tidus) "What, what are you doing!  Let me
go!"  Tidus is thrown onto the elevator.  (Tidus) "What do you think you're
doing!"    (Dona) "Revenge."  (Tidus) "Huh?"  The elevator descends with Tidus.
 (Tidus) "This is definitely wrong."

The elevator is down at the bottom and not returning to the top.  (Tidus) "I
wonder why it isn't moving......"  With no place to go, Tidus decides to enter.
 (Tidus) "Anyone other than guards is forbidden from entering.  If I came all
the way here, isn't that the same (as going in)?"

Tidus passes the trial room and arrives at the back room.  Wakka sees him and
is a bit upset.  (Wakka) "Hey, hey, hey!"  (Tidus) "Dona and the muscle dude
forced me......"  (Lulu) "No matter what the reason is, it's Yuna who will
receive the punishment."  (Tidus) "What kind of ...... punishment?"  (Wakka)
"It's possible that she will be banned from entering the shrine."  Tidus tries
to talk to Wakka.  (Wakka) "Keep quiet."  (Tidus) "What's inside?"  (Wakka)
"The prayer child."  (Tidus) "Oh yeah, you mentioned that earlier."  (Lulu)
"They're people who sacrificed their lives to defeat Sin.  With Ebon's
blessing, even while they're alive, their spirits were drawn out from their
physical bodies....."  (Tidus) "Huh?"  (Lulu) "Sealed in the prayer child
image, they will live forever......  The spirit of the prayer child is beckoned
by the summoner's prayers and shows its form.  That...... is the summon beast."
 (Tidus) "Inside that room?"  Tidus turns to ask Wakka.  (Tidus) "What's Yuna
doing inside?"  (Wakka) "She is desperately praying 'lend me the strength to
defeat Sin'. "  (Lulu) "Beyond this point, only summoners can enter.  It's a
holy place."  (Tidus) "Even guards are not allowed to enter?"  (Wakka) "It's
the rule."

The door finally opens, and Yuna comes out.  "At that time, there was something
I was keeping quiet from everyone.  The song I heard there was a song I knew
from my childhood.  I thought was proof that linked Zanarkand and
Spira somewhere.  I wondered if it was because I was aware of that.  My
feelings of wanting to return home became quickly strong.  It seems to be
stifling my chest.....  I couldn't say anything."

Yuna manages to get the summon beast Ifrit.  As they left the shrine, the
locals congratulated Yuna.  Tidus flashes back in time when he was praised by
blitzball fans.  "What I restrained were my longings for Zanarkand.  It
swelled......and bursted open.  My face became warm. "  As everyone begins
leaving the shrine, Tidus stops in his tracks.  (Yuna) "Are you all right?" 
(Tidus) "I may not be all right."  (Yuna) "What's wrong?"  (Tidus) "I may want
to scream."   After a pause...  "Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!"

Tidus finds everyone waiting at the dock for his arrival.  (Wakka, getting off
from the ground) "Okay, next is Luca!  The competition starts soon after we
arrive.  We've better get some rest on the ship."

In the evening, Wakka and Lulu head toward the upper deck to have a little
conversation, while Yuna entertains some of the blitzball players from Luca. 
Tidus finds himself among the Beside Oaraka players on the lower deck.  When
Tidus leaves the players' room, he is approached by a old man carrying a
backpack.  (Old man) "Oh!  That's a rare outfit.  What?  It's very dirty. 
Won't you sell it to me?  You don't look like you have much money......Enough. 
Go over there."  (Tidus) "Who are you?"  (Old man) "I am the 23rd generation
Ooakaya."  (Tidus) "Ooakaya?"  (Ooaka, now depressed) "Jeez...... Don't you
know?  Well, nobody seems to know anymore.  Once the name Ooakaya was known far
and wide in Spira.  Yes, young man, won't you lend me some money?"  Tidus lends
Ooakaya some money.  (Ooakaya) "Thanks, young man.  I won't forget this favor."

Tidus gets on the deck and finds Yuna speaking with members of the Luca team. 
(Tidus) "What are you discussing?"  (Vickson) "You're a familiar fellow." 
(Glarb) "Ah, he's that guy.  Didn't we meet him at Keerika?"  (Vickson) "Huh?" 
(Glarb) "Look, he's some guy from the Beside Oaraka.  He was shooting his mouth
off about winning."  (Vickson) "Ah......He's that foolish guy?"  (Yuna) "What a
horrible thing to say."  (Vickson) "That can't be helped.  There's no way for
Oaraka to all of the sudden become strong."  (Tidus) "It became strong after I
joined!"  (Yuna) "Yea, it became strong!  He is an ace from Zanarkand's team!" 
(Vickson) "Ha!  He came from such an unbelievable place."  (Glarb) 'Yeah, I
didn't know that there is a team at the ruin."  (Yuna) "It's no ruin.  There's
a huge city made really neat!"  (Tidus, embarrassed) "Well, I was in Sin's
poison......"  (Yuna) "There is, honestly."  (Vickson) "I don't know why you're
a summoner."  The Luca team walks off.

(Tidus) "What's wrong?  Didn't something become serious?"  (Yuna) "Those people
were rude, so......I think that your Zanarkand is definitely somewhere." 
(Tidus) "Why?"   (Yuna) "After I heard about it from Jecto, I really longed for
it.  I thought that I would want to go there someday.  Hey, it would be good if
you can go back."  (Tidus) "Yes."

"When I think of reasons why I didn't say 'come with me?', I became sad."

As Tidus climbs up the stairs to the upper deck, he overhears a conversation
between Wakka and Lulu.  (Lulu) "Please say something.  I think you have no
responsibility for him."  (Wakka) "It's okay.  He may have an acquaintance in
Luca."  (Lulu) "And if he doesn't?"  (Wakka) "Then, if he joins whichever
team......  Anyway, how is he adding to the number of people living on Beside?"
 (Lulu) "In short...... Afterwards, does he go his own way?"  (Wakka) "And what
am I supposed to do about it?"  (Lulu) "Yuna wants him to become a guard." 
(Wakka) "Ahh......It has become more complicated."  (Lulu) "And who brought
this about?"  (Wakka) "But it was me!  Oh, it was me."

Tidus walks to the rear deck and finds a blitzball.  With his right foot on the
ball, his mind flashes back...... to a time when he was little and trying to
kick a blitzball.  He fails and slumps down.  Jecto comes around and makes fun
of him by slumping down too.  Tidus starts to walk away.  (Jecto) "This way,
you could never be like me.  I probably haven't shown you how to do this.  This
is how you do a shoot!"  Jecto shows off his skills.  (Jecto) "You can't do it.
 But, don't worry.  You're not the only one who can't.  Nobody can do it but me
because I'm special."  (Depends on how you do, you get a different dialogue.)

Yuna shows up.  (Yuna) "You were trying to do Jecto shoot?"  Tidus walks to the
rails, surprised.  (Tidus) "How do you know?"  (Yuna) "When I was a child,
Jecto showed it to me.  The official name is...... Jecto Shoot #3, isn't it?"  
(Tidus) "It's a stupid name.  (climbing up on the rail) Besides, there are no
#1 and #2, really.  If you say #3, then the fans will expect there to be #1 and
#2.  He said that he would tell the fans that he may show them some night, and
so they would come every night.  So, honestly just like that......, he makes me
really mad."  Yuna seems to understand his feelings.  (Tidus) "My dad.  He's
alive?"  (Yuna) "I don't know.  But, because Jecto was my dad's guard......" 
(Tidus) "He was famous here too?"  (Yuna) "(with a small nod) Yep.  So, I think
if he had died, the word would have gone around.  (Tidus) "Oh...... (thinking)"
 (Yuna) "Hey, what would you do......if you see him?"   (Tidus) "Someone you
thought was dead 10 years ago?  Right now......  Well (walks away), first of
all, I'd punch him. (throwing a fist)  It was his fault that mom and I
experienced hardships......  Because of his fame, I was always......  Yuna, you
probably understand?  Your dad too is famous?  Everyone in this world knows
him.  Don't you hate that?"  (Yuna) "There are times when I feel my dad's name
weighs heavy on me, but......" (Tidus) "But?"  (Yuna) "More importantly than
that, I wonder if I think proudly of my dad since he is applauded by everyone
in Spira."  (Tidus) "Then, Yuna's dad and my dad are different."  (Yuna) "Poor
Jecto."  (Tidus) "What about me?"  (Yuna) "Even more poor."  A blitzball hits
Tidus.  (Wakka) "What are you two doing~!  Time to go to bed~!"

"I can't picture that my dad came to Luca.  He hated seeing other people in
action.  But, something is bound to happen.  I was so nervous that I didn't
sleep.  I'll see action in the big tournament!  When I think that, I'd get all
uneasy, when I'm supposed to the best one."

Tidus hangs onto a rope while standing on the edge of the ship, looking out at
Luca.  The voice of the public broadcast system can be heard.  (Announcer) "The
day that all of Spira's Blitz Freaks have been waiting for is finally here! 
The big tournament that will signify the start of the blitzball season!  This
year, it is held with the support of the Ebon shrine.  The 50th year
anniversary tournament will by attended by Yo Maika, the headpriest."  The
scene changes to a close up of the dock, where everyone's ships are arriving. 
(Announcer) "Well, the ships carrying the participating teams are entering the
port one after another!  Here...... is port #2.  The participating team from
the island of Keerika  is the Keerika Beast!  The team is a descendent of the
great summoner Ohaland.  It's a team with tradition.

(Announcer) "Their hometown, Keerika Island, was just attacked by Sin,
but...... yes, they are seeking victory to inspire their hometown fans!" 
(Announcer #2) "It seems we can expect that!"  (Announcer) "Ah, look who's
continuing to arrive......  Wow!  That is the legendary team, Beside Oaraka! 
Clearly, clearly the weakest legendary team!  A mysterious team that hasn't won
a game!  Their 23-year-long, first-game losing streak is a record that can't be
imitated!  It looks like the miraculous fans are sick and tired of the splendid
loses time after time!  Please be careful as to injury yourselves.  We want you
to return to the island safely."  (Announcer #2) "I agree."  (Announcer) "Well,
let's go to the next team, next!  Continuing to arrive is...... They're here.
They're here, They're her~!  It's our heroes, the Luca Goers!  Power, speed,
technique!  Teamwork and fine play!  The strongest team endowed with everything
has returned to the town of Luca!"  (Analyst) "Perfectly, it's the best team,
the one most likely to win the championship.  It's almost certain that they
will continue from last year and add more color to their legend by also
dominating this big tournament!"  (Announcer #!) "Yes, of course!  Please look
at this swell!  Doesn't it seem like the entire town of Luca is blessing the
Goers' glory!  I know the town Luca.  Luca is also the names of the heroes that
will seize victory!  Yes, that name is the Luca Goers!"

Tidus is just sick of all boasting of the Luca Goers.  He walks away from the
commotion and join Wakka and the other players.  (Wakka) "Well, it's like this
every year.  Don't get bothered by it."  Tidus gets on top of a box, holding a
megaphone.  (Tidus) "Don't get carried away, Goers!  You guys aren't
invincible.  This time, it's us!  This year's champions are us, the Beside
Oaraka!  Ha, ha, ha, ha!"

(Wakka) "This loud-mouthed kid should feel ashamed."  (Datt) "But we stood
out!"  (Letty) "I saw him on the sphere!"  Everyone is discussing whether Tidus
was shown the big spherical display.....  (A voice) "Maika headmaster is
arriving!"  A few people are seen running to another port.  (Running woman)
"Right now?"  (Another man) "Hurry to port #3!"  (Tidus, wondering) "What's
starting?"  (Yuna) "Maika headmaster is arriving."  (Tidus) "Maika headmaster?"
 (Lulu) "Maika headmaster is a person who represents the best of the Ebon
people.  So, this tournament is the 50th anniversary of the headpriest's reign
and observance of the games from the holy Beberu shrine."  (Tidus) "50 years? 
Wouldn't it be better if he nicely retired~?  (Wakka) "Hey!  Be careful what
you say."  (Yuna) "We should also go and welcome him."

They arrive at port #3, and there is a large crowd of people.  (Tidus) "I can't
see!"  The town of Luca is putting on quite a spectacle.  First off the ship is
a tall man with funny blue hair.  (Folk) "Is he...... from the Guado tribe?" 
(Unknown woman) "I wonder who he is?"  (Unknown man) "If by chance, priest
Seymour?"   Seymour turns around and leads a concerted welcoming of headpriest
Maika.  Maika walks off the ship.  (Maika) "My sincere thanks for such a
enthusiastic welcome.  Rise, priest Seymour.  Everyone, raise your heads.  This
young man......  is the orphan of priest Jiskal Guado, who recently became a
citizen of the other world (meaning 'passed away').  There are many who already
know him, but he just officially became a Ebon priest."  (Seymour) "I was
graciously blessed with the position of priest.  I am Seymour Guado.  When he
was alive, my father Jiskal wanted, more than anything, the human and Guado
tribes to be friends.  It's my opinion that I will realize the ideals of my
father, who died for his dreams, and I will serve my duties even by gambling my
life."  (Wakka, trying to convince Tidus) "Hey, you pray too!"  Seymour glances
at Yuna.  (Wakka) "How inspiring......!"  Tidus is wondering what Yuna is
thinking about after seeing Seymour.  (Wakka, continuing) "Okay!  Let's have a
pre-game meeting!"

Tidus shows up at Oaraka's locker room.  (All the players) "Sigh....."  (Tidus)
"Where's Wakka?"  (Datt) "At the tournament drawing."  (Letty) "Last year, he
got the Goers for our first round......  (Josh) "And the time before that, and
the time before that, and the time before that......"  (Kippa) "Anyhow, but we
lost whoever we played......"  Wakka walks in, and everyone jumped up.  (Datt)
"Wakka!"  Wakka raises his right fist.  (Wakka) "Our rival for the first match
is the Al Bhed Psychs!  After that...... the finals!  Yes.  We got the seed
right!  After two wins..... the championship!!  Don't get discouraged~!  Let's
review the basic rules and get back to our original intentions!"

At the end of the review, Tidus shows obvious signs of boredom by yawning. 
Yuna and Lulu walk in.  (Yuna) "Listen!  There was someone at the café who said
he saw Aaron."  (Tidus) "Aaron?"  (Yuna) "Yes, Aaron!  Let's go meet him!" 
Tidus joins Yuna.  (Wakka) "Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!  The game is going to
start soon.  Come back quickly, okay?"  (Tidus) "You just leave it to me." 
(Wakka) "Okay!"  Tidus seems concerned and walks up to Wakka.  (Tidus) "Wakka? 
Stay tough.  That's the face of fear, not of toughness.  Get tough. 
Relax......  Yes, yes, get hold of that feeling."  Wakka calms down.  Yuna and
Lulu laugh at the scene.

Outside the locker, Yuna speaks with Tidus.  (Yuna) "So, we may get news about
Jecto."  (Tidus) "Why?"  (Yuna) "Aaron too was my dad's guard.  So, I think
Aaron knows something about Jecto.  Let's go quickly!"

(Narration) "The Aaron that Yuna talks about is the guy that I met in
Zanarkand.  I didn't even consider the idea that ......he may be a different
person.  I don't know why, but...... I just knew that it was the same guy."

Tidus runs across two players from the Al Bhed team.  He tries speaking to them
but no luck.  Tidus tried to tell one of them to say hi to Rikku, and that he
will see them in the first game.

Tidus finally finds Yuna and Kimari surround by some men carrying cameras. 
(Yuna) "Sorry, please let him through."  (Tidus) "You're very popular~"  Yuna
just smiles.  They walk a few steps.  (Yuna) "It would be terrible if I got
lost."  (Tidus) "Yuna!"  (Yuna) "What?"  Tidus blows a whistle.  (Tidus) "In
Zanarkand, I would reinforce the players in blitzball by doing that."  He
whistles again.  Yuna tries to imitate.  (Tidus) "Yuna, you try.  Try to
imitate me by putting your fingers like so......"  Yuna tries.  (Yuna) "Let me
see.  Like this?"  (Tidus) "Not like that.  Like this."  Yuna positions her
fingers near her mouth.  (Tidus) "Okay, try your best."  Yuna just blows air
between her fingers.  (Yuna) "It seems useless."  (Tidus) "You just need some
practice."  (Yuna) "I guess so."  (Tidus) "If you get lost, give that sign. 
When you do, I'll come flying.  So, until you get used to blowing whistles, try
not to get lost."  (Yuna) "Understood."

They arrive at a busy part of Luca.  (Tidus) "It's fairly crowded, I guess.." 
(Yuna) "Luca is the second largest town in Spira."  (Tidus) "I thought
everywhere looked like Beside and Keerika."  (Yuna)  "Towns...... don't have to
be big.  (Walks toward a fountain) When people gather, life comes to the
town......"  (Tidus) "Sin?"  Yuna nods.  (Tidus) "Is it safe here?"  (Yuna)
"It's the same here.  But, there is a stadium, you know?  So the suppression
force keeps Sin from here at the risk of their lives."  (Tidus) "For the sake
of the stadium?"  Yuna nods.  (Yuna) "If the blitzball games can't take place,
then people can enjoy themselves.  There isn't that much to enjoy in Spira." 
(Tidus) "Wow~!?  The players have that much responsibility."  (Yuna) "Yep~ 
Hey, isn't it like this in Zanarkand?"  (Tidus) "There's much more large
buildings than here."  (Yuna) "It's definitely an incredible sight to see.  My
eyes may start spinning."  Tidus laughs at Yuna.  (Yuna) "Let's look for

Tidus and Yuna arrive at the café.  (Tidus) "It doesn't look like he's here." 
(Yuna) "Let's try to ask around."  Kimari steps into the café.  Folks in the
café are enjoying the pre-game show, waiting for it to start.  A couple of
Ronsos face off Kimari near the entrance.   (Ronso, with brown hair) "Why so
quiet, Kimari?  We haven't met for 10 years.  Why don't you respond to Enke?
(Enke, Ronso with brown hair) Has Kimari forgotten Enke?  Have you forgotten
your big brother Biran?"  (Biran, Ronso with yellow hair) "Don't condemn him,
Enke.  Kimari is a small Ronso.  He's short, you can't see h is face, and he
doesn't understand Biran and Enke."  (Enke) "Ha, ha, ha, ha!"  (Enke) "You
ungrateful kid, have you forgotten your Ronso companions!  We took care of you
when your horn molted!  Brother Biran trained you and nurtured you into a
strong Ronso."  (Biran) "I did it too well."  Biran tries to make contact with
Kimari's face, but Kimari brushes him off.  (Tidus, standing nearby and
listening) "Should I get involved?"  Kimari postured a defensive stance. 
(Enke) "Ha, ha, ha, ha!"  Kimari makes the first move and knocks down Enke. 
(Enke) "Ugh!"  (In the background) "The competition is starting.  If you're
having a dispute, take it outside!  Take it outside!"  (Tidus, looking at the
monitor) "Oh no!"  Maika can be seen on the monitor. (Maika) "Today, on this
joyous day, players from all of Spira have gathered.  They will compete with
each other nicely and squarely on their forged strength and techniques. "

The focus moves to the stadium.  (Maika) "It's no mystery that, for the fans,
it doesn't matter who is the champion.  No one knows how you're going to win or
lose.  So, we shall praise your actions.  Won't you be filled with the glory of
winners and the hard fight of losers?  To all the players, I pray for a good

Water cannons begin to fill the sphere, and a cylindrical loop begins to spin
to contain it.  The players proceed to enter the spherical arena.  The ball is
launched in the game between the Beside Oaraka and Al Bhed Psychs.

We come back to the café.  (Tidus) "Kimari, Yuna disappeared!"  Kimari gets
punched by Biran.  Tidus and Kimari run out of the café and into an open
courtyard.  Lulu shows up.  (Lulu) 'What were you doing!"  (Tidus) "Ah?" 
(Lulu) "Yuna has been kidnapped.  The Al Bhed Psychs did this.  If we want her
returned safely, we have to lose to them in the first round."  (Tidus)
"Damn......"  (Lulu) "If the offenders are mere players, I think that they
won't do anything rude, but......  the worst can also happen.  I'll go to
help."  (Tidus) "I'm going too!"  Kimari points his finger at something, maybe
at the stadium.  (Tidus) "But it's okay!  They won't intentionally lose to a
team that lost 23 games.  A team that says such things isn't all that serious."
 (Lulu) "Wakka and the others said the same thing.  They'll manage the game
somehow, and they're leaving Yuna to us.  Al Bhed's ship is parked at Port #4. 
Let's get on board!"

Tidus, Lulu, and Kimari catch a glimpse of the game between the Beside Oaraka
and Al Bhed Psychs on the monitor.  (Announcer) "Yes, by using a desperate
defense, the Beside Oaraka is eagerly defending a tie.  (Wakka gets the ball,
and three Al Bhed defenders rush after and hit him.)  Ah, ah--- That looks
bad!"  (Commentator) "However, the referee doesn't give a foul.  Wakka must be
almost at his limit."  Wakka slumps over, unconscious.  (Tidus, watching this
on the monitor) "Oh!  Come on!"  (Lulu) "It seems Wakka always can't last very
long."  (Tidus) "He's tough~"  (Lulu) "Let's go!"

The Al Bhed ship begins to leave the port as the three arrive at Port #4. 
(Lulu, running along side Tidus and Kimari) "Let board it!"  They barely catch
the ship.  A fight ensues against some machine.  (Tidus sees a crane) "We may
be able to use this crane!"  After repeated tries to turn on the machine, they
realize it needs some electrical power.  That is provided by casting "Thunder"
on the crane.

Yuna comes out from the ship, and Lulu consoles her.  (Lulu) "Were you
bullied?"  (Yuna) "Just a little."  Tidus inspects the ship.  (Yuna) "What's
the matter?"  (Tidus) "I was helped by the Al Bhed tribe soon after I came to
Spira.  I was aboard a ship, and I received some food to eat.  I thought this
may be that ship, but..... this one seems different.  I wonder if everyone was
killed......"  (Yuna) "What happened?"  (Tidus) "Sin appeared near the ship.  I
survived, but I don't know what happened to the ship."  (Yuna) "Hey...... 
Wasn't there someone named Cid on that ship?"  (Tidus) "I don't know......  I
couldn't even understand their language."  (Yuna) "Is that so......"  (Tidus,
climbing onto a rail) "Someone you know?"  (Tidus) "An acquaintance of my dad,
but I never met him......"  (Tidus) "Hum.  Hey!  So, is Yuna also a member of
the Al Bhed tribe?"  (Yuna) "My mother was.  Cid is my mother's brother.  When
my mom got married, he cut ties with her.  However, when she was troubled and
needed consultation, my mom ......"  (Tidus) "She was that worried."  (Lulu)
"Don't tell Wakka about Yuna's birth.  He has a prejudice against the Al Bhed
tribe."  (Tidus) "Ah!"  Tidus gets off the railing.  (Tidus, jokingly) "I've
gotta let Wakka know!"  (Lulu) "Don't even secretly tell Wakka!"  (Yuna) "The
competition!!"  (Lulu) "Uh, ah!!"  Lulu launches a signal into the air.

The signal indicating that Yuna is in good hands was received by Wakka.  Wakka
regroups the team.  (Announcer) "Oh!  Only 30 seconds remain!  Oaraka is going
for an all-player attack!  It's a long pass from Letty!!  (Wakka catches the
ball)   It's caught---!  (Wakka makes another amazing move to get around a
Psych player.)  Ohh!  (Wakka shoots)  A shoot!!  (And the ball goes into the
goal.)  Goal!!  (Wakka is pooped.)  Beside Oaraka wins an amazing victory over
the Psychs, 3 to 2."

Tidus and the others are watching the game's finish on the monitor.  (Tidus)
"They won!"  (Yuna) "They did it!  The championship is next!!"  (Lulu) "It's
good that they won, but they didn't win firmly.  If it was Chap, he would have
put the game away neatly until the end."  (Tidus) "What?  Do you have a good
reason for saying that?"  (Lulu) "......Suddenly, what?"  (Tidus) "I can't
become a replacement for Chap.  It was you who said that to Wakka.  Wakka then
is something of a replacement for Chap......"  (Lulu) "I'll get mad if you
finish what you just said."  Tidus backs off.

We're back at the player's locker room.  (Datt) "Wakka, are you okay?"  (Letty)
"The championship will be starting soon, but this injury......"  (Josh) "Our
opponent is the Goers......"  Wakka tries to get up and regain composure but
fails.  Luckily, Tidus steps through the door...  (Tidus) "I've let you
waited!"  (Datt) "Yuna!"  (Letty) "Were you injured?"  (Yuna) "I'm sorry to let
you worry......  I'm sorry.  I'm sorry.  I'm sorry!"  (Wakka) "How did you get
taken away by the Al Bhed players?"  (Tidus)  "That's enough on that subject." 
(Wakka) "Those Al Bheds are such nice folks.  They've gotten us into all this
trouble."  Tidus has a talk with Yuna and Kimari before returning to the locker
room.  Wakka gets up.  (Wakka) "The championship starts soon.  There's no time
for warm-ups.  Can you do it?"  (Tidus) "more than ready!"  (Wakka) "Okay
then!"  Wakka stands up and speaks to the team.  (Wakka) "I've got something to
say right now.  When the championship game ends......I will be retiring.  This
is my last great tournament.  I decided this earlier.  It doesn't matter what
the result is.  I'm retiring whether we win or lose.  However......  after all
this trouble, shouldn't we win~?"  (All together) "Yes!"  (Botts) "Will I be
benched?"   Wakka is finding it hard to say something.  He turns to Tidus. 
(Wakka) "I'm being benched.  I'm leaving the championship to him.  (Wakka and
Tidus turn to face the team)  Since we got all the way here, let's definitely
win the championship!  Let's kick the Luca Goers' butts!"    (Tidus) "Let's
go!!"  (All together) "Yeah!"

Lulu walks up to Wakka after everyone leaves.  (Lulu) "I saw you faint." 
(Wakka) "Well......That's a tough way of looking at it."  Wakka faints and
collapses on Lulu.  The two appear to be in a affectionate embrace.  (Lulu,
sweetly) "You're fine......just like this."

Outside the locker room, Tidus is trying to rouse up the team.  (Team) "What's
Beside Oaraka's call?"  (All together) "Victory!"  (Botts) "For Wakka."

Wakka and Lulu listen to the game over some public broadcast system. 
(Announcer) "Well!  The climax at last!  Soon, very soon!  The championship
game will start!"  This is written on the wall of the locker room:  "To the
memories of youth, captain Wakka, Beside Oaraka."

(Announcer) "For all that, who the hell!  Who could have imagined this
combination?  The one to compete in the championship game against perennial
winner Luca Goers is..... the Beside Oaraka, a team that lost out in the first
game for eternity!!"  Aaron makes an appearance at the entrance of the stadium.
 (Commentator) "It's just a miraculous upset!"  The two teams meet in the
sphere.  The Goers' captain pretends to offer his hand for a handshake, but
instead he tries to take a swipe at Tidus.  (Announcer) "Uh-oh!  It's a bit
early for a skirmish!  The Oarakas are completely inflamed!"

After half time, the spectators begin to rise and call for Wakka.  (Announcer)
"Everyone at the stadium is calling for Wakka!"  Tidus leaves the sphere. 
(Announcer) "What!?  What is that player doing?  Is he giving up the
competition?  He is leaving the sphere pool!"  Tidus accompanies Wakka back
into the game.  (Tidus, thinking) "I was a little depressed by that,
but......that was Wakka and the Beside Oaraka's important game."

(Announcer) "Huh?  What's happening?  The stadium is breaking into an uproar! 
Wow!?  It's Wakka!!  He has returned in good health!!  His teammates are warmly
welcoming him!"

(Thanks to my poor blitzball skills, the Beside Oarakas lost the championship.)
 (Announcer) "Although they lost the competition, this year's Oaraka showed us
a fairly good fight!"  Wakka lays back in the sphere pool, and Tidus slowly
swims toward him.  Raising his thumb, Wakka signals that everything is fine. 
Suddenly, monsters attack.  The spectators all begin to flee from the stadium. 
 Aaron strikes down a dinosaur-like monster.  (Wakka and Tidus) "Aaron!" 
(Tidus) "You... You know him?"  (Wakka) "Yeah, he is the best guard."  They
fight through the first set of monsters.  (Tidus) "What is this!?"  Priest
Seymour calls up a summon beast, which begins to fire laser beams at monsters
in all directions.

The Beside Oaraka team members meet up with Wakka.  (Datt) "You're really
leaving?"  (Letty) "It'd be better for you to get some rest."  (Wakka) "Yuna's
journey needs to hurry forward.  It won't allow me to rest."  (Datt) "But....."
 (Wakka) "Look!  You guys are annoying me!  The blitzball season has only
begun.  What's with the glum-looking faces!"  Wakka hands off a blitzball.  He
turns and gets ready to walk away.  (Wakka) "See you.  Take care of yourselves.
"  Wakka leaves.  (Wakka) "Take care."  (The team) "Yes......"  (Wakka) "I
can't hear you!"  (The team) "YES, SIR!"

Everyone meets up.  (Yuna) "Is everything okay?"  (Wakka) "I'm such a weakling
(for this kind of stuff).  Sorry to let you wait, Yuna.  I've come in a gloomy
mood.  From now on, I'm devoting my life to being your guard."  (Yuna) "Well,
Wakka, I'm particularly counting on you."  (Wakka) "Here too.  I will also be
counting on you for some things.  (He turns to speak to Lulu.)  Did we figure
out what those monsters were?"  (Lulu) "Not at all.  It's not clear where these
monsters came from.  Thanks to priest Seymour's actions, headpriest Maika is
safe.  That's all the information I have."  (Yuna) "Priest Seymour's summon
beast was magnificent......"

(Somewhere in Luca...)  (Tidus, grabbing Aaron by his collar) "Do you
understand!  This is all your fault!  I was swallowed up by Sin!  and then spit
out to Spira!  I can't get back to Zanarkand!  Everything!  All!  Everybody! 
Maybe everything is your fault!"  Aaron just laughs.  (Tidus) "Who are you? 
You know my dad."  (Aaron) "Yes."  (Tidus) "You're an acquaintance of Yuna's
dad, aren't you?"  (Aaron) "That's right."  (Tidus) "How is that!  It's
strange!"  (Aaron) "There's nothing strange here.  Jecto, Blaska, and I.  The
three of us defeated Sin 10 years ago.  Afterwards, only I made my way to
Zanarkand.  I watched over your growth, so that one day I can bring you to
Spira."  (Tidus) "Why me?"  (Aaron) "It's Jecto's request."  (Tidus) "Is my dad
alive?"  (Aaron) "If you can call that condition "living"..."  (Tidus) "Huh?" 
(Aaron) "He is no longer in human form.  But, Jecto's consciousness certainly
remains in those pieces.  I expect that you too felt Jecto when you came in
contact with it."  Tidus finally makes the realization.  (Tidus) "Surely
no....."  (Aaron) "Yes.  Sin is Jecto."  (Tidus) "Don't say that!  What is
that!  That's stupid!"  (Aaron) "I will show you the truth.  Whether you're
angry or crying, just take it from there.  Come with me."  (Tidus) "And if I
say 'no'?"  (Aaron) "Then your story cannot end."  (Tidus, crying and
frustrated) "Why is that!"  (Aaron) "I see......There may be a way.  Do
whatever you like.  Come or not come, that is your choice."  (Tidus, throwing a
temper tantrum) "Stop talking stupid!  You say that I can do whatever I like! 
You say it's my choice!  But, there is nothing I can do!  I can only do what
you tell me to do!"  (Aaron) "I guess you're not satisfied?  You're uneasy with
this?  That's okay."

(Tidus) "Aaron?  I wonder if I will return to Zanarkand."   (Aaron) "It depends
on Jecto.  (Walking away)  I will become Yuna's guard.  You come too."

Yuna, Wakka, and Lulu are waiting up on a hill.  (Wakka) "I wonder if he will
stay here?"  (Lulu) "Isn't he an acquaintance of Aaron?  I'm certain that they
have met before."  (Yuna) "But......  I wonder if he can return to Zanarkand." 
(Wakka) "He'll be lonely no matter where he goes."  (Yuna) "He's still in the
town.  I wonder if I should greet him there."  She is surprised to see Tidus
and Aaron.  (Yuna) "Huh?"  (Wakka) "Oh!"  (Yuna) "Aaron too?"  Yuna, Wakka, and
Lulu give Aaron the formal greeting.  (Aaron) "Yuna."  (Yuna) "Yes."  (Aaron)
"I want to be your guard from this point on."  (Yuna) "What?"  (Wakka) "Are you
serious!?"  (Aaron) "You don't agree?"  (Yuna) "No!  Hey, everyone, isn't it
okay?"  (Wakka) "Naturally!  I have no reason to object!"  (Lulu) "But, why?" 
(Aaron) "It's my promise to Blaska."  (Yuna) "My father...... such a
thing......  Thank you very much.  I would sincerely like for you to join us!" 
(Aaron) "Then.....  I will bring him along."  Aaron tosses Tidus before the
others.  (Tidus) "Thanks."    (Aaron) "This is a promise I made to Jecto." 
(Yuna) "Is Jecto all right?"  (Aaron) "I don't know.  We parted ways 10 years
ago."  (Yuna) "Is that...... so?"   (Aaron) "We'll met him before long." 
(Yuna) "Yes!  I'll look forward to that."  (Aaron) "Explain to me what our
plans are from here.  Which is the next shrine?"  (Yuna) "Well, just a little
way from here."

