Dark Aeon FAQ (FFX Int.) by Huang SJ

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Final Fantasy X International
Dark Aeon FAQ
Version 1.3 (5/17/2002 9:30 PM)

By : Huang SJ (jiun@pop.jaring.my)

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  I. Version History
 II. Foreword
III. General Reminders/Hints and Tips
	a. Dark Valefor
	b. Dark Ifrit
   	c. Dark Ixion
   	d. Dark Shiva
   	e. Dark Bahamut
   	f. Dark Yojimbo
   	g. Dark Anima
   	h. The Dark Magus Sisters
  V. Penance
  	a. Contribute
   	b. Credits
   	c. Copyright

I. Version History
v1.0 3/17/02: First Version, started after defeating all dark aeons and
unlocked fight with Penance.

v1.1 3/20/02: Defeated Penance using Zanmato and received information from
Zeruel (Thanks man). Updated FAQ to incorporate                 this, i cannot
test it but it is consistent with what i had so should be accurate. Strategies
still lacking                  though, especially for Penance and Dark Magus

v1.2 3/24/02: Received strategies from Dark Elf for Magus Sisters and Penance.
Included his exact words from his e-mail as i have yet to try it myself.

v1.3 15/4/02: Sorry been busy with work (auditing but not Enron). Anyway more
updates from Zeruel and some tips on magus sisters from squall leonheart rinoa

v1.4 17/5/02: Dark Magus Sister stats from Zeruel. Now the FAQ seems complete.
No further updates expected. I am glad to have written this, i remember waiting
and waiting for somebody to write something on the dark aeons while i was
playing, until i defated all the Dark Aeons and fought Penance and still no
FAQ. So i decided to write one, and amazingly it turned out so comprehensive.

II. Foreword
This is my first FAQ, and i welcome questions as that is the whole point of an
FAQ, all relevant questions specific to the Dark Aeons and Penance will be
entered into the FAQ sections which will be added in later versions.

Firstly, to be able to access the dark Aeons, you must be playing the
International version of FFX, for the differences in Final Fantasy X
International, kindly refer to the excellent Final Fantasy X (US) Sphere Grid
FAQ by CB! (Christine Bomke, circe@san.rr.com). This FAQ will not dwell on
those differences beyond the inclusion of the Dark Aeons and Penance.

The dark Aeons are ultra hard versions of your normal Aeons which become
available to fight during the last part of the game. I am not sure of the exact
timing but i started fighting the dark aeons only after reaching the last save
point just before the final boss inside Sin.

After defeating all dark Aeons, an ultra powerful boss by the name of Penance
will appear, he is covered in Section V of this FAQ.

For items dropped, the bracket is if overkilled, and all dark Aeons require
99,999 for overkill. For Penance, I did not overkill because i only won with
Zanmato so the overkill info is in question marks.

III. General Reminders/Hints and Tips

a. Most important thing to remember is that the Dark Aeons are ultra hard and
therefore the recommended stats stated below are quite high, refer to Morph
(fudgeit2k@hotmail.com) and JungleJim (junglejimgf@yahoo.com)'s excellect Stat
Maxing FAQ for help in obtaining the necessary abilities and stats. I
personally would never have been able to defeat any of the Dark Aeons if not
for this excellent work. All tactics below were done with max stats in mind, if
the tactic are not working, most likely your equipment of stats are just not up
to it, so further training/customising is required.

b. The Celestial Weapons are a must, i cannot stress this enough. One thing to
take note of is that due to the location of Dark Bahamut (as stated below), i
recommend that the Sun Crest be obtained as soon as you are able to get it. I
did not and therefore had to wait until i was able to defeat Dark Bahamut (a
very long time) to obtain the full powered Caladbolg.

c. As stated below, one of the most basic skills, Aim, is crucial. Please bear
in mind that i had 255 Accuracy for all fighting party members, therefore Aim
was not to make up for any laziness on my part in training Accuracy.

