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Final                             Fantasy                              X
             "KOC"                                   FAQ
                         "Kimahri Only Challenge"

                          Created by (]=-The@N-=[)
                               Arno Middelkoop


0                                 Version

Version 1.00:   - The submitted "Kimahri Only Challenge" FAQ.

Version 1.01:   - Stupid me! I forgot my email :D.

Version 1.02:   - Corrected  the Copyright section with its number, 1.5 -> 1.3.

Version 1.10:   - ALL FAQs UPDATE. The introduction section has a big update,
04-03-2005        including and very important, the Copyright. Most FAQs also
                  have a lay-out upgrade.


1.0:                    -----------=-=-=-----------
1.1                              FAQ Info

My FAQ number:          3.
Version:                1.10.
Last update:            04-03-2005.
Lay-out type(*):        1.

*: The 2nd type also has In-Depth sections, besides general sections,
sub-sections and sub-sub-sections.

1.2                             Introduction

This is a FAQ of (]=-The@N-=[), known as TheaN on Gamefaqs messageboards.
My real name is Arno Middelkoop and I'm from the Netherlands. Look in the
Credits section on how to contact me for additional info, questions or
corrections, but DON'T mail me for flaming or insulting, because you'll and up
on my black list. That was my introduction, on to the subject of this FAQ:

1.3                         Subject Introduction

This is one of the many FFX guides.
This FAQ is about the "Kimahri Only Challenge". There are FAQ's
considering Tidus Only, NSG and more of those. This one presents with
only Kimahri to use. I created this FAQ because I mostly see on the
messageboard that Kimahri isn't used. This challenge may be "unfair",
because you can create Kimahri into anything which would make it a Tidus/
Yuna/Auron/Wakka/Lulu/Rikku Only Challenge. But what really counts are
his Rages and the fact that he starts with different stats.

In Boss battles which Kimahri doesn't participate, the NSG FAQ can help

1.4                             Copyright

This FAQ is created by me: Arno Middelkoop, aka TheaN.

Feel free to modify for PERSONAL USE ONLY. This includes, and is pretty much
limited to, saving only sections you need onto your computer, copying/pasting
sections to print out for personal use. Once you are distributing it to sites,
magazines or selling it for profit, even without claiming it's your work, you
are breaking my Copyright.

You cannot copy this FAQ/Guide to your site without my permission:
- do without permission, and you're plagiarizing.
- do with permission, but change a character, and you're plagiarizing.
- do both, and you're a real bad copy person.
Email me to grant permission on your site. Although I'll keep an eye out for
plagiarizing or changing the format. In most cases, I'll reject the offer,
unless I have proof of a good format.

Linking to any of the allowed three however, is allowed. GameFAQs and Neoseeker
both have connections to other sites, and it would be unfair to not grant them
that connection. I am not aware of any connections to supercheats, but if it
a connection, once again, don't mail me.

Until now, these sites have permission to post:        (main host)       (second host)     (third host)

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Email me if this FAQ is on one of the above sites or another one. BUT DON'T


2.0                          Table of Contents

Introduction                                            1.0
FAQ Info                                                1.1
Introduction                                            1.2
Subject Introduction                                    1.3
Copyright                                               1.4
Table of Contents                                       2.0
The Rules                                               3.0
Additional info                                         4.0
Sphere Grid Path                                        4.1
Use of Loner                                            4.2
Use of Lancet                                           4.3
Rages                                                   4.4
        Damage Based                                    4.4.1
        Status Ailments/Healing                         4.4.2
Holy                                                    4.5
Walkthrough                                             5.0
Besaid:                 Sin                             5.1
Kilika:                 Sinspawn Genaux and Lord Ochu   5.2
Luca:                   Oblitzerator                    5.3
Mi'hen Highroad:        Chocobo Eater                   5.4
Mushroom Rockroad:      Sinspawn Gui                    5.5
Djose, Moonflow:        No Boss (Kimahri excluded)      5.6
Guadosalam:             No Boss                         5.7
Thunder Plains:         No Boss                         5.8
Macalania Woods:        Spherimorph                     5.9
Lake Macalania:         Crawler, S. and Wendigo         5.10
Bikanel:                No Boss                         5.11
Home and Airship:       Evrae                           5.12
Bevelle, Via Purifico,
Highbridge:             S. Natus
                        (Others Kimahri excluded)       5.13
Calm Lands:             No Boss                         5.14
Sunken Cave:            Defender X and Yojimbo          5.15
Mt. Gagazet:            Biran, Yenke, S. Flux and
                        Sanctuary Keeper                5.16
Zanarkand:              Spectral Keeper and Yunalesca   5.17
Airship SIDEQUESTS:                                     5.18
SPIRIT LANCE:                                           5.18.1
        Baaj Temple:    Geosgaeno             
        Macalania Woods:No Boss               
        Thunder Plains: No Boss               
CURATIVE ARMLET:                                        5.18.2
        Calm Lands:     Cactuar King          
        Horned Enemies: Juggernaut            
        Omega Ruins:    No Boss               
        Besaid:         Stratoavis            
Airship:                Left Fin, Right Fin, Sin and
                        Overdrive Sin                   5.19
Inside Sin              S. Omnis, BFA, your Aeons and
        `               Yu Yevon                        5.20
Credits                                                 6.0


3.0                              The Rules

-       Only use Kimahri, except for Tutorials (Summon Battles -> Escape).
-       The others are in the rule of a NSG (No Sphere Grid).
-       Escape with the others in Normal battles, until they Escape or
-       Change Weapons or Armour with other characters in Boss battles until
        KO-ed, can take a long time. In the mean time, you can use whatever
        you want with Kimahri, you can even help your enemies, see 4.2.
-       Don't switch characters.
-       Can buy and equip Armour for other characters, Kimahri as well.
-       Can Customize for Kimahri, not allowed for others.
-       You can't use Sensor with other characters. Only with Kimahri.
-       In a Boss battle where Kimahri does not participate, use whatever
        you want.
-       The same counts for normal battles, but mostly you want to escape.
-       Party may not be revived, also not allowed with Auto-Phoenix. When
        Kimahri dies, Escape, when you are in a Boss Battle, Game Over or
-       See the additional rules in the walkthrough. Only 2 though.


4.0                           Additional info

4.1                           Sphere Grid Path

Kimahri's Sphere Grid:

You can choose every path, from Tidus to Rikku. But this is the best:
- Proceed in his Sphere Grid by going to obtain Jinx and Scan. Going up as a
  start is the best.
- Next you proceed to Rikku with a +4 Agility and Evasion on the way. If
  this is before the Mi'hen Highroad you are to fast at that checkpoint or
  you levelled too much, which is the same in a way of speaking.
- Go to the Level 1 Key Lock, obtained on the Highroad. Get to Use and Steal.
- This is best followed up by Yuna's path because of Reflect, Dispel and
  Curaga. Reflect needs some detour, but it's worth it at the place you're now
- When proceeded to Curaga, go on to Holy.
- Now use a Return Sphere to get to Reflect and go up Yuna's path for more
- After you reached Shell, go to Quick Hit with a Level 3 Key Sphere. Now
  receive the Strength +4 on Tidus his path.
- Now end the road by using a Return or Friend Sphere and get Tidus, now
  learn Flee.

This way you'll be making him into a Magic Character, but most of his
Overdrives are used by Magic so it's useful. You say you look like Yuna in
your normal game? Ever seen Yuna do 2000 damage in the storyline with a normal

You might ask:          "Can I continue with the Sphere Grid after Flee?"
My answer will be:      "Of course, but this makes the game much easier."

Use the Sphere Grid as much as you want, but it will affect the strategies of
the last bosses.

4.2                             Use of Loner

Overdrive Mode Loner is learned when fighting alone in a battle. In an Only
Challenge, this Mode is obtained very fast and comes in very handy, because
if you are fighting alone, your Overdrive charges in 7 turns, 4 with Double
Overdrive and 3 with Triple Overdrive.

4.3                             Use of Lancet

Lancet is the best ability Kimahri has, especially in the beginning of the
game. As it is a special, you are faster and you can sometimes perform another
turn after Lancet. So a good trick with Lancet is mostly used on Elements
and Flans. They are weak to Magic and Lancet is a Magic attack. As your
Magic increases, mostly when you fight an Element or Flan, you will:

Around the Mushroom Rockroad:

Heal with every Lancet:                                         175HP
Get damaged by Red Element without Red Armlet equipped:         200HP
You will lose every cycle:                                       25HP
But once in the 4 turns you can proceed with two Lancets in a row:
4 * 25 = 100            100 - 175 = -75HP

So then you will make up around 75 HP from earlier battles you lost HP. This
makes Lancet a perfect ability against "Weak to Magic" fiends.

But watch out. For example, at Sinspawn Gui, his Arms are weak to Magic.
I did +-275 damage to them with Lancet. That's nice, because that heals you
too. But don't use it to often. Gui's own attack deal 800-900 damage, so
if you have 400HP, you use Lancet on the Arms, you get around 700HP. If Gui
attacks you now, you're KO-ed. So watch out when you use it and use the CTB

The second way of using it is simple, learn other Rages. When doing this
you're automatic in Overdrive. I'll put the Rages in the Fiend strategies,
like this:
                LEARN:                  ????

4.4                                Rages

The Ronso Rages are Kimahri's Overdrives. He learns them from other fiends and
are the most powerful in the game.

A little info about the Ronso Rages, the LEARN section will be repeated at the
first fiend you can learn it from. Biran and Yenke are special, you can learn
almost everything from them, but if you've everything until now you can only
learn Mighty Guard and White Wind.

NOTE: Credit of the attack powers go to Split Infinity, see Evrea. These
Powers should give a guideline on how to use, or when, the Ronso Rage.

4.4.1                           Damage Based

1)      Jump:
        Deal high damage to an enemy. Used only in the beginning.

        Status:                 Attack Power: 32
        On:                     One enemy

        LEARN:                  Initial

2)      Seed Cannon:
        Deal more damage than Jump to one enemy. Used until Fire Breath.

        Status:                 Attack Power: 33
        On:                     One enemy

        LEARN:                  Ragora (always learned in the Tutorial)

3)      Fire Breath:
        Deal high fire based magic to all enemies. Used almost always
        until Aqua Breath.

        Status:                 Attack Power: 24
        On:                     All enemies

        LEARN:                  Dual Horn
                                Yenke Ronso (**)
4)      Aqua Breath:
        Deal high water based magic to all enemies. Used always, only
        if the fiends are water resistant you can use Fire Breath.
        This because Aqua Breath has more damage.

        Status:                 Attack Power: 26
        On:                     All enemies

        LEARN:                  Chimera
                                Chimera Brain
                                Yenke Ronso (**)
5)      Thrust Kick:
        The same as Seed Cannon, in damage too. Because you don't eject
        enemies with it, you won't use it.

