Speed Run FAQ/Walkthrough by KADFC

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   Final Fantasy X's Speed Run FAQ/ODINS (One Day In No Saves)
    ~Created on: March 20, 2005 at 3:30 PM Pacific Time
     ~Author/Created by: KADFC (aka Fabian Chang)
      ~Copyright KADFC 2005 2006 2007
       ~First Version Submitted on: May 29, 2005
        ~Lastest Version Submitted on: July 28, 2007
         ~Version 2.00
          ~Best Viewed with Courier New/10 Font

 *Speed Run* = Fastest Time Possible to get to the last Save Point and still be
               able to finish BFA. (SR will be marked for direct input)

 *ODINS* = Finish the game in less than 24 hours *WITHOUT EVER SAVING*

   Table of Contents
   A.   Introduction
   B.   Tips and Strategy
   C.   Time for First Run
   D.   Pre-Walkthrough
   E.   Walkthrough
   F.   Final Words
   G.   Best Record + Videos + New Info (New)
   H.   Game Challenges Done by Author
   I.   Credit

   This is my... I don't know... I've written a lot of these. All I can say is
   that if I don't type this FAQ or delay it from being started, eventually, I
   will forget about this whole challenge. I know I've should've typed this out
   the day after I've completed this, but o well. I'm going to type it starting
   now. Let me introuduce myself, I'm known as KADFC. Don't ask why I chosed it,
   The FC at the end is my initial, the rest can be left for your imagination.
   I don't really care if you think my writing sucks or not, english is my
   second language and I don't have a first language, the other one is chinese.
   Cantonese if you want to get into greater detail. The reason that I've
   decided to start this late is because of school reasons, not that I'm even
   considered good at college, I suck at it. I've got lower than a 2.o for 2
   terms/semester now and I don't think I'm gonna get my Pell Grant soon... I
   hate studying for any classes, I use to be good, but now the games have taken
   all my time. College is about studying hard and reading your material
   neccessary for the next class meeting... I can't follow that life. For some
   reason, but I can type a lot though and I can do it fast and without
   thinking too much. KADFC99 is my account name on battle.net, you'll get to
   know me and the person that I am if you were talking to me. It's not how I
   act in real life, but it comes from the heart.

   My writing style for this one is... I don't care. I get to say whatever,
   whenever, and however I like it. It's my first Speed Run FAQ. I would like
   to follow GarlandG's writing format style for his FFVII Speed Run FAQ, but
   I've decided to do it my way, like always. I don't like copying other peoples
   work. I should be completing my Zelda FAQ soon, but I don't feel like
   touching that game. I've already started my FFX-2 Speed Run, but I'm very
   unsatisfied about the results. At least for FFX, I've beaten the current
   record made by Hyprophant. She, no offfense, is in my opinion one of the
   smartest girl I've ever met. It's hard to find a girl that's into games
   these days. If I ever get the chance, I really want to meet her. I heard that
   she goes to an university in Texas, that's what I remember at least. O, I
   forgot, I forgot to mention I beat her current time for the end of the game.
   I tried to ask the users on the boards to know the direct amount of time she
   used to beat the game. I didn't get all the info that I wanted. All I got was
   that her time was in the early 14th hour, like 14:30 or something. If she
   like she can email me and force me to change my time. I don't mind if she
   decided to challenge me and beated my record, I find no shame in getting beat
   by a girl. I lost many times to a girl on Brood War, to a girl.

   Some of them were:
   Is the final time recorded after beating Yu Yevon or the Final Save Point
   When she did this, did she improve her time constantly or was it just a Speed
     Run to prove how fast she can beat the game with NSG alone?
   What proof did she have that stated that she got her time? I'm not saying
     that it was a lie, I just want to know how she proved it?
   Has the time been beaten by any japanese guys?

   Tips and Strategy
   1. Don't have too many saves. Having too many saves on one memory card will
      increase the amount of time needed to save other games. Try to keep it
      under 10 or 15 saves. I made a mistake and it cost me. I had over 40 saves
      on my memory card and it could've helped me get a few extra minutes in
      the long run. Loading time is extended as well.
   2. Keep two saves for each run, certain situations will help you increase the
      speed in which you can finish certain parts. So make 2 saves for them. If
      you think he can improve it, try, but the so called improvement might not
      be better than the previous one. That's why it's best to have 2 saves.
   3. Many improvements can be make during the battles, the amount of time
      needed to enter commands to take action.
   4. It might be better to use a stop watch then the game's timer. It is
      something that I've thought about. The game doesn't really offer by the
      second. It's only offered by the minutes. Yet you can alway have 2 saves
      of the same place and count to see how many times the ' : ' has been
      blinking until the next minute pops up.
   5. Pausing doesn't stop the timer. So if you decided to pause it for a long
      period of time, don't expect to get great results. If this happens, plan
      to restart from the previous save. I've paused this for 2 hours and it
   6. For ODINS: Al Bhed Ship Password, Trial Memorization, Boss Strategy,
      Steal Items List/Enemy, Shopping List, Chocobo Racing (For 3 Chests)
   7. Must have one other save that has all 26 Al Bhed Primers.
   8. A max of 4 Save Game Slots were used to make this FAQ, the challenger
      should do the same or less.
   9. Restart if you think you can improve your time even more.

   Time for First Run
    0:16 Zanardkand Overpass
    0:28 Ruins - Hall
    0:37 Underwater Ruins
    0:50 Unknown Sea
    1:06 Besaid - Before Cloister
    1:23 Besaid - After Cloister
    1:34 Besaid - Beach
    1:55 Kilika - Dock
    2:13 Kilika - Great Hall
    2:26 S.S. Winno - Corridor
    2:32 Near Luca
    2:36 Luca - Number 2 Dock
    2:54 Luca - Number 4 Dock
    3:02 Luca - Stadium Lockerroom
    3:18 Luca - After the Finals
    3:41 Highroad - South End
    3:52 Highroad - Agency (Before C.E)
    4:07 Highroad - Agency (After C.E)
    4:12 Highroad - North End
    4:18 Mushroom Rockroad - Valley
    4:26 Mushroom Rockroad - Preupice
    4:32 Mushroom Rockroad - Ridge
    5:03 Mushroom Rockroad - Aftermath
    5:13 Djose Temple
    5:24 Djose Temple (Next Day)
    5:35 Moonflow - South Wharf
    5:52 Guadosalam - Inn
    6:17 Thunder Plains - South
    6:24 Thunder Plains - Agency
    6:36 Macalania Woods - South
    6:45 Macalania Woods - Lake Road (Spherimorph)
    7:00 Macalania Woods - Agency (Crawler)
    7:14 Macalania - Halls (Before seeing Jyscal's Sphere)
    7:34 Macalania - Antechamber (After Seymour)
    7:41 Macalania - Road
    7:45 Macalania - Crevasse (Wedigo)
    7:50 Lake Bottom
    7:57 Oasis
    8:03 Sanubia Desert East (Everyone Together)
    8:13 Home
    8:15 Home - Main Corridor
    8:34 Airship - Bridge (Before Auron/Cid Chat)
    8:38 Airship - Cabin (Before Prep)
    8:41 Airship - Cabin (After Prep) 
    8:59 Bevelle - Priest's Passage (CotF)
    9:10 Bevelle - Imprisoned
    9:16 Bevelle - Via Purifico (Yuna's Part)
    9:48 Bevelle - Via Purifico (Tidus' Part)
    9:56 Highbridge (Far from Natus)
    9:58 Highbridge (Close to Natus)
   10:02 Macalania Woods - Campsite (Before Kiss)
   10:15 Macalania Woods - North (Close to Calm Lands
   10:23 Remiem Temple
   10:27 Calm Lands - Near Bridge
   10:35 Gagazet - Mountain Gate (Before Brian and Yenke)
   10:39 Gagazet - Mountain Gate (After Brian and Yenke)
   10:48 Gagazet - Trails (Before Flux)
   10:57 Gagazet - Prominence (After Flux)
   11:04 Gagazet - Mountain Cave
   11:13 Gagazet - Mountain Cave (Before Sanctuary Keeper)
   11:27 Gagazet - Zanarkand Ruins (Campfire)
   11:30 Dome
   11:34 Dome - Corridor
   11:41 Dome - Trials (Before Spectral Keeper)
   11:44 Dome - Cavern of the Stolen Fayth (Before Yunalesca)
   12:02 Dome - Corridor (After Yunalesca)
   12:13 Airship - Bridge (After Bevelle)
   12:18 Ruins - Underwater Hall (After Geo.)
   12:20 Airship - Bridge (Overdrive Rikku)
   12:25 Airship - Cabin (Full Prep for Sin Complete)
   12:39 Airship - Bridge (Before Yuna Talks, After Sin)
   12:47 Airship - Bridge (Ready for Omega Ruin etc...)
   12:53 Airship - Cabin (Ready for Overdrive Sin)
   12:57 Sin - Near Airship (Ready for Omnis)
   13:07 Tower of the Deads (Final Save)

  Extra -

   3-5 minutes needed to get all 10 Crystal. I did 3.

   13:10 Time before going towards Jecht
   13:12 Time when ready for BFA

  Time needed for Storyline ~5 Minutes
  Time needed to beat-
  BFA 1st Form - 2 Minutes
  BFA 2nd Form - 4 Minutes
  Storyline + Aeons (Possessed) + Yu Yevon - 13 Minutes

  My time to the death of Yu Yevon (estimate) - 13:36

  17 Minutes to get to the part to which the credit starts scrolling
  6  Minutes until "THE END" appears

   This will be my finally prepared piece of work. On my first run, I had no
   idea what I was going to do. After my first run, I had a sense of what I was
   doing to slow my time and what made it so that I can pass the game faster.
   After my first Speed Run, I did my ODINS (One Day In No Saves), meaning the
   challenger has to beat the game in less than 24 hours without ever saving
   the game. I had to attempt my Odins 3 Times. First lost was to an accident
   that I had during the game. I accidently used my toe to press the restart
   button on my PS2 and it restarted my game. I was going to fight Flux, but I
   had to change tapes, I was recording this, and then I restarted it. On my
   second lost, I lost to Gui because of my over confidence. I thought I didn't
   need to use any Phoenix Downs and depended soley upon Kimarhi to finish him
   off with Lancet, but I forgot to check to see if he was Power Breaked or not.
   That brought my down fall. On my third try, I finish my ODINS.