d. For general information, my stats for all party member fighting the Dark
Aeons is 255 every stat except luck and 76-77k HP. All had their ultimate
weapons and wearing armor with Ribbon (FFX International only), Auto-Haste,
Break HP Limit and Auto-Phoenix. My party members were Tidus, Wakka and Yuna.

e. As the first two Dark Aeons are easy, i recommend fighting and resetting
until you get armour with ribbon auto-ability. This is essential to future
fights with the dark aeons, as ribbon is a pain to customise, requiring 99 dark

f. Quick hits is the recommended method of attacking, normal attacks are too
slow and not recommended at all.

a. Dark Valefor

     HP: 800000
     AP: 10000 (overkill: 15000)
     Stats:  Strength: 148  Defense: 120  Magic: 186  Magic Defense: 220
Agility: 105  Luck: 48  Evasion: 10  Accuracy: 250
     Elemental Immunities (including Holy): all half damage

Drops : Normal : 1(2) Dark Matter
	Rare   : 1(2) Master Sphere

Equipment (Drops 3-4 slots with 1-2 abilitites)

Auto-Abilities:  Weapon:  First Strike, Firestrike, Lightningstrike,
Waterstrike, Icestrike, Break Damage Limit

Armor  : Auto-regen
	 Break HP Limit

Location : Entrance to Besaid Village

Tactics : Very Easy, a perfect attack reel will kill him. Auto-phoenix to play
b. Dark Ifrit

     HP: 1400000
     AP: 20000 (overkill: 30000)
     Stats:  Strength: 220  Defense: 173  Magic: 177  Magic Defense: 163
Agility: 124  Luck: 27  Evasion: 8  Accuracy: 230
     Elemental Immunities: absorbs fire, immune to lightning and water, half
damage to ice

Drops : Normal : 1(2) Dark Matter
	Rare   : 1(2) Master Sphere

Equipment (Drops 3-4 slots with 1-2 abilitites)
Weapon : Break Damage Limit

Armor  : Fire Eater
	 Break HP Limit

Location : Entrance to destroyed Al-Bhed Home (Bikanel Island Extreme North)

Tactics : Easy, attack reel and blitz ace will kill him. Use aeons when his
overdrive is full to block. Auto-phoenix recommended.
c. Dark Ixion

     HP: 1200000
     AP: 20000 (overkill: 30000)
     Stats:  Strength: 176  Defense: 220  Magic: 133   Magic Defense: 188
Agility: 180  Luck: 36  Evasion: 0  Accuracy: 250
     Elemental Immunities: aborbs lightning, immune to fire and ice, half
damage to water

Drops : Normal : 1(2) Dark Matter
	Rare   : 1(2) Master Sphere

Equipment (Drops 3-4 slots with 1-2 abilitites)
Weapon : Break Damage Limit

Armor  : Lightning Eater
	 Break HP Limit

Location : Thunder Plains (talk to soldier under lightning tower north of
trading post)

Tactics : Easy, as long as you have sleepproof, or better still ribbon, and
auto-phoenix. This is bacause his normal attacks cause sleep in addition to
full break. You need to fight him twice.The first time you fight him,he will
only cast Aerospark when his overdrive is fully charged. Beware of his Thor's
Hammer overdrive during the second fight. Use Aeons to block if your HP is low,
and as his second incarnation is slower, quick hits should take him down before
he has a chance to use it.

d. Dark Shiva

     HP: 1100000
     AP: 20000 (overkill: 30000)
     Stats:  Strength: 173  Defense: 163  Magic: 244  Magic Defense: 255
Agility: 255  Luck: 73  Evasion: 0  Accuracy: 250
     Elemental Immunities:  absorbs ice, immune to lightning and water, half
damage to fire

Drops : Normal : 1(2) Dark Matter
	Rare   : 1(2) Master Sphere

Equipment (Drops 3-4 slots with 1-2 abilitites)
Weapon : Break Damage Limit

Armor  : Ice Eater
	 Break HP Limit

Location : Entrance to Macalania Temple.

