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Final Fantasy X Boss Guide

NOTE: This FAQ is now two FAQs in one. The first is by Gestahl, and 
includes all regular bosses, soon to include all optional bosses and 
eventually the Monster Arena. The second FAQ is by FFXMania and is 
focused on the Dark Aeons and Penance found in FFX:I. They are by two 
different authors! To reach the second FAQ, press Control+F and type in 
Penance. Press enter three times.

Up next is Gestahl's FAQ.

                         OVERALL FAQ VERSION
                         August 25, 2002
                         Version 2.0
                         Gestahl and FFXMania


August 22, 2002
Version 3.0
IM: EmperorGestahl X

I. Preface

This is an incredibly in-depth guide to each boss of the Final Fantasy 
X World. For each boss, any possibly issue you may have is addressed. 
If you need additional information, e-mail me IM me at EmperorGestahl 
X. This FAQ is basically for use when you are completely stuck at a 
boss, because otherwise it probably has more information than you need.

I am NOT going to list a table of contents telling when each boss 
comes, as if you haven't beaten the game, you probably don't want to 
scroll past everybody you haven't defeated yet. I will leave a lot of 
space between each new boss, so that you don't accidentally see who's 
next. Lastly, I won't be explaining the controls; this information can 
be found in the manual.

Since this is a relatively large FAQ, use Control + F to and type in 
the name of the boss. You should find it instantly this way. Note that 
I have marked important story battles with "* Spoilers *", which means 
that it is either surprising or significant to the game, so don't 
search for Spoilers, or else you'll come right to a spoiler!

If you have any information that I have missed, IM me, and you will be 
credited with your screen name or a name that you want to be credited 


II. Contact Information
If you need to contact me, please Instant Message me at EmperorGestahl 
X. I should be on often. If you warn me, I'll block you.

Any suggestions, comments, or criticisms are welcome! If you have any 
information that I am missing, by all means, tell me, and I will credit 

If you have a question that doesn't regard the bosses, I would prefer 
if you looked at a different FAQ and e-mailed its author. Thank you.

* Note *! I could use an ASCII artist to design a Final Fantasy X 
design. You will be credited right underneath the title! If I find out 
that you used a different artist's work, however, I will credit him. If 
he doesn't want his work on my FAQ, I'll go back to the regular one 
until a new one shows up.


III. Updates
All main bosses completed. Two optional bosses completed.

Started trying to get all the stats for each boss using CB!'s FAQs and 
didn't get very far. Then, I got a lot of extra information, which has 
been added. Expect to see a lot more optional bosses in the next 
version, and possibly a lot more stats.

I still haven't added any more stats. However, I did add some strats. 
The optional boss section now includes four new bosses...take a look. 
Also, there are a few new various assorted tips, but not nearly as many 
as there were in last version. Lastly, Klink's Penance strategy is 
currently off due to a little red tape, but I expect it will be back 
and actually revised very shortly. I'll finish Belgemine, and then you 
can expect me to get around finally to the Monster Arena. On the 
Monster Arena, I'm not sure whether I'm going to go through the whole 
thing again and give strategies for regular levels, or just check out 
the monsters on my good save. I'll probably look for all the 
attacks/patterns on my good save first, and then maybe eventually get 
around to strategies where I say how much damage you will give/take. 
LASTLY, it's been complained that my boss strategies focus only on 
parties of average strength, and that lower parties without the 
abilities I mention can't follow them. For that reason, I may include a 
No Summon No Sphere Grid No Customization strategy for each boss, 
which, in essence, shows how to beat each boss with NO new abilities or 
stats whatsoever.

I didn't actually update anything in my FAQ this time around. The new 
version, released hot on the heels of the other two, now includes the 
more official version of FFXMania's strategy, with an updated Klink 
Penance strategy and a credit section. NOTE: CB!, please contact 
FFXMania if there's any sort of issue over the Klink strategy. Anyway, 
I'll get Belgemine's Aeons done soon enough. I don't know why I'm 
getting so lazy on them. (Shrug)

IV. Boss Guide
Bosses will be listed by order. I will include stolen, won, and bribed 
items, Lancet skills, and stats with the Scan and Sensor data. Status 
immunities will be listed before the strategy, and ones that you can 
inflict will actually be mentioned during the strategy. If I miss one 
(that could realistic, no "Use Eject on Sinspawn Ammes"), e-mail me, 
and I will credit you.

The title will list each of the enemies. If it is a two-part battle, 
there will be a semicolon (;). If the enemy joins the battle, it will 
say "and then add", and if the enemy replaces the other(s), it will say 
"and then". 

On the more difficult battles, I'll explain each aspect of the battle 
in a paragraph. It's a complicated two-part (or more) battle, I'll tell 
which enemy you're fighting at each point, centered and underlined, so 
that you don't have to look through the whole thing.

-Boss 1 Next-

<<<<Boss 1: Sinspawn Ammes, Sinscale, Sinscale, Sinscale, Sinscale,>>>> 

---Sinspawn Ammes---
*HP: 2,400 (Overkill: 1,000)
*MP: 400
Sensor: Inapplicable
Steal: Inapplicable
Bribe: Inapplicable
*Strength: 1
*Magic: 5
*Defense: 1
*Magic Defense: 1
*Agility: 9
*Evade: 0

*HP: 100 (Overkill: 500)
*MP: 0
Sensor: They just keep coming.
Steal: Inapplicable
Bribe: Inapplicable
*Strength: 5
*Magic: 1
*Defense: 1
*Magic Defense: 1
*Agility: 8
*Evade: 0

*AP: None
*Gil: None
*Items (Dropped): None
*Equipment (Weapon) Auto-Abilities: None dropped
*Equipment (Armor) Auto-Abilities: None dropped

Sinspawn Ammes will open up with an attack called Demi, which hurts 
both Tidus and Auron. However, Auron will get an "Overdrive". You have 
to use it. If you want, you can try to push all the buttons in the 
right order, but you'll kill the five Sinscales even if you can't. Now, 
only Sinspawn Ammes remains. His only attack is Demi, which takes 25% 
of your life away. For that reason, he cannot kill you. Just 
continually attack him, and, if you want to speed things up, use 
Overdrives as they come. The only way to lose this battle is to attack 
yourself. Congratulations, you just beat your first boss!

-End Boss 1-

-Boss 2 Next -

<<Boss 2: Sinscale, Sinscale, Sinscale, Sinscale, Sinscale, Sinscale,>> 
<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Sinscale; and then add Tanker>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

*HP: 100 (Overkill: 500)
*MP: 0
Sensor: They just keep coming.
Steal: Inapplicable
Bribe: Inapplicable
*Strength: 5
*Magic: 1
*Defense: 1
*Magic Defense: 1
*Agility: 8
*Evade: 0

HP: Approximately 500 to 750. It may be a matter of hitting it 5 times.
Sensor: Inapplicable.
Steal: Inapplicable.
Sensor: Inapplicable
Steal: Inapplicable
Bribe: Inapplicable

*AP: None
*Gil: None
*Items (Dropped): None
*Equipment (Weapon) Auto-Abilities: None dropped
*Equipment (Armor) Auto-Abilities: None dropped

This really is not a boss fight, but since the game is beginning and 
there's only one Tanker, I'll include it. Anyway, you are fighting 
seven Sinscales. Just attack each. If one has its wings flickering, 
attack that one, or else it will use Spines, which does around 70 
damage. Each time one dies, a new one replaces it. Auron will then tell 
you to knock "that" over. What he is referring to is an 'enemy' called 
Tanker. Attack it five times (I don't believe it has an HP value) and 
it will be 'defeated'. That will win the battle.

-End Boss 2-

-Boss 3 Next -

<<<<<<<<<Boss 3: Sahagin, Sahagin, Sahagin; and then Geosgaeno>>>>>>>>>

*HP: 100 (Overkill: 200) 
*MP: 5 
Sensor: *FIND THIS!* 
Steal: Inapplicable 
Bribe: Inapplicable 
*Strength: 3 
*Magic: 1 
*Defense: 1 
*Magic Defense: 1 
*Agility: 5 
*Evade: 0

*HP: 32,767 (Overkill: 32,767) 
*MP: 128 
**Sensor: Covered with thick scales. Vulnerable to magic. 
Steal: Currently inapplicable 
Bribe: N/A 
*Strength: 36 
*Magic: 40 
*Defense: 50 
*Magic Defense: 50 
*Agility: 48 
*Evade: 0 
[Elemental Resistance/Weakness: Fire x1.5, Thunder x1.5, Water x1.5, Ice x1.5, Holy x1.5]
*AP: Currently none 
*Gil: Currently none 
*Items (Dropped): Currently none 
*Equipment (Weapon) Auto-Abilities: Currently none 
*Equipment (Armor) Auto-Abilities: Currently none

You only need to kill two of the Sahagins. A new monster, Geosgaeno, 
will kill the third. You may notice his ridiculous amount of HP. Don't 
worry. All you have to do is survive for three rounds. To do this, all 
you need to do is simply Defend (triangle, also skips turn) or Attack 
Geosgaeno. His attack will only take off half of your life, so that 
even if you have 1 HP left, you won't die. On his first two turns, 
Geosgaeno will use that attack, and on his third turn, Geosgaeno will 
end the battle. The only way to lose is to attack yourself.

-End Boss 3-

-Boss 4 Next -

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Boss 4: Klikk>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

*HP: 1,500 (Overkill: 400)
*MP: 5
Sensor: Immune
Steal: Grenade
Bribe: Inapplicable
*Strength: 14
*Magic: 1
*Defense: 1
*Magic Defense: 1
*Agility: 4
*Evade: 0

*AP: 5 (Overkill: 7)
*Gil: 50
*Items (Dropped): Ability Sphere
*Equipment (Weapon) Auto-Abilities: None
*Equipment (Armor) Auto-Abilities: None

This is the first boss battle that you MIGHT have trouble with. This 
battle basically tests if you understand the battle system to a minimal 
degree. Have Tidus Attack Klikk without healing. After you inflict 750 
damage, or deplete half of Klikk's HP, you will have one the first part 
of the battle.

Then, a group of people will enter the area. A woman who seems to be 
the leader joins you. Her name is "??????" for right now. You then 
enter battle with her as an ally. Unfortunately, all of Klikk's HP has 
been restored, and he has all 1,500 HP again. When she joins you, 
"??????" must Use a Grenade. You will notice that this does significant 
damage. However, I would recommend that on her next turn (and all of 
her turns for the rest of the battle), she Steals. Klikk has an 
unlimited supply of Grenades, although they get harder to steal. If 
absolutely necessary, have Tidus use a Potion. This battle CAN be won 
without the use of a Potion, with "??????" Stealing each turn. However, 
that is mainly due to luck.

-End Boss 4-

-Boss 5 Next-

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Boss 5: Tros>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

*HP: 2,200 (Overkill: 600)
*MP: 10
**Sensor: Attacks with Nautilus Charge after backing away.
Steal: Grenade
Bribe: Nothing
*Strength: 10
*Magic: 1
*Defense: 1
*Magic Defense: 1
*Agility: 12
*Evade: 0
**Scan: Retreats after the column after taking damage, where it cannot 
be attacked. Hits all targets with Nautilus Charge on the next turn, 
inflicting great damage. Use trigger commands to stop it from 
unleashing Nautilus Charge.

*AP: 8 (Overkill: 12)
*Gil: 100
*Items (Dropped): Power Sphere
*Equipment (Weapon) Auto-Abilities: None
*Equipment (Armor) Auto-Abilities: None

Well, this battle requires strategy for the first time in the game. 
"??????" can steal Grenades from Tros, so allow her to do that as much 
as you want. Tidus should just Attack. Tros will use Tentacles on one 
character at a time. This is, in essence, a regular attack. However, 
after receiving 400 damage (credit Split Infinity), Tros will run 
around the pole. He is currently out of range, and cannot be attacked. 
You can, however, Use some Grenades with Rikku (note that this is one 
of the few times that Use can hit an out of range enemy). You also have 
a couple of other options. You can cure with a Potion or a Hi-Potion 
(do NOT do this!), Defend, or chose a new option, "Stand By". Stand By 
recovers HP for the character that selects it without wasting items and 
puts him in Defend. If your character has full health, allow him or her 
to simply Defend. Tros will then use a very nasty attack called 
Nautilus Charge. It will hit both characters for around 100 damage. You 
now, again, have a couple options. You can now cure your characters 
(using Potions) or try to finish him quickly with Grenades. I would 
recommend using Potions as you see fit. Note that if a character dies, 
using a Phoenix Down is a lot worse than just using a Potion while he 
or she is alive. Eventually, after 400 more damage points are inflicted 
to him since coming back into range, Tros will once again prepare for 
his Nautilus Charge. This time, however, Tidus has a new option called 
Pincer Attack. You both will go opposite directions around the pole, 
preventing him from hiding again, and he will no longer be able to use 
Nautilus Charge for the rest of the battle. Don't worry; you can still 
use items on each other! From this point, he should only have a couple 
HP points left, even if "??????" has only stolen the whole battle. He 
should die shortly, and you will win.

-End Boss 5-

-Boss 6 Next -

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Boss 6: ???>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

*HP: 750 (Overkill: 300)
*MP: 10
**Sensor: Immune.
Steal: Inapplicable.
Bribe: Inapplicable.
*Strength: 10
*Magic: 8
*Defense: 15
*Magic Defense: 5
*Agility: 15
*Evade: 0

*AP: 3 (Overkill: 4)
*Gil: 100
*Items (Dropped): Ability Sphere
*Equipment (Weapon) Auto-Abilities: Sensor, Piercing
*Equipment (Armor) Auto-Abilities: Defense +5%

This is not a difficult battle. You can hit this mysterious beast for 
about 150 points each time. Six of those win the battle. You should 
have about 500 HP. The beast does about 50 points each time he attacks, 
but may occasionally use the skill, Jump, to do about 100. So long as 
you enter this battle with full health, you should win. If you have an 
Overdrive, you don't really need to use it right now. If you enter 
battle low on HP or he somehow manages to scare you, use a Potion, but 
basically, this battle is simple.

* NOTE *! This is your last chance for a LONG TIME to get Energy Blast, 
so if you don't have it, go back to Besaid village! Talk to the shop 
owner, and then go into one of the houses on the right and talk to the 
dog. You'll get something "wet and slobbery". This is Square's way of 
telling you that Valefor has learned his second Overdrive! In the 
strategies, replace all Energy Rays I tell you to use with an Energy 
Blast, and the battle will be significantly easier.

-End Boss 6-

-Boss 7 Next -

<<<<Boss 7: Sinscale, Sinscale, Sinscale; and then add Sin; and then>>> 
<<<<<Sinscale, Sinscale, Sinscale, Sinscale, and Sinspawn Echuilles>>>>

HP: 200 (Overkill: 400)
*MP: 0
Sensor: They just keep coming.
Steal: Inapplicable.
Bribe: Inapplicable
*Strength: 13
*Magic: 1
*Defense: 1
*Magic Defense: 1
*Agility: 12
*Evade: 0

*AP: 12 (Overkill: 18)
*Gil: 115
*Items (Dropped): Ability Sphere
*Equipment (Weapon) Auto-Abilities: None
*Equipment (Armor) Auto-Abilities: None

HP: 2,000
Sensor: Attack with magic and Wakka's ball.
Steal: Inapplicable
Scan: Save Kilika! Hit Sin from a distance with Wakka's ball and Lulu's 
black magic. Valefor's attacks work well, too.

Note: This is not actually Sin; this is only his fin.

HP: 200
Sensor: They just keep coming.
Steal: Inapplicable

---Sinspawn Echuilles---
HP: Approximately 2,000.
**Sensor: Afflict it with darkness to make it miss. 
Steal: Inapplicable.
**Scan: Absorbs HP with its Drain Touch. Inflicting darkness is the way 
to go. But after two Drain Touches it will bring out the Blender, 
inflicting damage to all targets.

Sinscale, Sinscale, Sinscale; and then add Sin
This is the first boss battle where you have a party. The first part of 
this battle is basically a review of what you learned at Besaid. Attack 
a couple of Sinspawn with Tidus and Kimahri (switch them in if they 
aren't already), and you will realize you need to attack the fin 
itself. Make sure that Kimahri gets a hit in, so that he can gain 
experience. Every time three are killed, three more come, so kill two 
and leave the last one so that you're only hit by one Sinscale each 
turn (credit Split Infinity). Be warned that in this battle, Sin will 
move the boat and change the camera angle. For that reason, if you had 
to hit right to select a different enemy, you now may have to hit up. 
Don't accidentally attack yourself!

Anyway, the fin is an enemy who is far away, so Tidus and Kimahri can't 
Attack him. You can do as the Sensor suggests, and have Wakka Attack 
and Lulu use Black Magic on Sin until it is defeated. You should do 
this at least once (give Lulu at least one turn so that they she gains 
experience). After that, at least Kimahri, Wakka, and Lulu should all 
have experience. However, instead of continuing to use the blitzball 
and use magic, I suggest having Yuna summon Valefor. Valefor will do 
about 200 damage each hit, and 1,000 points of damage with Energy Ray! 
Even if Valefor dies (which is okay, don't worry), make sure he uses an 
Energy Ray! Note that if you learned Energy Blast, you should use it 
instead. From now on, every time I say Ray and you have Blast, use 

Sinspawn Echuilles and Sinspawn, Sinspawn, Sinspawn, Sinspawn
The second part of this battle takes place underwater. There is 
something very important to note about underwater battling. Only Tidus 
and Wakka can fight underwater, as they are blitzball players! Luckily, 
they both begin with full health. This means that you have a two-man 
party. Your opponents are four Sinspawn and a boss, Sinspawn Echuilles.

You should not bother attacking the Sinspawn, as they will be replaced. 
However, if you're really worried about health, you can. Each Sinspawn 
attacks you for about 70 points of damage and is gone for a turn before 
being replaced. If you kill one, it must wait one turn to come back, 
and another turn to attack you, so you can keep the attacks away.

I don't recommend this, however, because Sinspawn Echuilles is no easy 
foe. He generally uses Drain Touch, an attack that takes away your HP 
and gives it to him! So if he takes 50 away from you, he will gain 50. 
You can help prevent this, however. Have Wakka use his Skill, Dark 
Attack, on Sinspawn Echuilles. He will go into "BLIND STATUS", which 
means that he will miss a great deal of his attacks. That means that 
Drain Touch will miss, probably 90% of the time. Just make sure that 
when that dark cloud around him goes away (means he loses blind 
status), that you use Dark Attack again.

There is one thing to be absolutely careful of. Sinspawn Echuilles has 
an attack called Blender, which does about 100 points of damage to each 
character. If there are four Sinspawn with a turn after this, this 
means that each character could lose around 240 HP, or one could lose 
380! For this reason, I am going to explain the "turn chart" for those 
who don't know. On the upper right, you will see a bunch of faces, 
including your characters and enemies. This is the order of turns. As 
you go from top to bottom, you see who will be going after whom. For 
that reason, make sure that all five enemies don't get turns all in a 

Split Infinity mentions that Blender is used every third turn by 
Sinspawn Echuilles, so you can know when you need to heal up.

I'm making this out to be a lot harder than it really is, but the turn 
chart will come into play later, so it's important to take note of it. 
Anyway, cure with a Potion when your HP gets low, have Wakka use Dark 
Attack on Sinspawn Echuilles each time he does not have a dark cloud 
around him, and attack him for about 2,000 damage to win the battle.

-End Boss 7-

-Boss 8 Next -

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Boss 8: Lord Ochu>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

---Lord Ochu---
HP: 4,696
Sensor: Vulnerable to fire. 
Lancet: None
* BRIBE *: Remedy x80

Win: MP Sphere x1, Belladonna Wand. If you fight him now, you can talk 
to Luzzu to receive an Elixir.

This boss does not need to be fought right now - or ever - so 
technically he belongs with the optional bosses. However, it is not 
very noticeable that this boss can be avoided, and many players will 
run into him on the way to or from the temple. For this reason, I am 
going to put the strategy here. Take note that if you do not fight him 
now, you can later BRIBE him for 80 Remedies and Steal Potions, but 
it's not by any means necessary. You can purchase Remedies later in the 
game, and can buy Potions now, so I wouldn't bother.

Anyway! In this battle I will basically teach you about a lot of 
statuses. If you already understand how NulTide, Poison, Esuna, and 
Sleep work, you should be fine in this battle; and should just check 
the short summary at the bottom here.
Mutilating the Plant
Lord Ochu is, as a Sensor weapon would tell you, vulnerable to fire! 
For that reason, get Lulu in, and allow her to use Fire each turn she 
gets. Fire should do approximately 300 damage, so 15 hits from Lulu 
alone is enough to win this. You can generally hit him physically for 
about 150.

A List of His Attacks and How to Avoid Them, With a Status Ailment 
However, Lord Ochu isn't going to just sit around and get hit. He has 
several (two) nasty attacks, and unfortunately, he uses one of them a 
lot. In my opinion, the ideal way to go about this battle is to have 
Kimahri and Wakka attack once, and then make your party Tidus, Lulu, 
and Yuna. Yuna should cast NulTide, as Lord Ochu uses Water and only 
Water magic.

Why? Allow me to explain how NulTide, NulBlaze, NulShock, and NulFrost 
work. Lord Ochu uses Water, which hits one character for around 100 
points. What NulTide does is make it so that each character blocks 
water. However, this only works once per character. In other words, if 
a character has NulTide and is hit by Water, he will receive zero 
damage, but lose his NulTide. The same concept goes for NulBlaze 
(Fire), NulShock (Lightning), and NulFrost (Ice). What's good about 
these spells is that they target your entire party, so each character 
and withstand a water attack.

Anyway, once Yuna casts NulTide, every time Lord Ochu uses Water, he 
will do 0 damage. Since Yuna can't attack, she should cast it again 
when he uses Water. Unfortunately, Water isn't his bad attack. Lord 
Ochu uses an attack called Poison Touch, which does around 120 points 
of damage AND inflicts Poison status.

In this game, Poison does is quite substantial. Each time a character 
uses a turn when he has Poison, the poison hurts him. In this battle, 
poison will hurt you for about 100 points each turn, which is bad news. 
Once again, Yuna solves this. Have her use Esuna on whoever receives 
the Poison. In this game, Esuna removes all bad statuses, so keep that 
in mind each time a character receives Poison, Darkness (Blind), or 
some other bad status.

Split Infinity mentions that Lord Ochu has an attack pattern. It will 
use one or two Poison Claw attacks followed by Water, and repeat. So if 
he just used two Poison Claw attacks, you know it's time for NulTide, 
and you know that he'll never use Water twice in a row. Good info!

Have Yuna use Cure every once in a while, too. Once Lord Ochu loses 
half of his HP (credit Split Infinity), he will go to sleep. Every turn 
that he gets afterward, he will gain 1,000 (!) HP back, as he has 
gained Regen status, too. Worse yet, if you wake him up, he will use an 
attack called Earthquake, which does anywhere from 200 to 400 damage to 
everyone! Allow me to explain sleep status. 

Sleep is usually a bad thing. You basically don't have any turns. To 
'wake up' one who is sleeping, you physically attack him. If you use 
Magic, he will stay asleep.

In this situation, you can either try to finish him off with Lulu's 
Fire, or have Yuna call Valefor. Since Valefor flies, when he wakes up 
Lord Ochu, the Earthquake (which occurs on the ground) will miss 
Valefor. You can then finish Lord Ochu off with him. For reference, 
Valefor does around 200 points of damage with an attack, and his Energy 
Ray does around 1,000. If you have Energy Blast, you can fight him one-
on-one from the start!

To summarize this long battle strategy: Give Wakka and Kimahri turns, 
and then make your party Tidus, Lulu, and Yuna. Have Tidus Attack and 
Lulu use Fire for the rest of the battle. Have Yuna's first turn be 
casting NulTide. When Lord Ochu uses Poison Touch, have Yuna cast Esuna 
on whoever receives Poison. When he uses Water, have Yuna either use 
Cure or re-cast NulTide. Repeat this until Lord Ochu goes to sleep. 
Then, have Yuna call Valefor, who should Attack (and use Overdrives 
should they come) until Lord Ochu is defeated.

-End Boss 8-

-Boss 9 Next -

<<<<Boss 9: Sinspawn Geneaux, Geneaux's Tentacle, Geneaux's Tentacle>>>

---Sinspawn Geneaux---
HP: 3,000
Sensor: Vulnerable to magic.
Steal: Inapplicable.
Lancet: None.
**Scan: Its shell deflects physical attacks well. Tentacles absorb 
magic attacks. Defeat tentacles first, then force it from its shell 
with Fire magic. Absorbs water-based attacks.

---Geneaux's Tentacle---
HP: 450
Sensor: Absorbs magical attacks against Geneaux.
Steal: Inapplicable.
Lancet: None.
**Scan: Absorbs magic cast against Geneaux's body. Defeat tentacles 
first, then use magic attacks on the body. Tentacles have high magic 
defense, so physical attacks are the way to go.

*Preparation: For a significantly easier battle, come to battle with 
either Yuna, Valefor or both with a full Overdrive!

This is the first battle that you are in danger of losing during. If 
you don't know what to do, this can be deadly.