Tidus has a conversation with Yuna.  (Yuna) "Look, look."  She blows a whistle
for him.  (Tidus) "It's a good performance if you blow just that one."  (Yuna)
"You don't look so good."  (Tidus) ".... Maybe."  (Yuna) "Will you scream?" 
(Tidus) "It's a little different from before."  (Yuna) "Hey.  It's funny to say
it myself, but what they say about summoners and guards is that they are
Spira's lights of hope.  Various people are observing us.  So, when we fall or
when we don't feel well.....we don't want to show it.  (Tidus) "Yes, I
understand......I sense it."  (Yuna) "Yes, so let's practice our smiles!" 
(Tidus) "Huh?"  (Yuna) "Hey!"  Tidus tries to put on a smile.  (Tidus) "What
kind of a practice is this?"  (Yuna) "Next, try to speak out!"  (Tidus) "Huh??"
 (Yuna) "Yes.  Try it."  Tidus really struggles and screams, to the surprise of
the others.  (Yuna) "Don't stop there....."  Yuna joins in, and they get a big
laugh out of it.  (Yuna) "How funny...... "  (Tidus) "It's your fault."  (Yuna)
"Yes.......  Thanks."  (Tidus) "Huh?"  (Yuna) "I want to travel...... while
laughing."  (Tidus) "Ahh."  (Yuna) "When things seem bad, I'll blow my whistle
and then I can just ..... fly away."  (Tidus) "Well, should we go?"  (Yuna)
"Okay."  They turn around.  (Tidus) "What are you looking at!"  (Wakka) "When
you guys were acting funny, we got worried!"  (Yuna) "It's okay.  So!  From
here, summoner Yuna is leaving for the Joze shrine!  I will be seeking favors
from all you guards!"

On the road leading to the Joze shrine, they come across a statue.  An old man
explains.  (Old man) "This is a statue of Mihen.  800 years ago, he created the
organization that later developed into the suppression corps.  Mihen's
organization expanded in Spira for a number of years, but the Ebon priests
suspected that it may be rebellious organization against the shrines.  This
road was built by Mihen to justify the organization.  Mihen fairly asserted his
aims to the priests.  As a result, the organization became officially
recognized by the temple.  Furthermore, the temple gave the name 'suppression
force' to the organization.  Since then, the suppression force became
associated with Ebon.  You know the rest."

They come across a ruin.  The old man shows up again. (Old man) "Don't you know
what that ruin is?"  (Tidus) "...... An old city?"  (Old man) "Yes.  It's the
remains of an ancient city.  Every time I see that, I realize the incredible
powers of Sin.  If you compare us with that, humans are naturally like worms." 
(Yuna) "But, I think only humans can defeat Sin."  (Old man) "That's a good
answer.  I was relieved, miss summoner.  My apologies.  Let me introduce
myself.  I am Meichen.  Yes. ...... Spira's history.  I'm on a journey to try
to learn the truth of things.  I am traveling everywhere to do my research, but
yes, it's been sad.  No matter where, the smiling faces on people are such
fakes.  They quickly disappear when they hear the name Sin.  Turn the smiles of
the people into the real thing.  I ask of you, summoner."  (Yuna) "Yes."

They come across three chocobo riders.  (Rider #1) "This is a summoner's
party?"  (Yuna) "Yes, I'm Yuna."  (Rider #1) "I'm Lucilu of the Chocobo cavalry
from the Joze suppression force."  (Rider #2) "I'm Elma.  We're in charge of
security on the road."  (Lucilu) "Around here, a large monster has been showing
up, going after chocobos.  Please take care when using chocobos."   (Yuna)
"Understood.  Thanks for the warning."  (Lucilu) "Then, we've got jobs to do. 
Later."  (Elma) "I wish you a safe journey."  The chocobo cavalry leaves. 
(Tidus) "A large monster...... should we exterminate it?"  (Aaron) "Why?" 
(Tidus) "Because it's troubling everyone."  (Aaron) "Is it troubling
everyone......?"  Aaron snickers.  (Tidus) "What is it?"  (Aaron) "Jecto said
almost the exactly same thing.  Thanks to him, Blaska and I were always gotten
into trouble."

They come across a woman in green outfit.  (Woman) "Oh, is this a summoner's
party?"  (Yuna) "You're also a summoner?"  (Woman) "My name is Belugeminne. 
What's yours?"  (Yuna) "I'm Yuna."  (Belugeminne) "Ah, I've heard rumors about
you.  You're the great summoner's daughter, aren't you?  However, from what I
see, you're still just an amateur."  (Yuna) "Yes, well....."  (Belugeminne) "If
so, should I assist you in your pursuit of knowledge?  Let's have a one-on-one
trial between your summon beast and my summon beast.  It's a one-on-one
contest.  What?  I'll take discretion.  How about it?"  (Yuna) "I'll try." 
(Belugeminne) "All right.  But, before we start...... (She cast a spell on
Yuna) Your summon beasts are healed.  No need to restrain yourself...... 

Yuna's Valforre beats Belugeminne's Ifrit.  (Belugeminne) "It's a young but
strong beast.  I didn't think it would have developed that far.  Please take
this.  It's for your defense.  (She gives you an echo ring.)  You have the
aptitude.  With untiring pursuit of knowledge, you may be able to defeat Sin." 
(Yuna) "Yes!  But, since you came before me, it would seem that you should have
defeated Sin......"  (Belugemmine) "It was impossible for me."  (Yuna) "Huh?" 
(Belugemmine) "Yes......  I said it was impossible."  (Yuna) "But......" 
(Belugemmine) "Well then, Yuna, we'll meet some day soon."

They come across a woman and her child.  (Woman) "A summoner!"  (Child) "Are
you a summoner?"  (Yuna) "Yep.  I'm Yuna."  (Child) "I'm Hikuri."  (Yuna) "Good
day, Hikuri."  (Hikuri) "Yuna, can you make the calm season?"  (Yuna) "Yes. 
Just you wait happily for it."  (Hikuri) "All right!"  (Woman) "We will happily
look forward to your calm season."  (Yuna) "Yes.  Please."  (Woman) "Thanks for
your troubles, all you guards."  The woman and girl walk away.  (Tidus) "What's
the calm season?"  (Lulu) "The calm season is the period when there's no Sin. 
After a summoner defeats Sin, there's a period until the next Sin appears." 
Tidus doesn't seem to understand.  (Yuna) "Sin...... is reborn."  (Tidus) "Oh
yeah!  I thought it's strange.  Didn't Yuna's dad defeat Sin 10 years ago?  So,
why is there Sin again?  But, now that I know Sin is reborn......"  (Yuna)
"Still, don't say that...... it's a waste of time to defeat Sin."

(Tidus, thinking to himself) "No matter how short......the days that one can
sleep safely without suffering from Sin......, you just can't substitute
anything for the important time that you have to live......  So, don't say that
is just a waste......I remembered well what Yuna said then."

They ran into Gatta and Loots.  (Gatta) "Hey, I saw the contest!  I was very
moved!  (Loots) "It was a pity, Wakka."  The chocobo cavalry shows up.  (Elma)
"Are you guys neglecting your work?"  (Gatta) "Well...... Let's see.  The
summoner's party......"  (Lucilu) "It's very well to have to have the time, but
we're fighting every minute to prepare for our operation.  Do you understand?" 
(Loots) "Yes!  I have no excuse!"  (Lucilu) "I'll leave it up to you."  The
cavalry departs.  (Loots) "Well, everything goes off smoothly if you just keep
my head low."  (Gatta) "Indeed......"  Yuna laughs.  (Loots) "Yuna.  We were
banned from the shrine, but...... we will support you.  That will not change." 
(Yuna) "Thank you, Loots and Gatta.  But, If you can, return to Beside......"  
(Gatta) "Let's hurry."

They come across an argument between a man and a woman.  (Man) "I won't
complain if Sin is defeated!"  (Woman with green hat) "But, in Ebon's
teachings......"  (Man) "You're persistent!"  (Woman, depressed) "Is that
persistent?"   (Yuna) "What's wrong?"  (Woman) "Are you a summoner?"  (Yuna)
"Yes, I'm Yuna."  (Woman) "It's my honor to meet you.  I'm Shelinda.  I'm
serving as a patrol."  (Wakka) "You're having a dispute over the suppression
force's operation?"  (Tidus) "Is it the big operation that Loots and Gatta
mentioned?"  (Shelinda) "I heard that they're using machines, so I somehow
thought that I want to stopped it......"  (Tidus) "Huh?  Why?'  (Lulu) "It
seems that they are trying to use machines prohibited by the shrines."  (Wakka)
"Is that so bad?"  (Aaron) "As for what they can use, they can use whatever
they want.  But I don't think they can defeat Sin."  (Shelinda) "This isn't a
question of whether Sin can or cannot be defeated by the machines.  The problem
is that it's against the teachings."  (Wakka) "I guess that's right." 
(Shelinda) "But, everyone from the suppression force don't want to hear what I
have to say.  It's because I'm an inexperienced priest......"  (Yuna) "Do your
best!  I too am pretty inexperienced as a summoner just starting out.  But, if
you say that you're inexperienced...... don't you think that a good reason to
say something?"  (Shelinda) "That's right!  I'll try even harder!  Thank you
very much, Yuna.  I felt that things are going to improve for me."

They come across a building.  (Aaron) "Let's rest here."  (Wakka) "But, this is
a shop belonging to an Al Bhed."  (Aaron) "Is there a problem?"  (Wakka) "The
Al Bhed people don't follow the teaching, and so, look here, they kidnapped
Yuna in Luca......"  (Aaron) "That's because the guarding were sloppy."  Aaron
has sure got one on Wakka.  (Yuna) "Aaron, please take into account Wakka's
physical shape......"  (Wakka) "I am just fine~!"  (Aaron) "I'm tired."  And so
they rest in the Al Bhed shop.

Tidus comes out from the shop and see the setting sun.  (Tidus) "Wow......" 
(Narration: "It was completely different from what I saw at Keerika.  It was a
gentle, peaceful setting sun.")  Tidus walks toward Yuna, who is sitting on the
ground.  (Tidus) "What are you doing?"  (Yuna, completely mesmerized by the
beauty.) "It's pretty."  (Tidus) "Yep."  (Yuna) "It would be great to live
everyday with a smile, in a calm world like this....."  (Tidus) "If you defeat
Sin, I guess that's how it'll be?"  (Yuna) "But a new Sin will once again be
born."  (Tidus) "If that happened, we had better defeat it again."  (Yuna) "It
would be good if we can do that."  (Tidus) "If you can do it, then you can
leave it to other summoners."  (Tidus) "But, why does Sin resurrect?"  (Yuna)
"It's because Sin is a punishment given to people.  Until our sins are
forgiven, Sin will not disappear."  (Tidus) "Can the sins be forgiven?"  
(Yuna) "Yes......"  (Tidus) "What are sins?  Ah, is it happily using machines? 
But, that is so bad?"  (Yuna) "It's funny......"  (Tidus) "Huh?"  (Yuna) "Since
I was little, I thought that's reasonable, but......I really don't understand
how it's bad just because it's bad.  There are many things I don't know." 
(Tidus) "So, stick with me.  (making fun and pretending) A summoner must not do
such things.  Pretty good imitation?"  (Yuna, laughing) "It's terrible.  That's
rude."  Tidus stretches a bit.  (Tidus) "Hey."  Yuna looks at Tidus.  (Tidus)
"During the games, if I don't concentrate on just the game, I cannot move." 
(Yuna) "Okay......"  (Tidus) "The fifth girl from the very first row on the
right is really cute!!  and if I date her, where should we go?  and I can lose
just from thinking about these things.  So, Yuna will think leisurely about
what we talked about before after all this.  If you want to think about
trouble, it's better to do that after you've defeated Sin."  (Yuna) "I guess

(Tidus, performing funny gestures) "But, how are you doing to defeat that
terrible Sin?"  (Yuna) "The ultimate summon.  The ultimate summon is the only
force that can defeat Sin.  To possess that force is the objective of the
summoners' journeys.  The prayer child for the ultimate summon awaits summoners
at the north part.  The most northern land, Zanarkand."  (Tidus) "Zanarkand?" 
(Aaron, interrupting) "Don't misunderstand.  It's the ruin of the city
destroyed 1000 years ago."  (Tidus) "Is there really a ruin?"  (Yuna) "That's
what I've heard."  (Aaron) "If you don't believe me, you can verify that with
your own eyes.  Yuna, it's time to go inside."  Aaron walks back to the shop. 
(Yuna) "I wonder if we can go to Zanarkand together."  (Tidus) "Um...... I'll
go.  I'll go to Zanarkand to see it with my own eyes."  They slowly walk back
to the shop.

(Tidus' Narration) "I did verify that it was not my Zanarkand."

The party moves on after a good night's rest.  Tidus appears out of the shop's
entrance.  (Lulu) "We'll go to the Chocobo station."  All of a sudden, three
chocobos rush by the party.  It's the chocobo eater!  Well, the group kills the
monster.  Afterwards, they can see happy chocobos jumping around.  (Lin, a man
they met in the shop) "After all your efforts, won't you all ride the chocobos?
 In return for defeating the monster, I can allow you to the first ride for
free.  When you're ready to get your ride, place call out to this man right
here."  (Yuna) "Thank you very much.  It's will help."

While riding chocobos, they come across Shelinda and Meichen.  (Shelinda)
"Rumors about me seems to have spread......The folks from the suppression force
are ignoring me......"  (Meichen) "Huh?  Do you want to hear about this road?" 
The party says yes.  (Meichen) "The one that we are traveling on is the portion
that we call the new road to Mihen.  Of course, since this is call the new
road, there is an old road.  To travel on the road below this new road, you
have to begin at the Mihen trail.  And the one that Mihen walked on is not
here, but on the old road."

They finally arrive at a gate.  Many members of the suppression force are
gathering there for the coming operation.  (Clasko) "Although we're supposed to
gather here, captain Lucilu hasn't come yet......"  Near a couple of cages, we
find Dona and her muscle man speaking to a member of the suppression force. 
(Dona) "Please don't let me say this over and over again.  I'm a summoner!" 
(Suppression force member) "I don't have a good explanation!  Please understand
somehow!"  (Dona) "What are you thinking when you interfere with a summoner's
journey?"  (Member) "I don't have a good explanation!  I have nothing else to
say."  (Dona) "I don't need to talk to you!"

The group tries to speak to the suppression force member who has been giving
Dona trouble.  (Member) "Beyond is the road popularly known as Kinoko rock
road!  An operation by the suppression force is starting!"  (Dona) "Oh, It's
you guys......The passage that you see is blocked off even to summoners.  After
all, they don't understand at all that it's all up to the summoners.  Anyway,
I'm taking this good opportunity to go back and get some rest.  Let's go,
Baltero."  They leave.

They arrive at the wagon waiting at the gate and find Gatta and Loots.  (Gatta)
"We're Gatta and Loots from Beside."  (Loots) "This is the last lure." 
(Gatekeeper) "Thanks for your trouble in bringing it from such a far place. 
Okay, you may pass."  (Gatta, speaking to the party) "This time, teach me about
blitzball!"  (Loots) "We're going soon to defeat Sin.  Wait for us."  They go
and speak to the inner gatekeeper.  (Gatekeeper) "You guys are summoner and
guards?  Sorry about the annoyance."  They ask about the operation. 
(Gatekeeper) "What?  You didn't know......?  Sin's incrustations captured
everywhere are shipped here one after another.  Doesn't Sin appear where Sin's
incrustation shows up?  Using its habit, we will lure out Sin.  The biggest
strong point in this operation 'Mihen Session' is its association with the Al
Bhed tribe.  We, the suppression force, will lure out Sin, and the Al Bhed
tribe will stab it with a finishing stroke.  The feeling to want to defeat Sin
won't change neither us the suppression force nor the Al Bhed people.  They
(the Al Bhed tribe) have resurrected an ancient machine.  I hear that this
machine generates a force that cannot be defeated by the summon beasts.  The
use of their machine is of course against the teachings of Ebon, but yeah.....
all I can say is it's better to not know that it's against the teachings (that
will try to stop it).  The suppression forces involved in this operation have
been banned from all shrines.  My family has stopped talking to me.  We will
defeat Sin with this operation.  If we don't, our residences everywhere will be
torn down."

After listening to all his babbling, the guard still won't let our group
through.  (Gatekeeper) "Sorry, but it's off-limits!"    And the gate's other
guard repeatedly asks for donations.   (Gatekeeper #2) "Please assist the
action committee for operation 'Mihen Session' with a donation."  They first
donate 1000 gils, and in return they received an ice lance.  (Gatekeeper #2)
"Thank you.  Please use this."  With a 100 gil donation, they receive a
researcher equipment.

As they begin to walk away from the gate, they see Seymour the priest
approaching with a couple of his helpers.  Yuna and Seymour greet each other. 
(Seymour) "We meet again, Yuna."  (Yuna, surprised) "Yes."  (Seymour) "What's
the matter?  You seem troubled."  (Yuna) "The truth is...... (She looks at the
gate.)"  (Seymour) "Indeed......"  Seymour walks up to the gate, and quickly
one of the gatekeepers greets him.  (Gatekeeper) "We have been waiting.  The
operational command office has issued an announcement!"  (Seymour) "Before you
go on, I have a request."  (Gatekeeper) "Yes!  Anything!"  (Seymour) "I want
you to let summoner Yuna and her guards to pass."  (Gatekeeper, hesitating)
"What you're asking, Seymour......"  (Seymour) "It won't be of any trouble to
you.  I will take all the responsibility."  (Gatekeeper, saluting) "Certainly,
I will allow their passage."  The gatekeeper steps back and waves them to go
through.  (Seymour) "Okay, please."  (Yuna) "Ah...... Thank you."  As Yuna bows
repeatedly, Seymour and his party proceed beyond the gate.  (Lulu) "Yuna, let's
go."  (Yuna) "Yes!"  Yuna and Lulu walks off, leaving Wakka and Tidus behind. 
(Tidus, sarcastically) "(Shaking his right fist in apparently jealousy) He
looks like such a great guy. "  (Wakka, trying to comfort Tidus) "He doesn't
just looks great, he is really great."  (Tidus) "Humph!"  The party passes
through the gate.

A suppression force guard makes an announcement.  (Guard) "Priest Seymour is
here!"  You see Seymour walking up to a bunch of people in salute.  He begins
to address the group.  (Seymour) "You, members of the suppression force, have
shown your heroism by gathering Sin's incrustations from all over Spira. 
Believe in the road that you've chosen, and our fight will go on freely.  I,
Seymour, a priest of Ebon, will testify to your bravery."  (The entire squad)

(Wakka) "What is that?  Why is priest Seymour cheering on the suppression
force?  Isn't this operation using Al Bhed's machines?  Isn't this operation
against the teachings?"  (Yuna) "He is turning his back to the teachings, but I
think what everyone feelings are real.  Seymour too, I'm sure, thinks so." 
(Wakka) "Hey!  Lulu!"  (Lulu) "...... Isn't he just inspecting?"  (Aaron)
"We'll ask the man himself."  Seymour approaches.  (Seymour) "Aren't you Aaron?
 It's my honor to meet you.  Please be certain to tell me your stories, such as
those from 10 years ago......"  (Aaron) "I'm Yuna's guard.  I don't have that
kind of time."  Aaron walks off.  (Seymour) "Well, well, well......  (looking
at Yuna) It must be reassuring to have Aaron as your guard?"  (Yuna, giving a
quick nod) "Yes!"   (Seymour) "What's wrong?  No need to be so nervous." 
(Wakka, looking apologetic) "Excuse me, Seymour......why are you here?" 
(Seymour) "Please speak normally."  (Wakka, relieved) "Well, if you don't stop
an operation that going against Ebon's teachings, would it be bad?"  (Seymour)
"Certainly...... yes.  However, both the suppression force and the Al Bhed
tribe are earnestly looking for peace in Spira.  To turn their pure wish into
one, they designed the Mihen Session.  You can say that they are against Ebon's
teachings, but their hopes are pure.  Not as a Ebon priest, but as a person
living in Spira like everyone else...... and as myself, Seymour Guado, I do not
regret my support."  (Wakka) "But, Al Bhed's machines are bad news."  (Seymour)
"You probably haven't seen it."  (Wakka, shocked) "If a priest say such a
thing, wouldn't that be a signal to everyone!"  (Seymour) "Then, you just
haven't heard."  (Wakka) "That's bad!"  Seymour walks away.

(Narration) "I didn't like Seymour the first time I saw him.  But, at this
time, I thought that I would say Seymour's a good guy."

They walk closer to the operational command camp.  They are approached by
Clasko.  (Clasko) "Are you Yuna and her guards?"  (Yuna) "Yes."  (Clasko) "This
way to the operational command office.  Seymour wanted to be sure you'll be
there."  (Yuna, hesitant) "...... Yes."  She looks back to make sure it's all
right with everyone.  (Clasko) "Please take that road because the command
office is that way.  This way is quite a mess because of the preparations for
the operation."

The party finally arrives at the command center and comes across Gatta and
Loots.  (Gatta) "Why is it just you!?  Please let me go fight on the
frontline!"  (Loots) "It's the superior's order."  (Gatta) "I've never been a
newcomer!  If you let me go to the frontline, I will prove myself!  (Loots,
trying to comfort Gatta) "To guard the command office is an important job." 
(Gatta) "I came all the way from Beside so that I can fight Sin!"  (Loots) "I
understand, but it's the order.  Make the arrangements quickly."  (Gatta) "But,
sir!" Gatta leaves in a huff.

They have a small chat with Loots after Gatta left.  (Loots) "Did they issue an
order to let you pass?"  (Tidus) "Poor Gatta."  (Wakka) "Isn't it fortunate
that he doesn't have to fight?  Why fight anyway?  The Al Bhed's machine is the
star of the show."  (Loots) "If I say it plainly, it's our fight.  Yes, we have
to earn time until the machine's preparations are complete."  (Wakka) "Humph!" 
 Wakka is clearly upset.  (Loots) "Wakka, we may not have another opportunity
to speak....... There is something I want to tell you."  (Lulu) "No, Loots!!" 
(Wakka) "What?"  (Loots) "I was the one who asked your little brother to join
the suppression force.  (Wakks looks at both Loots and Lulu.)  Sorry."  Wakka
punches Loots, and Tidus tries to keep Wakka back.  (Tidus) "Wakka!  Calm down,
Wakka!"  Wakka looks down at the fallen Loots.  (Wakka, almost crying) "I told
him to play blitzball with me...... and how happy it would be if we won even
once at the great tournament.... and if we won then he can marry Lulu.  Then
one day, all of sudden he joins the suppression force."  (Loots, getting up)
"He wanted it even more than being with the woman he loved...... He fought to
keep Sin safely away from her.  He said that would just be great."  (Wakka)
"Lulu, did you know this?"  (Lulu) "I heard...... right before we left on this
journey."  (Loots) "Ha, ha...... Lulu also punched me."

The captain of the chocobo cavalry shows up.  (Lucilu) "Members who have been
assigned to the frontline need to promptly assemble at the beach!"  (Loots)
"Sorry, but it's time."  Loots begins to walk away.  (Wakka) "Loots, you have
better not die."  (Loots, turning his head to face Wakka) "Do you want to
fight?"  (Wakka) "I won't fight you."  Yuna steps in his way.  (Yuna) "Loots,
no.  Don't go."  (Loots) "Thank you, Yuna."  (Aaron) "Let him go.  The
realization that you have chosen your summoner's the same as his
realization.  Don't interfere."

(Narration) "Why Yuna stepped aside......was something that I came to
understand much, much later."

They get on an elevator and ascend to an upper level.  There are a large number
of cannons positioned on an ledge, all facing out to sea.   Wakka walks up to
one of them and curses.  (Wakka) "This piece of shit!"  He kicks it and manages
to injure himself. (Wakka, crying in pain) "Ouch......!?"  (Tidus) "Boy, he
really hates them......"  (Lulu) "Chap......  Chap left the sword that Wakka
gave him on the island.  And he got a mechanical weapon made by the Al Bhed
tribe."  (Wakka) "This has nothing to do with that!  I just hate machines that
go against the teachings!"

Further up, they see the gathering of suppression forces and the Sin
incrustations which they have collected.  (Wakka, inspecting) "Jeez....... 
They're going to lose."  (Yuna) "Stop it already.  It may be a useless
operation.  It may be against the teachings.  But, the suppression force and
the Al Bhed people..... are extremely serious about this.  Everyone wishes from
the bottom of his/her heart to defeat Sin.  That feeling is not all different
from our own.  Don't you think so?"  (Wakka) "Heh-  I got it.  Still, I cannot
accept the machines.  I cannot accept their turning against the teachings."  
Yuna, Wakka, and Lulu turn to face the voice.  (Lucilu) "Summoner, so you've
made it.  The command office is that way.  Priest Kinokku was asking for you." 
(Yuna) "Kinokku is here too?"  (Lucilu) "Yes.  Yuna, please hurry."

The party hears about a few things before entering the command camp.  (Chocobo
rider) "What do you want to hear about?"  First, they ask about the battery of
cannons.  "These cannons were offered for free by the Al Bhed tribe.  We hated
them, but this led to a slightly better opinion of them.  With these cannons,
we can attack from far away.  We can rain the shells down on Sin."  Second,
they ask about the chocobo cavalry.  "To become a chocobo knight, you have to
be a part of the volunteers.  They will only allow people who have excellent
riding techniques or demonstrated their merits on the battlefield.  Right now,
the best chocobo rider is Lucilu, of course.  But...... Clasko is also highly
praised, he has probably also become a chocobo rider.....  In fact, he has
gotten very comfortable with all our chocobos......."  Third, they asked about
the operation.  "This operation was planned by researching the past habits of
Sin.  Sin has a habit of showing up in places where you find Sin's
incrustations.  So, we have taken a lot of trouble in collecting Sin's
incrustations from everywhere to lure out Sin......Then we'll strike with a
final blow!  This operation is called Mihen Session!!  The aim of the
suppression force is to lure out Sin and confine it.  It's somewhat regretful
that we're leaving the final blow to the Al Bhed folks, but...... if they can
defeat Sin, we're fine with that minor detail."

They come across Gatta at the entrance to the camp.  (Gatta) "The fighting will
start soon.  Please don't forget to make various preparations."  (Wakka) "Hey,
that seems half-hearted~"  (Gatta) "Naturally!  I came all the way here to
fight Sin!  Despite that...  Ah, damn it!"  (Aaron) "If you want to be
accepted......"  (Gatta) "Huh?"  (Aaron) "First, try stop complaining about the
job you've been given."

They enter the camp and are then happily greeted by someone.  (Man) "Oh!  I
heard from Seymour, but I don't think I can really get to meet you.  It's been
a long time, Aaron!  10 years?  Ha, ha, ha......"  Lulu fills Tidus in about
the man.  (Lulu) "He's priest Wen Kinokku, one of the four Ebon priests.  He's
in charge of directing Ebon's soldiers and supervising the suppression force." 
Gatta rushes in and salutes.  (Gatta) "I have been reported that operational
preparations are all complete."  (Kinokku) "Understood.  Return to your
station."  (Gatta) "Yes, sir!"  (Kinokku) "Well, Aaron, What have you been
doing for the past 10 years?"  (Aaron) "The operation is starting.  We should
be talking about that."  (Kinokku) "It's an operation sure to fail.  No matter
how little, it will allow the people see their long dream."  (Tidus) "That's
terrible!"  (Seymour) "Priest Kinokku."  (Kinokku) "Ah, start it for me."

Later...... (Aaron) "He's a priest......"  (Kinokku) "You've heard, Aaron. 
Lots have happened these 10 years.  Where have you been and what have you been
doing?"  (Aaron) "I was fulfilling promises to friends, and hasn't
ended yet."  (Kinokku) "Tell me one thing.  Did you see Zanarkand?"  Aaron just
steps away.

(Yuna) "What's going on? ...... I feel very uncomfortable here."  Kinokku
continues.  (Kinokku) "Is it okay now?  I must give the order to start
operations to the Al Bhed tribe waiting outside.  I can't say that it's safe
even here.  The monsters may come here.  Please answer my question when your
battle preparations are set."  Kinokku walks away with Seymour close behind.

Kinokku stands on a platform at the edge of a ledge.  (Guard) "Please, priest
Kinokku."  Kinokku walks forward.  Yuna and Tidus are nearby.  (Yuna) "I wonder
if Sin will come."  (Guard) "Sin will definitely come to retrieve Sin's
incrustations.  We have taken special care to make sure; we have even make the
incrustations shriek."  (Aaron) "Even if you don't do that, Sin will come....."

(Narration) "Sin is my dad.  I remembered Aaron telling me......"

Suddenly, a monster shows up.  It's one of Sin's incrustations, Gee.  After
defeating Gee,  Sin appears out of the sea.  The chocobo cavalry goes into
action, and the cannons are fired.  Sin begins to deploy its incrustations. 
(Aaron) "It's coming!"  Everyone flees.  Sin begins to generate some sort of
field around itself.  It destroys whatever it comes in contract with.

Seymour faces off another incrustation.  Yuna and Aaron join him and
successfully defeat the second Gee.  (Yuna) "Where is everyone!?"  She walks
toward the edge and sees a ship preparing to launch an attack on Sin.  The
energy pulse fired on Sin just bounces right off of Sin's.  In the end, the Al
Bhed ship is destroyed.  Just as expected, Mihen Session is a failed operation.

Tidus wakes up and finds total devastation on the beach.  Tidus locates Gatta,
who is safe but kneeling on the beach.  (Tidus) "What are you!!"  Back on the
upper ledge, Yuna calls out to the people below.  (Yuna) "Get down everyone! 
I'm going to summon!"  (Seymour) "It's useless.  That (to defeat Sin) is
impossible for you right now."  (Yuna) "But, I want to do something!"  Seymour
shakes his head.  Yuna begins to rotate her rod as if she's going to cast
summon.  (Seymour) "Yuna!"

Tidus jumps into the water and tries to find Sin.  (Narration) "I don't know
myself why I was chasing after Sin.  When I regained consciousness, even with
my head a little confused, I went after him.  Maybe I was mad at Sin or maybe I
just wanted to go back......  Maybe it was about Zanarkand...... Maybe it was
about my dad......"

Tidus goes through some sort of dream state.  First, it was a place with many
walking ghosts.  Then, we find a young Tidus looking out at the city.  Jecto
calls out to him.  (Jecto) "What is it?"  (Young Tidus) "Because you don't like
to practice, you'll be retiring soon."  (Jecto) "Say whatever you want.  I'm
special."  (Young Tidus) "Because you drink too much, you're not good anymore."
 (Jecto) "I can stop my drinking anytime."  (Young Tidus) "Well, then stop
drinking now."  (Jecto) "What?"  (Young Tidus) "Can't you stop?"  (Jecto)
"Humph, how about tomorrow?"  (Young Tidus) "Why not today?"  (Jecto) "If I can
do it tomorrow, then it's fine if I do it tomorrow!  Why are you crying? You
miserable little......"

(Narration) "I sensed that I felt my dad.  Really, is this Sin's poison?  Ha,
ha......  (Tidus gets up.)  I wonder how many people died.  Every time people
die Yuna dances.  How many times does Yuna have to do that depressing dance?  I
guess as long as Sin exists, Yuna will continue to dance.....  I thought about
such things."

Tidus regains consciousness and sits on the beach, pondering.  (Aaron) "You
couldn't go back?"  (Tidus) "Ah."  (Aaron) "Many stories ended, but it seems
your story continues."  (Tidus) "Ah......"

(Narration) "I couldn't go back home."

Tidus gets up and looks for everyone.  Soon, he meets up with Lulu, Aaron, and
Kinokku.  (Aaron) "It's a swift dispersion.  Are you satisfied?"  (Kinokku)
"What do you mean?"  (Aaron) "The soldiers who rebelled against the teachings
died.  Only the obedient priest soldiers remained."  (Kinokku) "Humph....  I
can't help but say how it's the same as the old days."  Seymour comes toward
Yuna.  (Seymour) "You look pale.  However, Yuna, you must conduct yourself
stoutheartedly at this time."  Yuna is surprised.  (Seymour, continues) "For
the average people, it's all right to overwhelmed by sadness at this time. 
But, you're a summoner.  You hold the hopes and dreams of the people.  Until
you defeat Sin, you cannot allow your voice to weaken.  You must be well aware
of that."  (Yuna) "Yes,...... I'll do my best."  (Seymour) "Are you anxious? 
If so, let me be your support.  Just like how Zeion supported Yunareska.  We'll
continue this when we meet again sooner or later.  Take care."