   During my ODINS, I actually found a certain part in which I beat my Speed
   Run's time. I figured out that I improved it during Bevelle, by 20 minutes.
   So right now, as I'm writing this FAQ, I'll attempt to beat my first run.
   I'll examine every part and tell you what should be expected to achieve the
   best time possible. BlitzAce actually did challenge me and wanted to beat my
   record, when he can find sometime though. As of right now, the NSGNONCNS
   challenge still hasn't been completed yet. I've tested the stated equipment
   and theory myself, and I haven't been able to complete it.

   Mash X = Keep on tapping X repeatly.

   You can save your game whenever you want, I just do it to show you what my
   current time is.


    Walk down and talk to the kids on the lower left. Press X followed with an
    up or down selection, and then another X to confirm Tidus' name.

    Talk to the girl on the right. Then go the middle of those two groups.

    After that, run down the bridge. The last line you should hear is. Zanar...

    As Tidus passes through the crowd, keep on pressing X to make it go faster.

    Watch CG. When you get control of Tidus, go talk to Auron and keep tapping
    X. Walk to the next screen. Storyline, can't skip anything. Just keep
    tapping X. This will get you by the first around of enemies easily and
    quickly. For the seond round, quickly use Auron's Overdrive and don't use
    Tidus' Overdrive, save it up. After Auron's Overdrive, you need to deliver
    11 more regular hits to finish this guy off. The enemy only uses Demi, so
    don't bother healing.

    After the second round, go around from the left and save your game.

    (Author's Time:  0:15)

    Go onto the next screen. For this one, you might say you need a little
    bit of luck. For you want full speed you need luck, if you want to do
    it ok, it doesn't matter how much time the enemy uses during the battle.
    For this round, all you got to do is keep on tapping X.

    Watch storyline and CG. Descend to the left and more storyline

    Mash X. After the bird flies away, you get to control Tidus again. Go
    forward then then to the left to get the Al Bhed Compile. Then head for the
    temple. Ignore the Save Point and enter into the water.

    In this battle, just Mash X. It takes 4 hits on Geo to force him to end this
    battle. His hits are gravity based, so he can't kill you, unless you don't
    keep on attacking him. After that head for the fireplace and save.

    (Author's Time:  0:27)

    Go to the lower left door and get the Flint. Head to the north doors and
    get the Ether followed by the Withered Flowers. Head back to the fireplace
    and quickly light it up.

    Klikk (Round 1): Open with Tidus' Overdrive. Then 3 regular attacks. In my
     my battle, Klikk had one hit on me and one that missed.
    Klikk (Round 2): Have Rikku throw a Grenade. Have Tidus keep on attacking
     when it's his turn. Use only 2 Grenades on him and the other attacks are
     just regular attacks. If you're lucky enough, you can steal 2 Grenades from
     him. It doesn't matter if you get one or two.

    Storyline, mashing X doesn't help.

    Al Bhed Ship
    Storyline, Mash X doesn't help
    Talk to Rikku, Sphere Grid Tutorial (Mash X)
    Then talk to Rikku again, Mash X
    When you're in the ocean, open the Menu. Go down to Config. Go to Cursor
     and select Memory, goto Aeons and select Short. Get out of the menu.
    Swin down to the Underwater Ruins. It is possible to go there without
     encountering any random battles. If you do, have Rikku steal a Grenade
     from each enemy, have Tidus do anything, even flee.

    Note: You need 6 Grenades for the next boss.

    Underwater Ruins
    After you're inside, go backwards and Save.

    (Author's Time:  0:36)

    Swim forward and get into a random battle. You can't escape from this
    battle. Steal up to 6 or use phyical attacks to kill them all.

    Head to where Rikku is near by and press X. Go back and face the boss.

    Tros: If you don't have 6 Grenades, steal from him. Sometimes you can steal
     3, it's a rare thing. It is possilbe to beat him with just 5 Grenades, but
     it'll cost you some time. At that point the Pincer would be forced to use
     so that you can still attack him. If possible just throw all 6 Grenades and
     have Tidus attack/Standby when it's his turn.

    Swim back to the ship. Mash X when Tidus gets on the ship. Tidus and Rikku
    has their conversation, Mash X doesn't help. Later it will ask to save your
    game, so save.

    (Author's Time:  0:49)

    Watch the CG. Swim to shore and talk with Wakka, Mash X. Move to Wakka
    again, Mash X. Follow him back to Besaid. Mash X during every storyline

    :Random Encounters: 4:

    Besaid Village: After talking to Wakka, go the temple. After Tidus is
    finishing talking to himself, move towards the priest, Mash X doesn't help.
    After that go to Wakka's Home and talk to him, Mash X. Go to the temple,
    Mash X.

    Besaid Temple: Do this as fast as possilbe. Don't get the tressure here
    since we won't be needing it. Touch both walls, grab the Sphere, use it
    on the door. Walk all the way and touch the wall. Grab the sphere and
    place on the opposite wall, push the pillar.

    More Storyline, Mash X. Get out of the temple, Mash X. Go talk to Yuna,
    Mash X, talk to Wakka and Mash X. During the dream, have Tidus walk to
    Yuna and Mash X. Don't mash X during Lulu and Wakka conversation. On
    the next next day, go save.

    (Author's Time:  1:20)

    Head outside. Mash X, storyline. Go back into Besaid. Open the tressure
    in front of the shop, go into the shop. Talk to the clerk and say 'Leave.'
    Go to the upper right house and talk to the dog to get Energy Blast.

    Exit Kilika.
    Battle #1: Mash X all the way.

    Battle #2: Mash X until Lulu says "This is a water fiend." Select Thunder
     and cast it.

    Storyline, just Mash X. When you get control of Tidus, go north. If you
     walk to Wakka, restart because you'll be wasting time with the praying.

    Battle #3: I haven't lost to Kimhari once, so far and I did this 4 times.
     All you have to do is keep on attacking him. Even though Tidus' life is
     almost gone. In simple terms, Mash X. Storyline, Mash X.

    Battle #4: Swap Tidus for Yuna and Mash X during the dialouges. Summon
     Valefor and cast Fire twice, then have the rest of the attacks be Sonic
     Wing. Casting Fire twice will guarantee that Valefor will get a full
     overdrive bar. You need the overdrive for Valefor.

    Battle #5: Have Wakka use Dark Attack, after that have everyone flee the

    Battle #6: This is up to your choice. You can swap Yuna for Tidus, Tidus
     attack Dingo, Wakka attack the Bird, and Lulu cast Thunder on the Flan, or
     have everyone flee the battle.

    (Note: If more than 4 Escape attempts fail, just restart, you got unlucky
     and wasted some time. This is applied to battle 5 and 6)

    In front of the Besaid Beach, save your game.

    (Author's Time:  1:31)

    Head to the ship, don't talk to anyone to get any items. Storyline.

    S.S. Liki
    When you get control of Tidus, run to Yuna, Mash X. Run to Wakka, Mash X.
    Go to chat with Yuna, Mash X.

    Sin's Fin: Swap Yuna for Lulu, have her use Fire to get an instant kill on
     one of the criters. Have Tidus and Kimarhi team up to take care of the
     second one. Then swap Tidus out for Wakka and have him attack the fin.
     Lulu use Fire on the Fin, Kimarhi use Lancet on the Fin. Since it's on
     memory, just keep on pressing X. Don't kill the last critter.

    Echuilles: Dark Attack with Wakka for the first hit. When darkness is gone,
     have him use it again. Tidus should use his Overdrive whenever possible.
     Heal when you have less than 200. Only 2 Potions should be used in this
     battle. You're wasting time if you decided to use more.

    Follow Wakka and then take the left path. Move up, storyline, Mash X. On the
     next day, head out, go to the far right to meet up with Wakka, Mash X. Head
     left and into Kilika Forest. Save your game.

    (Author's Time:  1:57)

    Go into your menu, go into Tidus' Sphere Grid, teach him Flee. From now on
     flee from all random battles, unless I state that you can not.

    Go toward the rest of the part, Mash X. Go left and on the first path, go
     into that path, which is north. Keep going north, when you can't anymore,
     head east, and then north.

    :Random Encounters: 3:
    Note: In the first battle, Kimarhi will need to learn Seed Cannon. Mash X
     to speed through the dialouge, then have Kimarhi use Lancet. After that, 
     quickly have Tidus use Flee.

    More storyline, Mash X. Go talk to the Sphere Grid to heal up and then go
     up the stairs the face the next boss.

    Geneaux: Swap Tidus for Yuna, Grand Summon Valefor, use Energy Blast.
     Venom, Water, and Stacatto will be used from the boss. Have Valefor use
     Fire 3 times, then Dismiss him. Then have Kimarhi use Lancet. Swap Lulu
     for Tidus, have him Defend, Swap him for Wakka, have him defend as well.
     Swap Kimarhi for Lulu, have her use Fire and the battle should end.
     (Note: Having any character defend in battle will give them EXP as well.

    Storyline, Mash X. Go up the stair, Mash X. Head toward the temple, Mash X.
     Inside the temple, save your game.

    (Author's Time:  2:07)

    Go over and talk to Wakka, just Mash X. Go into the next door, Mash X. When
     the elevator is about to come up, keep running towards it. Dona will come
     in, Mash X. Head to the Trials, select the first option.

    You'll need to find the fastest route, restart and attempt again if you need
     to improve your time. You do need the Destruction Sphere tressure though,
     which is the Red Armlet. I could describe the process, but words will
     confuse you even more, so I won't try. One of the parts that may cost you
     some time is in the last room, pushing the pillar onto the uppper right
     part, it might be tricky. It is best to set the Fire Orb on the last door,
     continue with getting the Red Armlet, and then go back to get the Fire Orb
     and then leave then Trial with it.

    After the trials, approach the rest of the party, Mash X. Go talk to Wakka,
     Mash X. Try to exit this room, storyline, Mash X. Leave the temple, Mash X.
     Go into Kilika Forest.