Tactics : Max agility is a must otherwise she will kill you before you have a
chance to attack. Use Aim several times to be able to hit her. Beware her
Heavenly Strike which is instant kill even with ribbon armor, rely on Auto
Phoenix. Use Aeons to block her overdrive as usual. Other than that she is not
so hard.

e. Dark Bahamut
      HP: 4000000
      AP: 30000 (overkill: 40000)

Stats:  Strength: 245  Defense: 234  Magic: 222  Magic Defense: 233
Agility: 255  Luck: 102  Evasion: 0  Accuracy: 250

Auto-Abilities:  Weapon:  1 MP Cost, Double AP, Double Drive, Break
Damage Limit

Drops : 1(2) Dark Matter
	1(2) Master Sphere

Equipment (Drops 3-4 slots with 1-2 abilitites)
Weapon:  1 MP Cost, Double AP, Double Drive, Break
Damage Limit

Armor  : Auto-Protect, Ribbon, Break HP Limit

Location : Place where you fought Yunalesca (Where the Sun Crest is)

Tactics : This is where is starts to get tough. Use all the tactics mentioned
above and use Aeons just before his overdrive is full and shield because he
will do Mega Flare as soon as his bar is full circumventing your turn (i.e. bar
almost full, hits you, bar full, immediately Mega Flare before you have a
chance to retaliate). Auto-Life helps against his Impulse. His favourite tactic
is to do impulse when his bar is full, then immediately uses the full overdrive
to do Mega Flare. My Auto-life got all my charcaters back from Impulse just in
time to be killed :(
Oh and Impulse has a 100% chance of turning you to stone, so stoneproof, or
better still ribbon is a must.

f. Dark Yojimbo

 HP: 1600000
 AP: 8000 (overkill: 10000)

Stats:  Strength: 244  Defense: 210  Magic: 131  Magic Defense: 144
Agility: 243  Luck: 114  Evasion: 0  Accuracy: 255

Drops : Normal : 1(2) Dark Matter
	Rare   : 1(2) Master Sphere

Equipment (Drops 3-4 slots with 1-2 abilitites)

Auto-Abilities:  Weapon:  Counterattack, Magic Counter, Drive->AP, Break Damage
Break Damage Limit

Armor  : Curseproof, Ribbon, Break HP Limit

Location : Caverns of the Stolen Fayth (Teleport to end then walk out)

Tactics : Firstly, you need to fight him 5 times by chasing the summoner back
to the entrance of the cave, you can save between fights but if you reload you
have to start all over again. So i recommend going to save points to recover
between fights. His attacks all have a chance of instantly killing your
characters by doing 99,999 damage, and his evade is very high so do Aim MANY
times. Quick hit is the way to go with back up from Blitz Ace and Attack Reel.
His attacks can also do status effects but i had ribbon so i am not sure what
they are. His overdrive attack is an instant kill and even if you have
auto-life, you will not be revived so using Aeons to block is a must.

g. Dark Anima
HP : About 7 - 8 Million !!!!! (This is true, my sister counted 70+ hits at
     Now confirmed at 8,000,000

AP: 30000 (overkill: 40000)

Stats:  Strength: 155  Defense: 230  Magic: 255  Magic Defense: 255
Agility: 183  Luck: 85  Evasion: 0  Accuracy: 255
Elemental Immunities: absorbs all

Drops : 1(2) Dark Matter
	1(2) Master Sphere

Equipment (Drops 3-4 slots with 1-2 abilitites)

Weapon:  Deathstrike, 1 MP Cost, Triple AP, Break Damage Limit
Armor:  Deathproof, Break HP Limit, Ribbon

Location : Mount Gagazet, redo the challenge in which Wakka had to throw a ball
at the revolving thing then teleport back to the entrance to Mount Gagazet and
Dark Anima will be there waiting for you. I had the most trouble finding him
and must thank my cousin, Izaac, for noticing that Anima looked fishy (remember
the shell) and so made me go swimming around Mount Gagazet.