(Aaron) "Sin is Jecto."  (Tidus) "Actually, I did think that it may be true. 
Even with what I just said, it doesn't mean that I believe it."  (Aaron) "Sin
is Jecto.  He came here to meet you."  (Tidus) "He killed so many people just
to meet me?"  (Aaron) "That is Sin.  He probably came here to show you his
form.  Do you know why?"  (Tidus) "I don't know anything."  (Aaron) "So that he
can be killed by you.  As Sin, Jecto will continue to attack and kill.  He is
hoping that you can stop that."  (Tidus) "Don't joke with me.  Why do you
understand these things?"  (Aaron, laughing) "Hum...... "  Aaron walks away. 
(Tidus) "Hey, we're still talking!  Don't run away!"  (Aaron) "You too."

Yuna's summoner party is once again together.  Tidus and Kimari remained a step
behind as the others move ahead.  (Yuna) "You two, hurry!"  (Tidus) "She's in
high spirits......"  Kimari walks a few steps ahead, turns around, and speaks
for the first time to Tidus.  (Kimari) "Hmmm......She tries to cheer up so she
can work through the tough times.  (Tidus is shocked to find Kimari talking.) 
It's the same now.  She is overworked."  (Tidus) "Is it good that she is so
devoted?"  (Kimari) "If guards are worried, then Yuna has to overwork even
more.  You should be careful, also."  Kimari walks ahead.  (Tidus) "Should I
laugh instead of worry?"  (Kimari) "Kimari is also practicing."  (Tidus) "Show
it to me."  Kimari tries his smile on Tidus.

They finally reach a fork dividing the Joze road.  (Tidus) "Hey, how far is it
to Zanarkand?"  (Wakka) "It's still a long way off."  (Lulu) "Down the
visionary river of light and pass the Guado tribe's Guado Salam.  Then, cross
the lightening field, and the Makararnia shrine......"  (Tidus) "Oh boy......" 
Yuna stands in front of everyone.  (Yuna) "But before all that, I'm praying at
the Joze shrine."  (Tidus) "Let's go to Zanarkand in just one breath!  What's
wrong with that?"  (Yuna) "If possible, we need to greet the prayer child in
many shrines."  (Wakka) "That is the training of a summoner.  To be able to
endure the ultimate summon, she has to train her heart and body."  (Tidus)
"That's terrible, Yuna."  (Yuna) "I'll be okay since I have you guys."

As Tidus tries to keep up with the others, Aaron calls out to him.  (Aaron)
"Hey, freshman."  (Tidus) "Me?"  (Aaron) "Who else is there?"  (Tidus) "What is
it, sir?"  (Aaron) "Don't tell Yuna about the connection between Jecto and
Sin."  (Tidus) "Huh?"  (Aaron) "She's that personality.  If she knows, then
some reservation toward you and Jecto will develop.  That will cause problems."
 (Tidus) "Yeah......  I guess so.  But, even if I told, no one will believe me
anyway."  (Aaron) "Yuna will believe."  (Tidus) "Ah...... That may be right. 
Then, it wasn't a good idea to tell me in the first place?  How about my
feelings?"   (Aaron) "Because I was annoyed by how you were crying in the hard
times and wanted to help you."  (Tidus) "I did not cry!"  (Aaron) "I heard it
from a crybaby."

(Narration) "When I was little...... that's what I was.  Even now..... it may
still be true."

(Tidus, trying to finish off the last conversation) "Hey, it was because I just
couldn't believe it!"

Tidus arrives at the Joze shrine.  He meets up with Yuna and members of the
chocobo cavalry.  (Lucilu) "It's great to see Yuna and others safe." (Yuna)
"It's good that you guys are safe......  It's a gift from Ebon."  (Lucilu) "We
were reckless.  As a fighting force, it's natural that we're completely
destroyed."  (Elma) "The only chocobo left alive is this young chocobo." 
(Clasko) "So, we can't introduce ourselves as the chocobo cavalry
anymore......"   (Lucilu) "This is what happens when we joined in a battle and
went against the teachings.  We can't face the solders who died."

They reach the entrance to Joze shrine.  (Tidus) "Is this the Joze shrine?" 
Yuna repeatedly offers her prayers, and eventually lightening struck and
destroyed the stone that encased the shrine.  (Tidus) "Wow....."  The shatter
stones continue to drift around the shrine.  (Lulu) "This 'Lightening Kinoko
Rock' will open only when a summoner is read to meet the prayer child." 
(Wakka) "Some other summoner must have been here before."  Yuna runs toward the
entrance, but turns around again.  (Yuna) "But who?"  (Tidus) "Probably Dona." 
(Yuna) "I can't lose out to her."  (Tidus) "Okay!  Let's go!"

After entering the shrine, they are greeted by some unknown individuals.  (Man
in blue) "Excuse me, but won't you tell me your name?"  (Yuna) "We came from
Beside.  My name is Yuna."  (Man) "Oh yes......  You're Blaska's daughter.  I
have memories of your father."  (Yuna) "Are you...... an acquaintance of my
father?"  (Man) "No, I have not met him personally.  Ah, my apologies.  I'm
Isarru.  I'm just like you, a summoner."  (A little boy standing to the right
of Isarru) "I'm Passe.  Nice to meet you."  (A dark-skinned strong man to
Isarru's left) "I'm Maroda.  You probably understand by looking, but I'm my
older brother's guard."  (Isarru) "Since I was little, I always looked up to
Blaska.  I said that I want to become a great summoner like Blaska someday. 
You must have received some wonderful powers from your father.  It is expected
that you must be able to defeat Sin."  (Yuna) "No......  Well...... I have only
just become a summoner."  (Isarru) "Of course, I don't expect you to lose to
me.  I guess we'll be competing to see which one of us can defeat Sin."  (Yuna)
"It'll be me.  I won't lose."  The voice of Maroda is heard calling out to his
older brother. (Isarru) "So, Yuna, I have to go.  Good luck to both of us." 
(Yuna) "Yes."  Everyone splits up.

Tidus is approached by Isarru when he tries to climb the stairs toward the back
room.  (Isarru) "You!"  (Tidus) "What is it?"  (Isarru) "You're one of Yuna's
guards?  Maroda heard some strange news.  I thought it would be good for you
guys to know too."  (Maroda) "I heard this from a party of suppression force
members.  Through all the ages, there are too many summoners who become missing
during their journeys."  (Isarru) "It's possible they were killed by monsters;
however, for all that, the number just seems to be too many."  (Maroda) "I
don't know the details, but anyway you guys should take care.  If a summoner
disappears, won't the guards be taken as jokes?"  (Passe, jumping up and down)
"What, what~!  What are you talking about?"  (Maroda) "We're talking just about
the job of guarding."  (Passe) "I can do it nicely~!  What do you think,
brother!"  Isarru turns and nods his head.  (Isarru) "Take good care of
yourself."  (Tidus) "Yes!"  Isarru and Maroda walk toward the door, leaving
Passe behind.  (Isarru) "Passe!"  (Passe) "What, brother?"  (Isarru) "We're
leaving."  (Passe) "Ah, understood.  See you!"

They enter the back room.  (Wakka) "Okay, all the guards are here."  (Yuna)
"I'm leaving it up to you."  (Wakka) "Should we go?"    After overcoming the
puzzle trials, Tidus meets up with the others.  (Aaron) "Don't stagger around. 
Settle down and wait."  (Wakka) "Wait quietly."  (Lulu) "You need to settle
down.  Remember it's Yuna who will be disgraced by your actions."  Someone is
coming to the room.  (Dona) "Look, you guys again?  As usual, look at how many
people she has."   Dona's guard, Baltero, confronts Aaron.  (Dona) "What's the
matter, Baltero?  What are you doing with that old man?"  (Baltero) "You......
You're Aaron."  (Aaron) "So what if I am."  (Baltero) "Won't you shake my hand?
 Aaron...... No, Aaron, sir!  I became a guard because I longed for you."  They
shake hand.  Aaron strikes a small smile.  (Baltero) "Thank you very much! 
Wow, I'm so inspired!!"  Baltero is practically in tears.  (Wakka) "That 'old
man' your guard just touched is the guard who protected the great summoner
Blaska."  (Lulu) "It shows that what you don't know exceeds what you do know." 
 A bright light shines on the group. (Tidus) "Wow......"  Baltero runs toward
it.  (Dona) "Baltero, that's enough!  Come back here!"  (Tidus) "He's in

While everyone awaits for Yuna to finish her session with the prayer child,
Tidus walks around and checks what's going on.  (Baltero) "Hey, Dona, I won't
ever wash my hand."  (Dona) "Stop it already.  What if he touched you with
dirty hands?  She's late.  I wonder how long she is going to make us wait." 
Yuna finally comes out and collapses from exhaustion.  Kimari rushes to hold
her up.  (Dona) "What a great father you have.  You have excessively many
guards, and add Aaron to your party.  And now, aren't you also interest in
Seymour too?  I guess it's different when your title is 'Blaska's daughter." 
(Yuna) "This...... has nothing to do with my father.  I'm just traveling as a
summoner."  (Dona) "Look here, it's fine with me.  But, before you say that,
how about first standing firmly on your own two feet?  (Dona approaches the
praying child's room.)  If you just rely on guards, you'll see a painful time
when you're creeping on your knees."

After a night's rest, Tidus steps out to join the others.  Lulu is standing
beside Waka. (Lulu) "No matter what time it is, when the night clears and the
morning comes, we start our journey once again."  (Wakka) "When Yuna shows,
we'll depart."  (Kimari) "Dona left.  Isarru also left."  (Aaron) "The newcomer
should make preparations for our journey."  Tidus enters the Joze shrine to
check on Yuna.  He happens to come across Gatta.  (Gatta) "I...... will return
to Beside.  Loots..... is gone."  (Tidus) "Really......It's hard to fight on
your own."  (Gatta) "The suppression force has pretty much dispersed.  I too
will be leaving soon."  Tidus enters one of the preparation rooms to find Yuna
still asleep.  He first speaks to an aid.  (Aid) "We have worked until the
daybreak, helping the wounded people and sending them to the other world......"
 (Tidus) "Oh, is that so......  Well then, please let her sleep a little more."
 Yuna begins to wake up.  (Yuna) "Um...... "  (Tidus) "Ah......  Good Morning."
 (Yuna) "Is it...... morning?"  (Tidus) "It's okay."  (Yuna) "But, isn't it
still morning!?  Oh, I'm so sorry!!  Just wait a little more for me.  I'll be
ready soon."  Yuna runs about the room, trying to get herself together. 
(Tidus) "There's no need to be in such a hurry."   Tidus steps out.

Yuna comes out of the shrine.  (Wakka) "Hey, sleepyhead!"  (Yuna) "Sorry!"  She
apologizes to Aaron.  (Yuna) "Sorry."  (Lulu) "It's okay for us to not be in a
hurry.  Look, sleepy face."  (Wakka) "A summoner with sleepy face will
disappoint everybody."  (Yuna) "But it's better that I got up."  (Lulu) "We
called you.  But, you just slept with your mouth open."  Yuna feels
embarrassed.  (Yuna) "What is it about today?  Everyone is being so mean to
me."  Everyone laughs, including Aaron.  (Yuna) "Ah, Aaron too."  (Aaron)
"Well...... When the summoner can get rid of her sleepy face, we'll depart." 
Everybody laughs again.

(Narration) "It's been a long time since everyone laughed like that.  Now, I
understand.  Other than myself...... they weren't laughing seriously.

Yuna and Tidus hurry to get back on the Joze road.  They come across Lucilu and
the others.  (Lucilu) "Departing so early?  Yuna, you have worked so hard and
late last night......  Will you be okay?"  (Yuna) "Thank you for your
considerations, but I have rested nicely.  Are you also departing?"  (Lucilu)
"Yes!  We're going up north over the visionary river of light.  We plan on
finding new chocobos."  (Elma) "If we find chocobos, we'll rebuild the
cavalry!"  (Tidus) "Huh?  Aren't you short of one person?"  (Clasko, screaming
from a distance) "Captain!  Please wait!"  (Elma) "What are you doing!  We're
leaving it behind."  (Clasko) "But, it's unreasonable to leave the
chocobo....."  Lucilu shakes her head.  (Lucilu) "Well, Yuna, good luck.  Elma
and Clasko, let's go!"  (Elma) "Okay."  (Clasko) "Huh!?  Let me rest a
little......"  (Elma) "Don't be sentimental!"

Everyone gathers at the fork seen earlier.  (Tidus) "Where's next?"  (Lulu)
"We'll cross the visionary river of light."  (Tidus) "Okay!  We'll head for the
visionary river of light!"

They come across Shelinda.  (Shelinda) "Good day, everyone.  That operation
became a very important lesson for us.  As expected, we cannot defeat Sin by
going against Ebon's teachings."    Then, further down the road, they encounter
Biran and Enke, Kimari's Ronso brothers.  A person quickly fleets the scene. 
(Biran, looking at the person fleeing) "Look, he looks very much like Kimari's
companion."  Tidus shows up.  (Tidus) "Where?"  (Biran) "The little, horn-less
guy that follows a summoner everywhere!"  (Enke) "Horn-less!  Horn-less!"  They
laugh at Kimari.  (Kimari) "Have you come to laugh scornfully at me?"  (Biran)
"Nope.  We came to warn little Kimari."  (Enke) "Summoner disappears and can't
return."  (Biran) "Your summoner's turn is next."  (Enke) "Poor Kimari!  No
horn, and then no summoner!"  (Biran) "Miserable Kimari!  Screaming in tears by
himself!"  They laugh and then run away.  (Tidus, to Kimari) "These guys have
some kind of grudge against you?"  Kimari shakes his head.  (Tidus) "Well,
don't they annoy you?"  (Kimari) "I will settle this at some point."  (Tidus)
"I will help you anytime!"  (Kimari) "I'll take care of it myself."  (Tidus)
"Hey......"  (Wakka) "It's Kimari's problem.  The right manner for us is to
keep quiet and watch."  (Lulu) "I can't get over it."  (Wakka) "Problems of the
Ronso tribe should be resolved by Ronsos.  Isn't that the custom from old
days?"  (Lulu) "That's true...... but, about summoners disappearing..." 
(Aaron) "There is a reason for their sudden disappearance."  (Tidus) "Well, if
we guard Yuna carefully, it should be okay."  (Wakka) "Oh!"  (Lulu) "Well
said."  (Tidus) "Yeah!"

Down the road to the visionary river of light, they come across Belgeminne
again.  (Belgeminne) "We meet again.  It seems you took part in Mihen Session. 
Do you understand the powerlessness of machines?  As expected, only a summoner
can defeat Sin."  (Yuna) "That's right.  If I don't train more......" 
(Belgeminne) "If you want, I shall lend you a hand in your training.  It's an
actual battle practice for your summon beasts.  How about it?  Try fighting
against me?"  (Yuna) "I'm in your debt."  (Belgeminne) "All right, but before
we start......(She casts a spell) your summon beasts were healed.  Okay......
Shall we start?"  Yuna again successfully defeated Belgeminne.  (Belgeminne)
"It's great.  I was overwhelmed.  Here's a blessing from me.  Take this." 
Belgeminne gives Yuna two dragon scales and one heart of summoner. 
(Belgeminne) "I'll look forward to the next time we meet.  Until then, Yuna." 
Belgeminne walks away.

They finally arrive at the visionary river of light.  (Tidus) "Wow......" 
Before them is a river full of lily pads and drifting bursts of light.  (Lulu)
"This is the visionary river of light."  (Tidus) "Heh......"  (Yuna) "These are
called visionary light flowers.  When it gets dark, many of these visionary
light bugs gather and light up the river.  It'll seem like a sea of stars." 
(Tidus) "Heh......  Ah!  Oh, yeah!"  (Aaron) "I waited until it got dark." 
(Tidus) "Yeah, if we defeat Sin, I'll come to see them at leisure!"  Everyone
gets a little time to enjoy the scenery.  Aaron steps away, and Wakka comes to
tell Tidus something.  (Wakka) "If we don't hurry, the Shiparf will be full." 
(Tidus) "Shiparf?  Is it a boat?"  Wakka points at something in the distance,
and Tidus tries to look.

(Tidus) "Wow!  Incredible!"  A huge, dinosaur-sized creature strolls right past
Tidus.  (Wakka) "That's a Shiparf."  (Tidus) "I want to ride!  I want to ride
this!"  (Wakka) "Okay!  We'll ride it after we've made preparations~!"

Tidus speaks to Yuna.  (Yuna) "It's been a long time since I've seen a
Shiparf."  (Tidus) "Ah, you've been on one before?"  (Yuna) "Yes, just once. 
It was 10 years ago, and I was with Kimari.  Do you remember?"  (Kimari)
"Shiparf shook, and Yuna fell into the river.  The Shiparf, with its long nose,
helped Yuna.  She was having so much fun that she intentionally jumped into the
river three times."  (Yuna) "Ah......"  (Kimari) "I was worried."  (Yuna)
"Sorry."  (Kimari) "Yuna was so happy, so it was okay."  Tidus tries to carry a
conversation with Kimari.  (Kimari) "Biran is a rascal.  But, because he's a
Ronso, he does not lie.  So, all that talk about summoners disappearing isn't a
lie."  (Tidus) "Okay, I'll be on guard."

Tidus chats with Aaron.  (Aaron) "Ten years ago....."  (Tidus) "Ah, some old
story?"  (Aaron) "Jecto saw a Shiparf for the first time here.  Surprised,
Jecto suddenly attacked a Shiparf."  (Tidus) "Why?"  (Aaron) "He was drunk.  It
looked like he thought it was a monster."  (Tidus) "Oh my......"  (Aaron) "I
gave them an apology and gave them all the money we had.  And Jecto stopped
drinking alcohol after that.  The Shiparf at that time is just like the ones

Tidus comes across some exchanges between the ex-chocobo cavalry members and
the Shiparf user.  (Shiparf User) "No.  No.  It's impossible~?"  (Lucilu) "I
want to somehow request that of you!"  (Shiparf User) "It's no good.  Just no
good."  (Tidus) "What's wrong?"  (Elma) "They say that this child (the chocobo)
cannot ride on the Shiparf!"  (Tidus) "Just a big thing......"  (Elma) "I can't
stand this guy!"  (Clasko) "No matter how you look at it, I think it is
impossible, but......"  (Elma) "That is that?  Are you saying that we should
leave this kid behind?"  (Clasko) "No, that's not what I was......"  (Lucilu)
"Stop it already.  We'll give up on the Shiparf.  We'll search for some
shallows where we can cross on foot."  (Elma) "Understood, captain."  (Clasko)
"But, won't that be a terrible roundabout way!"  (Lucilu) "It's better to cut
through it if there is a way."  (Grasko) "So unreasonable......"  (Elma) "I
sympathize with you, Captain Lucilu!"  Lucilu jumps onto the young chocobo and
rides away, followed by Elma on foot.  Clasko looks distressed and saddened by
the need to find to longer way to cross the river.

(Narration) "'It's better to cut through if there is a way'.  Those words left
an impression on me.  Captain Lucilu is full of vigor."

Tidus finds Lulu and Wakka waiting at the Shiparf stop.  (Lulu) "Are you that
happy to be riding on a Shiparf?"  (Wakka) "Don't you understand......  A great
beast, that is what boys always longed for!"  (Tidus) "Yeah.....!"

After a great deal of battle preparation, Tidus and the others board the
Shiparf.  After they have been loaded onto the carriage, the Shiparf user says,
"Shiparf, depart!"  Under the evening sun, the Shiparf begins to carry them
from the southern bank of the visionary river of light to its northern bank. 
Everyone sits quietly in the carriage atop the Shiparf.  (Wakka, looking at
Tidus) "Hey!"  (Tidus) "Huh?"  (Wakka, tilting his head to his left to look
out) "Look!"  (Tidus, getting up) "What?"  Tidus leans over the side and see
something unusual.  (Tidus) "Ah?  A sunken city?"  (Wakka) "It's a city of
machines from more than 1000 years ago.  It looks like they put many bridges on
top of the river and built the city over it.  The bridges collapsed under the
city's weight, and so it sank to the bottom of the river."  (Wakka) "Well, it's
a good lesson."  (Tidus) "Lesson?"  (Wakka) "Yeah!  Do you know the meaning of
building a city on top of a river?"  (Tidus) "Let's see......  It means that
it's convenient because there's lots of water."  (Wakka) "Um, no.  That's
wrong.  They were probably just testing their technology."  (Tidus) "I guess
so."  (Wakka) "It's Ebon's teaching.  When people have the power, they need not
use it.  It's because if we don't stop it, then there's no limit to that

(Tidus) "However, don't we use machines nicely?  For example, like the
stadium....  Don't you think so?"  (Lulu) "The shrines decide that this machine
is okay, and that machine is not okay."  (Tidus, laughing) "So, which machines
are bad?"  (Wakka) "You saw them at the Mihen Session?  Those are the
machines."  (Lulu) "Because war will start again."  (Tidus) "War?"  (Yuna) "It
was more than 1000 years ago.  There was a war using many machine weapons." 
(Wakka) "During the war, the weapons became more and more powerful."   (Lulu)
"Weapons were created that has the power to not just destroy the cities, but
also the world, Spira."  (Yuna) "With the way things were, Spira may be
destroyed."  (Wakka) "Even then, the war did not end."  (Tidus) "So, what
happened!"  (Yuna) "Suddenly, Sin appeared and destroyed the cities and the
weapons......"  (Lulu) "The war ended.  But, as a compensation, Sin remained." 
(Wakka) "So?  Sin is punishing people for getting too carried away."  (Tidus)
"That's a bitter story."  (Wakka) "Well, it's bitter."  (Tidus) "But, there is
no reason that machines have to be bad?"  (Lulu) "Yes, it's a question of how
they're used."  (Wakka) "It's terrible that we have people like the Al Bheds
around."  Suddenly, there's an explosion, and the entire carriage shakes.  The
Shiparf driver takes notice, "Something strange?"  Another shockwave hits the
carriage.  (Aaron) "Sit down!"  (Yuna, just when an Al Bhed jumps aboard and
tries to grab her) "Ye, Yes!"  (Wakka) "It's an Al Bhed!!"  Yuna is pulled off
the carriage and into the river.  Tidus and Wakka jump in after here her.  They
swim toward some strange mechanical contraption.  (Wakka) "We have to help her
now!"  Yuna has been encased in a energy field on top of the machine.

After the machine was destroyed, they managed to rescue Yuna and bring her back
aboard.  Lulu inspects Yuna.  (Lulu) "You're not injured?"  (Yuna) "Um, I'm
fine."  (Tidus) "Humph......"  (Wakka) "Really....... Those Al Bheds!" 
(Shiparf driver) "Is you okay?"  (Yuna, leaping up and waving her hand) "Sorry!
 I'm okay!"  It seems like a scene when Yuna was little and had to be rescued
from the river.  (Aaron) "Yuna! (meaning- stop it)"  (Yuna) "Ah, yes!" 
(Shiparf) "We're departing!"  (Wakka, contemplating) "Jeez, those Al Bheds. 
What do they want?  Does this have anything to do with what happened in Luca?
Why are they attacking Yuna!  Ah!  Are they paying us back for beating them in
the contest!  Ah!?  Are they paying us back for them losing Mihen Session!?" 
(Lulu) "I wonder why.  Kimari's acquaintances did say.  Recently, summoners are
disappearing."  (Wakka) "AAh!  That is Al Bhed's doing!  Damn.....  What are
the Al Bheds thinking?"  Everyone is in deep, deep thought.  (Tidus) "Whatever.
 It's useless to talk about the Al Bheds here.  No matter who our enemies are,
we will protect Yuna.  I'm doing my job just think about that."  (Wakka)
"Well.....I guess so, but......"  (Lulu) "Yep."  Just moving her lips, Yuna
quietly says 'thank you' to Tidus.

They arrive at the northern banks of the visionary river of light.  Tidus
strolls around to speak to others in the party.  (Kimari) "Kimari was negligent
on the Shiparf.  I will not be negligent again."  Tidus enters an covered area
where Yuna has attracted quite a bit of attention from people.  (People) "With
such a wonderful daughter, Blaska must be so proud in the other world!  How are
about meeting Blaska at the Guado Salam?  I heard she was attacked by the Al
Bheds, but isn't she injured?  I want to pray to Yuna's calm season while I'm
still alive."  (Wakka, standing nearby to protect Yuna) "The Al Bheds may still
be around.  Be on guard."  (Lulu) "She hasn't tried to move for a while now."

Tidus moves on to find Aaron.  (Aaron) "Don't take your eyes off of Yuna." 
Further along, Tidus runs into someone from Guado Salam; they're the green,
plant-like characters.  (Man from Guado) "Guado Salam is not far from here.  On
the road there, monsters have been appearing and disappearing."  Instead of
guarding Yuna, Tidus ventures down the road toward Guado and finds a girl
laying on the ground.  He closes in for a better look.  (Tidus) "Is she dead?" 
Tidus steps back as the girl gets up and takes off her wet, outer clothes. 
It's Rikku.  (Rikku) "I thought I was going to die......"  (Tidus) "Ah, Rikku!?
 You're Rikku!"  Rikku is on her knees, trying to recover from something. 
(Tidus) "You survived!  Are you okay?"  She shakes her head.  (Rikku) "Not at
all."  (Tidus) "You don't look so good.  What happened?"  (Rikku) "I was beaten
by you!"  (Tidus) "Ah!  The machine earlier!  Were you inside it?"  Rikku nods.
 (Rikku) "It still really hurts.  It's terrible....."  (Tidus) "But!  But you
were attacking us."  (Rikku) "No!  It's a profound matter."  Wakka catches up
with Tidus and shows up.  (Wakka) "Hey!"  The group shows up.  (Wakka)
"Somebody you know?"  (Tidus) "Well, let's see...... How do I explain......" 
(Rikku, beating Tidus to her introduction) "Nice to meet you.  I'm Rikku." 
(Tidus) "Look, I have told Yuna and Lulu about her in Luca.  Before I drifted
ashore at Beside, (mumbling) she helped me....."  (Yuna) "Ah, ah......"  (Lulu)
"Ah, ah......"  (Wakka) "So, she is your benefactor.  It's great to meet her. 
It's certainly Ebon's blessing.  So, Rikku?  It looks like your were beaten. 
Were you hurt?"  (Lulu) "Wakka, wait for a second."  (Wakka) "Huh?  What?" 
(Yuna) "I just wanted to talk to her for a second."  (Wakka) "Oh, go right
ahead."  Rikku briskly walks to Yuna.  (Rikku, trying to wave Wakka away) "This
is a conversation for girls only!  You boys, please wait over there!"  (Lulu)
"Yes.  Let's."  (Wakka) "Huh?  Ah?"  Rikku has a brief talk with Lulu and Yuna,
then the three returns to the group.  (Yuna) "Aaron.  I want Rikku to be my
guard, but......"  (Aaron) "Face up."  (Rikku) "Huh?  Ah, okay."  She looks up
with her eyes closed.  (Aaron) "Open your eyes."  Rikku hesitates and then
opens just her left eye.  (Aaron) "Just as I thought."  (Rikku) "Is..... Is
that bad?"  (Aaron) "Are you resolved?"  (Rikku) "Of course!"  Rikku addresses
the group.  (Rikku) "In that case, is it okay?"  (Aaron) "If Yuna wishes." 
(Yuna) "I definitely."  (Wakka, uncertain) "Um......"  (Tidus) "Rikku is a good
kid.  She helped me."  Rikku nods in agreement.  (Wakka) "That's true.  I guess
it's good that it's going to be more lively!"  (Rikku) "Yeah, I'm in charge of

(Narration) "It was wonderful.  Although Wakka hates the Al Bhed tribe so
much......"  (Rikku) "I hope you will all look after me!"  (Narration) "He
wasn't aware that Rikku is a member of the Al Bhed tribe......"

After a short journey, they arrive at a huge cave entrance.  It leads them to
Guado Salam......  Right when they arrive, they are greeted by a Guado senior
official.  (Official) "We have been expecting you, Yuna.  Welcome to Guado
Salam.  Yuna, this way please."  The Guado official tries to make physical
contact with Yuna but is prevented by Wakka.  (Wakka) "Who are you?" 
(Official) "I'm sorry about that.  I'm Tramell Guado.  I'm a relative of
Seymour Guado, the chief of the Guados.  Seymour seems to have something
important to say to Yuna......"  (Yuna) "To me?  What is it about?"  Whatever
it may be, please go to Seymour's residence.  Of course, everyone is welcome." 
Tramell turns and walks away, and everyone follows.  (Rikku) "We're being
forced somehow~  (Rikku pauses to tell Tidus something)  Ah!  I forgot! 
(Because Rikku became a companion, your weapons and armor can be remodeled.) 
If you need me, just let me know!"

Tidus explores the town of Guado Salam.  Shelinda is waiting patiently in the
inn.  (Shelinda, rising from a chair) "Ah, thanks for your trouble in serving
as a guard.  It seems that priest Seymour returned to Guado Salam after a long
absence.  Even though he is still young, he is a great person.  Seymour is even
the chief priest of the Makaraniya shrine.  To manage both the Guado tribe and
Makaraniya......  I'm glad if you can meet with priest Seymour......"  Tidus
also runs into Meichen the researcher.  (Meichen) "I wonder if you wouldn't
mind if I tell you about the other world and the visionary light bugs?" 
(Tidus) "Tell me about the other world."  (Meichen, after a quick cough) "The
visionary light bugs are born from the other world send-off, and they gather in
the other world......  There, the deceased can appear as they were last seen
alive.  It's a mysterious phenomenon too incredible to describe, and I don't
understand the arrangements very well.  People of the Al Bhed tribe wouldn't
say so.  They say that 'the visionary light bugs are just reacting to the
thoughts of the living who visited the other world.'  However, what appears in
the other world are the dead.  The living des not appear there.  I do not
understand this arrangement.  Perhaps, thoughts of the dead settle down in the
hearts of the living......  Maybe it's those thoughts that show the deceased by
borrowing the power of the visionary light bugs......  No, no.  I have no
evidence to suggest this.  Well, that's about it."  Tidus also asks Meichen
about the visionary light bugs.  (Meichen) "Although they're called visionary
light bugs, they are not bugs at all.  They are the lights that appear when you
kill monsters.  The visionary light bugs show various mysterious phenomena. 
Visions of the past, sphere, monsters..... They are all doings of the visionary
light bugs.  Yes, yes......  It seems that visionary light bugs have everything
to do with the summon beasts.  They channel the spirits of the summoners to the
dreams of the prayer children......  Yes, that's how summon beasts take shape
in the real world.  That's how the reasoning goes.  No, no.  I have no evidence
to prove that.  Well, that's about it."

Tidus finally reaches Seymour's residence and finds Lulu on the winding stairs.
 She's admiring a series of portraits lining the wall.  (Lulu) "These belong to
successive generations of Guado chiefs."  (Tidus) "Same faces......"  (Wakka)
"Only priest Seymour's looks somewhat different."  (Lulu) "Didn't you know? 
Priest Seymour is the offspring from the union of priest Jiskal, the last
chief, and a human woman."  Tidus speaks to Wakka, who is inspecting some
portraits.  (Wakka) "Please calm down."  Tidus checks out what the others are
up to.  (Rikku, standing around) "Doesn't this place smell good?"  (Aaron)
"Don't take your eyes off of Yuna."  (Yuna, waiting next to an entrance) "I
wonder what he wants to talk about?"  (Kimari, standing near Yuna) "Kimari
isn't comfortable with Seymour."  (Yuna, gesturing to Kimari) "Shish!~".

Finally, a door opens, and Tramell steps out.  (Tramell) "This way please." 
Everyone enters.  It's a beautiful ballroom with colorful flowery decorations
and a table with food in the middle.  (Tramell) "I will go get Seymour.  Please
wait here."   Tidus makes the rounds and find out what everyone is thinking. 
First, Lulu.  (Lulu) "There isn't a shrine in Guado Salam, is there?  So,
usually summoners just pass through here."  (Tidus, nervous) "He, he, he......"
 (Lulu) "What?"  (Tidus) "No, I haven't heard anything, so please explain this
to me."  (Lulu) "Looking for some extra help?"  (Tidus, shaking his head and
waving hands) "No, no.  I think that since I don't understand anything.  And
I'm wondering if you believe that I came from Zanarkand."  (Lulu) "There are
many things I don't understand......  Among them, one is your Zanarkand.  If
you think about it, it's not a talk that we can reach an agreement on.  But, be
careful.  It's better to not talk about it outside of our group."  (Tidus)
"Okay, I understand."