    :Random Encounter: 3:
    Note: You'll need to be lucky enough to get into a battle with at least one
     Ragnora, the thing that gave Kimarhi his Seed Cannon. You'll just need one
     encounter with them. When you get one, get Yuna in and summon Ifrit. Have
     Ifrit use Boost and have Ragnora charge his overdrive up. When he's full,
     Dismiss him. Then use Flee.

    Get on SS Kiki. Exit the cabin, Oaka will introduce himself, Mash X. Head
     up to the dock, go to the top to hear Wakka and Lulu's first conversation.
     Go back down and talk to the blitzball. Mash X during the part in which
     you need to get Jecht Shot. You don't need to get Jecht Shot. Go talk
     to Yuna, Mash X. You'll be given the option to save later on. Save your

    (Author's Time:  2:27)

    Storyline, Mash X. Go to Mika's intro, Mash X. Ask to save, don't save. More
     storyline, Mash X. At tutorial, press O and then X to exit it quickly.
     stryline, Mash X. Talk to Al Bheds, Mash X. Head South, Mash X. Go East,
     Mash X. Go from the right and enter the pub, Mash X. Head back to the docks
     and save your game.

    (Author's Time:  2:43)

    For this part, you'll have to test on your own. You'll need 3151 gils total.
     There is a 600 gil chest and a Tidal Spear (sell for 281). 3050 is for
     buying Tidus' Stunning Steel and the 101 is used to donate to Oaka. I sold
     Yuna's Rod of Darkness (768) and Wakka's Yellow Armguard (387), and got the
     600 gil chest to get where I need. Then buy Stunning Steel, equip it, and
     give 101 gils to Oaka.

    Now head off to save Yuna. You'll be facing machina, two at a time. The
     trick is to only let Lulu use her Thunder on the enemy. Have the other two
     use defend. This will save time since Thunder will be a one hit wonder.
     Having Tidus and Kimarhi attack will slow down the rate to get through
     all the battles fast, they do horrible damages, that's why. Even though
     this plan seems easy enough, there could be a chance in which case every
     attack goes to Lulu, if she is KOed, restart. After all the battles, go to
     Dock 4 and save your game.

    (Author's Time:  2:48)

    Oblizerator: Have Tidus and Kimarhi defend, and have Lulu use Thunder on the
     crane. After 3 shocks, have Tidus use it. You'll have to do these commands
     quick. If done right, the enemy will only use one attack.

    Storyline, Mash X. Go back to the Stadium and save your game.

    (Author's Time:  2:56)

    Go into Wakka's Sphere Grid and give him the Hp and Mp Nods that are to the
     right of where Wakka is at. Go talk to Wakka.
    Storyline, Mash X doesn't help here for the beginning, it helps after Lulu
     Wakka's part, after Wakka faints on Lulu.

    Blitzball Strategy: You'll need some luck here. Best opener you can get is
     by getting the ball in the first round. Press Triangle, set it on Manual A,
     Right Side, and then get Letty near Keepa. Stay there and the Goer's right
     forward (Abus) will go after Letty. It doesn't matter, have Letty Break
     and then Dribble. Stay close to Keepa until Halftime. On the EXP screen,
     just Mash X. Storyline, Mash X. On the next blue screen, hit cancel and
     then X, for both screens.

     The second half will be harder than the first one. You'll need to do the
     same thing as the first, but the Goers will be on your ass. You'll just
     need to stall them until timer hits 3:02, so that Wakka can come in. Wakka
     will do great when everyone else isn't leveled up. If they score, you might
     as well don't score, overtime will kill you. If you want to win, you should
     definetly try using Wakka. Venom Shot can shoot 16. Just make sure the
     score isn't 1-1. You can attract Abus to attack Letty, but not their
     Center (Bickson). Wakka can shoot from Center to half opposing team's
     center and still score. He can Break one defender and then shoot. Goodluck.
     Remember, speed matters, winning the blitzball game doesn't. Balgera might
     not knock Wakka out. Use "Right Side" to defend. For me, I won the game.
     After that, Mash X and then save your game.

    (Author's Time:  3:11)

    For these battles, if you get an Overdrive, save it for the last wave.
     Wakka's Overdrive can kill all 4 enemies if you got 3 Lightning Slots. If
     you don't, o well. You're only allowed to use 2 Hi-Potions for healing,
     best used when Tidus/Wakka's HP goes lower than 150. When Auron joins, have
     him keep on using Power Break until he runs out of MP. Have Wakka use Dark
     Attack for the first turn. Have Tidus heal with Potions and Auron keep
     Powerbreaking. Then, have Wakka attack as well. When the darkness leaves
     the enemy, use Dark Attack again.

    Storyline, Mash X doesn't help at all. After the conversation with Auron, go
     behind the crates and get the tressure chest, HP and MP Sphere. Head
     towards Yuna's party. Storyline, Mash X doesn't help, until the last part,
     don't know why. Yuna will want to talk to you, but before that, go right
     and get the 1000 gil tressure, then go back and talk to her, Mash X doesn't
     help here as well.

    Mi'ihen Road
    Go to the Save Point and save your game.

    (Author's Time:  3:34)

    Get your main party to be: Tidus, Auron, and Wakka. Because they currently
     have the highest HP.
    Mash X on Conversations: Maechen, Lucil/Elema/Clasko, Calli, and Shelinda
    Your goal is to travel all the way to the agency without talking to anyone
     that you need to press X.

    :Random Encounter: 10:
    Note: Do Not have Kimarhi learn Self Destruct from the bombs. Fire breath
     is ok, but really isn't needed.

    Once you get to the agency, Mash X. Head out of the agency and more
     storyline, Mash X doesn't help. After taking a nap, attempt to exit the
     agency and Rin will appear. When the conversation ends, save your game.

    (Author's Time:  3:51)

    Go into Sphere Grid section. For Tidus, go to the bottom right of his circle
     and activate the nods (Mp+20) and (Haste). For Kimarhi, go right one nod
     and activate the nod (HP+200). Equip Stunning Steel, any armor possible,
     any sensor weapons possilbe, and Kimarhi's Red Armlet. Go talk to the save
     sphere to heal up. Then go talk to the clerk and buy 4 Maps and 4 Grenades.

    Chocobo Eater: Have the party be Tidus, Auron, and Wakka. Have Tidus use
     Haste on himself, Wakka use Dark Attack, and Auron use Power Break. Hope
     the Dark and Power connect, next have the Slow connect as well. When it
     does, have Yuna summon Ifrit have him use his overdrive. Before summoning
     Ifrit though, have Tidus/Auron/Kimarhi use a constant group attack for
     2 rounds, then have Wakka use Darkness follow by Yuna's summon. After
     Ifrit uses his overdrive, charge his overdrive bar again, you can use it or
     save it up, if you plan to save it up, dismiss him then. When he saids,
     "You're going to be next!" be sure before his next attack that you have
     used Shield, if you have 2 turns, let one of them be an attack or heal
     yourself with Fire. You can let 2 Hell Fire and charge it backup, even
     though it's a big risk. Before the boss dies, have everyone at least do
     something in the battle so that everyone gains EXP.

    After the battle, Mash X. Go back to the agency and save your game.

    (Author's Time:  3:59)

    Head out of the agency and talk to the lady by the door, get on a chocobo.
     Head South one screen and open a chest that's on the right 2nd buldge area,
     it's worth 2000 gils. Head North until you reach the entrance to Mushroom
     Rock Road, from there head to the right and down that path. Activate the
     Chocobo Feather to get Thunder Blade (Auron) and Scout (Wakka). Then head
     to the gates of Mushroom Rock Road. Storyline, Mash X. Go into MRR.

    Mushroom Rock Road
    Storyline, Mash X. Head to the bottom right of the screen and talk to the
     soldier to get Tough Bangle (Lulu). Head to Operation Mi'hien. Clasko will
     come, Mash X. Save your game.

    (Author's Time:  4:07)

    There is only one guy that you have to talk to, the rest you can just skip.
     The guy that you have to talk to will give you 10 Potions and next to him
     will be a chest that contain 1000 gils. This guy is located on the right
     side and very near the first screen. Now just do your best and run to the
     end. Best party to pick can be Tidus, Auron, Kimarhi/Wakka, just make sure
     to flee all the battles, and try not to get into too many ambushed battles.
     I prefer Kimarhi instead of Wakka.

    :Random Encounter: 10:

    Take the elevator up. Storyline, Mash X. Head northeast, storyline, Mash X.
     Keep going. Conversation with Kinoc, Mash X. After he's done talking. Save
     your game.

    (Author's Time:  4:18)

    Go into the Sphere Grid, give Auron the 200 HP Node to the right, give Lulu
     20 MP Node to the bottom left of where is currently at. Equip the Tough
     Bangle on Lulu. Talk to the save point to heal up. Then talk to Oaka, buy
     11 Phoenix Downs. Head to the right and open the 2 tressure chests. Serene
     Bracer (Auron) and a Megapotion. Talk to the guy on the bottom right and
     say 'Yes.'

    Gui: First mission is to get rid of the head. Main party will be Tiduss,
     Kimarhi, and Auron. Have Tidus cast haste on Kimahri. Have Auron use Power
     Break on the body. When Power Break connects, swap Auron/Tidus for Yuna and
     have her start overdriving the Aeon. After that is done. Bring in Lulu and
     haste her. Now have Kimarhi Lancet and Lulu use Fire on the head until it
     dies out.

     Next Mission: Kimarhi will stay alive no matter what, but it's the speed
     that counts, so Lulu will do more damage then him. So try to have Lulu
     alive until her MP runs and keep casting Fire. Kimarhi will keep on using
     Lancet, and since he's in haste, he won't ever run out of life. The third
     person doesn't matter, but make sure every member gets at least one action
     in the battle. Replace the third member in and have them defend, rotate
     them if you want to. If Lulu is Koed, revive her, but never use heal her.
     If Tidus has any MP to spare, haste her back, if not, tough luck. If
     Kimarhi or Lulu gets a full overdrive, quickly use it. After Gui's HP drop,
     his phyical attacks will occur less frequently, which is a good thing,
     since demi won't be killing anyone.

    Second Gui: Hopefully Auron can do one more Power Break, leave the rest to
     Seymour's second powered magic attacks (~ara). Have Yuna heal herself and
     Auron if their HP becomes critical. For this battle, I just forgot about
     the head and just went directly for the body.