        Status:                 Attack Power: 33
        On:                     One enemy

        LEARN:                  YKT-11
                                Biran Ronso (**)
6)      Self-Destruct:
        Deals damage to one enemy, 3x Kimahri's MAX HP. But because he's
        removed from battle, only use it when you escaped with someone

        Status:                 x3 Kimahri's MAX HP
        On:                     One enemy

        LEARN:                  Bomb
                                Biran Ronso (**)
7)      Nova:
        High magic damage. I didn't acquired it myself. Nenemis takes too
        much time, and Omega Weapon is almost impossible.

        Status:                 Attack Power: 70
        On:                     All enemies

        LEARN:                  Omega Weapon

4.4.2                      Status Ailments/Healing

8)      Stone Breath:
        Petrifies all enemies.
        Excellent to those resistant to magic, but than a Petrify Grenade
        will be enough too. Use Aqua/Fire Breath more then this one.

        Status:                 Petrify (if not immune)
        On:                     All enemies

        LEARN:                  Basilisk
                                Yenke Ronso (**)
9)      Mighty Guard:
        On allies. Adds Protect, Shell, Null-All. Used by some boss battles.
        Will be mentioned. Else just use Aqua Breath.

        Status:                 Protect, Shell, NullAll
        On:                     All allies

        LEARN:                  Biran Ronso (*)
                                Behemoth King
10)     Bad Breath:
        Many status ailments. I didn't used it though. The Breaths can mean
        instant kill, so why suffering first? Nice to get them sleep for
        stealing, but that's all.

        Status:                 Sleep\Silence\Darkness\Poison
                                (if not immune)(***)
        On:                     All enemies

        LEARN:                  Malboro
                                Great Malboro
11)     Doom:
        Cast Doom on one enemy. This one is nice indeed. It's the only way
        to cast Doom without items, and Candle of Life are hard to get. Is
        mentioned too if a fiend is easy to kill with Doom.

        Status:                 Doom
                                (if not immune)
        On:                     One enemy

        LEARN:                  Ghost
                                Biran Ronso (**)

12)     White Wind:
        Heal allies HP. Obtained after Curaga, so it's worthless until Kimahri
        gets HP +6000, which needs to be healed from two Curagas.

        Status:                 Attack Power: 40
        On:                     All allies (or enemies (****))

        LEARN:                  Yenke Ronso (*)
                                Dark Flan

(*):    Put as first fiend to learn from, because you won't encouter it
        The Ronso you want to learn it from, needs to be below 50% HP to learn
        this ability. Both Rages are mentioned in the BOSS Strategy.
(**):   All these Rages will be encountered earlier, that's why the Ronsos are
        put as last "LEARN" enemy. If you don't have them yet, the Rages can
        be learned without doing anything to Biran and Yenke, except for
        Lancet of course.
(***):  Immune to one of the ailments means they can be inflicted by others.
(****): If under Zombie you deal damage.

4.5                                 Holy

The White Magic, learned on the path to S. Flux. All its info you need to

- Deals high damage based on your Magic and the enemies Magic Defence. Fiends
  weak to Holy will receive more damage.
- Delays a lot, so watch out when using.
- Best to be used when Berserker weapon equipped, see Mt. Gagazet, because
  it's normal MP cost is 85.
- After the Airship if you use Spirit Lance, combine it in Boss Battles with
  Three Stars.


5.0                              Walkthrough

Let me be easy, you will mostly play this type of challenge if you finished
the game, so I start the Walkthrough after the fight between Tidus and
Kimahri on Besaid. ONE THING: take your Al Bhed Primers from your first
game, this will save you a lot of Gil.

Most of my strategies will be based on only using Kimahri, not what the Boss
or Fiend can do, this would still be known because of your first game.
The same goes for items, as first "Energy Blast": I won't explain how you get
it, but just that you must. Some rare weapons will be explained though.
Spoilers are also included in the walkthrough itself, because you will
already know the Storyline. If not, proceed with the normal game :D.

Always buy 99 Potions, especially in the beginning from Luca until Bikanel,
to heal inside and OUTSIDE battles, you don't have Curaga yet.

As needed for Evrae and handy with some other bosses, have Kimarhi steal
some elemental items from Flans and Elements in a spare turn, mostly these
kind of fiends aren't that hard. The same goes for Smoke Bombs, Silence
Grenades, etc. But these will be mentioned in the strategies for the fiends.

Every Boss will have a Critical Items section. Steal will be obtained on
Djose or close to it, and in the Calm Lands rare steal will be added. The
amounts of the items: (x??), will be what you need at least. More is always
recommended. Most of the items will also be mentioned in the Walkthrough,
but if you want to know what you need for the next boss, you can use that
section. Make sure you have Healing Items at every boss. You may get
heavily damaged.

5.1                                Besaid

                                The Fiends
Dingo:          Not difficult, easy to hit most of the times.
Condor:         Lancet could work, you can hit it sometimes too.
Water Flan:     Lancet.
Overall:        No problem.

No hard time, most of the battles are Tutorials, so just follow them as
you proceed. Take the stuff from the people at the boat. DON'T FORGET
ENERGY BLAST. When in the Village, sell your Potions to 3 left, or
something like that, because you get them back to 20 on the boat. Enter
the boat, Overdrive not necessary. When on the boat, kick Yuna's luggage
for the 20 Potions total. Give O'aka 101 Gil, then talk to Yuna.


HP: 2000/1000 Overkill

Critical Items:         None

No hard time here. Sin cannot be hit, only with Lancet. If you have it,
you can use Jump on one of the Sinscale, they are not hard to kill. Kill
two Sinscales, then use Lancet over and over again on Sin to kill him. Not
needed to heal from the Sinscale because of Lancet. Overkill impossible.

5.2                                Kilika

                                The Fiends
Ragora:         Difficult, proceed with caution. Seed Cannon takes a lot
                of HP, be warned.

                LEARN:                  Seed Cannon.

Yellow Element: Lancet is the only thing useful, if not killed in time,
Dinonix:        Watch out for Petrification. Kill him first, you almost
                always hit him.
Killer Bee:     Can't hit him, and Lancet is about 1/3 of his HP. Escape
                if poisoned.
Overall:        Takes a bit more strategy, Seed Cannon learned.

Learn Seed Cannon, but for other battles, watch out. Poison and
Petrification really irritates. Takes the stuff in the Woods, no real
priority to the items. Take the Ether by saving the girl, no other items
really needed. Only the Luck Sphere, can be activated on the Mi'hen Old
Highroad, so don't put it in the Sphere Grid yet. Buy some Antidotes,
10 recommended.


Sinspawn Genaux
HP: 3000/900 Overkill


2 Genais
HP: 450/N/A Overkill

Critical Items:         Antidote        (x05)

Yes, the Genais are annoying, take them out or take the HP of Genaux
below 66%, Lancet can be used as well. As the Shell breaks, be aware of
Venom, heal with Antidote. Staccato is annoying, if your HP gets low,
heal in time, Hi-Potion, would be to expensive. Try to get Overkill
with Seed Cannon. The only thing I really know from Genaux is that he
 was a kind of annoying. If really needed, use Hi-Potion. Try to kill
by just attacking.


That is that, now don't forget to take the Red Armlet from the Cloister
of Trials, will be much used. Loner is likely recieved here, equip it
(7 turns  to Overdrive). See 4.2 "Use of Loner".
NOTE: I got a Dusk Lance (Darktouch) from Genaux, my strategies are
without  it, because it's very rare. If you got one, Darkness can be
used in Boss battles as well.


Lord Ochu
No info needed, boss is now impossible, because of Poison and high


Proceed to Luca.

5.3                                Luca

                                The Fiends
Worker:         Very easy, fight a lot for Hi- and rare X-Potions.
Overall:        Only one fiend, see above.

Winning Blitzball is necessary, but before that:


HP: 6000/600 Overkill

Critical Items:         Hi-Potion       (x02)

Now the real "Lancet Repeat" strategy is useful. Specials are quicker then
normal attack. If you use Lancet, you may proceed again. He will counter
with "Mute Ball", but it is no Magic, so Lancet can still be used. After a
lot of Blitzball Rush, you need to use Hi-Potion, because Lancet won't get
you above the Blitzball Rush damage. Overkill with Seed Cannon. Loner comes
in really handy, then you can use the Weapon Change ability to increase


Now for the Blitzball, to win, look in the Blitzball FAQ, but when you are an
advanced player (World Champion --> Sigil --> :D) this is not needed. Put the
Strength Sphere on the Sphere Grid, together with the Magic and HP Spheres
from one of the Docks, DON'T FORGET THEM. Buy the Thunder Spear from O'aka.
Dock 1. Proceed to the Mi'hen Highroad.

5.4                          Mi'hen Highroad

                                The Fiends
Floating Eye:   Almost impossible to hit, Lancet isn't enough and Confusion
                will kill you. Escape, or use Fire Breath combined with the
                other Fiends.
Mi'hen Fang:    You almost always hit him, because of Sleep, give the Mi'hen
                Fang priority. Overkilled by Fire Breath and a normal hit.
Bomb:           Dead with 2 hits, so that is what you should do.

                LEARN:                  Self Destruct
                                        (could be useful against a last enemy
                                        of an enemy party to get Gil)

White Element:  Lancet, you will lose to the damage, so watch out. Fire Breath
                is excellent.
Dual Horn:      Difficult, I could Dark him, see Sinspawn Genaux, escape if
                you can't. His attacks are devastating. Even with the half
                damage of fire, his own attack, Fire Breath, Overkills him.

                LEARN:                  Fire Breath

Raldo:          Mostly Overkilled by one hit because of Piercing. Be aware of
Vouivre:        Rarely encounter on the Mi'hen Highroad, one hit kill because
                of Piercing.
Ipiria:         I didn't encouter them, but as it is a Reptile, watch out
                for Petrification and Overkilled by a normal attack.
Overall:        More difficult, learn Fire Breath fast, and use it a lot.

