No Summon/S.Grid/Customization Challenge FAQ by Gestahl

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 09/06/02 | Printable Version


September 6, 2002
Version 1.1
AIM: EmperorGestahlX

I. Preface

The purpose of this FAQ is to help those who are trying to take on the 
most limiting challenge of Final Fantasy X yet. It is required that you 
have completed the game once and picked up all Al Bhed Primers 22, 23, 
24, 25, and 26 on another save file that you can access. I'll start off 
by explaining what a NSNSGNC Challenge is. Basically, there are a few 
rules that you never break during this challenge:

1. You do not activate any nodes on the Sphere Grid for anyone. You do 
not use any Sphere Levels on the Sphere Grid for anyone. You use no Key 
Spheres on the Sphere Grid for anyone.

2. You only select the Summon and Grand Summon commands a total of four 
times, when forced to by the story. This is allowed once during the 
tutorial battle in Besaid against the Garuda and three times during the 
story boss battle against three Aeons.

3. You must never customize any armor.

4. You must never customize any weapons. Powering up a Celestial Weapon 
with its Crest/Sigil, however, is legal.

Sound impossible? Pretty close. If you don't pick up some of the items 
I absolutely stress along this guide, you may be forced to downgrade to 
a NSG Challenge, as you absolutely must pick up any items you can get 
your hands on!

Now, I'm assuming that you've completed the game already. You need Al 
Bhed Primers 22-26, putting you near the end of the game, and since 
this is MUCH harder, I recommend you finish up first. Assuming that, 
until you've completed the game!

Also, on the earlier bosses I'm not going to provide much strategy. 
Consider the earlier bosses the ones before you gain your last party 
member. If you need additional help on those, please refer to my Boss 
FAQ, and you should be able to get through them. I don't expect you to 
have much difficulty on those, however.

Anyway, on to the FAQ!


II. Contact Information
If you need to contact me, please Instant Message me at EmperorGestahl 
X. I should be on often. If you warn me, I'll block you.

Any suggestions, comments, or criticisms are welcome! If you have any 
information that I am missing, by all means, tell me, and I will credit 

If you have a question that doesn't regard the NSNSGNC Challenge, I 
would prefer if you looked at a different FAQ and e-mailed its author. 
Thank you.

* Note *! I could use an ASCII artist to design a Final Fantasy X 
design. You will be credited right underneath the title! If I find out 
that you used a different artist's work, however, I will credit him. If 
he doesn't want his work on my FAQ, I'll go back to the regular one 
until a new one shows up.


III. Updates

This isn't all that in-depth, yet. Unfortunately, I rushed this version 
a bit so that I could get this out to the public quickly. However, you 
can expect me to make this a lot more in-depth soon. What it's got 
right now are all the absolutely necessary items, so that you can rest 
assured that you will NOT ever be stuck. However, it could use a bit of 
work, especially on bosses between Extractor and Evrae, but that will 
be taken care of.

TrueDFX let me know what my old strategies were, so I adjusted two boss 
strategies, and basically, all my boss strategies should be fine, now. 
If any don't work, let me know, but they all should. This was actually 
released the same day.


IV. No Summon No Sphere Grid No Customization Guide


Alright, here we go! MAKE SURE that you have a DIFFERENT file that has 
all Al Bhed Primers from 22-26! You will need this at an Al Bhed 
Compilation Sphere much later on to get 99 Underdog's Secrets, which 
will be completely mandatory! If you don't have these yet, you'll want 
to go get them and save a different file before beginning!

The game begins once again. Enter your name; I'll be using Tidus to 
refer to the main character for the rest of this FAQ. Proceed as you 
listen to Zanar reminisce about the days of Jecht. There are no items 
to worry about, but you can talk to people if you'd like. Go to the 
blitzball stadium and watch the FMV. Then, continue. You'll eventually 
hit your first NSNSGNC battle. You already know what to do. Continue to 
Attack, and Attack only the ones in front of you when dictated by 
Auron. Eventually, you will meet a boss.

<<<<Boss 1: Sinspawn Ammes, Sinscale, Sinscale, Sinscale, Sinscale,>>>> 

Sinspawn Ammes
HP: 2,400

HP: 100

Auron starts with Overdrive. Use Dragon Fang (as though you have a 
choice). All five Sinscales died regardless of how well or poorly you 
activated the Overdrive. Now, slice away at Ammes. As you probably 
know, he only uses Demi, which can't kill you. You can't lose here 
unless you kill yourself. Just attack away like you did the first time 
until you win, using Overdrives as they come to you.

Continue on. Restore HP at the save point. If you're done for now or 
you think that was pretty intense, feel free to save. Anyway, fight 
through the Sinscales and reach the Tanker battle. Simply defeat the 
Tanker and you're done with Zanarkand.

Swim around. You can get the treasure chests, but you won't need them. 
However, on the first screen, make sure to find the Al Bhed Compilation 
Sphere. You're playing through again, so why not understand what 
they're saying this time? Even if you only have the last ones, it's 
better than nothing. Anyway, soon enough, you'll hit three Sahagins. 
Geosgaeno. I won't even consider it a boss this time, since on 
Geosgaeno's third turn the battle ends regardless of what you do. Kill 
two Sahagins and Defend; you won't lose.

Now you're inside. Get the Flint and the Withered Bouquet and make a 
fire. Fight Klikk.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Boss 2: Klikk>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

HP: 1,500

Well, considering you can't summon, use the sphere grid, OR customize 
yet, this is nothing new to you at all. Take away 750 of Klikk's HP by 
simply Attacking and Rikku will join with a name in question marks and 
a different CTB face than usual. Klikk regains all his HP during this 
scene. Now, use the Grenade as dictated. Have Rikku continue to Steal, 
and have Tidus take away Klikk's 1,500 HP with Attack. If he manages to 
scare you, use a Potion. Keep strong, and even this killer battle can 
be overcome.


***If you don't have it already from your Compilation at Baaj, pick up 
Al Bhed Primer I. It's on the ship. 

Also, pay close attention to the Sphere Grid tutorial. It lists 
everything you won't be doing with the Sphere Grid (although you can 
check your stats if you'd like).

Swim along to the underwater ruins. In case you didn't notice the first 
time, this is actually your airship much later in the game. Fight 
through the Piranhas until you activate the airship. On your way out, 
you'll bump into your worst nightmare yet - Tros.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Boss 3: Tros>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

HP: 2,200

Steal from Tros and attack Tros. Once Tros loses 400 HP, he'll go hide. 
Use Stand By on both, or if you'd like to toss him a Grenade, feel free 
to. Next comes Nautilus Charge, which hits not one but two of your 
characters! Hey, I told you this challenge was intense...anyway, 
continue to fight and once Tros loses 400 more HP after his last 
Nautilus Charge, he'll hide again. Now, have Tidus use Pincer Attack, 
and he can't run away any more. He'll attack only one person from now 
on, but nobody should die. Finish this guy off.

You beat Tros! You're already on a roll. Now, unfortunately, after 
learning Rikku's identity and having a gruesome-looking meal, Sin 
attacks. Surprise! You're off to Besaid.

Welcome to Besaid. Feel free to get the Moon Crest right now, although 
you won't ever be using it. Also, talk to the Aurochs a couple time to 
receive some items. Follow Wakka and go swimming. Get the treasure 
chests if you'd like. You shouldn't have any real difficulty here.
You'll reach the village. Get some items and buy some Phoenix Downs if 
you'd like.

***Go to the Crusader's Lodge and pick up Al Bhed Primer II.

Then, go to the Temple, and then, take a nap. Finally, enter the Besaid 
Cloister of Trials. In case you forgot...

1. Touch the glyph.
2. Touch the next glyph.
3. Get the Besaid Sphere on the way. 
4. Put it in the door. 
5. Continue on and touch the next glyph you find.
6. Get the Besaid Sphere.
7. Put the Besaid Sphere on the pedestal.
8. Go back to the door you put the Besaid Sphere into and take that 
Besaid Sphere from the door.
9. Place the Besaid Sphere onto the recess found between the pedestal 
and where you are.
10.Take the Destruction Sphere.
11. Place it where you got the second Besaid Sphere near the pedestal. 
12. Take the Destruction treasure.
13. Push the pedestal onto the light.

You'll meet up with the rest of the crew and then watch Yuna summon and 
eventually catch some shuteye. In the morning, get Valefor's second 
Overdrive, Energy Blast. Why? Well, it looks good in your menu, and you 
CAN use it during the "Four Exceptions". Then leave the village.

You'll hit some Tutorial battles here. Kill the Dingo. Kill the Condor. 
Kill the Water Flan. Now, you'll hit a boss. Surprise! It's Kimahri.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Boss 4: Kimahri>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

HP: 750

...Are you actually reading this? Just attack until he dies, and if you 
get scared, use a Potion. You'll survive; I almost guarantee it.

Continue along. Now, something very remarkable will happen.

**********************NSNSGNC EXCEPTION 1: GARUDA**********************

You are forced to select either Summon or Grand Summon! However, the NS 
part of the NSNSGNC Challenge demands that you never use either of 
these commands! This is why this is one of the "Four Exceptions" to the 
Challenge. This is very rare.