    After the battle, a lot of storyline. I'm not gonna say which part you'll be
     needing to Mash X, so I'm just gonna say Mash X for the whole Part. When
     you get control of Tidus, head to the center top and talk with Gatta. More
     storyline, Mash X. After that, head west and save your game.

    (Author's Time:  4:44)

    Move to the left, storyline, Mash X. Approach Auron, Mash X. Head for Djose
     Highroad, more storyline, Mash X.

    Road to Djose Temple
    Talk to the first guy infront you to recieve and you'll recieve a Soft Ring.
    Ignore everyone on the road and run to Djose Temple. Storyline, Mash X. When
     the map is showing, move Tidus toward the entrance, Auron will talk, Mash X

    :Random Encounter: 5:
    Note: When you see a Kulukan, have Kimarhi use Lancet on it to learn
     Stonebreath. Within the 5 random encounters, if you still haven't learned
     it, restart and try again. This must be obtained.

    Djose Temple
    Go save your game.

    (Author's Time:  4:52)

    Head into the temple. Follow the crowd, chat with Issaru, Mash X. Approach
     the stairs, Mash X. Go into the Trial now. Remember that you don't need to
     get the destruction sphere tressure in this place. When Yuna is about to
     go into the Chamber of the Fayth, keep running at the door of where Auron
     is standing by. Dona will show up, Mash X. After she's done, run back to
     the same door, more storyline, Mash X.

    On the next day, save your game.

    (Author's Time:  5:01)

    Head to the upper right of this place and get a chest of 4 Ability Spheres.
     Go into the temple and go into the left chamber. Get the Remedy, and talk
     to the lady standing near Yuna, Mash X. After that, keep walking away from
     the temple, Mash X. Now go the left and get a tressure that's worth about
     4000 gils. Now go to Moonflow.

    Ignore everyone and speed through this place. Do get the tressure chests
     that contains Level 1 Keys (Right Side) and Magic Sphere (Left Side).

    :Random Encounter: 10:
    Note: In one of these battles, you'll need to find an Ochu by itself. Get
     Yuna out and some all 3 Aeons to charge up their overdrive bar. The first
     move of each Aeon is Boost, followed with an attack or heal with their
     own magic.

    **There is a good reason why I am 4 minute behind compared to my first run.
     I decided to overdrive all 3 of my aeons against a Ochu, it did go fast
     though. Even though I don't know if I'm gonna use all 3 of them against
     Spherimorph, it's still good early preparation.

    Once at Moonflow, Mash X. Go to the left, open the tressure next to Oaka.
     Continue left and meet up with Lucil/Elena/Clasko, Mash X. Go save your

    (Author's Time:  5:16)

    Open the chest next to Lulu to get 5000 gils. Make sure that Tidus has the
     Stunning Steel and Wakka has the Scout that you got from Mi'Hien Highroad.
     For Tidus' SG, go back to where he started from, use a Level 1 Key, go down
     take the HP+200 and Str+2 nodes. For Wakka's SG, in the direction of to
     the center of his circle, take the Str+2, HP+200, and Str+2 nodes.

    Now go back and talk to the Hypello and tell him that you want to ride the
     shoopuf. Storyline, Mash X.

    Extractor: Have Tidus cast Haste on himself and then on Wakka. Have Wakka
     attack in the meantime. After both of them are hasted. Keep attacking it.
     When Tidus is attacking, just Mash X to win the battle.

    Storyline, Mash X.

    Once you get control of Tidus, run to the left and keep going until you
     meet up with Rikku. Mash X through everything. Now run to Guadosalem.
     Get the Mega-Potion that's near the entrance.

    :Random Encounter: 3:
    Note: In the first random battle, you'll need to steal 2 Bomb Core from a
     chest, but when you mix, use 2 Power Spheres instead.

    After Tromell and Rikku's Customize Tutorial, Mash X for both btw, save your
     game in the Inn.

    (Author's Time:  5:30)

    Now head for Seymour's Chambers. Head to the door and Tromell will come out,
     Mash X. Walk into the door, Mash X. When in control of Tidus, talk to
     everyone inside the room, Mash X after each conversation has started.
     Storyline, Mash. Walk out of the chambers and meet up with the party, Mash
     X. Head directly for the Farplane.

    Once you entered, get the 8 Lightning Marble hidden on the left side. Go to
     the farplane after that. Mash X. Walk up the stairs even more. Talk to
     Wakka, Mash X, talk to Lulu, Mash X, talk to Yuna, Mash X doesn't help
     until the serious part is over, which is when the others starts talking.
     Head back down and get to the room on the left. Inside, get the hidden
     chest that's worth 3000 gils.

    Go back to the party, Mash X. Head for the entrance of the Thunder Plains.
     Shelinda will come out, Mash X. Head to the party again, Mash X. Now goto
     the Thunder Plains.

    Thunder Plains
    Storyline, Mash X, Tutorial, Mash X. Head for the Save Point and save your
     game. Apparently, I always get into one battle before I make it, o well.

    (Author's Time:  5:53)

    Note: You'll need 8 Electro Marble, 1/2 Chocobofeather, 1 Lunar Curtain,
     and 1/2 Light Curtain before you leave the Thunder Plains. At the end I
     got 8 Electro Marbles, 1 Lightning Marble, 1 Chocobofeather, 2 Light
     Curtain, and 2 Lunar Curtain.

    Electro = Imp/Element
    Lunar = Larvae
    Light = Iron Giant
    Chocobo = Quactar

    You need to touch one of the Quactar Stones, I touched the one near the
     very beginning. You need to activate them so that the Quactar will be
     monster in random battles. For this place, have your party be: Tidus,
     Auron, and Rikku. Rikku will have the first move most of the time, so
     have her steal, followed by Tidus. It depends on the move list, if Rikku
     has another attempt to steal, have Tidus use Escape, if she doesn't, have
     Tidus use Flee. If Tidus is KOed, have Auron Escape. After battle, use
     Yuna to heal everyone up. All I got during the first half was 5 Electros.

    :First Half Random Encounter: 5:

    My list of Encounters:

    When you are near the agency, Mash X. When everyone is walking away and
     Rikku is complaining, head for the doors to the agency. More talking, Mash
     X. Save your game.

    (Author's Time: 5:59)

    Go talk to Yuna, Mash X won't help. Next Day, go talk to Rikku, Mash X.
     After you're outside, pickup the Yellow Shield and equip it on Tidus.

    Head for the second half of the Thunder Plains. All you need to do is get
     into the random battles that you need. Soon you'll get into storyline,
     Mash X doesn't help at all. Continue into Macalania Forest.

    :Second Half Random Encounters: 7:

    My list of Encounters:
     Iron Giant

    Macalania Forest
    After talking with Auron, Mash X btw, save your game.

    (Author's Time:  6:12)

    There isn't really anything to steal in this place. You can steal some Fish
     Fins or anything that's from Chimera. I just find it convient that I can
     get some good water items without doing too much. Keep the same party as
     before. Rikku will keep stealing, having Tidus flee the very next second.
     Mash X through Barthello's bitching and the musician's butter intro

    :Random Encounters: 8:
    I got 1 Lightning Marble, 3 Arctic Winds, and 5 Fish Scales.

    Before Spherimorph, save your game.

    (Author's Time:  6:17)

    Go talk to Oaka, exit the screen, tell him 'Too Pricey' (First option).
     Talk to him again. Buy Sonic Steel (Tidus) which is about 9075. I don't
     know about you, but I have 23701 gils. If you do have this kind of cash,
     buy 11 Hi-Potions (8250) and 11 Phoenix Downs (1650), which is 9900.

    Set your main party into Tidus, Auron, and Kimarhi. Make sure that no one
     has any weapon that deals elemental attacks, replace it with anything else.
     Go ahead and Auron starts talking, Mash X. Go to where they are, Mash X.

    Spherimorph: Remember that everyone can and should do something in the
     battle, so that they will gain EXP. Have Tidus, Wakka, Auron, and Kimarhi
     be the ones that deal the phyical damage to find out what the boss is in.
     After that, swap the next person for one of the ladies and have them use
     the opposite element to deal damage. Quickly use Rikku's Mix and some of
     Yuna's Aeon Overdrive to deal massive damage, so that they can power up

     2 Grenade = Flash Flood = Water
     2 Electro = Rolling Thunder = Thunder
     2 Arctic = Ice
     Ifrit = Fire, Ixion = Thunder
     For everything else, have Lulu cast her magic or have Rikku use items

    Storyline, Mash X. Talk to Auron, Mash X. Head for the Travel Agency. Get
     into no battles, save your game.

    (Author's Time:  6:28)

    Go into Auron's SG and fill in all of his HP Nodes in his current circle,
     which should give him a total of 1830. In Kimarhi's SG, move him to the far
     bottom left of his circle, make it so that he'll have the power to remove a
     Level 1 Lock. Open that Unlock it and move over to the left, unlock that
     Level 1 as well. Now move Kimarhi into Steal, and let him learn Steal and
     Use. After that, give him the 4 (200 HP) Nodes that is below Rikku, not
     counting the one that needs a Lvl.3 Key. Kimarhi's HP total should be 1644.
     Go buy Seeker's Armlet (Kimarhi) and Seeker's Bracer (Auron) and equip it
     to them, this will cost 3150 total. Give Tidus the Sonic Steel. Equip
     Auron with the Thunder Blade. Set your main party into Tidus, Auron, and
     Kimarhi. Buy 10 Grenades, just in case. Head outside, storyline, Mash X.
     Walk to the boss.

    Crawler: Have Tidus take out Stunning Steel and attack him. Have Kimarhi
     use a Light Curtain on himself, followed with a Chocobofeather and a Light
     Curtain on Auron. Hope that the few attacks of Tidus inflicts slow on the
     the boss. When slow is inflicted, take him out for Rikku and keep using
     Electro Marble and Lightning Marble. Use it until there is 3 Lightning
     Marble left. Throw Grenades if you are about out of items to use. Have
     Auron keep attacking him. You seriously don't need to heal, unless you
     didn't inflict slow on him, if you do need to heal, use Hi-Potions. Only
     revive the 3rd person if Crawler is about to die, so that they can
     recieve EXP as well. The only person that needs to recieve EXP is Tidus,
     Auron, and Yuna.