(Aaron, leaning against the wall next to the entrance) "......Do not neglect
Ebon's warning."  (Tidus) "Why?  Because this is some great Ebon's home?" 
(Aaron) "Even if you have the power, you don't need to use it.  You may be such
person." (Tidus) "You don't believe in the Ebon's teachings, do you?"  (Aaron)
"Humph.  Because I too lived in Zanarkand for too long."  (Tidus) "Ahhh......"

(Rikku, next the table full of fruits and flowers, holding a red fruit) "This
is sweet~"  Tidus then finds Wakka sitting on a chair, waiting.  (Wakka) "I
don't think he called us here to have a meal."  Kimari, as always, stands next
to Yuna to protect her.  (Kimari) "Kimari doesn't have anything more to say." 
Tidus speaks to Yuna. (Yuna) "My heart is pounding with excitement."  Right
when Tidus looks up at the three glass sphere and a pendulum hanging from the
ceiling, Tramell steps back into the room.  (Tramell) "Hmmmm......  It's joyous
to welcome visitors.  After Jiskal passed away, this mansion has been too
quiet..... (walking toward Yuna)"  (Yuna) "The death of priest Jiskal is a
great loss for all of Spira."  (Tramell) "Was priest Jiskal so great?"  Wakka
and Tidus are observing the exchange from a distance. (Wakka, interrupting)
"Jiskal spread Ebon's teachings to the Guado tribe.  He died in quite a
horrible death."  (Tramell, turning toward Wakka) "Yes, it's truly regrettable.
 But, now we have Seymour, our new director.  Seymour was born between a Guado
and a human.  Certainly, he will form bonds between the two races.  (Shaking
his head) No, it won't be just that.  Seymour will become the light that shines
on the future of all who lives on Spira."

Seymour finally walks into the room. (Seymour) "That's enough, Tramell.  My
relaxation at home will be bad if expectations are raised any further. 
(Seymour offers his greets.)  Hello, everyone."  (Yuna) "What do you want to
talk about......?"  (Seymour) "We can take our time and not hurry to that
conclusion."  (Aaron, interrupts from the background) "Yuna is a busy person. 
She wants to settle this shortly."  (Seymour) "How rude.  Maybe because it took
me a while to welcome my guests......  Yuna, come here."  Yuna cautiously steps
toward Seymour.

Seymour casts some kind of magic to allow everyone to see a vision of bright
stars, planets, and comets.  Seymour stands immediately behind Yuna, who is in
complete awe.  (Seymour) "This is a precious sphere that reappeared from the
thoughts of the dead drift to the other world......"  They seem to be flying
over Zanarkand.  (Tidus) "Zanarkand!"  The entire cityscape and inhabitants of
Zanarkand appear right before their eyes. It's a bustling city full of
activities.  (Seymour) "Yes, this is Zanarkand 1000 years ago.  Zanarkand, a
city of machines at its fullest glory.  She lived here."  (Yuna) "She?" 
Suddenly, they are transported to a spacious living quarter, with a bed and
canopy.  A woman with long grey hair sits quietly on the bed, in anticipations
of something.  (Yuna) "Yunareska!"  (Seymour) "She was the first person in
history to defeat Sin and save the world.  And you are named after her." 
(Yuna) "My father gave me that name."  (Seymour) "Blaska probably had entrusted
a request on you.  A request that you, like Yunareska, confront Sin.  However,
Yunareska did not save the world by herself.  To defeat the invincible
Sin......takes marriage of two tightly-bound hearts.  The bonds of love that
will not change forever."  A warrior's figure walks toward Yunareska and passes
right through Yuna.  The warrior and Yunareska embrace.  Yuna, slightly
embarrassed, glances at Seymour and seems to acknowledge what he is driving at.
 Seymour moves closer to Yuna and murmurs something to her.  Yuna, in shock,
covers her mouth.  Seymour steps back, giving Yuna a gentle nod.  Yuna shakes
her head, finding something hard to believe.

After the vision ends, Yuna is clearly distressed by what Seymour said.  She
walks to a table, grabs a drink, and tries to calm herself.  Then she moves to
join her guards, who are curious as to what had just taken place.  (Rikku)
"Wow!  Your face is really red!"  (Tidus) "Are you okay?"  Yuna still finds
herself without words and glances at Seymour. (Yuna) "......He asked me to
marry him."  (Tidus) "Are you kidding?"  (Aaron) "I expect you know what Yuna's
mission is."  Seymour slowly strolls closer to Aaron.  (Seymour) "Of course. 
Yuna's, no, a summoner's mission is to bring peace and stability to Spira. 
However, defeating Sin is not everything.  It's also to bring cheerfulness to
the people suffering from Sin, even a little.  Furthermore, it's to bring
attention to someone who directs the people.  So, I have asked Yuna's hand in
marriage as a Ebon priest."  (Aaron) "Spira isn't a theater.  Even if you let
the spectators be drunken with a temporary dream, the reality will not change."
  (Seymour) "Still, one who stands on the stage grabs the attention of the
actors.  (Seymour steps toward Yuna) You don't have to give me an answer right
now.  Please consider it carefully."  (Aaron) "She'll do that.  Let's go." 
(Seymour) "Yuna, I'll be waiting for your good reply."  Yuna remains quiet. 
Seymour is clearly annoyed by Aaron.  (Seymour) "Why do you stay around?" 
Aaron offers no response.  (Seymour) "Sorry about that.  We Guados are very
sensitive to smells of the other world."  Tidus, puzzled, starts to sniff at
Aaron.  Aaron shoves Tidus away.  Everyone leaves the room and then walks out
of the mansion.

(Lulu) "Yuna, daughter of the great summoner, and Seymour, the chief of
Guado...... Can the marriage between them in the name of Ebon overcome the
barrier between the races?  Undoubtedly, this will become a cheerful topic of
conversation for all of Spira."  (Wakka) "But, I feel that it's really a
temporary dream."  (Tidus) ".....So, can't we just quickly return to our
journey?  It's a bad joke."  (Rikku) "Ah, jealous?"  (Tidus) "It's not like
that!  The first priority is to defeat Sin.  Shouldn't everything else be
postponed?"  (Wakka) "We've gotten involved in something superfluous....." 
(Yuna) "I wonder...... if it's superfluous."  (Tidus) "Are you serious?" 
(Yuna) "If the people of Spira can have their spirits lifted by my marriage,
even by a little.......I think that would be wonderful if it serves such a
purpose.  Up to now, I have not imagined it this way.  So, I want to give a
response after careful consideration."  (Tidus) "Are you serious?"  (Rikku) "I
think you will have to end your journey by marrying."  (Yuna) "Let's continue
our journey.  I think Seymour surely understands."  (Rikku) "Yes......  I guess
so."  (Yuna) "I'm a summoner.  I've decided to defeat Sin."  (Aaron) "You're
just like Blaska."  (Tidus) "If so, then why do you need to consider anything!"

(Narration) "......I wanted to yell."

(Yuna, getting up) "I will go to the other world.  I'll try to consider after
meeting my father in the other world."  (Lulu) "Good idea.  Please consider
with a fresh mind."

(Narration) "It was mysterious how no one asked Yuna, 'Do you like Seymour?'"

Everyone arrives at some stairs leading up to a mysterious opening.  (Tidus) "A
question!  What is the other world?  If somebody dies, doesn't the summoner
perform the other world send-off?  So, does the spirits of the dead go to the
other world?  And so, the place where we're going is that other world?  Yuna's
dad is there?  In other words, do the dead people live there?"  As Tidus
pictured it, the other world is full of monsters.  (Wakka) "Are you thinking
that it's something weird?"  (Tidus) "He, he, he......"  (Wakka) "Well, if you
go, you'll see."  As everyone proceeds up the steps, Aaron stays behind.  Tidus
gets curious.  (Tidus) "Why aren't you going?"  (Aaron) "I don't feel like
going to the other world."  (Tidus) "You're probably scared."  (Aaron) "The
other world is a place where one borrows the power of the past to decide on
future course.......  It doesn't suit my personality.  ...... Hurry up and go."
 (Rikku) "Actually, there are no dead people.  It's a place where you to meet
your memories.  The visionary light bugs react to your desire to meet someone. 
Then, the visionary light bugs transforms into human form, and like so you get
a vision."  (Tidus) "Oh."  (Rikku) "Well, go on."  (Tidus, to Rikku) "You're
not going?"  (Rikku) "My memories stay in my heart."  (Tidus) "Huh?"  (Rikku)
"Memories are sweet and tender, so NO!"

Tidus cautiously enters the other world.  He sees others communicating with
their loved ones.  (Tidus) "What?"  The platform on which they stand seemingly
resides on the edge of a enormous vortex of clouds.  Below, there's a huge
waterfall, and all around the visionary light bugs drift freely in all

(Narration) "I came to understand Yuna's feeling in my first visit to the other
world.  Yuna's parents seem so friendly together.  When she saw that, she may
have leaned her feelings toward marrying......"

Tidus goes to see what Wakka is doing.  Wakka is facing a vision of his little
brother, Chap.  (Wakka) "Hey, Chap.  I expected to come and meet you sooner,
but...... Sorry for offending you.  For now on, I'll do better.  After I
retired from blitzball, I devoted myself to being a guard.  I met someone who
looks vaguely like you.....  I thought it would be like traveling with you.....
 I wondered if you weren't still alive somewhere.  But, as expected, you're one
of the residents of the other world.....  I understand clearly now.  Well......
How are you?  Ah, I gave your sword to the guy I told you about earlier. 
Okay?"  Tidus looks at his sword that used to belong to Chap.

Tidus chats with Lulu, who is observing Wakka and his vision of Chap from a
distance.  (Lulu) "He's dead......  I'm alive.  I understand clearly now by
coming here.  I'm not thinking about moving on in my life."  Lulu tilts her
head down, depressed.  (Tidus) "What?"  (Lulu) "What is there to move on
to......"  (Tidus) "Do you have to stick to Chap and the past?  It's bad for
Chap, but have you kept company with anybody new?"  (Lulu) "Indeed, there is
someone else."  (Tidus) "Are you keeping company with Wakka?"  (Lulu) "Why did
you bring up Wakka?"  (Tidus) "But, aren't you guys good friends?"  (Lulu)
"We're good friends, but this is something totally different."  (Tidus) "I
guess so."  (Lulu) "Yes, just remember that, young man.  Try not be so
insulting and have a better grasp of a woman's feelings."  (Tidus) "...... I'll
remember."  (Lulu) "I too will try to not forget.  Goodbye, Chap.  You said
that I always seemed displeased, but.....  I was happy...... very happy."

Tidus come around and pays Yuna a visit as she faces visions of her parents. 
(Tidus) "Well..... How is it going?"  (Yuna) "I decided."  (Tidus) "That's
great.  And, what is it?"  (Yuna) "I remembered something 10 years ago when my
father defeated Sin.  I was in Beberu, and the city was in an uproar.  Everyone
was laughing, and it seemed very happy.  To defeat Sin was the most cheerful
topic of conversation, wasn't it?  That and this, nothing else seems to be that
important."  (Tidus, thinking that Yuna has decided against marrying) "Well,
let's go back?  Let's respond to Seymour?"  (Yuna, assuming that Jecto is still
alive.) "Before that, don't you want to call.... Jecto?  It's okay.  I'm sure
he won't come."

(Narration) "If I try not to think about him is the same as thinking about
him......"  (Yuna) "Look, he didn't come!"  (Narration) "My dad is Sin.  Of
course he won't come here......"  (Yuna) "I'm sure we'll meet him somewhere." 
(Narration) "But, if my dad is really Sin......If I apologized to Yuna and.....
everyone in Spira......No, why should I apologize in his place....."  (Tidus)
"You're the lowest, dad."  (Yuna) "Hey, why do you hate him so much?"  (Tidus)
"He got angry at everything.  Because of him, my mom and I......"  Suddenly, a
vision of Tidus' mom appears before him.  (Tidus) "Mom.....  Ha,
appeared."  (Yuna) "She's pretty."  (Tidus) "Wait....... My mom wasn't sent to
the other world......"  (Yuna) "....... Because when she was alive, she
accepted death."  (Tidus, angry) "That's a terrible thing to say.  I was
there."  (Yuna) "Ah, I'm sorry."  (Tidus) "..... That's okay.  Ah.  I
understand something now."  (Yuna) "What?"  (Tidus) "The reason why I hate my

Flashback:  an image of Jecto and Tidus' mom staring out to the city .  (Jecto)
"Huh?  I told you distinctly."  (Mom) "Really!?"  (Jecto) "Naturally!"  (Mom)
"Okay."  She kisses him on his right cheek.  (Young Tidus) "Mom......"  (Mom)
"In a minute."

(Tidus) "If my dad was around, my mom didn't see me.  That's probably why I
came to hate my dad.  After my dad disappeared......My mom quickly became

Flashback:  an image of Tidus as a child, looking at the sea.  (Aaron) "How are
you feeling?"  (Young Tidus) "It doesn't have anything to do with you!" 
(Aaron) "His death troubles even me."  (Young Tidus) "My mom says that he's not
dead!"  (Aaron) "....... That's bad."

(Tidus) "An old woman from the neighborhood said.  If one of a pair of birds
died, the remaining one will die trying to pursue it.  It really became that
way......I hated my dad more and more.  But, my dad, really......"

Back to the first flashback with Jecto and Tidus' mom staring out to the city. 
(Young Tidus) "Mom......"  (Mom) "In a minute."  (Jecto) "Go to him, or he's
going to cry again."

(Tidus, standing next to Yuna with his head down) "Somehow, I....." (Yuna)
"Huh?"  (Tidus) "I was bad and unreasonable."  (Yuna) "That's not true." 
(Tidus) "I'm really bad!"   Wakka, Lulu, and Kimari are standing behind Tidus
and Yuna.  (Wakka, to Yuna) "How is it going?  Do you want to think some more?"
 (Yuna) "No.  I'm ready."  (Lulu, to Tidus) "What's with you?"  Tidus scratches
the back of his head in embarrassment.

Tidus, Yuna, Wakka, Lulu, and Kimari descend down he stairs.  (Yuna) "Thanks
for waiting.  We'll go to respond to priest Seymour."  Suddenly, a shocking
event occurs.  A vision begins to creep beyond the boundary between the other
world and reality.  One can make out that he's a Guado.  (Yuna) "Jiskal!?" 
Everyone is surprised and keeps back.  It looks like Jiskal is trying to hand
something to Yuna.  (Aaron) "It looks like he's lost."  (Yuna) "Why?"  (Aaron)
"Yuna, send him back."  Yuna walks up toward Jiskal.  Small particles of light,
like those of the visionary light bugs, began to drift from Aaron's body as he
collapses.  Yuna stands next to Jiskal.  (Yuna) "Jiskal."  (Lulu) "He is not
Jiskal anymore.  Please send him back quickly."  Yuna nods and performs some
spell.  Jiskal evaporates and returns to the other world, but he drops
something on the ground.  Yuna picks it up.

Aaron appears to be affected by the other world.  (Aaron) "Let's talk later. 
Let's leave here."  Everyone leaves.

They stroll back down the path away from the other world room.  (Wakka) "What
happened just now?  Why did Jiskal did what he did?"  (Yuna) "Jiskal died
without being delivered to the other world ......"  (Lulu) "A other world
send-off was performed for him.  Still......  he stayed in Spira.  It seems
that is possible, if he is restrained by powerful, very powerful thoughts." 
(Rikku) "That is highly irregular."  (Aaron) "That's what happens when one did
not face directly at death."

They return to Seymour's mansion.  (Yuna) "I will meet with Seymour."  (Aaron)
"Yuna!  What happened with Jiskal is the Guado's problem.  Don't let that
bother you."  The guards wait outside.  (Tidus) "Hey!"  (Lulu) "What?"  (Tidus)
"What do you think about Yuna's marriage?"  (Lulu) "If she will continue the
journey, either way is fine with me."  They're standing on a overpass, facing
the mansion's entrance.  (Tidus) "That's it.  How about whether Yuna likes
Seymour or not?"  (Lulu) "People marry for various reasons."  (Tidus) "What do
you mean?"  (Lulu) "You don't need those feelings for that marriage.  She wants
bring happiness to the people of Spira by defeating Sin.  She wants to bring
happiness to the people of Spira with happy news.  To Yuna, they're both the
same.  What's important is your own resignations.  If there's resignation, what
should become of feelings if anything?"  (Tidus) "I guess so, but I don't
understand this well."

Tidus speaks to Lulu again.  (Lulu) "Hey......  If Yuna marries, I......" 
(Tidus) "We're continuing the earlier conversation?"  (Lulu) "Yes.  If Yuna
marries, I want to marry someone I like."  (Tidus) "I thought so!"  (Lulu)
"But, if Yuna start saying that she wants to marry someone she likes, I will
oppose."  (Tidus, puzzled) "Huh?  What you just said is inconsistent."  (Lulu)
"I know."

Tidus looks around town and runs into Shelinda.  (Shelinda) "Ah, are you with a
summoner?"  (Tidus) "Ah, she went to Seymour's mansion."  (Shelinda) "Again,
he's not Seymour.  He's priest Seymour."  (Tidus) "Ah, I'll keep that in mind,
yes."  (Shelinda) "That's okay.  Ah, priest Seymour was dressed a while ago." 
(Tidus) "Are you serious?"  (Shelinda) "It looks like he was heading for the
Makaraniya shrine.  Priest Seymour is that shrine's director."  (Tidus) "Ah, I
had better tell the others."  So, Tidus tells the others about Seymour.

Inside Seymour's mansion, Yuna stands before Jiskal's portrait, wondering. 
(Yuna) "Jiskal...... Is there something I can do for you?"  (Rikku) "Yuna~
Let's go."  Yuna leaves the mansion and rejoins the party.

(Tidus) "Seymour went to the Marakaniya shrine."  (Wakka) "It's 'Makaraniya'
shrine."  (Tidus) "Yes, yes."  (Wakka) "...... Even if it's true, even if he is
a priest, why would he go without saying anything?"  (Rikku) "He didn't think
that we would be giving him a response so soon."  (Wakka) "I'm sure that's
why."  (Aaron) "Yuna...... What happened?"  (Yuna) "...... No, it's nothing." 
(Aaron) "Humph...... You're not good at hiding secrets."  (Yuna) "There really
isn't anything.  Well, let's go!"

Next, they arrive at the lightening plains.  (Rikku, trembling in fear)
"Ah~ah.......  Here it comes......"   Lightening strikes, and thunder can be
heard.  Rikku shrieks.  (Tidus) "How do we proceed forward from here?"   (Lulu)
"There are lightning towers here and there.  The lightning towers can catch the
lightnings."  (Wakka) "We can proceed northwards by not getting too close or
too far from the lightning towers."  (Lulu) "Wide-open areas without anything
are dangerous."  Lightning and thunder strike again, causing Rikku to scream. 
(Rikku) "Can we go back to Guado Salam for just a short while?"  (Aaron) "Well,
it's a short association with you.  (or 'It's been nice working with you.')" 
(Rikku) "Ah......  I got you.  Let's go!"  They begin to cross the thunder

Of all places to run into Meichen the researcher, we find him standing around a
lightning tower.  (Meichen) "Hey, you've gone thru a lot of trouble getting
here.  I wonder if you're interested in having a chat?"  (The group) "Please." 
(Meichen) "Well then, I wonder if I should tell you about this road.  A long
time ago, here was a dangerous place for a famous journey.  'The thunder plain
was impassible.  The lightning prevented people's way'  ...... Up until this
song was left behind.  Then a man named Biligan appeared who had a good command
of machines.  He went around the plain and built the lightning towers.  Then
travelers can start to venture forth while avoiding the lightnings.  When
Biligan was building these lightning towers, he was struck by a lightning and

Further down the road, they find Shelinda under another lightning tower. 
(Shelinda) "You've worked hard to get here!"  (Tidus) "You too."  (Shelinda)
"Oh yeah.  I heard that priest Seymour and Yuna are going to get married.  That
is wonderful news.  I want to let everyone know quickly!"  (Tidus) "Who did you
hear that from?"  (Shelinda) "From the Guado tribe.  Everyone was very happy." 
(Tidus) "That is wrong.  Yuna is expected to refuse his proposal."  (Shelinda)
"Huh!  Really?!"  Between saying 'Yes, there's no wedding' and 'I'm joking.', I
chose the latter.  (Shelinda) "That's awful!  You shouldn't throw cold water on
such wonderful news!"

They finally arrive in a fork in the road.  A lightning strikes fairly close. 
(Wakka) "Wow~!  That's close!  Wow~!!"  (Lulu) "Let's go quickly!"  (Wakka)
"Hey, hey."  Rikku is starting to lose her composure.  (Wakka) "Huh?  What's
wrong?"  (Rikku) "He, he, he, he......"  (Tidus, imitating Rikku) "What's 'He,
he, he, he......'?  Are you feeling okay?"  Another lightning strikes on a
tower near Rikku.  (Rikku) "Yeaaaaaaaa~~!?"  Rikku falls onto the ground, and
for a moment she seems dead.  Everyone pauses for a second.  Then, she craws
like an insect and grabs onto Tidus' leg.  (Rikku) "No~!  No more~!  No more
thunder~!!  (pointing to some structure)  Let's rest there!  How about it? 
Well?"  (Aaron) "The thunders here will no stop.  It's better for us to get
past it quickly."  (Rikku) "I know, but~!  That's unreasonable~!"  (Tidus)
"Well, what should we do?"  They all go to the structure.

(Rikku, standing at the entrance) "Please~!  Let's rest~!"  All the members,
with the exception of Tidus, are walking away.  (Rikku) "Thunder is bad~!  Get
some rest?  Please!"  They keep walking.  (Rikku) "Even though I said 'no' so
firmly......"  They continue to walk away.  (Rikku) "You're terrible...... just
terrible......  No blood and no tears....."  Just when they can no longer be
seen, they start to run back toward Rikku.  (Rikku) "Maybe you 're just having
fun with me?"  (Aaron) "Okay, we're going to rest here, reluctantly.  But you
have to be quiet."

Wow, this is actually a pretty nice inn on the inside.  (Yuna) "I'm a little
tired.  (directed toward the inn keeper) Do you have rooms available?" 
(Employee) "Ah, you're a summoner.  Please use these over there."  (Yuna)
"Thank you."  Yuna proceeds to the room.  (Wakka) "Hey, Yuna?"  (Lulu) "That's
not like her."   Tidus goes around talking to everyone.  (Aaron) "It's tough
being a guard when the summoner is a young girl.  It seems like it's going to
be a troublesome journey."  Tidus speaks to Kimari.  (Kimari) "Yuna is
sleeping.  Don't bother her."  Then, he speaks to Rikku.  (Tidus) "Are you that
scared?"  (Tidus) "Um.  When I was a kid, I was attacked by a monster while
playing in the sea.  My older brother, who was with me, tried to kill it with
magic, but...... (A lightning strikes)  Yeaaaaaaa.......  In a hurry, my older
brother casted the magic on me!  It was the magic 'Thunder'; it went like
'boom, boom, boom, boom, boom'! "  (Tidus, laughing) "Ha, ha, ha....."  (Rikku)
"Since then, I just can't stand thunder....."  (Lulu) "But, it's an effective
battle tactic.  Monsters that appear in water are weak against magical
attacks."  (Rikku) "Ah!  My older brother said that too!"  (Lulu) "Will you
guys remember?"  Another lightning and thunder strike, accompanied by Rikku's
scream.  (Lulu) "It looks hopeless."

A blonde male wearing a yellow jacket walks from the rooms in the back.  His
name is Lin, a traveling sales person that the group has met previously.  (Lin)
"Well, well, everyone.  Welcome to my travel company.  (He sees Rikku) Hum?" 
(Rikku) "Jeez~!"  (Lin) "Humph."  Lin turns to face the employee behind the
counter.  Tidus walks up to speak to Lin.  (Lin) "How is it going with your Al
Bhed language lessons?"  Tidus replies that it has been going okay.  (Lin)
"That's great."  Lin offers Tidus another piece of the Al Bhed dictionary. 
(Lin) "Is that person Aaron?"  (Tidus) "Yes."  (Lin) "I thought so.  I became
aware of him since I found him in a shop along the streets of Mihen.  (He walks
over to Aaron to speak to him)  Aaron!  (Aaron turns to face Lin.)  Don't you
remember me?  That was 10 years ago......  It was the beginning of Blaska's
calm season."  (Aaron) "Ah, and I troubled you."  (Lin) "No, no.  I don't let
someone go with serious wounds.  For all that, I was very surprised when you
disappeared the next morning.  You were so injured that a normal person would
not be able to even walk."  (Aaron) "That was bad.  Stop this talk."    (Lin)
"All right."  Lin steps away from Aaron.

Tidus speaks to Lin once more.  (Lin) "Earlier, I saw priest Seymour's party. 
I understand that the priest is getting married....."  (Tidus) "How did you
know?"  (Lin) "The Guado tribe travels far and wide."  (Tidus) "Those selfish
people."  Tidus speaks to Lulu.  (Lulu) "Yuna's mind is completely up in the
air.  I wonder if it's about Jiskal......"  Next, Wakka.  (Wakka) "I wonder
what's wrong with Yuna?"

Tidus walks past Yuna's room and hears something.  (Tidus) "Huh?"  Nosey as
ever, Tidus presses his right ear against the door.  After making sure that no
one is approaching, Tidus tries to pry open the door.  Suddenly, the door opens
forward and sends him tumbling into Yuna's room, to Yuna's surprise.  (Yuna)
Wha, what!?"  Yuna quickly shuts off some kind of device.  Tidus gets back on
his feet and tries to explain his way of his predicament.  (Tidus) "Well...... 
I don't have any business in particular......  I'm sorry.  What I did was
terrible......  (Right before he steps out, Tidus turns back to ask Yuna
something.)  Ah, was that Guado tribe's Jiskal just now?"  (Yuna) "...... Yes. 
It was his last request, to give his regards to his son."  (Tidus, waving his
arms for some reason) "His son is Seymour, right?"  Yuna nods.  (Tidus) "If
it's just him saying 'hi' to his son, why are you so troubled?"  (Yuna)
"Sorry."  Yuna runs out of the room.  (Tidus) "Huh?"  With Yuna out of the
room, Tidus comes in for a closer look at Jeskal's sphere.  Before he has a
chance, Wakka sneaks up on him.  (Wakka) "Hey, what are you doing!"  Wakka has
Tidus in a head-lock.  (Tidus, struggling) "There was something weird about
Yuna's behavior!"  (Wakka) "I knew that.  Up to now, I was just waiting for her
to tell us herself."  (Tidus) "Ouch!  Ouch!  Ouch!  Ouch!  I gotcha!  I gotcha!
 Wait!  It hurts!"  Wakka finally lets go of Tidus.

Everyone gathers at the entrance of the inn.  Tidus goes around to chat a
little.  (Wakka) "No matter what kind of trouble happens, we are her guards." 
(Tidus, depending on your response) "Understood."  (Wakka) "So, like always,
let continue our journey."  Wakka asks Tidus to check on Rikku.  (Rikku) "The
thundering hasn't stopped......"  (Aaron) "That's no reason for us to stick
around here."  Suddenly, there were a flash of lightning and thunder.  Rikku
screams.  (Aaron) "We all have only one life."  Aaron walks out of the inn. 
(Rikku) "I know......  But, it's better that you don't say it that way!  You
should try to gently cheer me up!  Even if I'm getting used to that attitude! 
He really doesn't understand anything, really!  Hey!  Are you listening? 
(Another thunder)  I can't give up~!  Hwa, wa, wa, wa, wa...... I can't give

Everyone is back outside of the inn and under the rain and thunder.  They
resume their trek across the Thunder Plains.  After some time, Yuna stops in
her tracks.  It seems like she has something to say.  (Yuna) "I wonder if
everyone will okay with this."  (Wakka) "What's the matter?"  (Yuna) "There's
something I want to tell you."  (Lulu) "Here?"  (Rikku) "We must be near the
end.  Let's go quickly."  (Yuna) "I want to say it now!"  (Aaron, referring to
a nearby cover) "Tell us over there."

Everyone quietly waits for Yuna to say what she has to say.  (Narration) "I had
a bad feeling about it."  (Yuna) "I will marry."  (Lulu) "I thought so......" 
(Rikku, hearing the thunder) "Heh!"  (Wakka) "Why?  Did your feelings change?" 
(Yuna) "For the sake of Spira......  For the sake of Ebon.......  I thought it
would be best to do so."  (Aaron) "No need for explanations."  (Lulu) "Though
I'm not sure......  but does it have something to do with Jiskal?"  (Tidus)
"Ah!  That sphere!"  (Aaron) "Show it to us......"   (Yuna) "...... I can't. 
First, I must speak with priest Seymour.  I really didn't have a reason to tell
you, and it's really my personal problem."  (Wakka) "That's cold."  (Aaron)
"...... Do whatever you want."  (Yuna) "I'm sorry."  (Aaron) "Now, I will only
ask this once."  (Yuna) "I'm not quitting the journey."  (Aaron) "If so......
it's fine with me."  (Tidus, trying to hold back Aaron) "Wait a second, Aaron. 
It's okay no matter what, even after the journey!"  (Aaron) "Of course.  If she
doesn't toss her conviction to fight Sin......  It a summoner's freedom to do
whatever she wants.  That is a summoner's privilege.  She can cash that in for
her resolution."  Both Wakka and Lulu nod.  (Tidus) "But, there's
something......"  (Wakka) "Yuna, I have one question.  Isn't it bad to just
speak to priest Seymour?  Is it bad for you to not marry?"  (Yuna) "I don't
know.  But, I think a resolution is necessary."  (Wakka) "I guess so....." 
(Rikku) "Yuna...... (A thunder strikes, to the thunder)  Be quiet!  I'm
sorry...... that you had to make the resolution."  (Yuna) "It's okay...... I'm
fine with it."

(Narration) "What was meant by 'sorry', and what was meant by 'okay'.......
What was meant by 'resolution', and what was meant by 'privilege'......  I
didn't understand very well.  I, along with everyone, was gripped with deep
thoughts and felt as if something is wrong.  If everyone left me, I would be in
Spira...... all alone.  It was painful to feel that I am all alone."

(Aaron) "Anyway, the first thing is to aim for Makaraniya shrine.  Yuna will
meet with Seymour, and it'll be better for them to discuss this freely.  We
guards will wait for that conclusion and consider plans for the coming journey.

Rikku is very happy to be leaving the Thunder Plains and entering the southern
part of the Makaraniya Forest.  Aaron waits for Tidus to catch up, and the two
engages in a candid conversation.  (Aaron) "Are you worried about Yuna?" 
(Tidus) "It's unreasonable to not care.  What do you suppose I can do?" 
(Aaron) "If you simply consider...... him as a material for marriage, it's
expected that she will discuss it with Seymour."  (Tidus) "What discussion?" 
(Aaron) "Well."  (Tidus) "I wonder if it's okay for her to do it by herself." 
(Aaron) "...... There little hope for that.  A person like Seymour is a good
performer."  (Tidus) "If you understand that, won't you do something?"  (Aaron)
"Yuna will not wish that."  (Tidus) "Ahh......  I don't understand that either.
 Doesn't she trust us?"  (Aaron) "It's the opposite.  She is determined to try
to resolve this by herself so that it won't drag everyone into it."  (Tidus)
"Yes, I feel that way.  But, I'm worried about that approach.  It would be good
for her to just talk to us."  (Aaron) "She is the kind of girl who can't do
that.  Her beliefs are passionate with sincerity...... She's poor at taking
advantage of people."  (Tidus) "You understand her well."  (Aaron) "It's easy
to understand Yuna."  (Tidus) "Ha, ha, ha, ha......  Undoubtedly. "  (Aaron)
"At some time it will be our turn to guard."  Aaron rushes forward to catch up
with the others.  (Aaron) "At that time, you will need to offer support."

Tidus catches up with the rest of the group.  (Rikku, leaping) "You're slow~!" 
(Tidus) "Relatively!"  (Narration) "I was mysteriously calm.  Yuna's marriage
isn't this or that type of marriage like I imagined......  Yes, it looks like
there will be a short ceremony so that she can continue her journey.  I think
that she began by considering the marriage in that way.  Man, what am I
saying.....  maybe he's the one who has feelings of resignation."  Tidus walks
up to Yuna.  (Tidus) "Should we go, Yuna?"  Yuna nods.  Next, the Ebon shrine
of Makaraniya.

They run into Lucilu and her companions.  (Lucilu) "I'm very happy to see that
Yuna has reached here safely.  I congratulate you on your engagement."  (Yuna)
"It seems that priest Seymour's messenger will come to welcome me."  (Lucilu)
"Please proceed down that road toward the Makaraniya shrine."

(Elma) "I've decided to help with guarding the shrine until Yuna's wedding
ceremony is over.  We will kill anyone or anything that interrupts the
celebration!"  If you try to get past Elma and Lucilu, Lucilu will tell you
that ,"This way is the road to Beberu.  Please hurry to Makaraniya shrine now."
 They go back and take the other route.