Very easy, too. Call Valefor and attack away. Use Energy Ray or Energy 
Blast if you'd like.

Continue on. You'll fight another Garuda. This time, just kill it with 
your guys - don't even THINK about calling Valefor! Eventually, you'll 
reach the shore and board the S.S. Liki.

***S.S. Liki***
What a cruise. Go kick the treasure chest until you have 20 Potions. 
Then, kick it again for not giving you anymore. Meet O'aka. 

***Go into the Power Room and get Al Bhed Primer III.

Go talk to Yuna and Wakka. You'll then encounter a boss fight.

<<<<Boss 5: Sinscale, Sinscale, Sinscale; and then add Sin; and then>>> 
<<<<<Sinscale, Sinscale, Sinscale, Sinscale, and Sinspawn Echuilles>>>>

HP: 2,000

Sinspawn Echuilles
HP: 2,000

HP: 200

Kill some Sinscales until Sin becomes a target. Now, kill all Sinscales 
but one and leave it alone, as his death will bring three more. Attack 
Sin with Wakka's Attack and Lulu's Black Magic. Your only handicap is 
that Valefor is not an option. This should be simple nonetheless. 
Finish off Sin for the first time, although technically it's only its 

Now, you're up against Sinspawn Echuilles. Dark Attack can help you 
fight its Drain Touch. I don't recommend bothering with the Sinscales, 
however, as they'll come back. Just attack away and use a Potion when 
your HP gets too close to 0 for comfort, but the lack of nodes 
activated here really doesn't impact you too much yet.

You...won...? Well then, continue on. Sin obliterates portions of 
Kilika, but that's where you're going to next.

Welcome to Kilika.

***Get Al Bhed Primer IV in the bar.

Save the little girl's life, get treasure chests, what have you. None 
of it's really that important. See a weapon you like, feel free to buy 
it, but it won't be that useful. Continue on until you hit the forest. 
You'll now encounter an optional boss fight. You will fight the boss, 
but not before Kimahri automatically learns Seed Cannon.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Boss 6: Lord Ochu>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Lord Ochu
HP: 4,696

They picked a random HP value for this guy. Anyway, he's not much 
harder than you remember him, except now Earthquake can't be avoided 
with Valefor. That's not much of a problem. Use Tidus, Lulu, and Yuna, 
and attack away, use Fire, and Cure (Esuna when somebody's Poisoned). 
Make sure Tidus wakes Lord Ochu up when Lord Ochu loses half his HP and 
goes to sleep before Lord Ochu's next turn, as he gains Regen status, 
but feel free to cure up before then. Fire will do substantial enough 
damage. Really, this guy can only hit all party members with 
Earthquake, which isn't a big deal. Be sure to claim your Elixir from 

Forward, march! Get any treasure chests you want, although I don't 
remember any being particularly useful. Heal up at the save sphere, and 
if you haven't yet because I forgot about previous save spheres, SAVE! 
Run up innocently to the Kilika Temple and be surprised when...a giant 
monster attacks you! ROAR!

<<<<Boss 7: Sinspawn Geneaux, Geneaux's Tentacle, Geneaux's Tentacle>>>

Sinspawn Geneaux
HP: 3,000

Geneaux's Tentacle
HP: 450

This guy might make you flinch once. After all, you don't have Valefor. 
Anyway, let Tidus, Wakka, and Kimahri attack the Tentacles. They should 
both die in about two turns. Meanwhile, Genaux will hit you with Sigh. 
Now, you only have one threat. Have Lulu use Black Magic on it until it 
comes out to play. It will now use Venom, Water, and Staccato, in that 
order. Heal appropriately before each of his turns if you must, and 
then attack and cast spells away until this last threat is neutralized.

Oh man, those Luca Goers sure are confident. In case you didn't the 
first time, you're going to win that game this time...just because I 
said so! That, and it banks you a Strength Sphere which is useful for 
Mixes. Anyway, welcome to the Kilika Cloister of Trials! Absolutely get 
the Red Armlet now, or there's a small chance you'll be sorry later.

1. Get the Kilika Sphere.
2. Place it in the recess near the door, allowing the door to burn.
3. Remove the Kilika Sphere, allowing you to pass through the door.
4. Place the Kilika Sphere in the door to show a glyph.
5. Remove the Kilika Sphere and place it to the left or right.
6. Touch the glyph.
7. Run ahead and step onto the shining platform.
8. Take the Kilika Sphere near the platform.
9. Place the Kilika Sphere to the left or right, across from the other.
10. Take the Glyph Sphere from the pedestal, and place it where that 
Kilika Sphere just was.
11. Place one of your Kilka Spheres onto the pedestahl.
12. Push the pedestal onto the platform.
13. Run down and take that Kilika Sphere.
14. Place it near the far door, burning the door.
15. Take the Destruction Sphere from the room the Glyph Sphere opened.
16. Place it where the pedestal fell to and where the Kilika Sphere 
just was.
17. Open the Destruction Treasure.
18. Go to the far door and remove the Kilika Sphere. Proceed.

Leave the room to make Yuna hurry up. Always do this near Chambers of 
the Fayths. Anyway, you gain Ifrit, whom you may or may not use later 
on in one of the "Four Exceptions". Anyway, save and go back through 
the woods (they're tough, I know) to the ship. Fight the battles for 
items dropped or simply Escape with everyone. That's a wrap!

***S.S. WINNO***
This is a nice ship.

***Get Al Bhed Primer V in the captain's room.

Go through the scenes and then get to the Jecht Shot Challenge. I 
HIGHLY recommend learning this if you want to get the Strength Sphere, 
which, although not necessary, will be very useful and make a boss of 
your choice easier for you. To win, you will see a piece of dialogue in 
a part of the screen. If in the center, press X. If it's at the upper 
left, hold up and left and press X. It's simple if you know what to do, 
but many people miss it because they don't. So basically aim at the 
dialogue and press X. Alright, next stop, Luca.

Welcome to Luca. Go around. You can find some very nice items hidden in 
the docks...some spheres. I don't remember them off-hand, but I'll be 
sure to include which ones they are in a later version. Anyhow, make 
sure to look around behind crates.

***Get Al Bhed Primer VI in the Luca basement area.

***Get Al Bhed Primer VII near the receptionist desk.

Once Yuna is kidnapped, talk to O'aka, the merchant.


This is a weapon for Tidus with Slowtouch. This makes the Extractor 
battle MUCH easier, and is very useful for many other battles. I 
suppose you COULD get through this Challenge without it, but I demand 
you get it nonetheless. If it's too expensive, sell the Red Armlet from 
Kilika and you'll have enough Gil.

Fight through the machina. Then (gasp) it's...

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Boss 8: Oblitzerator and Crane>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

HP: 6,000

HP: 65,535

You know the drill. Have Tidus 'Use Crane' three times, while Lulu and 
Kimahri Defend. Then, have Lulu use Thunder three times, while Tidus 
and Kimahri Defend. Then, have Tidus 'Use Crane' once more. You know 
longer can lose this battle unless you kill yourself. Attack a few 
times and you're done.

Well then, it's time to blitz. Save before this. If you haven't before, 
be prepared to win.

Now, many people say this is impossible without the Jecht Shot. I'm 
personally living proof that it is possible. It's just very difficult, 
and it took me a couple hours of tries, so I don't recommend it. 
Anyway, this battle isn't unbearable. Press triangle and change it to 
Manual A. Then, just pass to Tidus (or if they got it, do that as soon 
as you get possession). Let Tidus go straight towards the goal and once 
he's right there, shoot. I almost guarantee it won't go in as defenders 
will reach you, but you gain experience as you hold the ball, and you 
want Tidus to hit Level 3 at halftime. Anyway, I have managed to score 
in the first half. If anything, try to keep it tied. Then, give Tidus 
Jecht Shot, or if you don't have it, Sphere Shot. Now, go straight to 
the goal with Tidus and if a third defender comes near, select shoot. 
As long as their are only two defenders, Jecht Shot will take care of 
them, leaving the full potential to the goalie. It's very disappointing 
when he still blocks it, but it's not likely if you're fairly close. If 
you only have the Sphere Shot, you'll probably have to break through 
the defenders with Tidus first and get pretty lucky. Anyway, you should 
be winning when Wakka comes in, and he actually can score, too. I've 
finished this game 4-0, and I don't play blitzball extensively, so I 
think that with the Jecht Shot you should be fine. If you absolutely 
can't, though, (give it at least three tries), then it's alright. If 
you win, congrats, you get a Strength Sphere! Save your game.

Fiend attack! It's a bunch of Sahagins that actually can bring you a 
Game Over with your poor stats...the first time you'll really notice a 
difference. Do use Potions as you see fit, but you shouldn't need that 
many. You'll get out fine, but you may get an annoying Game Over here 
if you don't pay attention. Then, let Auron use Attack. Finally, leave 
it to Auron and Dark Attack, and you'll finish the last fiend off. 
"Feel my pain...Come, Anima!" The great Maester, Seymour Guado, saves 
the day...right. You may have missed this, but if you go to Macalania 
Forest much later, you can find that the Guado were responsible for 
these fiends, and Seymour planned to kill them to gain the trust of 

Anyway, proceed with the plot and reach Mi'ihen Highroad. The first 
time I played through this challenge, I didn't know how tough it could 
get, so I won a Dark Matter in Blitzball. Don't bother.