    Note: Make sure you don't use Kimarhi's Overdrive. Rikku and Yuna's will
     be needed, but there are other ways to charge them up easily

    Before you go into doors, get into a random encounter. Get Tidus with Sonic
     Steel, with Auron and Kimarhi. Hope that a Wolf shows up. I got it on my
     first try many times. Swap Tidus for Rikku and steal from the wolf. After
     that just flee the battle. At least one sleeping powder is needed, that's
     all for right now. Head to the temple.

    Macalania Temple
    Storyline, Mash X. Walk inside. Do the Jyscal Sphere thing and Mash X while
     at it. Open the 5000 gil chest near the save point. Go save your game.

    (Author's Time:  6:43)

    Give Tidus the Sonic Steel and Kimarhi the Red Armlet. Now walk into the
     trials. Mash X through all the storyline. Time to face Seymour.

    Seymour: Have Tidus take out Stunning Steel. Swap Tidus for Rikku, have her
     use a Lunar Curtain on Kimarhi. If you haven't charged up Yuna and Rikku's
     overdrive bar, this is the best time to do that. If they are charged up,
     swap them for Tidus, and have Tidus try to inflict Slow on Seymour. Before
     that though, have Kimarhi use Stone Breath to eliminate the Guado Guards.
     After Slow connects, have Tidus use Talk on Seymour to increase his
     strenght. Then cast Haste on Kimarhi so that you'll have a fast tank to
     heal and revive, you don't need to heal that much anyways. Before taking
     out this form, make sure that Rikku and Yuna's overdrive is full. Then
     finish him off.

    Anima: There are many ways to take out this boss fast. Most of them require
     Anima to be in her 'Boost Mode,' so that she can recieve more damage then
     intended. Use Aeon's overdrive is one of them, any of them will do, best
     done when Anima is full or almost full. When Anima is in boost, Tidus'
     regular attacks can do 1000~, Lightning Marble can do 1500~, and Auron's
     attacks 400~. Shiva's Overdrive do about 5000~6000. After she uses Pain
     on a character, more than likely, that character will be KOed, just revive
     them. Before you kill her, make sure Rikku is not in the main party.

    Seymour(Final): Swap whoever is avaliable for Rikku. Have Rikku mix a Magic
     or Magic Defense Sphere with a Sleeping Powder (Chaos Grenade) to quickly
     end the battle.

    Storyline, Mash X. After that, save your game.

    (Author's Time:  6:59)

    Do the trial, but don't get the Destruction Sphere tressure. Head out of
     the trials and save your game if you feel like it, I did.

    (Author's Time:  7:03)

    Equip Tidus with Sonic Steel and start running. There will be 2 forced
     battles with the Guado Guards. If you don't see a wolf in the battle, just
     use flee. If you do see a wolf, steal from it. Main party should be Tidus,
     Rikku, and Kimarhi.

    After that Guado chase is done, keep running south.

    :Random Encounter: 2:
    Note: In the 4 battles that you encounter, you must steal at least 2
     sleeping powders. And have Tidus use escape so that Rikku can power up
     her overdrive.

    Save your game just before going against Wendigo.

    (Author's Time:  7:06)

    Set your main party into Tidus, Kimarhi, and Lulu. Make sure Tidus still
     has the Sonic Steel.

    Wendigo: Swap Tidus for Rikku and Mix Strengh/Magic Sphere with a Sleeping
     Powder. Next throw elemental items at him till it's lower than 7300~. Use
     a regular attack to wake him up. Next, have everyone use phyiscal attacks
     to force him to put his dukes up. Once his dukes are up, have Rikku attack
     him again. Do this twice to have Rikku's have a fully charged up overdrive
     again. Use another mix of Chaos Grenade, that's the end of that. If you're
     unlucky, he might start attacking other's instead of the ones that you
     wanted to get hurt. You need to use a few phoenix downs during this battle.
     Probably 3 or 4 is needed, or none.

    After the boss is dead, Mash X. Once at the Lake Bottom, save your game.

    (Author's Time:  7:10)

    Walk over and talk to Rikku, Mash X. Walk over to Yuna, Mash X. Force your
     way to get out of Yuna's way and talk to Auron, Mash X. Walk back,
     storyline, Mash X.

    Bikanel Island
    Go to the Save Point and save your game. Tidus' weapon for the rest of the
     game will be Sonic Steel, don't replace it.

    (Author's Time:  7:16)

    Go into Tidus' SG. Have him move all the way to Steal Nod, and teach him
     Steal and Use. Walk north, Mash X. Walk north again.

    Zu: Have Tidus steal twice. Zu will KO Tidus now, and this will bring Auron
     and Lulu into the battle. Have Auron use a phoenix down on Tidus or have
     him defend, have Lulu escape. Once you have stolen a total of 6 Smoke Bombs
     from the enemy, just get out of the battle. For my run, I got 7 Smoke Bombs
     from him, a 3 and then a 4, and it was done in 2 consecutive steals.

    Storyline, Mash X. Move north, get Wakka, Mash X. Open the chest to get some
     Al Bhed Potions. Head west. Get Kimarhi, Mash X. Set the main party into
     Tidus, Auron, and Kimarhi. Now, whenever you see a Alcoyne, steal from

    :Random Encounter (Before getting Rikku): 3:
    Note: You need 12 Smoke Bombs before leaving the Bikanel. I got a total of
     9 before getting Rikku. Also, fill up Rikku, Kimarhi, and Auron's
     overdrive bar.

    Meet up with Rikku, Mash X. Get the 2 tressure chests and save your game.

    (Author's Time: 7:22)

    Move forward and Rikku will do a small intro. You can steal from both
     machina, but since I'm in a rush, I used Flee instead. Once that battle
     is done, change your main party into Tidus, Rikku, and Kimarhi. Try to
     get those Smoke Bombs now. You have 12/13 chances, and if you get
     ambushed, use Flee. Best to get into a battle with another Zuu or a wolf
     and 2 Alcoynes. Flee all battles once you hit 12. Also make sure that
     Rikku, Kimarhi, and Auron's overdrive are fully powered before facing
     the next battle. Form a party with Tidus and without Auron, then go face
     the mini-boss.

    :Random Encounter (After getting Rikku): 12)

    Sandaroga: Swap Tidus for Auron, use Shooting Star. When using it, you
     must perform the whole combination correctly.

    Storyline, Mash X, save your game.

    (Author's Time:  7:30)

    Make a party including Tidus and without Rikku. Go inside of home, Mash X,
     move forward and get into a battle.

    Guado and 3 Bombs: Swap Tidus for Rikku and Mix 2 Maps (Potato Masher)

    Follow the party and Mash X during the storyline. Make a party including
     Tidus and without Kimarhi, and go into another battle.

    Guado and 2 Dual Horns: Swap Tidus for Kimarhi, use Stonebreath.

    Now quickly go save your game.

    (Author's Time:  7:33)

    You must know get into a random battle with 3 Bombs and a Guado. Make sure
     your party is Tidus, Kimarhi, and Rikku. Still from all 3 Bombs, then Flee
     the battle, that's your main objective. Besides that, there is one more
     task you must do, and that is to use Lancet on one of the bombs as well as
     refill have Rikku take enough damage to full have her OD bar filled up.
     Best one's the fill her up is the Guado's magic attack. If Rikku goes down
     in the battle, have Kimarhi use a phoenix down on her, do this until she
     has a full OD bar.

    Then go to the next screen, make a party that includes Tidus and without

    Guado and 2 Chimera: Swap Tidus for Kimarhi and use Stonebreath.

    Move down the stairs. Storyline, Mash X. Grab the Level 4 Key on the left
     and the Level 2 Key on the right, both are in a chest. Move onto the next
     door. Storyline, Mash X. When you get control of Tidus again, move to the
     left and get the chest worth 10,000 gils. Now head to the right and into
     the Airship. Storyline, Mash X.

    After all the talking, exit the room until you see Kimarhi, then head back
     inside where Auron was standing. Auron and Cid will be talking, Mash X.
     Then run and talk to brother, Mash X. Then try to head back out, the ship
     will shake, Mash X. Now go talk to Rin, hopefully you won't get into a
     random encounter. Don't buy anything from Rin and then Mash X. You'll
     recieve the 99 Underdog Secrets. Now keep walking and pass Issaru, now
     save your game. It should be "Airship - Cabin."

    (Author's Time:  7:55)

    Get you party into Tidus, Kimarhi, and Rikku again. Head up and get an intro
     to the next boss, Mash X. Head up, all the way up until the boss battle.

    Evrae: Have Tidus use a Smoke Bomb. Then have Rikku use a Quartet of 9,
     which is a mix of Level 1/2 Key and an Underdog Secret. Next, try to steal
     1/2 Water Gem from him and have the guy/gal that recieve the QO9 use it
     back on him. If the person that recieved QO9 is KOed, restart.

    Storyline, Mash X

    Just follow this combination and you'll be done.
    2 Smoke Bombs
    2 Smoke Bombs and 2 Bomb Cores
    2 Smoke Bombs
    2 Smoke Bombs and 2 Bomb Cores
    2 Smoke Bombs and a Bomb Core

    Note: Throughout the whole process, I had to Mash X most of the time,
     until I needed to change it. Remember what each character was using last,
     so that the next move can be used quickly. Also, it doesn't matter who
     gets kicked out by the robot, speed is everything, EXP doesn't matter
     for right now.

    More storyline, Mash X helps some, but not all. Just enjoy it.

    After all of the talking, you'll be entrance to the temple. When you get
     control of Tidus, have him talk to the activation panel to make the stairs
     move, it's faster than walking down. On the next screen just Mash X until
     you get of Tidus and move to the next screen. Then just walk up to where
     everyone else is at and save your game.

    (Author's Time:  8:12)

    Just walk into the trials and do it fast. You'll probably need a lot of
     attempts like I do. The only thing that you can mess up on is on the 2nd
     level, just trying to get from base one all the way to the 3rd one is
     hard enough. So I will allow 2 failures. The speed of your platform
     movement will force you to keep restarting. An alternative way is to get
     on the second path and then head back out and take a slow platform into
     the 3rd row. Remember that the special tressure chest on the left side
     isn't needed. Finish the temple and then more storyline, Mash X. You'll
     be given the option to save, save your game.