Yes, these battles are really difficult. Start by getting Hunter's Spear in
the begin of the Highroad, used often. Then learn Fire Breath as fast as
possible, and use it as well. This is a nice training spot. Fire Breath
almost Overkills all enemies, except for the Bomb of course, who absorbs it.
Take all the stuff along the Highroad, these can come in handy, PRIORITY GOES
TO LV. 1 KEY SPHERE. This is needed because Kimahri gets soon to Rikku's path,
see the section above. The 3x Soft aren't very useful, because with
Petrification you can't move. So if you want, kick the Blitzball :D. Talk
to Maechen, Luzzu, Gatta and Shelinda, then move on. As for Belgemine, you
must Escape, see the Rules. Get the whole story talk with Tidus and Yuna,
then when Auron says, "this is our cue" in the Agency, load up Overdrive,
with mostly already learned Loner. When ready, head to the Chocobo Eater:


Chocobo Eater
HP: 10000/800 Overkill

Critical Items:         Hi-Potion       (x05)
                        Potion          (x10)

You must beat him, or else you can't get the Heat Lance afterwards. But he
isn't so easy. Fire Breath instantly if you can proceed again after his
first turn. Why? He will fall on his back by one Fire Breath, but after two
turns he gets up again. If not, just attack by using Hunter Spear, Dusk Lance
when obtained. An attack is about 500 damage, so three will knock him over.
If you get in trouble with your Agility, train more and take the +4 Agility
that is put in the Sphere Grid near Rikku's path. Lancet could work well too.
About 125 damage.
Go about this: Fire Breath -> On his back -> Hit. Then he goes one back. He
stands up, and then just hit him, but watch the CTB if he can proceed within
two turns of the Chocobo Eater when you are about to knock him over, if not,
use Lancet first.
This calls luck too. If he hits your party members with "Fist of Fury", you
don't get hit and you get rid of your party members with Loner. Heal or defend,
or both, when you get a Fist of Fury. Proceed with Fire Breath and a Hit to
take him one step back. Just hope that he doesn't use his Push Back attack too
much. To avoid be hit, but that only counts for his normal attack, cast Jinx
5x. But this costs too much time. If you can proceed again with a Special
use Lancet.
Just be remembered of two things:
- Lancet can increase your turns.
- Change Weapons can increase your turns.
This is most useful to power up Fire Breath, also for other bosses.
Overkill with Fire Breath.


That was obviously a difficult battle. Take a Chocobo and proceed to the North.
Take the Feather to the Heat Lance, then proceed. Go to the Old Road to get the
the Scout and Fortune Sphere, both lethal items. Now, put the Luck Sphere in the
Grid and activate it when standing next to an Empty Node. Buy the Ice Lance for
1000 Gil at the Guard who is asking for any donations toward Operation Mi'hen.
When finished, take any or all other items and proceed to the Mushroom Rockroad.
I forgot what O'aka was selling to you on the last part of the Highroad, but if
you think it's good enough, buy. I thought it was Fire Ward, so it's useless.

5.5                          Mushroom Rockroad

                                The Fiends
Raptor:         Again such kind of fiend, chances on Petrification seems to
                increase, high priority. Fire Breath is Overkill.
Gandarewa:      Resistent to magic, and hard to hit. Just try to hit or Fire
Red Element:    Lancet. See 4.3 "Use of Lancet".
Thunder Flan:   As it's a flan, an elemental weapon will work too. Lancet is
                150 and heals, but Tidal Spear is 300 without healing. Your
                choice, he has 450 HP. Fire Breath is Overkill.
Lamashtu:       One-hit kill again. Fire Breath is Overkill. Be aware of
                his high Strength.
Funguar:        Fire Breath works of course, and one attack is to dangerous.
                Maybe he isn't dead, and then Pollen is very painful. Use
                caution, or just Fire Breath.
Garuda:         Difficult, I got Darktouch, but if you don't, he is
                difficult. If you manage to kill him, you also get a chance
                that he drops Darktouch.
Overall:        More difficult, Fire Breath still Overkills almost all
                Enemies, except for the Red Element, so that is

The battles aren't that hard, just know that you use Fire Breath, and as for
the Thunder Flan, Gandarewa, Funguar and Red Element uses Fire or Thunder
Magic, equip the Red Armlet. Don't forget to talk to people to get items.
Shelinda heals at the half of the road, available to train here with
Fire Breath. Don't forget to get Serene Armlet, take the elevator down.
Let either Luzzu or Gatta die by:
Gatta:  Not talking to Luzzu after the fight between those two, go up, and
        say twice to Gatta: "You should be in the front lines".
Luzzu:  Either talk to Luzzu or don't say "You should be in the front lines"
        to Gatta.
That for the storyline, now onto the Command Center. Take the Mega-Potion
and the Serene Bracer, then go to O'aka. Now he is very expensive and I
forgot again what he was selling, because i'm at the Calm Lands now, but I
think it was +5% Strength, so nothing important. I hope that your Overdrive
is loaded, if not, do it now. When done, proceed to the next boss.


Sinspawn Gui
HP: 12000/800 Overkill

Critical Items:         Hi-Potion       (x05)

Ashame of myself that I partically forgot this strategy. At least, at the
first turn, use Fire Breath. This will kill the Arms mostly, Critical Hits
are needed. Everytime the Head moves, use Lancet. Thunder can be halved by
Red Armlet, if not equiped, do now. About 90 damage, no big deal. A hit
however, takes 800 damage or so. Demi is mostly welcome, when your HP is
low, you need to heal with Hi-Potion or Lancet, on the Arms 290 or
something. So if the Arms are present use Lancet on them and the Head when
necessary. Now hope that your party members are easily killed, so you get
Overdrive. In time the Head will be killed by Lancet, about 100 damage, and
Fire Breath, about 1000 damage. When the Head is down, more Hi-Potions are
required. He will use Punch -> Demi -> Punch -> Demi, so do not use a
(Hi-)Potion before Demi. Now you will make it. Use Lancet mostly on the Arms,
when they are down, attack the body. Overkill by Seed Cannon or Fire Breath.


Now proceed to the second battle and watch some game scenes. Re-Buy Potions
again if used, then proceed towards Djose Highroad.

5.6                   Djose Highroad and the Moonflow

                                The Fiends
Garm:           Again a wolf type. Still one hit is enough and Fire Breath
                as well. Almost always Overkill, appears with Ochu, so watch
Simurgh:        There is your accuracy again. It's a rarely encounter, so if
                you get one use Fire Breath or Lancet, his attacks aren't so
                hard. Just watch out for Darkness, if you want, equip the
                Serene Armlet instead of the Red, because only the Snow Flan
                uses elemental attacks here. Steal some Smoke Bombs, can be
                very useful.
Bite Bug:       Ough, now they really suck. Escape most of time, Fire Breath
                sometimes doesn't Overkill, but kills them always.
Snow Flan:      Heat Lance, Lancet and Fire Breath are all three recommended.
Bunyip:         The same as the Raldo. Killed instantly, but if he gets one
                turn, watch out for slow.
Basilisk:       A special enemy. High HP, 2025, and causes Petrification.
                Watch out with them. Steal some Petrify grenades, can
                be used often.

                LEARN:                  Stone Breath

Ochu:           Powerful, but not immortal. Use Heat Lance and cure it's
                When below 50% of it's HP, be on your guard for Ochu Dance,
                if Confused it can mean Game Over. Sometimes you will need
                three Fire Breaths to kill him. If you don't need Overkill,
                you can also Petrify him with Stone Breath.
Overall:        All fairly easy except for the Ochu. Stone Breath can be used,
                but Fire Breath still Overkills all enemies, except for the
                Bite Bug sometimes, so Fire Breath is more recommended.

The fiends are still no big deal. Only the Ochu is annoying, but he is only
encountered on the road to the Moonflow and towards Guadosalam. So until
then, use Fire Breath and learn Stone Breath of course. If not, you will
have trouble with later bosses. Steal will often be learned here already, so
use it if you want to. Again talk to almost everyone to get something nice,
especially the Halberd, +20% Magic. Not for his Breaths or Lancet, but just
get it, could be useful for Holy later on, see his Sphere Grid Path. Proceed
to the temple, DON'T FORGET THE MEGA-PHOENIX in the left room, see Seymour.
A Magic Sphere is the secret item, always take and use a Magic Sphere,
it increases Lancet. Now proceed towards the Moonflow. Buy the Twin Strike,
thought that was the name. He is expensive, +-14000 Gil, but you can sell
the Ice and Heat Lance and you get two strikes on one weapon. If you think
i'm talking nuts, don't buy it. But I advise you to buy it, because gets more
annoying without it. Enter the Shoopuf.


HP: 4000/600 Overkill

Critical Items:         Potion          (x10)

Kimahri doesn't participate in this battle.
Use the Stunning Steel and Scout here, if you have Lightning Steel, use it
after he is slowed. Even sleep can be used if Gui dropped it, but he has
95% resistance. Don't try it. Use Elemental Reels and Spiral Cut to make
Depth Charges go away.


Proceed, get Rikku in the party and follow the Tutorials. But not for one
thing: when you must Mix, use two Power Spheres. The Bomb Cores are very
expensive at this point. Proceed to Guadosalam.

5.7                             Guadosalam

                                The Fiends

Overall:        No fiends in Guadosalam.

Just some really boring storyscenes with Seymour. Alright, when you are
ready proceed to the Farplane, go and complete all scenes, very annoying.
Now, for those you didn't know this, take the 8 Lightning Marbles. They
are hidden on the path to the Farplane, where you can choose with Tidus
on the way back "Hey, I know" or "Just Listen", the Marbles are in the
lower-left of your screen. Just bash X there, and you will get them.
Now, if you have an armour with an empty slot, customize Lightningproof.
If not, buy the Yellow Armlet from O'aka in the shop, and do the same as
above. This makes Lightning Ward -> Lightning Proof, but you really need
it for the Thunder Plains. Now, proceed to the Thunder Plains.

5.8                           Thunder Plains

                                The Fiends
Aerouge:        Only uses Thundara and will be easy when lightningproof
                equiped. Hard to hit though, so give priority to the other
                fiends. Nice to charge overdrive with him too.
Buer:           Can these eyeballs just go away? Hard to hit, resistant to
                Magic and causes confusion as usual. Dead with Fire Breath
                again, but only take him with Overdrives. Highest priority.
Gold Element:   This time you can Lancet the element to death without being
                hurt. Nice to recover HP and Overdrive, the same as Aerouge
                (not for HP though).
Kusariqqu:      The Dragons are back. One hit dead eventually, maybe two.
                Painful if he gets the chance to hit, so watch out.
Larva:          Man you're kidding. 1498HP? They got to early in the fight
                to get 1500HP. Only uses Thundara and is a nice one to
                steal from, get HP with Lancet or regain overdrive. Never
                with other fiends, so just have fun.
Melusine:       The reptile. You can miss sometimes again and he causes
                Petrification. Highest priority after Buer.
Qactuar:        Comes in groups of 1, 2 or 3. Depends on how much you've
(optional)      prayed. Can be killed, but hard to miss and 255 Magic
                Defence. Be patient, die or escape.
Iron Giant:     Almost impossible to defeat, but steal a lot of Light
                Curtain. Make it 10. It's attack can deal almost instead
                dead to Kimahri so be on guard.
Overall:        Easy because of Lightningproof, but be aware of the
                powerful enemies, like the Giant or the Qactuar. Fire
                Breath, strangely to the Lightning Element in this area,
                causes almost all enemies in this area to Overkill, so
                use it when possible.