They come across Baltero as he runs toward them down a path.  (Baltero) "Hey! 
(Trying to catch his breath) Did you see Dona?"  (Tidus) "Dona?  We haven't
seen her."  (Wakka) "What's wrong?"  (Baltero) "I lost sight of her after
entering the forest.  Damn!  Where did she go!?"  (Aaron) "Calm down." 
(Baltero) "But!  If something happens to her....."  (Aaron) "You can't settle
anything by getting all agitated and wasting your breath.  Now, believe that
Dona is safe and do your best to find her."  (Baltero) "But!!"  (Aaron) "What's
a summoner to do, if his/her guard gets all agitated."  (Baltero) "I guess
you're right......"  (Aaron) "Do you need help?"  (Baltero) "No, I'll be fine
on my own!  Aaron, thank you."  Baltero rushes off to find Dona, just when
Rikku steps forward.  (Wakka) "What's wrong?"  (Rikku) "Ah, I just thought that
I would say 'I hope she's fine.'"

Aaron stops to investigate something.  (Aaron) "Wait a second.  If I remember
correctly.....  it's around here."  (Tidus) "What?"  (Aaron) "Something I want
to show you."  (Yuna) "But, Aaron......"  (Aaron) "We'll be done soon."  With a
few whacks of his sword, Aaron cuts a path through the ice and walks through,
followed by Yuna and Tidus.  Inside, there's a huge open area with pools of
sparkling water.  In the rear sits some kind of vegetation.  (Tidus)
"This...... Isn't this normal water?"  (Aaron) "This water is the raw material
for spheres.  It has the power to forcibly seal people's thoughts."  Something
suddenly rises out of the large pool in the back.  It's a large blob of water. 
(Wakka) "What is it!?"  (Aaron) "It's easy for monsters to be born in a place
where thoughts gather."   They eventually defeat the watery monster.  (Wakka)
"It must be very old.  It could have been lost inside that monster."  (Aaron)
"It's a sphere that Jecto left behind 10 years ago.  (Everyone is surprised) 
Look."  Tidus picks it up and looks at it.

A recorded image can be seen in the sphere, one showing Aaron and Blaska in
some grandiose structure.  (Aaron) "What are you recording!?"  (Jecto) "I don't
understand very well, but it'll probably be a long journey, right?  We'll
probably see many unusual things.  If I record everything on this sphere.....
then I can show it to the wife and kid."  (Aaron, stopping in his tracks) "This
journey isn't for fun!"  (Jecto) "But, Blaska!  The departure of a summoner who
will fight Sin......Why does it look like some escape in the night?"  (Blaska)
"I like it this way.  If we have too big of a send-off instead, my resolve may
waver."  (Jecto) "I guess so......  Hey, when you come back here, I guess it'll
be much noisier.  As the hero that defeated Sin, you'll be given an extravagant
parade to celebrate your triumphal return!"  (Blaska) "Ha, ha, ha, ha..... Now,
let's go.  It'll be daybreak soon."

They see another part of the recording.  Aaron and Jecto can be seen in a snowy
field next to a building.  (Blaska, doing the recording) "Aaron, come forward a
bit more."  Aaron turns away and faces away from the sphere.  (Blaska) "Okay,
that's fine."  (Jecto, bothered by how dull Aaron is) "You dislike it that
much, you square."  (Aaron) "Shut up."  (Jecto) "Blaska, you get in too.  It'll
be a good present for Yuna."  (Blaska, nodding as the sphere points up and
down) "I guess so."  (Aaron) "Blaska......We cannot be careful enough of our
time to be doing things like this!"  (Jecto, walks off the image) "What is
there to hurry for?"  (Aaron, following Jecto) "I'll tell you why we're on this
journey!"  (Blaska) "Aaron!"

(Tidus) "What's going on......  Why do they seem so happy?"  (Rikku) "It looks
like there's more."

You see Jecto sitting on the ground of the forest area where Tidus and others
are.  (Jecto) "Yo.  If you can see this, that would mean that you have come to
Spira just like me.  Don't cry if you can't find a way to go back.  Well, I
understand why you'd feel like crying; I'm human too.  Still, don't cry
bashfully all the time.  After all, you're my son.  Ah, well.... Hum.... 
Enough.  But this isn't the end."  Jecto is back.  (Jecto) "Anyway, live
happily...... That's all I have to say.  Later."

(Tidus) "That wasn't persuasive.  Even in the end, he had to jokingly pretend."
 (Aaron) "He was not pretending.  At that time, Jecto has already decided on a
resolution."  (Tidus) "Resolution?"  (Aaron) "Jecto had said that he would
someday return to his home in Zanarkand.  He continued to acquire sceneries on
the sphere, so that he can show them to you after he returned.  However, he
continued the journey, learned about Spira, and learned Blaska's
resolution......  So, before he proceeded on the journey further, Jecto's
feelings changed.  Jecto decided to fight Sin with Blaska."  (Tidus) "So he
gave up the idea of going back......"  (Aaron) "That's what I meant by

(Narration) "In some way, I understood.  My dad made the resolution because he
couldn't find a way to go back to Zanarkand.  He really wanted to go back, but
he decided on that resolution because he can't go back.  If he didn't do that,
I think he could not have proceeded forward.  For all that, even if he did find
a way to go back, I think that he could not say good-bye to his friends in the
middle of a journey."

(Tidus) "Well, let's depart!"

(Narration) "I felt as if his resignation changed into his resolution."

Before Tidus leaves the area, Aaron has a few things to say to him.  (Aaron)
"Hey."  (Tidus) "What?"  (Aaron) "Jecto loved you."  (Tidus) "Don't' say
something to make me feel bad."  (Aaron) "But, he said that he didn't know how
to love."  (Tidus) "What my dad said was quite enough."  (Aaron) "I want to
tell you just that."  (Tidus) "Thanks.  Thank you."

They finally finish crossing the Makaraniya Forest and enter a terrain covered
in snow.  At the forest's edge, there lies a building, where Tidus and the
others come across Clasko and his chocobo.  (Clasko) "Good Day.  Look at this. 
I'm always the lone caretaker.  (The chocobo squeaks.)  Ah~, yes, yes.  Does
your neck itch?  (The chocobo lowers its head, and Clasko scratches its neck.) 
Oh, isn't that nice."  (Tidus) "You understand it well."  (Clasko) "Aah, I can
vaguely sense a chocobo's feelings.  Though I'm not sure, I may be more suited
for this than being a knight.  Hey, what kind of job do you think I'm more
suited for?"  You get to pick either 'chocobo knight' or 'chocobo trainer'.  I
picked the former.  (Clasko) "I guess I should have known.  I thought you would
certainly tell me 'trainer'....."  He continues.  (Clasko) "I won't be
rebuilding the cavalry by getting new chocobos.  (Talking to himself)  This end
is a bit long....... I wonder if it's okay."

As it turns out, they are at another of Lin's travel companies around
Makaraniya Lake.  They enter the establishment and finds Meichen.  (Meichen)
"Is Yuna getting married to priest Seymour?"  First of all, I should say
congratulations.  However, it is somewhat regrettable.  I thought that Yuna
would summon the calm season by defeating Sin."  (Tidus) "Yuna will not end
your journey even if she married."  (Meichen) "Oh!  That, that is a wonderful
resolution."   Tidus speaks to Meichen again.  (Meichen) "Can I tell you
something?"  Tidus says 'please'.  (Meichen) "This Makaraniya Lake is frozen
all year round.  No matter how warm the day gets, the ice never melts.  The
freezing of the lake is an effect of the cold air released by the prayer child
in the shrine.  This is all for now."

Further down the road, they find Tramell walking toward them.  (Tramell) "I
have come to welcome you, Yuna.  It was certainly something unexpected, to have
you respond so quickly.  Allow me to say something on behalf of Seymour, who
left home without saying anything......"  (Yuna) "That is fine.  Actually, I
want to ask one thing."  (Tramell) "Anything."  (Yuna) "I want to continue my
journey even if I marry.  Will priest Seymour allow this?"  (Tramell) "Seymour
already expects that."  Yuna turns around to face her guards.  (Yuna) "I'm
going."  She goes and stands next to Tramell.  (Tramell) "Now......there is a
Guado custom.  Everyone, please wait here for just a little.  Before long, I'll
be back to welcome you."  Tramell walks away.  Yuna turns around to say
something.  (Yuna) "Well....."  (Aaron) "The guard will always be the
summoner's friend.  Try to do what you're happy with."  (Yuna) "Yes!"  Yuna
walks away.

(Aaron) "That was bad."  (Tidus) "Huh?"  (Aaron) "Those were your words." 
Tidus runs forward and tries to catch Yuna's attention.  (Tidus) "Yuna!"  He
whistles.  (Yuna) "Understood!"  Rikku turns to her left upon noticing
something.  (Rikku) "Ah!!"  (Wakka) "Al Bheds!"

Yuna and Tramell are under attack by the some Al Bhed people.  The guards rush
to their rescue and gather around them.  (Aaron) "Leave it to us."  (Tramell)
"I'm grateful!"  As Tramell tries to direct Yuna away from the fight, Yuna lets
go of his hand and rejoins her guards.  Suddenly, the nearby Al Bheds walk
away, a huge mechanical weapon arrives on the scene.  (Rikku) "Heh!"  (Tidus)
"Interpret!"  (Rikku) "That can seal magical and summon beasts!"  No matter. 
They defeat this mechanical monstrosity.

(Tramell) "Yuna!"  Tramell and Yuna begin to walk way.  A member of Al Bhed
appears and screams something at Rikku.  Rikku replies in the Al Bhed language,
and the only thing I can make out is that Rikku states that she is Yuna's
guard.  (Rikku) "Ah, ha, ha, ha......I said that I became a guard.  Um, It's no
use."  (Wakka) "Why do you the Al Bhed language?  Huh?"  Wakka looks at Tidus,
Wakka, and Aaron.  (Rikku) "It's because I'm from the Al Bhed tribe.  That was
my older brother."  (Wakka, still looking at the three) "Did you know?"  Tidus
and Lulu nod.  (Wakka) "Why did you keep quiet about this?"  (Lulu) "Are you
angry?"  (Wakka) "This is the worst.......  I'm traveling with an Al Bhed, the
people against Ebon."  (Rikku) "We are not rebelling against Ebon."  (Wakka)
"Don't you guys use the prohibited machines without shame?!  It was probably
because of people taking advantage of machines that Sin was born!"  (Rikku)
"What about proof?  Show me the proof!"  (Wakka) "It's Ebon's teaching!  There
are many lessons!"  (Rikku) "That answer is no good!  A teaching is just a
teaching!  Think more with your own head!"  (Wakka) "Well then, tell me!  Why
was Sin born?"  (Rikku) "That...... I don't know."  (Wakka) "Humph!  You made
fun of Ebon's teaching, and your conclusion is that?"  (Rikku) "But!  If you
don't do any thinking and only say that it's the teaching, then that's all
there will be!  For as long as you live, nothing will change!"  (Wakka) "It's
okay if nothing changes!"  (Rikku) "And it's okay that Sin continues to be
reborn.  I'm so sure, but we may be able to stop that."  (Wakka) "If we atone
for our sins, then Sin will not resurrect."  (Rikku) "How do we atone for our
sins!?"  (Wakka) "If you live by following the teachings, then you can make
atonement someday!"  (Rikku) "I can't put up with this kind of talk....." 
(Aaron, referring to one of the bikes the Al Bheds left behind) "Rikku!  Does
this work?"  Rikku  says, 'yes'.  (Wakka) "Are we going to ride that?  Surely,
Aaron isn't an Al Bhed."  (Tidus) "It's weird, Wakka."  (Wakka) "What?" 
(Tidus) "When you found out that Rikku is from the Al Bhed tribe, you quickly
got angry.  But up to now, you got along with her very well!"  (Wakka) "What
are you trying to say...."  (Tidus) "I don't know things in Spira very well,
and I don't know anything about what kind of people are the Al Bheds, but I
think Rikku is a good kid.  Rikku is just Rikku."  (Wakka, seeking Lulu's
opinion) "Lulu....."   (Lulu) "It's a good opportunity to know the Al Bhed
tribe, don't' you think so?"

(Wakka) "Humph!"  Wakka starts to walk away.  (Aaron) "Let him go.  He can't
accept it easily."  (Rikku, as she is trying to get the bikes ready)
"Sorry....."  (Lulu) "You didn't do anything wrong."  (Tidus) "Well, let's go!"
 Kimari flips over one of the vehicles.  (Rikku) "Can it work~?"  Kimari gets
on the bike and starts to ride away.  (Tidus) "We can't be beaten by Kimari!" 
Tidus and Lulu ride on one bike; Aaron and Rikku, on another.

Aboard Al Bhed's versions of the snow mobile, Tidus and Lulu head for
Makaraniya shrine.  Along the way, they drive past empty fields of ice and
snow.  (Lulu) "Don't hate Wakka......"  (Tidus) "I'm okay with it."  (Lulu)
"Thanks."  (Tidus) "What do you think of Rikku?"  (Lulu) "Me?  Well, I wonder
if it's even any of my business."  (Tidus) "That's it?"  (Lulu) "She's not a
bad kid.  That, I know."  (Tidus) "You think?  I think that Wakka knows that
too."  (Lulu) "...... Yes."  (Tidus) "Wakka is thick-headed.  Is Ebon's
teachings really that strict?"  (Lulu) "It's not entirely due to the
teachings."  (Tidus) "Huh?"  (Lulu) "He hates the Al Bheds because of what
happened with Chap."  (Tidus) "Ah, just because he used machine weapons, he got
killed.  It's all Sin's fault.  ...... Damn you, dad."  (Lulu) "What?"  (Tidus)
"Aah, what we're talking about.....  Well, is Sin somebody in disguise?" 
(Lulu) "I have never heard of this before.....  Why do you ask?"  (Tidus) "I
don't know why."  (Lulu) "Sin is a punishment, and at the same time it's the
physical form of our sins." (Tidus) "Huh?  In conclusion, is it something I
won't understand?"  (Lulu) "It's doesn't take too much thinking.  With all
one's might, one may have only to choose to run away or fight.  It's better to
not ponder over something too deep."  (Tidus) "What......?  Is that right?" 
(Lulu, with a smile) "Hu, hu......  You really came from a world without Sin,
as was expected."

They arrive at Makaraniya shrine and attempt to get in.  The front guard
prevents them from proceeding to the door.  (Guard) "Wait!  This is not a place
where Al Bheds are allowed to enter."  (Aaron) "This girl is Yuna's guard." 
(Guard) "One of her guards is from the Al Bhed tribe?  I can't believe it." 
(Rikku) "I want to protect Yuna.  No one can object to that."  (Aaron) "That's
right.  The guard's race doesn't matter."  (Guard) "It's unavoidable."

They enter the shrine.  Tramell stands at the entrance.  (Tramell) "Oh, Yuna's
guards.  Thank you for what happened a little while ago.  Thanks to everyone, I
was able to guide Yuna here safely.  I want to convey my deepest gratitude. 
It's a trifle thing, but please accept this."  He gives them a Shell Armor. 
Shelinda rushes to welcome them.  (Shelinda) "Ah!  You came!  I'm happy that
priest Seymour and Yuna somehow seem to be themselves.  They are cheering
people who are suffering from Sin because it's such cheerful news."  (Tidus) "I
guess that's how it turned out, after all."  (Shelinda) "Aren't you happy?" 
(Tidus) "Wow, look at the various things."  Tidus sidesteps the question.  He
walks away from Shelinda and tries to find Yuna.  (Tidus) "Hey, don't you know
where's Yuna?"  (Shelinda) "Yuna seems to have gone to the trial room.  She
went with priest Seymour."  All of a sudden, a woman runs out from one of the
side rooms, screaming.  (Woman) "Jiskal!!  A sphere in Yuna's baggage....." 
Everyone rushes into that room.

Tidus joins the rest of the guards in a room filled with decorations for the
celebration.  (Aaron) "This is the reason why Yuna was troubled......"  Tidus
looks into the Jiskal sphere.

(Jiskal) "What I'm about to say here is the absolute truth.  I swear it on my
Guado pride.  I want you to hear it from the heart.  It's about my son,
Seymour.  I don't know what he is planning.  What I can see is only a black
flame burning in his soul.  He will use Ebon, Guado, and the summoners...... 
if left alone, he will be reduced to someone who will bring calamity to
Spira......  I will die soon.  I will die because of my son.  ......I will
accept that.  As much as I was cowardly, he suffered......  and became crooked.
 I did not protect Seymour and his mother from the world.  As a punishment
dished out to me, I accept this death......  However, to the person who sees
this.  Stop Seymour.  I leave my son...... in your hands."

They finish viewing Jiskal's sphere.  (Aaron) "So, is this it?"  (Rikku) "I
wonder if Yuna's okay?"  (Aaron) "This is the biggest emergency so far......" 
Aaron rushes off, followed by Kimari.  (Wakka) "Where to!?"  Rikku leaves. 
(Tidus) "Seymour is evil.  He clearly did it!"  (Wakka) "Our opponent is an
Ebon priest."  (Tidus, getting upset) "Ahhhhh!  Why are you still standing
still here!?"  (Lulu) "Let's go, Wakka.  Let me ask you something."  (Wakka)
"How did this happen...... ?"  Wakka and Lulu head off.

Tidus comes out from the back room and discovers the guard, who protects the
trial room, laying on the ground.  (Guard) "How rude......  I'll report that
Ronso tribesman to Beberu."  The guards enter the trial room.  (Aaron) "Kimari
is waiting.  Go right ahead."  (Tidus) "Okay!"  Tidus runs off.  As Wakka
follows in his footsteps, Aaron tries to tell him something.  (Aaron) "We'll
act according on the attitude of our opponent.  Be ready."  (Wakka) "Ha, ha,
ha......  My mind is completely blank....."  (Lulu) "If the priest was at
fault, we have no choice......!"

After completing the puzzle trial, the guards finally arrive in the waiting
room.  There, standing right next to the door is Seymour.   His assistants
stand not to far from him.  (Tidus) "Seymour!"  (Seymour) "Quiet.  Yuna is in
the middle of meeting the prayer child."  (Tidus) "Shut up!"  Seymour turns
around, steps down some stairs, and approaches the group.  The door opens, and
Yuna appears.  (Tidus) "Yuna!"  (Yuna) "Why are you here!?"   (Tidus) "We saw
Jiskal's sphere!"  (Aaron, referring to Seymour) "...... You killed him." 
(Seymour) "What is that?  By any chance, did Yuna already know this too?"  Yuna
nods.  (Seymour) "If so, why did you come to me?"  (Yuna) "I came to stop you."
 (Seymour) "Indeed......  Did you come to pass judgment on me?"  Seymour walks
toward Yuna and offers her his hand.  She steps back.  (Seymour) "How
regrettable.  The guards surround Yuna to protect her.  (Seymour) "Indeed......
 The spirits of proud guards protecting the summoner, even if it means throwing
away their lives......  is quite admirable.  Very well.  If that the case, I'll
throw away those lives!"  (Yuna) "Priest Seymour.  My guards are my important
comrades.  If you say that you will kill these people, I too will fight you." 
(Tidus) "Very well!"  (Wakka) "Priest Seymour!"  (Seymour) "Please make your

After a long and difficult battle, Seymour is finally beaten despite his
powerful Summon Beast, Anima.  Even as Seymour crouches in defeat, Yuna walks
toward him to see if he is all right.  (Seymour) "Are you taking pity on
me...... even now?"  With a loud thump, Seymour falls backwards and collapses
on the ground.  She shuts his open eyes expresses a moment of sadness.  Tramell
and two assistants open the door and enter.  (Tramell) "Ooh...... Seymour!? 
Wha, what the hell happened!?"  (Wakka) "I......"  (Tidus) "Wakka, don't worry.
 It was Seymour who made the first move."  (Tramell) "How dare you!"  (Aaron)
"Yuna, send him off."  (Tramell) "Please stop!  We don't need a traitor's
help."  The two assistants pick up Seymour and carry him off, and Tramell
follows closely behind.  Yuna collapses.  (Yuna) "Traitor......"  (Wakka) "It's
all over."  (Tidus) "Wait a second.  Seymour is the one at fault!  If we
explain that, everyone will understand!"  (Aaron) "It probably won't be that
easy......  Anyway, let's leave here."

Many members of the Guado tribe are gathered in the central hall when Tidus and
the others appear out of the inner sanctum of the Makaraniya shrine and arrive
at the scene.  Yuna speaks out.  (Yuna, speaking to Tramell) "Well......" 
(Aaron) "Give her the opportunity to talk."  (Tramell) "I shall be reporting to
the other priests."  (Aaron) "What will you say?"  (Tramell) "Seymour was more
than a priest of Ebon.  He was the chief of Guado."  (Tidus) "What are you
going to do?"  (Tramell) "Seymour would not have allowed you to return from
here in peace."  (Rikku) "Wait!  Look, if you see the sphere, you would
understand!"  (Tramell, holding up Jiskal's sphere) "You mean this?  (Tramell
drops it, shattering it into pieces.)  Guado's problems will be handled by
Guados."  Kimari jumps forward in preparation for battle.  (Kimari) "Get out of
the way!"  (Aaron, rushing forward) "Run!"   They escape from the shrine.

The Guado warriors pursue them as they run along the icy path that leads to and
away from the shrine.  Somewhere along the way, they defeat a monster that
resembles the abominable snowman or yeti.  As its final stroke, he strikes the
ground, opening a hole and causing everyone to fall in.

(Narration) "Ebon's gift.  For people who follow Ebon's teaching, this is what
they would have called it.  Everyone was safe.  But my head just hurts when I
think about what happened."

Tidus finds himself, Lulu, and Aaron at some strange underground site.  He
first speaks with Lulu.  (Lulu) "We're below the lake's ice.  Look, that is the
bottom of the Makaraniya shrine.  We fell quite far."  (Lulu) "Are we traitors,
who killed a priest?"  Then he speaks with Aaron.  (Aaron) "Now...... I wonder
what we should do.."  (Tidus) "I feel that you are thinking, for the first
time.  It's high time you realize that you depend on everybody......"  (Aaron)
"Are you giving me a lesson?"  Tidus backs off and tries to get back on Aaron's
good side.  (Tidus) "That's not why I said it.  They're just thoughts." 
(Aaron) "I'm not saying don't rely on others, but......  don't think that it's
natural to rely on or be protected by others.  Don't become that kind of
person."  (Tidus) "Are you giving me a lesson?"  (Aaron) "No, an advice." 
(Aaron) "With a young summoner, there are many troubles in one way or another."
 He finds Wakka a little later.  (Tidus) "We fell so far.  It was Seymour's
fault."  (Wakka) "It doesn't matter whose fault it was.  I have lived to defend
the teachings of Ebon.  Despite that,  I'm now a traitor.  Why did this
happen?...... Damn......."  Wakka shakes his fist at Rikku, blaming her for
their troubles.  (Tidus) "This has nothing to do with Rikku."  (Wakka) "You
don't understand how I feel....."  (Wakka) "I wonder if the players from Oaraka
are doing okay......"  Tidus finds Yuna lying on the ground and unconscious. 
Nearby stand Rikku and Kimari.  (Rikku) "Yuna is all right.  She is having a
little rest.  How are Lulu and Wakka?"  (Tidus) "I just saw Wakka.  He seems
bitter.  Lulu is her same old self."  (Rikku) "That's great.  It seems very
adult-like."  (Tidus) "I guess."  (Rikku) "Well, I too will be an adult in just
another 5 to 6 years."  Tidus changes the topic of conversation to avoid what
Rikku is about to say.  (Tidus) "Hey, Kimari, how shall we get out of here?" 
Rikku jumps out at him.  (Rikku, gesturing) "Don't turn away from me when I'm
talking!"  (Kimari) "Don't oversell yourself."  (Rikku) "Not you too, Kimari!" 
(Kimari) "One has to decide to try to become someone just to get used to the
person you want to become,."  (Rikki, confused) "What?"  (Tidus) "If you wanted
to become like Lulu, you have to work hard at it."  (Rikku) "Yeah!  I'll do my
best!"  (Kimari) "Rikku is fine just as Rikku."  (Rikku, confused again) "Huh?"
 She seems to have figured out what Kimari is trying to tell her.  (Rikku) "Are
you saying it's useless to work hard at it?!  Kimari!"  (Tidus, burst out
laughing) "Aha, ha, ha, ha!"  Wakka jumps in.  (Wakka) "Why are you guys
laughing!?"   Yuna wakes up to the laugh.

(Yuna) "I thought to ask priest Seymour about Jiskal.  And I wanted to
accurately receive the shrine's decision......"  (Lulu) "The marriage was a
lure?"  (Yuna) "I thought I should try that, if necessary."  (Tidus) "So, what
did Seymour say?"  (Yuna) "He didn't give me an answer.  In the end, what did I
accomplish?  If I had discussed this with everyone from the beginning......" 
(Aaron) "That's enough.  It's a waste of time to talk about what was not done."
 (Rikku) "Although it's better for her to not express it in that way!"  (Aaron)
"Are you satisfied to hear about her regrets?"  (Rikku) "Although it's better
for her to not express it in that way......"  (Aaron) "What you must decide is
a personal future plan.  The journey will continue, right?"  (Yuna) "Yes. 
But..... can I gain the shrine's permission?"  (Aaron) "Contact with the prayer
child is what trains a summoner.  It's not the shrine's permission or its
teachings.  If the resolve is within you......I don't care if I have to hostile
toward the shrine."  (Rikku) "What a great thing to say~"  (Tidus) "Wow!" 
(Lulu) "Aaron!"  (Wakka) "I'm a traitor.  We must atone for the sin that we
committed.  I certainly did not like priest Seymour very much.  Ah, I thought I
didn't care for him since the Mihen Session.  Then, of course I cannot forgive
him for killing Jiskal.  And then, he tried to kill us......  But!"  (Lulu)
"For all that, sin is sin.  I will certainly receive the passage of judgment." 
(Yuna) "Let's go to Beberu.  I will explain the situation to priest Maika of
the Holy Beberu shrine.  I think that's all we can do."  (Wakka) "That's what I
thought."  Everyone nods in agreement.  (Yuna) "Aaron!"  (Aaron) "It looks like
you have come to an agreement."  (Yuna) "Will you be coming with us?"  (Aaron)
"The one who aggravated the situation is me.'  (Tidus) "Yep, yep!  As usual,
Aaron complicates the discussion."  (Rikku) "I agree.  Kimari barked and the
old guy (referring to Aaron) refused......"  (Aaron, with Kimari behind him) "I
don't remember saying that I will come along."  (Tidus, telling Rikku) "If our
friends go, we have to cut them some slack!  Don't you think?"  (Rikku) "Sure!"
 Yuna walks toward Tidus.  (Yuna) "......  Thank you."  (Tidus) "Huh?"  (Rikku)
"Friends?......"  (Tidus) "He, he......"  (Wakka) "Really.  You guys are
carefree even in this emergency.  Hey.  Is it simple-mindedness?  Is it
impudence?" (Lulu) "You're being too tense.  If you would just calm down and
listen to the song."

Tidus speaks with Yuna.  (Tidus) " Can you hear it from the shrine?"  (Yuna)
"Yes.  It's a gift of Ebon to calm the heart."  He catches up with Wakka once
again.  (Wakka) "A little earlier, was I somewhat restless...... one after
another?......  Don't you think so?"   Tidus says yes.  He speaks to Lulu. 
(Lulu) "Who is singing this?"  (Lulu) "It's the prayer child."  (Tidus) "The
prayer child is singing!?"  (Lulu) "Do you think there's some other
explanation?"  (Lulu) "Hey......  Did the ground just shake?"  (Rikku, really
happy) "Are we friends?  That is the first time someone said that to me other
than someone from the Al Bhed tribe."  Tidus speaks to Kimari. (Kimari) "The
smell changed around here.  Kimari doesn't know if it's a good thing or a bad
thing."  He then speaks to Yuna.  (Yuna) "I think that priest Maika will
understand if we tried hard to explain."

Tidus goes to speak to Aaron.  (Aaron) "This song.  Jecto also sang this song."
 (Tidus) "Ahh, just this.  Ah, ha......He was damn bad at it~!"  (Aaron)
"You're just as bad as he was."  (Tidus) "Did you hear that from me?"

Tidus and Aaron think back.  There is an image of Tidus, sitting at a pier and
humming that same son.  The city of Zanarkand can be seen in the distance. 
(Tidus) "Hah-!?  I was unprepared, and it was an unguarded moment."  (Aaron)
"Every time I heard your song, I remembered about Spira."  (Tidus) "That's
right......  You crossed from Spira to Zanarkand.  So, were you depressed?" 
(Aaron) "Yeah."

Back to reality......  (Tidus) "So, how did you get to Zanarkand?  What it
Sin?"   Aaron stayed silent.  (Tidus) "I guess go, huh."

(Narration) "I decided.  It was Sin that linked Zanarkand and Spira.  So, if we
defeated Sin, I can't go back to Zanarkand."

When Tidus tries to check on the others, he noticed that the song had stopped. 
(Rikku) "What?"  (Lulu) "It seems that the song ended."  The ground begins to
shake.  (Yuna) "Huh?"  (Wakka) "Is there something here!?"  (Aaron) "It's
coming from below!"  Sin is rising from the bottom of the lake.  (Yuna) "Sin!" 
(Wakka and Rikku) "Huh!"  (Lulu) "Watch out for Sin's poison!"

(Narration) "At that time, for the first time I can frankly accept that Sin is
my dad."
(Tidus) "He heard the song?  What will it be this time?"

Tidus sees an upside-down image of Zanarkand at night.  (Tidus)
"Zanarkand......?  Ahh...... Do you remember? (Image of four blitzballs)  But
it's useless.  You're Sin.  (Image of young Tidus, sitting)  I...... got much
bigger.  (Image of Jecto, facing away)  I understood.  I wanted to make it
stop.  For one reason or another, I was making it happen."

Finally, Tidus wakes up.  He finds himself in a pond within a desert area. 
(Tidus) "Where am I , this time?......  Well, this won't be so easy.  It's been
so quiet."  During a battle against some desert monster, Aaron and Lulu join up
with Tidus once again.  Exhausted after the fight, Tidus inquires about the
others in the party.  (Tidus) "Where's everyone?"  (Lulu) "It looks like
they're nowhere near.  In this sort of situation, the ironclad rule is to not
move from your initial location, but you......"  (Tidus) "It's impossible for
me to stay still.  (Aaron walks away by himself as Tidus and Lulu chat on.) 
Hey, do you see something?"  Next, they come across Wakka sitting under some
metal debris.  (Tidus) "You're by yourself?"  Wakka nods.  (Wakka) "Yuna?" 
Tidus and Lulu look at each other while Aaron just remained quiet.  (Wakka,
kicking a metal pole) "Damn!  We lose sight of Yuna.  She will be attacked by
machines......  What do we do!"  Then they come across Kimari trying to climb
up a hill but repeatedly sliding back down.  Kimari shakes him head.  (Kimari)
"Yuna is not here!"  (Tidus) "It's not Kimari's fault."  Soon after, Rikku
comes into view.  (Rikku) "Ah!  Hi, everyone!!  Where's Yuna?"  (Tidus) "She's
not here."  (Lulu) "This is the worst.  We'd be disqualified as guards." 
(Rikku) "Well.....There's something I want to talk about, but can you guys
listen without saying anything?"    Wakka looks very suspicious.  (Rikku, to
Wakka) "Stop looking so suspiciously!"  Rikku explains.  (Rikku) "In this
desert, there is an island called Beekanell.  Close by, it is the home to the
Al Bhed tribe.  Yuna is probably there.  My comrades probably helped to find
her before we could."  (Wakka) "Don't you mean kidnapped rather than helped?" 
(Tidus) "As long as Yuna's safe, it doesn't matter which way!"  (Rikku) "Yes,
yes.  Well then, I want to invite everyone to my home, but...... I want you to
keep my home a secret.  It's a secret especially to Ebon and company!  Just
because the Al Bheds are hated by the shrines.  I don't know what they will do
if the secret is leaked."  (Wakka) "What will the shrines do?  Don't say that
they're bad people."  (Rikku) "Long time ago, that is what happened....." 
(Wakka) "That was because the Al Bheds are bad!"  (Tidus, tired of hearing the
argument) "Well, now!  Does it matter either way?"  (Rikku) "Can you promise
that you won't tell about this island to anyone?"  (Tidus) "Come on, Wakka!" 
(Wakka) "Understood.  Now, please guide us."  (Rikku, cheerfully) "Just leave
it to me!"

Tidus meets up with Rikku after opening up a few chests.  (Rikku) "It's that
way!"  The group heads out into the desert.