Sinspawn Geneaux is heavily armored, and even Kimahri's spears don't 
work well against him. Tidus can do, on average, 50 points of damage to 
him. Physical attacks, then, aren't what you need. However, when Lulu 
tries to cast magic, the tentacles absorb it, and the command fails. 
However, Valefor can do around 200 regularly.

You thus have an option. You can do what the game wants you to do, 
which is to kill of the tentacles and then use magic on the body, or 
you can just fight with Valefor. Before you make your decision, you 
should know the attacks.

Sinspawn Geneaux uses Sigh, which hits all party members for around 100 
points. The tentacles hit for about 50 to 100 points. Because of the 
amount of damage that will be done, your Valefor simply cannot win this 
battle on his own. If you came to battle with a full Overdrive, 
however, have him use Energy Ray to kill the tentacles and do 1,000 
damage to Geneaux! This will immediately turn the battle in your favor.

If you didn't come with a full Overdrive, you can have Valefor try to 
kill the tentacles until he dies. He probably will succeed, since he 
evades at a superior rate.

If Valefor's already dead for some reason because you forgot to save, 
then just have Tidus, Wakka, and Kimahri attack the tentacles. In one 
round, a tentacle should die, so in two rounds, you're ready to cast 

Switch Kimahri out for Lulu, and let her use any spell she wants for 
about 300 points of damage. Once Geneaux loses 500 points, he opens up 
from his shell. He now can be hit with regular attacks! Unfortunately, 
he has much better ways of hurting your party, now.

He now uses Venom, which inflicts Poison and does around 100 points of 
damage. This is basically identical to Lord Ochu's Poison Touch. Switch 
in Yuna (for somebody who does NOT have Poison) and let her cast Esuna 
on the guy who does have it. He, too, uses Water, which does about 100 
points of damage, so if you want, use NulTide. Lastly, he has a mean 
attack called Staccato, which hits everybody for around 120 points of 
damage. Just heal this with Cure, or, if you must, a Potion.

Split Infinity notes that after Geneaux leaves its shell, it uses 
Venom, Water, and Staccato, in that order, repeatedly. You can always 
know what his next move is, then, and plan ahead accordingly. Great 

This really isn't as difficult as it sounds. Just come in, use Energy 
Ray (or attack the tentacles until both die), use Fire and Attack, and 
then win. Fire does, as I said, around 300 points of damage, and an 
Attack from Tidus, Wakka, or Kimahri does around 150 points (once he's 
out of his shell!). In other words, in one round 600 points of damage 
can be inflicted, so three rounds after he comes out of his shell, he 
should die.

-End Boss 9-

-Boss 10 Next -

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Boss 10: Oblitzerator and Crane>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

HP: 6,000 (!)
Sensor: Vulnerable to lightning.
Steal: Inapplicable.
Lancet: None.
**Scan: Speeds up when damaged. Vulnerable to lightning, but chucks a 
Mute Ball at anyone casting Thunder. Use a nearby object to escape its 
mighty Blitzball Rush.

HP: 65,535 (!!)
Sensor: An electric motor.
Steal: Inapplicable.
Lancet: Inapplicable*.
*Note: The Crane cannot be targeted by anything other than Black Magic 
and 'Use crane'. All Black Magic does 0 damage, except for lightning, 
which HEALS the crane. I'm not sure about non-elemental Black Magic 
spells such as Flare, Drain, or Osmose, but I would bet that they do 0, 
also. Lastly, you can hit Crane with the random hits from Fury.

NOTE! For those playing a NSG game, it is HIGHLY recommended that 
before this battle, you buy the Stunning Steel from O'aka. It has 
Slowstrike, which will make several battles far more possible.

In this battle, you simply must listen to what the characters (or I, 
for that matter) say. I would be thoroughly amazed if you took away 
6,000 points of damage from this menace. Why?

First of all, you don't have Yuna (or Wakka), so you can't call an 
Aeon. Oblitzerator counters every attack with Blind Ball. This does 
about 70 points of damage, and the character is now Blind (misses most 
of his attacks). If you use magic on him, he counters with Mute Ball. 
This does about 70 points of damage, and inflicts Mute, which prevents 
the casting of spells. Thus, after hitting him three times, you will 
find it incredibly difficult to do damage on him, especially because 
you can't switch out or use Esuna. Lastly, when it's his turn, 
Oblitzerator uses Blitzball Rush - about 10 to 15 hits (to random 
characters) for 40 points of damage per hit. Even more bad news - Split 
Infinity notes that his agility actually increases as you do more 
damage to him...too bad I didn't have Scan and figure that out.

What you need to do is have Tidus use his Trigger Command, 'Use Crane'. 
It won't work, but do it anyway. Have Wakka and Lulu both Defend 
(triangle button). Repeat this three times. After the crane has been 
used three times, Tidus will tell Lulu to use her Thunder spell. Now, 
have Tidus and Wakka Defend, and have Lulu use Thunder three times. You 
can't do this if you already hit Oblitzerator with magic and got hit by 
his counterattack, Mute Ball. If you did, you either need to wait a 
couple of turns or use a Remedy. Also, take note that any other spells 
from Lulu will do 0 damage to the Crane and will not do anything. 
Anyway, the crane will then start up. Finally, have Tidus use the crane 
once more. You should be able to survive all the Blitzball Rushes as 
two of your characters are defending.

The crane will now attack Oblitzerator, reducing its current HP by 
93.75% (credit Split Infinity)! Yes, this means that you just did about 
5,700 points of damage! Better yet, Oblitzerator cannot attack or 
counterattack anymore. All he can do is wait to die. Cut his wait short 
and finish him with a Thunder spell or a couple of attacks.

-End Boss 10-

-Boss 11 Next -
* Note *: You can fight an optional boss named Belgemine to the right 
of where you meet Maechen. For more information, search for her, and it 
should take you to the end of the FAQ at the optional boss section.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Boss 11: Chocobo Eater>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

---Chocobo Eater---
HP: 10,000
Sensor: Vulnerable to darkness.
Steal: Inapplicable.
Lancet: None.
Strength: 25
Magic: 20
Immunities: Confusion, Berserk, Threaten, Sleep, Silence, Eject, Doom, 
KO, Zombie, and Petrification.
Weaknesses/Strengths: Fire x1.5
Scan: Stick with piercing weapons until you knock him over. After he 
says "You're next!" he'll unleash a powerful attack. Casts Blizzard 
when HP is low, so stay warm with NulFrost.

NOTE: This is actually an optional battle, as you are allowed to lose 
(by being knocked off, not by having everyone hit 0 HP). However, this 
boss is quite possible for an average party to defeat, and to highly 
discourage losing, I am putting this strategy here.

This guy has 10,000 HP, so this battle won't be over quickly. This is 
certainly the hardest boss you've faced yet. The main concern, here, is 
that not only will he try to knock out all your characters, but he will 
also try to push them off a cliff. Worse yet, he seems to do this 
randomly. Well, let's take a look at what you're up against.

Chocobo Eater will randomly hit all characters for about 200 points of 
damage, and move them back. If they are pushed back twice from starting 
position, they fall off the cliff. He will also point to somebody and 
say, "You're next!" On his next turn, he will use Fist of Fury, which 
does about 1,000 points to that character! When his HP is below halfway 
(Split Infinity), he will cast Blizzard. He will be pretty relentless 
in harming your party.

To add to the bad news, he's armored, and since you most likely do NOT 
have Armor Break, this is trouble. His armor makes him about 5 times 
stronger. Tidus and Wakka were hitting for about 50 points of damage. 
Luckily, Sir Auron was doing around 250 a hit, and Kimahri was doing 
150, but nonetheless, it's not good to have your crew composed of 
mostly weak characters.

But then again, with Auron and Kimahri, you can do about 400 each 
round! Looking at Chocobo Eater's HP, though, makes you realize that it 
will take 20 to 25 rounds. How can your survive, or at least stay away 
from the cliff, for that long? What's the trick?

The trick is that Armor doesn't help against Magic. Lulu's spells do 
around 250. Better still, he's weak against Fire, so if Lulu uses Fire, 
she does 400 points! A party of Auron, Kimahri, and Lulu can thus do 
about 800 each round, which is certainly better than before.

Of course, he doesn't just sit there. Like I said, Fist of Fury and his 
pushback move will keep you on your toes. However, you can always 
switch Yuna in for Kimahri and use a Cure. Just don't worry TOO much, 
because you'll want to do a lot of damage quickly. Why?

Because, in case you forgot, he does try to push you off a cliff! 
Believe me, you can't do 10,000 points of damage before he knocks you 
off without at least pushing him back a few times. "Then how DO you 
win?" Simple. Well not too simple, but it can be done. Every time you 
do about 1,201 (credit Split Infinity) points of damage to Chocobo 
Eater, he will actually fall over. You can use this to your advantage. 
He won't attack you for two turns, and you can just keep attacking. 
Each time you do (credit Split Infinity) 501 more (Auron and Lulu), he 
will be pushed back instead! You can actually move away from the cliff 
this way. Every time he falls, PUSH HIM BACK! Don't Cure!

If your characters just can't seem to beat him down, bring in an Aeon! 
Hellfire and Energy BLAST both do around 2,000 points of damage! If you 
use both, you can almost halve his HP!

If you're really motivated, you can actually push Chocobo Eater off the 
other side! This will net you two Level 1 Key Spheres. However, this is 
totally unnecessary, and is basically just an added bonus should you 
manage to do it. I don't recommend wasting a lot of time trying to do 
it, however, because you can always get a lot more.

Likely Questions, and Their Answers
1. "Sounds hard. What happens if I win?"
You get to ride a chocobo, and get to go to the next destination 
without fighting any enemies. You can also get a few hidden treasure 

2. "I've run a lot. What if I'm just too weak? Level up?"
No. If you've been using Flee and Escape a lot, I recommend you let the 
Chocobo Eater push you off the cliff. You will have a much harder path 
to travel, as the enemies below are stronger than the ones above. If 
you aren't powerful enough to beat the Chocobo Eater, take this chance 
to even things out. Try to travel the whole bottom path without Fleeing 
or Escaping once, and you should be back on track in terms of stats. I 
recommend trying to never run unless Yuna runs out of magic for Cure in 
between battles, but you CAN run if you really want to.

-End Boss 11-

-Boss 12 Next -

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Boss 12: Sinspawn Gui>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

---Sinspawn Gui---
HP: 12,000 (Round 1), 6,000 (Round 2)
Sensor: Blocks attacks with both arms.
Steal: Inapplicable.
Lancet: None
Strength: 29
Magic: 20
Immunities: Poison, Magic Break, Armor Break, Mental Break, Confusion, 
Berserk, Threaten, Sleep, Silence, Darkness, NulTide, NulBlaze, 
NulShock, NulFrost, Slow, Eject, Doom, KO, Zombie, and Petrification

HP: 4,000 (Round 1), 2,000 (Round 2) 
Sensor: Strike the head to disable its Venom.
Steal: Inapplicable.
Lancet: None 
Strength: 1
Magic: 1
Immunities: Poison, Power Break, Magic Break, Armor Break, Mental 
Break, Confusion, Berserk, Provoke, Threaten, Sleep, Silence, Darkness, 
NulTide, NulBlaze, NulShock, NulFrost, Slow, Eject, Doom, KO, Zombie, 
and Petrification

HP: 800
Sensor: Protects the body with thick armor.
Steal: Inapplicable.
Lancet: None
Strength: 1
Magic: 1
Immunities: Poison, Power Break, Magic Break, Mental Break, Confusion, 
Berserk, Provoke, Threaten, Sleep, Silence, Darkness, NulTide, 
NulBlaze, NulShock, NulFrost, Slow, Eject, Doom, KO, Zombie, and 

Scan (same for all): Blocks physical attacks with its toughened arms. 
Remove them with piercing weapons, then strike the body. Hit the head 
when it starts twitching or else it will belch Venom at you.

This is your first "Challenge" battle (difficult battle with different 
battle theme). Many people that I know have had incredible difficulty 
here. However, it's not really too hard if you know what to do. To 
prepare, I ask that you buy 10 to 15 Phoenix Downs to be safe. The good 
news is: if you don't use them all, you have leftovers!

Let's break this down by enemy. Your goal is to defeat Sinspawn Gui. 
However, you can't physically hurt it much, as its arms protect it. For 
this reason, you must actually kill the arms first. Note that you CAN 
hit him with Magic while the arms are alive, however.

The arms have 800 HP, and are easily killed. However, they regenerate 
after about two turns. Armor Break works on them, as they have armor, 
but you might as well just attack with Auron and Kimahri. Three or four 
hits from Auron should kill one. You have to kill both before you 
attack the main body.

The first thing you should do is use Power Break (Auron) on the main 
body, so that its attacks are much weaker. Doing this allows anybody to 
survive an attack from him!

Then, the head should be your first target. It uses Thunder spells. It 
also uses a turn to charge up, and on its next turn uses Venom, which 
deals a lot of damage and inflicts Poison status. When the head starts 
moving, have Wakka through a ball at it or have Lulu cast magic on it. 
Note that Seed Cannon, one of Kimahri's Overdrives, CAN stop the head, 
while Dragon Fang, one of Auron's Overdrives, CANNOT (although both 
hurt it). In my opinion, your first priority should be to kill the 
head, as it doesn't come back, and can be quickly killed (compared to 
the main body).

Start by making your party Yuna, Wakka, and Lulu. Yuna should first 
cast NulShock, so that the head's only attack that it will use will 
fail. Wakka and Lulu should relentlessly attack the head until it dies. 
Let Yuna heal with Cure whenever somebody's HP gets low. Continue this 
process until the head dies.

Once the head is dead, the body is the only thing left with turns. It 
attacks by casting Demi or an attack - most often Demi. Demi can never 
kill you; it just brings your HP to 75%. Even at 1 HP, you don't die. 
For this reason, he can only kill one person every couple of turns. 
Yuna should be able to cure after each Demi, and if somebody dies, use 
Life magic. Your Phoenix Downs are just in case Yuna dies.

To defeat this menace, first give Kimahri one turn so that he gains 
experience. Then, make your party Lulu, Yuna, and Auron. Have Yuna use 
Black Magic on Sinspawn Gui continually, as the arms don't block it. 
She should do around 300 points of damage. Have Auron attack until he 
kills both arms. Have Yuna cure. Once both arms are dead, switch Yuna 
out for Tidus, and have both Tidus and Auron attack the main body. Use 
any Overdrives as they come up. If you're still having trouble, 
remember that Hellfire does 2,000 points damage to each enemy.

Remember, you don't have long before the arms regenerate. After 
Sinspawn Gui's third turn without his arms, they will immediately 
regenerate. This will happen a couple of times. When this happens, have 
Yuna switch back for Tidus, and cure anybody that's wounded.

GREAT INFO! The arms work by adding their defense to Sinspawn Gui's 
when you physically attack him, and although you hit through the arms, 
you're still damaging Gui. HOWEVER, if you use Armor Break on both of 
the arms and don't kill them, you can just attack Gui! The arms will 
still try to block your attacks, but your damage won't be reduced! 
Major credit to Split Infinity!

* Spoilers *

After the scene, Sinspawn Gui gets up again. He isn't dead...yet! 
Luckily, Maester Seymour comes to help you. This battle is fought 
entirely with Yuna, Auron, and Seymour. While Yuna and Auron don't 
regain their HP from the previous part of the battle, Maester Seymour 
is more than capable of winning this battle on his own. All he needs to 
do is use Fira, Blizzara, Watera, or Thundara on the main body five 
times! Each spell should do about 1,300 points of damage. If Auron and 
Yuna are weak, allow Seymour to finish the head first.

If you can't wait to see his Overdrive, keep Seymour alive with Cura 
until his gauge is full. Now, unleash Requiem, and watch it do 2,500 
points of damage to each foe! For the first time in the game, Auron is 
outmatched! Anyway, congratulations on wining this long, difficult 

-End Boss 12-

-Boss 13 Next -
* Note *: You will automatically meet Belgemine, but since you are 
allowed to lose, I once again have considered her optional. She is far 
too difficult for the average party to defeat, but if you're up to it, 
you can press Control+F and search for Belgemine. Anyway, the next boss 
is the one after her.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Boss 13: Extractor>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

HP: 4,000
Sensor: Vulnerable to lightning.
Steal: N/A
Lancet: N/A
Weaknesses/Strengths: Fire x0.5, Water x0.5, Ice x0.5, Lightning x1.5
No Scan.

This boss is not really somebody worth worrying about. He has two ways 
that he can hurt you. First, he can use an attack called Aqua Shooter. 
This does about 100 points of damage, usually. Secondly, he has an 
attack called Depth Charges, which only hits both Wakka and Tidus for 
350 to 400 points of damage and inflicts Darkness.

Oh, right, I suppose Depth Charges COULD pose a threat. Well, he 
doesn't just use it randomly, at least. He uses one turn - "Readying 
Depth Charges" - to float up really high. This means that on every 
subsequent turn that he's up there, Extractor will use Depth Charges. 
In other words - the longer he's up there, the greater chance you have 
of losing.

But fear not! There is, as usual, a way to prevent this. First of all, 
Tidus can still hit the Extractor while he's floating, as he's 
underwater. All you have to do is inflict 500 points while he's up 
there, and then he'll fall back below.

You think 500 is a lot? Well, it's not - not really. My Tidus did 
around 350, and Wakka did around 200, so a hit from both should stop 
even the FIRST Depth Charge. You do have ways to add to your advantage, 
however. If you allow Tidus the honor of selecting Delay Attack, 
Extractor's turn will be bumped back a couple times. Have Tidus use 
Haste so that you can use your turns more often. Have Wakka use a 
Thunder Element Reel for about 600 to 650, or have Tidus use Spiral Cut 
for 900. 

If all else fails, have Tidus use Provoke. Should it work (which is 
fairly likely), Extractor will come down and only use Aqua Shooter on 
Tidus until it wears off. Be warned, though! While in Provoke, 
Extractor will TRIPLE the power of Aqua Shooter, hitting Tidus for 300 
points each turn it gets. Once it wears off, the Depth Charges "cool 
down", and will go back to regular power.

You still got hit by Depth Charges? Well, don't worry. Try to get him 
down first, and then use a Potion, or, if necessary, a Phoenix Down to 
be back in fighting shape. You can use an Eye Drop if you want, but 
Darkness will wear off soon enough, anyway.

If this still seems overwhelming (which it probably doesn't), realize 
that this guy only has 4,000 HP. It should be over in 6 to 8 rounds.

Split Infinity notes that Extractor will constantly use two Aqua 
Shooters, rise up, and then continue to use Depth Charges - a pattern 
that should let you know what he's always about to do. Good info!

NOTE: For those playing a NSG Challenge game of any kind, you will want 
to use the Stunning Steel you bought for Tidus in this battle.

-End Boss 13-

-Boss 14 Next -

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Boss 14: Spherimorph>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

HP: About 20,000.
Sensor: Immune to sensors.
Lancet: None
Immune to Scan.
Weaknesses/Strengths: Absorbs three elements, other x1.5 (varies).

NOTE: For those playing a NSG game, you will want to buy the Sonic 
Steel from O'aka before entering this battle. It's a very significant 

This boss may be the hardest in the game if you don't know what to do.

Oh, you want help? I see. Well, I suppose that I'll start off by 
telling you all the ways he can beat your party. He's got a physical 
attack that hits one person for about 150 points, a counterattack that 
hits one character for about 100 points, and a meaner counterattack 
that hits all characters for about 150 points. Lastly, when low on HP, 
he will halve all your characters' HP values called Press. Also, he 
uses Elemental Shift, but we'll get into that later.

Not that bad, really. So where does the difficulty come in? Well, Auron 
hits him for about 350 points, and everybody else who attacks hits for 
around 100. A Grenade from Rikku does around 350 points, and lastly, a 
Black Magic attack by Lulu hits him for 1200 to 1400 points.

Slow down, though! If you rush into battle, chances are Lulu will 
instead restore 850 of his HP! You only have a 25% chance of hurting 
him, and you have to do so plenty of times before you win!

"I give up." I'm not finished, yet! You can easily determine which 
spell Lulu needs to use. Spherimorph chooses an element. He will only 
use that element spell. But he usually doesn't use magic. He only 
counters with it. So what you do is have a character (Auron is best) 
hit Spherimorph and watch which spell he counters with. Lulu then must 
use the OPPOSITE element spell to hurt him. For example, if Auron hits 
Spherimorph, and is countered by a Water spell, Lulu should use 
Thundara. Spherimorph always starts as Fire elemental, so have Lulu 
start by using Blizzara.

Be warned, while Spherimorph only hits the character that physically 
attacks him, if magically attacked by a wrong element, Spherimorph will 
hit ALL characters. Luckily, if you hit him with the right element, he 
will NOT counterattack.

Not so fast! You can't just use Blizzara for the rest of the battle. 
Let's go back to his Element Shift move. When he does this, he switches 
from his current element to a new one. He will do this each time he is 
hit by one Lulu spell. Then, the spell you just used won't hurt him 
anymore. Fear not! Just have Auron attack again, and be countered 
again, and Lulu now knows that she can use the OPPOSITE of THAT spell 
he just countered with. With this method, he should die rather quickly. 
For best speed, use Haste on Lulu (and Yuna if you need to use Cure 
often), and just demolish this...thing.

Watch out for Press. It halves everybody's HP. Don't worry, though - it 
can't kill you, and Spherimorph should be about ready to fall in a 
couple rounds. If you use Power Break, however, he'll only take off 25% 
(credit Split Infinity).

"That's too complicated. I am NOT reading that." Well, okay. Since he 
starts with Fire element, call Ifrit. Each time Ifrit attacks him, a 
Fire spell will restore his HP. You can just Attack for the rest of the 
battle (don't use Meteor Strike) and win. When his HP gets low, 
Spherimorph will continually halve Ifrit's HP with Press. You should 
STILL be able to win, though. Be warned that this can take a long time 
- as long as 20 to 30 minutes - as you must watch Spherimorph attack 
Ifrit about 50 times! Only use this method if you are DESPERATE!

-End Boss 14-

-Boss 15 Next -

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Boss 15: Crawler and Negator>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

HP: 16,000
Sensor: Vulnerable to lightning. Negator disables all magic and 
Steal: Lunar Curtain, Lunar Curtain x2.
Lancet: None
Strength: 25
Magic: 30
Immunities: Poison, Power Break, Magic Break, Armor Break, Mental 
Break, Confusion, Berserk, Provoke, Threaten, Sleep, Silence, Darkness, 
Regen, Eject, Doom, KO, Zombie, and Petrification.
Weaknesses/Strengths: Fire x0.5, Water x0.5, Ice x0.5, Lightning x1.5
Scan: Shoots all targets with Gatling Gun. Vulnerable to lightning. 
Starts countdown to Mana Bream once Negator is destroyed. Retaliates 
when hit by lightning magic during countdown. Restores Negator after 
being hit by magic four times.

HP: 1,000
Sensor: Disables magic and summoning. Attack it with items and Wakka's 
Steal: Out of range!
Lancet: None
Strength: Immune to Scan.
Magic: Immune to Scan.
Immunities: Immune to Scan.
Weaknesses/Strengths: Fire x-.5, Water x0.5, Ice x0.5
Scan: Immune to Scan.

18,000 HP is quite a lot. That's as much as both Sinspawn Gui bodies 
combined. Needless to say, not only are you going to have to hurt him, 
but you're also going to have to survive for quite a while. Against 
what, you ask?

Actually, not very much has to be feared. He will use an attack called 
Gatling Gun, which is about 10 random hits for 100 points apiece. This 
attack is very similar to Blitzball Rush, in that it's annoying and 
looks a lot worse than it is.

"But there must be a catch!" Well, there is and there isn't. Some 
people might find it easiest to just attack him until he dies. My guys 
did about 100 to maybe 200 points each turn. Sure, you CAN Attack him 
150 times...

OR, more ideally, you can try to use Magic on him. A Thundara spell 
does around 1,000 points to him, so you can just see how much more 
quickly the battle would go. Problem solved...right?

Well, here is the official catch. Crawler has a little buddy. Negator, 
who hovers high, prevents the usage of any Magic or Aeon. In the 50 
turns you would be attacking him, you would then have to use Items to 
restore HP - which would then later have to be purchased again. We 
don't want that. So to use the magic, in turn speeding up the battle, 
in turn saving precious Gil and time, the Negator needs to die.

Negator hovers far above everyone's head, however, and Lulu's Black 
Magic is sealed, so she can't harm him. This leaves your options open 
to Wakka's attack or Rikku's Use. Rikku can Use a Grenade to inflict 
300 points to both Crawler AND Negator (yes, Use can hit this out of 
range enemy), or Wakka could just attack for the same amount to 
Negator. Either way, in three to four turns, he should die, and magic 
should become legalized.

"So you just use Thundara and he just uses Gatling Gun and you win?" 
Not quite. He now starts a three turn countdown to Mana Beam - a 
magical, non-elemental attack that hits all characters for 1,500 to 
1,700 points of damage! What can be done?

