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Final Fantasy X is my first PS2 game and I used to enjoy it a lot. However, when I tried the older FF games I found out that this one isn't good at all and doesn't deserve to have the praise that it does. Just because the graphics are good doesn't mean more people should know about it than half the other ones in the series.

Gameplay 1/10
I found the gameplay to be....uninteresting to say the least. I didn't like how the sphere grid system worked in that every character can be the same as another if you have plenty of sphere levels and spheres. I also disliked the turn based battle system because I enjoyed the ATB system much more. You're also treated to monotonous and tedious tasks that you have to do like the cloister of trials that almost made me quit the game.

Graphics 7/10
Don't get me wrong, the graphics itself is superb, but the animation isn't. Especially for a PS2 game, the animation matters a lot and FFX's is rather chunky and unimpressive. Just because the graphics are beautiful doesn't mean the overall visuals have to be. Although in this case, the game is still beautiful, the chunky animation really takes off from the experience.

Story 2/10
The story has disappointed me as well, its "theme of love" isn't displayed as well as even Final Fantasy 8. You care none about the characters in this game because they recycle the same old personality and the beginning really explains nothing. You won't find yourself wanting to know what happens because it's so predictable, you'll know exactly when something happens.

Sound 2/10
Even the tracks the video game music god Nobuo Uematsu composed for this game is rather bland and uninteresting. Fan favorites like the Victory Theme and the Prelude has been changed to not sound as good as it could have and the Prologue theme isn't even there! There are no good tracks in this game with the exception of Suteki da ne, and that song was only mediocre.

Replay value 3/10
You'll be glad once you spent 30 hours on this game to finally see the ending and you won't ever want to play it again. If you do happen to play it again, however, you're treated to some tedious and monotonous sidequests that really aren't worth it. I doubt you'll even get to the end before you quit playing it.

Overall 3.0/10
What I once thought was a great game turned out to be one of the weaker ones in the series when I realized the flaws in this game. The overall game is very linear and it's not worth the $20 you spend nor the amount of time you're willing to put into this game. I don't recommend getting it but if you're going to, make sure to rent it so you won't waste as much money.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 05/07/09, Updated 09/14/09

Game Release: Final Fantasy X (US, 12/17/01)

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