Finally, after along and arduous trek through the desert, they finally arrive
at the home of the Al Bhed people.  Rikku leaps in excitement.  (Rikku) "This
way!"  She guide them up that last hill, only to find something is terribly
wrong.  (Rikku, shaking her head) "Aaaah!?"    (Tidus) "Rikku?"  Rikku runs
ahead, followed by the others.  The home of the Al Bheds is under attack by
various flying and crawling monsters.  (Wakka, taking a pause) "You mean Yuna
is over there!?"  (Lulu) "Probably, if her comrades went there......"

They arrive at a scene of fierce fighting, as the Al Bheds are trying hard to
fight off the monsters.  (Wakka) "Where is Yuna!"  An Al Bhed collapses onto
the ground, and Rikku rushes to his side.  (Rikku) "Keyakku!  Who!?  Who did
this!?"  Then she repeated her last sentence in the Al Bhed language.  Keyakku
speaks, using his last breaths.  (Keyakku) "Ebon......  Guado......"  He dies. 
(Rikku) "Keyakku!?  Keyakku!"  (Lulu) "A war between Ebon and Al Bhed......?" 
A man arrives on the scene, speaking Al Bhed.  He leans down to check on his
condition and then gently embraced him.  After he gets up, the man speaks. 
(Bald man) "Are you Rikku's friends?  That's just fine.  Lend us a hand!  Fight
back the Guados who have infiltrated our home!"  The bald man runs off,
followed by most of the party.  Tidus asks Rikku.  (Tidus) "Who was that?" 
(Rikku) "Cid.  Chief of the Al Bhed tribe......  My dad."  (Tidus) "Let's go!" 
(Rikku) "Okay.  We must help Yuna."  (Tidus) "Not just Yuna!"  (Rikku) "Yes!"

They enter the nearest building in search of Yuna and to repulse the Guados. 
Suddenly, Cid says something to Rikku, which you can't quite understand. 
(Rikku) "You're kidding!?"  (Wakka) "Translate!"  (Rikku) "Anyway, take shelter
underground!"  (Aaron) "Where's Yuna?"  (Rikku) "She's probably in the
summoner's room.  This way!"  They continue on after defeating a couple of
monsters and a Guado warrior.  (Rikku) "This way!"

They arrive in a room in flames and complete tatters.  Everyone seems a bit
depressed.  (Wakka) "It's no good here....."  (Rikku) "I guess so......  It's
useless.  The Al Bheds did not have a hometown.  The island that we lived on
long ago was destroyed by Sin.  The entire people became nomads and lived here
and there.  But, my dad summoned the entire tribe.  He said, 'let's combine our
forces and make a new home.'  It was born.  Everyone worked very hard.  Still,
...... I wonder why this happened....  "  (Wakka) "Rikku......"    A monster
nears, and Rikku hangs onto Wakka for protection.  (Wakka) "Jeez!  Break in to
your heart's content!  What is Guado trying to do!?"  Monsters surround them,
and a battle ensues.

They continue down some stairs.  (Lulu) "Hey, Rikku.  What's the summoner's
room?"  (Rikku) "It's a place where the Al Bheds protect the summoners.  They
do not want to let them killed."  (Wakka) "So, is that why they kidnapped
them?"  (Rikku) "Yes.  (She turns around to face Wakka and Lulu)  You may not
understand this, but......"  (Wakka) "I understand the reason, but......" 
(Tidus) "There's one thing I don't understand.  Because they may die on the
journey, isn't kidnapping them a bit too much?  And if summoners do not go on
the journey, then they can't defeat Sin, right?  I understand the worries, but
they're with guards.  If they're protected by guards, then sumoners won't die! 
Right?"  There's an explosion.  (Tidus) "Right?"  There's another explosion. 
Everyone stays quiet.  Kimari walks forward.  (Kimari) "It's gotten quiet. 
Kimari will go."  Everyone walks away, seemingly to avoid answering the

(Rikku) "Please.  Yuna is here!"  They find Yuna in a room next door.  (Kimari)
"Yuna!!"  (Dona) "She is not here.  It's been awhile.  But, this talk will have
to wait until the other world send-off is finished."  (Isarru) "They became
sacrificed to protect us.  There's no excuse for us to not send them off with
our own hands."  Dona and Isarru starts the other world send-off ceremony. 
(Passe, asking Tidus) "Hey......  What is sacrifice?"  Summoners are
sacrifices.  That's what the Al Bheds said.  They say summoners must stop their
journey."  (Tidus) "Leave the summoners to the guards......  It's unreasonable
for them to quit the journey......"  (Rikku) "It would be bad if we don't stop
it! (Having a hard time expressing something very emotional) If we continue the
journey as is......  to go to Zanarkand......  even to defeat Sin.....,
then......  Yuna will......  (Screaming)  Yuna will die!!"

(Rikku) "Do you know?  Summoners journey to seek the ultimate summon!  You
heard this from Yuna!?  And if she defeats Sin with the ultimate summon? 
But...... but!  If she uses that, the summoner will die!  Even if she defeats
Sin,  Yuna will die with it!!"  Tidus makes the realization.  (Tidus) "Am I the
only one who didn't know this?  (Shaking Rikku)  Am the only one who didn't
know!?  Is it only me?  Why was it hidden!"  (Wakka) "We did not hide it from
you."  (Lulu) "It's too terrible to put into words."  Both Aaron and Kimari
remain stoic about this.  Tidus collapses on the group, pounding it with his
fist.  (Tidus) "Lulu, didn't you think that Yuna, Yuna is like your little
sister!?  Wakka too thought the same thing!  Why don't you put a stop to it?!" 
(Lulu) "You think we didn't stop her!?  It was Yuna's own will."  (Wakka,
remorseful) "She chose the way of the summoner with everyone's consent.  The
way to die fighting Sin!"  (Rikku) "That is absolutely strange!  She's doing it
for everyone's happiness......  Only the summoner becomes sacrificed!"

The various souls swirling around the room assemble into a monster.  Dona and
Isarru look from a distance.  (Isarru) "The sacrifice is regrettable."  (Dona)
"You certainly know the terror of Sin."  (Isarru) "A world without Sin.  That
is the dream of all the citizens of Ebon.  Even if we have to exchange for it
with our lives, we are not misguided!"  They call out their summon beasts to
fight it.

Tidus runs away.  (Tidus) "I.......  I told Yuna!  I told her to go quickly to
Zanarkand!  Go and defeat Sin......!  And after Sin is defeated, she'll have
everything to look forward to!!  I know nothing of her feelings!  Still...... 
Yuna.......  She..... just smiled."

Tidus has a flashback.  (Yuna) "Look!  Look!"  She shows Tidus that she has
learned how to whistle.  (Tidus, seemingly embarrassed) "You've done well, if
you can blow like that."  (Yuna) "You don't look happy."  (Tidus) "Probably." 
(Yuna) "Will you scream?"  (Tidus) "This is a little different from that." 
(Yuna) "Hey.  It's strange for me to say this, but......  They say that
summoners and guards are the light of hope for Spira.  Various people are
keeping their eyes on us.  So, when I fall or when I don't feel well...... I
don't want to show it."  (Tidus) "Um.  I understand.....  I feel it."  (Yuna)
"Yes,  it's time for smile practice!"  He remembers scenes where they had so
much fun just laughing.  (Yuna, narration) "I want to journey, while

Tidus returns to reality.  (Tidus) "I must apologize to Yuna......  I'll help!"
 The group runs out of the room, leaving the dead body of monster behind.

Following Cid, they find a series of stairs that lead to some kind of command
center or the bridge of a ship.  With Tidus' limited understanding of the Al
Bhed language, they can only make out a few things said between Cid and his
bridge crew.  One of the men suggests that something won't be ready in 3
minutes.  Cid wants it done in 1 minute.  (Tidus, tired of all this) "Where is
Yuna?"  Cid's reply cannot be comprehended.  Tidus interrupts what he is doing.
 (Tidus) "I'm asking you where she is!"  Now Tidus is getting physical,
grabbing onto Cid's clothes.  (Tidus) "Answer me!  Where is Yuna!?"  Aaron and
Rikku get anxious.  (Cid) "What do you intend to do if you find Yuna?"  (Tidus)
"I....... don't know anything.  (Letting Cid go.)  I said it out of
selfishness, from trying to catch up with her, from making myself feel sad. 
It's a mistake.   We must not make this mistake."  (Cid) "What!  It's a
mistake, so you feel regret?!  After you find her, do you again drag her out on
her journey and let her fight Sin?  Do you feel like leaving it to a summoner
and letting her die by herself!?"  Cid tosses Tidus over his back..  (Tidus)
"No!  I would never let Yuna die!"  (Cid) "Humph!  Just words.  You can say
whatever you want!"  (Tidus) "You're saying that I'll let her die!!"  (Cid)
"Youngster, I guess your words aren't lies.  Try to prove that you're not kid
with just words."  (Tidus) "Yes!"

Cid walks over to a spherical object, probably a map or navigational device. 
(Tidus) "Do you know her whereabouts!?"  (Cid) "I don't know!  So, we'll look
for her, using this flying ship!"  (Wakka) "Flying, flying ship!?"  There is a
loud thump, and then the ship is shaken.  Aniki, or most likely Rikku's older
brother, sits in the pilot's seat and mumbles something.  Cid officially
launches the ship.

The hanger's upper door opens, allowing the desert sand to drain through.  The
ship's turbine begins to spin, and we have lift-off.  In flight, some of the Al
Bheds begin to sing the song that was heard earlier from the shrine.  (Wakka)
"What is starting?"  (Rikku, sad) "We're exploding our home."  (Lulu) "How?" 
(Cid) "With our forbidden machines."  The ship launches countless numbers of
missiles at home, and it accelerates to avoid the ensuing explosion and the
subsequent shockwave.  Cid laughs, but the pilot cries.  (Cid) "Don't cry!" 
Wakka tries to ask Rikku something.  (Wakka, trying to interpret what he just
saw) "Well.... What we just saw, with all those things flying out.  Was that
some explosive launch and promotional fireworks.....?"  (Rikku, figuring Wakka
is being silly or making fun) "That is not good at all!  That's the worst!!" 
Rikku walks away.  Wakka gives up.

Tidus goes to talk to with Wakka.  (Wakka) "I said that I was joking."  He then
speaks with Cid.  (Tidus) "Have you learned anything on Yuna?"  (Cid) "I'm just
investigating.  Now, I'm investigating using the spherical wave reference
device, so you rest assured!"  (Tidus) "Spherical wave reference device?" 
(Cid) "It's a machine from 1000 years ago.  Don't ask anything because I don't
understand its construction!"  (Lulu) "You're using something you don't know
anything about!?"  (Cid) "Hey!  I don't even understand how this assembly of
metal flies!"  Wakka is surprised.  (Cid) "Thanks to Ebon's ban on machines, we
became a bunch of idiots who don't know anything!  Isn't this really fun and

(Lulu) "We're powerless inside this ship......"  (Rikku) "Do you remember this
ship?  It's the one submerged under the sea."  Tidus ventures around the ship. 
He finds Kimari and Isarru's party in the halls.  (Kimari) "Kimari will not
forget Al Bhed's sacrifice."  (Maroda) "I too don't feel good about my older
brother dying at the end of our journey.  If there's a way to do this without
anybody dying, I would decide to take that."  (Tidus) "Yeah, let's think of
one!"  (Maroda) "It's easier said than done.....  I can think about it if we
have plenty of time.  But, if we spend time thinking, Sin will destroy
everyone.  Spira doesn't have that kind of time."  Maroda continues.  (Maroda)
"We came across the Al Bheds in Beside.  I heard them saying that they laid a
trap for Passe.  We had no choice; Passe was reasonably tired.  Though he's
just a kid, unreasonably he came along on our journey......  He's a great
servant who's very willing."  (Isarru) "We're very much helped by the Al Bheds.
 However.....even as I say that, I must not quit my journey."  (Tidus) "Even if
you will die?"  (Isarru) "I decided to do this since childhood.  I made this
special resolution:  if I don't do it, who will......  That's the way it
happened."  Isarru speaks again.  (Isarru) "I can't believe this thing is
flying in the sky.  I can think that it's a great machine, but it's going
against the teachings.  To be frank, I feel bad about riding in it."  (Tidus)
"Aren't you just getting the usual vehicle sickness (i.e. car sickness, sea
sickness)?"  (Isarru) "Vehicle sickness?  What is that?"  Tidus tries to talk
to Passe, but Isarru tells him, "Won't you let him get some rest?"

Later, Tidus comes across Dona, sitting on the ground in the middle of the
hall.  (Dona) "I'm tired.  Look at me, and you'll understand.  I'll be relieves
if you don't need me for anything."  (Tidus) 'Okay."  (Dona) "Wait.  I have a
question for you.  What would you think if I said that I will quit my journey?"
 My Tidus says to do whatever she wants.  (Dona) "That's harsh."  (Tidus) "When
I first met you, you were even more harsh."  (Dona) "I guess that's true. 
Since you told me to do whatever I want, I cannot stand to quit my journey.  If
you see Yuna, please tell her this:  'Hereafter, I will be Yuna's rival.  So,
please do your very best.....'  Please be sure to tell her, okay?"

Tidus returns to the bridge and sees Aaron having a discussion with Cid. 
(Aaron) "What will happen after we rescue Yuna?  I suppose your wish is to just
secure Yuna's personal safety.  Are you going to make her stop her journey?" 
(Cid) "Naturally!  If she continues, Yuna will certainly die.  This is such a
foolish talk!  I don't know if it's settled or what, but I can't let my niece
die without saying a word!  If I am to help Yuna, I will make her quit her job
of being a summoner!"  (Aaron) "Even if it goes against Yuna's own wishes?" 
(Cid) "It's crazy to try to kill oneself!  Before she has any objections, I
will leave and send her away!"  (Aaron) "Against her will."  (Cid) "Hey!  It's

Tidus chats with everyone.  (Wakka, puzzled) "Hum.  Did he call Yuna his niece?
 So, Yuna is part Al Bhed......  Now I  understand!  Yuna is just Yuna." 
(Lulu) "No matter what happens, I don't expect Yuna to quit her journey." 
Tidus goes to talk to the pilot, Rikku's older brother.  Some screams takes
place back forth between father and son, and it appears something is happening.
 (Tidus, looking out the bridge) "Yuna!?"

A reluctant Yuna is seen standing next to Seymour in what appears to be some
official ceremony.  (Tidus) "Where is she?"  (Lulu) "Holy Beberu shrine. 
Ebon's headquarter."  (Tidus) "Old man, go there!"  (Cid) "Do you understand,
youngster?  Beberu's defense net is no push-over!"  (Tidus) "What, old man? 
Are you hesitating?!  If Yuna is there, we'll go and help her.  That's it."
(Cid) "Give me some air as the senior."  Cid instructs the pilot to head for
Beberu.  The ship jerks forward as Tidus falls down.  (Cid) "It'll take time
for us to get there.  (Tidus gets up)  Until then......"  (Tidus) "Prepare for

(Lulu) "Beberu is a city built over water.  We may have to battle under water. 
It would be good for you or Rikku to acquire some magic spells."  (Wakka) "It's
good that Yuna is safe, but what was happening?"  (Lulu) "She seems to be
wearing a bridal dress."  (Wakka) "Huh!?"

(Rikku) "Why is Seymour still alive!?  We killed him in Makaraniya!"  (Aaron)
"He is dead, just like Jiskal.  He is restrained by strong thoughts and
remained here without going to the other world."  (Rikku) "Wha~!  How
persistent!"  (Aaron) "Maybe Yuna wants to send him to the other world." 
(Rikku) "I wonder if it'll go off smoothly?"  (Aaron) "If Seymour gives her a
chance."   Tidus speaks to Aaron again.  (Aaron) "Beberu.  It's been 10
years....."  (Lulu) "Seymour is probably one of the dead.  It's strange.  Why
is headpriest Maika leaving a dead person alone......?"

Suddenly, the ship suffers a jolt.  (Wakka) "What!?"  Lin shows up at the
bridge.  (Lin) "It's an attack from the inside.  It seems that the Guado
monsters that attacked our home got onboard."  (Cid) "We cannot allow any
chance of that!"  (Lin) "Such personality."  (Cid) "We have no choice!  If that
happens......"  Cid is interrupted by Rikku.  (Rikku) "If that happens, we will
destroy them by blowing up the ship!"  (Cid) "Huh?"  (Rikku) "Dad, you just
don't know how to take things into consideration.  If you do that, then we
can't go and help Yuna!  We'll take care of the monsters."  (Tidus) "Yep! 
We'll take care of them!"  (Rikku) "Thanks."  (Lin) "Rikku has found a good
friend.  Please take care of it."

During their ship-wide search for monsters, they arrive on the observation deck
and see a flying creature outside.  (Aaron) "Look.....  That's quite a sight." 
(Tidus) "Wow, What the!?"  (Rikku) "What is that~!?"  (Lulu) "Ebon's protection
dragon, Efray.  It's the most powerful holy beast that protect the holy Beberu
shrine."  (Aaron) "It's the highest class of welcomes."  (Tidus) "So, we must
be closing in on Beberu!"  Cid can be heard on the intercom.  (Cid) "Rikku! 
Can you hear me!  You have to fight that monster from here!  You guys get up on
the deck and welcome that beast!  Okay!"  (Rikku) "He's gotten his way
again......"  (Aaron) "We're paying the highest fare."

They head for the hatch to opens to the ship's deck and find Lin there. 
(Aaron) "Open the hatch.  We'll sally forth."  (Lin) "Efray is a powerful
enemy.  Make sure you're well-prepared."  Lin offers to sell you items,
weapons, and armor for a price.  (Wakka) "And you're taking our money!?  If we
die, you will die too!"  (Lin) "I trust that you guys will be victorious." 
(Wakka) "Nicely said."

The ship is slightly damaged by the attack.  Tidus and the others hang on tight
as the ship makes final approach to Beberu shrine.  Below, the marriage
ceremony appears to be starting, with both the bride and groom in their wedding
outfits.  Yuna looks radiant, but Seymour has a pale, zombie-like tone on his
face.  As the bride and groom step up toward the altar...... the guards prepare
to face the unwelcomed guests.  (Kinokku) "Fire!"  The soldiers begin to fire
barrage after barrage at the airship as it makes a brief stop next to the
altar.  (Seymour, grabbing Yuna by her wrist) "Come."  They rush up to the
altar.  The airship fires its anchors onto a platform nearby, and our party of
guards slide right down towards it, avoiding being shot along the way.

(Tidus) "Yuna!!"

After battling through several groups of, they finally arrive at the altar to
face off Kinokku.  (Kinokku) "The farce is over."  Aaron holds Tidus back from
doing something possibly foolish.  (Aaron) "Look."  Soldiers surround them with
rifles pointing right at them.  As Seymour looks on, Yuna slowly unveils her
summoner's rod.    The end of Kinokku's rifle keeps Tidus from rushing forth. 
Yuna now confronts Seymour with her rod held in a horizontal position. 
(Seymour) "You want to send me to the other world so much as to act as my
pretend bride?  You're a stubborn one.  Well then, you're fit to be my bride." 
Yuna holds her rod vertically, and then small particles of light begin to
emerge around Seymour.  (Maika) "Stop!  Don't you regret the lives of these
people?  (Referring to Yuna's guards)  You're choice will decide the fate of
your friends.  Do you accept?  Will you forsaken?  Which do you choose?"  After
a moment's thought, Yuna drops her rod and allows it tumble down the stairs. 
(Seymour) "That's enough."

Yuna and Seymour stand face to face in front of everyone.  A confident smile
emerges on Seymour's face.  Rikku and Lulu struggle to consider what they can
do.  Seymour places both of his hands on Yuna's exposed shoulders.  Seymour
kisses Yuna on the lips, and a bell rings to the sound of hands clapping. 
Tidus can clearly see Yuna's clutching hand, as she attempts to hold back her
disgust.  At the end of their kiss, Seymour turns to the crowd.  (Seymour,
waving his left hand) "Kill them."

(Kinokku, with his gun pointed at Tidus) "It's too bad, but it's to maintain
Ebon's order."  (Aaron) "Aren't weapons against the teachings?"  (Kinokku, now
pointing it at Aaron) "It depends on the time and place."  (Yuna) "Stop!" 
Everyone discovers that Yuna has gotten herself at the edge of the altar,
determined to do something drastic. (Yuna) "Please drop your weapons.  If you
don't, I......"  Yuna takes a few steps closer to the edge.  All is quiet. 
Seymour issues a command to lower the weapons.  Tidus and Rikku run up toward
the altar.  (Yuna) "Hurry!  Please escape!"  (Tidus) "Come with us!"  (Yuna)
"I'll be fine.  I too will escape."  (Seymour) "Please stop.  It's too high up
for us to help you if you fall."  Yuna wipes her mouth.  (Yuna) "I don't care. 
I can fly."  Tidus and Rikku shake their heads in disbelief.  (Yuna)
".....Believe me."  Tidus nods.  Yuna lets herself fall backwards off the side.
 Tidus reaches out to her.  (Tidus) "Yuna!"  Seymour and Maika look down to see
what happens to Yuna.  A bright light appears, and immediately the summon beast
Valforre dives down to catch her from her fall and carries her off.

(Rikku) "Shut your eyes!"  Seymour turns around to be blinded by an intense
flash of light.  Tidus and others begin to run away.  (Wakka) "What was that?" 
(Rikku) "Al Bhed's flash bomb!"  (Tidus) "Let me down!  I'll kill Seymour!" 
(Kimari) "I won't let you down.  Yuna said to escape."  (Lulu) "We'll hook up
with her next."  (Aaron) "She'll weather through!"

They continue to rush down some stairs.  (Rikku) "Where did Yuna go~!?" 
(Kimari) "Beberu Palace's shrine.  That's one place Yuna will be aiming for!" 
(Tidus) "The prayer child's room!"

They end up at the upper end of some stairs going down a large open area or
tower.  (Lulu) "It's too quiet......  A trap?"  (Tidus) "I don't care if it's a
trap.  Yuna is waiting!"  (Rikku) "Oh?"  She steps over to operate some kind of
control panel.  (Wakka) "Why is there a machine in a shrine.....?"  (Rikku)
"But, it's convenient."  (Wakka) "That's not the problem!  What happened to the
teaching?  The teaching?"  (Rikku) "I'd have difficulty with it even if it was
told to me!"  The stairs become some kind of moving platform.  After reaching
another part of the shrine, Rikku is needed to operate another control panel. 
(Wakka) "Is it another machine.....?"  (Aaron) "This is reality behind Ebon. 
It betrays its own teachings in the shadows."  (Wakka, sighs) "Pressing people
into incrustations....."

Tidus rejoins the group near an entrance.  (Lulu) "Here is the entrance to the
trial room."  (Rikku) "I wonder if Yuna is really here."  (Wakka) "We'll know
if we go!"  (Lulu) "Let's go!"

After completing the trial, they come upon the prayer child's room.  (Tidus)
"And Yuna?"  (Wakka) "She' probably inside!"  (Tidus) "Don't tell me
'probably'.  Check to be sure!"  Tidus tries to life the door by himself. 
(Wakka) "He, hey!......"  (Tidus, trying very hard to lift the door) "By now,
there are probably no regulations left to break!"  Kimari comes to help, and
they manage to lift the door.  He gives Tidus the signal to go in.

Tidus finds Yuna kneeling before the prayer child.  (Tidus) "What is it......?"
 (Aaron) "It's the prayer child.  It's important to the heart of a summoner,
and it awards the power of the summon beast.  Extracted using Ebon's secret
techniques, it's the ghost of people who were sealed in an image.  Again, that
is also a miserable dead person."  The prayer child dives into Yuna's body, and
she collapses onto the image.  (Tidus) "Yuna!"  Aaron walks away.  Tidus holds
Yuna in his arms, and he proceeds to carry her out of the room.

(Rikku) "Wait!  It's a bad idea to come out!"  Tidus exits the prayer child's
room only to find them cornered by the Beberu soldiers.  (Kinokku) "A big haul.
 You all with receive judgment."  (Aaron) "Humph!  What I want to wait for is a
fair judgment."  (Kinokku) "Say your prayer then."  The soldiers take them

(A voice) "Now, we'll open a session for Ebon's highest court.  This is a holy
court that conducts impartial trials in the name of Ebon.  To those being
judged.  Believe in Ebon, and speak the truth."  Yuna and the others stand in
front of a Ebon court headed by an elderly Ronso. (Lulu) "Priest Kelk Ronso." 
(Kelk) "Summoner Yuna.  You are someone on the order to protect the citizens of
Ebon."  (Yuna) "Yes."  (Kelk) "If so, then I will ask.  You inflicted harm to
priest Seymour Guado...... and furthermore generated commotions by organizing
with the Al Bhed tribe.  This agitates the order of Ebon.  It is a treasonous
act that I want to forgive.  What led to such an outrage.  Tell me your
intentions."  (Yuna) "Well......The real traitor is priest Seymour.  The priest
had killed his father Jiskal with his own hands......!"  (Kelk) "What!" 
(Seymour) "What?  Are you hearing this for the first time?" (Yuna) "Is this
all?...... Oh, priest Seymour...... is already dead!"  (Lulu) "To send the lost
dead to the other world is a summoner's important job.  Yuna, as a summoner,
was only doing what's natural."  (Yuna) "Priest Maika......  Why don't you send
priest Seymour to the other world!"  (Maika) "Are you saying..... send the dead
to the other world?"  (Yuna) "Yes."  (Maika, laughing) "Fu, fu, fu, fu....... "
 (Yuna) "Priest?"  (Maika) "Send the dead to the other world?"  Little speckles
of light emanate from Maika, and Yuna begins to understand.  (Maika) "Indeed, I
too am a dead person."  (Wakka) "Huh!"  (Kelk) "Headpriest Maika is a wise
director.  Even as a dead person, he is important to Spira."  (Kinokku)
"Direction by an excellent dead person is better than the rule of a foolish
living person."  (Seymour) "Life is, after all, a empty dream.  The death that
comes after life is eternal."  (Maika) "People die.  Beasts die.  Plants die. 
Even the earth dies.  There's nothing but the power of death that can rule all
of Spira.  It's useless to oppose it."  (Yuna) "If so..... then it's Sin!  I am
a summoner!  I'm a summoner, just like my father!  I will continue my journey
to try to stop the death that Sin brings!  Do you.....  Do you also call that
useless!?  (Yuna begins to cry)  It's not just me!  There are many people who
have stood up to Sin......These people's fight, these people's sacrifices.  Is
it all useless!?"  (Maika) "I am not saying it's useless.  The truth is that no
matter how many summoners are sacrificed, in the end Sin is not defeated. 
There is no way to prevent its resurrection.  The bravery of people who fight
it will give hope to the citizens.  The life and death of summoners is
decisively not useless."  (Aaron) "It will not become useless, but it also will
not become a resolution."  (Maika) "Hum......  Indeed, that is the truth of
Ebon."  (Yuna) "Maika, sir!"  (Maika) "The Ebon's truth that will not change. 
The Ebon's truth that will continue."  (Yuna) "It's strange.....  and funny." 
(Maika) "The person who takes objection to the truth, he or she that is,  is a
traitor."  (Yuna) "Maika, sir!"

Tidus finds himself placed in a prison cell.  (Tidus) "Let me out!  Hey, let me
out!  Are you listening!?"  Aaron is locked in the same cell as Tidus.  (Aaron)
"It's useless."  (Tidus) "I wonder how Yuna is doing."  (Aaron) "Yeah.  But she
will recover.  She's a tough girl."  (Tidus) "She will recover!?  If she
continues the journey, she'll die.  So, that's why it's called Spira.  Whether
someone dies or gets killed, he or she becomes that sort of monster."  (Aaron)
"Aah...... it's the spiral of death."  (Tidus) "Huh?"  (Aaron) "Sin scatters
death, and the summoners that challenge Sin die.  To protect the summoners, the
guards give up their lives and die.  The true forms of the prayer children are
ghosts made from death.  The Ebon priests are dead people.  Spira is full of
death.  Since only Sin is repeatedly resurrected, the number of the dead
accumulates.  This continues in circle forever.  Thus, the spiral of death."

Kinokku shows up.  (Kinokku) "Come out.  We have decided on your punishment." 
(Aaron) "Punishment?  I trust that we'll be executed?"  (Kinokku) "What are you
saying?  You certainly don't expect us to kill our dear friends."  (Aaron)
"Well said."

Tidus is forced to stand next to a pool of water by a few soldiers.  (Soldier)
"Well, are you next?"  (Tidus) "What do you intend to do with me!?"  Tidus
thinks he's going to get shot in the back or something.  Instead, he gets
shoved into the water below.  (Soldier) "Go quickly!"  (Tidus) "Where is
everybody?"  (Soldier) "You're still floating around there, aren't you?"

Tidus finds Wakka.  (Wakka) "Oh!  You're okay!"  Rikku shows up too.  (Tidus)
"What kind of punishment is this?"  (Wakka) "Maybe they're aiming for us to die
by the side of the road."  (Tidus) "What a crafty method!"  (Rikku) "Where's
Yuna?"  (Tidus) "I don't know."  (Rikku) "If we wait here, maybe she will
come."  (Tidus) "Hmmmm......  Let's wait by the exit."  (Rikku) "I wonder if
there is an exit."

Maika, Kinokku, and Seymour have a conversation within the shrine.  (Maika)
"What happened to the priest from Ronso?"  (Seymour) "It looks like he didn't
take my patricide very well."  Maika laughs.  (Maika) "Hmm......  He's a Ronso,
after all.  He stood by his position because of his hard-headedness." 
(Seymour) "Compare to that......  summoner Yuna is the great summoner Blaska's
daughter.  If we let her live, she has some useful value."  (Maika) "That girl
will disturb Ebon's order.  We cannot let her live."  (Seymour) "......All
right, sir."  (Kinokku) "Cheer up, Seymour.  Once released into that 'Road of
Purgatory', no one has come out alive."  (Maika) "Yet, we must limit any chance
that may allow her to escape.  Station soldiers at the exit, and settle it then
if she shows up."  (Seymour) "Leave that job to me."  (Maika) "Hum......  You
said that you took her as a bride?"  (Seymour) "Because she is my bride.  So,
leave it in my hand, at least."  (Kinokku) "Wait.  I'll go too."  (Seymour)
"You don't trust me?"  (Kinokku) "Can you trust a man who committed patricide?"
 (Seymour) "Fine.  As you please."  Seymour walks off.

"Yuna, I'm sorry."

Yuna runs into Lulu on the Road of Purgatory.  They then find Kimari.  (Kimari)
"Yuna, sorry about losing you."  (Yuna) "Ummm..... It's okay."  Then, Aaron is
located.  (Aaron) "I suppose there is an exit somewhere.  I must find it." 
They also come across Isarru.  (Isarru) "Yuna!  As expected, you......"  (Yuna)
"Why are you here?"  (Isarru) "After disembarking the flying ship at the Nagi
Plains, I came here to Beberu.....  I was summoned by Kinokku.  It was an order
to take care of the traitors."  (Aaron) "Will you carry it out?"  (Isarru) "I
must.  It's the shrine's order.  I must do it, even if you're Blaska's
daughter."  (Lulu) "And your guards?  I think there are two."  (Isarru) "Maroda
and Passe aren't here.  It's better that I undertake this dirty business on my
own.  Yuna......  I'm sorry about this."  Yuna and Isarru go one-on-one in a
summon beast battle.

Of course, Isarru's summon beasts are no match for Yuna's.  (Isarru)
"Damn...... (Yuna tries to approach him)  Don't approach me!"  (Lulu) "Yuna,
let's go."  (Isarru) "...... There is a passage ahead that leads to the
surface."  Yuna bows to thank him for the information.  After everyone else
leaves, Aaron stops by to comment.  (Aaron) "Quit your journey already."

Now we're back to Tidus, Wakka, and Rikku.  The common water monsters are quite
simple for them to handle, but then they encounter a giant sea serpent. 
Luckily, they manage to keep it out by putting a gate between themselves and
the monster and eventually defeat the monster.

The entire party is reunited.  Rikku runs to Yuna to give her a hug.  (Rikku)
"Yuna~!  This is great~!  This is really great.  I was so worried~!"  (Yuna)
"Um......  Thank you."  (Tidus) "Ah......  Well...... "  Before Tidus can say
anything to Yuna, Seymour, Kinokku, the Ebon soldiers show up.  Yuna and her
guards are ready for a tough fight.  Strangely, Kinokku doesn't seem to be
moving, as one of the soldiers drops him on the ground.  (Aaron)
"Kinokku......!"  (Tidus) "Damn you......!"  (Seymour) "I saved him.  This man
was a dead person of influence.  As much as he wanted this huge power, he was
afraid to lose it....  Day after day he was afraid of the hidden enemy,
devising troublesome plots.  Without have a moment of peace, he knew that he
was being cornered.  But......  there's no need for him to worry anymore.  He
has been released to the hands of forever rest.  Death is delightful sleep.  In
all respects, I have drenched......  and kindly scraped away his sadness. 
Then......  if I can destroy all life, then I can say the same thing for...... 
all the suffering.  Don't you think so?  Therefore, that's why I need you. 
(offering his hand)  Here, Yuna.  Go with me to Zanarkand, to the city of the
returning dead, in order to save Spira using the power of the dead.  Borrowing
your power and life, I will become the new Sin.....  I will destroy it and save
it."  (Tidus) "What is that.....?"  Kimari takes a stab at Seymour.  Even
though his axe penetrated through his chest, Seymour remains calm.  (Seymour)
"How offensive......  That's enough.  If I must, I shall put you guys to rest
as well!"  Seymour raises his rod, turning Kinokku and the Ebon and Guado
soldiers into those little particles of light.  He then begins to transform
himself into some super-Seymour.