    (Author's Time:  8:21)

    Via Purifco
    A great deal of storyline stuff, Mash X. Later on you'll get Yuna, save your
     game again.

    (Author's Time:  8:28)
    Note: For both Save Point Times, I got the same time. Plus, get into no
     random battles from where Yuna started to the second save point.

    Move north to the next screen. Wait it to blink north and step on it. Auron
     will join up with Yuna, now save your game, again.

    Now for some preparation. This all depends on what kind of a spheres you
     got in your inventory. Hopefully you have a lot of Power Spheres, and some
     Magic and Speed Spheres. Now from the order from Yuna's initial starting
     place, go around the whole circle and head towards the bottom right of that
     cirlce. Then use the Lvl. 1 Key and get those nods.

    The nodes that you'll activate from Yuna's initial position: Mag+3, Agi+2,
     Mag+3, Def+1, HP+200, HP+200, Mag+3, (Use Lvl.1 Key), HP+200, Agi+2, Str+4,
     HP+200, HP+200, and Agi+3.

    This will make it so that your Shiva and Ixion will have more turns, so that
     Bahamut won't use more than 4 Megaflare. If you have any Magic or Speed
     sphere, you can always use them as well. I didn't have enough Magic or
     Speed spheres. Ixion isn't really needed unless you screw up with Shiva.

    My Yuna's stats are: HP - 1475,  MP - 84,  Str - 9,  Def - 7,  Magic - 29,
     Magic Def - 20,  Agi - 18,  Luck -17,  Evasion - 36,  Acc - 3

    You can go and save again if you want, I choose not to. Now walk north,
     more than likely, you'll encounter 2 battles with Maze Larvae, but it's
     also possible to get into just one battle because I did ^_^ Lucky me!

    Maze Larvae: Summon Bahamut, use a phyiscal attack followed with a Thundaga.
     If you get into battle with the second one, do the same thing. If you want
     full speed, keep restarting until you get one battle with them.

    Also, before the fight against Issaru's Aeons, Yuna will be fully healed.

    Grothia: Summon Shiva, have her cast NulBlaze followed with a phyiscal
     attack. After Ifrit's Hellfire, Shiva will be fully filled up, cast
     NulBlaze again. If he doesn't use Fira on you, release your Diamond Dust.
     After that, always make sure your NulBlaze is up, heal when Shiva's HP
     falls lower than 600. Keep with the phyiscal attacks and release another
     Diamond Dust to end it.

    Pterya: Summon Bahamut and then use up your MP on ~aga magic attacks. After
     that just keep using regular attacks. For some reason, 2 regular attacks
     is very close to a Megaflare. When your Bahamut has 350 HP or less left,
     quickly use Megaflare to end it. I had 78 HP left and I didn't use
     Megaflare when I won this battle.

    Spathi: Grand Summon Shiva and use Diamond Dust. After that keep using
     regular attacks and pay attention to Spathi's counter. When it reads one,
     have Shiva use Shield, and on the next turn cast Blizzard on Shiva.
     Spathi only used 3 Megaflare, a big difference compared to my first run,
     which was 6 Megaflares and I had to bring out Ixion to end it.

    After that, storyline, Mash X. You'll be given Tidus now, go save your game.

    (Author's Time:  8:43)

    Go directly for the boss now, no second save.

    :Random Encounter: 1:
    Note: If you don't have at least one Bomb Core, Dragon Scale, Electro
     Marble, or any elemental items in your stock, steal some from Magora. You
     just need one.

    Evrae Altana: Throw 2 Phoenix Downs on him, easy and simple enough. It is
     possible to have his counter miss and have Tidus use it again on him.

    Now swim to the other end of this place. Don't open any of the chests.

    High Bridge
    Storyline, Mash X. Save your game.

    (Author's Time:  8:51)

    If you don't have at least 2 Soft, go buy them from Oaka. Now head for
     Natus and save your game on the second save point.

    (Author's Time:  8:53)

    :Random Encounter: 3:
    Note: Make sure that Rikku's overdrive is powered up. You can power up
     Lulu's as well, but it can be done later.

    Now for some prep before Natus. Make sure that Sonic Steel is still on and
     give Yuna the Soft Ring, and you're ready to go.

    Natus: Swap Tidus for Rikku and mix 2 Underdog Secrets (Supernova). He'll
     use Protect and 4000 will be sucked away from him by his partner. If break
     is used on anyone, have the next person use a Soft on them. Next have
     Rikku or Kimarhi use a elemental item on Natus. This will force Natus
     to use 5 Flare attacks. Hope that the first one is given to Rikku, revive
     her and quickly mix another Supernova to end the battle quickly. That's
     what I got in my run.

    Storyline, Mash X. Save your game.

    (Author's Time:  8:56)

    Head for the lake and watch the storyline. Mash X doesn't help at all.
     Have Tidus walk away from Yuna, more storyline. On the next day, head for
     the path for the Calm Lands. Save your game.

    (Author's Time:  9:09)

    Calm Lands
    Storyline, Mash X. Head for the uppper left of the mini map and talk to
     the chocobo trainer. Take the first trainer and pass on the first try.
     Say no to her other trainer tests. Talk to her again and say that you want
     to ride a chocobo. Ride the chocobo to the upper right of the mini map.
     Save your game.

    :Random Encounters: 6:
    Note: You must steal at least 2 Fire Gems from the Fire Flans. At the same
     time charge up Rikku's overdrive.

    (Author's Time:  9:17)

    Defender X: Set your party into Tidus, Rikku, and Kimarhi. Have Tidus use
     a Smoke Bomb. Mix Quartet of 9 with Rikku. Once you found out who the
     taker is, have Tidus use haste on that person and have that person use
     the 2 Fire Gems.

    Walk forward, storyline, Mash X. Walk over bridge, Mash X. Head toward
     Mt. Gagazet.

    Mt. Gagazet
    Storyline, Mash X. Go Save your game.

    (Author's Time:  9:24)

    No prep, just face them.

    Yenke and Biran Ronso: Use 2 Lancet on Biran to get Doom. Steal a total of
     2, or more, Lvl. 3 Keys from both of the Ronsos (Only steal twice, once
     from each Ronso). After that keep throwing Grenades to win the battle.
     Don't go too fast on the menu screen. You must see that you got 2 Return
     Spheres. If you don't restart the game and try again. A drop of 2 Return
     Spheres are suppose to be common.

    Head back and save your game.

    (Author's Time:  9:28)

    Customize First Strike onto one of Rikku and Lulu's weapons, equip them.
     Go talk to the Ronso merchent and sell 50 Underdog Secrets. Go into Lulu's
     SG and head to the lower right of her cirlce and keep going. Use the Lvl.
     3 Key and use it. Then have Lulu learn Bribe. Now head north. Storyline,
     Mash X. Now quickly run to the next save point. Don't talk to Wantz and
     don't try to get any tressure chest.

    :Random Battle: 15:
    Note: Must make sure that Lulu and Rikku's overdrive is charged up before
     the save before facing Flux. You must steal at least 13 Fire Gems. Along
     the way, you have to bribe a Grenade for 75,000 gils. As long as you get
     5 Shining Gems from them, it's fine. In the battle, swap Rikku for Lulu,
     Bribe the Grenade, use Tidus and Flee. It's that simple.

    Save your game.

    (Author's Time:  9:36)

    Set party into Tidus, Rikku, and Lulu. Also make sure that their First
     Strike weapons are equipped. Head north, storyline, Mash X. Time for Flux.

    Flux: Mix Trio of 9999 (Underdog Secret + Lvl. 3/4 Key). Now you only got
     2 attacks to end this battle, if it doesn't fully kill Flux, restart.
     Have Tidus use a Fire Gem and Lulu use Fury (6-8 times). Hope that it's
     good enough to kill him.

    Storyline, Mash X. Then run north and save your game.

    (Author's Time:  9:43)

    Cave of Mt. Gagazet
    Head forward, Storyline, Mash X. Walk to Tidus' home, Mash X. Follow the
     kid, Mash X. Keep going north. Save your game.

    (Author's Time:  9:50)

    Do both trials now. Get Wakka's blitzball thing done in 3 tries. Get the
     swimmer's color thing done in one try. Head for the next save and save
     your game.

    :Random Encounter: 16:
    Note: Charge up Lulu and Rikku's overdrive with a Behemoth. Also it's best
     that you steal 7 or more Water Gems from the Maelspikes.

    (Author's Time:  9:59)

    Sanctuary Keeper: Set party into Tidus, Rikku, and Kimarhi. It's basically
     the same thing as what we did for Defender X. Quartet of 9, haste it, and
     use a Fire Gem.

    Head forward, Storyline, Mash X. Get Yuna's Sphere, Mash X. Keep walking
     that trail.

    Zanarkand Ruins/Yevon Dome
    See the intro of this game. Go save your game.

    (Author's Time: 10:12)

    :Random Encounter (Ruins): 6:
    Charge up Rikku's Overdrive and Flee from all other battles. You can
     charge it up later on.

    Storyline, Mash. Head for the Domes. Storyline, Mash X. Keep going. When
     you see Seymours' flashback, go to the right path and get the Friend Sphere
     from that chest. During the part in which you see Jecht/Braska/Auron
     running across a bridge, take the hidden slope and get a Lvl. 3 Key from
     that chest.

    :Random Encounter (Dome): 5:
    Must make sure that Rikku's overdrive is charged full. The best monster to
     do this is Defender Z's Haymaker attack. One shot and you're done.

    After another storyline, save your game. The one before the trials.

    (Author's Time: 10:20)

    You now after to do this trial very fast. If you take more than 6-7 minutes,
     restart and try again. I was doing it fast, but not that fast. Yet I do
     have it memorized though. If your memory isn't good enough, you can always
     draw it out or use something else as a reference when you're doing each
     puzzle. After you've complete all 5 trials, put the spheres to where they
     need, and then save your game.

    (Author's Time: 10:26)

    Form the party into Tidus, Lulu, and Rikku. Lulu has to be in the middle.
     Even though I'm superstious, I believe it increase the chances of success.
     Make sure that they have their First Strike weapon equipped.

