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A + … Beautiful.!.ACA.!10/10
An unforgettable experience with lots of personalityABlaster10/10
A Boy and His BlitzballAlex_10/10
Tidus's story is one you will never forget.Archmonk Iga10/10
Finally a Fantasy that Disappoints...Ashley Winchester6/10
Mom and Dad got me this for Christmas. Couldn't they have just killed me instead?Cyril2/10
The fall of a videogame god, and a severely weak point in the PS2 lineupEOrizzonte4/10
Game of the Decade? Seriously? ...I can't look at you right now, Gamefaqs.Etrurianmage2/10
"Hey, look, Tidus! The world is about to end!!... Tidus? Why are you smiling?"MazroKing4/10
Just pretend this game doesn't exist. You'll thank yourself for it.Allidoisreview4/10
Is it a dream or isnt it? A great game though.Alucard51710/10
Some Good, Little BadAnimawarrior8/10
A Remarkable RPG Worthy of PlayingArchangel Tyrael9/10
This is my story... of their storyArkrex9/10
Squaresoft'ts triumphant debut in the next wave of consoles...Auron25510/10
Final Fantasy X is the first RPG to premiere on the PS2, and will remain the bestbanned for reviewing9/10
Not too hot, not too cold-- it's juuuust right.BBigwig10/10
No matter what hardware, Square sets the RPG benchmark once more for PS2.BigCj349/10
Near Perfection, But Not Quite Reaching The Lofty Heights Set By Previous GamesBobo The Clown8/10
Definitely a Final Fantasy to fantasize aboutbover_879/10
Excellent game, but still a poor Final Fantasy.Braben8/10
A fair, accurate evaluationBrandon O8/10
Despite the reinvention of so many facets of the game some things, it seems, never change.Carlos McElfish9/10
Squaresoft has been there - and done it.CChan10/10
Exceeded all my expectations...Celeborn10/10
A fantastic experience as Final Fantasy hits the PS2!chandlerbing9/10
Golden wrapping, fine bronze presentchocobo_hero7/10
Shall I compare thee to a masterpiece?ChronoMantra10/10
My introduction to the Final Fantasy series and to PS2 RPGs was not a disappointmentComputerbug88/10
Making a case for linearity, Final Fantasy X tells a gripping tale set in a compelling world despite its limitationsc_rake9/10
A very memorial game, if you're willing to play through the whole story.DarkendIce9/10
Square surprises with an early Christmas present... and it's the furthest thing from fruitcake.DConnoy9/10
Tidus was right: this is his story, not a historyDDJ6/10
Final Fantasy X: The first Final Fantasy game on PS2 and it is great!Default649/10
Things will never be the sameDenouement9/10
Final Fantasy X is as vivid and amazing as this review!dirtyhobo10/10
Mmm... sweet, delicious fantasy.Disco196010/10
A beautifully illustrated fantasy, only damaged by character developmentDistantVoice7/10
Final Fantasy X is one of the few games on the Playstation 2 actually worth the $50, both in time and value.DJellybean9/10
Final Fantasy X could easily be marked as one of the best games out there!Dogg9/10
A landmark for storytelling in video gamesedwardcc79/10
Amazing. Simply Amazing.ehson10/10
I wish all games were this good...Eternal Jehuty10/10
Excellent story and gameplay held back by a few design issues.Exodist9/10
It took a year to reach the UK, was it worth it? Oh yes...falsehead9/10
Although great on it's own merits, Final Fantasy X feels somewhat disappointing as well as revolutionaryFein8/10
It's Been Three years ... and it's Still the Best Video Game Out ThereFuriKuriMan10/10
And the legacy continuesGalactus2110/10
In my beliefs, no game is ever perfect, but FFX sure comes close!Game Magician9/10
A complex system that is so simple yet so astoundingly innovative that not one person should have a PS2 without 'Final Fantasy X'...Garbol Shora9/10
Sins of Our FathersGenjuro Kibagami10/10
Must-play game, even with its flawsGerudoPrincess7/10
Final Fantasy on Playstation 2!god568/10
What is this I see?gold2110/10
The Perfect Game. Quite Possibly The Greatest Game Ever Made.GooberSD10/10
My favorite Final Fantasy game, the one that got me officially obsessed with video games.gothic_chic8/10
The only Final Fantasy game worth your time.grasu8/10
The Pinnacle of Next-Gen RPG Gaming.Grenadier10/10
An epic tale of love, hope, and the liberation of an entire world.Gumbercules9/10
‘...Never forget them’Halron28/10
Masterpiece, classic, unforgetable. Call it what you may.Hyperblade10/10
Beautiful, Beautiful, Square you are geniuses. A MUST Have.IcEdSpHe12e10/10
A great game overall, but by far the best Final Fantasy, well at least I think not.Johnny Mercyside9/10