The answer lies in Scan. Check what it says above...or just listen up. 
After magic is used four times on Crawler, he will bring Negator back 
out. Since all Crawler does is countdown until Mana Beam, he'll do just 
that. However, he won't be able to uses Mana Beam, since Negator is 
out. So, if you use four Thundara spells before he can get his Mana 
Beam off, it will be cancelled, and he'll have lost 4,000 HP. If you're 
very fast, you could have Lulu use three, bring in stronger characters 
to attack, and use the fourth right before he uses it. Take note that 
after it says there is one turn left, he will immediately use the Mana 

"But I'm not that fast!" Then become that fast! Have Tidus use Slow on 
Crawler, and chances are it will work. Have Tidus use Haste on Lulu if 
you need to. If you need a little extra time, use Delay Attack, and 
you'll slow Crawler down a couple turns. You SHOULD be able to get four 
in before Mana Beam is used with a combination of these methods - you 
are relatively four times faster with a Haste and Slow!

Be cautious, though! While Negator is gone, Crawler has a mean counter 
called Assault. It will hit four 750 to 1,000 points, and is enough to 
be dangerous. My Lulu was JUST able to survive. If necessary (most 
likely), bring in Yuna. Just don't forget to use Haste on her to keep 
up with Lulu if you used Haste on Lulu!

So there you have it. Kill Negator and use Thundara four times quickly. 
Repeat this until it's been done a total of five times, and you win.

"But I just CAN'T spend that much time!" Well, it's not really that 
much time, but you DO have another option. Once Negator is down, you 
can also call your Aeons. If he's about to use Mana Beam, call in an 
Aeon and let it use Shield. The Mana Beam will only do around 300 
points! Better yet, Aeons stay in after Negator comes back - they just 
can't come in while he's around, but they can stay! They hit for about 
250 each turn. BEST yet, Ixion's Thor's Hammer Overdrive does around 
5,000 points of damage to Crawler and 3,000 to Negator - a perfect way 
to close the battle with a double Overkill.

-End Boss 15-

-Boss 16 Next -


<<Boss 16: * Spoilers * Seymour, Guado Guardian, Guado Guardian; then>> 
<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Anima; and then Seymour>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

HP: 6,000
Sensor: Casts ice, lightning, water, and fire, in that order.
Lancet: None
Strength: 20
Magic: 20 (Round 1), 32 (Round 3)
Immunities: Power Break, Confusion, Berserk, Provoke, Threaten, Sleep, 
Silence, Darkness, Eject, Doom, KO, Zombie, and Petrification
Scan: Casts ice, lightning, water, and fire spells in that order, so 
have Yuna cast NulFrost, NulShock, NulWater, and NulBlaze. He'll summon 
when cornered. Beware!
* Note *: NulWater means NulTide.

---Guado Guardian---
HP: 2,000
Sensor: Protects Seymour.
Lancet: None
Strength: 10
Magic: 15
Immunities: Confusion, Berserk, Provoke, Sleep, and Doom.
Scan: Attacks and defends with items, using Auto-Potion and confusion-
inducing Shremedies. He restores Seymour's HP, too, so stop him from 
using items somehow.

HP: 18,000
Sensor: Goes into Overdrive when its gauge charges up.
Steal: Silence Grenade x3, Farplane Shadow
Lancet: None
* Note *: He is immune to Scan, so all the other data cannot be 

This is my favorite battle in the game. What? You don't care? 
(Sniffle)...That's...okay...I guess...

Seymour, Guado Guardian, and Guado Guardian
First of all, this is a very involved battle. Each character has 
something he can contribute. Most importantly, make Tidus use "Talk" on 
Seymour. This will DOUBLE his strength! In other words, this will 
DOUBLE the damage he inflicts! Also, have Yuna use "Talk" on Seymour to 
double her magic defense, and Wakka use "Talk" on Seymour to double his 
magic defense. You should be significantly stronger, now!

However, you don't exactly have a weak opposition, either. Seymour has 
Shell, so Magic does very minimal damage. On top of that, a Guado 
Guardian will block any attacks that are directed at him, and then 
restore 1,000 HP with Auto-Potion. Should you attack a Guado Guardian, 
he will restore 1,000 HP with Auto-Potion. Should you damage Seymour 
with magic, one of the two Guado Guardians will give him a Hi-Potion. 
This battle is very similar to the one with Sinspawn Gui, as the main 
enemy can not be harmed without the two blockers being defeated. 
Unfortunately, this time, the two blockers recover 1,000 HP each time 
they are attacked.

The common approach to this is to call an Aeon with an Overdrive to 
kill both guardians, and that's not necessarily a bad strategy. 
However, the best strategy, in my opinion, is to have Rikku Steal from 
the Guado Guardians. This disables their Auto-Potions. Now you can 
defeat the Guado Guardians, and then you can defeat Seymour. Actually, 
I have another correction. If Kimahri has Stone Breath, using that's 
probably the best method of getting rid of the Guado Guardians. If 
you're playing any sort of NSG Challenge, that's what you'll want to 

Meanwhile, you're being attacked! If you look at the Sensor 
information, you will notice that Seymour uses Blizzara, Thundara, 
Watera, and Fira, and then repeats. The Scan info speaks for itself. 
Have Yuna cast NulFrost, then NulShock, then NulTide, then NulBlaze. 
Seymour's attacks will be useless. The Guados will use low level magic 
like Blizzard, Thunder, Water, and Fire (in a random order, but it does 
around 100, if even, points of damage, so don't worry). The one thing 
to beware during this fight is that the Guados may use a Shremedy, 
which (if it hits) confuses one of your characters. Take note that 
while Shremedies are, as far as I can tell, items, using Steal does not 
remove them.

Anyway, have Rikku Steal from both Guados while Yuna puts on the next 
Nul spell in the order. Tidus should attack the guards, defeating each 
in two attacks, and Auron should switch in after Rikku is done and help 
Tidus. Then, continue to attack Seymour. However, you're in for an 
unfortunate surprise once his HP drops below 3,000.

"Feel my pain...Come, Anima!" Once Seymour loses 3,000 HP, he calls 
Anima. In case you don't remember, this is the same Aeon that was 
called at the Blitzball match. That's right, that ultra-powerful one! 
Anima is incredibly easy to predict, yet incredibly difficult. There 
are two strategies to beating Anima, and I will list both. The second, 
"better" one, is at towards the bottom.

 The first strategy seems like suicide, but is actually quite easy with 
the help of our good friend, Phoenix Down. What you will want is a 
party of Tidus, Auron, and Yuna. Tidus should be doing about 2,000 
points of damage each turn (that might be a critical hit, but I seemed 
to get these near every time) and Auron should be doing around 1,000 
points of damage (again, possibly critical, but I got this more often 
than not). At this rate, let's assume that you get around 2,500 points 
of damage each round. At this rate, it will take eight round to defeat 
Anima. Is this difficult? Yes. Why?

Anima alternates between Pain and Boost. Pain instantly kills a 
character (Death Ward may reduce the likelihood, but it seems to be 
around a 99% chance of instant death). Boost brings her Overdrive gauge 
closer to full. That means every other turn, you can use a Phoenix Down 
and cure up from the Pain. What this also means is that Anima will 
reach an Overdrive quickly. Her third attack is deadly. Once her 
Overdrive gauge (which you can see) is full, she will use Oblivion. 
This will do about 2,000 points of damage to everybody (or much more if 
you have FFX:I).

If you are fighting with Tidus, Auron, and Yuna, make sure Auron has 
full HP right before Oblivion. He should just be able to survive this 
attack. If you want to be safer, let Tidus cast Haste on Auron. Auron 
will, in all likelihood, be the only survivor. He will need to use 
Phoenix Downs to get all of the other members alive. You should then be 
able to finish Anima.

Note that as Pain inflicts instant death, if you have Stoic or Comrade 
Overdrive mode on, you will NOT gain any new Overdrives in this part of 
the battle (unless you're an Aeon or have Death Ward/Deathproof armor).
The better alternative, in my opinion, is to have Yuna call her new 
Aeon. Since she's not named yet, this Ice Aeon is known as "????", but 
fans of previous Final Fantasy games should recognize her. Anyway, 
allow her to use Heavenly Strike or Attack each turn on Anima until her 
HP is low. Heavenly Strike does more, but delays "????" a bit. Since 
Aeons are immune to death, your Aeon will receive damage instead of 
death. Once your HP is low, cast Blizzara on yourself - it will 
actually HEAL you. Continue this until Anima has 9,000 HP left. Your 
Aeon should have an Overdrive by now. Allow her to use it, Diamond 
Dust, and it should finish Anima off. That's right - 9,000 points of 
damage! I would heavily encourage this method of defeating Anima.
Either way, you should immerge victorious. By the way, did it bother 
anybody else that he dismisses Anima, and you don't get to see it die?

Seymour magically restores his HP after dismissing Anima (which Yuna 
CAN'T do...). He also has now gained 7 Magic points. If you just won 
with "????", Seymour will make sure to finish her right now. The 
strategy is essentially the same as before - have Yuna cast the right 
Nul spell.

Now, however, the consequences for choosing incorrectly are worse. 
Seymour now uses Multi-Blizzara, Multi-Thundara, Multi-Watera, and 
Multi-Fira each turn. It's like he can Overdrive repeatedly, although 
this is Lulu's Overdrive. For those who care, his is Requiem, which you 
can use when you fight with him against Sinspawn Gui. Anyway! These 
Multi- attacks hit two characters for around 2,000 points of damage.

Just keep having Yuna casts those Nul spells - Haste her if you must! 
Tidus should do around 1,300 points of damage each hit, and with Auron, 
you do about 2,000 points each turn. That means in three turns, this 
epic battle has finally come to an end. Congratulations!

-End Boss 16-

-Boss 17 Next -

<<<<<<<<<<<<Boss 17: Wendigo, Guado Guardian, Guado Guardian>>>>>>>>>>>

HP: 18,000
Sensor: Only uses physical attacks. Curing its Berserk status will 
lower its strength...
Lancet: None
Strength: 40
Magic: 1
Immunities: Posion, Confusion, Reflect, Slow, Eject, KO, Zombie, and 
Scan: Uses physical attacks only. Once it puts up its dukes, it'll 
retaliate to any physical attacks with a deadly counterattack.

---Guado Guardian---
HP: 1,200
Sensor: Heals himself with Auto-Potion, so stop him from using items.
Lancet: None
Strength: 1
Magic: 14
Immunities: Confusion, Berserk, Threaten, Sleep, Silence, Slow, and 
Magic Break.
Scan: Try to stop him from healing himself with Auto-Potion. He 
sometimes casts Berserk on the enemies, making them stronger.

Remember last battle? This is pretty similar, except the Guado 
Guardians have less HP and the main boss can be pretty much 

Well, what you've basically got is the need to beat the Guado Guardians 
first. They will relentlessly keep Wendigo in Berserk, which DOUBLES 
his physical attack, and they will often throw in small first-level 
elemental spells for about 150 to one character. The battle will just 
be a lot less tense, so do what you did last time (I hope). Steal from 
the Guado Guardians to remove their Auto-Potion, and then defeat them. 
That whole process should take a turn, so two turns later (or three, as 
Wendigo probably defeated someone) you should only have one foe left.

Unfortunately, the Guado Guardians use a dying move. The first casts 
Protect on Wendigo, and the second casts Shell. All damage done to him 
(save items) will only do half as much.

BlackReaper035 has a great tip! Call Ixion and use Aerospark, and you 
will Dispel both Protect and Shell! Excellent tip!

Well, you can even the grounds a bit by halving how much HE does to 
YOU. Have Yuna use Esuna once the Guado Guardians have fallen, and 
since there's nobody left to use Berserk, Wendigo will be out of 
Berserk for the rest of the battle. To take the advantage, use Power 
Break with Auron, and most of your characters should be able to survive 
a hit when at full HP.

After the above is completed, Auron will do 300 points, while Lulu will 
do around 550. However, she does have difficulty staying alive.

How can you help keep Lulu alive? Use Delay Attack to get her another 
turn or let her switch out, use Provoke so Wendigo only hits Tidus, and 
have Auron use Threaten (although it may not work). Threaten is the 
best option, here.

Still, his strength is quite formidable. To help out, you can have 
Wakka use Dark Attack, which will GREATLY decrease how often he hits 
you. Best yet, have him use Sleep Attack! Since Magic doesn't remove 
Sleep status, use Haste on Lulu, put him to sleep, and have Lulu just 
repeatedly use Black Magic. Repeat this all you want!

After losing half his HP (credit Split Infinity), he will 'put his 
dukes up', or beckon you to hit him. You can tell he has done this when 
he gets a turn and DOESN'T hurt you. Each time you Attack him now, he 
will use a counterattack that does 1.5 times more than his regular 
attack. Once again, just use Lulu. He won't attack you or counter, so 
you can just use Black Magic until he regains his senses.

Split Infinity notes that Wendigo alternates between three turns of 
"dukes up" and three regular turns starting when his HP drops under 
half. Good for planning ahead.

Still having difficulty? Use an Aeon Overdrive (hopefully prepared 
beforehand) to inflict about 9,000 points!

Mainly, just kill the Guado Guardians and then have Wakka use Sleep 
Attack. While he's asleep, Haste Lulu, and then only use her Black 
Magic spells. Repeat as necessary. Don't both to put him to sleep when 
his 'dukes are up'. You shouldn't have TOO much trouble, here.

-End Boss 17-

-Boss 18 Next -

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Boss 18: Evrae>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

HP: 32,000
Sensor: Releases Poison Breath attack after inhaling.
Steal: Water Gem x1,
Lancet: None
Strength: 36 
Magic: 30
Elemental x 1/2: Fire, Lightning, Water, and Ice 
Immunities: Poison, Magic Break, Armor Break, Confusion, Berserk, 
Provoke, Threaten, Sleep, Silence, Eject, KO, Zombie, and Petrification
Scan: High magic defense. No elemental weaknesses. Exhales Poison 
Breath if hit repeatedly by melee attacks. Ask Cid to move the airship 
away and he'll launch a volley of Guided Missiles for you.

*Note*: By melee attacks, they mean attacks while you're up close. Even 
if you use magic, it's considered a melee attack. He won't use Poison 
Breath, however, if you are far from Evrae.

For many, this is an immensely difficult battle, and many people get 
stuck here for even weeks, in some cases. For this reason, this is 
going to be a very long strategy, so that nobody will be stuck here for 
long. Also, since many people may ask, my party's HP ranged from about 
1,500 (Rikku) to 3,000 (Auron).

Before you start, make sure that you have a lot of Al Bhed Potions (you 
should have a lot from Bikanel Island). If not, you are certainly due 
for a much more difficult battle, and should prefer battling from AFAR, 
using potions and Hi-Potions with a character in Haste every turn he 
gets. However, unless you used them all, you should have plenty.

First of all, there are two locations that you can fight Evrae from: 
near and far. You start near, and to go far, have Tidus or Rikku use 
"Pull Back", a Trigger Command only they have. First, while you're up 
close, there are a few things to do.

Starting Preparations
While up close, have Auron use Power Break. This will halve the damage 
Evrae does with his regular attack and his Swooping Scythe. Allow Wakka 
to use Dark Attack or Dark Buster every once in a while, so that he 
misses almost always. Try to have Rikku Steal, then Use, a Water Gem 
for about 1,500 points of damage, or Steal and Mix (Overdrive) two for 
2,000 points of damage. Whether or not you stay close or go far, you 
should try to have Tidus use Slow on Evrae (it misses very often, but 
you should get it in 3 to 5 tries). Now, Evrae's physical attacks, 
should they manage to hit you, will only do 600 points of damage (as 
opposed to 1,200 originally), and since he's slow, you'll be getting a 
lot of turns in.

Strategy for Battling FROM AFAR
Since battling from afar is easier to describe (and probably easier to 
win with), I'll describe it first. You will notice that Cid is now in 
the turn chart. If you have used "Pull Back" before his turn, on his 
turn, he will move away from Evrae. The only way to hurt him now is 
with Wakka and Lulu (who you should Haste with Tidus), but his attacks 
are much less threatening.

While far away, Evrae will usually use Photon Spray, which is an attack 
composed of about 10 randomly-aimed hits that attack for around 100 
points of damage. Most likely, each character will lose around 300 
points of damage. Every two turns Evrae gets, have Rikku use an Al Bhed 
Potion, and you should be fine.

If you haven't told Cid to "Move In" (brings you back near to Evrae) 
and you are still far away from him, on Cid's turn, Cid will use 
"Guided Missiles". This will hit roughly 15 times for 200 points per 
missile, or for roughly 3,000 points damage. He will only do this three 
times, however, and then he will run out of missiles and just do 

To hurt Evrae from afar, have Wakka either Attack (750 points) or use 
the Black Magic, Drain (Evrae loses about 500 HP and Wakka gains about 
500 HP). Have Lulu use her second-level spells (Blizzara, Fira, 
Thundara, Watera) for about 500 points of damage. Lulu's Overdrive will 
hit Evrae, but Wakka's won't for some reason.

As I said, Evrae will most likely use Photon Spray on his turn. 
However, he may use an attack called Swooping Scythe, which hits 
everybody for 600 (300 if you used Power Break as I suggested). 
However, this also has the same effect as "Move In", as you are now 
near him again. You can Pull Back again and repeat, however, which is 
the easiest (yet LONGEST) way to win.

Strategy for Battling NEAR
If, however, you are less patient and feel that you have a strong party 
or are very good with the battle system, you will just stay up close. 
Auron can hit him for about 1,000 (2,000 critical) each time, all 
Overdrives will be in reach, and you can basically just hit him each 
turn you get as opposed to waiting a lot.

First of all, you have already taken care of his regular attacks, so 
Evrae will either miss or do relatively low damage (yet high compared 
to what he does from far away) to a character most often. Should he 
hit, you can use a Hi-Potion, Al Bhed Potion, or just ignore it.

He will occasionally use, however, Stone Gaze, which will petrify one 
party member (but won't do any damage). This basically is the same 
thing as the having the character die, as if all characters are 
petrified, you lose. Immediately cure this with either a Soft or an Al 
Bhed Potion.

Near/Far - Poison Breath Attack
The biggest problem you will have, however, is his Poison Breath. He 
will first inhale (he takes a big breath), which does no damage or 
anything to you. However, on his next turn, he will use Poison Breath. 
His inhalation is just a warning, basically. After he inhales, he will 
use Poison Breath, which will hit each character for 1,500-1,800 points 
of damage and inflict poison on everybody. Anybody that survives will 
be weak and be poisoned.

Should Tidus or Rikku select Pull Back, and Cid pulls back, Evrae's 
Poison Breath will miss. You will have to use the turn chart to be able 
to plan this accordingly! This is the only way to avoid Poison Breath, 
so you will have to understand what to do. To explain it best, if the 
turn chart order goes:

1. Evrae - Inhales
2. Character
3. Cid 
4. Evrae

You will PROBABLY be able to avoid it. Should your character be Tidus 
or Rikku, you can use Pull Back (tell Cid to pull back). Cid will then 
actually pull back, and Evrae's Poison Breath will miss. If it's not 
Tidus or Rikku, then switch in for one of them and use Pull Back. If 
you have both Tidus and Rikku out, and it's the third character, then 
you CAN'T AVOID it. For this reason, it is wise to never have both 
Rikku and Tidus in at the same time. Note that you always lose if the 
scenario is:

1. Evrae - Inhales
2. Character
3. Evrae

Or if it is:

1. Evrae - Inhales
2. Cid
3. Evrae

There are ways to increase your chance of the first scenario. First, 
have Tidus use Haste on any characters you will be using (Tidus, Rikku, 
Auron, and Wakka probably). Also, have Tidus try to use Slow on Evrae. 
If Evrae's turn is right before Cid, or you could avoid Poison Breath 
with just a couple extra turns, have Tidus use Delay Attack for a 
couple extra turns. Note that Tidus will always have his next turn 
right after Evrae, so you can't use it twice in a row. Lastly, if you 
can kill him before he uses it, then do so!

However, chances are Evrae may get to use it. When he does, have Rikku 
use an Al Bhed Potion, or if she's dead, have each living character use 
an Antidote on himself and THEN revive Rikku. If he can survive the 
Poison's damage (probably only Auron), then you can try reviving Rikku 
first. The Al Bhed Potion will remove everybody's Poison and give 
everybody 2,000 more HP. Try not to get hit, though, as this is risky, 
especially towards the end.

Evrae Haste - The end of the battle
After Evrae's HP drops below 10,665 (Split Infinity), he will use Haste 
on himself. If you use Slow on him, he will instantly use Haste again 
(it doesn't even have to be his turn), so you shouldn't waste your 
turn. Before this happens, it would be wise to have each of your 
characters in Haste. It would also be wise to Pull Back repeatedly. 
Evrae will always use Swooping Scythe as a counter now, but if you keep 
moving back, using Delay Attack, using Wakka or using Lulu, you should 
be all right. If you can't get back in time even with delay, try Auron 
and see if you can finish him. If you don't want to do this, then make 
sure Evrae's in Dark status (Wakka), so that after Poison Breath he 
can't finish your whole party at once - although he may use Stone Gaze, 
anyway. Basically I recommend finishing him with Wakka and Lulu in 
Haste from afar, but you don't have to.

Note: If he inhales and you Pull Back, do NOT hit him! He will counter 
with Swooping Scythe and then finish you with Poison Breath! I've seen 
it happen and thought it was cheap, too!

One last problem you may be having is that Evrae is using Haste early. 
I've encountered this several times. My best explanation is that he 
uses it after being hit repeatedly by Delay Attack, so don't use Delay 
Attack twice in a row if you're encountering this. It really makes the 
battle much harder.

I hope that helps! If I'm missing any important data here, or if you're 
still having trouble, contact me! I'll reply to your e-mail and help 
you, and if it's a significant enough problem, I'll put it up and 
credit you. Good luck!

*Credit to Hyprophant for 10,700. I originally thought it was 11,000.
*Credit to Split Infinity for the exact 10,665.

-End Boss 18-

-Boss 19 Next -


<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Boss 19: * Spoilers * Isaaru>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Sensor: Immune to sensors.

Sensor: Immune to sensors.

Sensor: Immune to sensors.

Well, this is a very interesting battle. There are many ways to go 
about it. This battle puts you up against Isaaru in a duel of Aeons. If 
all your Aeons - or you - die, then it's Game Over. Your only two 
options are to Summon and to Grand Summon, so at least they make the 
choice easy.

First, Isaaru uses his Grand Summon right off the bat. He calls Grothia 
- his version of Ifrit - to battle with a full Overdrive ready. You 
must call an Aeon. But... who to call?

Well, you've got to choose Valefor, Ixion, Shiva, or Bahamut, as 
"Ifrit" has already been called. What happens if you call Valefor? He 
gets hit by a powerful Hellfire, is unable to cure, and pathetically 
tries to attack Grothia before being killed. Shiva comes, and, being 
weak against Hellfire, dies. Bahamut overpowers Grothia easily, but 
still takes noticeable wounds. Since you should save Bahamut for later, 
I suggest Ixion.

"Hey! My Shiva has Nul-Blaze!" Yes, she does, meaning Hellfire wouldn't 
hurt her if you called her and did that. However, Shiva still would get 
pretty hurt, and I also recommend you save her, so trust me on bringing 
in Ixion.

You don't need to Grand Summon. Have Ixion come in, use Shield (hit 
right), and take some damage from Hellfire. It can't really be avoided. 
Then, attack four times (if you're going to die after three, use 
Thundara, but you probably won't). He'll use four attacks - any 
combination of Attack, Meteor Strike, and Fira - and you'll gain an 
Overdrive. Use Thor's Hammer. You get an Overkill. Easy, right?

He then calls Pterya, who bears a great resemblance to Valefor. 
Surprisingly enough, you can't call Valefor this round. What to do?

Well, Ixion's hurt, so he'd die. Ifrit's far too slow, as Pterya has a 
surprisingly high HP value. He'd wound Pterya, but die. Shiva's fast, 
but because of Pterya's high HP, it would be a close match that 
wouldn't be a guaranteed win. Thus, I suggest Bahamut.

Pterya will through all sorts of attacks at you that you've thrown at 
enemies before. They are Attack, Sonic Wings, and Energy Ray. That's 
it. Sonic Wings will, indeed, slow your Bahamut down a bit, but 
luckily, Bahamut's higher HP and stronger attacks will make this like a 
tank running over a machine gun.

Have Bahamut Attack. Repeat. Repeat. After about 4 hits, Pterya should 
hit Overdrive. Attack. His Energy Ray will do less than 400 points, 
more around 320. He's just a joke to Bahamut. Attack a couple more 
times until you've done it 7 - if you want to be sure, 8 - times, and 
use Mega Flare. You just got another Overkill.

He now calls his last Aeon, Spathi. Spathi is Bahamut. However, he 
functions much more differently (and stupidly) than the other Aeons. He 
boasts around 20,000 HP, and just sits there, thinking angry thoughts 
with Countdown, until he hits Overdrive, and unleashes Mega Flare.

Valefor? It would be the same thing as last battle with opposite 
results - you would lose. Ifrit? He's too slow, and would, at best, be 
able to put a dent on Bahamut. Ixion is still weak. Shiva!

Shiva should be called and immediately start using Blizzara. Have her 
use Blizzara (and when she can't, finally Blizzard) until Bahamut hits 
Countdown: 1. Bahamut should appear wounded, but this only means he's 
half dead. Shiva should be out of magic. Let her use Shield. Now, 
Attack until Countdown: 1. Use Shield. By this time, you should notice 
that another Mega Flare would kill you. Attack until you hit Overdrive, 
and use Diamond Dust. He will be Overkilled.