    Spectral Keeper: This might take 8 tries. Mix Trio of 9999 with Rikku
     (Underdog Secret + Lvl 3/4 Key). Next, have Tidus use a Fire Gem. Now here
     comes the luck party. You need to have Lulu survive this attack, meaning
     Spectral's counter would miss. After it misses, have Lulu finish it off
     with any her magic attack. The reason why I used this strategy is because
     I didn't have Tidus' Slice and Dice. Secondly, it doesn't require me to
     go to the dome and refill Rikku's overdrive, which takes time. And Lulu
     does have a high evasion to do this.

    Storyline, Mash X. Save your game

    (Author's Time: 10:29)

    Set party into Tidus, Rikku, and Kimarhi. Remember the 4 HP Nodes that you
     had Kimarhi use, the one in Rikku's circle, have Tidus fill those 4 nodes
     as well. Keep walking forward and Mash X during each storyline part.

    Yunalesca (Form 1): Mix Trio of 9999 (Underdog Secret + Lvl 3/4 Key). Next
     have everyone defend or use a Al Bhed Potion. Only use a Al Bhed Potion
     when some one was damaged, if no one is damaged, use Al Bhed Potion. When
     turns appear in the order Rikku, (Kimarhi/Tidus), (Kimarhi/Tidus), have
     Rikku use a Fire Gem.

    Yunalesca (Form 2): Hellbiter will attack everyone, but not killing Rikku.
     Have (Kimarhi/Tidus) use a Fire Gem.

    Yunalesca (Form 3): Mega Death will be activated. Have (Kimarhi/Tidus) use
     a Fire Gem. Boss will counter, it doesn't kill you. Have the next person
     use another Fire Gem to end battle.

    Storyline, Mash X. Run back, talk with Auron, Mash X. Head for Save before
     the trials, save your game.

    (Author's Time: 10:45)

    Head outside and meet Sin.

    More storyline, Mash X. Head for the spot in which you first saw Evrae.
     Talk to Yuna/Kimarhi, Mash X. Go back to the bridge, Mash X. Talk to Cid
     and go to Bevelle. Storyline, Mash X. Once back on the ship, Save your

    (Author's Time: 10:57)

    From this point on, I've decided to pick a certain place to get my fast
     overdrive refills for Rikku in Zararkand. The enemy that I've choose to do
     this job is Defender Z. You may pick any other enemy to do this job. After
     getting Rikku's Overdrive, search the World Map and get Baaj Temple (

    Baaj Temple
    Save your game.

    (Author's Time: 10:59)

    Jump down into the water, Mash X. Head towards the Temple's Entrance and
    dive into it. Time for battle.

    Geogersano: Have Rikku Mix Trio of 9999 (Underdog Secret + Lvl 3/4 Key) or
    a Quartet of 9 and then throw a Water/Fire Gem at him.

    After you kill him, pay attention to the menu's item drops. If you see a
     weapon on the right side, save your game. If not, restart until you get
     a weapon from this boss.

    Save your game

    (Author's Time: 11:01)


    Overdrive Rikku again. Go talk to Cid and select "Sin." Mash X. Head for
     Cabins and Save your game.

    (Author's Time: 11:06)

    (Sidenote: This part is added to show that if I missed something or not,
     all relevant to everyone's Hp and Mp. You should just take the time
     to check these. After you have check them, restart and ignore these.
     These are mine Hp/Mp:

                HP - MP
     Tidus:   1520 -  32
     Kimarhi: 1644 -  78
     Rikku:    360 -  85
     Yuna:    1475 -  84
     Auron:   2013 -  33 (1830 without +10 Hp Armor)
     Lulu:     456 - 112
     Wakka:   1018 -  30

    Go into Auron's Sphere Grid if your Auron doesn't have Steal and Use.
     Use the Friend Sphere that you got from one of the chests from
     Zanarkand and transfer his position to where Rikku is, she shouldn't
     have far or at all from the nods that have Steal and Use. If you want,
     you can just give him Use, I gave both.

    Also read futher on, from this point forward, understand every aspect
     before you keep going on, before facing OD SIN at least.  
                                                            *End Sidenote* )

    Set your party into Tidus, Rikku, and Auron. Head to the dock, storyline.
     Mash X during most of it.

    Sin's Left Fin: Mix Trio of 9999. Have Tidus talk to Cid to move the ship.
     Have Auron constantly using defend. Have Rikku and/or Tidus attack him
     2 times, and he should counter back with a body slam. If he doesn't,
     attack him again every other turn until he slam the party. When he slams
     the party, most likely Rikku and Tidus will be KOed, filling up Rikku's
     OD bar. After he body slams the party, have Auron use a Fire/Water Gem on
     the boss. If the body slam isn't used and instead the core charges up,
     heal up Auron fully and have him keep defending until the body slam.

    Sin's Right Fin: It's the same thing as the Right Fin except make sure
     to heal up Auron before the body slam starts coming.

    (Note: You'll just have to be lucky so that the body slams comes when they
     are needed. If Sin decided to use a few body slams, hope that Auron isn't

    Sin's Core/Genasis: Mix Trio of 9999 and throw 2 Fire/Water Gems.

    Save your game.

    (Author's Time: 11:20)

    Get Rikku's OD again. Talk to Cid and set in the Code "VICTORIOUS." Head to
     Besaid Ruins 1 and get Rikku's Victorious. Save your game. *Note: Before
     so, look at *BON24 )

    (Author's Time: 11:22)

    Go to Bikanel Island and head toward the activation tomb near the sandstorm.
     Talk to it once. Head the nearest Save Sphere and head back to the ship.
     Set your party to Tidus, Kimarhi, and Rikku. Then go back to Bikanel Island
     and save your game.

    (Author's Time: 11:25)

    Go the the right of the save point and talk to the Cactuar. Play it's little
     game and get into a battle with it. Now, most of this part is based on
     luck. You have to steal a Chocobo Wing from it and then flee the battle
     safely. It took me about... a very long time to do this part. Hope you get
     better luck with this one. After getting a Chocobo Wing, save your game.

    (Author's Time: 11:27)

    **Author's Own Note**
     This is very vital to see if you're going to beat my time or not. I kinda
     screwed myself by not getting this early on, no wonder I beat most of my
     times constantly. When I got to the very last save, before facing BFA, the
     time that I had was 11:42. Yet after countless attempts to finish him, I
     couldn't do it and so I had to go back to get this certain Overdrive.
     Tidus' Slice and Dice. So, in my flaw, I got to with draw 10-11 minutes of
     my time to get his Slice and Dice.

     To those that followed this path a little bit too close, you'll have to do
     the same. I got my Slice and Dice from Zanarkand Ruins. The trick is to
     have a lot of Hi-Potions. And Heal only Tidus to full health and get into
     another fight and charge up again. Tidus and Rikku should use their First
     Strike weapons so that Rikku can escape and Tidus can use his OD if he has
     it full. While you're here, mind as well get Yuna's OD charged as well.
     I saved my game, you should probably too.

    (Author's Time: 11:37)

    Head back to the airship and go to the screen in which you faced Evrae.
     Storyline. Mash X for the last part. Save Game.

    (Author's Time: 11:42)

    Make sure your party is Rikku, Tidus, and Kimarhi/Auron. You might need to
     stock up on some items, like Phoenix Downs, your call.

    Overdrive Sin: Simple battle, but need quick fingers. Have Rikku mix Trio
     of 9999. Defend quick so that Sin can make 2 moves towards you. Then
     quickly throw 3 Fire Gems at him. Storyline.

    Mash X and Save Game.

    (Author's Time: 11:46)

    Take a few practice runs with No Encounter on, reset and you'll have to do
     again swiftly. But on your real run, you'll need to charge up Rikku's OD
     and then run for that Save Point with No Encounter. Save Game.

    Inside Sin

    (Author's Time: 11:48)

    To make the next battle go a lot faster, you'll need to check to see if you
     have at least 3 Teleport Spheres. If you do, cutomize First Strike into
     one of Kimarhi's Weapon and use it and have Rikku and Tidus with First
     Strike. ( *BON24 )If not, equip Rikku with Victorious, both Tidus and
     Rikku with First Strikes. Go talk to Seymour and Mash X.

    Seymour Omnis: For first strategy. Have Rikku use Trio of 9999 and then have
     the other's use Water Gem on him, just two is needed.

     For the second one, same thing, except this time, everyone will die,
     except Rikku, and Rikku will need to throw the second Water Gem.

    Storyline. Mash X. Take No Encounter off and get into a random battle.
     Hoefully it's a monster that can hit quick and fast. Charge up Rikku's OD.
     You probably want a test run through this place as well, do one if you
     screwed up on the random battle and then reset. Get to the next Save Point
     and Save Game.

    (Author's Time: 11:53)

    So you have it, I lost 11 minutes, from my 11:42 last save. O well, at
     least I beat my first run by 1 hour and 14 minutes. Time for me to explain
     the rest of this. Or you can try it by yourself, it's up to you.

    Do a few runs of this first, try to find a weapon empty slot weapon for
     Yuna and Auron, equip them and give them First Strike. Go do the whole
     crystal thingy and touch no crystal and do it as fast as possible. If you
     screw up, you may restart and try again. Make sure Yuna, Auron, and Tidus
     have First Strike on them.

    Braska's Final Aeon (First Form):
     Due to my Yuna's high agility, she has the first move.

     Yuna  - Swap for Rikku
     Rikku - Chocobo Wings
     Tidus - Talk
     Auron - Swap for Lulu
     Lulu  - Switch Weapon
     Rikku - Trio of 9999
     Lulu  - Switch Weapon
     Tidus - Slice and Dice
     BFA   - Nothing
     Lulu  - Swap for Yuna
     Yuna  - Grand Summon Bahamut

    Braska's Final Aeon (Second Form):

     BFA   - Kills Bahamut
     Rikku - Grenade
     Tidus - Talk
     Rikku - Water Gem
     Rikku - Water Gem
     BFA   - Jecht Beam on anyone
     Two Stones come back to life
     Swap Anyone for Lulu and have her use her Overdrive, Good Luck

    Final Aeons
     Very simple as well, just need quick fingers. Most likely Rikku will be
     in the party, if not, get her in there. Have her use Shining Gems and if
     you're still in memory mode, all you have to do is keep pressing X.