Tactics : He is hard, and not just for the HP. His Pain is an instant kill
attack which does not damage so overdrive comrade mode will not charge. His
Mega Graviton attack will do incredible damage based on your max HP, so unlike
other gravity based attacks it can kill you outright if your HP is low. His
overdrive does incredible damage not to mention draining MP. Lastly for such a
huge lump he is very hard to hit, so once again do Aim like it is free, err
actually it is so just do it until you feel comfortable. As noted from his huge
HP this battle will take a long time but the standard tactic of lots of aiming,
Quick Hits and using Aeons to block his overdrive will win out eventually. My
cousin fought him untill all my Aeons died before finally killing him!

h. The Dark Magus Sisters

Dark Cindy:
     HP: 3000000
     AP: 10000 (overkill: 12000)
     Stats:  Strength: 175  Defense: 223  Magic: 171  Magic Defense: 105
Agility: 185  Luck: 40  Evasion: 0  Accuracy: 255
     Auto-Abilities:  Weapon: Alchemy, Triple Drive, Gillionaire, Break
Damage Limit
     Armor: Auto-Phoenix, Break HP Limit, Ribbon

Dark Sandy:
     HP: 2500000
     AP: 10000 (overkill: 12000)
     Stats:  Strength: 186  Defense: 201  Magic: 207  Magic Defense: 168
Agility: 201  Luck: 80  Evasion: 100  Accuracy: 255
     Auto-Abilities:  Weapon: Evade and Counter, Magic Counter, Triple
Drive, Break Damage Limit
     Armor: Auto-Shell, Break HP Limit, Ribbon

Dark Mindy:
     HP: 2000000
     AP: 10000 (overkill: 12000)
     Stats:  Strength: 148  Defense: 187  Magic: 248  Magic Defense: 132
Agility: 233  Luck: 130  Evasion: 240  Accuracy 255
     Auto-Abilities:  Weapon: Magic Booster, 1 MP Cost, Triple Drive, Break
Damage Limit
     Armor: Auto-Haste, Break HP Limit, Ribbon

Drops : Normal : 1(2) Dark Matter per sister
	Rare   : 1(2) Master Sphere per sister

        Equipment (Drops 3-4 slots with 1-2 abilitites)

Location : Mushroom Rock, from exit of Mi'ihen Highroad walk until you
encounter two summoners. A cutscene will commence then the combat.

Tactics : I don't know, I just grand summoned Yojimbo, paid him 1.3 Million Gil
and hoped for Zanmato. Normal way of fighting not sure how but i suggest using
an Aeon to block Delta Attack as they start in overdrive then concentrate on
one of the sisters and kill her to stop future Delta Attacks.

Dark Elf has the following tactic for this battle:-

Requirement: at least get all 3 characters have [break HP limit] --around
30,000 HP or above and  those 3 characters have luck over 120 +

First beat up Mindy [B/c she can cast Passado -- instant death!!]

Mindy has the least HP.  You should try to focus on ONE enemy, because it won't
increase the OD gague.  Delta force won't release if all of Magus sisters OD
are full.

Sandy has a shatter effect if she does a normal attack.  If you are unlucky
when all of sisters' OD are full, Cindy will cast DELTA attack!  There is no
way to revive even if you have auto-life!

Attack Mindy, Sandy , and Cindy.  If one of them is KO, each sister will only
do Tetra Gravition when its OD is full.  So it won't be difficult!!

Note: Attack reel and blitz ace will kill Mindy quickly.