I don't know what to get in the Thunder Plains anymore. This because I've
now been out with this FAQ for two months, and I've reached the Calm Lands
in my game, so some strategies for fiends will be short, I still know the
upcoming bosses. Proceed to the Agency. Bla BLA BLAAAAAAAA. Man, if you've
played the game, the story is really boring. Take the Yellow Shield outside
the Agency, equip and leave Tidus in the party to avoid Game Over. Go to
the Woods.

5.9                           Macalania Woods

                                The Fiends
NOTE:   I can give you a whole of the fiends, but i've never really fought
        them here because they're mostly to powerful and I ran through the
        Macalania Woods because I trained a lot already.
Blue Element:   This element sucks. The Red Armlet from Kilika doesn't
                involve Water Ward, so Watera will hit fully and he has
                1500HP. I didn't encounter these, but if you do: attack
                with Thunder Spear, Lancet or Escape, which I advise the
Iguion:         This one is the easiest here, one hit dead and Overkill.
Murussu:        A Dragon, right? He has more HP so he's maybe not dead
                with one hit. Fire Breath will do and two hits will surely
Chimera:        To difficult. I encountered one. Nice to encounter if you
                haven't Overdrive. Then you can learn Aqua Breath and use
                Stone Breath. Escape otherwise.

                LEARN:                  Aqua Breath

Xiphos:         Escape instantly, or use Stone Breath.
Overall:        Stone Breath can be more used here, but you would like
                to give priority to escape. Don't forget Aqua Breath, but
                all other battles are quite difficult. The Iquion and
                Murussu are quite easy, but be aware of the others.

Nothing special in the Woods itself. Just proceed your way to O'aka. Ask
him for prices once, don't buy anything, ask again and say it's too
expensive. From what I know, Sonic Steel is then 9000. AGAIN A MAJOR
MISTAKE IF NOT BOUGHT. First Strike, which means easy escape if you
haven't Kimahri. O'aka sells Water Ward too right? Buy for Kimahri.
Two Boss Battles in a row. Well, not in a row, but after each other.
Prepare Overdrive in the Woods. Save and then move on.


HP: 12000/2000 Overkill

Critical Items:         Hi-Potion       (x05)

You've around 2000HP here right? Press is annoying, but its normal attack
isn't. Heal if needed. Attack him. The best the first time is the Hunter
Spear, which uses strength. He counters with an element. Then you equip the
opposite elemental Weapon. Thunder -> Tidal Spear, Fire/Ice -> Twin
Strike or Water -> Thunder Spear. With these weapons and the right element
he deals around 1000 damage to Spherimorph. I kept his HP on a note, because
you want to overkill him. Fire Breath or Aqua Breath deal around 2000 damage
if he has the opposite element. With this he can be overkilled. Still watch
out for his magic counters and Press, but he isn't that powerful so not
difficult either. Just keep your HP to a acceptable level.


Alright, everything done. To the Lake.

5.10                          Lake Macalania

                                The Fiends
Evil Eye:       "Report Fire Breath, over.", as you see, the same strategy
                as always, only that all other fiends are overkilled by
                Fire Breath here as well.
Ice Flan:       The Twin Strike, Lancet or Fire Breath. Quite devastating
                though, equip Red Armlet in this area.
Mafdet:         One hit kill mostly.
Snow Wolf:      As I said, Fire Breath is nice, but if you connect with the
                Snow Wolf, overkill as well. Steal Sleeping Powders here.
Overall:        Fire Breath to the rescue here. Watch out for the Evil Eye,
                the others aren't that bad. Watch out for sleep as well,
                before I forget.

First some story, then some boss battle. "?, boss battle?" Remember the


HP: 16000/4000 Overkill



Critical Items:         Light Curtain   (x01)
                        Hi-Potion       (x05)

Why no HP and Overkill for the Negator? If you kill him you're screwed, if you
don't.... you're screwed too in some way. Use a Light Curtain I advised you.
50 damage every hit of the Gattling Cannon. To kill him use lightning items or
just attack --> With the Thunder Spear of course. Lancet him to recover HP,
not enough of course. With Overdrive, use one of the breaths, you don't have
lightning breath, so Overkill is almost impossible. If you get low on HP,
a full Gattling Cannon would still add 400 damage on the Crawler's list and
remove it from your HP, use a Hi-Potion which can be bought here for the first
time. Don't matter that you use much, he will do a lot of damage before he
dies. Don't think it's a easy battle because of the 50 damage, he has much HP,
and with items and normal attacks it can take a while. Oh yes, by the way, if
the Breaths hit the Negator too, use Seed Cannon, you can't risk the attacks
Crawler has when the Negator is killed.


As I said in the strategy, buy some Hi-Potion if needed. On to the Temple.
There is nothing you need here, besides that you can receive your 5th Elixir
here to customize 20%HP on the 10%HP armor Rin or O'aka sells. Not necessary.
Learn Reflect on Yuna's path here. You'll be there soon enough if you haven't
already for a long time. Charge Overdrive and get in the Temple. Get anything
here that is worth getting it, I don't remember. On to Seymour.


HP: 3000/Overkill N/A


2 Guado Guardians
HP: 2000/2000 Overkill

Critical Items:         Mega-Phoenix    (x01)

As the battle begins, remove Yuna if possible. Allowed, see the line above.
On Kimahri's first turn, Stone Breath. You can try Fire or Aqua Breath, could
be possible for kill and overkill of both the guardians, but this was close as
I remember. So stick to Stone Breath. Now you can be killed, too bad if it
happens. On your second turn, cast Reflect. Well, that's the first battle.
???! Seymour will kill himself in the next turns. One note though: help Seymour
with the killing, but don't kill him yourself, because Anima will cast Pain



HP: 18000/1400 Overkill

Boost. Hm, okay. Mega-Phoenix, then Pain. Kimahri means Game Over, any of the
other two means olé. With the third character, so not Kimahri, which to Yuna
and Grand Summon Shiva. This is the only real exception to the only challenge.
With one Dark Matter and a lot of luck Anima can be killed too, but that
requires Tidus for Blitzball,which isn't allowed either. Proceed with Shiva's
Diamond Dust. Now you'll get a lot of damage, heal with Blizzara. You'll be
able to kill Anima with a second Diamond Dust, if Shiva doesn't die before
that, but that's a small chance. Diamond Dust, and the ADDITIONAL RULE is
down once and for all.



HP: 6000/1400 Overkill

Watch the show. You don't understand? He uses only Multi-Spells and you still
have Reflect. Nothing more to say.


For what Seymour is in other Only-Challenges or NSG(NC)(NO), he is very easy in
this challenge. I died about three times against him because of Anima with Pain
or that you won't get a chance to cast Reflect or Stone Breath. The Cloister of
Trials, oh yeah. Take the Luck Sphere which is very handy for his accuracy. Can
be activated on Mt. Gagazet though, so leave it for now. Get out of the Temple
and you'll be encoutered here twice if you're fast, so i'm not going to give a
strategy for the Guardians. Stone Breath works, :D. Once your away from the
Temple, charge Overdrive and make sure that you've a lot of Sleeping Powder.
On to the Beast.


HP: 18000/1432 Overkill


2 Guado Guardians
HP: NN/NN Overkill

Critical Items:         Sleeping Powder (x03)

NN? Not necessary. Wendigo will be berserked, too bad. Use Stone Breath on your
first turn or Petrify Grenade. That's why NN. On your second turn, use Sleeping
Powder. Now you just have a easy way of defeating him. Keep him Sleepy by
killing your Party Members, acquire Overdrive and use Fire Breath. To gain it
again; just switch weapons. Now he'll be very easy and Fire Breath means
overkill too. I did it in a much more difficult way because I forgot the
Sleeping Powders :D.


Now, in the Lake. Don't forget the Lvl. 2 Key Sphere. Sin comes. Hey, why don't
kill him now? Yeah right.

5.11                              Bikanel

                                The Fiends
Sand Wolf:      One hit kill, if connects. You can still cast Fire Breath on
                the Sand Wolf, but combined with the others you might cast
                Aqua Breath.
Alcyone:        Fire or Aqua Breath means Overkill. Otherwise he is the same
                as the Simurgh, no hitting. Be aware.
Mech Guard      Steal.
Mech Gunner:    Steal, most priority of the two Mechs.
Mushussu:       Ouch ouch. With Twin Strike you'll probably kill him. Give him
                the priority.
Sand Worm:      Looks impossible because of its 45000 HP. But use his own
                weapon against him and you'll be fine. Steal Shadow Gem and
                make him pay. 9999 damage the first 3 times, after that 7502.
                Kill him with a sleeping powder, followed by Lancet and Aqua
                Breath, which deal a lot of damage too. If you're not feeling
                to kill him, don't try the last 7501. Because it will cost a
                sleeping  powder everytime.
                But you'll receive 3000AP and maybe Slowtouch or Auto-Potion,
                I received Slowtouch, Evrea gets easier with it.
                Make sure that you have a lot of Shadow Gems left when exiting
                Bikanel because it makes your life easier.
Zu:             At <6000HP of the 18000HP he'll leave the air. So if you want,
                use 2 Shadow Gem to let him fly out of the air. Then he's
                vulnerable for every attack, and 4500HP isn't so much. But
                you don't have to kill him. Steal a lot of Smoke Bomb. And I
                mean a LOT. Make it 20 or something.
Cactuar:        Beatable, the same as Qactuar. But with MUCH MORE AP. You can
                get overlevelled here, but I didn't. Steal Chocobo Feathers.
                5 or something, I had 3, which saved me until the Calm Lands.
                Make sure to kill it, because Stone Breath won't make it
Sandragora (3): Stone Breath. There are three in the last area, all guarding
(SEMI-BOSS)     various useful items. Don't try to take it on with normal
                weapons, you'll get confused.
Overall:        A lot of strategies above, but Overall not that bad. Sand
                Wolf casts various Status Ailments in his attacks, so watch
                The Sand Worm is powerful but easy beatable, the same as
                Cactuar or Zu. Just be on your guard for powerful attacks.

Take the remedies in the water, then proceed to the automatic first battle.
It's one of the Zu, with only 12000HP to be exact, but without Kimahri. Tidus
dies, Auron comes. Now i'm not going to say: "Auron dies, Lulu comes" because
if that happens you'll have a great chance you're dead. If Auron gets a turn
in, use Shooting Star. This will make the battle end easy. Escape could get
you in trouble.
Take all Al Bhed Potions on the way, equip Sonic Steel to prevent Ambushed
until Kimahri. On the second screen, go right to get him. This will make it
a lot saver. Just go through the Desert, one forced battle with a Sandragora,
see above. Steal all useful items, see above as well and fight some Cactuars
for AP. Don't make it too much. It's difficult too.