"What? That's it?" Yeah, Isaaru only gets three Aeons, and you get 
five. Anyway, if your Aeon dies, you can just call another, but above 
is the easiest and quickest method. You can be creative and try using 
Shiva against Grothia, and trying Ifrit against Spathi, or some other 
combination. The only thing to beware of is that if your Aeon dies, his 
might hit Yuna, bringing Game Over, but if his dies, the battle "starts 
over". Cheap, yes, but he only gets three Aeons.

Anyway, the main method is Ixion uses Shield, attacks, and uses Thor's 
hammer. Bahamut comes in and attacks 7 or 8 times, and then uses Mega 
Flare. Shiva uses Blizzara and Blizzard, Shields, attacks, Shields, 
attacks, and uses Diamond Dust. It's a fun little battle - a lot of 
people's favorite, and maybe it's even yours. Too bad it's over.

-End Boss 19-

-Boss 20 Next -

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Boss 20: Evrae Altana>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

---Evrae Altana---
HP: 16,384
Sensor: Weak against healing effects.
Strength: 32
Magic: 27
Immunities: Poison, Confusion, Berserk, Provoke, Threaten, Sleep, 
Silence, Doom, KO, and Petrification.
Scan: Beware its Stone Gaze and nasty counterattacks. Open the gate 
locks to get some distance. Since it's a zombie, healing magic and 
items are the way to go.

This is a very easy boss battle. Evrae's back, but this time, it's a 
Zombie. It maintains Zombie status forever. This is good.

However, first let's look at what he DOES have to offer. Evrae's 
dropped the Poison Breath, so fear not, but he did keep a few tricks. 
He still uses Photon Spray - about 15 random hits at 120 per hit - and 
uses it often. He also uses Stone Gaze, which is a lot worse than 
before. There is an interesting thing about Petrification underwater. 
When you are Petrified, you then Shatter, and are gone for the rest of 
the battle. Thus, if Stone Gaze is used and works, one person is gone 
for good. If not, it will still do a good 500 points. Lastly, he has a 
1,000-point counterattack.

Right, so he doesn't have much to offer. You can use Dark Attack or 
Dark Buster to help avoid his counterattacks. You can use (although it 
rarely works) Slow to get a speed advantage. However, many consider 
these options wastes of time. He's a Zombie, which means healing hurts 
him. More specifically, Elixirs do 9,999 points of damage and Phoenix 
Downs do exactly 8,192. In case you didn't notice, two Phoenix Downs 
EASILY kills Evrae Altana.

No? Want a challenge? Well, you can hit from 500 to 1,000 each time you 
Attack, and do about 300 with a Grenade. It really doesn't take that 

Oh, no! Somebody gets shattered! Not to worry - use the Trigger 
Command, "Open lock". This is the only way you can attack Gate Lock. 
Gate Locks, I presume, have 1 HP. When you hit both of them, you swim 
away from Evrae Altana, and the battle begins anew. One thing that's 
nice is that if you have Slayer Overdrive mode, opening a lock counts 
as a kill. Anyway, when the battle restarts, anybody who has been 
shattered returns with 1 HP.

This is actually amazing! The whole idea of Shattering attacks is that 
it reduces your party by one until the battle ends. Yet this battle 
doesn't end! More importantly, Evrae doesn't gain any HP back (although 
you don't, either). You and he both will not keep statuses, however 
(you lose Haste, he loses Slow, etcetera).

If you restart the battle twice (that's four locks, total), you will go 
to the third and final area. Shinryu now CANNOT counter, which is a big 
advantage. Now, he can only use Stone Gaze and Photon Spray. However, 
you miss a treasure box with the Avenger. It is a one-slot weapon for 
Tidus with Counterattack, meaning that if an enemy hits him, he will 
automatically hit without wasting a turn.

I suggest not opening locks if you're trying to challenge yourself. If 
not, just use TWO PHOENIX DOWNS to INSTANTLY WIN! I'm not going to 
waste my time wishing you good luck. Farewell!

-End Boss 20-

-Boss 21 Next -


<<<<<<<<<<<<Boss 21: * Spoilers * Seymour Natus and Mortibody>>>>>>>>>>

---Seymour Natus---
HP: 36,000
Sensor: Casts elemental magic, Break, and Flare.
Lancet: None
Strength: 30
Magic: 25
Immunities: Magic Break, Armor Break, Mental Break, Confusion, Berserk, 
Threaten, Sleep, Silence, Darkness, Slow, Eject, Doom, KO, Zombie, and 
Scan: Still uses elemental magic, but now uses multi-spells. When HP is 
low he'll petrify with Break and cast the non-elemental spell Flare.

HP: 4,000/3,000/2,000/1,000
Sensor: Watch out for their combo attacks.
Steal: Nothing to steal.
Lancet: None
Strength: 22
Magic: 20
Immunities: Poison, Magic Break, Mental Break, Confusion, Berserk, 
Provoke, Threaten, Sleep, Silence, Darkness, Slow, Power Distil., Mana 
Distil., Speed Distil., Ability Distil., Eject, Doom, KO, Zombie, and 
Scan: Its Shattering Claw hits petrified characters, smashing them to 
smithereens. Beware the Desperado, which inflicts damage and negates 
any magical augmentations.

He's back! He's still a challenging boss, although he can be beaten 
rather quickly this time. Anyway, this is basically a two-part battle, 
so first let's go over the first half.

First off, I have to definitely give credit to Split Infinity here. 
Many great observations about Natus's HP values.

Well, the first half is very predictable. Seymour's new best friend, 
Mortibody, will pick a first level elemental spell (Fire, Thunder, 
Water, Blizzard). However, it will hit everybody, and do about 200. 
Seymour will then use Multi-Blizzara (if Mortibody uses Blizzard), 
which hits two random characters for 600 to 1,000 each. The trick is 
that Seymour always copies Mortibody.

What can you do? Tidus can use Provoke, so that both spells hit him. 
However, he will probably die. This is not recommended. What is 
recommended, however, is to use Haste on Yuna (and everybody else, 
too!). This way, she will probably get a turn after Mortibody and 
before Seymour. If Mortibody uses Blizzard, she uses Nul-Frost...she 
just uses whatever Nul- spell that would have blocked his attack. Then, 
Seymour's attack is blocked.

While this is going on, have Lulu cast Bio on Seymour. Let Tidus and 
Auron both use Talk to double their strength (and damage done). Yuna 
can use it, too, to double her Magic Defense (magic does half to her). 
All four things are recommended. If you don't have Bio, it's okay, but 
if you have it, it really helps.

Bio will do 1,440 points of damage to Seymour each time he attacks, and 
both Tidus and Auron should be doing around 3,000 each turn. If Yuna 
gets an extra turn, have her use Cura or Pray. This is fairly easy.

Split Infinity notes that Mortibody will use Desperado if all three of 
your characters are in Haste.

However, once under 24,000 HP, Seymour will use Protect, halving damage 
from Tidus and Auron. He will also start using Break. Luckily, Bio 
still does a full 1,440 to him each turn.

If you still have Haste on everybody, that's good. However, you must be 
careful, now. Seymour uses Break - a spell that inflicts Petrification. 
Switch to an armor with Stoneproof or Stone Ward, or else get ready to 
heal. IMMEDIATELY use a Soft of Esuna, or else Mortibody will use 
Shattering Claw.

If you're Petrified, and Mortibody gets a turn, he will use Shattering 
Claw. This will shatter your character, and that character will not be 
able to be used for the rest of the battle! This means that you must 
fight with two characters until he dies! He may, on occasion, use this 
when you're not Petrified, in which case it will just do around 300 
points of damage.

Worse yet, if you're not Petrified, Mortibody will probably use 
Desperado! This hits all characters for about 500 points each, and 
removes any status augmentations. This means that you lose Haste! Try 
to at least keep Yuna in Haste by using it again.

When very weak (under 12,000 HP), Seymour Natus will use Flare instead 
of Break from then on in. This does about 2,000 points to one 
character! However, it delays Seymour's turn, so he won't use it twice 

Mortibody may use Cura on Seymour, giving him around 1,200 HP back. 
Unless you have leveled a LOT, there is nothing you can do about this. 
Use Reflect on Seymour if you have it, but if you do, you probably 
don't need to bother, anyway.

Lastly, if Yuna calls an Aeon, he will get one turn before Seymour 
Natus uses Banish (even when not his turn!). This will instantly kill 
the Aeon. So, if you're going to call the Aeon, make sure he's in 
Overdrive! Bio will still hurt Seymour as he uses Banish, even though 
it's a counter to any move by an Aeon, though.

What's the most likely problem? Yuna can't get a turn between Seymour 
and Mortibody to remove Petrification. In such a situation, have Yuna 
either switch weapons to her current one or use Items, speeding her 
next turn up.

The last thing to note is that if you defeat Mortibody, who has 4,000 
HP, he will use Mortibsorption. He will absorb HP from Seymour Natus, 
and come back to life with as much as he absorbs. This will first do 
4,000, then 3,000, then 2,000, and lastly, 1,000. It will then do 1,000 
for the rest of the battle. Thus, you can never get rid of Mortibody 
until you kill Natus, which finishes them both. Simply, his maximum HP 
values after dying are: 4,000, 4,000, 3,000, 2,000, 1,000, 1,000, and 
1,000 forever more. If you use an Aeon Overdrive, for example, you can 
do the damage to Seymour PLUS the 4,000 (or less) from Mortibsorption. 
Use this to your advantage - especially when Seymour is in Protect, and 
you do more to Mortibody (stop when he hits 2,000 HP).

To summarize, use Bio and Haste on Yuna. Have her use the Nul- spell 
that would block Mortibody's previous turn to block Seymour's. Once he 
hits Protect, make sure Yuna goes after Seymour but before Mortibody, 
and let her use Esuna or a Soft item on whoever gets petrified by 
Break. Heal or revive from Flare, and use Aeon Overdrives. Finally, 
it's nice to note that Auron's Shooting Star Overdrive, which you have 
for sure, does about 7,000 points of damage to Natus regardless of 
Protect. Have fun!

Great info! Split Infinity has noticed that if you use Bio on Seymour, 
the damage done won't make him change phases - in other words, you 
won't see any Break of Flare. Just simply don't attack him after Bio 
and wait it out for a victory using Nul spells and curing! Outstanding 

Note: If you SOMEHOW have Reflect, use it on everybody. You shouldn't 
by this point, however.

Why is there a third half? Because I saw the second and third as really 
one phase, but Split Infinity notes that they really are different, as 
Mortibody uses Cura only in this phase. Good info I'm surprised I 

-End Boss 21-

-Boss 22 Next -

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Boss 22: Defender X>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

---Defender X---
HP: 64,000
Sensor: Made of stone. Resistant to physical attacks.
Immunities: Poison, Power Break, Confusion, Threaten, Sleep, Silence, 
Slow, Eject, KO, Zombie, and Petrification.
Scan: Boasts very high physical attack and defense. Its counterattack 
Blast Punch delays target and causes damage. Casts Mighty Guard and 

*Note: I have NEVER seen him use Slowga, but Mewtwomon says that he 
will if you cast Slow on him. I never got this to work, but it's 
currently the best guess I've got. If anybody sees Slowga, let me know.

This guy technically even isn't a boss according to Sensor, despite the 
music, but he does give a good deal of players some difficulty. The 
thing to remember is that he can only defeat one of your characters at 
a time!

To start out, let me tell you what he can do. He can physically attack 
you for about 2,000 points of damage. He can counter with Blast Punch, 
which halves your HP. He has an attack called Haymaker, which does 
around 3,800 points of damage. All of these only hit one character. 
Scan says that he uses Slowga, but even with everybody in Haste and at 
less than 1,000 HP, I haven't seen it.

If he falls under 16,000 HP, he will use Mighty Guard - arguably the 
best (although not last) Ronso Rage for Kimahri. However, you can't 
learn it from him for some reason. It puts him in Shell, Protect, Nul-
Tide, Nul-Blaze, Nul-Shock, and Nul-Frost. If you use it, it does this 
to all three characters in your party. You WANT to get this!

Anyway, these attacks do quite a lot, and are quite intimidating. Also, 
you will do rather low damage to him. What to do?

Have Auron start out by using Armor Break. Now, Tidus, Auron, and Wakka 
will do from 1,500 to 2,000 points of damage each hit! It easily 
changes the odds of the round. Then, use Haste on all three characters, 
or if you have it, Hastega. If you want, use Mental Break so that 
Lulu's second level Black Magic does around 1,000, but she's slow, and 
this is less than 2,000, so why bother?

Wakka should use Dark Attack or Dark Buster! These don't work very 
often, but if they do, his Attack and Haymaker both miss almost every 
time! If he's Blind, you're basically safe.

Anyway, just pound away and use Phoenix Downs as necessary, or if you 
want, use Life. It may be difficult to keep up with the Knock Outs, but 
it shouldn't be impossible. If you want to make sure you survive an 
attack, Defend (Triangle), and it will do MUCH less!

"So basically, this is a long, annoying battle that doesn't really 
require strategy?" In a nutshell - yes. For this reason, I suggest a 
much simpler alternative. Use Provoke with Tidus. Now, Defender X will 
ONLY use Blast Punch on Tidus. Even at 1 HP, Tidus can't die! You can 
just pound away without wasting Phoenix Downs. It's not CHEATING to do 
it this way, but you aren't exactly challenging yourself. Anyway, 
neither option is INCREDIBLY hard.

-End Boss 22-

-Boss 23 Next -
* Note *: There is an optional side quest at the bottom of the Scar, or 
the Calm Lands Gorge. The boss there will be in the optional bosses 
section. Therefore, if you are stuck at this boss and read ahead, you 
will see the next boss, so be careful.


<<<<<<<<<<<<Boss 23: * Spoilers * Biran Ronso and Yenke Ronso>>>>>>>>>>

---Biran Ronso---
HP: Randomized at approximately 175% of Kimahri's. 3,592 for me.
Sensor: Covers Yenke when together.
Strength: 22
Magic: 8
Immunities: Poison, Confusion, Provoke, Threaten, Sleep, Silence, 
Darkness, Reflect, Slow, Eject, KO, Zombie, and Petrification.
Scan: Blocks attacks on Yenke with Guard, except when separated after 
performing a Bulldoze. Casts Mighty Guard just once after losing HP. 
Kimahri can learn many techniques.

---Yenke Ronso---
HP: Randomized at approximately 133.33% of Kimahri's. 2,694 for me.
Sensor: Covers Biran when together.
Strength: 11
Magic: 17
Immunities: Poison, Confusion, Berserk, Provoke, Threaten, Sleep, 
Silence, Darkness, Reflect, Slow, Eject, KO, Zombie, and Petrification.
Scan: Blocks attacks on Biran with Guard, except when separated after 
performing a Bulldoze. Casts White Wind just once after losing HP. 
Kimahri can learn many techniques.

*Note: These stats for Biran and Yenke are what I got after having 
Kimahri activate each node in his grid and only his grid without using 
any Key Spheres (no Ultima). They DO vary.

This battle is not difficult at all. Biran and Yenke both start 
together. Biran uses Level 1 Magic, which removes about 2.5% of your 
HP, and Yenke uses Aqua Breath and Fire Breath, which remove about 7.5% 
of your HP. Both can use Bulldozer, which removes about 15% of your HP. 
You can get two turns in a row plenty of the time.

Anyway, Biran and Yenke are in constant Guard status. This means that 
if you attack Biran when he's next to Yenke, it will do about 10% of 
what it usually would. They will block each other, throwing your 
attacks off.

However, Bulldozer moves its user to the opposite position. Biran and 
Yenke can both either be in the "front" or "back" position, for 
simplicity, although they do the same damage at either spot. If they 
are separated (one has used Bulldozer and the other hasn't yet), 
however, the Guard status does nothing. You can now hit for your full 

If your HP runs low, use Lancet to regain about 100 HP, or use a Hi-
Potion for 1,000. You shouldn't be finding this difficult.

Do NOT, however, focus on one and finish him! Why? The true goal of 
this battle is to get Kimahri a LOT of Ronso Rages. Most importantly, 
you want to learn White Wind and Mighty Guard. Biran uses Mighty Guard 
(Protect, Shell, Nul-Blaze, Nul-Tide, Nul-Shock, Nul-Frost on all) and 
Yenke uses White Wind (restores high HP to all, like a more powerful 
Pray). They only use this when they hit critical (yellow) HP!

However, once you kill Yenke, Biran casts Berserk on himself and will 
stay in it for the rest of the battle. If you kill Biran first, Yenke 
will cast Haste on himself, and for some reason, refuse to use White 
Wind. They must use these Ronso Rages first before you can learn them 
via Lancet, or you will gain nothing (or something else)!

For this reason, get BOTH to critical and learn BOTH Mighty Guard and 
White Wind before defeating one of them.

According to CB!'s Monster Encyclopedia (see, Yenke has 
Fire Breath, Stone Breath, Aqua Breath, and White Wind. Biran has 
Thrust Kick, Doom, Mighty Guard, and Self-Destruct. You can Lancet most 
of these before they are used, and thus you, indeed, CAN learn Self-
Destruct. I learned Doom here, and it was never used. However, Mighty 
Guard and White Wind truly MUST be used first. Credit goes to CB! for 
this valuable information!

*TommyVandyke adds that giving Kimahri the Loner Overdrive mode is very 
useful here. Loner Overdrive charges up a LOT every turn you get when 
you battle alone, so it would help a LOT here. Note that you probably 
don't have it already at this point, but you could (and should) try to 
LEARN it for Kimahri here. However, note that if you're going for the 
Ronso Rages, your Overdrive gauge will be constantly filled ANYWAY, so 
it doesn't make TOO much of a difference.

*Eva Unit 00 adds that you can inflict Doom on both of the Ronsos. If 
you gave Kimahri Use, you can Use a Candle of Life, or if you have it, 
you can use Doom, his Ronso Rage (which can be learned in this battle, 

Note that each time you get a Ronso Rage, you get a full Overdrive. You 
can use these if you want, but make sure you don't kill one of them 
before you get his great Rage! This battle is easy enough to win, so 
why not give Kimahri some Overdrives? It's the best opportunity in the 
game! Anyway, good luck - not that you'll need it.

-End Boss 23-

-Boss 24 Next -


<<<<<<<<<<<Boss 24: * Spoilers * Seymour Flux and Mortiorchis>>>>>>>>>>

---Seymour Flux---
HP: 70,000
Sensor: Watch out for their combo attacks.
Lancet: None
Strength: 30
Magic: 15
Immunities: Power Break, Magic Break, Armor Break, Mental Break, 
Confusion, Berserk, Provoke, Threaten, Sleep, Darkness, Slow, Eject, 
Doom, KO, Zombie, and Petrification
Scan: Predict the Mortiorchis's actions by watching Seymour's. His 
Lance of Atrophy causes zombie, and the Mortiorchis follows with Full 
Life. Together they unleash Total Annihilation.

HP: 4,000/3,000/2,000/1,000
Sensor: Watch out for their combo attacks.
Lancet: None
Strength: 40
Magic: 40
Immunities: Poison, Power Break, Magic Break, Armor Break, Mental 
Break, Confusion, Berserk, Provoke, Threaten, Sleep, Silence, Darkness, 
Haste, Slow, Eject, Doom, KO, Zombie, and Petrification
Scan: Beware its combo attacks. If a character is zombified by 
Seymour's Lance of Atrophy, it will cast Full Life, causing instant KO. 
Use Protect to help survive the Cross Cleave.

One thing I'm sure most people HATE about this battle is that no matter 
how pumped and ready they are to destroy Seymour, he generally still 
annihilates them. He is surely one of the hardest bosses in the game, 
and you can't really 100% on strategy this time. You will need power, 
and possibly (gasp) even preparations!

I highly recommend getting both Yuna and Auron Zombie Ward armor, as 
they tend to be very useful in this battle. They're the only ones that 
can get Zombie Ward, anyway. If you dare, go back down Mount Gagazet 
until you find Wantz, and purchase away! Lastly, if you would kindly 
get one or two Aeons into Overdrive, it will most likely win you the 

Once again, this is a two-part battle, so I'll break it down:

Use Hastega, for starters! Seymour Flux and Mortiorchis are both pretty 
quick, and what's worse, they're deadly, so speed your guys up!

GREAT INFO from Split Infinity! If you use Delay Attack/Buster or Slow 
on Mortiorchis, it will counter with Slowga! I can't believe I missed 
that...Oh, right - make sure, for that reason, that you do NOT use 
those on Mortiorchis.

Right after using Hastega, Seymour Flux will use his Lance of Atrophy. 
This inflicts 600 points of damage, and adds Zombie status. This is 
where Zombie Ward kicks in. It gives you about a 50% chance (close 
enough, anyway) that the Zombie doesn't work. Why was this worth going 
down Gagazet and back up? Because immediately afterward, Mortiorchis 
uses Full-Life, instant KO to those with Zombie status!

For those who don't fully know yet, Zombie status basically makes all 
curative magic hurt you. A Phoenix Down kills you, a Potion hurts you, 
Regen is like Poison - you get the picture.

Anyway, should you get Zombie inflicted and still have a turn, use a 
Holy Water (Esuna doesn't work). He'll use Full-Life, anyway, and miss. 
Otherwise, you're dead, and just use a Phoenix Down.

After the first one, you should get a couple of turns. Let Lulu once 
again use Bio, which now does 1,400 points to Seymour BEFORE he gets a 
turn, and have Wakka use Silence Attack (hope it works the first time). 
Silence Attack is a great skill here! Use it often! Even get Wakka in 
Haste while he's there! Seymour will use Lance of Atrophy twice before 
and after he uses Dispel, so you know when to have him in Silence.

Then, make your party Tidus, Auron, and Yuna (if you've been using 
Kimahri, and really want to use him, replace Tidus, but Rikku is fairly 
useless here in a regular game). Have Yuna start to cast Protect on 
everybody. Tidus should hit for about 2,000, while Auron hits for 
4,000. Keep this up - hope that everybody hits Protect status.
If you did as you were told, Seymour won't be able to use Dispel! This 
is good, as Dispel removes all augmentations (Haste and Protect, here). 
Try to be done after about three Lance of Atrophy and Full-Life 
attacks, and have everybody Defend (triangle). Mortibody (check the 
turn chart, it's Boss(1)) will use Cross-Cleave, which deals around 
2,000 points to each character regularly. If performed well, your Yuna 
MAY survive. Hopefully Tidus will. Revive her, use Haste on her, use 
Cure, and keep attacking.

When Seymour's HP reaches around 50,000, he will use Protect. Keep 
attacking away, anyway. Save any Overdrives you have. Lulu's Bio will 
keep doing 1,400, and that extra damage should make things a LITTLE 
less difficult.

Use another Silence Attack, and keep this up - I doubt he gets a second 
Cross-Cleave. Make sure he's in Silence when he hits 35,000 HP, as he 
will use Reflect, and on his next turn, Flare (which Yuna CAN survive 
with Talk, but it's still powerful). GREAT INFO from Split Infinity 
mentions that if you Dispel the Reflect and Seymour hits himself, it 
will say "Failed counterstrike". Not all that important, but a tidbit 
that will make this FAQ more complete.

What you have now is a rush to kill Seymour. When Seymour hits 35,000 
HP, Mortiorchis will enter "Auto-Attack mode". On his next turn, 
Mortiorchis will be "ready to annihilate". Seymour will just "wait" for 
this grand attack once he has used his Flare. Finally, Mortiorchis will 
use Total Annihilation.

Total Annihilation is no joke. If you were having trouble with Cross-
Cleave earlier, know that no Protect or Defending will save you. It's 
VERY rare to see one survive this. It hits everybody for about 800 
points, fires 10 random shots that do 800 apiece, and hits everybody 
for 800 again. Thus, everybody loses 1,600 for sure, and 8,000 random 
shots are fired around for anybody that could survive. Do NOT count on 
surviving this by any means!

What you do here is do everything you can to win. And unless you are 
some greatly leveled character, the Aeons I recommended will almost be 
a necessary part of this strategy. Part of this is due to 
Mortibsorption - when Mortiorchis dies, he absorbs some of Seymour's HP 
and comes back to life, first 4,000, then 3,000, then 2,000, and then 
forever more 1,000.

Notice that Seymour, again, uses Banish, so your Aeons only get one 
turn, and cannot block Total Annihilation. For those that didn't notice 
from Natus, Banish instantly kills an Aeon after his first turn.

Have Yuna call Bahamut with Mega-Flare ready. It should be doing at 
least 9,000 points. With the 4,000 from Mortibsorption, that's around 
13,000. Now call Shiva. She should do 9,999. With the 3,000 from 
Mortibsorption, that, too is about 13,000. Out of his 35,000 HP, you 
just removed 26,000, leaving 9,000. Note that a third Aeon guarantees a 

Have Auron and Tidus attack between turns. Each Auron and Tidus turn 
should do around 3,000 (2,000 from Auron and 1,000 from Tidus), so if 
you get one before Bahamut, after Bahamut, and after Shiva, you should 
be fine (Hastega is essential!). If not, Lulu's Bio should finish up 
any loose ends - even though Seymour only waits there!