(Kimari) "Run!  Protect Yuna!"  (Aaron) "Go!"  (Tidus) "Old man, don't kid
me......"  (Aaron) "He said 'go'!"  The party leaves Kimari behind to handle
the transformed Seymour.  Yuna stops in her tracks.  (Yuna) "We must not leave
Kimari behind!"  (Aaron) "He is a guard.  Protecting you is everything to him."
 (Yuna) "But!"  (Tidus) "That's right!  He's a guard!  Ah, I'm a guard!  So,
I'll go wherever Yuna goes!"  (Yuna) "Anywhere?"  (Tidus) "Yep.  I will protect
you."  (Yuna) "Well...... "  (Tidus) "Yuna, let's go.  Kimari~!  We won't leave
you behind~!"  They rush back to Kimari.  (Wakka) "Hey!  Let me in on this
too~!"  Wakka runs after Tidus and Yuna.  (Rikku) "Me too!"  Rikku is going
back.  (Lulu) "I'm running back too."  And she's off.  Aaron has no choice but
to conform.

Kimari stays his ground, preparing to fight Seymour.  he shakes his head at the
sight of everyone returning.  The fight with Seymour (other form) begins......

They manage to defeat Seymour (other form).

(Narration) "We managed to escape safely, but Yuna was quite at a loss.  It
couldn't be helped.  She was betrayed by Ebon, something she believed in very
much.  I thought that I had to do something, but I had no idea what's the best
thing to do.  Therefore,......"

Lulu, Rikku, Tidus, and Wakka are all sitting on the ground, exhausted from
their journey to escape from Beberu.  Aaron shows up.  (Wakka) "How is it out
there?"  (Aaron) "There are no pursuers.  However, from now on we must not go
near Beberu.  How's Yuna?"  (Rikku) "She said she wants to be alone."  (Aaron)
"I'm sure......."

Tidus speaks to Wakka.  (Wakka) "Yuna......  is probably bitter.  We'll depart
at daybreak.  But, where we head for depends on Yuna.  It's irresponsible of us
to leave all the decisions to Yuna.  Hah......"  He then speaks to Rikku. 
(Rikku) "What does Yuna intend to do?  I wonder if she will quit the journey." 
(Tidus) "That may be better for her, don't you think?"  (Rikku) "Umm......  If
Yuna really wants to continue the journey, I guess we shouldn't stand in her
way.  That's the way I see it."  (Rikku) "I wonder if there's not a way to
defeat Sin with the ultimate summon and have the summoner not die, a way that
no one thought of in 1000 years......"   (Rikku) "Hey, why don't you go and
check on Yuna?"

Tidus then chats with Lulu.  (Lulu) "Yuna is in the back of the forest.  She's
with Kimari, but why don't you go too?  I think there are things only you can
do for her."  (Lulu) "I would be happy if we fight without considering anything
and proceed forward like before."  He then hangs out with Aaron.  (Aaron)
"Isn't it your turn?  I'm tired...... as can be expected."

In another area of the forest, Tidus finds Kimari, who points him in the
direction of Yuna's whereabout.

He finds her standing in the middle of a pool of water.  (Yuna) "I did not
expect it to turn out like this......  I thought I can go laughing and with the
support of everyone.  And even though I tries so hard......"  Tidus joins her
in the water.  (Tidus) "Stop trying so hard.  I heard...... everything." 
(Yuna) "Everything?"  Tidus nods.  (Yuna) "So......  Then you know."  (Tidus)
"Yes. "  (Tidus) "I'm sorry.  Hey..... I said things like let's defeat Sin
quickly and let's go to Zanarkand, because I didn't know what would happen to
you.  Well......  it was bad to make you think of those thoughts."  (Yuna) "I
had no such feelings.  I was happy."  Tidus takes a deep breath, submerges, and
resurfaces to float on the water.  (Tidus) "Hey......try really hard to stop." 
(Yuna) "What?  To do my best?"  (Tidus, shaking his head) "No.  The journey. 
Forget things like Sin and summoner.  Um, it's not bad to live plainly." 
(Yuna) "It may be good.  But, I'll surprise everyone."  (Tidus) "Yep.  That's
okay.  Rikku approves.  Wakka and Lulu will accept somehow." (Yuna) "I think
that Kimari too will understand.  But Aaron......"  (Tidus) "Let it to me. 
I'll speak to him!"  (Yuna) "Okay.  Say it's from me.  It must be proper." 
They both nod.  Yuna drifts on the water's surface.  (Yuna) "I wonder what I'll
do if I quit the journey......"  (Tidus) "Zanarkand!  Let's go to Zanarkand!!" 
(Yuna) "Huh?"  (Tidus) "Aaah, it's not Spira.  It's my place!"  Yuna is
enjoying the thought.  (Tidus) "Look, let's borrow that flying ship and bring
everyone along.  Then, we'll have a party at my place."  (Yuna) "I want to see
a blitzball game!  It's your Zanarkand Apes!  In the darkness of the night,
we'll all cheer for your team in the stadium.  I want be boisterous with all my
might and scream until my throat is dry and my voice is hoarse."  (Tidus) "I
got you!"  (Yuna) "Then, when the game ends?"  (Tidus) "Then we'll go out to
play!"  (Yuna) "In the middle of the night?"  (Tidus, laughing) "It's fine! 
Zanarkand never sleeps.  Let's go to see the ocean right before the sun comes
up.  The city lights disappear one by one, and the stars disappear too...... 
In return, the horizon will become bright.  (with his arms stretched out)  I
would say...... with a rosy color.  It taints everything:  the sea, the sky,
and even the city.  It's so pretty.  I want to show it to you."  (Yuna)
"Um......  I want to go see it."  (Tidus) "I'll take you!  Let's go together." 
A drop of Yuna's tear makes ripples in the water as it hits.  Tidus notices
Yuna is crying.  (Tidus) "Yuna......"  (Yuna) "I can't......  I can't......  I
can't go......"  Yuna starts to really sob.  Tidus, at first, isn't quite sure
what to do.  Then he takes Yuna by the shoulder.  (Tidus) "Yuna."  He embraces
her, and then they kiss.  The world seems to drift away.

Afterwards, they retreat to the edge of the pond, looking up at the stars. 
(Yuna) "I'll continue the journey."  (Tidus) "Yes......"  (Yuna) "If I
quit.....  it will be painful for me no matter where I go or what I do.  Even
if you're with me, I certainly can't laugh."  (Tidus) "...... Yes."  (Tidus)
"I'll go too.  I'm your guard."  (Tidus, signal that his throat's slashed) "By
any chance, am I fired?"  (Yuna) "I wish you to stay, until the very end." 
(Tidus) "Until the very end..... definitely."  Yuna nods.  (Yuna) "Thank you." 
Kimari, who has been observing all this, walks away.  (Yuna) "Hey, will you go
ahead and return to the others?"

On his way back to the others, Yuna catches up with him.  It looks like she has
changed her mind.  (Yuna) "Yet, let's go together."  Tidus nods.  With a coy
looks on her face, Yuna walks up behind Tidus and then walks side by side,
holding his hand.

They return to the others.  (Yuna) "Well...... Aaron, Wakka, Lulu, Kimari,
Rikku, we will be departing at daybreak.  Next, I am sorry for causing you all
sorts of worries.  Well....."  (Aaron) "That's enough.  Get a good night's
rest."  (Yuna) "Yes.  Good night."

At daybreak, everyone line up for departure.  Tidus searches around and finds
another one of Jecto's spheres.  He sees Blaska visiting Jecto in prison. 
(Jecto) "Who are you?"  (Blaska) "You're the man named Jecto, the one who came
from Zanarkand?"  (Jecto) "So what if I am."  Aaron rushes to Blaska's side, as
if to protect his honor.  (Aaron) "You.....  such attitude!"  (Blaska, after
restraining Aaron's temper) "Ah, sorry.  I'm Blaska, a summoner.  I came to
take you from here."  (Jecto) "Oh, such sweet talk.  It seems like a trap." 
(Blaska) "Ha, ha, ha......  Have I've been seen through?  I will soon be
setting out on a journey heading for Zanarkand."  (Jecto) "Really?"  Blaska
nods.  (Blaska) "I definitely want you to come along.  It's a dangerous
journey.  However, if we arrive successfully in Zanarkand, my wish will be
fulfilled, and you may be able to return to your home.  Well, how about it?" 
(Jecto) "Okay, I'm in."  (Blaska) "Oh, your decision is quick."  (Jecto)
"There's nothing for me to think about."  (Blaska) "So, it's decided."  (Aaron)
"But, I object to making such a guy a guard!"  (Jecto) "Hey!  What do you mean
'such a guy'!?"  (Blaska) "Don't mind him.  Blaska, who married an Al Bhed, is
a summoner with nothing left to lose.  Everyone says that he is not expected to
defeat Sin. So, no one is expecting anything from us."  (Aaron) "Blaska!" 
(Blaska) "Aren't you looking down on me?  A summoner with nothing to lose, a
man who came from Zanarkand, and a priest soldier who refused a marriage
proposal recommended by a superior officer and fell off the road of a
successful career.  It will be certainly a thrill if such a party defeated
Sin."  (Jecto) "If it's okay with you, let me out quickly!"

After being released from prison, Jecto stands in the company of Aaron and
Blaska.  (Jecto) "I have been finally released......"  (Blaska) "So Jecto, I'll
be counting on you until we arrive at Zanarkand!"  (Jecto) "That's fine." 
(Jecto) "Oh!  What's a summon?"

The party exits the forest and arrives at a large plain.  (Lulu) "Nagi Plain. 
It's the territory where successive generations of great summoners fought Sin. 
And, it's where their roads ended.  Ahead of us lies a wilderness without
roads, towns or cities."  (Aaron) "Therefore, there are summoners who lose
sight of the way and become lost."  Yuna lays flat on her back on the grass. 
(Yuna) "I...... won't be lost."  (Tidus) "I..... won't let you die.  I will
manage it somehow."  Tidus helps Yuna get back up.  (Yuna) "Um......  Let's

(Narration) "I'll definitely manage somehow.  Yes, I believed that if I said
it, then it would come true."

They come across Meichen.  (Meichen) "I wonder if you want me to tell you about
this plain?"  (Tidus) "Please."  (Meichen) "As you may know, this plain was
once a battlefield.  It's a war known as the Machine War, fought between the
Beberu and Zanarkand.  As a result of the war, it became a wide-open field
without anything.  Soon, the time passed...... The summoners set their eyes on
this uninhabited land.  Here, no matter how fierce the battle, they will not
cause damage to the surroundings.  That's why this is just the place for their
final battles against Sin.  It seems that summoners with the ultimate summon
waited here for Sin.  We can only imagine how they felt.....  Anyway, Sin is
defeated here, and a Calm Season visits Spira.  Therefore, because Nagi means
'calm' in Japanese, this place came to be known as Nagi Plain without anybody
naming it.  I guess that's pretty much it."

During their trek across the Nagi Plain, they come across a propeller plane. 
It belongs to Lin's tour company, and it sells supplies that will help them on
their journey.  Before going out on this huge plain, it's certainly a good idea
to stock up on supplies.  At a small post at the center of the plain, they are
visited by a priest.  (Lulu) "Zook!"  (Zook) "It's been a long time.  (looking
at Yuna)  You're Yuna?  Hum......  I can't look at the criminals who killed
priest Kinokku."  (Wakka) "What do you mean!?"  (Yuna) "Please let us hear the
reasons."  (Zook) "A little while ago, headpriest Maika sent out a personal
order.  After assassinating priest Kinokku, summoner Yuna and her guards
escaped.  As soon as they're found, carry out the penalty of death.  It was a
death sentence."  (Aaron) "And the other circumstances in Beberu?"  (Zook)
"Publicly, things are quiet, but there's something brewing under the surface. 
On top of priest Kinokku's death, priest Kelk Ronso resigned."  (Aaron) "How
fortunate.  With Ebon in turmoil, it makes it that much easier to move." 
(Zook) "However, be cautious.  You are all now Ebon's enemy.  It would be wise
to not go near shrines."  (Yuna) "Thank you for your advice."  (Lulu) "Sir, did
you come all the way here to give us that warning?"  (Zook) "I was somewhat
interested in knowing the summoner you guys are guarding and what kind of
person she is.  This time, it would be better for you to proceed to the very
end.  More than anything, for your own interests."  (Lulu) "...... Yes, sir." 
(Zook) "Well, I must go now.  I wish you peace."

Tidus speaks to Rikku.  (Rikku) "I wonder if we can't stop this."  (Tidus)
"Yuna has decided."  (Rikku) "But, there's no relief."  (Tidus) "You say
there's no relief.  We'll have to make so Yuna is safe even if she uses the
ultimate summon."  (Rikku) "How?"  (Tidus) "I'm thinking of a way."  (Rikku)
"But, what if you can't think of anything?"  (Tidus, frustrated) "I won't talk
to Rikku anymore.  But this and but that.  Be quiet."   (Rikku) "Sorry." 
(Tidus) "Join me and think of some way."  Rikku nods.  (Tidus) "Well, even if
we don't come up with anything......we'll manage something."  (Rikku) "Okay."

(Aaron) "Don't lose your temper."  (Tidus) "What?"  (Aaron) "The interests of
Maika and Seymour do not agree with each other.  Remember what Seymour said
when we met him last.  I don't think Maika will appreciate that."  Tidus chats
with Wakka.  (Wakka) "I went on a journey with Zook once.  Hey, I probably told
you about it before.  He told me that he likes blitzball and that I can't
regret becoming a guard.  Therefore, when Zook said that he was quitting his
journey......  I was relieved that he said it with such frankness."  (Wakka)
"Soon, we'll be at Zanarkand.  Not much time left."  He then speaks with
Kimari.  (Kimari) "Gagazeto is Ronso territory.  It's Kimari's hometown." 
(Tidus) "So?  Maybe you'll meet family."  (Kimari) "Kimari has no family." 
(Tidus) "Ah....... That's bad."  (Kimari) "But, I'm not alone."

Tidus chats with Lulu.  (Tidus) "Who was that earlier?"  (Lulu) "He was a
summoner until half a year ago.  Wakka and I were guards for him. "  (Wakka)
"It was a short journey."  (Lulu) "He quit his journey in the middle.  It was
right here on this plain.  Now, he's working as a officer at the Beberu
shrine."  Lulu continues.  (Lulu) "This is my third journey as a guard.   I
went on my second journey with Zook.  My first one wound up like my second one.
 Both times they got discouraged on this plain.  I have not gotten past this
plain."  But she seems to know what's beyond the plains.  (Lulu) "The Gagazeto
Mountains are just north of here.  Then, after that, it's Zanarkand."

Finally, Tidus talks to Yuna.  (Yuna) "I'm officially a traitor."  (Tidus)
"We'll let people say whatever they want."  (Yuna) "I'm okay.  I don't care. 
But, as expected, I'm a little bitter.  It hard for me to give a clear
explanation."  (Tidus) "Don't try to explain unreasonably.  Complain about your
bitterness."  (Yuna) "Is it complaint?  I may agree with that."  (Tidus) "Um." 
Yuna has more to say.  (Yuna) "I wonder if my dad was lost on this plain." 
(Tidus) "Maybe.  My dad was with him."  (Yuna) "Why don't you ask Aaron about
it?"  (Tidus) "You think that old man will talk about such things?"  (Yuna,
laughing and trying to imitate Aaron) "He'll say, 'It's no one else's
business'?"  (Tidus) "That's why you're getting other people involved."

They come across Belgeminna once again in the Nagi Plain.  She offers to test
Yuna's summon beasts again.  (Belgeminna) "It's better to not pay attention to
that nonsense talk from the priests.  For a summoner, defeating Sin is
everything.  Summoners are not tools that obey the shrines.  Okay?"  (Yuna)
"...... Yes."  (Belgeminna) "How is it going?  Have you gotten the confidence
that you can defeat Sin?"  (Yuna) "I don't know, but..... I will." 
(Belgeminna) "It's a good resolution, but that alone will not defeat Sin.  Show
me your power.  Let's have a bout with our summon beasts."  Yuna agrees. 
(Belgeminna) "Good.  But, before we start the game,  I have healed your summon
beasts.  Please start."

Yuna again shows that her summon beasts are more than capable of defeating
Belgeminna's.  (Belgeminna) "Well deserved.  Such wonderful skill.  Even
becoming a traitor, you must try to fight Sin.  Take these.  They're blessings
from me."  She gives Yuna 30 power spheres and a heart of summon beast.  (Yuna)
"Thank you."  (Yuna) "You will certainly make it.  However, if you think that
you're not ready, look for the hidden shrine of Lemiam.  I will wait there. 
Later."  Belgeminna gets on her way somewhere.

The plain's northern border is defined by a enormous ravine.  There, they find
a priest looking over the edge.  (Priest) "This ravine is called Sin's scratch.
 Legend has it that Sin, cornered by the great summoner, ripped the earth with
its last strength.  The injured great summoner and Sin pounced on one another
at the bottom of the ravine, and the Calm Season started."

At the northeast end of the Nagi Plain is a bridge.  After crossing the bridge,
they are asked to stop.  (Guado) "Stop!  Seymour is asking for you.  Come with
us."  (Yuna) "I have nothing to say to priest Seymour."  The guards surround
Yuna.  (Tidus) "Get out of the way!"  (Guado) "Seymour's order was to bring her
with us without fail.  Seymour said he doesn't care if it's a dead body we
bring back."  There appears a large robot called Defender of Religion.

The robot is defeated after a long and difficult battle.  Tidus tries to lead
the party down a path that may seem to be wrong to the others.  (Tidus) "Is
this the wrong way?"  (Lulu) "That is the way down to the ravine's bottom." 
(Wakka) "You know?"  Lulu walks toward Tidus, and Wakka seems puzzled.  At the
ravine's bottom, where neither Wakka or Lulu have been, they try to speak to
some of the locals.  (Woman) "Here is where Yonkun trained.  It's an important
place to the suppression force.  Yonkun was a member of the suppression force
before he became a summoner.  People here don't gather to try to recover the
suppression force."  They run into a man standing practicing with his sword. 
(Man) "We, the suppression force, will train here and try again to face Sin."

They come across the entrance to a cave.  (Rikku) "What's down there?"  (Lulu)
"There's a prayer child in the very back, as well as monsters."  (Wakka)
"Hey...... You've been here?"  (Tidus) "Did something happen?"  (Lulu) "The
summoner I first guarded died here.  Let's go, Yuna.  The prayer child is
waiting."  Lulu is the last to go in, and only after she takes a deep breath.

The underground labyrinth is filled with monsters, some of which are quite
tough.  Rikku starts to question about the presence of the prayer child. 
(Rikku) "Why is a prayer child in such a place?"  (Tidus) "Are you asking me?" 
(Lulu) "A long time ago, it seems he stole from the shrine."  (Tidus) "Huh?" 
(Aaron) "Without the prayer child, the summoner will not gain the knowledge. 
If the pursuit of knowledge is insufficient, then the summoner will not get the
ultimate summon.  Without the ultimate summon, the summoner cannot fight Sin. 
That's how it goes."  (Rikku) "If so, then the summoner won't have to die?" 
(Wakka) "Yeah, that's probably why he stole."  (Tidus, quietly) "Don't try to
understand the feelings of a criminal."

(Wakka) "Huh!  One of Guado's monsters!?"  (Kimari) "No.  It's a dead person." 
A ghost of summoner appears.  (Lulu) "I thought so......  It's you, Ginnem. 
I..... was inexperienced."  Yuna walks forward to try to send her to the other
world.  The ghost interrupts her.  (Lulu) "She no longer has a human heart." 
The ghost does a gesture.  (Lulu) "I understand.  You will make me fulfill my
final duty as your guard."   They are forced to fight Ginnem and her summon
beast, Youjinbo.  After they have been defeated, Lulu mourns the loss of
Ginnem.  (Lulu) "It's mysterious.  I thought it would much more sad.  I wonder
if I have gotten too used to saying good-bye to people."  (Wakka) "You have
become stronger probably."  (Lulu) "I guess so......  It's good if it is so." 
Lulu turns around to face Yuna.  (Lulu) "Yuna, go offer your prayers to the
prayer child inside."

They enter the prayer child's room, and Yuna offers her prayer.  The prayer
child appears.  (Prayer child) "I'm the outlaw swordsman, Youjinbo, and I have
heard your call.  I ask the summoner.  What do you seek from me?"  He offer you
three choices:  1) to train as a summoner, 2) to gain power to put monsters to
rout, and 3) to defeat a truly power enemy.  Yuna first gave number 1 as an
answer, and Youjinbo replies.  (Youjinbo) "If you seek my power, pay me an
appropriate amount of money."  He asks for 300,000 gils for number 1 and
250,000 gils for number 3.  Without sufficient funds, they are forced to leave.

They return from their side quest at the ravine's bottom and resume their
journey to Gagazeto Mountain.  Yuna takes a final look.  (Narration)
"Sometimes, she looked at the scenery with that face.  I finally understood
what that meant.  She was saying good-bye to the scenery we travel past."

They arrive at the beginning of the trail up the Gagazeto Mountain.  Kelk and
some other Ronsos appear.  (Kelk) "Leave quickly, summoner Yuna and her
guards."  Oops, they are surrounded by Ronsos up on the sides of the mountain. 
(Kelk) "The Gagazeto Mountain that Ronsos protect is a mountain holy to Ebon. 
Traitors who turn their backs to the teachings cannot step on the mountain's
soil."  (Biran) "Ebon's enemy is Ronso's enemy.  Go back, traitors!"  (Yuna) "I
abandoned the shrine.  I will no longer follow the shrine's orders."  (Kelk)
"Those words will not mend matters!"  (Yuna) "I don't care.  The shrine
distorts its teachings and betrays Spira."  (Wakka) "They pull dirty tricks in
the dark!"  (Tidus) "That's right!" (Yuna) "I have no lingering affections for
the shrine!"

(Enke) "I won't let you say that!"  Kimari and Enke face off.  (Kelk) "People
who are supposed to be summoner and guards......"  (Lulu) "I'd like to say
something, Kelk Ronso.  Didn't you also wash your hands of Beberu?"  (Aaron)
"Still, defending the mountain is for boasting the tribe.  It's the same for
Yuna."  (Kelk) "Hmmm......"  (Biran) "Elder Kelk!  Let Biran tear apart their
bodies from limb to limb!"  (Enke) "Not one will escape!"  (Yuna) "Yes, I will
escape.  I will continue the journey by fighting."  (Kelk) "You have been made
to carry the name of traitor, and still you will challenge Sin?  Even after
turning your back on the shrine and getting hated by people, you will continue
your journey?  Is there anything more important than fighting all the way until
the end!?"

(Yuna) "I like Spira.  It's a gift I can give to the people waiting for a Calm
Season.  It's just one gift, and that is to defeat Sin.  ...... That's all." 
(Kelk) "Even if you sacrifice yourself?......"  Kelk turns away.  (Kelk) "Make
way, you guys.  Summoner Yuna, your thoughts are stronger than steel.  Even a
bunch of our Ronso strong men cannot bend her will.  Truly, it is a beautiful
resolution.  You're fine to go.  Sacred Gagazeto Mountain, accept them." 
(Yuna, bowing) "Thank you very much."

Before continuing up the mountain, Tidus goes around to chat with everyone. 
(Lulu) "Yuna...... became strong."  (Tidus) "I wonder if she is strong.  She is
becoming very desperate. Don't you feel that way?"  (Lulu) "Therefore, she is
strong.  She is progressing forward without fail.  A weak person, even when
desperate, will break by cornering him or herself.  She's pressing forward
without fail because she is strong."  He then speaks to Yuna.  (Yuna) "Just a
little further......"  Next, Rikku.  (Rikku, still thinking of a way for Yuna
to use the ultimate summon without dying) "...... Did you think of something?" 
Tidus just scratches his head.  (Rikku) "Somehow, it doesn't work for me if I'm
in a hurry......"  Then, Tidus speaks to Wakka.  (Wakka) "My neck hurts." 
(Tidus) "This way is to Zanarkand?......"  (Wakka) "Ah, it's your hometown." 
(Tidus) "And yet I can't believe it."  (Wakka) "This time is different.  What's
behind that mountain may just be a ruin.  But, other than that, it will be the
place of your Zanarkand.  Well, what do you say about going home?"  (Tidus) "I
guess it's good."  (Wakka) "Look, cheer up!  It's coming to an end."

Tidus checks on Kimari.  (Kimari) "Biran and Enke disappeared."  (Tidus) "They
probably have some plan up their sleeves.  But, it'll be okay!"  (Kimari)
"Biran is a brave warrior of Ronso.  Enke is also a strong person who cannot be
taken lightly."  (Tidus) "Ah......  They're certainly tough."  (Kimari) "Still,
Kimari must win."

(Aaron) "It's settled."  (Tidus) "What?"  (Aaron) "Ebon is trembling.  Maika is
still suppressing it, but the collapse will begin not long from now."  (Tidus)
"It doesn't matter to me, even so."  (Aaron) "That's because you are not from
Spira.  For people who genuinely believed the teachings, a sad period may

After making all the battle preparations, they proceed to climb up the sacred
Gagazeto Mountain.  (Biran) "Wait!"  (Tidus) "Are you still interfering with
us!?"  (Biran) "Summoner will pass.  The guards will pass.  Kimari will not
pass.  Kimari is a man who brought shame to Ronso and threw away Ronso's
mission."  (Enke) "He abandoned his family and deserted the mountain!  Small
Ronso, weak Ronso!"  (Biran) "The mountain hates weak and small people.  If he
climbs it......"  (Kimari) "I had better show you my power."  (Biran) "You
think you will win?  Don't forget who chopped off Kimari's horn.  Kimari did
not beat older brother Biran the first time."  (Kimari) "I'll win this time.  I
decided to win." Tidus tries to offer his help, but Kimari keeps him back. 
(Tidus) "I guess you're going to say it's Ronso's problem?!"  (Kimari) "It's
Kimari's problem."  The three Ronsos leap into battle.  (Biran) "Biran will
tear you apart limb by limb!"  (Enke) "Horn-less!  Horn-less!"

Kimari easily beats both Biran and Enke.  (Biran) "Kimari became strong.  Biran
is happy."  Biran takes a few steps up the mountain trail.  (Biran) "Sacred
Gagazeto Mountain!  Let me announce the proud name of the strong one who has
beaten Biran!  Remember this, Gagazeto!  His name is Kimari Ronso!  The
mountain knows Kimari's strength and will accept Kimari.  Summoner!  We Ronsos
will hold back the pursuit parties from the shrine."  (Yuna) "Really?"  (Biran)
"It's a compensation for chopping off Kimari's horn a long time ago."  (Enke)
"We will defeat the enemy who come in pursuit of the summoner."  (Kimari)
"Kimari will defeat enemies that stand before Yuna."  (Biran) "There's no
summoner who is more blessed than you."  (Yuna, giving a bow) "Thank you." 
(Enke) "If they will make a statue of you, Ronsos will polish it."  (Yuna)
"...... Yes.  But, because I'm a traitor, they will definitely not make one of
me."  (Biran) "Then, Ronso will make one."  (Enke) "We'll attach a wonderful
horn on it."  (Yuna) "Yes, I'll leave it to you."

(Narration) "I thought that I too wanted to admire a statue of Yuna.  ...... a
statue where I'm with her."

Along the way up the mountain, they come across a metal rod stuck between some
rocks.  (Lulu) "It's a grave marker for a summoner and the guards that fell

A little later, they find a Blaska sphere.  (Blaska) "Hi, Yuna.  Are you fine? 
By the time you see this sphere, I wonder how old you will be.  You probably
became as pretty as your mother.  At least, at first glance......  (Blaska
turns around to try to contain his sadness, then returns)  Ah, yes, yes.  Jecto
and Aaron are both fine.  We are journeying in total delight.  Of course it's
not a happy path, but we do not regret it.  If you ask 'why', I will say that
because this is dad's path.  Therefore, when Yuna grows up, if you find your
own path, please do your best as if it's what you ought to do or what you want
to do.  If you do, it will be delightful no matter what kind of path.  Okay? 
Yuna.  What Yuna makes of her future is Yuna's.  You're not born to follow any
thought.  So you dad will support you no matter which path you take.  Dad will
always be with you."  Blaska shuts off the recording.

They locate another summoner's grave.  (Lulu) "The summoners who lost their
lives on this mountain were not sent to the other world."  (Tidus) "Why?" 
(Lulu) "If there is no other summoner around, who can send them?"  (Tidus) "I
guess."  (Lulu) "It's not strange that many people become monsters, even around
here."  (Tidus) "Yuna will be okay, though!!"  (Lulu) "Yes."

After much climbing, they reached a platform near the mountain's peak.  (Rikku)
"When we cross the mountain, we'll be in Zanarkand."  (Tidus) "I know." 
(Rikku) "Yuna will receive the ultimate summon."  (Tidus) "I know."  (Rikku) "I
can't come up with anything."  (Tidus) "Me neither." (Rikku) "What do we do?" 
(Tidus) "We'll manage something.  Now, we don't know anything.  For now, we
can't help Yuna.  Let's go to Zanarkand.  If we go, we'll understand something.
 Certainly, that's where it all started."  (Rikku) "Heh~!"  (Tidus) "Huh?" 
(Rikku) "I just felt that you're the ace that everyone counts on."  (Tidus)
"Zanarkand Ape's ace!  That's what I say from the start."  Rikku salutes him. 
(Rikku) "Ha, ha~!"  Tidus walks away to follow the others, but Rikku looks up
to see something appearing.  (Rikku) "Huh?"

It's Seymour again.  (Seymour) "Ha......  You're Jecto's son?"  (Tidus) "Rikku,
go ahead and tell Aaron."  (Rikku) "You're going to fight him alone!?"  (Tidus)
"I'm fine, so go!"  Rikku runs to get Aaron and the others.  (Seymour) "Fine
then.  Drown in the peace of death."  (Tidus) "It's not funny!"  Kimari and the
others show up.  (Kimari) "Don't settle it just yet."  They rush toward Seymour
to confront him.  (Seymour) "It's been awhile, Yuna."  (Lulu) "Yuna!"  Yuna
begins to perform the send-off dance.  (Seymour) "Sending me off to the other
world?  Before that, do you have something to say to the Ronso survivors? 
Truly, it was a truly brave tribe.  They prevented my pursuit parties and
challenged me in self-abandonment.  One after another."  (Kimari) "Impossible!"
 (Yuna) "Kimari......"  (Seymour) "Don't you want to quench that Ronso's
sorrow?"  (Yuna) "What do you want to say?"  (Seymour) "It's better to let him
die.  His sorrow will disappear as the morning dew."  Seymour looks down the
mountain.  (Seymour) "Spira......  The land of sadness and misery infected by
the spiral of death.  I will become Sin to destroy and heal everything.  Yes,
with the help of your power."  Yuna stares at Seymour.  (Seymour) "You've
better come with me."

Tidus stands in Seymour's way.  (Seymour) "Your father will be saved if I
become the new Sin."  Tidus, feeling depressed or embarrassed, screams. 
(Tidus) "What do you understand?!"  Tidus runs toward Seymour.  Just then,
something rises up the cliff behind Seymour.  (Seymour) "What a miserable
thing.  (Seymour is transported inside the mechanical/biological beast)  But, I
will distinguish that hope here and now.  I shall cut off all sorrow.""