However, do get Attack Reels from Blitzball. Reset until it's a prize.

Continue along the path. Random battles actually will pester you, so if 
you want, just start using Escape. You'll eventually only do that, so 
why not get used to it now?

Meet up with Belgemine. Challenge her. Select Escape. You just got a 
Seeker's Ring, and didn't Summon.

Go ahead to Rin's.

***Get Al Bhed Primer VIII from Rin.

Then, you'll see some scenes and then get a Level 1 Key Sphere. Buy 
some Phoenix Downs for good measure. Then, it's Chocobo Eater!

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Boss 9: Chocobo Eater>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Chocobo Eater
HP: 10,000

This guy can be trouble. You can always be pushed back, if you want, 
but that's not the spirit!

Lulu can use Fire. Chocobo Eater is weak against this. Auron and 
Kimahri should attack. Do over 1,200 damage to knock Chocobo Eater 
over, and do 500 more while he's on his back to push him back. This 
isn't the easiest thing in the world, but you will win this. He only 
kills one person a time, so with Phoenix Downs he's no threat. Just 
keep the pressure on and don't waste turns healing other than Phoenix 
Downs, and he'll die soon enough.

Get a chocobo. Ride it around.

***Get Al Bhed Primer IX on the road two screens ahead.

***Ride all the way down the Old Road for the Mars Crest. You WILL need 
this later, so why not grab it now?

***Talk to O'aka on Old Road. Donate to him. I donated 3,000 Gil so 
that Wantz would sell a Haste Targe later on. Personally, I've never 
seen Wantz not show up, but I've heard it's true. Make sure to donate 
at least 1,001 Gil to be safe.

Anyway, proceed. Seymour summons you to Operation Mi'ihen. For that 
reason, go that way (Clasko won't let you pass anyway).

...Boring. Escape from the battles. From now on you'll probably just 
want to do that. There are a lot of items and Gil here, so go to those 
treasure chests.

***Make sure to pick up Al Bhed Primer X, off to the left towards the 
end of the road.

Make sure that you go past the lift right before the Operation to see a 
commonly missed scene. I won't spoil it, as you may have missed it. 
Anyway, proceed. Pick up the items after talking to Wen Kinoc. Now, go 
back to O'aka near the save point. Make sure you have at least 30 
Phoenix Downs after talking to him. If you do things right, that will 
be enough. This next battle will be very long, but not nearly as hard 
as you'd expect.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Boss 10: Sinspawn Gui>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Sinspawn Gui
HP: 12,000 (6,000 Round 2)

HP: 6,000 (3,000 Round 2)

HP: 800

For some people, this boss is tough in a regular game. You're taking it 
on with beginning stats and no abilities. Sounds tough. However, do 
things right, and it's not a problem at all.

The Arms cannot hurt you. For this reason, they are no priority. The 
head can and will hurt you, and will KO characters more often than the 
body. The Head will not come back, so kill it and there's one threat 
per round.

First, use Power Break on the body with Auron, however.

How should you kill the Head? Bring out Wakka and Lulu, of course. 
Attack and use Black Magic. ALWAYS hit the Head when it starts to move 
- the Head just wasted a turn. Let Yuna and Kimahri switch out. Why? 
Kimahri's Seed Cannon can make the Head stop moving. Auron's Dragon 
Fang, however, CANNOT. Anyway, use Phoenix Downs as needed, but don't 
waste Potions as you'll probably die anyway. The Head WILL go down.

Now, continue to have Lulu attack. Let Auron attack the arms. Let Yuna 
use Cure on Auron or Phoenix Downs. When both arms are dead, let Tidus 
switch for Yuna and attack. If Yuna is killed, have Auron and not Lulu 
use a Phoenix Down. The body will alternate between Demi and Attack, at 
best killing someone every other turn. If you don't worry about Potions 
and keep using Black Magic, he'll die. Not as bad as you thought, eh?

Oh right...he comes back. Seymour can win this single-handedly with his 
second level Black Magic spells. Keep the other characters alive for 
their much-needed AP if you'd like (sarcasm). However, I do recommend 
letting Seymour keep healing himself until he hits Overdrive. It's your 
only chance to see Requiem in the game, so if you didn't before, why 
miss it twice?

Congratulations; you're done here, and your NSNSGNC Challenge is 
finally beginning to start.

Nice place. Talk to everyone and keep the plot moving. Save, and make 
sure to talk to people.

***Pick up Al Bhed Primer XI to the left.

***IMPORTANT! Get into a battle with Basilisks and allow Kimahri to use 
Lancet. He will learn Stone Breath. I'm requiring it for the Al Bhed 
HOME battles, so GET IT! It's probably possible without it, but why 
make your life difficult? Get Stone Breath!

Continue on to Djose Temple. Simply Escape from battles to save 
yourself time and energy. I think there's a Mega Phoenix in the temple, 
which obviously will be very useful to you. Anyway, the Cloysters...

1. Take one of the Djose Spheres.
2. Stick it in one of the door's recesses.
3. Take the other Djose Sphere.
4. Stick it in the other recess.
5. Proceed forward, and take one of the Djose Spheres.
6. Stick it to the far right.
7. Take the other Djose Sphere.
8. Stick it near the other sphere, to the far right.
9. Push the pedestal to the right.
10. Step on the shining platform.
11. Take the "charged" Djose Sphere from the pedestal.
12. Place the "charged" Djose Sphere to the right of the door, opening 
13. Take one of the remaining Djose Spheres.
14. Place it on the pedestal.
15. Take the remaining Djose Sphere.
16. Place it on the pedestal.
17. Push the pedestal forward into the pit.
18. Hop across the pit.
19. Push in the sphere.
20. Hop back across the pit.
21. Take the "charged" Djose Sphere.
22. Place the "charged" Djose Sphere to the left of the door.
23. Take one of the remaining spheres.
24. Place it to the left or right, near the beginning.
25. Take the remaining Djose Sphere.
26. Place it in the remaining recess near the beginning.
27. Touch the faint glyph to the left of where the pedestal was.
28. Take the Destruction Sphere.
29. Ride up the lift.
30. Push in all the spheres upstairs.
31. Place the Destruction Sphere in the new pedestal.
32. Take the Destruction Treasure, and continue on.

That was fun. Continue with the plot, and you're basically done here.

Ah, the Moonflow. How calm, how forgettable. This long 
path is full of enemies to Escape from, and don't hold back on 
exorcising that freedom. You may fight Belgemine. You may also select 
Escape. There, you've got a Summoner's Soul, and haven't broken the 
rules. Anyway, you reach the port, which has some items to buy (which 
will be a good idea, but choose your merchant wisely). LET TIDUS EQUIP 
THE STUNNING STEEL. Now, go out to sea.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Boss 11: Extractor>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

HP: 4,000

This will really surprise you. This immensely easy battle is now one 
that demands an item from earlier, and is QUITE difficult! You CAN win 
without it, but it requires some Lightning Strike weapons, some 
Overdrives, and a lot of items. Anyway! Attack until this enemy 
receives Slow. Then, you should be okay. Concentrate on bringing him 
down from "Readying Depth Charges" and THEN heal afterwards. Use 
Attacks, Overdrives - anything you can! This isn't really too tough if 
you get him into Slow, but make sure to heal a lot when your HP is low. 
Don't hold back with the items!

Alright, back at the next port/wharf. Here's an idea!

***Get Al Bhed Primer XII in the next screen by walking a little up and 
to the right; it's elevated.

Continue along, and you finally meet the best character in the game. 
It's Rikku, and she's going to get you past just about every single 
boss that follows. Oh, and in her tutorial battle, don't waste the Bomb 
Cores, for heaven's sake! Use two Potions, and then Escape. Anyway, 
continue along until you reach Guadosalam.

Fun place.

***Pick up Al Bhed Primer XIII in one of the rooms.

Anyway, play through this place. Off to the left on the screen leading 
to the Farplane, there's a hidden treasure chest that you can't see. 
Open it. You get 8 Lightning Marbles, great for Mix, the best 
Overdrive. Make sure to go see O'aka and if you don't have any SOS 
NulShock armor, buy one for someone...preferably Rikku. The Thunder 
Plains can be quite tough; you will be surprised.

You can dodge 200 lightning bolts if you'd like. You won't need it to 
complete the game, though. Anyway, what you want to do is GET TO RIN'S! 
You are VERY vulnerable here until then, as this is the first dangerous 
place, and you're without a First Strike weapon - the only place in the 
game like that! Use Escape, and let whoever has SOS NulShock be killed. 
From then on, keep that person in the party, who will use Escape always 
- if everybody else is killed by Thunder, that person will be the only 
survivor. Don't bother to heal HP between battles. Anyway, you will 
reach Rin's.