Seymour may just be too fast, and even Cross-Cleave may prove out of 
your league. In this case, try to nail Seymour down to 35,000 HP before 
Cross-Cleave, and finish him before Total Annihilation. This will most 
likely require that all Aeons be in Overdrive, but it may be a lot 
easier for you. Just don't get stuck on this guy forever and quit this 
game - he IS possibly the hardest in the game, but you can't give up! 
He CAN be defeated!

Major credit to Split Infinity. As in the Natus battle, you can let Bio 
do the damage to Flux and not see Total Annihilation. However, you 
can't hit him, which means no Silence Attack, which means Dispel before 
Cross-Cleave, which means no solid Protect. If you want to do this, 
have Auron with Zombie Ward always at full HP. Make sure everybody 
always defends before Cross-Cleave and you should immerge victorious!

Use Hastega. Use Holy Wars to stop Zombie status and prevent Full-Life 
KO. Use Bio and Silence Attack. Use Protect on everybody. Attack a lot 
and survive Cross-Cleave (Defend for more HP afterwards). Bring him to 
35,000 HP before a second Cross-Cleave, but try to make sure that he's 
in Silence from Wakka's Silence Attack. Now, attack a LOT, and call at 
least two Aeons with Overdrive before Total Annihilation. If not, try 
Shooting Star for about 8,000 points and use any other Overdrives you 
have. If Total Annihilation does hit you, just hope that the random 
shots don't hit Auron, and if your hopes come true, you MIGHT be one of 
the few lucky people that survive in the end and get three more long 
turns to finish the job.

*Eva Unit 00 adds that a Counterattack weapon is very useful. Indeed it 
is! This can add damage here and there like Poison does, and since this 
battle is almost a race, this is great advice! If you beat Evrae Altana 
without using Open Lock, you should have at least one of these.

Good luck! This is certainly the toughest battle you've faced, and is, 
to many, the hardest in the game just because he's so much stronger 
than you and has such great attacks. Trust me - it's very rewarding to 
finally beat this guy, so DON'T GIVE UP! Again, good luck!

-End Boss 24-

-Boss 25 Next -

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Boss 25: Sanctuary Keeper>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

---Sanctuary Keeper---
HP: 40,000
Sensor: High physical and magic defense.
Strength: 37
Magic: 40
Immunities: Confusion, Provoke, Sleep, Silence, Eject, Doom, KO, 
Zombie, and Petrification.
Scan: Its Photon Wings attack causes confusion, sleep, silence, 
darkness, curse, and other status effects. Tail Sweep negates Haste and 
delays targets' next turn. Uses healing magic and Reflect, among other 

I highly doubt that if you come in here hoping to just attack and cure 
your way through here you'll win. This boss is incredibly strong and 
powerful. Perhaps first I'll tell you what you're up against.

His Pattern!
Credit goes to Tatl8 for pointing this out to me. I don't know how I 
missed this! Anyway, Sanctuary Keeper follows an exact pattern. Because 
of this, you ALWAYS know what he will do on his turn, and can plan 
ahead because of this. He'll start off with Photon Wings, followed by 
Attack, Attack, Mana Breath, White Magic, and White Magic. He will then 
go through the cycle again. At the beginning, his White Magic will 
ALWAYS be Curaga. Then, after he loses 20,000 HP, he will start using 
Reflect on you if he has it on himself. After he's lost 30,000 HP, he 
will use Regen off of Reflect before going back to Curaga. I believe he 
starts using Esuna if he's under status ailments at 20,000 HP.

His Arsenal of Commands
This monster uses an attack called Photon Wings, which, as the 
description above says, inflicts Curse (No Overdrives), Darkness (Miss 
often), Sleep (No turns), Silence (No magic), and Confusion (Can't 
control, attack allies). What it doesn't mention is that this hits 
everyone. It inflicts these all at once - it's almost guaranteed you 
get at least two. Even worse, should he use it on an Aeon, it will 
prevent its precious Overdrives. Lastly, it does about 1,000 points of 
damage to each person.

He has an attack called Tail Sweep. This hits everyone for about 500 
points of damage, removes Haste, and gives him another turn. If he was 
smart enough, he could use Tail Sweep until he won. Nonetheless, two 
turns in a row is never good, especially with a boss.

His regular attack ranges from around 1,500 to 2,000 points to one 
character. But that's not the worst of it. He has another attack called 
Mana Breath, which does 2,000 to 3,500 points to each character! This 
is almost always an instant kill.

Should you manage to survive this arsenal of attacks and hurt him, 
he'll simply undo it. He uses Curaga to regain a full 9,999 HP, and 
he's not afraid to use it. He uses Regen to regain anywhere up to 4,000 
HP each turn. He uses Protect to prevent you from hurting him well. And 
he uses Esuna in case you...inflict status ailments on him?

Countering his Power
Status ailments are, indeed, the way to victory here. As you may have 
noticed above, he has a very limited immunity list. What, exactly, is 
he vulnerable to, then?

Auron can use Power Break, which halves the damage that he inflicts. He 
can also use Armor Break, which actually about TRIPLES the damage he 
takes. Lastly, Auron can use Magic Break, which halves Curaga. He CAN 
use Mental Break, but that will make Curaga do MORE, so you shouldn't 
do that.

Wakka can use Dark Attack or Dark Buster. With Power Break, you can be 
assured that his physical attacks won't be threatening. Lulu can use 
Bio (which she should have by now), which inflicts Poison. It hits him 
for 2,000 points each time he gets a turn.

Most importantly, however, is that Tidus CAN inflict Slow on him. Don't 
worry if you can't, though, you have a very low chance of it. However, 
what may be the very key to your victory is Auron's Threaten ability. 
It greatly delays Sanctuary Keeper's turn, and Auron gets a turn right 
before him, so you can basically use Threaten until the other 
characters finish him off. Use Armor Break first, however.

Countering his Healing
On top of using Magic Break, if you chose to use Shell on Sanctuary 
Keeper, Curaga will do half. With both, he only cures about 2,500 HP, 
which is a GREAT advantage.

For his Regen and Protect, have Yuna use Dispel. Note that she may not 
have this, because you would have had to use her often. She may or may 
not have this.

She SHOULD have, however, Reflect. You can simply cast Reflect on 
Sanctuary Keeper, and his Curaga will heal YOU, his Protect will 
strengthen YOU, and his Regen will help YOU. If you don't have Reflect, 
either prepare for a long battle or get several (3 or 4) Aeons into 
Overdrive beforehand.

Lastly, when truly wounded, he will use Reflect on one of you 
characters in an attempt to bounce it off you to heal himself. Use 
Dispel immediately on that character, or, if you don't have it, switch 
that character out. This shouldn't be a real issue, however, because 
you should be able to finish him by that point. Basically, with Reflect 
on him, this beast can't heal himself.

Hurting and Finishing the Beast
Well, to make this easy on you, cast Hastega at the beginning of the 
battle. Unless you don't use Tidus or run a lot, you SHOULD have this. 
If not, this battle is still far from impossible.

If you attack Sanctuary Keeper, you will do 1,000 to 2,000 points, 
depending on whom you use. If he has Protect, it will be 500 to 1,000. 
If he has Protect AND Armor Break, you will do 1,500 to 3,000. If he 
has only Armor Break, you will do 3,000 to 6,000, depending on whom you 
use! Basically, Auron can kill him when he has Armor Break in 7 hits, 
which, with outside assistance, is hardly anything. Note that on a 
critical hit, you do double that amount, so you can do up to 9,999 
points on him!

Lulu's Magic only does around 500 points of damage, but Bio does 2,000 
each turn! Have her come and cast that once and then leave.

Lastly, Aeons do about 1,000 on a regular hit and 9,999 on an 
Overdrive. Photon Wings gets rid of their Overdrives, though, so try to 
come prepared.

All in all, disable all of his strengths and then finish him off. He 
shouldn't be too bad compared to the monster he could have been.

-End Boss 25-

-Boss 26 Next -

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Boss 26: Spectral Keeper>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

---Spectral Keeper---
HP: 52,000
Sensor: *GET THIS!*
Strength: 36
Magic: 1
Immunities: Poison, Power Break, Magic Break, Armor Break, Confusion, 
Berserk, Threaten, Sleep, Darkness, Slow, Eject, Doom, KO, Zombie, 
Scan: Attacks all frontal targets when hit. It will plant a Glyph Mine 
upon a circle, causing instant KO when detonated. Use the trigger 
command Move to transfer to another circle.

There really isn't too much to say about this battle. Nonetheless, I'll 
give you what there is.

Spectral Keeper has three ways to hurt you. First off all, he has an 
attack called Berserk Tail. It inflicts 1,100 to 1,200 points of damage 
and inflicts Berserk. Berserk means that you always Attack, yet hit 
harder. Seems like a good deal, right?
Wrong. He also has this nasty counterattack that is nameless. You will 
notice he has six Circles around him. He faces one. When you hit him, 
he hits the character on the Circle he's facing, the character to its 
left, and the character to its right. Basically, a hard counter will 
hit three spots whenever you touch him. This does around 2,300 points 
to everyone hit!

Lastly, each Circle, or little platform, can use Glyph Mine. It means 
that when the Circle's turn comes up, it will explode, instantly 
killing whoever is on it. Two are used at a time, so to find out which 
is first, use Move to find out one's number. The numbers increase as 
you go clockwise, so you can check the turn chart. Note that the 
trigger command Move is the only way to target them.

What does Move do? It moves you to a different Circle. Why is this 
important? Well, if all three characters are behind him, Spectral 
Keeper's counter will ALWAYS miss each of the three circles he tries to 
hit. You can avoid damage by staying behind him!

However, should you do that, you will be constantly moving, as Spectral 
Keeper changes the direction he faces. This is not good. I thus suggest 
that you separate it so that each character is one away from each 
other. This means that while one character will ALWAYS be hit, two will 
ALWAYS not be, and you won't have to keep wasting turns with Move.

Thus, with two people ALWAYS alive, you don't need to move...right? 
Wrong. You MUST move for Glyph Mine if you're on a blinking platform. 
Stay off the blinking ones! Other than that, don't use Move.

"How often does Spectral Keeper switch direction?" Every time he gets a 
turn, he faces a target and uses Berserk Tail. Whoever he is facing is 
now standing on the middle Circle of his counter. For this reason, if 
you have three behind him, the character with Berserk might immediately 
Attack, bringing a counter on everybody.

"What if I...get RID of Berserk?" Well, then you just made your battle 
three times easier. Berserk Ward and Berserkproof are ideal, but since 
those are all but impossible to come by, I suggest using a Remedy - or 
better yet, Yuna's Esuna - to remove Berserk after it's inflicted. Note 
that sometimes Berserk doesn't even work on regular characters anyway.

"Aha! I'll call an Aeon!" Be my guest. However, Glyph Mine is always 
used. There is a hidden seventh Circle for Aeons, and they blow up 
quickly. Use an Overdrive immediately if you can. Actually, Split 
Infinity says that Spectral Keeper only activates Glyph Mines after 
being hit three times, so if you hit it twice and Dismiss you will be 
safe. Just be sure to Dismiss when the Glyph glows and you can 
repeatedly call Aeons.

"I want him to face RIGHT HERE next time." Well, you CAN make sure that 
he hits Tidus. If Tidus uses Provoke, he will ONLY use Berserk Tail on 
Tidus. This could be used if Yuna is casting Esuna and you don't want 
her to die. However, he still counterattacks, and it's pretty useless 
and unnecessary.

"He's got a lot of HP." True, but Tidus and Wakka do 1,500 to 2,000 
points apiece, and Auron does 2,500 to 3,000. Thus, an ideal round DOES 
DO about 7,000 to him, and since they do more while in Berserk, chances 
are you don't spend TOO much time on this battle.

If there are two Glyph Mines next to each other, then you can't have 
everybody one apart and have them live. Move away, WAIT for them to 
explode, and Move back.

The main key is just avoiding his counter (everybody one apart so two 
ALWAYS safe) and avoiding the Glyph Mines with Move. Other than that, 
this guy is about ready to become pyreflies.

Special note! The Circles CAN be hit! If you're using Lulu's Fury 
Overdrive, they serve as random targets so that the Spectral Keeper is 
hit less. They are Immune to all damage, but let the record show that 
you CAN hit them! You can't, however, hit them with Attack Reels.

-End Boss 26-

-Boss 27 Next -


<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Boss 27: * Spoilers * Yunalesca>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

HP: 24,000 (Round 1), 48,000 (Round 2), 60,000 (Round 3).
Sensor: Reaper of souls. Vulnerable to holy magic.
Strength: 20
Magic: 30
Immunities: Poison, Power Break, Magic Break, Armor Break, Mental 
Break, Confusion, Berserk, Provoke, Sleep, Silence, Darkness, Slow, 
Power Distil., Mana Distil., Speed Distil., Ability Distil., Eject, 
Doom, KO, Zombie, and Petrification.
Scan: Casts Curaga and Regen on zombified characters. Cure zombie with 
Holy Water. Her counterattacks dispel support magic. She also curses 
aeons with her Mind Blast.

Yunalesca...I didn't see this one coming. Unfortunately, she proves 
INCREDIBLY difficult even to people who know what they're doing, and 
IMPOSSIBLE to those who don't. She has three forms, so I take it best 
to go one-by-one.

Round 1
Yunalesca is VICIOUS this round! She counters everything! If you use 
Attack or Skill, she will counter with Blind magic. You now miss often. 
If you use Magic, she uses Silence. You now can't cast magic. If you 
use Special or an Overdrive, she counters with Sleep. You now don't get 
turns. It's quite difficult to keep up. Also, it's very annoying to 
keep fixing these status ailments. Worst of all, these counters also 
have a Dispel-strike like quality. Every time she counters against you 
(which is almost every time you do something to her), she removes any 
status augmentations that you have. Haste, Protect - whatever - she 
takes it off.

Not only that, but she actually gets turns, too. On her turns, she 
actually INFLICTS DAMAGE! I know, I know, it's hard to handle. She 
generally uses Absorb, which takes about 2,000 HP from you and gives 
2,000 HP to her. She CAN and will Absorb more HP than you currently 
have (if you have 500, she can kill you and take 2,000). Also, she 
sometimes uses a regular attack, which does 200 to 500 points of 

What to do! Luckily, her counters are spells. Thus, use Reflect (after 
Hastega)! She is immune to Sleep, Silence, and Darkness, but at least 
they miss you and you keep your Haste! Oddly enough, while Dispel 
removes Reflect, her counters don't, so they aren't EXACTLY like 
Dispel. You can be free of her counters. If you, for some reason, don't 
have or like Reflect (?), you can use Esuna on your characters. You can 
just hack away at her, now. Hard...right?

Round 2
No, I don't lie when I say a boss is difficult! She has a second form! 
She opens with an attack called Hellbiter. Hellbiter is your best 
friend and worst nightmare. It only does 200 to 250 points of damage to 
everybody, but then they all gain zombie status! It works through 

Basically, unless you have Zombie Ward or Zombieproof armor (which I 
suggest you DO NOT equip), you've got three zombies. This is bad. 
Yunlesca only has two other attacks, now - Cura and Regen. Cura does 
around 1,500 damage to zombies (although heals regular characters), and 
Regen periodically kills zombies, like Poison.

Keep your zombie status! Just trust me! I'll tell you why soon enough. 
Also, keep your Reflect! Reflect bounces off Regen and Cura, and while 
they help Yunalesca, now the only way she can hurt you is with her 
occasional Hellbiter!

Switch in your 4th best character before killing her and let him be hit 
by Hellbiter. Then, switch him back out. JUST DO IT!

Make sure everybody is at high HP and in zombie status when you kill 

Round 3
This is why I said the battle is hard. She opens with Mega Death. This 
is a Death attack that hits ALL characters. They all die. You lose. 
Game Over.

...Or do you? Instant death doesn't work on the undead...thus, any 
zombies in your party survive! She WILL use Mega Death periodically 
now, so keep everyone as zombies!

Why is this bad news? You are now forced into being a zombie, yet she 
still uses powerful attacks! Her Curaga does 4,500 to a zombie, almost 
surely killing him! Also, she still periodically uses Regen. If you 
can't Reflect it, use Dispel. If you can manage to keep Reflect up, 
though, this isn't a problem.

Her Mind Blast attack is, however. This inflicts about 600 points to 
each character and adds random status effects. Confusion, sleep, and 
curse are the only ones I've seen - each of which proving highly deadly 
in the heat of battle. Curse only prevents Overdrives, but confusion 
and sleep are bad! Either try to hit the character with Yuna, Rikku, or 
Lulu (as they do low damage), or wait for Hellbiter or another Mind 
Blast. It's not fun.

So basically, Mind Blast is your problem. You can't heal your zombies 
as you'd hurt them, and they slowly die off. This is why you should 
keep your HPs apart. If one character dies, QUICKLY revive him and 
bring him to full health before the next Hellbiter. If you can do this 
every time somebody dies (hopefully getting Reflect up, too), then your 
only threat should be Mega Death.

Of course, that's not quite so easy. You might wind up with just one 
zombie left on several occasions (if using Tidus, Yuna, and Auron as I 
did, Tidus and Yuna might die around the same time). For this reason, 
your remaining zombie has three options. He can frantically use Phoenix 
Downs and try to help everybody (bad idea). He can use a Mega Phoenix, 
killing himself but reviving the other two. This is risky, as the other 
two are now non-zombies, and a Mega Death could give you Game Over. 
Lastly, you could switch in you back-up zombie from last round to help 
bring people back, as his HP is higher.

Whatever you do, DO NOT find yourself with only non-zombies! You can't 
depend on Hellbiter to prevent Mega Death - she could very easily use 
it first! It may take a couple tries, but you should get through it. 
Good luck!

*Eva Unit 00 adds that if you have Deathproof armor for anybody, USE 
IT! This is completely true! You can then avoid zombie for that 
character (Holy Water to cure it) as Mega Death won't kill you, and 
Cura, Regen, and Curaga will heal him! So if you have Deathproof, use 
that and stay away from Zombie.

Other Tips
On her second and third forms, Yunalesca neglects to use Absorb. This 
is because she'd GIVE the zombies HP (it's backwards, remember?). 
However, if you call an Aeon, as it can't receive Zombie status, she 
will use Absorb. Every time you call an Aeon, she will use Mind Blast 
(to inflict Curse and prevent Overdrives) and then use Absorb. She also 
will ALWAYS counter Aeons with her regular attack (although it's very 
weak). Aeons tend to give her more HP via Absorb than they inflict, so 
I recommend only using them to finish her third form off with an 

Frusterated? Save before going into the outer space room. Then, you 
only have to watch a part of the cinema.

This is quite possibly the most difficult boss in the game. Many people 
get through here their first time, but many who know what they're doing 
still get caught off-guard by Mind Blast and Mega Death. Just take your 
time to think, and don't give up!

-End Boss 27-

-Boss 28 Next -
* Note *: After defeating Yunalesca, there is now a world of optional 
side quests. Again, any bosses in these side quests will be discussed 
in the optional boss section. The next boss will be as the one you will 
face should you continue to play the story.

<<Boss 28: Left Fin, and then Right Fin, and then Sinspawn Genais and>> 

---Left Fin---
HP: 65,000	
Strength: 30
Magic: 30
Immunities: Poison, Power Break, Magic Break, Confusion, Berserk, 
Provoke, Threaten, Sleep, Silence, Darkness, Haste, Slow, Eject, Doom, 
KO, Zombie, and Petrification.
Scan: Unleashes Gravija once the core is energized, reducing all 
characters' HP to 3/4. To avoid this, get Cid to back off. Dispels with 
Negation and sometimes attacks all with a physical attack.

---Right Fin---
HP: 65,000	
Strength: 30
Magic: 30
Immunities: Poison, Power Break, Magic Break, Confusion, Berserk, 
Provoke, Threaten, Sleep, Silence, Darkness, Haste, Slow, Eject, Doom, 
KO, Zombie, and Petrification.
Scan: Unleashes Gravija once the core is energized, reducing all 
characters' HP to 3/4. To avoid this, get Cid to back off. Dispels with 
Negation and sometimes attacks all with a physical attack.

HP: 36,000
Sensor: Gathers energy when Genais enters its shell.
Strength: 1
Magic: 30
Immunities: Poison, Power Break, Magic Break, Confusion, Berserk, 
Provoke, Threaten, Sleep, Silence, Darkness, Reflect, Haste, Slow, 
Eject, Doom, KO, Zombie, and Petrification.
Scan: When Genais enters its shell, the core begins to energize, 
unleashing Gravija, which reduces the HP of all targets to 3/4. Also 
dispels positive status effects with Negation.

---Sinspawn Genais---
HP: 20,000
Sensor: Absorbs magical attacks against Sin.
Strength: 30
Magic: 35
Immunities: Poison, Armor Break, Mental Break, Confusion, Berserk, 
Provoke, Threaten, Sleep, Darkness, Reflect, Eject, KO, and 
Scan: After losing half its HP, it enters its shell on its next turn. 
If hit there, it recovers with Cura and exits the shell on its next 
turn. Protected from Gravija when inside the shell.

*Note: These are technically three battles, but as you don't heal 
between, I'm going to list it as one for strategy's sake.

*Note: Genais will not necessarily exit its shell after being hit on 
its next turn.

Well, this is a great battle! It's very difficult, though, and there 
are a lot of things to keep in mind. Luckily, that's what I'm for, so 
I'll try my best to guide you through this three-part battle.

Left Fin, and then Right Fin
The first two parts of this battle are ALMOST exactly identical. The 
only difference is that you steal and win different items. Other than 
that, Left Fin and Right Fin are the exact same, so you're going to 
have to be ready to do the same thing twice. Note, however, that you 
don't regain HP after defeating Left Fin, so you go into battle with 
Right Fin having lowered HP!

Well, you start off far away from Left Fin. Do you remember the Evrae 
battle? Well, it's the exact same thing with maneuvering the airship, 
except this time Cid has no Guided Missiles.

By the way, you can Steal some pretty nice items, so if you have the 
time, don't forget to!

Left Fin uses different attacks, depending on how near or far you are 
from him. Let's start with the near.

When you use Move In, on Cid's turn, you will be NEAR Left Fin. What 
will probably concern you most is when it tells you that the core 
(meaning Left Fin) is gathering energy. But you shouldn't worry. This 
just means that the fin is going to use Gravija on its next turn. 
Gravija reduces everyone's HP to 1/4 (that is, if you have 4,000 HP it 
becomes 1,000), which can be pretty devastating. However, notice that 
this CAN'T kill you, so after the core gathers energy, you basically 
have a safe next turn.

However, his more common attack is FAR more deadly. It hits each 
character for about 1,200 HP, and also delays them all (that, or speeds 
up his next turn like Quick Hit - either one). This means that he can 
use it up to three times in a row, so make sure everybody's in Hastega! 
If you don't heal after a Gravija, this will be Game Over for you.

Once again Split Infinity picked up on something I missed. He says that 
each fourth turn, the core gathers energy, and during the other three 
it is either an attack or Sin remaining motionless. GREAT INFO, 
especially for those playing a NSG Challenge.

You are much safer when far away. Every once in a while, he will 
physically attack everybody for about 800 points of damage. This is, on 
average, every five turns. When he doesn't do that, "Sin remains 
motionless". He just skips a turn! You can pummel him with great safety 
like this.

"Sin remains motionless" when near, too, but it's very rare - maybe 
once every ten times. Also, he uses NEGATION when near and far, but 
we'll get into that later. Lastly, like Evrae's Poison Breath, he WILL 
use Gravija if you are far away. It just won't hit you.

Well, you basically are in great danger when near. However, far gets 
boring. A Wakka hit does 500 to 1,000 points, whereas Lulu's Magic does 
around 750. It will take forever to remove 65,000 HP this way. Thus, I 
suggest two BETTER methods.

You can go near for the battle. When you get there, have Auron use 
Armor Break. Auron will go from doing 2,500 to 6,500 (!). Tidus will do 
around 3,500 and Wakka will do a little over 3,000. Have Tidus use 
Hastega, and then pummel away. Five to six rounds (a round meaning a 
turn for each of your characters) of this and Left Fin should be 

However, Left Fin's delaying physical attack could make short work of 
you. He could get two in a row, finish Tidus and Wakka, and Auron might 
be so slow that he gets hit again and dies. It's thus not a surefire 
method, and definitely should NOT be used against Right Fin.

Worse yet, Negation will be used several times. Perhaps we should 
discuss it. Negation is a counterattack used randomly. You could get it 
every turn or never see it (although you probably will see it). If Left 
Fin or Right Fin uses Negation, it will remove all bad status effects 
from him (Armor Break and Mental Break should be the only ones) and 
remove all good ones from you! That means everybody loses Haste! 
HOWEVER, if you Pull Back and THEN he uses Negation, you will keep your 
Haste. Thus, Gravija and Negation can both be avoided.

How can you use this to your advantage? With the second, better 
strategy. Use Move In, Armor Break, Mental Break, and Pull Back as 
quickly as you can without him losing either. Then, you'll be far away 
from Left Fin. He still CAN use Negation, but generally only if only 
Wakka attacks him.

For that reason, bring Lulu in. Wakka can hit him for about 3,200, and 
Lulu can hit him for about 1,200 with Level 2 Black Magic spells. If 
you use Haste on both and alternate a lot, you probably will NOT see 
Negation for the remainder of the battle. Also, you will rarely be hit, 
and when you are, an Al Bhed Potion from Rikku (or even a couple Cura 
spells if you're out) should fix things up.