5.12                        Home and the Airship

                                The Fiends
Evil Eye:       Where do we know him from? Use Fire Breath to easy Overkill,
                but Stone Breath kills the Guardian too, who is here with
                every fiend. The Eyes come in two with a Guardian, so use
                Stone or Fire Breath. Chances that you won't get a turn
                in are big. If not ambushed you can win it more often,
                because you won't get confused. No forced battle. Use
                Sleeping Powder to kill them of the party.
Dual Horn:      The second forced battle with two of these and a Guardian.
                It's a Reunion of the fiends you've learned you the best
                Overdrive!! HAVE FUN! No, these are annoying. Use Stone
                Breath, if not: you're dead. Well, you can do this
                without Overdrive. Use Sleeping Powder, kill the Guardian
                first. This saves your Overdrive for the first battle.
                You can throw a Smoke Bomb too of course, has about the
                same effect. Or use both :D.
Bomb:           A powered-up version from the Highroad. The first forced
                battle with 3! of these and a Guardian. Either use Stone
                Breath or fight with Twin Lance, which kills them in two
                hits if you're lucky.
Chimera:        The last forced battle. 2 with a Guardian. Use Stone Breath.
                Just to powerful. Use Smoke Bombs though to stop their
                Assault, if you haven't Overdrive.
Guado Guardian: Comes with all fiend parties in Home. Use Steal to stop
                Auto-Potion. Then just attack. Stone Breath kills them
                together with all the other fiends around.
Overall:        The most difficult fiends, or parties to be exact. Charging
                Overdrive is bad, so only do it three or two times.
                I'll give a full walktrough of Home below.

Enter it and SAVE! Don't do that and you're screwed. Have Overdrive? Proceed.
Otherwise, go get it. Enter Home itself, the first battle: 3 Bombs and a
Guardian. Use Stone Breath, just the best way. Second forced battle: 2 Dual
Horn and a Guardian. Use Sleeping Powder, steal from the Guardian, then kill
him. Kill the Dual Horns with charging Overdrive and use Stone Breath.
Now you have random encounters of the above called Parties (in "The Fiends"
box). Just be careful, use Twin Lance and Red Armlet. Once you've gone down
the stairs and the screen shifts, go up again, then go in the left door.
Forced battle, with what was it again? Dual Horn I thought. Just win with the
above strategy, get the Elixir and Friend Sphere. Go down again to the right,
power-up Overdrive. enter the room. Forced battle, I thought Chimeras. Use
Stone Breath, take the Skill Sphere. I learned Power Break. Power-up
Overdrive, last forced battle. Use Stone Breath.
How charge Overdrive? Either use the Evil Eye Party with only the Guardian
left after throwing a Sleeping Powder, or use the Dual Horn party, which
makes the Sleeping Powder have the same effect. BTW, you could go back to
Bikanel to charge Overdrive, but this requires random encounters too, I don't
advise it. Good luck here, you'll need it. Take the Lvl. 4 Key Sphere, watch
the most spoiling scene of the game, then get on the Airship.
The Airship. Watch some scenes. Get 99x Underdog Secrets from Rin because of
Al Bhed Primers. Sell 50 or something. Get Poisonward and equip it. Either
customize with Antidote or use a received one. Now get about 15 Bomb Cores.
Get Overdrive, SAVE! and proceed to the Beast of the Skies.


HP: 32000/2000

NOTE: All credit in the Stone Gaze strategy go to Split Infinity, who
created the greatest and the best FAQ on the FFX section.

Critical Items:         Chocobo Feather (x01)
                        Any Elemental   (As much as possible)
                        Al Bhed Potion  (x10)

He hits and uses Poison Breath. All his other attacks are not "allowed"
because you can't move the ship with Kimahri. Well, but those two aren't
his only attacks, he throws in an extra ability called Stone Gaze.
Petrification and Slow. You don't want that. Know the Stone Gaze story?
Until he Hastes (HP <10700) he'll use Stone Gaze when received "6" points:
Attack =        2
Overdrive =     2
Skill =         2
Magic =         1
Special =       0
If he uses it you're either dead by Petrification, you can survive that if
you've Stone Ward, but then you'll die because of Slow which can be cured
by remedy, but you won't have the time. I just didn't take the risk to get
Stone Gaze. The difficult battle is made easier if you only use Special,
which are most important Steal and Use, but Jinx comes in handy too. The

Use Self-Destruct.
No, of course not :P. Use Chocobo Feather. In your next turn, mostly before
Evrea, use Smoke Bomb to dark him. Next turn use any of the Breaths. What
kind of damage is that? Not much, I know. Finish his power with Power Break.
4 points are now added to Stone Gaze. Lancet adds strangely points as well,
so don't cast it. Now just use Bomb Cores and steal Water Gems and use to
kill him. When out of Darkness use Smoke Bomb, if hurt by Poison use Al Bhed
Potion. When he's below the 10700 HP he uses Haste, you call one of the
Breaths. Now finish him the same way as you did above, but with the exception
that you can use Overdrive or Attack him. To make it easier for you, his
attacks go like this:
- Attack
- Attack
- Inhaling
- Poison Breath
- Repeat
This means, when in dark, that only his fourth attack is damage. As I said,
Poison Breath can give Poison, than heal with Al Bhed Potion. If not, heal
with Hi-Potion. One exception though: sometimes his normal hits connect too,
even in Dark. You can use Jinx 5x to make sure he won't hit, this is easily
done when in Haste. Overkill will be almost impossible because of the strong
Elements. Save an Overdrive.


NOTE: Because Poison Breath is magic damage, you could try to Slow him if you
got Slowtouch from Sand Worms. When received, replace the Power Break Turn
with an Attack with the Slowtouch weapon. Chances are only 25% or so, so you
might want to replace the Overdrive too, but I didn't do that. In Haste
you're fast enough and to add to it, after he casts Haste, Slow will be away.
Although then you could try to Slow him the whole time.

Evrae don't seems that difficult if you look at the strategy, but with
Elemental Items you are busy for a long time to rip off about 20000HP.

5.13                       Bevelle, Via Purifico
                             and the Highbridge

                                The Fiends (Bevelle)
Warrior Monk:   The rifle one. Attacks not hard, and with a Sleeping
                Powder he's down. Use two or three to even kill him with
Warrior Monk:   The flamethrower guy. Equip Red Armlet to reduce his
                attack. After that he has the same strategy as the one
YKT-63:         Kill him first, although that isn't so easy. When these
                appear (2nd and 4th Battle) damage him first, then use
                Aqua Breath, or else you'll receive Thrust Kick. Easy
                damage: use Smoke Bomb to dark him. Use Lancet at least
                once to learn Thrust Kick.

                LEARN:                  Thrust Kick

YAT-99:         Comes with 2 Flamethrower Monks in the 5th and last battle.
                If you can hit him with Aqua Breath if the Monks are still
                in place, do it; I forget. If not kill the Monks first by
                using Sleeping Powders. Then use Aqua Breath.
Overall:        Be on your guard for the YKT and the YAT. Why I put these
                here? Don't forget Thrust Kick, :D.

In Bevelle you'll get 5 battles, see above. After these I'll be giving
no strategies for the fiends until the Calm Lands. Purifico has a low
fiend encounter and the Highbridge doesn't involves Kimahri.

Save and do the Cloister of Trials, get the KNIGHT LANCE. Now you'll get
in the Purufico with only Yuna. Go to the save sphere instantly. If
encountered, you can start over again from the Trials. Get to Auron first.
Step on the Stone, going north. Then proceed further to the North. Now get
Kimahri with a Black Magic Sphere to the right, escape with Auron if
encountered. Get Lulu too because of a White Magic Sphere nearby. She's
to the left. You can get the Lucid Ring and 10000 Gil, but involves too
much puzzles, and more of all, too much walking around. Take the left
Stone after you got Lulu to get to the middle. Then go North to proceed
to Larvas. One at a time though, no problem. Why no encounters here:
Fast, Powerful and Deadly. Escape always, because the AP isn't worth it
either. You'll get or already have Curaga here, which comes in handy too.
Isaaru's Aeons. Do I need to make the display?


Isaaru (Grothia (Ifrit), Pterya (Valefor) and Spathi (Bahamut))
HP: Various/Various Overkill

Critical Items:         Energy Blast    (Key Item)

Kimahri doesn't participate in this battle.
An Aeon Battle. Use Bahamut yourself as the strongest, Shield from
Overdrives and use Shiva in the last battle, cause Spathi only uses


Now the other three. Just re-buy your Antidote and Hi-Potion at the
chest if you want. Equip Sonic Steel and Escape from every battle.
Proceed to the only Zombie Boss in the game:


Evrae Altana
HP: 16384/2000 Overkill

Critical Items:         Phoenix Down    (x02)

Oh man. Tidus: Phoenix Down. Next character: Phoenix Down. Overkill.
Then he just shouldn't be Zombie, it's his fault.


Get the Rematch although he just isn't really needed. Prevents Game
Over sometimes though. Now you're on the Highbridge, and Kimahri
stays with Seymour. WHAT? HE DOES WHAT? Yes, no Kimahri on the
Highbridge. Equip Sonic Steel and Rematch and leave the Party: Auron,
Tidus and Lulu to prevent Game Over. Get to the Save Sphere and get
to the second Save Sphere. So Seymour is back, ya? Well, without
Anima and the same Magics. Can it be easier?


Seymour Natus
HP: 36000/3500 Overkill


HP: 1000 - 4000/N/A Overkill
After killed, receives a 1000 less of his currrent MAX HP from Seymour
(estimated as damage by Seymour). So if killed with 4000, Seymour gets
3000 damage and Mortibody is reborn with 3000HP. Can't kill him, keeps
reborn with 1000HP and damage when reached 1000HP Limit.

Critical Items:         None

For a easy reason I shouldn't have to give you the Mortibody strategy,
because you don't kill him. Seymour has three forms, rounds to be exact,
he doesn't change.

36000 - 24000HP:
Mortibody:      Ice-Thunder-Water-Fire on all in that order. Repeat.
Seymour:        The same, only he uses Multi Spells on one character.
23999 - 12000HP:
Seymour:        Protect as first, then only Break (Petrify).
Mortibody:      Shattering Claw to shatter petrified character.
11999 - 0HP:
Seymour:        Flare.
Mortibody:      Cura.

What is so easy to this battle? When under Reflect, all attacks, except
for Shattering Claw, will be bounced back (immune to Break though). The
battle: First turn, use Reflect and let them kill themselves. Once
Mortibody is dead  Seymour will receive the damage. Help Seymour in
killing him by using Knight  Lance and just Attack. Overdrive can be
used, but charge for the second round. On the barrier of the first to the
second round he'll use Protect, so before that, cast Reflect on Seymour.

In the second round the Claw will connect, but because it was supposed to
be Shattering, the damage is very low. What adds to it that the Protect
from Seymour got to you. Now your attack will be full because he hasn't
Protect. Use a Breath Overdrive to kill Mortibody, which means Seymour
receives  damage from the Breath and Mortibody. By the way, steal some
Tetra Elemental if you want. Now on to the third round by attacking Natus.