***Get Al Bhed Primer XIV from Rin by being enthusiastic about the Al 
Bhed language.

IMPORTANT: Then, proceed with the story. MAKE SURE to pick up the 
Yellow Shield for Tidus. Now, despite his HP, he will ALWAYS take 0 
damage from Lightning, as is has Lightning Proof. VERY useful! Keep 
Tidus at full HP and wearing this shield! Now, in every battle, let 
Tidus use Escape and have Rikku use Steal until she dies. You want a 
hefty amount of Electro Marbles and Lightning Marbles for the next 
couple boss battles; I'd recommend 15 of each to be safe (until I go 
back through this FAQ and find the exact numbers). Steal from everyone, 
too. You definitely will need a couple Lunar Curtains, so steal them 
from Larvae. Actually, you'll want one much later one for Evrae and 
Super Mighty G, now that I think about it. Stealing some Light Curtains 
from Iron Giants could prove helpful, too.

Steal 15 Electro Marbles, 15 Lightning Marbles, 5 Lunar Curtains, and 5 
Light Curtains.

You'll get to Macalania soon enough. If you want, activate the Cactuar 
Stones by pressing square to them, and steal a Chocobo Feather from one 
of them. You'll need them for Sanctuary Keeper, but you CAN get them on 
Bikanel later, which is where I'll demand it.

This place is tough. However, get to the end of it and you get one of 
the two best weapons in the game. This will make all random battles a 
breeze, so just get through here! Anyway, you won't generally hit a 
situation you can't escape from. Unlike the Thunder Plains, few enemies 
hit all characters for deadly damage. Use Cure between battles and keep 
Rikku/Tidus in your party so you can Escape early. Remember, if just 
one person Escapes, it's not Game Over! Get to O'aka, and tell him he's 

***Buy the Sonic Steel!***

This weapon has First Strike. Now, in any random battle, you can Escape 
before risking death. Also, against many difficult bosses, including 
the final boss, this weapon is an ABSOLUTE MUST-HAVE! Get it now! 
Otherwise, you'll have to downgrade from a NSNSGNC Challenge, because 
it's absolutely impossible without this. Buy it and equip it, and sell 
any excess equipment. Anyway, that said, continue along.

***Pick up Al Bhed Primer XV on a path to the right.

Then - surprise! It's Spherimorph.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Boss 12: Spherimorph>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

HP: 20,000

Fight until Spherimorph uses Water. Then, let Rikku Mix two Electro 
Marbles for a Rolling Thunder. Heal in the meantime with Cure and 
Phoenix Downs. Then, let Rikku attack him a couple times until her 
Overdrive is full - keep her HP up with Cure. Repeat this process two 
to three times, and you've won. Just make sure you're not healing him, 
so before every Rolling Thunder, he must counter with Water!

You're back on track, now. Continue to Rin's and save. Use Escape 
immediately with Tidus in every battle until then, and you see the 
wonder of this weapon.

*Pick up Al Bhed Primer XVI to the left of Rin's.

It's now time for Crawler, who's actually one of the hardest bosses 
you'll fight.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Boss 13: Crawler and Negator>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

HP: 16,000

HP: 1,000

This battle will be your worst nightmare. Have Tidus equipped with the 
Sonic Steel and let him switch weapons to the Stunning Steel. Then, let 
him attack, and hope you slow down Crawler and Negator. Have Rikku 
ready with a full Overdrive and use a Lightning Marble on Negator; if 
he doesn't die, have Wakka attack. Crawler will now begin the 
countdown. Let Rikku Mix two Electro Marbles, giving you a Rolling 
Thunder. Then, have her Use Lightning Marbles away until Crawler 
counters her with Assault (which will fill up her Overdrive), and try 
to get in another turn in which you use Rolling Thunder Again.

You're at Macalania Temple, now. For the record, the person you ride 
with can vary from game to game, as its determined by the affection 
meter. It increases for a person when you revive her in battle, speak 
to her first in a room such as a before the Chamber of the Fayth, or 
answer her nicely when given options. Anyway, continue along. Don't 
miss the treasures. Buy up a lot of Phoenix Downs. Also, go ahead and 
get Tidus, Rikku, and Kimahri into Overdrive right now, because you're 
at the toughest boss yet.

<<Boss 14: * Spoilers * Seymour, Guado Guardian, Guado Guardian; then>> 
<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Anima; and then Seymour>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

HP: 6,000

Guado Guardian
HP: 2,000

HP: 18,000

This battle is tough. Have Tidus equipped with the Sonic Steel. Let him 
switch to Kimahri, who will use the Ronso Rage Stone Breath. This will 
kill both Guado Guardians immediately. Simple, eh?

Keep everyone alive until you can switch Kimahri out for Tidus, using 
Phoenix Downs as necessary. Then, let Tidus use Talk. Even if he dies, 
he's much more powerful for the rest of the battle. Now, let him attack 
away until one more hit will bring Seymour's HP to under 3,000. Make 
your party Tidus, Rikku, and Auron. Now, wait until Seymour uses 
Blizzard. Then, let Rikku Use a Lunar Curtain on Auron, and have Tidus 
finish Seymour.

Now, you're at Anima. This is where the NS part of the Challenge REALLY 
shows you how much tougher it makes things. You have to kill Anima AND 
her 18,000 HP BEFORE she uses Oblivion! It's still possible, however. 
First, let Rikku Mix a Chaos Grenade. A nice way to make one would be 
Grenade + Strength Sphere. You should have plenty of Grenades from 
earlier, and a Strength Sphere from Blitzball, too. If not, don't 
worry, you should have gotten some other spheres from behind crates in 
Luca, so use them instead. If you have no Grenades, go back outside and 
steal a Sleeping Powder from a Snow Wolf, and Mix that with a Sphere. 
There are plenty of ways to Mix one. Anyway, it SHOULD do 9,999, but if 
it does less, you can still win. You'll now want to use Slice&Dice with 
Tidus (or if you don't have it, Spiral Cut) and Attack with Auron. Let 
Rikku use Lightning Marbles. Remember, Anima alternates between Boost 
and Pain, so every two turns you'll be using a Phoenix Down. NEVER have 
Rikku use one, so make it Auron, or if he's dead, Tidus. RIGHT BEFORE 
Anima dies, let Rikku use a Lunar Curtain on Auron, and have someone 
else use a Hi-Potion on him. Then, finish off Anima. If you didn't get 
9,999 on the Chaos Grenade, it will be very close.

Then, it's Seymour. He's got 6,000 HP again, and is VERY deadly. He 
uses two spells in a row, and these are very dangerous. He'll start off 
with Multi-Thundara. This will do 0 to Tidus, and with the Lunar 
Curtain, Auron can survive one hit. If Rikku is not hit, let Auron use 
a Hi-Potion, Tidus use attack, and Rikku throw him a Lightning Marble. 
If Tidus is not hit, let Tidus attack and let Auron use a Hi-Potion and 
Phoenix Down. If Auron is not hit, let Tidus use attack and let Auron 
use a Phoenix Down. You now need to survive three more attacks of 
Seymour's until he uses Multi-Thundara and cuts you some slack.

This is really the hardest part of the battle. You want him to always 
hit Auron, who will always use a Hi-Potion. If he hits Auron and one 
other person, Auron uses a Hi-Potion and the other attack or use a 
Lightning Marble. Then, the other person will die, which is where it 
gets hard.
Once only Auron is alive, let Auron use a Hi-Potion on himself and a 
Phoenix Down on Tidus. Repeat this, and once he uses Multi-Thundara, 
let Auron use a Hi-Potion on himself, a Phoenix Down on Rikku, and have 
Tidus attack. You can finish off Seymour this way if you take your 

If Rikku hits Overdrive, the second she gets a turn, let her Mix a 
Rolling Thunder (two Electro Marbles, or if you're out, two Lightning 
Marbles). You'll win.

This is a VERY tough battle, but get past it, and soon enough you'll be 
heading towards a bunch of pretty easy boss battles.

Well, that was fun. What isn't, however, is Macalania's Cloister of 
Trials. This one's pretty easy, but I don't remember exactly how to do 
it, so play until you complete it, and then step on the shining 
platform at the top. Then, push the pedestal and step on the shining 
glyph on the bottom, and you'll have a Destruction Sphere. Simply re-
complete the puzzle and place the Destruction Sphere in the basement 
level for a Luck Sphere. I'll make this more in-depth in my next 

Anyway, run along the path, and stock up on some Phoenix Downs. Escape 
with Tidus in each battle and fill everyone else's Overdrives up, all 
the while letting Rikku steal. But...oh no - it's Wendigo! Hey, that 
rhymed. Remember - once you get to the airship, you're safe, and this 
is the last boss before then!