What? You don't want to do it that way? I don't see why not, but you 
can also call Bahamut (only Aeon worth calling, in my opinion). His 3rd 
level Black Magic spells do around 2,500 points - 3,500 if he's in 
Mental Break. You can also use his Impulse to hit him for about 1,000 
points if you somehow run out of MP. If you bring the airship in, he 
can also Attack for about 1,000. Lastly, Mega Flare does around 2,000 

Move In, use Hastega, use Armor Break, use Mental Break, and use Pull 
Back. Then, have Wakka use Attack and Lulu use Black Magic with both in 
Haste. Restore HP with Al Bhed Potions, Pray, or White Magic. Repeat 
this process for the Right Fin.

I recommend definitely using the safer strategy for the Right Fin, 
because you wouldn't want to lose after winning, but you can suit 
yourself. Just don't say I didn't warn you and yell at me if you lose.

Sin and Sinspawn Genais
This battle isn't too impossible, but as you keep your low HP, you need 
to be careful. Make sure to start with a Hastega, and Haste anybody you 
switch in!

Well, Sin over there is far away, and only can be hit by Wakka's 
Blitzball and Lulu's Black Magic. Actually, Sinspawn Genais absorbs all 
Black Magic against Sin UNLESS HE'S IN HIS SHELL, so it's basically 
only Wakka while Genais is out. Sin, however, is going to be doing 
NOTHING AT ALL unless you decide to hit him, in which case he might 
counter with Level 1 Magic to everyone (which does about 600) or use 
Negation - so don't. Sinspawn Genais, on the other hand, is going to be 
hitting you. He only has 20,000 HP, so he's not impossible. Let's see 
what he can do to you.

First of all, he has an attack he likes to use called Thrashing. This 
is IDENTICAL to Sinspawn Geneaux's Staccato, except more powerful. In 
fact, Sinspawn Genais is identical to Sinspawn Geneaux other than 
color! Anyway, Thrashing does a good 1,500 points of damage to everyone 
(halved by Defend).

Secondly, he uses Venom - yes, the same Venom used an eternity and a 
half ago by Sinspawn Gui's Head. It's more powerful now, though. It 
inflicts about 1,200 points of damage, and again, adds Poison status. 
Esuna or Antidotes work nicely.

Some nice, nice information. Genais uses a set pattern of Venom, Venom, 
Thrashing while outside his shell. Can't believe I wouldn't notice 
something like goes to Split Infinity.

RARELY, I have seen Genais use Waterga. This does about 1,000 to one 
character. Don't count on seeing it, though. Split Infinity says that 
it's used as a counter to magic, so there's your answer.

Anyway, Genais absorbs Water and is weak to Fire, but Lulu is slow, so 
don't bother with her. Tidus, Wakka, and Auron should all do from 1,500 
to 3,000 points per hit, so he'll die soon enough...or will he?

If it's his turn and he has less than 10,000 HP, Genais will enter its 
shell. Note that he won't immediately, so if he has 9,000 HP, you can 
still hit him and hope to kill him before he gets in the shell. Anyway, 
while he's in the shell, the battle becomes trickier.

Genais now counters everything with Cura, which restores about 1,200 
HP. He also randomly uses the attack, Sigh, which hits everybody for 
about 1,300 points and adds Darkness (!). Worst of all, Sin now 
attacks. Sin will charge up for Gravija (which misses Genais while it's 
in its shell) and then use it. You can now use Lulu's Black Magic 
against him, but why bother? You need to neutralize Genais, first!

Attack Genais, hopefully doing more than 1,500 each time. If Tidus has 
his Brotherhood on, take it off, as it will heal him (it has 
Waterstrike). Even bring Lulu in, Haste her, and have her use Fira. 
Don't be fooled by Scan, though! Genais won't necessarily come out on 
his next turn if you hit him - he still might use Sigh. However, if 
you're lucky, he WILL come out while Sin is charged up and get hit by 
the Gravija! It's very rewarding to see that.

Anyway, when Genais eventually comes out, he will definitely die. Just 
attack him a couple times (switching Lulu back out from the battle), 
and he should fall. Similar to those battles at Highbridge and 
Zanarkand, your party will now run up and be able to hit Sin.

You've basically won, now. Your guys will do 500 points per hit, so use 
Armor Break. Now they do 3,500, and Auron does 6,000! It should be 
fairly obvious how to win. Just keep him in Armor Break and repeatedly 
attack him until he dies!

Sin will now just repeatedly charge up and use Gravija - which can't 
kill you. Note that he now counters 100% of the time with Level 1 Magic 
to everybody, which can kill you (about 600 to each), so you might want 
to switch Wakka out for Rikku to use some Al Bhed Potions for the rest 
of the battle.

Worst of all (which isn't that bad), he will use Negation as a counter 
every now and then. This removes your Haste and his Armor Break. What 
to do? Cast Hastega and use Armor Break again! Sin should fall quickly.

What if you're having trouble with Genais? Call an Aeon - preferably 
Bahamut. Notice that Impulse can hit Sin even when Genais is out of his 
shell. Still, you should just try to finish Genais off so that the 
battle becomes easier.
Attack Genais until he enters his shell. Attack Genais still, and have 
Lulu use Fira, or call an Aeon. If he's still alive and leaves his 
shell, attack Genais until he dies. Then, repeatedly use Hastega and 
Armor Break on Sin after each Negation and attack away until you win, 
Using Al Bhed Potions along the way.

Congratulations! You've defeated, yet again, one of the hardest bosses 
(actually, four of them) in the game! Make sure that you save 

-End Boss 28-

-Boss 29 Next -


<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Boss 29: * Spoilers! * Sin>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

HP: 140,000
Sensor: Finish him before he opens his mouth all the way.
Strength: 30
Magic: 30
Immunities: Poison, Power Break, Magic Break, Confusion, Berserk, 
Provoke, Threaten, Sleep, Silence, Darkness, Haste, Slow, Eject, Doom, 
KO, Zombie, and Petrification.
Scan: Pulls the airship in while gathering all his strength to cast the 
ultimate terror, Giga-Graviton. Stop him before he wipes everyone out!

There's almost NOTHING to say about this battle, yet many people find 
this battle incredibly difficult. That's because you have a certain 
amount of time before a Game Over!

Sin does four things on his own. First, he brings you towards him. You 
are "Drawn to Sin." three times. Then, he sits there, which increases 
his Overdrive gauge. He does this seven times. Next, he sits there once 
his Overdrive gauge is full and does apparently nothing. Lastly, he 
uses Giga-Graviton, which even if you call an Aeon to block it destroys 
the airship and causes instant Game Over (!!!).

Basically, Sin's twelfth turn is Game Over, so you have to kill him 
before then. However, it's not quite so easy. With your help, he can 
counter. His counter inflicts about 800 points of damage to everyone, 
and adds either Confusion or Zombie. It seems that he'll use a 
Confusion counter one time, and then a Zombie one, and alternate. He 
counters rarely and randomly, so there's no surefire way to second-
guess him. Confusion Ward or Confusionproof are basically the most 
useful here, as Zombie doesn't really cause a problem (barely any need 
to cure).

Sadly enough, there's not much to say about hurting him, either. He's 
immune to anything useful, so regular attacks are what it takes. You 
start out of range, so cast Hastega on Wakka and Lulu and let them go. 
Lulu should be using second level magic (or third, if she somehow has 
it) and Wakka should attack. Both should do around 800 points of damage 
each time.

After being pulled in twice, you are still out of range, yet Rikku can 
Use items on Sin! This is yet another example where Use can be used on 
an out of range enemy! More significantly, however, is the fact that 
Wakka's Overdrive can also hit from this point.

Once you get close enough, Tidus and Auron can now hit, so switch Auron 
in for Lulu. Haste Auron. Tidus can inflict 800 and Auron 5,000, but 
that's still not enough. Thus, have Auron use ARMOR BREAK! This one 
move will save the day!

After Armor Break, Tidus and Wakka should be doing 3,500 while Auron 
does 7,000. Since you only have 9 Sin turns by now before Giga-Graviton 
is used (and that's RIGHT before it's used), you must work fast. If 
everyone hits him once between his turns, you should inflict about 
112,000 in the last 8 rounds. Whatever you got in the first round near 
him depends on when Auron went.

See, he doesn't have that much. You should have done about 4,800 with 
Wakka and Lulu if they got one turn each time Sin did, and say you used 
Armor Break last (worst scenario), your total would be 123,400. Add in 
that you're faster than Sin and should get some critical hits, and you 
should be safe. Finish him with an Aeon Overdrive if you must.

The following make this battle ridiculously more easier: Quick Hit, the 
hidden Aeon from Baaj Temple, the hidden Aeon's Overdrive, and 
Confuseproof armor. Confuse might never inflict somebody in battle, so 
it might not be an issue. The hidden Aeon is arguably the best Aeon. To 
get it, go to each of the Cloister of Trials and get the Destruction 
Treasures, use Airship Search (check the southwestern area), beat the 
extra boss, and get the Aeon. To get Quick Hit, finish Tidus's sphere 
grid. If you ABSOLUTELY can't beat this guy, Quick Hit will make things 
much easier, but it's far from necessary. You will probably only get it 
right around the last boss.

It's really not as hard as it looks. Basically, Hastega and Armor Break 
win the battle. Nonetheless, good luck!

-End Boss 29-

-Boss 30 Next -


<<<<<Boss 30: * Spoilers! * Seymour Omnis, Mortiphasm, Mortiphasm,>>>>> 
<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Mortiphasm, Mortiphasm>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

---Seymour Omnis---
HP: 80,000
Sensor: Energized by the Mortiphasms.
Strength: 20
Magic: 35
Immunities: Poison, Power Break, Magic Break, Confusion, Berserk, 
Provoke, Threaten, Sleep, Silence, Darkness, Slow, Power Distil., Mana 
Distil., Speed Distil., Ability Distil., Eject, Doom, KO, Zombie, and 
Scan: Casts spells once energized by the four Mortiphasms behind him. 
Their positions somehow affect his actions. Physical attacks turn the 
Mortiphasms to the left, while magic turns them to the right.

Sensor: Immune to sensors.

*Note: By left, they mean counterclockwise, and by right, they mean 

Right, since I try to say everything about each boss, there's going to 
be a LOT of information here. It's FAR simpler than I'm going to make 
it look. I suggest you scroll down to the bottom paragraph.

Well, Seymour Omnis is ALWAYS affected by the Mortiphasms in one way or 
another, so first let's go over them first.

The Mortiphasms are wheels with four colors. They symbolize Fire (Red), 
Blizzard (White), Water (Blue), and Thunder (Yellow). The ones that are 
pointing to Seymour are the only ones that actually count. They give 
Seymour Omnis certain traits. Take note that all Mortiphasms are out of 
range, so only Wakka and Aeons can physically attack them. Also note 
that they are IMMUNE to EVERYTHING - every status ailment AND damage 
itself (!) - so you can't kill them.

Well, Seymour starts the battle with all Mortiphasms as Fire, so let's 
use Fire as our main element here. Going clockwise from Fire, every 
Mortiphasm goes to Thunder, Water, and then Blizzard. The Mortiphasms 
can be rotated clockwise by physical attacks (Wakka, Aeon's special 
abilities) and magical attacks (Black or White!). Thus, you can make 
any combination of elements powering Omnis up. Since there are four 
Mortiphasms, he always casts four spells, but they can be altered.

What do they actually power up? They determine his elemental strengths, 
elemental weaknesses, and the attacks he uses. Let's use Fire as an 
example. Now, if you have only 1 Fire pointing toward Omnis, he halves 
(1/2) all Fire damage, and casts one Fira spell. If you have 2 Fires 
pointing to Omnis, he nullifies (0) Fire damage and casts 2 Fira 
spells. If you have 3 Fires pointing to him, he absorbs (+) Fire and 
casts 3 Firaga spells. If 4 point to him, he still absorbs (+) Fire, 
but now casts 4 Firaga spells, and gains a weakness (x1.5) to his 
opposing element, Ice. Take note, now, that you can replace Fire 
element, Fira, Firaga, and Ice, for any element and its respective 
Level 2 spells, Level 3 spells, and weakness.

So, for example, if you have 2 Thunders, 1 Water, and 1 Ice, he 
nullifies Thunder damage, and both water and ice do half damage.

However, what order will he cast his spells in? Well, he always starts 
with the element he has the most of. So, if he has three or four Fires, 
he will ALWAYS use them first. However, what if you have two Fires and 
two Ices, or one of each? If there is a "tie", or the same amount of 
elements, then it goes to this order: Fire, Blizzard, Water, and 
Thunder. So, if you have two Thunders, a Water, and a Blizzard, his 
spell order will be Thundara, Thundara, Blizzara, Watera. Two Thunders 
and two Blizzards would be Blizzara, Blizzara, Thundara, Thundara. It's 
not that complicated.

What order will he target people? I've found that unless he's entirely 
one element and all three characters are alive, it's a little random. 
In that scenario, however, he'll hit everybody once and then hit a 
random person the third time.

One unique thing is that they messed up on two Waters! Two Waters 
actually makes him nullify FIRE, not WATER, for some reason! If you 
have 2 Waters, 1 Fire, and Thunder, it will tell you that you both 
nullify AND halve Fire damage! It still does 0 damage, but it IS a 
little odd and noteworthy...

Seymour Omnis starts as entirely Fire-elemental, in that all four 
Mortiphasms pointing to him are Fire. This means that he will cast four 
Firaga spells, absorb all Fire damage, and will be weak against Ice 
damage. This knowledge can be abused.

Each third-level element spell he throws at you does around 2,500 to 
3,000 points per hit, and he starts out using four of these. However, 
they're all Fire. Have Yuna use Nul-Blaze, and three of the spells will 
be eliminated. Thus, only one Firaga will hit you.

Want to make it even easier? Have Wakka or Lulu hit ONE of the 
Mortiphasms. Now, there is ONE of the new element. He will now use 
three Firagas, which Nul-Blaze gets rid of, and then a second-level 
element. His second-level element spells do 900 to 1,200 points, which 
is MUCH less than he was doing before. This isn't necessary, though.

What else can you do? Cast Reflect on everybody. However, he'll either 
be absorbing or nullifying the damage unless you keep variety to the 
elements, so I suggest you just ignore this and use the Nul spells.

"But there is no salvation for the damned! Rest in eternal 
darkness." Seymour will call this out after being the target of five 
attacks, according to Split Infinity. He will then say this and use 
Dispel on everybody, removing his or her Nul status. Don't worry, 
though, he won't be using an elemental spell anyway. He only says that 
line the first time, by the way.

"Let darkness take you!" Seymour calls this every single time after 
using Dispel. This basically is his way of saying that he's using 
Ultima. Ultima is ALWAYS used IMMEDIATELY after Dispel, and does about 
4,000 points damage to everybody. Split Infinity says that not even 
Shell will reduce this, which is VERY odd. You won't be surviving this, 
most likely. Call an Aeon instead. Note that Seymour no longer uses 
Banish, so they can block the Ultima with Shield!

"You would oppose me, as well? So be it!" If you call the hidden Aeon 
from Baaj Temple, Seymour Omnis will say this. It doesn't do anything, 
but if you get the Aeon, you will notice why this is noteworthy.

After using Ultima, Seymour moves all his Mortiphasms and becomes 
entirely one element again. He starts as Fire-elemental, and then 
becomes, Blizzard, Water, and Thunder, in that order. He then repeats 
this. You will have to change the Mortiphasms again if you're using 
them in your strategy.

This is actually a very simple battle. I recommend that you leave the 
Mortiphasms alone and cast the appropriate Nul spell. If you got any 
armor with an "Eater" ability (one can be found in the Sin: Sea of 
Sorrow area), equip it so that he heals its owner when he uses their 
element. Start with Hastega. Then, have Auron use Armor Break, 
DRASTICALLY increasing the damage you do to him. Now, Tidus does 4,000 
points and Auron does 6,500. Use them and Yuna with her Nul spells. 
Remember, you always lose your Nul status after one spell, so after 
every turn Seymour gets, you MUST re-cast the Nul spell! After he uses 
Dispel, call an Aeon and let it use Shield or Attack. Then, repeat the 
strategy. He should die VERY quickly and easily.

Just imagine how much harder he would have been if he nullified 
physical damage and automatically Silenced and cast Reflect on should have had to depend on those Mortiphasms!

-End Boss 30-

-Boss 31 Next -
* Note *: The next couple of battles are the final ones in the game, so 
by all means, do NOT look below if you are not there yet!


<<<<Boss 31: * Spoilers! * Braska's Final Aeon, Yu Pagoda, Yu Pagoda>>>

---Braska's Final Aeon---
HP: 60,000 (Round 1), 120,000 (Round 2)
Sensor: Use the trigger command to talk.
Strength: 45 (Round 1), 50 (Round 2)
Magic: 50
Immunities: Threaten, Sleep, Darkness, Regen, Slow, Power Distil., Mana 
Distil., Speed Distil., Ability Distil., Eject, Doom, KO, and 
Scan: Draws power from the Yu Pagodas and unleashes Overdrive attacks 
once his gauge is charged. Stop him from using Overdrives. Have Tidus 
talk to lower the gauge.

---Yu Pagoda---
HP: 5,000 (Initial), Varies*
Sensor: Inflict damage to halt its actions.
Strength: Immune to Scan.
Magic: Immune to Scan.
Immunities: Immune to Scan.
Scan: Immune to Scan.

*Gains as much HP as killed by. Discussed below.

First, I'll tell you about the Yu Pagodas if they're giving you trouble 
(recommended you skim over), and then I'll get into the actual 

The Yu Pagodas are a team! There's no ME in team...well there's no I in 
win...okay, you get the picture. Together, they are trouble. Alone, 
they are still trouble. They really can be a hassle, especially 
considering that they're out of range and always come back to life...

When both are alive, they use Power Wave on Braska's Final Aeon. Each 
one uses this, and since they generally go right after each other, you 
can double what I say. Each Power Wave gives Braska's Final Aeon 1,500 
HP, gives him about 19% of his Overdrive (5 are not quite enough but 
close), and removes any negative status affects that he has. If they 
use it twice, he gets 38% of his Overdrive full, and gains 3,000 HP. 
Not fun.

Worst yet, they are almost more bothersome when alone! If you kill the 
left one, the right Pagoda will use Curse on its turn. This inflicts 
Curse, Poison, Sleep, Silence, and Darkness status on one person. If 
you use Osmose on it, he will use Osmose, depleting one character's MP 
completely. If you kill the right one, the left one will always use 

What can you do? Delay works, but only Wakka can reach them, and he 
probably doesn't have it. However, SLOW works! Cast Slowga! It's VERY 
useful. Also, although they always come back to life, if you kill one, 
you will separate their turns. When it comes back, it may attack much 
later than the other one, and you can thus repeatedly inflict statuses 
to Braska's Final Aeon (Zombie in particular). I highly recommend that 
you kill one (either, read above to choose) so that their turns are 
apart and then cast Slowga so that they're less common. This is the 
best you can do to neutralize them.

MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH by Split Infinity! I am actually in awe that I 
passed this up. After you knock out a Yu Pagoda, the new HP value is 
the total amount of damage you inflicted to them, not how much on the 
fatal move. For example, if you hit one for 3,000, then for 6,000, the 
new HP value will be 9,000, not 6,000. Because of this, you could give 
these guys more HP than even Penance, if you wanted to.

Take this example. The Yu Pagoda has 5,000 HP. You hit for 3,000, and 
then 6,000. The Yu Pagoda comes back with 9,000 HP, but the damage 
counted towards its next HP value goes back to 0. You then hit it for 
9,500. Instead of having 18,500 HP, it will have 9,500. In this way, 
the Yu Pagoda will always have as much or more HP as its last time, but 
usually not by that much.

For that reason, I basically see it only necessary to kill one of them 
once (so that they don't use Power Wave consecutively), cast Slowga (or 
cast it again if it misses one or both of them), and then leave them 
alone. Note that Braska's Final Aeon is IMMUNE to Slow, but make sure 
you slow down both of the Yu Pagodas.

Alternatively, you can use Slow on one of them until their turns are 
far apart and then use Slow on the other. This avoids the whole Osmose 
and Curse trouble.

Do NOT use Talk in this round. Save it.

Braska's Final Aeon has three attacks. First, he has Jecht Beam. This 
inflicts about 750 points of damage to one character and inflicts 
Petrification. Next, he has his physical attack, which does 2,500 
points of damage to one character or SHATTERS A PETRIFIED ONE! Lastly, 
he uses Triumphant Grasp when his Overdrive gauge is charged. This 
inflicts about 1,800 points of damage to one character TWICE, or does 
about 3,600 to one character. He also has an Overdrive for Aeons, but 
I'll get into that later.

Basically, you want to get all your characters ready in this round. 
Cast Hastega, separate the Yu Pagoda turns (see above), and TRY to get 
Protect on everybody. Use Esuna on anybody hit by Jecht Beam 
IMMEDIATELY, or else they may be SHATTERED (which means that you have 
two characters in your party for the rest of the battle)!

If you can get it for Auron, give him Zombie Strike. This will make the 
Yu Pagodas HURT HIM for 1,500 points (although they immediately heal 
it, so if there are two in a row the second cures him again). If you 
separate their turns and repeatedly use this, the Yu Pagodas can 
actually become your allies!

What else? Power Break and Armor Break work wonderfully! However, the 
Yu Pagodas always get rid of this, so unless you are very fast or both 
of them are dead, you probably don't need to use this. Only use Power 
Break if his turn is next, and Armor Break if Tidus gets a turn 

You can also inflict Poison on him with Bio, but once again, the Yu 
Pagodas will clean that mess up. A GREAT idea is to use Seed Cannon - 
or better yet, Bad Breath! - to inflict Confusion on Braska's Final 
Aeon. Both are Ronso Rages for Kimahri. This means he will hit himself! 
Take note that Bad Breath will also inflict Berserk, so that he SHOULD 
hit himself extra hard! Credit goes to Hyprophant for telling me that 
Braska's Final Aeon cannot be Cursed.

Anyway, you have plenty of ways to hurt him. Just try to stay out of 
Petrification, cure up a lot, and TRY to get everybody in Protect. If 
you want, call an Aeon to block his Overdrive, but that's unnecessary. 
Then, finish him...

Yikes. His HP has doubled! Now he has 120,000 HP! Luckily, he maintains 
his status ailments until the Yu Pagodas get a turn. Unluckily, he 
keeps his Overdrive gauge full. Still, don't use Talk YET. It comes in 
VERY handy later.

He still does Jecht Beam and Triumphant Grasp, but his attack is 
different. He now hits everybody with his sword for a LOT of damage 
(2,500 to 3,000)! This sword delays all characters, too (thanks to 
Split Infinity for reminding me)! I don't think that this shatters 
Petrified characters, however. Anyway, MAKE SURE that you have 
everybody in Protect, now! It's crucial to your survival!

It's basically the same strategy, except for now you are constantly 
trying to keep everybody alive and in Protect at full HP. Use Mega 
Potions and Megalixers to accomplish this!

Keep this up until his HP drops below halfway. Now, do whatever you 

Once his HP is below 60,000, he replaces Triumphant Grasp with the 
almighty Ultimate Jecht Shot. This is the most powerful attack from 
regular bosses in the entire game (well, save Giga-Graviton)! It will 
annihilate your party! I've gotten lucky and had Auron defending. He 
BARELY survived it.

What to do? Have Tidus use Talk! Not only does this bring the Overdrive 
gauge to zero, but he doesn't get a turn next time! Use this twice when 
his gauge gets close to full starting when his HP is under 60,000. Use 
those two free "safe turns" to inflict as much damage as you can!

If he gets a third Overdrive, do NOT use Talk. It no longer works and 
wastes your turn. Instead, call an Aeon. If you used them all up, then 
you are basically dead meat, but you can try casting Protect on Auron 
and letting him Defend. Should he survive, have him use a Mega Phoenix.

The Overdrive he uses against Aeons is Jecht Bomber. This does anywhere 
from 2,500 to 4,000 to one Aeon. Use Shield right before this.

Still can't win? You can get your Aeons into Overdrive before battle. 
Use them once he hits 60,000 HP in the second round, or if you're 
really having a lot of trouble, right when that round begins. These may 
save you.

Use a Stamina Tonic with Rikku to double your max HP (try it on Auron). 
This does wonders.

If you don't have it quite yet and STILL CAN'T WIN, you can level up 
until Tidus gets Quick Hit (I hate telling you to level up, so use this 
as a last resort!). Then, teach it to Auron. You will get SO MANY more 
turns using this!

Hidden Aeons. Go to the Calm Lands and go to where you fought Defender 
X. However, go down into the valley. You need 250,000 Gil. Go through 
the dungeon, beat the boss, and buy the Aeon.

Also, search in the southwest for Baaj Temple. Go around getting 
Destruction treasures from Cloister of Trials, beat the Baaj Temple 
boss, and get its Aeon. 