Flare will connect to him by your Reflect, the Cura from Mortibody only
heals you. You're not damaged , so finish him with whatever you want.
Attack is the best way, because you're healed by Cura you don't have too
Lancet. It depends on how far you're on Yuna's path if Aqua Breath
Overkills him, because it did about 3900 damage in my game and that is
400 above the minimum amount. I suggest you try it anyway.


Proceed with the story in the Woods. When done, take the Lucid Ring
hidden in the "camp" area; then go to the Calm Lands.

From now on every fiend or boss strategy will come directly from the
field. When I started creating this FAQ I was at the Calm Lands, I told
you this at some Boss Strategies, but now I still am at the Calm Lands
at the time we speak. Most FAQ's are created after the game, but we're
now both in it.

I didn't use them in the above strategies, but you will get two Black Magic
Spheres from Seymour, one from Evrae, two from Altana and one in the Via
Purifico. Of course you could have got a rare drop from one of them, but
you will have at least 4. Learn the level 1 elements, because I'll be
using them from now on too.

5.14                            Calm Lands

                                The Fiends
NOTE: As I'll put in the Overall strategy, the best thing to do is
escape from most battles until you've reached the Monster Arena. Then you
can customize a Taming Spear with Evade & Counter.
Skoll:          Lets start with the wolf. Getting much faster here. Can't
                hit him or rarely and he's not dead in one hit. Use
                Aqua Breath. With Evade & Counter you can easily beat him,
                see Overall and the extra NOTE above.
                Steal a lot of Dream Powder. Especially when you've Evade
                & Counter you've a lot of time to Steal.
Nebiros:        Lets say the exact same strategy as the Skoll, only he
                uses Sleep and Silence while this guy uses Poison and
                is down in one counter-attack. Dead with Sleeping or
                Dream Powder. With Blizzard you can kill him too if you
                don't have the Taming Spear yet.
Shred:          A heavy Armored Enemy. Dead in two hits with Piercing if
                you're lucky. Again, Evade & Counter saves your life.
                Use Sleeping Powder if in trouble.
Flame Flan:     The Elements are getting serious. If not equiped with the
                Red Armlet, deals about 900 damage. Steal Fire Gem for
                Malboro. Kill either with Lancet, 400 damage, or Blizzard.
                Overkill almost impossible, even with Aqua Breath.
Mech Scouter:   Steal. Give priority to other fiends though, with Evade &
                Counter he can't hit, and you can Steal later on.
Anacondaur:     They're annoying. If you want to avoid Sonic Tail, use
                Aqua Breath when they've around 4000HP. If you want to
                capture them though: because of Evade & Counter, you'll
                deal 800 damage to them in the beginning. Use Aqua Breath
                just above 4000, then one hit is enough.
                For Petrify Grenades, use Dream Powder, see above, to get
                them down.
Chimera Brain:  A powerful enemy again. Assault, Aqua Breath, Meggido Flame
                and Thundara is their pattern. Thundara can be 0, because of
                Lightningproof. With Evade & Counter, Assault won't hit too
                and Meggido Flame can be halved by Red Armlet. Just attack
                to kill and capture them. When low on HP, Lancet heals 400,
                but Curaga heals all. Always equip Taming Spear and Red
Coeurl:         Not that bad. Hasn't so much HP. Just attack to get it down.
                Escape with Tidus though, to avoid Blaster's Game Over.
Orge:           Dream Powder kills the other Skolls and makes him sleep.
                Kill with Fire. If you want to capture him, Fire until
                about 700HP, then capture him.
Malboro:        Last but not least. Almost impossible to get him before Bad
                Breath. For that, equip Serene Armlet from the Rockroad and
                DON'T use the Taming Spear. Use Fire Breath and Fire Gems to
                get his HP low. With Bad Breath you'll be mostly confused,
                but Malboro wakes you up again and then use Remedy + Curaga.
                Now kill him with the Taming Spear and Fire Breath, because
                he won't be fast enough to cast another Bad Breath. To not
                die from the Poison though, heal after about 3 attacks from
                the Malboro, so you'll be fast enough too use a remedy and
                cure Malboro's damage.

                LEARN:                  Bad Breath
Overall:        A lot and I say a LOT of info in the box above. But the
                Calm Lands will be the only one. Use Aqua Breath on the
                normal enemies, steal a LOT of items here and the most
                important, watch out until the Arena. BTW, Bad Breath is
                annoying if you get it, but your enemies won't like it
                too, don't forget it.

Go to the Agency first and do everything said above to avoid Game Over.
To add to that: always leave Tidus in the Party with Sonic Steel to Escape
fast. Heal after every battle with Curaga. When at the Agency, save. Go to
the Northwest, place of the Caladbolg (go out of the Agency, go up, then
when you can left). The Chocobo Trainer will be there mostly. Train a
Chocobo (beat Race 1), ride one and go to the Monster Arena. Do as I
said above, buy Taming Spear and customize it with Evade & Counter.

Now take the Chocobo and go to the Temple of Remiem. Go to the Chocobo race
and just win the first time. The Cloudy Mirror would obviously be necessary
to get the Spirit Lancet later on. Now race again and open four of the chests.
You'll get 30x Pendulum, which would be good enough to get Master Thief. I
customized it on a Stone ward Armor with two open slots, you might do what
you want. But get it and equip him mostly, just to get more items. Second
thing at the Chocobo Race, open five chest. Consider a FAQ for this, but
it requires luck too. 60x Three Stars. Necessary later on.

After this I say you must capture all of the fiends in the Calm Lands.
This fully opens the Monster Arena and you get 60x Farplane Wind. With this
I'll be customizing Deathproof later on. Capture the fiends here would be
easy because  the most fiends doesn't hit you. Only the Malboro and the
Anacondaur give real problems. Northeast. The road to Mt. Gagazet, or

5.15                            Sunken Cave

Equip the Soldier Armlet if you have it, I had +10% and +20% which made
about 4400HP. If you don't have it it's enough too. Equip the Taming Spear
too. This sounds strange, but you just watch. Get to the bridge:


Defender X
HP: 64000/4060 Overkill

Critical Items:         Light Curtain   (x01)

Use Light Curtain, then defend the whole battle. Execute Aqua Breath if
possible and heal any damage from Blast Punch and Haymaker with Curaga.
He'll die eventually. You can't make this easier for yourself, because if
you don't equip the Taming Spear to get more damage, his normal attack
will connect too. The only problem you can get now:
- right before his turn: Aqua Breath.
- Blast Punch.
- Haymaker.
This could get you killed if you don't have the Soldier Armlet. But
chances he does that and that you're not in Defend status are very small.
Just kill him with Aqua Breath, which might, or might not Overkill him.
He didn't in my battle.


Now for the cave itself. Don't do anything except for 2 things:
- Steal Silence Grenades from the Thorns. Escape with Tidus first, then
  if they use Pollen you won't be game over. Make it 10 Silence Grenades
  or something.
No full strategies about the fiends here, not necessary.

Now move on and get to Mt. Gagazet.

5.16                            Mt. Gagazet

Blah blah story. Why not the fiends first? The most special Boss Battle
willbe here before any other fiends. You might do this, I use it in the
next strategies too:
- Buy the Shapeshifter the Ronso is selling. He stands to the Southeast.
- Customize it with Double Overdrive (Piercing, Strength +10% and Double
- Now customize One MP Cost with the Three Stars (Piercing, Strength +10%,
  Double Overdrive, One MP Cost = Berserker). Why? Holy gets on your way
  NOTE:  This is a weapon you'll never sell. It would be better with Magic
  Upgrades, but as it comes with Piercing, he's very nice to attack with
- Equip it together with the Collector Armlet.
- Buy the Soldier Armlet too. Used later on. It carries two open slots,
  if you've one already you don't need it.
- Now move on.


Biran Ronso/Yenke Ronso
HP Biran: 4x Kimahri's/Unknown Overkill
HP Yenke: 3x Kimahri's/Unknown Overkill

Critical Items:         None

Not so difficult. Buldoze is about 500 damage if Biran casts it and the
Level 1 elemental spells will be about 100. Yenke casts the Ronso Rages
and Buldoze, but that is only 80, while the Rages are 300. Cast Aqua
Breath when they're together which makes Yenke go below 50% . Then learn
White Wind. They'll be at least below 50% with the second one. Learn
Mighty Guard and Dispel it from them. Now steal some Level 3 Key Spheres.
Finish them with Aqua Breath, high chance of Overkill. One important thing
though, finish them together, which doesn't make one of them cast powerful
spells (Haste (Yenke) or Berserk (Biran)). Heal if you get low on HP with
Curaga, which One MP Cost comes in handy in the end as well :D.

LEARN:                                  Mighty Guard
LEARN:                                  White Wind


                                The Fiends (Outside)
Grat:           Back from being gone. Watch out for Seed Cannon. Seed
                Burst doesn't matter, because Confusion will be healed by
                the next Seed Burst (2nd Grat). Fire Breath is instant
                Overkill. If he either comes with Bashura or Grenade, use
                Fire Breath anyway.
Bashura:        Suffers 7000 damage from Fire Breath. After this, use
                him to charge back to Overdrive, equip Berserker if you
                want, but then you must heal his attack. Kill with 6 Fires.
Grenade:        Impossible, can kill him but only with Doom. Use this only
                at the two Grats: first Fire Breath, recharge Overdrive,
                Doom, recharge Overdrive. Heal after the batlle of course.
                Impossible when in the party with two and a Imp.
Imp:            Normally from the Sunken Cave. You can't heavily Overkill
(Sunken Cave)   him with Aqua Breath, but you can't kill the Grenades, so
                just Escape.
Mech Defender:  Ouch, high damage. Give him more priority then the Leader.
                Steal of course.
Mech Leader:    Comes either with two Mech Defenders or a Nidhogg and
                Bandersnatch. Steal.
Nidhogg:        If you have Berserker equipped when this party comes, equip
                Taming Spear. Now you're invulnerable, but heal every Breath
                from the Nidhogg.
Bandersnatch:   This is mostly the first fiend :D. He is the most weak here,
                use the Taming Spear to hold him down. On this party,
                Bandersnatch, Nidhogg and Mech Leader, Aqua Breath means all
                kill and Overkill except the Leader, who isn't Overkilled.
Overall:        Use the Taming Spear at the party above, use Berserker at
                the others to regain Overdrive. Use Fire Breath instantly
                on the Grats party, regain Overdrive at the Grenade/Bashura.

You can be happy if you get Grats, see Overall. But you can be crying if you
get the Grenade - Grenade - Imp party. Escape always there. Just climb the
mountain, Wantz sells nothing important. Learn Holy here, you should be close
to it. I'll be using it in the Flux battle.