<<<<<<<<<<<<Boss 15: Wendigo, Guado Guardian, Guado Guardian>>>>>>>>>>>

HP: 18,000

Guado Guardian
HP: 1,200

Tidus should switch to Kimahri. Kimahri should use Stone Breath. Now, 
only one person can die per turn, and possibly less if Wakka uses Dark 

To be perfectly honest, I don't remember any special strategies for 
this guy. Use a Rolling Thunder if you still have the ingredients, or 
just Use the items - what have you. You really won't lose here if you 
keep everyone alive. Quite simple, really, and I don't know what to 

Save your game if for some reason you didn't already. Things aren't so 
bad, because you don't even notice the NS aspect of the game. Anyway, 
take the treasures in the water and then entire the Zu battle. Oddly 
enough, Lulu manages to use Thundara, even though she doesn't have the 
ability. Isn't that odd? Anyway, once Auron and Lulu join, just Escape. 
I actually fought this battle out forgetting about Escape, and it's not 
impossible, but I don't recommend wasting your time.

Anyway, this challenge is REALLY starting to get tough! I suggest you 
always win battles against machina using Steal, but still have Tidus 
Escape to be safe. Don't waste Phoenix Downs. However, to heal between 
battles, you'll have to use items, as Yuna's not here (in case you 
didn't notice).

Get every treasure chest you can. You'll get Al Bhed Potions and even a 
Level 2 Key Sphere. There will be more info on this in the next update. 
Anyway, eventually you'll get to the save near the intersection sign.

***First, go right towards HOME, and take Al Bhed Primer XVIII.

No, I didn't forget XVII. Now, go back to the intersection, 
save/restore HP, and go left.

***Go behind the ruins to your right and then go into it for Al Bhed 
Primer XVII.

Now, continue down this path. You should still be having Tidus use 
Escape and Rikku Steal until death. The third character doesn't matter, 
but I used Auron. Anyway, on the next screen, there will be whirlpools 
with Sandragoras. This will make things tough for you, so I recommend 
that you fight until everybody dies once. To do this, let somebody else 
Escape and let Tidus fight until death in a battle it's safe. Now, 
fight a Sandragora.

Sandragoras like to confuse your characters. However, they also add a 
little bit of damage, and with low HP, they'll be killing you. Simply 
let them do that, and then have Auron use Shooting Star. You'll get 
some nice treasure chests. Also, off to the left is the Mercury Crest 
for Rikku, although you don't need it. Anyway, get them all (very nice 
treasures), fill up Kimahri's Overdrive, and proceed towards HOME.

Chocobo Feather, or else you won't be defeating Sanctuary Keeper. I 
recommend you steal at least FIVE, so that you can use some on 
Feather and one Chocobo Wing, if you got lucky)! Steal more, and you'll 
be better off in some battles, too.

Now, go to HOME.

This place gives regular players difficulty - how can we get past it? 
Kimahri's Stone Breath is the answer. What you're going to do is win a 
battle and run back to Sanubia to fill Kimahri's Overdrive again. 
Repeat this until you get to the far save point in HOME, BEFORE Rikku 
and Wakka agree that this place is done for. You now have three 
remaining Al Bhed Primers to get if they're not already on your Al Bhed 
Compilation Sphere Save, but if they are, you can still get some good 
things. Also, at the save, you can get into a random battle from which 
you can escape, so just let Tidus Escape and Kimahri can now fill his 
Overdrive here without having to backtrack to Sanubia.

***At the entrance, get Al Bhed Primer XIX.

Now, after going down the staircase, enter the door to your left. You 
can choose to get an Elixir with all the Al Bhed Primers you have.

***In this room, make sure to get Al Bhed Primer XX.

Proceed down the hallway towards the save. Go the right.

***Make sure to pick up Al Bhed Primer XXI at the end of this hallway.

Go to the right and solve some more Al Bhed puzzles. You now should 
have every single Primer (unless you didn't compile yet), so it should 
be easy enough to decipher. You'll get two good spheres. Now, make sure 
Kimahri has an Overdrive, save, and continue. Use Stone Breath. In this 
room, you can get a Level 4 Key Sphere and a Level 2 Key Sphere. Get 
them! In the next room, after the scene, pick up the 10,000 Gil. Then, 
go to the airship.

BEFORE YOU PROCEED: Make sure that you have a Stunning Steel, a Sonic 
Steel, 5 Chocobo Feathers, and the Ronso Rage Stone Breath. With these, 
you're fine.

***Now, leave the deck and go up. Find the Al Bhed Compilation Sphere. 
You now should have all Al Bhed Primers; if not, and you didn't listen 
to my warning earlier, keep this save and go back to a regular file and 
get the rest. If you want, you can save, use the sphere grid, and 
proceed, and then save in a DIFFERENT file. This way, you can get Al 
Bhed Primer XXII. You can get all the rest on a normal file. Then, come 
back to your NSNSGNC Challenge file on the airship and compile. After 
this, talk to Rin. You will receive 99 Underdog's Secrets.

Alright, let me just give you a little background, here. You're about 
to go up against Evrae and the infamous wedding scene. The wedding 
scene was one of the parts that was argued to be impossible, as in the 
past, you needed to customize Fireproof armor for the flamethrower 
monks, as one flamethrower hit means Game Over. However, it WAS 
overcome. Before these battles, get Rikku, Auron, and Kimahri into 
Overdrive. Steal a few Bomb Cores from Bombs on the airship. Buy a lot 
of Phoenix Downs and Hi-Potions from Rin. This will be very tricky, but 
you'll be fine if you do what I say.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Boss 16: Evrae>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

HP: 32,000

Many of you may remember Evrae and completely hate him. He gives many 
people trouble in a regular game. You can hardly survive anything he'll 
be doing! However, luckily you've got the great Gestahl as your guide, 
so we'll get past him.

Remember those 99 Underdog's Secrets? You can Mix two for a Sunburst, 
which deals 19,998 damage to each target. No, don't use it yet! You 
want to get Evrae down to around that much HP first, and THEN use it. 
That way, Evrae won't hit Haste.

Use Pull Back. Have Rikku Mix a Super Mighty G (Lunar Curtain + Bomb 
Core). Now, let Evrae use his weak Photon Spray, and use Al Bhed 
Potions to heal up in the meanwhile. Let Cid use his Guided Missiles 
three times. You'll now need to deal about 3,000 more damage to Evrae, 
but first, make sure Rikku has another Overdrive.

To do that, Move In, and let Rikku Use some powerful items. Use Dark 
Attack and Power Break while you're at it, and make SURE to Pull Back 
if Evrae inhales. Otherwise, Phoenix Downs and Softs should get you by 
fine. Once Evrae hits 20,000 HP, use a Sunburst, and attack once if he 
REALLY was at 20,000 HP. You'll win.

Why not use two Sunbursts in a row? It's a good question. One Sunburst 
would bring Evrae to around 12,000 HP, and he still wouldn't hit Haste. 
HOWEVER, it's easiest to fill up your Overdrive when you've pulled 
back. Still, even Super Mighty G, Sunburst, Sunburst wouldn't work. The 
reason is that if Cid uses one Guided Missiles after the first 
Sunburst, Evrae WILL hit Haste, and he'll probably kill you before 
Rikku gets a chance to get or use her Overdrive. However, if you'd like 
to try that, be my guest.

*********************NSNSGNC NIGHTMARE: THE WEDDING********************

Before entering battle, put Tidus with the Stunning Steel in your 
party. Take Auron out.

Tidus starts. Have him switch to Auron. Let Auron use his Overdrive, 
Shooting Star on the Flamethrower Monk. You're now safe. In fact, 
you're very safe. Attack until you kill one of them, and then bring 
Rikku in. Let the one guard slowly but surely fill up Rikku and Auron's 
Overdrives. Sure, it will take a while, but it's a necessity. Use Al 
Bhed Potions, Hi-Potions, and Phoenix Downs to accomplish this. Once 
both have Overdrives, finish the battle.

Put Tidus in your party, equipped with the Stunning Steel. Take Rikku 

You open with Tidus. Let him switch to Rikku, who Mixes two Underdog's 
Secrets for a Sunburst, winning the battle.

Before entering battle, put Tidus with the Stunning Steel in your 
party. Take Auron out.

Tidus starts. Have him switch to Auron. Let Auron use his Overdrive, 
Shooting Star on the Flamethrower Monk. Once again, kill one remaining 
monk and let the other fill up your Overdrives. This time, he only 
needs to fill up Rikku's, actually, so just kill him once she has one. 
Yes, it's boring, but this is one of the hardest parts of the Challenge 
to get through.

Put Tidus in your party, equipped with the Stunning Steel. Take Rikku 

You open with Tidus. Mix a Sunburst. You win.

Put Tidus, equipped with Stunning Steel, in your party. Take KIMAHRI 

This one's different. There are TWO flamethrower monks. In the 
distance, there's a cannon enemy who will kill everybody in one hit 
while he's far away, and one at a time if you're close. You need to get 
near him immediately, so you have to kill the flamethrower monks 
immediately. Tidus opens, so let him switch to Kimahri. Let Kimahri use 
Stone Breath. You now move up to the cannon, the final enemy of the 
wedding. Like Wendigo, he kills one enemy at a time, so simply use 
Phoenix Downs and attack away until he dies. Use Overdrives, use 
anything, you've basically won.