Are you still desperate for help? Don't say I didn't warn you. Lastly, 
you can go to the Calm Lands, ride a chocobo, head toward Macalania, 
but keep going. Find a feather and "talk" to it while on the chocobo to 
find Remiem Temple. Beat everybody inside the temple, and then go back 
to the Calm Lands. Go off the side path to the right (not TOO hard to 
find) to the Monster Arena. Buy some Capture weapons. Now, capture 
every species of monster on Mount Gagazet. Don't forget to look in the 
caves and in the water parts of the caves! Go get the item from the 
Monster Arena, and with the item you got from beating the Remiem 
enemies, go back to Remiem Temple. Use both your key items to get the 
last Aeon(s)!

*Tomoshiragama notes that the White Magic spell, Holy, works very well 
in this battle (and many others). It's Yuna's last spell. It hits one 
target for very high damage. However, it might take a while to learn it 
if you haven't used her very often.

You should be able to win before resorting to getting the last Aeon, 
but with all of this, you will CERTAINLY be able to win. Enjoy the 

-End Boss 31-

-Boss 32 Next -


<<<<<<<Boss 32: Valefor, Ifrit, Ixion, Shiva, Bahamut, (Optional),>>>>> 
<<<<<<<(Optional), (Optional, Optional, Optional), and FINAL BOSS>>>>>>

Sensor: Strike me down.

Sensor: Extinguish me.

Sensor: End it right here.

Sensor: Please... Defeat me.

Sensor: Soon... Eternal erst.

Sensor: Take my life.

Sensor: Thus I atone.

Sensor: Gotta say goodbye.

Sensor: Don't cry.

Sensor: Stop the suffering.

Sensor: Possesses aeons.

You've come this far. I'm now going to leave the final battle to you. 
Just thoroughly think out each of your moves. You can defeat your 
enemies if you try. Good luck, and congratulations on beating the game! 
Note that the Yojimbo and the FINAL BOSS are the only two bosses that 
aren't underwater and can't be killed by Zanmato after Defender X!



V. Optional Boss Guide

As these bosses are not found directly by playing the game, I will 
provide a brief description to each, and the purpose to fighting each. 
PLEASE, mention optional bosses I have missed! For example, I almost 
forgot about the first battle here. Credit is listed directly 
underneath the boss's name! I will first list the bosses by when you 
can fight them during the story, and then I will go by the Airship's 
order of locations to determine who comes next. The Monster Arena 
bosses will be last, in Section V. By the way - Lord Ochu is 
technically optional as you can avoid him (and I stated so in my 
strategy for him), but I've listed him in the regular section. Oh, and 
there are * Spoilers * in this section, but these aren't necessary to 
complete the story; they shouldn't spoil anything, anyway. Even so, you 
probably shouldn't be here if you haven't beaten the game.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Optional Boss 1: Ifrit (Belgemine)>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

HP: Immune to sensors.
Sensor: Immune to sensors.
Steal: Inapplicable.

Win: Echo Ring
Lose: Seeker's Ring

Location: On the Mi'ihen Highroad, go off to the right after meeting 
Maechen. Talk to the woman, who introduces herself as Belgemine. She 
will challenge Yuna to a one-on-one Aeon battle.

Purpose: You can obtain either an Echo Ring or a Seeker's Ring.

To win this battle, you need to prepare. You ARE expected to lose. You 
have to surpass expectations. Since she calls Ifrit, you can't. That 
means you must call Valefor. Note that her Ifrit has FAR better stats 
than yours. If you didn't get Valefor's Energy Blast, then I don't know 
what to tell you. What I did was get Yuna and Valefor into Overdrive. 
Yuna Grand Summoned Valefor, and he used Energy Blast. Then, he used 
Energy Blast again, barely surviving to use it. This finished Ifrit 
off. If you don't have Energy Blast, you can try to use Energy Ray 
twice, but I don't THINK that you'll win. You could try alternating 
Attack and Shield until Valefor is almost dead, and then unleashing 
Energy Ray, too. Needless to say, this is a VERY difficult battle. 
Luckily, it's not Game Over if you lose.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Optional Boss 2: Ixion (Belgemine)>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

HP: Immune to sensors.
Sensor: Immune to sensors.
Steal: Inapplicable.

Win: Dragon Scale x2, Summoner's Soul (Key item)
Lose: Summoner's Soul (Key item)

Location: Talk to Belgemine at Moonflow.

Purpose: The purpose of winning is to earn two Dragon Scales.

Try to have Yuna Grand Summon a full-Overdrive Ifrit. Two Hellfire 
attacks will win this match. If you aren't that patient, you can heal 
Ifrit with Fire (use it on yourself). However, Ixion eventually casts 
Haste on himself, and he may become too fast for your curing. I would 
just come ready with two Overdrives.

However, this battle is a bit easier - it can be won without Overdrives 
(although I don't recommend it). Call Ifrit first, using Attack and 
Fire to restore HP until your Overdrive is full. Then, use Hellfire. 
You WILL lose Ifrit. However, you can now call Valefor. By this point, 
Ixion should be in Haste. Chances are, he gets two turns to your 
Valefor's one. However, Valefor will evade most of Ixion's attacks, 
GREATLY increasing his Overdrive gauge, so don't worry too much. Energy 
Ray should be enough to finish him off if you had Ifrit attack a couple 
times, and if you have Energy Blast, use it to be safe. Either should 
bring you an Overkill.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Optional Boss 4: Yojimbo (Ginnem)>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

HP: 33,000
Sensor: Immune to sensors.

Location: Cavern of the Stolen Fayth. Go to where you fought Defender 
X, but go under the bridge. You'll find it fairly easily.
Purpose: Victory in this battle allows you to gain the Venus Crest. It 
also provides access to gaining a secret Aeon.

This guy is not hard. At all. He uses a regular attack with his dog, 
which is called Daigoro, and hurts one character for around 500 damage 
points. He uses Kozuka, which hurts one for about 1,000. He uses 
Wakizashi, which does about 1,000 to all. He uses them somewhat 
randomly, but as the Overdrive gauge increases, Kozuka comes more 
frequently and then Wakizashi more frequently. Lastly, once the 
Overdrive is full, Yojimbo uses Zanmato, which does 9,999 damage points 
to all! It actually would do much, much more, but Yojimbo doesn't have 
Break Damage Limit.

What to do? Just attack away. When Yojimbo's Overdrive gauge is full, 
call an Aeon. Even if the Aeon uses Shield, it will probably take 9,999 
damage points, so unless you're way overpowered, the Aeon will die. 
Then, finish Yojimbo.

Note that when you use Yojimbo, Zanmato is not an Overdrive. Your 
Yojimbo has no Overdrive. Also note that if your Yojimbo uses Zanmato, 
it will kill any enemy instantly, not inflict damage. The only enemies 
that can't be killed by Zanmato are Yojimbo himself, anybody you've 
fought before him and can't fight again, underwater enemies, and the 
very final boss.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Optional Boss 5: Geosgaeno>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

*HP: 32,767 (Overkill: 32,767) 
*MP: 128 
Sensor: Covered with thick scales. Vulnerable to magic. 
Steal: Currently inapplicable 
Bribe: N/A 
*Strength: 36 
*Magic: 40 
*Defense: 50 
*Magic Defense: 50 
*Agility: 48 
*Evade: 0 
[Elemental Resistance/Weakness: Fire x1.5, Thunder x1.5, Water x1.5, 
Ice x1.5, Holy x1.5]

Location: Baaj Temple. You must use the airship's search optional on 
coordinates X (11-16), Y (57-63). Credit to Dingo Jellybean's FAQ for 

Purpose: To defeat the guardian and gain access to a hidden aeon, as 
well as avenge his earlier victory.

Good old Geosgaeno. You may remember him from the beginning of the 
game, where he'd halve your HP twice and then end the battle. 
Impossible to win. Well, now you have the chance to come back and get 
your revenge on him. Unfortunately, he's learned a couple new 
techniques, but fortunately, Tidus isn't going to run away any time 
this time.

Well, it's an underwater fight, so that means that Tidus, Wakka, and 
Rikku are your characters. Well, let's take a look at his arsenal of 

He has an attack called Stone Punch. If he starts liking to use this, 
you're in trouble. Stone Punch inflicts around 1,200 points of damage 
to its target, and inflicts Petrification. The good news is that this 
often misses, and even if it connects, often does not petrify the 
target. The bad news is that if you are petrified underwater, you are 
shattered, and removed from the battle. Geosgaeno also likes his KO 
Punch. This will do around 700 points of damage, but most likely KO the 
target. Still, it doesn't always KO the target.

Lastly, he likes to inhale. This is very interesting, as the target is 
now in a position only available in this battle. Bad news - any 
positive status augmentations that the character who is inhaled has 
gets "copied" by Geosgaeno. For example, if you have Haste and 
Geosgaeno inhales you, Geosgaeno will now be in Haste. I don't know 
about Auto-Life status, but I'd assume there are limits to which 
statuses he copies.

The character who is inhaled now can only Defend (triangle button) or 
use the Trigger Command, Struggle. The Trigger Command Struggle 
inflicts about 6,000 points of damage. Anyway, if you don't use 
Struggle, on his next turn, Geosgaeno will heavily damage the two 
characters who aren't inhaled, most likely knocking them out, and bring 
the person who was inhaled to 1 HP (although that person will no longer 
be inhaled).  If you do use Struggle, on his next turn, Geosgaeno will 
exhale and KO the character he inhaled (this KO cannot be blocked). 
Either way, the inhaled one will no longer be inhaled when it's 
Geosgaeno's turn. As you can see, unless the other two characters are 
not alive, you want to use Struggle. However, if Geosgaeno shatters or 
knocks them out, you don't want to use Struggle, as though your HP will 
be 1, you still won't have Game Over.

What is there to do, then? Well, I can't find any status ailments that 
work on Geosgaeno - he's immune to Delay, Sleep, Death, Slow, Darkness, 
and Silence - but if anybody knows anything he isn't immune to (he's 
immune to Scan), please contact me.

However, you will notice that Geosgaeno is weak to all elements. What 
does that mean? Equip a strike weapon on Tidus such as the Brotherhood, 
and instead of 800 points of damage, you'll be doing around 1,200. 
Wakka will go from doing 900 to around 1,350. Also, Rikku can Steal 
Water Gems from Geosgaeno. Use one of these, and you'll do around 4,500 
points to him! Geosgaeno has relatively low HP, so finishing him won't 
be a problem.

The only real problem here is his Stone Punch. You can solve KO Punch 
with a Phoenix Down, but for Stone Punch, you might want to consider 
Stone Ward or Stoneproof armor.

Lastly, if somebody is inhaled and you kill Geosgaeno (with or without 
Struggle), he will counter with 9,999 points to everyone. Unless you 
have Break HP Limit or Auto-Life, this means Game Over. For that 
reason, NEVER kill Geosgaeno with Struggle, and NEVER kill him while 
somebody is inhaled. A Sensor weapon will help you make sure that you 

Alright, that wasn't lastly. The final note is that Geosgaeno can drop 
No Encounter weapons. This is usually an armor ability, so this is your 
only chance to get one, for those perfectionists! Also, No Encounter 
armor is very hard to come by, anyway, and what it does is allow you to 
not encounter any random enemies! For sidequests such as Rikku's Sigil 
and PLENTY of other things, this will save you much, much time. As he's 
easy to kill and doesn't take long, I highly recommend you reset until 
you get No Encounter equipment. Otherwise, you'll need a very rare drop 
from a Ghost or 30 Purifying Salts.

Note that I'm not sure if Geosgaeno will copy status ailments, as I 
didn't check everything. Any info on bad things Geosgaeno will copy, 
please contact me.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Optional Boss 6: Ultima Weapon>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Ultima Weapon
*HP: 70,000 (Overkill: 13,560)
*Sensor: Give it all you've got!
*Steal: Door to Tomorrow x10 (Door to Tomorrow x20 rare)
**BRIBE**: Pendulum x99 (1,400,000 Gil)

Location: Omega Ruins. You need to use the airship's Search ability, 
and enter coordinates X (69-75), Y (33-38). Credit goes to Dingo 
Jellybean's FAQ for coordinates.

Purpose: Access to famed Final Fantasy boss, Omega Weapon.

Ultima Weapon is a Final Fantasy legacy. It began as the Atma Weapon 
boss/sword in Final Fantasy 6, followed as a WEAPON and Cloud's best 
sword in 7, appeared as a superboss in 8, and was Zidane's best sword 
in 9. The bosses are generally extra bosses who tend to be quite 
difficult. However, this one is easy as A-B-C. Although optional, the 
final boss will give you far more trouble.

Let's take a look at his attacks. He can physically attack you for 
2,500 to 3,000 damage, which can be halved by Protect. He can use 
Confuse, which, surprisingly enough, inflicts Confusion on one 
character. This can be Reflected. He can use Core Energy, which really 
varies, as I've seen it do from 2,500 to 9,999 to one character. This 
CAN be halved by Shell, however. He uses the powerful White Magic Holy, 
which I've seen do from 2,500 to 9,999, but this can be halved by Shell 
and, better yet, Reflected. He uses Silence, which - surprise! - 
silences one character, and can be Reflected. He uses Sleep, which 
inflicts Sleep on one character, and can be Reflected...sound like 
Yunalesca? He can also use Break, which you may remember from Seymour 
Natus, which inflicts damage or petrifies a character. Lastly, he has 
ONE group attack, Shimmering Rain, which does around 2,500 damage to 

Status ailments? He's immune to Scan, but I did find out that Provoke, 
Sleep, Power Break, Armor Break, Magic Break, Mental Break, Delay, 
Slow, Bio, Death, Eject, Threaten, Petrification, and obviously Scan do 
not work. However, Sensor, Darkness, and Silence do.

What to do, then? Use Reflect on everyone (after Hastega, of course)! 
If you'd like, you can use Protect first for his physical attack, or 
Shell first for his Core Energy, but you really don't have to. Now, 
Confuse and Sleep will bounce right off and never hit you. Better yet, 
Holy will do major damage to him, and Silence will succeed in silencing 

Also, feel free to use Dark Attack/Buster instead of Protect. He'll 
miss his attacks easily.

Tidus and Wakka did around 2,000 to 2,500 points per hit to him, and my 
Auron did around 4,500. All Overdrives are pretty smart choices here. 
Knocking off the 70,000 points of HP really is quite simple.

Let me add, however, that you should STEAL a LOT in this battle! You 
can get Doors to Tomorrow, which can be customized for Overdrive=>AP 
weapons. If you plan on tackling the Monster Arena, you're going to 
want a lot of Doors to Tomorrow, which can get quite hard to come by.

Also, if you're pretty rich, BRIBE Ultima Weapon! He'll give you 99 
Pendulums! This makes Master Thief equipment. It will make you only 
steal rare items, but if you don't have the money I suggest you don't 
start saving up just to get them. Not all THAT useful.

Split Infinity noticed a pattern in Ultima Weapon's attacks. I must 
say, this guy can notice ANYTHING! The pattern is as follows:

1. Physical attack
2. Silence OR Break
3. Core Energy
4. Holy (if Silence used earlier) OR Sleep (if Break used earlier)
5. Physical attack
6. Shimmering Rain

This makes the battle entirely predictable and probably impossible to 
lose with a little foresight. MAJOR credit to Split Infinity for this 
OUTSTANDING information!

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Option Boss 7: Omega Weapon>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Omega Weapon
HP: 99,999 HP
Sensor: Give it all you've got!
Steal: Gambler's Spirit x30
[Elemental Strengths/Weaknesses: All x 0.5] 

Location: Omega Ruins.

Purpose: To challenge yourself against the infamous Omega Weapon in 
Final Fantasy X!

Well, it's the big guy. A lot of you may be expecting a HUGE epic 
battle after this. In actuality, I'm not sure if I'd even consider him 
harder than the final boss, but he probably is.

Anyway, let's take a look at his attacks. First off, he uses Core 
Energy, just like Ultima does. However, his does 4,500 to 9,999 - much, 
much stronger. Shell helps. He also uses Break, which petrifies or 
inflicts damage. Don't be surprised to see him use a physical attack 
which does around 4,000, but you can halve this Protect. You'll see 
Demi yet again, reducing all your party members' HP by 25%. Shimmering 
Rain makes another appearance, doing around 2,500 to all. He uses 
Confuse, inflicting Confusion on one character, but you can Reflect 
this. Lastly, you will see Nova. This ultimate attack of Omega Weapon 
inflicts aorund 4,500 damage to all, but Shell can help that.

What to do? Switch to Kimahri immediately and learn Nova with Lancet! 
This is Kimahri's final Overdrive, and if you don't get it now, you're 
going to have to capture 10 of every monster and fight every superboss 
in the game for another chance! Use it on Omega Weapon for around 
2,000,'s not all THAT great.

This guy can be tough. Tidus and Wakka do around 1,000 per hit, and 
Auron does around 3,500. I highly suggest teaching Auron Quick Hit for 
this battle. Also, use Hastega and Shell on everybody. Protect could be 
useful, too, but it's not critical. Then, just attack away, ideally 
with Quick Hit. Use a Mega Potion or heal up well after each Shimmering 
Rain or Nova, or use a Curaga for other attacks (although note that 
Shell will halve your Curaga).

Really, this battle is easily won with Aeons. I highly recommend using 
them. Just let them use attack away and use an Overdrive before dying, 
and Omega Weapon will lose his HP before you know it. For those who 
have fought him in FFV and FFVIII, you'll be amazed when you see him 
actually die so soon.

One thing you will want to consider is restarting until you get Break 
HP Limit armor. This armor is VERY hard to make! It allows your HP to 
go over 9,999, up to 99,999, which is very nice if you're taking on the 
Monster Arena. He also drops Triple Overdrive weapons, which can be 
VERY nice, ESPECIALLY if you add Overdrive=>AP to them with the Door to 
Tomorrows you stole from Ultima Weapon!

Final note: FFX:I users are up against an Omega Weapon with around 
1,000,000 HP (999,999, to be exact). That will take a LOT longer, but I 
don't believe his attacks are any better, so you still should be able 
to win without leveling up. You'll just be a lot happier when it's 

[This section is currently under construction. However, expect to see 
Shiva (Belgemine), Valefor (Remiem), Ifrit (Remiem), Ixion (Remiem), 
Shiva (Remiem), Bahamut (Remiem), Yojimbo (Remiem) Anima (Remiem), and 
Magus Sisters (Remiem) in the next update.]


V. Credits

(In chronological order to avoid disputes...)

-Gestahl. He did a lot of stuff for this, like writing it and other 
-Hyprophant, for telling me that Haste is cast at 10,700 HP as opposed 
to 11,000 on Boss number X, and confirming that Bad Breath will not 
curse the final boss.
-Eva Unit00, for mentioning that you can inflict Doom on Biran Ronso 
and Yenke Ronso, for mentioning that a Counterattack weapon is 
incredibly useful in the Seymour Flux battle, and for mentioning that 
anybody with Deathproof armor in the Yunalesca battle can avoid Zombie 
status altogether!
-TommyVandyke, for the great tip about giving Kimahri Loner Overdrive 
in the Biran Ronso and Yenke Ronso battle!

***CB! was very important to this guide - I used her Monster 
Encyclopedia and Monster Arena FAQs to get almost ALL the stats off 
these bosses! VERY significant! Anywhere you see one star on the stats, 
they were out of hers! If you want stats, DEFINITELY check out hers.

-Tomoshiraga, for mentioning that if you can get Yuna the Holy spell, 
it will do a LOT against Braska's Final Aeon (or any other boss).
-Mewtwomon, who suggested that Defender X will use Slowga when you cast 
Slow on him (even though he's immune to it). It didn't work when I 
tried it, but maybe I just had bad luck.
-Tat18, who told me about Sanctuary Keeper's attack pattern (how did I 
miss this?).

***Split Infinity, for allowing me to use information I found in his 
FAQ. His FAQ is a GREAT FAQ, so make sure to take a look at it! He 
noticed a LOT of things I didn't, mainly that:
a) Tros prepares for Nautilus Charge upon losing 400 HP.
b) Sinspawn Echuilles uses Blender every third turn.
c) Lord Ochu uses Sleep upon losing half of its HP.
d) Lord Ochu's pattern of using one or two Poison Claws followed by 
Water and repeating.
e) Geneaux's Venom, Water, Staccato pattern upon leaving shell.
f) Oblitzerator's increase in agility upon receiving damage.
g) Exact damage for pushing Chocobo Eater over and back.
h) Chocobo Eater begins to use Blizzard upon losing half HP.
i) GREAT Armor Break on Arm tip against Sinspawn Gui.
j) Press damage from Spherimorph can be halved with Power Break.
k) Wendigo puts dukes up after half HP.
l) Wendigo alternates three turns of dukes up and three regular until 
m) The absolute exact HP value at which Evrae uses Haste.
n) That Mortibody uses Desperado early if everyone is in Haste.
o) The Seymour Natus Bio strategy.
p) The "middle half" phase of the Natus battle.
q) That Mortiorchis uses Slowga if you try to delay or slow him.
r) The "Failed counterstrike" information.
s) The Seymour Flux Bio strategy.
t) That Glyph Mine is used after Spectral Keeper receives damage four 
u) That Left Fin and Right Fin gather energy for Gravija every fourth 
turn that you've been near them.
v) Genais's pattern of Venom, Venom, Thrashing.
w) That Genais uses Waterga as a counter to magic.
x) Ultima Weapon's attack pattern.
y) Omnis uses Dispel after being targeted five times.
z) When Omnis uses Ultima, it pierces Shell.
a2) Yu Pagoda damage is not determined by fatal blow (how careless of 
b2) BFA's sword attack delays all members.
(Note that Split Infinity uses FFX:I and I haven't confirmed all these 
things yet, so if they don't work in the regular version please contact 

-Dingo Jellybean, for airship coordinates. 
-BlackReaper035, for a great Aerospark Dispel tip against Wendigo!

Alright, that's the end of my part of this FAQ. Now I will include 
FFXMania's FFX:I portion.


Final Fantasy X International
Penance/Dark aeon Beatdown FAQ
Done by: FFXmania & Klink
Version 1.0 	      	                                                

Table of contents
1. Revision history
2. Foreword
3. Who is Penance/Dark aeons!?
4. Preparation part 1
5. The 8 Dark aeons/strategy
6. Hints & Tips/Penance
7. Preparation part 2
8. Penance info
9. My Penance strategy(surewin)
10. Klink strategy(very comprehensive/clear)
11. Penance compared to Ruby & Emerald weapon from FF7!?
12. Credits

1. Revision history 
Ver. 1.0 (6/26/2002) :
 Just started this faq. beaten Penance/Dark Aeons without Zanmoto.

2. Foreword
My very first FAQ. I welcome any question from any FFX:I/PAL experts 
out there. Helpful tips contributed will definitely be added in later 
improved version. Hope this FAQ will help u people out there who still 
encounter problems with Dark aeons & Penance. 

3. Who is Penance/Dark Aeons!?
Penance is the ultimate boss of FFX in International & PAL version. 
However, this guy is not in the US release of FFX. The international & 
PAL version both have extra features such as more optional boss,new 
ability,new armor & a new expert sphere grid version for expert FFX 
players who want to challege the game a second time. As you know 
there're Dark aeons scatter around the world of FFX after u got the 
airship. They are found at certain location that you won't know until 
you get ambushed by them. So you got to be careful where you go. In 
order to unlock Penance in your airship inventory,you got to defeat all 
the dark aeons first before he surprisingly rises up from the gorge 
call the 'scar in calm land.  Basically Penance is just like another 
overpower boss in this ff series. Like Emerald & Ruby weapon from 
FF7,ultima & omega weapon from FF8 and Ozma from FF9. He have some 
really cheap attack that could really screw you up if you're not 
careful enough. So beware to take up this hell of a boss to complete 
the game 100%. 

Preparation Part 1
Recommended stat for taking on Dark aeon/Penance :

Hp 35000-40000	 	Mp 999
Str 255			Def 255
Mag 150			Mag.def 255
Agi 255			Eva 170(doesn't matter)
Luck 125      		Acc 255

Armor Abilities: Auto phoenix, Auto haste, Ribbon, Break HP limit or
swap Auto phoenix with Auto regen for Tidus & Auron armor.

Abilities: Learn all the white magic abilities.
	 Learn Entrust, Quick pocket,Quickhit, Use

Weapon: Gotten all ultimate weapon for your main party.

The 8 Dark Aeons
The characters i recommend: Rikku, Auron, Tidus, Wakka, Yuna 
Set Rikku & Yuna OD mode to healer.
Auron, Wakka, Tidus to Warrior mode. 
Dark Valefor: HP 800000 MP 999 
Location: Besaid village entrance.
This is the easiest of all dark aeons. First of all,  have Tidus & 
Wakka enter the battle with full OD gauge. Unleash Biltz ace then 
Attack Reels right at the start of the battle. For the rest of the 
turns before Valefor reaches his 1st turn, keep attacking him with 
quickhit. He may use his overdrive at anytime even when it is 
not full!(what a cheater) Heal whenever needed, i suggest you use Yuna 
or Rikku to heal. To me,Rikku is better than Yuna because she has Ultra 
high potion which can heal the whole party. Repeat this pattern & 
immediately use your overdrives once it is usable.   