Additional info from "squall leonheart rinoa heartilly"
you can beat 3 sis separately

1. run fast
2. first conner you get rid of mindy
3. take elevator up you get rid of cindy
4. beat'em up one by one

V. Penance
HP : unknown
Drops : Normal : 3(6?) Master Spheres
	Rare   : unknown

HP : unknown
Drops : Normal : 1(2?) Dark Matter
        Rare   : unknown

Equipment (4 slot Armour and Weapons with 1-2 abilities)
Weapon : (Break Damage Limit)

Armor  : ribbon
	 break hp limit

Attacks : Body - Obliteration, massive damage to active battle party. About
10-20k against my party which had 255 defense and                  magic
	  Arms - Calamity, many negative status effects, only curse affects me though
due to ribbon, but i think it does                      everything
               - Tera-Graviton, Does damage dependent on max HP
               - Mighty Guard(on himself), same as Kimahri's Ronso Rage
               - Slowga, same as the spell
               - Normal attack, large damage and shattering effect (like
Shinryu's Eraser). Ribbon protects against it.

Location: A selectable location at the Airship after you have defeated all the
Dark Aeons.

Tactics : There is only one way i found that works, Zanmato(Overdrive attack of

Dark Elf has the following tactic for this battle:-

No easy way.. it 's a pain if you have watched that one hr clip from message

Requirement: Luck has to be 120+ or else you will miss the target!
If HP isn't over 40,000, it will be a difficult battle.   I use the following
characters to beat that lousy boss [character, who will fight against Penance,
must have ribbon equiped!!!]

Rikku -- I use "Hyper-mighty guard" when her OD is full!!

Tidus -- I only use Biltz ace if i run out of turn to kill the arm!

Wakka -- attack reel is used if i run out of turns to kill one of the arm!

Yuna -- i only summon any aeon if i run out of turn to defeat any of the arm.

Just keep killing the arm [each arm will drop one dark matter/master sphere]. 
If you have an extra turn where none of those arms appear, please do the
following [depends your parties situation]

a) HP 's low, use Healing water -- please get at least over 60xhealing water

b) Quick Hit ==attack the boby

c) Three stars and twin stars are useful b/c imbolazation will take out all of

Killing arm is very important because it will avoid Penance 's special attack
[Judgement Day [mispell]].  It will only HAPPEN if ALL of those arms appear. 
You can run away from battle in order to get more dark matters when you have
killed each arm. [it 's a cheap way to get ribbon]

Don't bother to kill Penance when its arms aren't destoryed.  It will take 6
turns to kill each arms [60,000 HP].  So you probably have at least one or two
extra turn to attack the body each time before Penance attacks back.

It took me 70 mins to kill that boss.  That 's all.  I have completed all of
FFX int side quest less than 130 hrs [including killing all dark aeons/Penance,
max out stats except Luck, beat arena quests and get all of their legendary

  	a. Contribute
I need strategies for Penance and Magus Sisters especially. Improved
suggestions for the other dark Aeons are also welcome.

   	b. Credits
CB! - Excellent Sphere Grid FAQ convinced me to play International
Morph and JungleJim - Superb Stat Maxing FAQ making is possible for me to stand
up to the dark aeons
Izaac (my cousin) - for helping me find and defeat Dark Anima (Stupid fish
head, should have realised sooner <sigh>)
Zeruel - In-depth information on Dark Valefor, Dark Ifrit and Dark Ixion which
was obtained from the Ultimania Omega Guide. We can look forward to further
contributions from him. If you want your e-mail in here, please let me know
CjayC - for posting this
Dark Elf - excellent tactics for defeating Magus Sisters and Penance. If you
want your e-mail shown, please let me know.
"squall leonheart rinoa heartilly" - beat magus sisters seperately, i wish i
though of that.

   	c. Copyright
This document Copyright 2002 Huang Shze Jiun
If anyone wants to put this on their site, please ask me for permission.
Latest version will always be available on Gamefaqs (www.gamefaqs.com)

Last but certainly not least, thanks to Square and Hironobu Sakaguchi for an
excellent game. Amazing how much value can be added by just putting in a few
new bosses. If not for it i would not have maxxed my stats:)