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    White Mage Artifact Armor Guide by Cyril

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/12/04 | Printable Version | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                               White Mage
                             Artifact Guide
                         By: Cyril/Stephanie Nutter
             Character: Lightbearer 62/31 White Mage/Summoner
                             Server: Garuda
    What is this guide?
    This guide is a walkthrough for the White Mage Artifact armor.  Artifact armor 
    is armor that each class has, that is RARE/EX. The stats, and locations in 
    which you get the armor changes from class to class, but most of the time you 
    do 3 quests, and open 2-3 Coffers in each location.
    Note: From here on, Artifact Armor will be abreviated by its in-game term, AF.
                           Table of Contents
                          Section 1:  FAQ
                          Section 2:  Equipment stats
                          Section 3:  AF Quests
                          Section 4:  Coffers
                          Section 5:  Miscellaneous
                           Section 1: FAQ
    FAQ stands for Frequently asked questions.  These are just questions I have 
    found asked quite often in FFXI about Artifact Armor (AF).
    What is AF?
    AF used to be termed as 'end-game' armor, until the AF2/Relic set came out.  
    This guide will not go over obtaining those, but rather the AF1 set, or the 
    normal AF.  AF is basically armor that looks like older FF games' characters.  
    Dark Knight AF would look like FFIV's main character, Cecil.  Dragoon AF would 
    look like FFIV's Kains armor.  White Mage AF appears closer to Final Fantasy 
    V's White Mage armor.  
    How do I get AF?
    That is what this guide is for.  But note a few things before even trying.  
    There are 6 pieces of AF, and you can not get any of them until you have 
    fulfilled special prequisits.
    All AF1 is not armor, rather, the AF weapon.  For a White Mage, this is their 
    Club.  You can only start the White Mage AF 1 quest once your White Mage (no 
    other class) has reached level 40.  
    The rest of the AF, AF2-6 (or AF set 1, 2-6)is not obtainable until you have 
    done AF1.  Also, you can not start these quests until your White Mage class 
    has reached level 50.  
    Unless you have done those prequisits, you will not be able to obtain AF.
    How good is AF, really?
    Some pieces of White Mage AF are very useful, and others people replace.  I 
    often see people (namely Humes) replacing their Pantaloons (AF6) with RSE 
    pants because of the MP boost.  While I would not do this, some people just 
    need that extra MP.  
    The White Mage AF top is probably the worst piece of the bunch, because 
    eventually you will want to -try- (*cringe*) to save up for some better 
    armor.  Namely, a Vermillion Cloak or some armor that gives mass MP boost. The 
    Wind defense is very nice though, giving you extra resistence versus Silence.  
    And Silence is the White Mages worst enemy. 
    Personally, I would suggest keeping all your full AF set as each part has its 
    uses.  The boots have to be my favorite part though, Spell Inturruption down 
    is extremely useful.
    Personally, I wear all my AF except my Club which I have other weapons (3, 
    actually) to replace.  I much suggest getting a Dark Staff, Light Staff, and a 
    damage dealing club (Arcana Breaker, Darksteel Maul) to replace the AF weapon.
    How hard is getting AF?
    Well, that depends.  At level 50 it is very difficult.  But by 60 it becomes 
    quite a bit easier.  When you probably do all of your coffers the mobs will be 
    Incredibly Tough, but by the time you hit 60 they will all con at Tough or 
    White Mage AF3 is known to be one of the hardest AFs, and is personally one of 
    the hardest I've done.  WHM AF1 and AF2 are simple though, compared to others.
    What is AF1, AF2, AF3, AF4, AF5, and AF6?
    Each piece of AF armor is numbered.  And each set of armor (set, meaning 
    class) has different numbers on each.  Note that the number does NOT pertain 
    to the level of which you can wear the armor.  Some people assume AF1 is 40, 
    AF2 is 52, AF3 is 54, etc.  That is NOT true, if you are shouting for help in 
    jeuno JP and other NA will be secretly snickering behind your back because you 
    are calling for help with the wrong AF.
    So then, what IS the right order?
    AF1: Weapon, lvl 41
    AF2: Boots, lvl 52
    AF3: Body, lvl 58
    AF4: Gloves, lvl 60
    AF5: Hat, lvl 54
    AF6: Pants, lvl 56
    AF1, AF2, and AF3 are all quested pieces, while AF5 and 6 are coffere pieces.  
    AF4 is the same for all classes, and is done in the same manner, and the same 
    NM for each.  The only thing that varies is the item for each class.
                       Section 2: Equipment Stats
    This section will go over the stats of each piece of White Mage AF.  Remember, 
    the stats change with each class, so if you are looking for Paladin, or Dark 
    Knight AF stats it would NOT be found here -_-.