    Yu Yevon
     Quickly get Kimarhi to use Doom on Yu Yevon and then haste Yu. Keep
     defending with the rest of your turns so that Yu can die faster

    (Author's Final Time: 12:24)
     This time was calculated from the last saw time before facing BFA and it
     ended when Yu Yevon died.

   Final Words
   This FAQ was delayed due to my laziness and I'm sorry. The end of this FAQ
    was typed out very quickly and I didn't get to do too much for it. I hope
    to give more details later, if they are needed, I guess. I was planning to
    add an ODINS section to this part, but I don't know if I will have the time
    for that... so the answer is 'maybe.'

   A good question that you may have is: Do you think I can beat your time?

   My answer is: Maybe (^__^)

   Best Record + Videos + New Info
   Okay, I have no idea how long this will be or do I plan to create it great
   details. This part is just added because I want to update this FAQ, but I
   don't want to add to the original walkthrough thus I would need to update
   all the times. Let's begin. I'll try to make it as organize as I can.

   I've beat the record stated in the FAQ... again, but the rules were placed.
   Therefor, even though I had obtained a faster time, can it be done faster?

   I was planning to submit this to SDA (Speeddemosarchive.org)
   But they couldn't accept it because it was over 10 hours long. No matter
   what I did, they weren't going to take it. No matter how many people
   wanted to see it, they weren't hosting it.

   My new record for FFX is 11:49 - NTSC Version (One without Dark Aeons)
   Faster, but no fastest.

   Why I say that? Because I couldn't use the Al Bhed Primers acquired in a
   previous game, thus no quick Trio at Evrae or Natus. I had to change the
   strategy for both of those battles. Which added 10 minutes. Then I needed
   to get the ingredients for Trio (Remiem Temple), which adds another 10

   I'll try to recall from memory all the things that I did differently:
   1. Used King Ochu to powerup OD (Not a good thing)
   2. Lulu becomes one of the main damage deals in the battle against Gui
   3. Thunder Plains. Items stealed must be done in one runthrough with no
      timewasting. Petrify Grenade is stolen, as well as 1 Chocobo Feather.
      Light Curtain is lowered to 1. Only 2 Lunar Curtain. I forgot how
      many Electro Marbles.
   4. Poison Fang is stolen in Macalania Temple on the first time through.
   5. New strategy for Spherimorph. Poison Fang to inflict Poison. Have
      everyone keep defending. Wait til it has around 5000 left and throw
      a Mix at it based on it's weakness.
   6. Strategy for Evrae (Credit to Kotetsu534)
      a. Get Tidus and Kimarhi's HP to 1000 or above.
      b. Use Lunar Curtain on both Kimarhi and Tidus, Rikku as third
         Use Smoke Bomb to inflict Darkness
      c. Keep defending until Poison Breath. It shall kill Rikku and charge
         her OD all the way up. Use Al Bhed Potion to heal, revive Rikku.
         Mix Chaos Grenade.
      d. After a few Chaos Grenades, right before he hits Haste mode, charge
         Rikku one more time and get far away. Replace Rikku with Auron, and
         have Cid release the Salvos until it's gone.
      e. When's it's completely gone, Evrae will Scythe you. Send Rikku back
         in and Mix Tallboy. With luck, it will deal enough damage for the win.
   7. New strategy for Natus. Have Tidus learn Reflect before battle. Do the
      following in this order:
      a. Haste Tidus
      b. Reflect Tidus
      c. Chaos Grenade (Rikku's Mix)
      d. Haste Natus
      e. Elixir on Tidus (For MP)
      f. Reflect Natus
      After that, hopes that it kills off the two other members. Talk with
      Tidus to increase attack. For the rest of the battle, only attack with
      Tidus. Brotherhood for it's attack increasement. I needed to have Lulu
      get some more AP for Bribe, so she was sent in for one turn.
   8. Remiem Temple, the added part about getting 30 Wings of Discovery.
      3 Chests, No Poles
   9. I somewhat changed the sequence of things needed to be done for Tidus'
      Slice and Dice, as well as Chocobo Wing.
  10. Replace Auron with Kimarhi as the guy to face Sin's Fins. Therefor, the
      team consist of Kimarhi, Tidus, and Rikku.
  11. Ominis. First Strike on all 3 members. Rikku mix Trio, use 2 Water Gems.

  Things that I wish I had known or done differently:
  1. Didn't use the spheres on Lulu during Gui. Cost me 3/4 minutes on Yuna's
     battle against Issaru. Spheres concerning Speed and Magic is very rare.
  2. I grabbed a Luck Sphere in Kilika Forest. So not needed and a waste of
  3. The perfect Blitzball match. However, I figured that you don't need that
     Strength sphere anymore. With or without Al Bhed Primers. So let them
     win with one and hold the ball until it ends.
  4. The mindset to learn Slice and Dice as soon as possible.
  5. Light Curtains and Lunar Curtain, I got too much and didn't use it.
  6. No Encounter Armor at Sunken Cavern (Cavern of the Stolen Fayth).
     Would've proven useful, except that the chances to get 1 is very slim.
  7. Faster solving at Bevelle Cloiser of Trials
  8. Issaru Aeon Battle. Didn't have enough spheres to give me the advantage
     of beating them with ease.
  9. International Version will change most of the strategy and will have
     a faster time due to the ease of the expert sphere grid.

  I've uploaded the entire 11 hours and 49 minutes of my third Speed Run of
  FFX on youtube and googlevideo. I know googlevideo has the complete thing.
  I'm still working at it on youtube.

  Youtube's playlist of my FFX Speed Run:

  I would place a link for each video, but that would take forever. Besides,
  that's what the playlist is for anyways. As of now, it's up to 47, which
  is the part about Inside Sin. I'll get the rest of it uploaded ASAP.

  About the ODINS. I've completed that a long time ago. But I'm thinking about
  uploading it. One, I took the safe route, so it's like 18 hours+. I took
  it rather slowly because I lost 3 times before due to unawareness. Lastly,
  I spent an extra 6 minutes on BFA because I completly forgot my strategy
  on him and had to come up with a new one. That was my greatest
  accomplishment. Lol. Just think. I'm tired as hell, semi-starving, and
  I thought that I was going to need to start over again. If you just watched
  that battle, you would probably think it's funny too. I'm thinking of
  uploading that battle now...

  NOW, for some arguement. UltimaniaGarden has the record of 3 runs getting
  under 10 hours. However, there's a lot of flaws into that.

  1. Their final time is recorded as their Last Save's Time. Not the final
     time that they defeated Yu Yevon.
  2. It was never indicated that they even beat Yu Yevon. If they did, what's'
     their time? Don't know.
  3. I've searched their message board and one of the posted indicates that
     two things they used. One was some kind of device that increased the
     speed in which the game should run at. The second thing is that they
     figured out how to skip that long scenese (movies, CGs, if you will)
  4. Al Bhed Primers could've been used. Did say so? Don't know.
  5. No indepth strategy is given on any boss. Especially on BFA. It's
     impossible to speed run him without Slice and Dice.

  You can praise them as much as you want, but I find it hard to praise
  something that can't be questioned using English, only japanese.
  Simply by giving me the time doesn't help me. I'm trying to beat it,
  by the way.

               Game Challenges Done by Author

Not to brag about my accomplishments or anything. These are the challenges
 I've done when I've started to become a true gamer. And I've also listed some
 of the challenges that I'm wanted to do and complete. For best up to date
 completes, refer to the newest (by date) FAQ.

 Final Fantasy IX:   Level One Game
                     No Equipment Game
                     Excalibur II
                     Perfect Save Without Maxing Stats
                     ODINS Challenge (One Day In No Saves, 18:59:58)

 Final Fantasy VIII: No Junction Game
                     ODINS Challenge (One Day In No Saves)
                     Perfect Game (Maxing out every stats, except for Speed
                                   and Luck)

 Final Fantasy VII:  Initial Equipment with No Materia Challenge
                     Perfect Game (With Best Materia Combo for everyone,
                                  missing one KOTR though, until I have 8 KOTR)
                     Lowest Average Level Game (LAL)
                     Lowest Level Party Game (LLP)
                     Speed Run (Bottom of Crater at 9:47)
                     ODINS Challenge (One Day In No Saves)

 Final Fantasy X:    Perfect Game
                     NSGIE (My Challenge :D)
                     ODINS Challenge (One Day In No Saves)
                     Speed Run (12:24)

 Final Fantasy X-2:  Level One, One, Two Game
                     Speed Run (Need Improvement)
                     ODINS Challenge

 Final Fantasy XII: Solo Fran (Cheap)
                    NLB, aka No License Board (I should really type the FAQ)

 Super Marino RPG:   ODINS (One Days In No Saves)
                     Perfect Game

 Zelda OOT:          Perfect Game

Other Challenge I hope I can complete in the future:

 Final Fantasy X:    NSGNCNONS

 Final Fantasy X-2:  Six Iron Dukes (I got 5 so far, working on 6)

 Final Fantasy IX:   Attack and Item Only Game

 Zelda OOT:          Three Hearts, No Death, Minimum Requirements Game
                     ODINS (One Days In No Saves)

 Zeld MM:            Three Days Game (Even better than ODINS)

 Super Mario RPG:    Level Three Game

 Starcraft:          Get over 1000 wins (Currently have 700s)

 If you don't know what ODINS is, it stands for 'One days in No Saves.' Also
 known as a No Save Game, except that you have to beat it within 24 hours. The
 concept of a No Save game doesn't really explain it's true meaning. You can
 just leave the system on and go to sleep and by tomorrow you can play it some
 more. That isn't a real challenge. ODINS give you the full name that you
 should do it. It's a very enduranced base challenge. You must know the game
 very well and you must not sleep throughout the whole process, even if you're
 using a automatic turbofire controller.

   Gamefaqs: For not making me lose my insanity
   Terence and Split Infinity: For being the Pros
   Thudaka: For all the comments and opinions related to every single thing :D
   Blitz Ace: For supporting me and having guts to challenge my time
   GarlandG: Another great Game Challenger and also a Vet of FFVII
   SoftReset and RebirthFlame: Vets of FFIX
   Kotetsu534: Evrae Strategy