A beautiful RPG worthy of the name: "Final Fantasy"JohnSPal9/10
It's finally here... the greatest RPG of all time.joshx4210/10
FFX: The Reason I Bought a PS2JPtheGreat10/10
A glimpse of the futureKane9/10
The Pinnacle of Final Fantasy Games.KasketDarkfyre10/10
The absolute best game of all timeKeyBlade99910/10
FFX: A story to rememberKhmai_Knight8810/10
A decade later, 'Final Fantasy X' leaves its markKimari9/10
Final Fantasy X is simply an astounding achievement and is one of the best, if not the best game on the PlayStation 2.KnightsoftheRound10/10
All that is gold does not glitter; all that does glitter is not gold.Kotetsu5349/10
(Insert joke about this not being the final game in the series)Kreskin9/10
Damn good game - not the best but not the worst by farlady_luck_878/10
What went wrong?Lagunathemoron3/10
Truly a cinematic experience, and a great game.LegendaryFrog9/10
Arguably the best in the series...lighty69110/10
Not one of my favorite Final Fantasy games, but it's not too badLordShibas7/10
Finally, another FF game that will wow your pants off.Lunadea10/10
The Best RPG on the PS2MalachiX10/10
One of Square's Finestmar_509/10
And next in the lineage of Final Fantasy heroes with odd hair, we have Tidus, a 17 year old who has yet to begin pubertymatt914869/10
Good. Very Good. Moogle dolls sure are cuddly, though...MGunnm9/10
Well played, Square-Enix. Well played.MisterMarioMan10/10
It’s sure to be remembered as one of the Final Fantasy greats.Mortortex10/10
This ain't no Final Fnatasy VII...Mr Jasill6/10
What an easy game!Mykas07/10
You can't fault Squaresoft for false advertisement.Myzery_Clown7/10
An Underwhelming Experience for Hardcore Fans Onlynash_clovis4/10
"Listen to my story..."nastynate31189/10
My favorite Final Fantasy so far: the perfect fusion of compelling gameplay and some of the most memorable characters I've ever encounterednintendosega10/10
The Final Fantasy PS2 debut is one of the finest RPGs of all timeOsafune29/10
Perfect for what it was intended to be.Psycho Penguin10/10
The new medium for literature is by way of video games!pythias2410/10
I just wish the combat system wasn't so tedious.RemTheRetroPlayer5/10
Good, just not great.Rising_shadow7/10
Another Worthy Entry In the Seriesruna21610/10
The Otherworld, Isn't it Wonderful?saintofanarchy9/10
Different from its predecessors in many waysShapeQuest9/10
I love it!Shinnokxz10/10
Every story must have an endingShirow8/10
Your fate is in your hands!Shivan Reincarnated10/10
Squaresoft, the once proclaimed RPG God, further digs its own grave, with another sub-par entry to the Final Fantasy series.shneepshnop7/10
Best RPG of a lifetime, totally epic.ShurikenOfLight10/10
FFX...mixed emotions...we were not looking forward to it...BUT MY GOD!!!! THIS GAME IS AMAZING!!!!!!sidjtd10/10
The Revolutionary Fantasy. So What's The Problem?sirloinestake8/10
The Definitive ReviewSLASHR48/10
A good game with bad gameplay...smallfry6457/10
Turns out most people's final fantasy is getting frisky with college girls, but here's the alternative anywaySmirnoff9/10
The best new quote ever: "I want to be a Blitzball when I grow up!"strawhat10/10
Praise be to Yevon.Tachibana Ukyo9/10
Square once again redefines JRPG.Tenshi No Shi9/10
Final Fantasy X is, for several reasons, the best Role Playing Game this generation has seen.The Wise Tonberry10/10
Severely OverratedTheLastAvatar055/10
What no gimmick tagline from me? I guess you know what that means, practically the perfect game.thesampleman10/10
The Master of Grand Illusion.tollbooth7/10
This is not a game. It's an adventure, an experienceTricky9/10
Overall Game ( What I Thought )ultima7779/10
For better or for worse, Final Fantasy X begins the current trend of voice acting and cinematic presentation in RPGs.UltimaterializerX9/10
Super spher-ific.VCBlue9/10
The first Final Fantasy for the Playstation 2.Version 210/10
Great on it's own meritswareagle2k9/10
Beautiful. Simply made to perfection!XeroXtancy10/10
Squaresoft's newest and improved installment in their biggest series.Xkefka3X10/10
A great game by square once againXvSephvX8/10
FFX - a game that shines brighter than the rest.Yellow Desert Scream8/10
Whoa...Trully Magnificent!yunasaga10/10
The most cinematic game ever made (and that's both good and bad)YusakuG8/10
A Fantasy to rememberZaleIsBackAgain10/10
Final Fantasy X got everything a RPG should have, except one thing....Zylo the wolf8/10
A Beautiful, Masterful, Underrated RPG._Spin_Cycle_9/10

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