Whew! Congratulations, you're through the nightmare. You've got a 
couple easy boss battles from now on. Now, go ahead and save. The 
Bevelle Cloister of Trials is ahead. By the way, the Al Bhed Primer 
XXII is IN THE TEMPLE, right before the Cloisters, not outside of it, 
so if you're playing ahead a bit just to get this before the Evrae 
battle, look there. Anyway, the Bevelle Cloister is easy enough, and 
the optional Knight Lance, while good, probably won't be used, so just 
complete this one. I'll probably add how in a later FAQ.

Anyway, welcome to the Via Purifico. I highly recommend finding any 
treasure chests you can, particularly a White Magic Sphere, a Black 
Magic Sphere, and 10,000 Gil. You WILL need 90,000+ Gil later on for a 
Haste Targe on Gagazet, mind you. However, you CAN just go ahead. 
Anyway, just go ahead and save, collecting Auron, Kimahri, and Lulu if 
you'd like (yes, you can get Lulu, she's hidden off to the left). Soon, 
you'll encounter Isaaru.

**********************NSNSGNC EXCEPTION 2: GROTHIA*********************

You may summon. Bring in Ixion and attack around four times, then use 
Thor's Hammer.

**********************NSNSGNC EXCEPTION 3: PTERYA**********************

You may summon. Call Bahamut. Attack seven to eight times, then use 
Mega Flare. Don't worry about Pterya's Overdrive, Energy Ray.

***********************NSNSGNC EXCEPTION 4: SPATHI*********************

You may summon. Call Shiva. Use Blizzara. Repeat this until you run out 
of MP. Then, use Blizzard. Once Spathi hits Countdown: 1, use Shield. 
Repeat again, but once you can't cast Blizzard, just attack. Shield at 
Countdown: 1. Finally, attack until Coundown: 1, and then use Diamond 

Finally! The last of the "Four Exceptions" have been defeated, and you 
under ANY circumstances for the rest of the game. Wonderful! Now, 
you're Tidus. Swim a lot.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Boss 17: Evrae Altana>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Evrae Altana

Use two Phoenix Downs. Why did I bother to make the fancy design? 

Swim on. Watch the scene. Save. Buy some things. Save. Run to the next 
save point. Save. That's a lot of saving. These battles here are a bit 
annoying, but they're not awful with your Sonic Steel + Escape 
strategy, along with your Steal until you die strategy. Anyway, you now 
hit Seymour Natus, considered impossible in this challenge by several 
major NSG players. What do you need to do? Get Rikku an Overdrive and 
equip Tidus with the Sonic Steel. That's it!

<<<<<<<<<<<<Boss 18: * Spoilers * Seymour Natus and Mortibody>>>>>>>>>>

Seymour Natus
HP: 36,000

HP: 4,000/3,000/2,000/1,000

Okay, this is quite simple. The reason this was considered impossible, 
at least if you didn't get some element-proof armor, is that Natus uses 
Multi-spells. Well, switch to Rikku and use Sunburst. Natus is now in 
Phase 2 of his HP, which means he uses Break and NOT multi-spells. Not 
a problem now, eh? Use a lot of Softs or Al Bhed Potions to make sure 
that nobody gets shattered. Mortibody, in the meantime, will use 
Shattering Claw. Let him do this to Rikku until she hits Overdrive, 
keeping everyone alive and not petrified, and then use a second 
Sunburst. Those Underdog's Secrets sure are useful, aren't they?

You're through Bevelle! It wasn't as bad as you were expecting, was it? 
And soon, you'll get 30 of the best items in the game...things sure are 
looking up! Oh, you go to Macalania Forest. Watch the scenes, then go 
to the Calm Lands.

Go to Rin's. Save. Buy up some items, but bear in mind that pretty 
soon, you're going to be purchasing a Haste Targe for 90,000+ Gil. Sell 
excess equipment. Anyway, look around for a stationary chocobo rider. 
Now, choose to ride a chocobo. Ride back towards Macalania, but go a 
little past it to the right. "Talk" to the chocobo feather, and you've 
found Remiem Temple.

***At Remiem, go to the left. See the sphere on how to ride. Now go to 
the right. Ride the chocobo. In this race, first win, and you have the 
Cloudy Mirror. This is important. More importantly, however, is to race 
again and get three treasure chests. Go straight for the first chest, 
then go down, up, and back for the second, and then continue forward 
for the third, and win without touching any poles. You just got 30 
Wings to Discovery, and two Mix for TRIO OF 9,999, the single best move 
in the NSNSGNC Challenge.

Now, proceed through the Calm Lands. You can dismount your chocobo to 
steal some items. Don't buy Capture weapons (yet), as you want to save 
Gil for that Haste Targe. Stealing some Poison Fangs could be useful.

***If you don't have it yet, play Blitzball to get Attack Reels. Reset 
until it's a prize, and then save after each game. You can do this at 
any save, but I suggest doing it now.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Boss 19: Defender X>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Defender X
HP: 64,000

Make this battle quick and have Rikku Mix two Wings to Discovery. Now, 
every single action that you perform will be for a minimum of 9,999 
points of damage. Cure? You gained 9,999 HP. Attack? You did 9,999 
points. Now, let Wakka use Attack Reels and hit 12 times. You just did 
119,988 points of damage, and won the battle.

That was tough! Anyway, go down to the Scar below the bridge. Don't 
enter the cave, but instead get the Rusty Sword. Now, run out of there, 
and save again. Then, proceed to Gagazet, and fight two bosses at once.

<<<<<<<<<<<<Boss 20: * Spoilers * Biran Ronso and Yenke Ronso>>>>>>>>>>

Biran Ronso
HP: About 175% of Kimahri's

Yenke Ronso
HP: About 133.33% of Kimahri's

Many people fear this battle. Kimahri's weak! With no stats, what can 
he do? The thing is, Biran and Yenke are always as strong as him, so 
this is just as easy as before.

Use Lancet three times on each. Then, bring both to critical HP, but 
kill neither. Now, use Lancet again on both, and learn White Wind and 
Mighty Guard. Then, win. Use Potions when necessary, which isn't often.

Save. Now, continue. Tidus always uses Escape and Rikku always Steals, 
unless Tidus fails to Escape, in which case she does. Never leave three 
people in battle on the enemy's turn. There's a Level 4 Key Sphere. 
Soon you'll find Wantz.

***Sell any useless equipment you have. Include Kimahri's equipment and 
Yuna's equipment in this list. Do whatever you can until you buy the 
Haste Targe for Rikku. You must get this item.

Anyway, continue to hike and eventually save. Soon, it's everybody's 
friend, Seymour.

<<<<<<<<<<<Boss 21: * Spoilers * Seymour Flux and Mortiorchis>>>>>>>>>>

Seymour Flux
HP: 70,000

HP: 4,000/3,000/2,000/1,000

I had luck with this battle. I used Trio of 9,999 and then Attack Reels 
and won. You may not be so lucky. In that case, make your party Tidus, 
Wakka, and Lulu. Have Rikku, Wakka, and Lulu with Overdrives. Switch to 
Rikku for Trio of 9,999, and then use Attack Reels and Fury. Hopefully 
you'll win. I had no trouble with this, but I was lucky, so it may take 
you a few tries.

Continue forward a lot. You remember how to do this; hit the target 
with Wakka's ball; send Tidus, Rikku, and Wakka into the right holes; 
leave. However, make sure to steal a lot when underwater for Water 
Gems. These hit 5 times with Use. If Rikku has "9,999" status, then 
even without an Overdrive, she can do 49,995 points per turn! Get a lot 
of these. Also, there are some nice Spheres here for Mixing, which 
might be useful for capturing later, so get them. Save each time you 
pass a save point, and then save before Sanctuary Keeper.

Some background: Many NSG experts argued that you simply could not beat 
Sanctuary Keeper in this game. You had to either summon or customize, 
since he opens with Photon Wings. However, I still managed to get 
through, but it's a little tricky, and if you forgot that Chocobo 
Feather from Bikanel, you're in trouble.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Boss 22: Sanctuary Keeper>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Sanctuary Keeper
HP: 40,000

Before battle, equip Tidus with Sonic Steel. Let Rikku die in a random 
battle, and do not heal her or save after this. Equip her with the 
Haste Targe. Finally, give her and Wakka both Overdrives. Enter battle 
with Tidus, Wakka, and someone who isn't Rikku.

Tidus opens with Sonic Steel. Let him switch to Rikku. Now, this is 
where it gets tricky. Her SOS Haste is working, as she has 1 HP. She 
can get two turns in a row if she uses an item. Let her Use a Chocobo 
Feather on Wakka, who will now also get a turn before Sanctuary Keeper. 
Now, Mix Trio of 9,999, and then use Attack Reels. You just managed to 
kill Sanctuary Keeper before his first turn, and won!

Continue along the path. Save. You're now in the present - hurray! 
Soon, you'll hit the place we started this all.