One other important thing: steal Gold Hourglass. Rare steal from Nidhogg. To
tell you the truth, I used Silver Hourglass in the required battles, but it
has the same effect: Slow.

When at the save sphere: get Overdrive, learn Holy, equip Berserker and equip
Soldier Armlet if you have it. I didn't even had it equipped, he's that easy.
If you want to be save from the first combo, customize First Strike on
another weapon. But you'll be using the Berserker here, so I don't recommend


Seymour Flux
HP: 70000/3500 Overkill


HP: Same strategy as Natus/N/A Overkill

Critical Items:         Chocobo Feather (x01)
                        Silence Grenade (x05)
                        Holy Water      (x10)

He's a bit easy. First turn, one of your Chocobo Feathers. Second turn, I
hope before Seymour, use Reflect. If the Combo is before your second turn
and on you you're down. After you did Reflect, Full-Life will bounce off.
Third turn, cast Overdrive Mighty Guard. Fourth turn, use Silence Grenade.
Now the battle is yours.Lance of Atrophy will cast zombie, but is only 400
damage. Cross Cleave will do a lot of damage, 1100, so heal Zombie and use
X or Mega-Potion. You won't see Dispel, Protect, Reflect or Flare because
How to kill him? You could either Talk to increase damage to about 1500, or
use Holy, approximately 8500 damage. Or use Aqua Breath, which damages both
your enemies for about 5000 damage, which means a total of 9000 on Seymour
the first time, and every next time is 1000 less because Mortibsorption of
Mortiorchis becomes less.Why use Aqua Breath more than Holy? Holy has a
heavy delay. In his last fase you must watch out, Total Annihalation deals
about 1800 damage, so heal after it. Either kill him with Holy or Aqua Breath
to Overkill him, but with the Breath; be sure you kill him, and not the


That was Flux. Some nice insults his way, then proceed towards the Mt. Gagazet
Cave. DON'T FORGET THE SATURN CREST. He isn't that critical because you can get
him easily with the Airship, but why do difficult when it can be easy?

                                The Fiends (Cave)
Dark Flan:      High Defence as Flan and high Magic Defence. One easy way,
                Doom. Next turn, Death.
Mandragora:     Easy too. Start with Overdrive, Fire Breath. Heal Poison and
                damage, next Overdrive: Fire Breath = Overkill.
Behemoth:       3 Holy means dead. Take the time, but watch out. Heal attacks.
Grendel:        The Horns are back. Aqua Breath is the best way, because he
                comes with Ahriman. He only charges for Flame Ball, so don't
Ahriman:        I like that name, but I don't like the fiend :D. Aqua Breath
                means Overkill though. Holy is reduced heavily. If he gets an
                attack, be alerted for Confusion again.
Bashura:        Hm? Didn't I encountered these earlier? Yes, but with one at a
                time. Now there are two. Start with Overdrive. If not, escape.
                They deal too much damage to get an Overdrive. If you have it,
                use Fire Breath. They'll go in Defence status, now switch
                weapons, Fire Breath, Overkill both.
Overall:        Nothing to add. Yes, one thing. In the water, equip Rematch
                and Sonic Steel to avoid Game Over.

Follow the trail. Or trial? Well, let say both are right. Nothing important
here. Get to Mister Keeper. Equip Berserker.

Armor is different. I had Silence/Confuse Ward with two empty slots, and
customized Dark Ward and Sleepproof on it, to use later. Not really needed.
I can advise Confuseward/proof and Sleepward/Proof.


Sanctuary Keeper
HP: 40000/6400 Overkill

Critical Items:         Gold Hourglass  (x01)
                        Smoke Bomb      (x03)
                        Holy Water      (x01)
                        Echo Screen     (x01)

He is called a smart boss. He has one weakness. His first attack is always
Photon Wings. Start by Reflect him. Now he wants to Reflect you too, but
because the first turn is set, he uses Photon Wings. Sleep and Confusion
are really bad, Curse and Silence can easily be healed, Darkness doesn't
matter. When you get a turn, Gold Hourglass. Now he'll counter with Haste,
which you get :D. Now you've 4 turns in a row. First use Holy Water if
under Curse, then Mighty Guard, then Smoke Bomb, after that just keep
using Aqua Breath by changing Weapons.

He keeps countering with Haste every Aqua Breath. In his normal turns he
might use:
- Attack:       Misses by Darkness.
- Tail Sweep:   Removes Haste, but it misses too. If it hits you'll be out
                of Haste and delayed. IF THAT HAPPENS YOU'RE DOWN, SO KEEP
                HIM IN DARKNESS.
- Mana Breath:  Heavy magic. Heal after it. Use Echo Screen first if
                silenced by Photon Wings.

Once he is down for a bit, a thought about 50%, he will use Reflect on you
to heal.
Now it gets tricky:

- S-K: Reflect on you.
- You: Keep changing weapons using Berserker to Overdrive.
- You: Dispel Reflect, which dispels Haste too.
- You: Aqua Breath.
- S-K: Haste Counter.
- S-K: Reflect on you.
- Repeat until Overkill.

This means that when you're about to Dispel you have two turns. Aqua Breath,
and this repeats the cycle. I obtained Overkill, but it was very close.


Proceed to the Zanarkand Ruins.

5.17                            Zanarkand

And again the fiends not as first. Why this time? In the first random
encounter place, you'll only see Mt. Gagazet fiends. That's why. Move on,
but don't forget the Fortune Sphere. On to the Dome.

                                The Fiends (Dome)
YAT-97:         Holy means instant kill, no Overkill, Aqua Breath does
                Overkill. But the YAT deals high amount of damage, so chose
                Holy if there is only one present.
YKT-11:         The same strategy as the YAT, only that the damage is less.
                leave him at last, because he's the weakest. You know why.
Fallen Monks:   Phoenix Down means no Overkill, while Curaga does. Curaga
                is better because of One MP Cost.
Defender Z:     You need a lot of Holy's, a Light Curtain and a lot of luck.
                Leave him alone, Escape.
Overall:        The parties can be quite annoying. The Defender always comes
                on his own, but the four others are deadly mixed. Be aware.

Do everything, take everything, includes the Luck Sphere. Now, steal at least
10x Candle of Life from any Fallen Monk. Normal steal is 2x. Rare is
Purifying Salt, so DON'T equip Collector Armlet.

TRIALS, OLÉ. Complete, save, equip Berserker and any Berserkward, then


Spectral Keeper
HP: 52000/8000

Critical Items:         Light Curtain   (x01)
                        Chocobo Feather (x01)

No easy boss, and needs luck. First turn, use Feather. Second turn, use
Curtain. Now his attacks are... somewhat neutralized. Damage is still high
and Berserk can still be added. I advise you to kill him with Aqua Breaths,
because Holy delays. Heal after every counter-attack, not needed to heal after
a Berserk Tail, only 600 damage.
If you're not inflicted by Berserk, you'll have easy time to keep changing
weapons and cast Aqua Breath. If you're being inflicted by Berserk over and
over again, which causes Game Over because you keep hitting him and he keeps
countering, customize Berserkproof if you've enough Hypello Potion. The 8000
Overkill is impossible to achieve, Aqua Breath did highest damage 7400, while
Holy had 6200.

Evrea has little chance to inflict Berserk, even if you only have Berserkward.


Blah, blah, blah. So, that was the first story. Now come the Farplane Winds
and Candle of Life. Take the Soldier Armlet I let you buy on Mt. Gagazet or
any other two-open-slotted armor. I had SOS-Protect with three open slots for
example. It would be the best if you've got Sleepproof with three open slots
from Gui.

Anyway, take the 2(3)-open-slotted armor, customize Deathproof and customize


Lady Yunalesca
1st FORM HP: 24000/N/A OVerkill
2nd FORM HP: 48000/N/A OVerkill
3rd FORM HP: 60000/10000 Overkill

Critical Items:         Al Bhed Potion  (x15)

Strategy 1st FORM:
Attacks:        Punch -> Absorb -> *REPEAT*
Counters:       Overdrive/Special       -> Sleep
                Black/White Magic       -> Silence
                Attack                  -> Darkness

The first boss I put patterns in. Her attack isn't that bad, but just don't
use Chocobo Feather, Light Curtain or some other positive status, because
she'll Dispel it. Her Punch is, let say, 300 damage. Not bad. But Absorb is
another story. 50% MAX HP and for some reason always on Kimahri. Use Curaga
after every of it. But now comes the strategy, which makes that a bit

First turn you get, Holy. About 8000 damage, I needed 4 to kill this form.
Now she'll eventually have 2 turns. Punch and Absorb. But, inbetween she
used Silence too, as counter. On your turn, Use -> Al Bhed Potion. Which
heals your damage too. Receive a Punch again, hopefully on your allies.
Now use Holy again and repeat the cycle. If you get below 1000HP, an Al
Bhed Potion won't be enough, so use Al Bhed  Potion, followed by Curaga (no
silence added). Now you'll get through the first form.

REMEMBER! No overdrives! You'll receive Sleep, which might make you go Game
Over. The Absorbs are on you, but the attacks can be on others. If they're
are already dead you can take the risk, because you're always from Sleep.
Still not advised, because you're not fast enough.


Strategy 2nd FORM:
Attacks:        Hellbiter <-> Cura/Regen
Counters:       All kind of attacks     -> Punch

Whaha. Whahaha. WHAHAHAHA. Man, this second form is much, much easier.
Hellbiter means 200 damage and Immune to Zombie. Not bad. But Cura and
Regen only heal you. Which is good! If you attack her she'll counter for
300 damage, but Regen and Cura will heal that again. Finish with Holy's
and Aqua Breaths.


Strategy 3rd FORM:
Attacks:        Mega Death -> Hellbiter/Curaga/Regen -> Hellbiter/
                Curaga/Regen -> Mind Blast -> Hellbiter/Curaga/Regen
                -> Mega Death -> *REPEAT*
Counters:       All kind of attacks     -> Punch

I can be easy, the same as the second strategy, because Mega-Death is
Immune because of Deathproof. It's different from one thing though. Mind
Blast causes  Confusion or Sleep that will be healed by Yunalesca in time,
just wait. If you want to use Overdrives, and she caused Curse, use Holy
Water. Use Holy's and Aqua Breaths to finish her. Overkill IMPOSSIBLE,
because of the 10000 and no Break Damage Limit.


Now do the whole story, until you had the whole section with Mika and
Shelinda. Now you can do what you want, and that isn't defeating Sin.

5.18                        Airship SIDEQUESTS

5.18.1:                 SPIRIT LANCE       Baaj Temple

Before getting the Celestial Weapon, first go fight this guy for No
Encounters. Find the co-ordinates in the airship. 13x and 60y. Now
equip Rematch, that'sall. Move on.