They somehow manage to defeat Seymour.  All except for Yuna begins to walk down
the path.  (Yuna) "He will become Sin with my power......"  (Aaron) "It's
nonsense.  Forget it."  (Yuna) "If he becomes Sin, then Jecto will be
saved.....?"  (Aaron) "Let's go."  (Yuna) "Please tell me, if you know
something!"  She runs to Tidus.  (Yuna, to Tidus) "Tell me."  (Tidus)
"Sin...... is my dad."  (Wakka) "What are you saying?"  (Tidus) "Sin is my dad.
 My dad became Sin.  I don't understand well the reason why.  But, I felt him. 
My dad is inside Sin.  My dad is tormenting Spira.  ...... I'm sorry."  (Yuna)
"Sorry.  Even if Sin is Jecto, Sin is just Sin.  I......"  (Tidus) "I
understand.  You'll defeat it."  (Tidus) "Dad wants that."  (Lulu) "You can
fight...  against your own father?"  (Tidus) "It's all right.  I will." 
(Wakka) "So, what you said before, the reason why you saw dreams wasn't because
of Sin's poison."  (Tidus) "Yep."  (Wakka) "Um.  Chap......  It's bad, but I
didn't want to hear anything.  Has my head gotten so confused?  Why did thing
get like this again?"  (Aaron) "If we go, we'll understand.  We're almost

(Yuna) "Ah?"  Further up the mountain, they come across walls with fused bodies
and a watery spiral gushing up toward the sky.  (Wakka) "What is this?!" 
(Yuna) "They're prayer children."  She seems to be able to hear them.  (Yuna)
"You are summoned.......  Someone is summoning......  He or she is drawing out
power from these prayer children."  (Rikku) "There are these many?"  (Lulu)
"That is an extraordinary power.  Who the hell is doing this, and what for?" 
Rikku runs to Aaron.  (Rikku) "Hey, you probably know something?  Tell us!" 
(Aaron) "Don't rely someone else's knowledge.  What's this journey for then." 
(Rikku) "Yuna's life depends on it!"  (Tidus) "No......  Do what Aaron says." 
(Rikku) "Huh?"  (Tidus) "This is our...... no, my story."  He touches the
prayer children.  (Tidus) "Whoa!"

Tidus finds himself, with all those bright points of light associated with the
dead, back in the Zanarkand of his time.  (Tidus) "Ah?"  The city appears to be
empty.  He comes aboard a boat docked at the port and enters its cabin.  Inside
is a brightly lit and well-decorated room.  The ceiling fan spins.  Tidus finds
a small child sitting at a corner.  (Prayer child) "Welcome back."  (Tidus)
"It's you......"  (Prayer child) "We met in Beberu.  Do you remember?"  (Tidus)
"Ah...... Ah, ah."  (Prayer child) "But, that wasn't the first time.  I know of
you from before.  From a very, very long time ago."  (Tidus) "I too...... sense
that I know that.  What's here?"  (Prayer child) "That's a strange thing to
say.  Isn't this your home?"   Suddenly, the prayer child disappears, and the
image of Wakka appears.  (Wakka) "Hey, what's the matter with you!?"  Wakka
disappears, but Rikku shows up.  (Rikku) "Hey, wake up~!"  (Tidus) "Though I'm
not sure......  this is probably all a dream."  (Prayer child) "You're close." 
(Tidus) "A dream!?  Go away!  I don't have time to look at a dream."  (Prayer
child) "You're wrong.  You are not looking at a dream.  You are a dream." 
(Tidus) "Ah?  What does that mean?"  The prayer child runs off.

Tidus finds him again on the upper deck.  (Prayer child) "A long time ago,
there was a huge war."  (Tidus) "Yeah...... A machine war?"  (Prayer child)
"Yes.  Zanarkand fought Beberu.  The winner and loser was pretty much
determined from the start.  Beberu's forces consisted of all machines..... 
Zanarkand's summoners were getting killed one by one.  Zanarkand was not
destroyed.  Therefore......  it tried to remain, but only in form."  (Tidus)
"What did they do?"  (Prayer child) "The summoners that survived, along with
everyone in the city, became prayer children, for the sake of summoning." 
(Tidus) "The summon.....  Sin!?"  (Prayer child) "Nope.  ...... It's here. 
Zanarkand, the city that never sleeps."  (Tidus) "Huh?"  (Prayer child)
"Bundling the dreams of prayer children, they summoned the memories of the
city.  They summoned things like everyone of these buildings, and the people
who lived in the city."  (Tidus) "People.....  They were dreams too?!  Me
too......?"  The prayer child nods.  (Prayer child) "You are the dream of the
prayer children.  Your father, your mother, everyone, everyone......  all
dreams.  If the prayer children's dreams disappear...... "

(Tidus) "Stop.  It doesn't matter if I'm a dream or not.  Don't' let me
disappear."  (Prayer child) "We're getting somewhat tired of......  seeing the
dream all the time."  Tidus tries to pursue the prayer child on the upper deck.
 (Prayer child) "Hey, I wonder if you and your father can let us go to sleep. 
You and your father are in touch with Sin.  A spiral of death turns over Spira,
and Sin is right at its center."  (Tidus) "I don't understand why."  (Prayer
child) "You and your father are no longer ordinary dreams."  Yuna pops up. 
(Yuna) "Please.  Open your eyes!"  (Prayer child) "Just a little longer, and
I'll have to try to let you go."  (Prayer child) "You may be able become a
dream that will allow all the dreams to end."

Tidus wakes up from his experience.  (Yuna) "Are you all right?  Thank
god....."  (Rikku) "Jeez......  I was so worried!"  (Lulu) "Are you okay?" 
(Tidus) "...... Um."  (Yuna) "What happened?"  (Tidus) "It was nothing.  I lost
consciousness and saw a dream.  I heard everyone calling...... then I woke up."
 Tidus gets up and stretches his arms as if he just woke up.  (Tidus) "I got a
good sleep, and my energy is fully recovered!  Okay, let's go!"

They come across some waterway in the mountain.  (Wakka) "This is our turn." 
(Lulu) "Even if something happens underwater, you should be able to cut through
with just the three of you.  If it gets dangerous, turn back as quickly as you
can."  (Wakka) "Okay!"  (Yuna) "Don't overstrain yourselves."  Tidus nods

After passing through a few tests and killing a large number of monsters, they
manage to arrive at the exit to Zanarkand.  (Aaron) "Now...... I suppose we
have arrived.  She has released monsters to store up powers of the summoner." 
(Yuna) "Who is she?"  (Aaron) "Yunareska."  (Yuna) "Yunareska!?"  (Aaron) "A
powerful summoner is waiting in Zanarkand."  (Yuna) "She is still alive?" 
(Aaron) "She is the same as Maika and Seymour."  (Yuna) "Is that so?"  (Aaron)
"Are you nervous?"  (Yuna) "No.  I'm not afraid of anything anymore."  (Aaron)
"...... You're surely Blaska's daughter."  (Yuna) "I think I want to be that
all the way until the end.".

Right when they exit and face the late afternoon sun, a giant monster appears. 
It is the guardian of Zanarkand, the holy site of Ebon.  (Aaron) "Here it

After they have defeated the guardian of Zanarkand, Rikku stand before everyone
and demands some time for a rest.  (Rikku) "Hey!  Don't you want a little
rest?"  (Aaron) "We don't need rest.  The mountain top is only a breath away." 
(Rikku, stooping down) "Because it's close, I want to get some rest.  I have
had so little time to think."  (Yuna) "Rikku......"  Rikku gets up.  (Rikku)
"Fine.  I'll just think while walking."

Everyone walks off, except for Tidus and Wakka.  (Wakka) "Hey, what's wrong? 
Let's go."  (Tidus) "Are we really going to be there soon?"  (Wakka) "We have
at last come all the way here......"  Aaron smirks.  (Tidus, speaking to Aaron)
"What's so funny?"  (Aaron) "You're just like me a long time ago.  At that
time...... I too trembled when we got close to Zanarkand.  If we arrive there,
Blaska will gain the ultimate summon, fight Sin, and then die.  It was expected
that I realize that from the journey's beginning, but when that time came, I
became terrified."  (Wakka) "That is unexpected......  Even the legendary guard
has doubts......"  (Aaron) "What was legendary about me then?  At that time, I
was just a common amateur.  I was kid just like you.  I wished that I can
change something, but...... in the end, I couldn't do anything.  That...... was
my story."  Aaron walks away.

After walking further along the trail, Tidus can see the devastated city of
Zanarkand.  (Narration) "The city that was destroyed 1000 years ago.  The city
that I thought I wanted to verify with my own eyes.  It's the journey's
destination for Yuna.  This may be the final chapter of my story......  Various
thoughts surfaced and then disappeared.  They were passing through my mind so
fast that no words were needed."

(Rikku) "Is everyone really okay with this?  If we get there, Yuna will......" 
(Yuna) "I'm very happy that Rikku feels that way.  But,...... I will not turn
back."  (Rikku) "I'm not asking you to turn back.  But, let's think!  Let's
think of a way to help Yuna!"  (Yuna) "If we think that way, we may have
doubts."  (Rikku) "Yuna......"  (Yuna, walking toward Rikku and dropping her
sphere) "Thank you, Rikku.  I love you."   They embrace.  (Rikku) "No, Yuna. 
Don't say that."  (Yuna) "Say 'hi' to Cid for me."  (Rikku) "No.  Say it
yourself."  (Yuna) "...... Please."  (Rikku) "Don't say that......  It seems as
if we won't see each other anymore.  No!"

(Yuna) "Kimari, let's go."  Tidus picks up Yuna's sphere and presses it against
his right ear.

(Yuna's message) "Aaron, I heard from Kimari that dad told him to take me from
Beberu......    You're the one who told Kimari.  I thought that I wanted to me
you someday.  I'm happy that I was able to meet you.  I wonder how I should
show my appreciation for your working as my guard.....  Yes, I know......  My
repayment is to defeat Sin.    Yes.  Yes, I will defeat Sin.  By the time
everyone sees this, I guess Sin will probably be gone.  Moreover, I too will be
gone.  That's why I will say this while I'm alive.  Aaron, thank you."

"Kimari, do you remember the first day we met?  I was seven years old.  My dad
had just defeated Sin, and Beberu was in an uproar......  Everyone admired my
dad, and I was happy because it seemed like they're applauding me.  But, I
thought it got dark.  My dad defeated Sin, but my dad was dead.  I was all
alone.  I couldn't sleep, so I went out into the city.  I passed through the
noisy festivities and wound up standing on a long bridge in Beberu.  There, I
stared out by myself, from the bridge where I bid farewell to my dad to the
plain where my dad fought.  And then, Kimari appeared.  And then did you say
that you're looking for Blaska's daughter?  At first,......  I was scared. 
But, I soon knew that you're a kind person.  You weren't used to speaking with
kids.  When I answered that I'm Blaska's daughter, you said that you will take
me to a place very far away from Beberu, and this was the wish of a person who
went to death.  I cried.  That was because my dad had just died, and I knew
that I wouldn't see him anymore.  Without saying a word, Kimari hugged me. 
Even after you took me to Beside, I cried.  After entrusting me to the shrine,
Kimari, didn't you try to leave the village?  I cried 'don't go' and hanged
onto you.  After that, you were always around.....  Kimari, I honestly thank
you.  I like the broken horn."

"Wakka.  Lulu.  I will never forget the days I spent in Beside.  I had lots of
fun playing with the three of you, Wakka, Lulu, and Chap.  So, I always felt
good.  When I said that I would become a summoner, although you opposed it so
much, I thought, 'Sorry, you'll apologize someday.'  But, when I was opposed, I
was really happy.  You were really worried about me.  It was as if you're
really like my older brother and older sister, respectively.  Yes.  I think of
you as my real brother and sister.   Is it strange?  I like the Wakka who plays
blitzball.  I like the Lulu who has a temper, no matter how she scolds at me."

It's clear that the scenery that accompanies her monologue belongs to the time
when they stopped to observe a beautiful sunset.  It was then when Yuna found
some time to record her message while enjoying the sunset.  (Yuna) "And then,
the new guard.  Zanarkand Ape's ace.  You......  You.....  (having a hard time
finding words)  Let's see......  It's good to have met you.  After we met, you
weren't so qualified, but you're a ...... mystery.  I thought, 'can you be
real?'  That was a very wonderful feeling, more than I imagined.....  It's
wonderful but also..... painful.  Hum.....  What else.....  This isn't coming
off right.  Anyway, it was good to meet you.  I wonder if that's why it's
painful.  I'm afraid when I think about the time when I say good-bye to you.  I
guess it's kind of funny......"  Tidus is slowly walking toward her.  " I'll do
a retake right here.  Let's see......"  (Tidus) "What are you doing?"

They arrive at the edge of Zanarkand and decide to take a rest.  This scene is
the where Tidus begins his narrative at the beginning of the game.  With his or
her weapon pitched aside, everyone sits around an open flame to enjoy a short
rest and have some time to consider what's about to come.  Tidus gets up and
gently rests his hand on Yuna's shoulder, as if to reassure her.  In the
distance, Zanarkand can be seen as a ruin, a reminder of its magnificent past. 
Tidus climbs up a hill to have a better look.

(Narrative) "Maybe this is the end?  So, I want to tell you everything."

Tidus climbs back down and rejoins the group after looking at Zanarkand. 
(Tidus) "Well, weren't there more various things than this?  If so, at that
time, weren't there any people or any thing?"  (Yuna) "Hey....." (Tidus)
"What?"  (Yuna) "We're already done with reminiscences."

Everyone picks up his or her weapon.  (Yuna) "Let's go."  To Zanarkand they go.

Further down the road, they see a structure that seems to be attracting the
drifting speckles of light.  (Wakka) "That seems like the other world." 
(Aaron) "It does look like it."  They continue to go toward it.

Finally, they arrive at Ebon Dome's entrance and come across a priest.  (Yuna)
"I am summoner Yuna.  I came from Beside."  (Priest) "Your face please.  Please
show me the road that you have traveled.  Fine.  It seems that you have
endeavored greatly.  Yunareska will welcome you.  Together with your guards,
you may head to Yunareska."  (Yuna) "Yes."

On the road to Yunareska, they witness various people's life history.  (Female
guard) "If It's to save Spira, I would happily offer my life.  There's nothing
more honorable than being a guard.  Therefore, Yonkun, please be sure to defeat
Sin."  Yonkun and his guard walk off.  (Rikku, scared) "What?  What was that?" 
(Aaron) "They're people who once visited here."  (Lulu) "She said Yonkun.  That
person what a great summoner's guard!?"  (Aaron) "This dome, filled with
visionary light bugs, is the same as a giant sphere.  You will leave your
thoughts here, forever."

Deeper into Ebon Dome, they are visited by another image.  (Guado boy) "No! 
No, mother!  Mother will become a prayer child!"  (Mother) "I have not choice. 
Please summon me and defeat Sin.  If you do, everybody will accept you." 
(Guado boy) "I don't care about everybody!"  If I have mother, I don't need
anything!"  (Mother) "I don't have anymore time......  "

(Wakka) "Hey, what we just saw was......"  (Rikku) "Seymour!......"

They come across another vision at a building's entrance.  (Jecto) "I'm not
sure, but is there a trial ahead?"  (Blaska) "Probably."  (Jecto) "Talk to me. 
You're still keeping things from me, after coming all the way here.  I thought
there would be fireworks going off here to welcome you."  (Blaska) "It'd be
better if they did that after I defeated Sin."

Yep, Jecto is right:  another trial room.  Once the puzzle is solved, they have
an opportunity to face off some weird-looking monster boss, the Demon Guardian
with 52,000 hp.  After the monster is destroyed, an elevator rises up from the
bottom of a well.  (Aaron) "Yuna..... We've arrived."  (Yuna) "It's the
ultimate summon."  (Aaron) "Go."  She descends down the well.

(Jecto) "Aah?  It's not the ultimate summon!?"

Yuna comes back up on the elevator.  (Yuna) "Aaron, everyone come!"  They all
go down to the prayer child's room.  (Yuna) "This is not the prayer child. 
It's a normal stone image."  A priest appears from the back room.  (Priest)
"That image lost its power as a prayer child long ago.  At the beginning of
history, Zeion became the prayer child for the ultimate summon.  Now, he's
nothing more than the image of his form.  Zeion has passed away."  (Wakka)
"Passed away!?"  (Rikku) "What?  The ultimate summon has died!?"  (Priest)
"Please relax.  Yunareska will award you a new ultimate summon.  It'll produce
enormous power by binding with the summoner, heart and body.  You have better
go to the back, to Yunareska."

Yuna heads for the next room.  (Tidus) "Wait a minute.  Aaron, did you now this
from the start?"  (Aaron) "Yes."  (Rikku) "Why did you keep quiet!?"  (Aaron)
"To show you the truth."  (Kimari) "Yuna."  (Yuna) "I can't go back."  (Kimari)
"Understood.  Kimari will go first.  Kimari will defend Yuna."

(Rikku) "Something is coming out!?"  (Yuna) "Yunareska......"  (Yunareska)
"Welcome to Zanarkand.  You have overcome a long journey and arrived.  Now, I
shall award you a great gift:  my ultimate secret ceremony, the ultimate
summon.  Now......  It's your choice."  Yuna is puzzled.  (Yunareska) "Let's
transform one brave man of your choice with my power.  Yes.....  I will
transform him or her into your ultimate weapon."  Everyone is shocked. 
(Yunareska) "The power of thought and the power of the bond.  Their
crystallization is the ultimate summon.  A person with strong bonds with the
summoner can gain incredible powers by becoming a prayer child.  The bonds of
thought that ties the two will become the light that defeats Sin.  1000 years
ago, I chose my husband, Zeion.  I transformed him into a prayer child and
gained my ultimate summon.  It's not something to fear.  Your sadness can
liberate everything.  If the ultimate summon is activated, your life will be
scattered.  When your life disappears, that sadness will melt away.  Your
father, Blaska, chose the same path as well."

They see a flashback of Aaron, Jecto, and Blaska facing the same dilemma. 
(Aaron) "There's still time.  Let's go back!"  (Blaska) "If I go back, who will
defeat Sin?  You're asking me to let other summoners and guards experience
these same thoughts?"  (Aaron) "Well......  But, there should be some other
way!"  (Jecto) "But, there isn't one right now.  I decided.  I will become the
prayer child.  I have thought this through.....  In my dream, I'm in Zanarkand.
 I'm raising my kid to be a first-rate player......  I want to show him by
viewing from the mountaintops.  But...... It doesn't look like I will somehow
return to Zanarkand.  I won't be able to see him again.  My dream is coming to
an end.  Therefore, I will try to become one of those prayer children.  I'll
fight Sin with Blaska.  If I do that, I can have some meaning in my life." 
(Aaron) "Don't be desperate!  If you're alive.....  If you're alive, limitless
possibility is waiting for you!"  (Jecto) "It's not desperation!  I've thought
about it!  So, Aaron.  I'm not at an age where one believes in limitless
possibility."  (Blaska) "Jecto."  (Jecto) "What?  It's useless to stop me." 
(Blaska) "Sorry......  No.  Thank you."  (Jecto) "For Blaska, the great
business of defeating Sin is still waiting.  (to Aaron) Protect Blaska as hard
as I did.  Well, let's go!"  Jecto and Blaska climb up the stairs.  (Aaron)
"Blaska!  Jecto!"  (Jecto) "Is there something still!?"  (Aaron) "Sin will
resurrect countless times!  After a short Calm Season, it shall again be
reborn!  If you don't change this flow of events, both of you will die useless
deaths!"  (Blaska) "But, maybe this time it will not resurrect.  I'll try to
risk it."  (Jecto) "Well, what Aaron said was true.  I'll do something about
it."  (Aaron) "Are you saying that you have some plan?"  (Blaska) "Jecto?" 
(Jecto) "You'll have to wait for it, even with unlimited possibilities!" 
Blaska and Jecto step into the back room, and Aaron falls to his knees.  Aaron,
upset at his own inaction at that time, thrusts and slashes at his image in the

(Aaron) "And so...... nothing was changed."

(Tidus) "We will change it."  (Wakka) "How!?"  We don't have an operation, do
we?"  (Lulu) "If we need somebody to become the prayer child, I will be happy
to accept."  (Wakka) "Me too, Yuna!"  (Tidus) "Then you'll just join my dad and
others who went before!  All we'll get is...... the Calm Season!  It'll just
resurrect again!"  (Wakka) "Well, you won't let Yuna die in fighting Sin.  Now,
you want to stop Sin from resurrecting?  But, it'll be really everything to
come up to your expectations!"  (Lulu) "If we're greedy, we will lose
everything."  (Tidus) "No.  I'll be greedy."  (Wakka) "Don't say such a
immature thing!"  (Tidus) "I'm fine with being immature!  I will definitely not
act under the pretext of being an adult so that I can't say what I want to say!
 In that way, nothing will be changed!  I will not lose my immaturity.  Aah, I
don't know what's the best thing to do.  But, I believe in something Aaron said
10 years ago."  (Rikku) "Unlimited...... possibilities?"  (Tidus) "I will go. 
I will ask Yunareska."  (Rikku) "If you asked, I wonder what will happen?" 
(Tidus) "Well,  I don't know...... However, this is my story.  If it's some
nonsense story, I will not allow it to end!"  (Yuna) "Wait!  Hey, to me, this
is my story.  I don't want to be shown off.  I don't want to be wavering in the
wind and washed away.  No matter how it ends up, I will certainly regret.  I
don't want that.  I...... will decide.  I will decide myself!"  Yuna and the
others rush forward to meet up with Yunareska.

They climb up some stair and arrive on a platform that seems to drift in
limitless space.  Yunareska shows up.  (Yunareska) "Have you decided on a
person who will become your prayer child?  Who do you choose?"  (Yuna) "Before
that, please tell me.  Even if defeated by the ultimate summon, Sin will
definitely be resurrected?"  (Yunareska) "Sin is immortal.  The ultimate summon
beast that defeats Sin will replace it by becoming a new Sin.....  Sin will
accomplish its resurrection without fail."  (Tidus) "So that's why my dad is
Sin......"  (Yunareska, continuing) "Sin is the destiny that Spira is burdened
with.  It's a fate that will not change forever."  (Wakka, mad) "Forever...... 
But, if people completely atone for their sins, then Sin's resurrection will
stop, right?  Someday, it'll certainly manage to stop, right!?"  (Yunareska)
"Will people's sins will ever disappear?"  (Lulu) "You're not giving him an
answer!  Ebon's teaching taught us that If our sins disappear, then Sin will
disappear!  That teaching..... was  Spira's only hope!"  (Yunareska)
"Hope......  is comfort.  Hope is a force for people to give up and accept even
the rule of sadness. "

Tidus decides he had to do something, something Aaron did 10 years ago. (Tidus
and Aaron) "Don't kid us!"  (Aaron) "Then, isn't it just some regular peace of
mind?  Blaska threw away his live, believing in the teachings!  By believing
Blaska, Jecto became a sacrifice!"  (Yunareska) "Because they believed, they
died of their own free will."  Aaron tries to kill Yunareska but is repulsed by
her powerful force field.

(Yunareska) "Ultimate summon and Ebon's teachings are the light of  hope that
shines on Spira.  If you deny hope, then there will only be sadness in life. 
Well, make your choice.  Who is your prayer child, the offered sacrifice for
the sake of hope?"  (Yuna) "...... No.  I thought that it's okay for me to die.
 If my life is useful, I'm not afraid of death.  But, the ultimate summon
...... will not change things one bit.  It's a deception."  (Yunareska) "No. 
It's the light of hope.  Your father too became a sacrifice for the sake of
hope."  (Yuna) "You're wrong.  My father, my father's wish was to eliminate
sadness.  It's something I'll never forget or misrepresent......"  (Yunareska)
"What the point of opposing a sadness that cannot be made to disappear?" 
(Yuna) "I......  loved my father!  So, I want to be able to realize with my
hands the things that my father couldn't!  I will live...... even with sadness.
 I will live to fight, always!  Even a fate that cannot be changed right now
can  change someday...... I'm sure of it!  I don't need a deceptive
hope......!"  (Yunareska) "How sad it is......  to throw away hope out of your
own choice.  If so, before you drawn in despair, let me give you help at least.
 Let me give you a death filled with light of hope rather than a life filled
with the darkness of sorrow.  You'll forget all the sorrow."

Yunareska decides to put everyone out of his or her misery.  (Aaron) "Well, how
about it!  Now is the time for resolution.  Will you be happy in death, or will
you stay alive and fight sorrow!  With that feeling in your heart, it's time to
set the story in motion!"  (Kimari) "If Kimari dies, who will protect Yuna?" 
(Rikku) "I will!"  (Wakka) "We're fighting Yunareska?  This is some serious
joke......"  (Lulu) "Well, are you going to run away?"  (Wakka) "Heh!  If I ran
away here, I will never forgive myself, even if I die!"  (Lulu) "...... My
thoughts exactly."  (Tidus) "Yuna!  Let's continue our stories together!"  Yuna

They manage to defeat Yunareska.  (Yunareska) "Once I am gone, the ultimate
summon will be lost.  You have erased Spira's hope."  (Tidus) "Therefore, we'll
find some other way!"  (Yunareska) "How foolish......  There is no other way. 
Even if there was, and even if you should defeat Sin, the immortal Ebon Ju will
just give born to a new Sin."  (Tidus) "Ebon Ju!?"  (Yunareska) "Aah...... 
Zeion, please forgive me.  Losing the light of hope, Spira will fall into a
spiral of sorrow and misery......"  Yunareska evaporates into little particles
of light.

(Yuna) "I wonder if I have done something absurd."  (Tidus) "Let's do something
even more absurd."  (Rikku) "What?"  (Tidus) "We'll defeat Sin without the
ultimate summon, and moreover we'll try to not let it resurrect.  Don't ask me,
'how do we do it?'"

Aaron stops Tidus on their way out of Yunareska's room.  (Aaron) "I need to
talk to you."  (Tidus) "What?"  (Aaron) "Let me make this clear to you now." 
(Tidus) "...... I guess so.  As expected, you're also......"  (Aaron) "Yes. 
I'm a dead person too.  I thought you would be more surprised......"  (Tidus)
"Somehow...... I felt it.  You were probably killed by Yunareska."  (Aaron) "It
was after Blaska defeated Sin and lost his life.  I could not agree.  To
destroy their enemy, I came here once more......  It was the death of a
would-be avenger.  I somehow narrowly escaped death and got to Gagazeto......
It took all my strength to get to the Beberu side.  Then, I met Kimari.  I
entrusted Yuna to him, and then I died.  Since then, without going to the other
world, I have been wandering like this."  (Tidus) "Aaron....."  (Aaron) "Don't'
give me that face.  I have the benefits of having such a body.  Riding Sin, I
went to your Zanarkand."  (Tidus) "So that you can watch over me all this time?
 Why?  Why didn't you do something then?"  (Aaron) "Things like this cannot be
explained in words.  Okay?  Let me show you my memory."

Aaron shows Tidus his memory.  (Jecto) "Just myself at the very end, okay? 
Well...... it's bad, but you ought to stop."  (Aaron) "You had better say it." 
(Jecto) "I guess so.  I'll say it.  Please take care of my son.  I'll leave my
son who is in Zanarkand because he is a crybaby.  If no one with him, I'll
worry and worry.  Therefore,......  I'm depending on you."  (Aaron) "But, how
do I get to your Zanarkand......?"  (Jecto) "What?  Don't be so wretched!  Like
what you said about 'unlimited possibilities', try to manage it somehow." 
(Aaron) ".....Aah!  I will do it in the end, won't I!?   Let me promise you.  I
will protect your son.  Even if I'm dead,......  I'll protect him."  (Jecto)
"Sorry, Aaron.  You're a square guy, but I didn't hate you that much."

(Aaron, back to reality) "That's how it happened."

Tidus comes out of Ebon Dome and finds Sin waiting for him.  (Tidus, thinking)
"Dad......There's no more ultimate summon.  But, I'll manage somehow.  Just
wait a little longer."  Sin, or Jecto, seems to have gotten the message and
leaves.  Then, Cid's airship arrives, passing Sin on its way in, and lands.

Tidus and the rest again come aboard the flying ship.  On the bridge, Cid turns
around to face everyone.  (Cid) "Such gloomy faces......"  The airship's pilot,
Rikku's brother, seems to asking where they should go next.  (Rikku) "You just
keep saying 'where to go, where to go'.  How persistent!  Think for yourself
for even a little!"  (Aaron) "What do we do?  I shall be waiting for a good
plan."  (Tidus) "Let's think together."  (Aaron) "I guess so.....  Sin is
Jecto.  It's clear that you and Sin are in communication.  That may become a
opening for us to break through."  (Tidus) "Huh?  How?"  (Aaron) "If we knew
that, then you wouldn't have to work for it."  Aaron walks away.  (Tidus)
"That's for sure......"  Aaron walks past Yuna as she approaches the bridge.

Yuna slowly strolls toward Cid.  Finally, she comes to a stop and respectfully
bows before him.  To Yuna's surprise, Cid seems unwilling to see her and has
his back turned toward her.  Yuna give him a nod and walks back out of the
bridge.  Cid has a sad look on his face.

In light of what took place on the bridge, Tidus goes to check up on Yuna up on
the observation deck.  (Yuna) "I'm useless."  (Tidus) "What do you mean, so
suddenly?"  (Yuna) "I'm thinking about how to defeat Sin all the time.  I don't
understand anything not related to Ebon's teachings.  ...... Sorry."  (Kimari)
"Yuna, don't apologize.  I hear that you're trying to escape.  That isn't like
Yuna."  (Yuna) "...... Um.  Thanks, Kimari"  (Tidus) "Well, has Kimari come up
with something good?"  (Kimari) "It's Ebon's teaching."  (Yuna) "The teaching
will not defeat Sin."  (Kimari) "The answer isn't in the teachings.  The answer
is outside of the teachings.  If you know what's inside and outside of the
teachings, then you can find the answer."  (Yuna) "The teachings......" 
(Kimari) "If it was me, I would ask Maika.  I would make him talk by force." 
(Tidus) "That's it!  Kimari, that's great!"  (Kimari) "Humph......"

(Kimari) "Kimari doesn't know if you can meet Maika."  (Tidus) "No matter where
he escapes to, we can chase him down on this ship."  (Kimari) "If he disappears
(or dies), then we can't follow him.  We should go to Beberu."  Tidus talks
with Yuna.  (Yuna) "So we're going to Beberu?"  (Tidus) "Yes.  ...... Are you
worried?"  (Yuna) "No, I'm okay because they can't stop me anymore."

Tidus goes back to the bridge to tell the others about the plan to go to
Beberu.  (Wakka) "Hey, we thought of something really great!"  (Rikku, trying
to keep Wakka's mouth shut) "I thought of it!  Let me tell him!"  (Wakka) "To
make a story short!"  (Rikku) "Let me see!"  (Lulu) "The song is the key." 
(Wakka and Rikku, sorry that Lulu broke the idea to Tidus) "Aah~!?"  (Tidus)
"The song?"  (Lulu) "Jecto like the prayer song.....  Isn't that right?" 
(Tidus) "Yes."  (Rikku) "Therefore, he heard the song at the bottom of the
Makaraniya Lake."  (Lulu) "The terrible Sin like it so much that he quietly
heard the song......"  (Wakka) "So...... it's hard for me to say thing because
he is your father."  (Tidus, shaking his head) "No.  It's fine because we don't
know what to do yet."  (Lulu) "So, I'll tell you.  Even if we confront Sin on a
frontal assault, there's no way we can win.  However, if we let Sin listen to
the prayer song, Sin will become quiet."  (Wakka) "If we use that opportunity,
can't we manage somehow!?  Well...... it may be irregular, but you're not picky
about things.  Right?"  (Rikku) "Well?  Isn't it a great plan!"

(Tidus) "Aah, it's worth trying!"

Now that Tidus and other have gained control of the airship, they decide to pay
a trip back to the entrance gate to Gagazeto Mountain.  There, they come across
Meichen again for another history lesson.  (Meichen) "I wonder if you'd like to
hear about ancient times in Spira?"  Tidus said he would like to hear about it.
 (Meichen) "This is what the legend has to say.  Shortly before Sin appeared,
Zanarkand and Beberu were involved in a fierce war.  The Beberu army that
climbed and attacked Gagazeto heard a song resounding throughout the snow
mountain.  The soldiers reacted to a singing that they thought was not of this
world, lost their courage, and escaped.  And then, Sin appeared to try to chase
down the retreating army.  Before long, a Beberu scout party climbed
Gagazeto.....and confirmed the destruction of Zanarkand with its own eyes.  The
city was destroyed, and the citizens were lost without a single survivor. 
Instead, there was a great crowd of prayer children on Gagazeto...... that
sang.  Yes, today, that song is called the prayer song.  Well, that's all for
now.  Do you want me to continue?"  Tidus said yes.  (Meichen) "When the
citizens of Beberu talk about the sudden appearance of Sin, they were spreading
a rumor.  The citizens of Zanarkand became prayer children, and didn't they
give birth to Sin?  The men who use the technique, the summoners, ruled
Zanarkand.  Wasn't it Ebon the summoner who ruled Zanarkand?  And yes, Ebon was
Yunareska's father.  When Zanarkand was destroyed, Yunareska escaped with her
husband Zeion and was fine.  Afterwards, the two defeated Sin with the ultimate
summon.  Then, the citizens of Beberu again feared the summoner Ebon. 
Therefore, they tried to appease Ebon's anger and spread his teachings that
praised highly of Ebon.  This was the beginning of the Ebon shrine. That was
probably what Yunareska was after.  In return for defeating Sin herself,
Yunareska tried to leave behind his name.  Of course, without evidence, it's
all in the darkness of history.  I don't suppose that they can officially
proclaim that Ebon was the enemy.  Therefore, the shrine tries to completely
hide this history.  Well, this is where I stop."

(To be continued......)

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