Okay, it's changed a bit, but it's still home sweet home. The usual 
Escape and Steal pattern works its charm here again. Get any treasures, 
but I don't remember anything that helpful. You've got two more bosses 
until the airship, in which case you can access anything you'll need. 
Get through them, and you've won. Anyway, proceed until you hit the 
Cloister of Trials. You can't even get the Destruction Sphere now, so 
just proceed, save, and then fight the boss.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Boss 23: Spectral Keeper>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Spectral Keeper
HP: 52,000

I bet you can figure this one out on your own. Trio of 9,999 and Attack 
Reels will win this one. If your first reel is a 1, make the other two 
1 and you will even still kill this guy. Not tough at all.

Continue forward. Save. Watch the scenes. Go back and save. Fight the 

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Boss 24: * Spoilers * Yunalesca>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

HP: 24,000 (Round 1), 48,000 (Round 2), 60,000 (Round 3)

This requires strategy, but it's much easier than you'd expect. She's 
actually pretty weak. Make your party Rikku, Tidus, and Wakka. First, 
use Chocobo Feathers on everyone. Don't attack her, or she'll counter 
you and you'll lose Haste. Tidus and Wakka should use Hi-Potions. Then, 
use Trio of 9,999. Hi-Potions still. Make sure that Rikku, Tidus, and 
Wakka have three turns in a row, in that order (use Weapon/Armor to 
change the order). THEN, use a Water Gem from Gagazet, and she's dead.

She opens now with Hellbiter. This won't kill you...not even close. Use 
Slice&Dice. She's gone.

She now uses Mega Death. It misses everyone. Use Attack Reels. You've 

I actually messed up on Attack Reels and still won. She's really pretty 
simple, and not much of a threat. Improvise a bit - this battle 
probably gave you trouble the first time, and now you can beat her with 
no stats or abilities! If you mess up, let Rikku use a Water Gem on her 
turn. You definitely won't have trouble here. You can win without 
Chocobo Feathers, even, but if you want to be safe, just use them.

You've reached the airship. There are no more permanently missable 
items, so if you still have your Sonic Steel, you won't get stuck. For 
that reason, there are no more alerts, but I suggest you get all the 
items I tell you to. Anyway, not many bosses left, anymore. You've now 
got one of the toughest battles in the game up, next - the three-part 
one with Sin. You've got to kill both Fins and then Genais and Sin - 
not easy. You're actually going to be in very risky situations quite a 
lot, and probably lose a few times. However, you WILL get through this. 
Beforehand, get Rikku, Wakka, Lulu, and Tidus into Overdrive. Good 
luck. Make your party Tidus, Wakka, and Lulu.

<<Boss 25: Left Fin, and then Right Fin, and then Sinspawn Genais and>> 

Left Fin
HP: 65,000

Right Fin
HP: 65,000

HP: 36,000

Sinspawn Genais
HP: 20,000

Open with Tidus switching to Rikku. Use Trio of 9,999. Have Wakka 
switch out for Auron. Now, Move In, and let Rikku use a Light Curtain 
on Auron. You should have some from Iron Giants - if not, you can go 
back to the Thunder Plains and get some. Auron ALWAYS defends. Now, 
simply continue to Defend, and Left Fin will either charge for Gravija 
and then use it (in which case an Al Bhed Potion would be useful), or 
attack everyone. If he attacks everyone, he delays Auron a bit. Auron 
can survive two rams, but if a third it used, it's Game Over. If he 
uses one or two attacks, use some Phoenix Downs, or to be safe, a Mega 
Phoenix. Continue this until Rikku has an Overdrive. Then, switch Wakka 
in, and let him use Attack Reels.

Repeat the exact same strategy as above. If you did it once, you can do 
it twice. Trio of 9,999, switch out Wakka, Move In, and wait until 
Rikku hits Overdrive. Then, use Attack Reels. If you finish off Right 
Fin and Rikku has an Overdrive, you've basically won.

This is a little tricky. I recommend simply Mixing a Sunburst and then 
attacking physically with anybody (Genais will have 2 HP left). Genais 
will be a threat. Sin won't. Sin will only kill you with weak counters, 
and use Gravija on his turns. So basically, just wait until Rikku hits 
Overdrive, keeping her HP up so that she'll take more damage, and then 
put everybody at high HP in case somehow you mess up on the items and 
use a Sunburst. You win.

Easier said than done, I know, but if you can finish off Left Fin as 
shown above, you can beat Right Fin, and thus, you can win. Just keep 
at it - it takes a couple of tries.

What now? Fight Sin.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Boss 26: * Spoilers! * Sin>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

HP: 140,000

This is easy as anything. Let Rikku use Trio of 9,999 on Wakka and 
Lulu. Then, wait until your in range, and use Attack Reels and Fury 
with Lulu. Piece of cake.

What now? You could go to Baaj Temple, a hidden airship search 
location, and beat Geosgaeno with a Trio of 9,999, Attack 
Reels/Slice&Dice and repeat until you get a No Encouner weapon. Or, you 
could just go Inside Sin.

You know the drill. The enemies are tougher, but you can still Escape 
just as well. Do so, and Steal while you're at it. Only two threatening 
bosses left.

<<<<<Boss 27: * Spoilers! * Seymour Omnis, Mortiphasm, Mortiphasm,>>>>> 
<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Mortiphasm, Mortiphasm>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Seymour Omnis
HP: 80,000

Trio of 9,999 and Attack Reels will finish the battle. I don't believe 
Attack Reels will hit Mortiphasms, but if it does, then a Fury should 
win it if you have decent luck. Try, try again until you have some 
luck. Simple, isn't it?

Well, make sure he drops an SOS Haste armor for Tidus, Wakka, Auron, 
Lulu, or Yuna. Reset until he does.

Continue on. There's a hidden Megalixer, but you don't need it. Just 
get to the last save, and proceed to the final boss. You can Escape the 
battles if you run into the crystals, so nothing changes. Final boss!

<<<<Boss 28: * Spoilers! * Braska's Final Aeon, Yu Pagoda, Yu Pagoda>>>

Alright...Tidus switches to Rikku...who uses Trio of 9,999! Then, use 
Fury! First form's gone. Then...Braska's Final Aeon uses a sword attack 
and kills everyone...? What? Well, if Tidus uses Talk, then Braska's 
Final Aeon would lose that turn, but Tidus isn't fast enough. Maybe if 
he had haste...but then, how would Rikku use her Trio of 9,999 right 
away? And even then, Attack Reels can't finish off the last form, so 
he'd still probably kill everyone...

Everybody needs to be a lot faster, and somebody else needs a First 
Strike weapon for Yuna! Ha, simple, that only takes one Return Sphere!

This is where the NC portion REALLY is awful. In this final battle, the 
NS, the NSG, and the NC all limit you equally. You simply can't win 
this battle, so take a look at how impossible it is, get a Game Over, 
and then Teleport back to the airship.

Braska's Final Aeon is the last enemy, yet he can't be defeated! How 
can he be? You can't customize Auto-Haste armor or First Strike 

Well, it's a long shot, but you CAN get one more First Strike weapon. 
It's called the Masamune, and you'll have to do quite a lot to get it. 
To Macalania Forest!

Talk to the woman and child. Their father is missing. Go to the right 
and then up and speak to the man. Then, speak to the father and mother 
UNTIL they say their son is missing. Go up the sparkly ramp to the left 
and speak to the boy. Your Cloudy Mirror will become the Celestial 
Mirror. Go to the airship, and then to Mushroom Rock Road.

Don't go up towards where Operation Mi'ihen was; go where Clasko 
blocked off. As in, if you're going off of the Mi'ihen Highroad, go 
straight to the battle ruins. Off to the left, go up a lift. Use your 
Rusty Sword, and you will obtain the Masamune. This is Auron's 
Celestial Weapon. However, you're not done with this sword. Not even 
close. Go to the airship, and then to the Calm Lands.

Buy some Capture weapons. As many as you can, you'll be getting plenty 
of Gil soon enough. Excellent. Now, you're going to want to capture 
fiends from all over the world, so that you unlock a total of 10 
Species and Area Creations combined.

Catch the following fiends - they're the easiest to get:

***1 of every fiend in the Calm Lands
-1 Skoll
-1 Nebiros
-1 Flame Flan
-1 Shred
-1 Anaconduar
-1 Ogre
-1 Coerl
-1 Chimera Brain
-1 Malboro

***1 of every fiend in Besaid
-1 Dingo
-4 Condors
-1 Water Flan

***1 of every fiend in Kilika
-1 Dinonix
-1 Killer Bee
-1 Yellow Element
-1 Ragora

***1 of every fiend on Mi'ihen Highroad
-1 Mi'ihen Fang
-1 Ipiria
-1 Floating Eye
-1 White Element
-1 Raldo
-1 Vouivre
-1 Bomb
-1 Dual Horn

***1 of every fiend on Mushroom Rock Road
-1 Raptor
-1 Gandarewa
-1 Thunder Flan
-1 Red Element
-1 Lamashtu
-1 Funguar
-1 Garuda

***1 of every fiend on Djose Highroad
-1 Garm
-4 Simurghs
-1 Bite Bug
-1 Snow Flan
-1 Bunyip
-1 Basilisk
-1 Ochu

***1 of every fiend on Thunder Plains
-1 Melusine
-1 Aerouge
-1 Buer
-1 Gold Element
-1 Kusariqqu
-1 Larva
-1 Iron Giant
-1 Qactuar

***1 of every fiend in Macalania
-1 Snow Wolf
-1 Iguion
-1 Wasp
-1 Evil Eye
-1 Ice Flan
-1 Blue Element
-1 Murussu
-1 Mafdet
-1 Xiphos
-1 Chimera

***1 of every fiend on Bikanel
-1 Sand Wolf
-4 Alcyones
-1 Mushussu
-1 Zuu
-1 Sand Worm
-1 Cactuar

***4 of every bird
-Condors from Besaid
-Simurgh from Djose Highroad
-Alcyone from Bikanel

Note: I've included the 4 by certain fiends so that you can capture 
four while you're there. You don't need to get 8 total, or get 4 of 
every bird once you're done.