Defeat dark Valefor in 5 minutes: Get Anima OD gauge to full,as well as 
Tidus & Wakka. Unleashes Biltz ace. Right before Valefor gets to attack 
you, swap Yuna in and summon Anima to do Oblivion. Thats it! Valefor 
should be dead. Obilvion deal 600000 damage at 255 strength. You don't 
need Ribbon armor for this battle,infact, i think this is the best 
chance to win a Ribbon armor easily. Reset & fight Valefor again if you 
didn't get a Ribbon armor.
Dark Ifrit: HP 1400000 MP 999
Location: Entrance of "Home". Talk to the Al Bhed lady. 
This angry looking guy is quite easy. You may need auto-phoenix on all 
three members armor(but not necessary). Ifrit will do 99999 damage with 
a regular attack which can be halve by casting protect. i think there 
no point doing so. Just let him kill you & revive your members to avoid 
unnecessary trouble. Having one members with auto-phoenix is enough.  
Have all your members quick hit Ifrit. You can try ultima but its a 
waste of turns to me. Now keep quick hitting ifrit & cast hastega if 
you haven't got auto haste yet. Once Ifrit OD gauge is full, change 
Yuna in for Anima to block hell fire. If Anima OD gauge is full, i 
suggest Oblivion him for bonus damage although it may not do much 
damage to him due to high defense. Now just repeat this process, you 
should beat him. one thing is his defense is high so it might take a 
while.  I don't think you have a high chance of getting Ribbon armor 
from him. He tend to drop armors with fireproof alot more than Ribbon 
Dark Ixion: HP 1200000 MP 999
Location: Thunder plain. North if Rin Agency. Talk to warrior monk 
sanding under electric tower 
He is pretty much the same as ifrit, the only difference is that Ixion 
is faster. You may want to cast protect to halve his attack power. 
Ixion will counter attack everytime he is attacked. So having auto-
phoenix is a must in this battle. This fight resemble the Ifrit battle.  
Have Wakka, Auron, Tidus quick hit. It doesn't matter if one of your 
members is killed except Wakka because he has auto-phoenix revive 
him once he's hit. Ixion will not use Thor Hammer even though his OD 
gauge is full in this battle. So you can just keep hacking him with 
quick hit & use overdrives to put him down. (Attack reel & Biltz ace 
Ixion second form 
He has less hp now & he do not counter attack. He will use Thor Hammer 
when his OD gauge is full. This form is easier, just follow as usual, 
quick hit him & whenever Ixion OD is full, just summon Anima or Magus 
sister to block Thor Hammer. I suggest getting Magus sister OD to full 
before you confront Ixion, when you summon them to block, you can at 
least deal some damage to Ixion using Delta attack. Now just repeat 
this pattern to beat him down.(i kill him before he reaches his third 

Shiva: HP 1100000 MP 999
Location: Entrance of Macalania Temple. 
You need to have max agility in order to hurt her. Or else, she'll be 
faster than u and just cast heavenly strike to wipe you up. As usual, 
cast protect on at least two members to be able to survive her regular 
attack. If you only had one person with auto phoenix ability, you 
better cast auto life on at least two party members, just in case when 
she kill your auto phoenix character then proceed to kill off the 
next two guys(she is fast even you have max speed!). Heavenly strike 
will cause instant death, if the person with protect gets hit, don't 
bother to cast protect on him/her again. I figure out she will most 
probably use heavenly strike after her 2nd turn. Dark Shiva got low HP 
& high magic defence, so Quick hit is the best way to hit her hard. 
Heal whenever  you are hit by her regular attack once. She charges up 
her OD gauge pretty fast, summon an aeon when her gauge is one 
attack/hit before fully charge inorder for the aeon to survived Diamond 
Dust. Just repeat this process and you shouldn't have much problems. 
The old trick is get into the battle with Tidus,Wakka and Anima OD 
gauge full. Unleash all overdrives before she gets a turn or two. She 
should be close to defeated or dead with all these attacks.  
Dark bahamut: Hp 4000000 MP 999
Location: Where you fight Yunalesca,in the dome. (Make sure you've 
taken the sun crest before leaving after Yunalesca is dead) 
This is one of the hardest dark aeon fight ever. Dark Bahamut is very 
unpredictable. Bahamut will counter with Impulse ocassionally whenever 
he is attack. Impulse may cause all sorts of "break"(Armor,magic) & 
petrification. Having Ribbon armor is a must. Cast protect on your 
entire party to halve his strong physical attack. Quick hit Bahamut 
until the last two turns before his because i found out that he 
always counter-Impulse when he's reaching his turn. When his OD gauge 
is full, summon an aeon to block Mega Flare. One thing, don't attack 
him with your aeon, he might counter-Impulse to kill the aeon, in the 
end your party gets the Mega Flare! Just repeat the process again, 
whenever you gets a Impulse, check whether which one of your members is 
inflicted with armor break, cast auto-life on the infected ones. Your 
goal is to hit him fast, OD him to death and heal as necessary.
Dark Yojimbo: Hp 1600000 MP 999
Location: Cavern of the stolen fayth. Teleport to the end of the cave, 
then walk back. 
Dark Yojimbo will always ambush you in the first fight. If you had 
Auron,he should start first before Yojimbo. Cast auto-life on the auto-
phoenix character because Yojimbo will mostly use Wakizashi next turn. 
Wakizashi had a chance to deal 99999 to all members(rarely). After the 
attack, try to recover your party back. Cast protect on the whole party 
& auto life on the healer. Whenever Yojimbo did Kozuka or Daigoro to 
the person, heal him/her immediately. Wakizashi cause armor break & 
magic break. I suggest using Rikku, Tidus, Wakka to Quickhit him & use 
OD to knock him down. There isn't really much strategy for him. With a 
party at max state, Yojimbo should be easy. The only thing is to avoid 
Zanmoto. Once his OD gauge is full, summon an Aeon to block it. Zanmoto 
cause instant death & cannot be recover by auto life. Yojimbo doesn't 
gave me much problems, i had a fun hunting him down the cavern. Note 
that you had to fight him 5 times.
Dark Anima: HP 8000000 MP 999
Location: Mt Gagazet entrance. You had to do the trials again. The one 
that you use Wakka to shoot the ball in the underwater. 
Dark Anima is actually easier than Bahamut & Yojimbo. He can't really 
kill you except pain which cause instant death(no big deal, it only 
target one). My advice is, keep your HP above 12000 as Mega graviton 
will kill you if you get lower than that. Mega Graviton also cause 
status abnormalities which will be protected by Ribbon. All i can say 
is Quickhit, heal, overdrive, auto phoenix, summon aeon to block 
Oblivion. Repeat this process(this is getting old).The only problem is 
that this battle is pretty darn long. so you got to have some patient! 
thats all! The second easiest Dark aeon to beat.
Dark Magus sister:  Cindy HP 3000000, Sandy HP 2500000, Mindy HP 
All 3 MP: 999
Location: Mushroom rock road. Go near the 2 summoner. 
This is the hardest fight in the game(next to Penance). The tough part 
is how to survived three rows of Tetra graviton(12000 damage per pop!). 
I suggest using Rikku, Wakka and Tidus. Set Rikku as your healer & have 
her OD gauge full for Ultra high potion. Your goal is to take down 
Cindy first. Have Wakka, Tidus with a full OD bar before entering the 
battle. The sisters should start with their OD gauge full, so summon an 
aeon to block. After the Delta attack, target cindy with Quickhit, OD 
using Tidus and Wakka. Rikku should Quickhit Cindy if possible. With 
all this attack, Cindy should be down to half of her HP. Now, in the 
event that one of your members is killed, use Quick pocket to x-potion 
on him/her until her HP is full or if all characters is low on HP, use 
Ultra high potion instead unless Rikku is curse.You must get your 
characters HP above 26000+. Once the sisters get their OD gauge up to 
3/4 full. They'll use Tetra graviton. If all three sisters OD guage are 
around 3/4 full, quickly summon an aeon to block the first attack, then 
your party should able to survive Sandy & Mindy Tera graviton. You can 
actually use the aeon ability "shield" to block all 3 attack. As i 
said, concentrate only on Cindy first, once you take out Cindy, you are 
already close to winning the battle because the sisters can only kill 
off two of your members at most. Next, you should target Sandy, then 
Mindy (Mindy might be quite difficult to take out, Passado cause 
instant death & she has a high evade rate). Always concentrate on one 
sister only, they are weak if one of 
them is gone.
Tips: When the summoner began to chase you, you can actually choose 
which one you should make contact with. There are three outcomes: The 
short summoner, you got a first strike battle, the tall one, you got an 
ambush. For the fat one, nothing happened.

There's an alternate way to fight this battle, you can actually fight 
them one by one but i dont have the way to do it. You can refer to 
Huang SJ Dark aeon FAQ for the solution. My strategy only covers the 
normal way though.

Part two: The ultimate boss, Penance

. Hints & Tips/Penance
- Fighting Penance with high HP character can be dangerous. But using 
low-HP character is also not a good idea. Here's why: the left arms 
uses Tera-Graviton which takes away 5/7th of your max HP. If for some 
reason you cannot heal yourself quick enough, the future left-arm (the 
one that is regenerated after u kill off this one) will use Tera-
Graviton again to kill you. Let's say you have 75000 HP. After Tera-
Graviton, you will need to heal 50000 HP. That is about 5-6 rounds of 
healing if nothing else goes wrong. Now ifu have 99999 HP, you will 
need to heal 70000 HP (7-8 rounds of healing). But if you use a 
character with too low HP, other attacks will kill you (obviously). 
IMO, having around 75000 is the most you'll need because u will survive 
Tera-graviton and one more attack from the body. But the ideal HP rang 
is 35000-50000.  
- If you can afford it, hoard 99 Megalixer and X-Potion and Elixer. 
Quickpocket is the ability you'll need. You can usually use quickpocket 
upto 3-4 times consequtively! This leaves your healer more time to do 
something else. 'Quickpocket' has a much faster recovery time than 
'use' + Healing Water. This may sound like expensive, but this is the 
toughest battle yet.  So go all out. And believe me.. if u come this 
far to face Penance, u will have tons of Gil left to buy/bribe 
everything you need. 
- In my opnion, [Ribbon]+[Break HP Limit]+[AutoHaste]+[AutoProtect] is 
ideal. I left out [Auto Phoenix] because I noticed I rarely ever died 
during this fight. And when one of the character dies, it's mostly 
because [AutoProtect] was not there. Just be sure to keep your HP high 
when Tera-Graviton is coming. If u don't have time to heal, then Auto-
Life one of your character, or bring someone with high HP and Auto-
Phoenix in. Please note that this tips only applied to Klink strategy. 
That's because if you follow my strategy,you'll most probably never see 
Penance casting Tera-Graviton or Mighty Guard.
(Provided that you don't make any mistake)  

. Preparation Part 2
Inorder to beat this guy, you need to bring enough items for my 
strategy to work. Make sure that you had completed the whole Sphere 
grid to gain max stat. As far as i know,you only need to train up to 5 
party members as your main team. So choose carefully who you wanna 
train to fight Penance. Below are all the items required  to beat 

Items you need
30 healing water 
50 megalixers 
99 lightcurtain 
50 turbo ethers 
99 phoenix down 
5 Three Stars 
1 or 2 stamina tonic

6. Penance infomation/stat
7. My surewin strategy (A Penance without arms)
This stratgy only required 3 main party members. There is no need for 
switching members to fight. So choose your own 3 main members to take 
part in this epic battle. As for me,i suggest using Tidus, Rikku and 
Auron. The reason why i choose these 3 is becauseRikku has overdrive 
ultra high potion which heal all ally for 3/4 of their total HP. 
Tidus biltz ace should help in case of emergency. Auron ultimate weapon 
has first strike ability on it which helps my strategy to work firmly. 
I advise you only use overdrive in time of desparation. At other means, 
please do not use your overdrive.

Prefight preparation:   
Learn Quickpocket, Quickhit ,Use, Entrust.  
Armor required: Ribbon,Auto haste,Auto Phoenix,Break HP limit for 
For Auron and Tidus, i replaced Auto Phoenix with Auto Regen in order 
for the strategy to worked.
Weapon required: I suggest you've gotten their ultimate weapon. All 
other weapon are useless, they don't hit Penance for 99999 damage. 
Overdrives: Have their OD gauge full. Set Rikku OD mode to healer.
Alright, lets just get this fight on~! 

Turn 1:Auron should start first, have him use a light curtain on 
himself. (Reason why not to cast protect is because using items is 
faster than magic's)

Turn 2/3: Rikku or Tidus(either one) do the same. 

Turn 4: Use a stamina tonic to double your total HP. This should help 
in the first part of Penance battle.

Turn 5/6/7: Your aim here is to keep destroying the arms then attack 
Penance! Don't use your overdrive on him (actually i didn't use any OD 
except Rikku) and you should always use quick hit instead of normal 
attack to increase your number of turns. 

Turn 8: Penance reached his first turn. He'll use Obliteration(which 
did 10000k to the party if protected).

Turn 9: Use a Three star to reduce all MP cost to 0. For the first part 
of battle, you shouldn't have use any MP. 

For the rest of the turns: Keep attacking the arms once they 
regenerate. It should take 6 hits to kill one arm & they regenerate 
every 6 turns. If you do not kill off the arms, once Penance have both 
arms & reached his main turn, its game over!(Judgement Day). Please do 
not heal after every Obliteration until you're reduce to 10000+ hp. 
Heal with Rikku overdrive 'ultra high potion' to recover to max again.  
Now your goal is to bring Penance down to 1/2 of his HP. 
Repeat the pattern above. As I said, ALWAYS clear off the two arms 
first then you can proceed to attack Penance. I've calculated the 
number of turns you can take to attack Penance before the arms 
regenerate again. You should've 3-4 turns to attack his main 
Phrase two
Once Penance is bring down to half of his HP,(here comes the Tough 
part) he'll detach part of his body. In this form, he will use 
'Immolation' on one of the members every turn. Immolation deal about 
16000+ damage if you're protected. Due to the all breaks inflicted on 
the person previously attacked by Immolation, the person who got hit 
for a second time will be instant death. No matter what it'll hit for 

Now this is the pattern, you should destroy the arms first(as always!). 
Whenever one of the ally is KO. IMMETIATELY use phoenix down on
(always use quickpocket use item!) him/her (this sentence only apply to 
the two guys who dont have auto phoenix ability). After he/she got 
revived, quickpocket a megalixers then have the other two keep 
attacking the arms! The person who just got revived will always gets a 
turn before Penance and he/she should always use a light curtain 

As for the guy that gets hit ONCE ONLY(by Immolation of course), Just 
use a turbo ether on him for quickhit because Immolation also drain all 
MP (don't bother using three star cause it might screw up phrase 2 
pattern). By all means, always destroy the arm first then Penance. You 
should concentrate on one arm at a time. Now just keep repeating the 
above pattern.  

You should destroy him in about 1hr 15mins. Now you should notice that 
by following the strategy, Penance arms didn't even get a chance to 
attack (see my strategy name). Anyway this is my surewin strategy & 
some ppl had proven it worked. The only thing you need is alertness and 
sufficent amount of items to use for this long 

8. Klink strategy(making Penance say mommy~~to u)
_*_*_Penance FAQ/Strategy Version 1.1_*_*_ (written and produced by 

___PENANCE (12,000,000 HP)___


Obliteration - Attacks active battle party for about 20,000 damage 
             - Inflicts Slow.
             - Used only in the 1st phase of attack.
             - (Damage can be halved with 'Protect').

Immolation - Hits a single character for about 30,000 damage.
           - Removes all of your MP.
           - Inflicts Armor Break and Mental Break.
           - Used only in the 2nd phase of attack.
           - (Damage can be halved with 'Protect').

Judgment Day - Deals maximum damage to the active party's HP and MP.
             - Used only in the 2nd phase of attack, while both arms     
are active.

___PENANCE - ARM (500,000 HP)___

For clarity, the "left arm" is the arm on YOUR left, and the "right 
arm" is the arm on YOUR right.


Calamity - Inflicts Silence, Darkness, Poison, Full Break, and Curse.
         - Used only by the left arm (#1).

Mighty Guard - Casts Protect, Shell, and Regen on all active enemy 
             - Used only by the left arm (#1).

Tera-Graviton - Damages everyone for 3/4 of their max HP.
              - Inflicts Doom, Sleep, Silence, Darkness, and Slow.
              - Used only by the right arm (#2).
              - (Damage can be halved with 'Shell').

Slowga - Used only by the right arm (#2).

Normal attack (left arm/#1) - Hits a single target for about 30,000 
                            - Inflicts shattering Petrification.
                            - (Damage can be halved with 'Protect').

Normal attack (right arm/#2) - Hits a single target for about 30,000 
                             - Dispels all positive status effects
                               (including Auto-Life).
                             - (Damage can be halved with 'Protect').

Penance starts out doing only Obliteration (I'll refer to this as 
"Phase 1"). While in Phase 1, Penance has [Auto-Protect].  Once you've 
done 3,000,000 damage, his 'torso' breaks away and he changes his 
attack pattern.  From then on ("Phase 2"), he only uses Immolation 
unless both arms are active. - If both arms are active, then he _might_ 
use Judgment Day.

Penance and both of his arms absorb all elements and Holy.


Overdrives: Auron should be set to 'Slayer'; Yuna and Lulu don't really 
matter, but I'd set them to 'Healer'; the remainder of the group should 
be on 'Ally'.

Items: 0-2 Holy Waters
       1-3 Purifying Salts
       0-2 Three Stars (in case of a MP emergency)

Aeons: Have Valefor, Bahamut, and Anima with max OD's.

Abilities: All of your characters should know Lancet, Entrust, Dispel, 
and Quick Pockets.  Yuna and Lulu should know Full-Life, and the rest 
of the party should know Quick Hit.  In addition, one of your fighters 
should know DoubleCast and Drain.  Ideally, you'd have everyone knowing 
all of the these abilities.

Weapons: In order to hit for maximum damage, you _MUST_ have the 
Celestial weapons.  Therefore, you need to have Celestial weapons for 
all of your attacking party members: Tidus, Wakka, Rikku, Kimahri, & 

Armor (IMO this is THE best armor for all of the Dark Aeons as well):
          - Break HP Limit
          - Ribbon
          - Auto-Haste
          - Auto-Protect

Stats: Although you could get by with less, I don't do anything 
halfway, so I recommend that you max both your Luck and your HP (among 
other things).  Specifically, your sphere grid node allocations should 
be very close to the following:

       HP: 333
       Strength: 60
       Defense: 62
       Magic: 59
       Magic D: 63
       MP: 25
       Agility: 63
       Luck: 60
       Evasion: 25
       Accuracy: 25


Blitz Ace, Attack Reels, and Nova are all useless (Nova is almost 
helpful, but it's quicker to just do Quick Hit three times than it is 
to do Nova once).  Tornado is where it's at - you get 2 max-damage hits 
against each arm, and about 135,000 damage against Penance.

_Phase 1 Strategy_

1) Whenever the arms regenerate, hit each 3 times and have someone 
DoubleCast Drain (with one of the casts hitting each arm).
2) Shift your attention to the Body.
3) Just before either of the arms gets a turn, bring in Auron and do 
4) Pummel the Body as much as possible.
5) Go to step #1.

Try to kill both arms simultaneously (with Tornado).  Killing the arms 
should be based on when the arms get their turn(s) - not the Body.  
There is no risk of Penance doing Judgment Day during Phase 1.

_Phase 2 Strategy_

Once Penance enters phase 2, use your very first turn to throw a 
'Purifying Salt' at him. - This is so that you Dispel the Haste status 
that he gains upon entering phase 2.

The goal is to try to toggle between the arms so that they don't 
regenerate at the same time, and simultaneously attack the body as much 
as possible.  As soon as you enter Phase 2, kill one of the arms as 
quickly as you can. Whenever an arm regenerates, hit it 3 times and use 
Lancet.  Wait as long as you can for the other arm to regenerate so 
that you can use Tornado and hit both arms.  On _rare_ occasions, the 
active arm will be about to get a turn and you won't be able to wait 
any longer for the other one to regenerate. 
- If this happens, forget about Tornado and just kill the active arm 
with Quick Hit.

When things are going perfectly, the battle will work somewhat like 

1) One of the arms regenerates (arm #2).
2) Hit arm #2 3 times and use Lancet (then attack the body).
3) The other arm regenerates (arm #1).
4) Attack arm #1 twice and use Lancet (then attack the body).
5) The body is about to get a turn, so you use Tornado.
6) Arm #2 is killed by the Tornado, and you've avoided a possible 
Judgment Day.
7) Use Entrust to refill Auron's OD gauge.
8) Attack the body.
9) Immediately before arm #1 gets a turn, kill it with a Quick Hit.
10) Attack the body.
11) Go to step #1.

Try to put off killing the arms as much as possible; the longer you 
fight without killing them, the less times you'll need to kill them 

Since you're only going to be killing one arm at a time during phase 2,
you're going to need to use Entrust to fill Auron's OD gauge whenever 
he does Tornado. - This is vital because of this strategy's heavy use 
of Tornado.

After someone is hit with Immolation, they will be afflicted with Armor 
Break and Mental Break. - This is problematic because if they're hit 
with a second Immolation, they will sustain 99,999 damage.  So, if the 
character in question has more than 17,000 HP, cast Dispel on them 
before Penance's next turn.  On the other hand, if they have less than 
17,000 HP, leave them alone and let them be killed the next time 
they're hit with Immolation.


If you get in a jam and Penance is going to get a turn with both arms 
active (in phase 2), just pull in Yuna and have her summon.  Plan your 
aeon use intelligently though, because depending upon whom you summon, 
you'll be getting different damages: Anima's Oblivion will give you 
just over 200,000 damage against each arm; Mega Flare and Energy Blast 
give you 99,999 damage against all targets; Shiva, Ifrit, and Ixion 
will give you 99,999 damage against a single arm (use their special 
attacks: Heavenly Strike, Meteor Strike, & Aerospark); Yojimbo's damage 
will vary depending upon attack.  I don't recommend using the Magus 
Sister at all. - The problem with them is that they won't die after 
they do their Delta Attack (because Immolation only hits one target). - 
That's bad because when they eventually do die, odds are real good that 
both arms will be restored and Penance will have a turn before Yuna.  
If you insist upon summoning the Magus Sisters, doing so in phase 1 
might be beneficial.  Overall, you shouldn't _NEED_ to summon more than 
2 or 3 times.  Do NOT Grand Summon - that will delay Yuna's turn.

Keep up a strong rotation of fighters, rotating in and out based on MP 
(and HP to a lesser extent).  In phase 2, Lancet with those whose MP 
gets too low.

LET PEOPLE DIE!  Full-Life is one of the most powerful spells in the 
game - USE IT.  Never waste your time with Curaga.  Use Lulu as your 
primary caster of Full-Life, and pull her out of the front-line as soon 
as you can.  Yuna should only see action if you need to summon or if 
Lulu's MP gets reduced to zero.  IMO, casting Auto-Life is a waste of 
time...  But if you're going to use it, try to cast it on everyone 
during phase 1.

_Notes (Avoiding a Stalemate)_

During Phase 2, you might get into a situation where you're falling 
behind yourself toggling between killing arms, and getting _VERY_ few 
(if any) hits in on the body. - If this happens (and you aren't a 
patient person), I
recommend the following:

Wait until the body has its turn before the arms (and both arms are 
active). Weaken (don't kill) both of the arms, and just use an aeon 
when the body gets its turn.  Basically, this is somewhat like trying 
to regress to the Phase 1 strategy where you didn't worry about the 
body's attack and just killed the arms at your leisure.  This tactic 
should buy you some time so that you can catch-up wherever you've 
fallen behind.  Of course, doing this will also cost you an aeon, so 
it's a give-and-take situation.

Using this strategy correctly, this battle should take about 35-45 


9. How strong is Penance compared to Emerald/Ruby Weapon from FF7?

Beating Penance is somewhat different from beating Emerald or Ruby. 
(And don't even talk about Hades(FF9). He's just an insect that 
happened to strayed across my path.  
Beating Emerald & Ruby, you just need Knight of the Round + Mimic or 
Beating Penance is different because: 
- it requires lots of strategies. 
- there's no attack that can deal significant damage in one blow like 
KOTR/Omnislash to save your rear. Multihit attacks like 
(BlitzAce/AttackReal/Passado/Oblivion) aren't powerful enough against 
it. They all do maximum around 200,000 damage, while this Penance has 
about 12 million HP!!! (And you won't be able to do these multihit 
attack every time.)  
- Just read the list of attacks that this thing unleashes against your 
team... that says 
it all. 
- You spend more time healing or killing regenerated parts of it. Let's 
say... out of 7 turns, you spend on average 5 turns doing some healing 
or dispelling or killing regenerated arms. You get to attack the body 
turn only one or two turns. 
Think of beating Penance as beating Emerald/Ruby without 
KOTR/Omnislash. Even using a team with god-send status + armors + 
weapons, this is no easy task, but still possible.

10. Credits

Klink-For sharing his outstanding strategy with me. Great work!

Timmy-For his great tips & some other sections.

Hyproplant-For encouraging me to make this FAQ. 

Ceeb-For giving me detail info about making FAQ.

CjayC-For posting this FAQ. :)   

For questions/Tips, please e-mail me at
Thats all! 

This FAQ is Copyright 2002 by FFXmania/Klink, and may be freely 
distributed in 
whole or part as long as proper credit is given to the author.