HP: 32768/32767

Critical Items:         Any "Trio of 9999" items

Kimahri doesn't participate in this battle.
With the Rematch you can die, but rarely. Mix Trio of 9999 with Rikku
and wait until Geos dies. If he eats a character, Struggle if you know
that this 9999  isn't the last one. Then finish him with the other two,
revive has no use because the lost of Trio of 9999.


Reset if NO No Encounters is received. TOO BAD IF IT HAPPENS. I had it
in one time. Alright, done here. Go to the Airship, then go instantly to
Woods.        Macalania Woods

                                The Fiends
Blue Element:   Why is he still that strong? Holy instant kill, Fire
                Breath too.
Mafdet:         Hm, strange. He here? With Piercing easy kill, otherwise
                just us Fire Breath or Holy.
Chimera:        Pound away. His attacks aren't that devastating anymore.
Xiphos:         The same as Chimera.
Overall:        YOU CAN'T ESCAPE! Too bad. Fire Breath overkills all.
                If not in Overdrive, Holy helps :D.

Yeah you know this place indeed. Get the Celestial Mirror. Use a FAQ for
this or do it yourself, I suppose you know what I mean with this. If done,
do the butterfly games. Either use a FAQ again or kill yourself if it fails.
In the real world of course. Keep No Encounters to avoid random battles,
but you'll be encountered when touching a red butterfly.
Saturn Sigil required. Anything to be done here? No, not anymore, for now.
No don't go to the Airship but just go down the Macalania Woods to enter
the Plains again. Oh, buy a Tetra Armlet from Wantz.        Thunder Plains
                                The Fiends
                            (Capture Strategies)
Gold Element:   Use Lancet and Water to weak it, then capture.
Qactuar:        Needs two attacks to die and hard to hit. Just be
Buer:           They stay annoying. Kill them first, chances of hitting
                him are high.
*OTHERS*:       Just attack to capture.
Overall:        The fiends from the Thunder Plains. Can't do it on your

Capture here isn't that bad. Just go down to the South Part of the Thunder
Plains. Be sure that you prayed to three stones. A ghost will appear. Follow
him and obtain Spirit Lance. Don't forget: PRAY WITH THE [] BUTTON (may be
different in the US version, but just use the button you need to pray with,
not the one to open chests). Go your way back to Macalania Woods. Capture
all remaining fiends on the way, if done, equip No Encounters. You need to
capture here, it's part of the Best Armor, but I left it away because can
do it now. At the Woods, power-up the Spirit Lance and get back to the

If you're down enough on Yuna's path Holy will be about 13000 damage to
None-Magic-Resistant fiends. Not bad eh? Only he doesn't have One MP Cost,
but it can be solved in the next paragraph.

5.18.2:                 CURATIVE ARMLET       Calm Lands
                        No Fiends --> No Encounters

Take a Chocobo. Go to the Monster Arena and collect your rewards. Rewards?
Two? Yeah, you captured in the Calm Lands earlier. Get the Cactuar King,
99x Chocobowing. Also unlock the Earth Eater, 60x Three Stars. That solves
the problem that the Spirit Lance isn't carrying One MP Cost.
Now go to Rin and but to 20x remedy.

***Customize Auto-Haste on Tetra Armlet***      Haste Armlet = 1st Ability
***Customize Auto-Med on Haste Armlet***     Curative Armlet = 2nd Ability

Hm, okay. Because of Auto-Med, rebuy your stock of healing items:
- Antidote/Eye Drops/Echo Screen/Holy Water 99x
- Remedy 40x       Horned Enemies

Has this to do with an area? Yes, several. That's why I put the name of the
subject, the Horned Enemies. 5 Dual Horn -> Highroad + 5 Valaha -> Sunken
Cave, (LOCATION UNKNOWN) + 5 Grendel -> Inside Gagazet = Juggernaut = 99x
Light Curtain. Strategies for the Horned Enemies:

                                The Fiends
Overall:        With the Taming Spear they can't hit you. Valaha and
                Grendel survive one Fire Breath, Dual Horn is dead in three
                turns. Use Frag Grenade to weak them, but not necessary.

5 of each? Go to the Calm Lands and get your reward.

***Customize Auto-Protect on Curative Armlet***Curative Armlet = 3rd Ability       Omega Ruins

Find co-ordinates. Now equip Collector Armlet, Spirit Lance and Tidus with
Sonic Steel. Be here until 20x Petrify Grenade, 3x Steal Zaurus and 2x Steal

***Customize Stoneproof on Curative Armlet***  Curative Armlet = 4th Ability       Besaid

Yes I know. You have the armor. Capture one of each fiend here, go to the
Calm Lands and receive 99x Stamina Tonic.

5.19                              Airship

Equip Spirit Lance and Curative Armlet. Go to Sin.


Left/Right Fin
HP: 65000/10000 Overkill

Critical Items:         Three Stars     (x01)

Use Three Stars (at both of them), then just Holy away. As it breaks the
9999 barrier, chances of Overkill is very high. If hit by it's Swipe, heal
with Curaga.


HP: 36000/3000 Overkill


Sinspawn Genais
HP: 20000/2000 Overkill

Critical Items:         Antidote        (x05)
                        Three Stars     (x01)

Three Stars not necessary. Genais is down with Holy and Fire Breath. First
use Holy, then Fire Breath. At Sin, you can use Lunar Curtain to make it's
attack tear of 37,5% of your current HP, instead of 75%. Finish off with
Holy. If you're out of MP, just Lancet him.


Nice stuff. If you've blank nodes, use HP first, then MP. Proceed Inside
Sin. Oh wait, first you must make sure you GO in, and not been EATEN in.
Equip Spirit Lance and Curative Armlet and proceed to:


"Overdrive" Sin
HP: 140000/10000 Overkill

Critical Items:         Three Stars     (x01)

Simple, 14 Holy's or Aqua Breaths kill him. I forgot to equip Curative
Armlet in the beginning, so I even lost turns. You can't be petrified by
it's Flashing thingy, because of Stoneproof. Confusion is bad, but you'll
hit yourself eventually. I can't promise Flash Attack won't kill you, but
chances are little. Deal around 14000 damage with Holy or Aqua Breath, and
finish him off.


5.20                             Inside Sin

                        No Fiends --> No Encounters

The Final Area. Save first. You don't need anything anymore, so proceed to
Omnis. Save here too, equip Spirit Lance and Curative Armlet. When
shouldn't you :D.


Seymour Omnis
HP: 80000/15000 Overkill


HP: Can't be Killed/Overkilled

Critical Items:         None

Reflect in the first turn. Now he'll heal himself if you don't help him.
From what I saw at Omnis:

3/4 Mortiphasm same color       = -ga = -eater
2 Mortiphasm same color         = -ra = -proof
1 Mortiphasm                    = --- = -ward
(purple = ice;  yellow = lightning;  blue = water;  orange = fire)

So if 3 are on Water and one on Thunder he'll cast 3 times Waterga which
will be  eaten if Reflected, and one Thunder which will be halved. How to
avoid it? After  Reflect, cast any elemental spell twice on a different
Mortiphasm. This means he'll get two Ra's, and he won't heal or be damaged
by his own attacks. You just use Aqua Breath to kill him.
Once he casts Dispel, Ultima will be his next attack. It's not that bad
because you can use Curaga, he dispelled Reflect. You still have Haste,
because it's in Auto Status. Heal after Ultima and the cycle repeats by
changing his Mortiphasm to one color. Use Spells again. Meanwhile any spare
turn can be used to cast Holy, which needs Three Stars to be casted
mutiple times. You can better cast Aqua Breath. 6 Aqua Breath to 10 Holy's
kill him. Overkill impossible.


Not that difficult. Proceed to the Tower of Dead. Got all? You'll need
around 5 Silver Hourglass and 1 Candle of Life could be useful at Yu Yevon.
Also don't forget the Stamina Tonic. 1 is enough, but 99 is recommended.
Save at the Tower of Dead, Enter it, do it's annoying mini-game. Then get
to Jecht. Equip Spirit Lance and  Curative Armlet.


Braska's Final Aeon
1st FORM HP: 60000/N/A Overkill
2nd FORM HP: 120000/N/A Overkill

Critical Items:         Three Stars     (x01)
                        Stamina Tonic   (x01)
                        Silver Hourglass(x01)
                        Holy Water      (x05)


2 Yu Pagodas
HP: 5000/N/A Overkill
NOTE: The HP they revive with will be the total of the damage received to
kill them.

Strategy 1st FORM:
Attacks:        Jecht Beam
                Triumphant Grasp

Switch Tidus for Kimahri.
Use Silver Hourglass first, then Stamina Tonic followed by Curaga and then
Three  Stars. Now you've inside the 9000HP, Protect, Haste, 0 MP Cost and
the Yu Pagodas are slowed. Difference in Overdrives:
Aqua Breath = BFA
Fire Breath = ALL
How to kill him? Keep casting Aqua Breath. Fire Breath kills the Yu Pagodas
which is in your disadvantage. Aqua deal 14000, critical 28000. The first
form is soon gone. A note on his attacks.
Jecht Beam means immune and about 1000 damage.
Triumphant Grasp is 3000 damage and Zombie healed by Auto-Med.
His normal attack is just 1000 damage.
If you get low on HP use one or two Curagas to fully heal. Holy deals 8000
and can be cast too. The first form shouldn't be a problem.


Strategy 2nd FORM:
Added Attacks:  Almighty Jecht Shot
                Sword Swipe
                Triumphant Grasp

I know, Triumphant Grasp was used already. But now he's double damage.
Proceed with this as you did in the first form. Use Aqua Breath. When he
casts Triumphant Grasp, Overdrive in the first 60000 HP, heal and when he
casts Almighty Jecht Shot, Overdrive in the last 60000 HP, heal too. This
two attacks deal heavy damage. Now you've no real enemy anymore. Sooner or
later he'll be down. The Fire and Aqua Breath still counts, so use Aqua
Breath. Yes, this easy was the Final Boss.



Your Aeons
HP: Original HP/Original HP Overkill

Critical Items:         None

One Holy kills them all, you didn't trained them.



Yu Yevon
HP: 99999/Unknown Overkill

Critical Items:         Candle of Life  (x01)

Throw Candle of Life, proceed three turns and he's down.


You did it! Well, to be honest, in the end of the game its get a bit easy.
BFA still calls strategy, but it was nice to do the whole challenge. I
hope you liked it and used my FAQ. Maybe I'll be back with the AOC, Auron-
only Challenge, because that's one of the difficult Only-Challenges. See


6.0                               Credits

- I thank Squaresoft for creating and publishing FFX.

- I thank my brother Zzanmato for the usable info on some bosses.

- I thank Split Infinity for the Evrea Strategy and Attack Power of the
  Ronso Rages.

- And of course, GameFAQs.

If there are any questions, improvements, additional info or info I forgot,
get in this list my mailing me at:

Yours truly,
Arno "TheaN" Middelkoop