What's the best order? Well, you have to start with the Calm Lands. 
Then, I recommend Bikanel, the next hardest, as you get 99 Shadow Gems. 
Mix these, and you make an enemy's HP VERY LOW without any risk of 
killing them. Then, you get 99 Chocobo Wings from the Thunder Plains, 
which is useful. 99 Petrify Grenades from Djose Highroad are useful, 
but can't capture, and should be saved for later. Hit Besaid and Kilika 
whenever you want, as you don't need any help at all there. Getting all 
the birds gives you 99 Mega Phoenixes, but you can get the rest 
basically in any order.

Since I'm trying to get the first version out quickly, I'm not going to 
give strategies for capturing each fiend. I'll do that later. However, 
just make sure not to use Trio of 9,999 unless absolutely necessary. 
For now, I recommend Hyprophant's NSG Monster Taming FAQ.

Anyway, complete all this, and you're REALLY doing an excellent job. 
But you're not QUITE done YET. Go to the Calm Lands.

Claim your Mars Sigil from the Monster Arena owner! Now, off to 
Macalania Forest you go.

Go to where you powered up the Celestial Mirror. Now, your Masamune 
will be powered up with the Mars Crest and the Mars Sigil. If you 
forgot the Crest, it's back at the end of Mi'ihen Old Road, the lower 
portion. Congratulations! You have the second First Strike weapon of 
the NSNSGNC Challenge! A lot of work just for the final battle, I know, 
but you're almost done. To the Calm Lands!

Go to the Monster Arena. SAVE. First things first, give Tidus his 
Yellow Shield and if you have one, a Thunder Strike weapon. Go into 
battle with a Larva, and use Spiral Cut until you learn Blitz Ace.

Now, you have 99 Petrify Grenades. You should have plenty of Gil. 
Continually fight Ogres, or if you'd like, go to Gagazet and capture a 
Bashura. They both drop SOS Haste armors - I had a bit more luck with 
Bashura. You're going to need SOS Haste armor for Rikku, Wakka, Tidus, 
Auron, Lulu, and Yuna. You should have the Haste Targe from Wantz 
still, and one of those from Seymour Omnis, so that means you need four 
more. If you get Haste armor in 20 Petrify Grenades, save. If not, 
restart. Continue until you're fully equipped. This will take a while, 
but after the Masamune, it's a breeze. Let Rikku die and equip her 
Haste Targe to be certain of getting the first turn. You should now 
have the Sonic Steel, a Haste Shield, a Haste Targe, a Haste Ring, a 
Fast Break, a Haste Bangle, the Masamune, a Haste Bracer, and some 
remaining Wings to Discovery. You're ready.

Use No Encounter weapons from Geosgaeno or just Escape and Steal. March 
through until the final save point - you're about to complete the 
hardest Challenge in Final Fantasy X. Watch the tower fall, walk near 
the door, and then save so that you don't have to waste time seeing 
those things again. What you will now do is enter several battles, 
allowing only Tidus to Escape. All others must die. Once everyone else 
has died, let Auron Escape and let Tidus die. Everybody should be at 1 
HP. You're almost there.

<<<<<*****Inside Sin: Dream's End*****>>>>>
Give Tidus the Sonic Steel. Give Tidus the Haste Shield. Give Auron the 
Masamune. Give Auron the Haste Bracer. Give Yuna the Haste Ring. Give 
Rikku the Haste Targe. Give Wakka the Fast Break. Give Lulu the Haste 
Bangle. Do not heal anybody; keep them all at 1 HP. Now, walk forward, 
for the final boss you have worked so hard to gain the power to defeat.

HP: 60,000

HP: 5,000/VARIES

HP: 5,000/VARIES

HP: 120,000

This is it! This is the time to choose...right, it's the final battle. 
Anyway, you have the potential to win, but will you? If you'd like to 
try to win this battle without assistance now that you have the right 
items and the potential, read no further. If you'd like to know how 
it's done, although still not surefire, read on.

You start with Tidus, Auron, and Yuna. All are in Haste status. Tidus 
starts by using Talk. Then, Auron switches to Rikku, who can use two 
Blessed Gems to kill both Yu Pagodas. This will make hitting Braska's 
Final Aeon easier with random-hitting Overdrives. Next, it will be 
Jecht's turn, but since Tidus used Talk, Jecht will be "torn".

Now, let Yuna switch to Wakka - she needed that Haste Ring to get out 
of there as song as possible! Wakka should now switch his weapon, so 
that his next turn is after Rikku, but before Jecht. Now, let Rikku use 
Trio of 9,999 and Wakka use Attack Reels. The first form has been 

Braska's Final Aeon, for the second and last time, will do nothing. 
Now, let Tidus use Blitz Ace, and try to get that ninth hit in! By now, 
the Yu Pagodas should be back.

Braska's Final Aeon now gets a turn, and you're out of Talk 
opportunities. Since it's his first turn, however, he SHOULD use Jecht 
Beam. As long as this hits either Tidus or Wakka (the one hit will be 
shattered, unfortunately), you're going for the kill!

Now, let either Tidus or Wakka use Attack, depending on who survived. 
Finally, let Rikku Use a Water Gem. If that doesn't finish him, Use one 
again! If you hit him at least three times in the ten hits of those 
gems, you've won!

Congratulations on completing the hardest challenge in Final Fantasy X!

As usual, I will include no additional strategies for the next batch of 
bosses. Unless you have Stone Touch/Strike weapons, you can't lose, 
anyway. Use a Candle of Life on Yu Yevon to make short work of him, and 
use Blessed/Shining/Supreme Gems on the Aeons to make short work of 
them. Or, just use Trio of 9,999. Or, use an alternate strategy of your 
own. Do whatever you want - you have completed this challenge!


V. Frequently Asked Questions

"Some of your strategies aren't that exact or don't work exactly like 
you say they will. Why not?"

I fixed most of them. They should work. However, IM me and tell me 
which aren't working and I'll fix them up - remember, this was a bit of 
a rushed job from memory.

"When will this next update be, exactly?"

I already released the Braska's Final Aeon strategy - this time, the 
official version. It turns out that the other boss strategies I was 
worrying about actually are pretty much what I did the first time, so 
less work for me. However, I'll try to be more exact on which treasure 
chests to open, which enemies to steal from, and how to capture enough 
enemies for that Mars Sigil!

"Why do some of the bosses have different numbers than in your Boss 

Well, I didn't include Tanker, Geosgaeno, or Isaaru as bosses this 
time, so the numbering's a little different.

"Why do you have spoiler warnings on bosses when you require beating 
the game already?"

I copied the fancy stuff for the bosses and didn't remove the spoiler 
warnings. Yes, it's lazy, but I might change it later.

"Is the NSNSGNC Challenge the absolute hardest challenge in Final 
Fantasy X?"

Yes. However, there's a "quest" that's more difficult. There's the 
NSGNZ Monster Arena, in which you don't use the Sphere Grid or Zanmato. 
You're allowed to summon and customize armor, but you have to manage to 
defeat Shinryu and Nemesis. This has been done before, but requires a 
LOT of time and energy. Not only will you capture ten of each fiend, 
but you will max out some Aeons' stats, which takes a long time, and 
fight Shinryu, whom you can't summon against and is nearly impossible. 
Also, if you have FFX:I or FFX:PAL, you can try the NSGNZ Dark Aeons. 
So far, all but Dark Anima and Penance have been defeated. However, 
just to complete the game, the NSNSGNC Challenge is the most difficult.


VI. Credits

-Gestahl: For proving this challenge possible, and writing this FAQ.

-Hyprophant: For providing expert his NSG knowledge on which battles 
could be impossible and I ought to prepare well for, and playing this 
challenge as I did so that we could assist each other on tough parts.

-TrueDFX, for re-posting my old boss strategies. I now adjusted the 
Seymour and Braska's Final Aeon ones, thanks to him.

-RPGLover, for helping me get this started and remembering things.

-Nemesis190, for helping me get this started and remembering things.


VIII. Thanks

Thank you for trying and HOPEFULLY completing the NSNSGNC Challenge, 
which is to date the most difficult challenge in Final Fantasy X. Even 
if you missed something and the challenge became impossible for you, I 
appreciate that you put the effort in to try something difficult. I 
also appreciate that you used my FAQ to assist you. Congratulations, 
and goodbye.