    White Mage AF1
    Name: Blessed Hammer
    Slot: Weapon
    Level: 41
    Damage: 27
    Delay: 324
    Stats: MND +2, MP +10
    White Mage AF2
    Name: Healers Duckbills
    Slot: Feet
    Level: 52
    Defense: 12
    Stats: MP+10, AGI+3
    Spell Inturruption Rate Down 20%
    White Mage AF3
    Name: Healers Briault
    Slot: Body
    Level: 58
    Defense: 40
    Stats: MP: +15, Wind Defense +10, Enfeebling Magic Skill +10
    Enmity -4
    White Mage AF4
    Name: Healers Mitts
    Slot: Hands
    Level: 60
    Defense: 14
    Stats: MP+10, Healing Skill +15, STR+5
    Enmity -4
    White Mage AF5
    Name: Healers Cap
    Slot: Head
    Level: 54
    Defense: 21
    Stats: MP+13, MND+4, Dark Defense+15
    Enmity -1
    White Mage AF6
    Name: Healers Pantaloons
    Slot: Legs
    Level: 56
    Defense: 28
    Stats: MP+15, VIT+3, Divine Magic Skill+15
    Enmity -1
                         Section 3: AF Quests
                  White Mage AF1: Messenger from Beyond
    You can start this quest ONLY once your White Mage class has reached level 
    40.  To start, you need to go to the Chapel in Northern San d'oria (to the 
    right of the Chateau).  Once in the Chapel, go up the stairs to the right, and 
    keep going up.  At the top there will be an Elvaan NPC in partial White Mage 
    AF.  His name will be Narcheral.  Talk to him, and the quest, Messenger From 
    Beyond (or, White Mage AF1) will be started.  
    White Mage AF1 is actually one of the easiest AF1's I've done, of course, I 
    had two nice JP helping me at the time (at level 40 you so have NO contacts -_-
    ).  Head to Valkurm Dunes, and head to what people call 'Secret Beach'.  From 
    Selbina Zone, go all the way northwest, into the top, hidden corner of the 
    map.  There will be a ??? somewhat near the Gustav Tunnel zone, at B-8.  
    This ??? only appears at night, as the mob you will fight is undead.
    Please cast Stoneskin or Blink before touching the ???, for your own 
    When you click on the ???, a NM named Marchelute will POP.  Like most other 
    White Mage mobs, and all Shadow mobs, he uses an abilty frequently called DD.  
    DD stands for Dimensional Death.  Luckily, the DD on this mob isnt exactly too 
    strong, but to a level 40 character it can cause serious havok.  I would 
    suggest a tank at least at level 50.  When I did it, I had a level 65 Paladin 
    Tank, I had to use Cure III on him once, the mob hit him for practrically 
    nothing at all.  I would suggest 2 60's for this, or at least 4 50's.  The 
    mobs is quite fast and he always hits you first.
    When Marchelute dies, he drops an item called a Tavnazia Pass.  This RARE/EX 
    item is what you need to bring back to the White Mage in San d'oria.  After 
    lotting and receiving this item, head back to San d'oria and Narcheal will 
    hand you your White Mage AF1, the Blessed Hammer.
                 White Mage AF2: Prelude of Black and White
    To get this quest, you must have finished White Mage AF1, and have a White 
    Mage of level 50 or higher.
    This quest is started with the same NPC that started the first White Mage AF 
    quest, Narcheal.  He is once again found in the Cathedral in San d'oria.  Talk 
    to him, and he will want some Yagudo Holy Water, and some Moccasins.  
    Yagudo Holy Water is aquired from Castle Oztroja.  Castle Oztroja is on the 
    far eastern side of Meritaphaud Mountains, which are north of Tahrangoi 
    Canyon, and South of Sauromuge Champaign. Castle Oztroja is the Yagudo 
    beastmens stronghold.  Because you will probably be helping other people with 
    AF in the future, you need to find, and mark this location.
    The mobs you get the Yagudo Holy Water off are called Yagudo Abbots.  Yagudo 
    Abbots are found past the second door in the castle.  The first door is found 
    by taking a left at the entrance and following the path.  The second door will 
    have 4 switches to the right of it.  This is a rather long path and you will 
    probably need Invisible for it.  Note that I find this door easier to get to 
    then the rank 5 area though, though it is not in that same direction. 
    For killing the Yagudo Abbots, I suggest a balanced part of at least level 
    52's.  I was able to kill 1 of them with a level 47-50 party with less trouble 
    then I did an EXP mob, but they all wimped out and didn't want to kill 
    anymore.  The Yagudo Abbots con Very Tough at level 50.  Note that the other 
    mobs in that area will con Incredibly Tough, and the Yagudo Abbots, which are 
    WHitge Mage class, are easy compared to them.
    The Yagudo Holy Water will drop very quickly.  It took me 3 kills to get 
    mine.  I hear others got it on their first kill.  The next item is Moccasins, 
    these are crafted, so I suggest they be bought at the AH.  I also hear a mob 
    in Castle Zhavl drop them, I have yet to see this though.
    NOTE: There are a few (one or 2) Yagudo Abbot mobs in Castle Vhazl Keep.  
    These may be the mobs that drop the Moccasins, but I can not be positive.  I 
    also do not know if they drop the Holy Water or not.  I do know that they are 
    a few levels higher then the normal abbots, and a hell of a lot harder to get 
    to.  So unless you are there for another reason, Dont bother with these.  Any 
    information on these might be handy.
    After you have the Holy Water and the Moccasins (I bought mine for 6 k) head 
    back to Narcheal in San d'oria and you will get your AF2 item, or the Healers 
    Duckbills.  These are very nice items, and I know many level 75 White Mage who 
    wear them. 
                   White Mage AF3: Pieuje's Decision
    To obtain this quest, You must be a level 50 White Mage, and have completed 
    your White Mage AF1 and AF2.  A warning before you start this quest though: 
    this is a very difficult NM, and I know some people who refuse to fight it 
    because they have died too often to it.  When you fight it, make sure to warn 
    everyone of the risk of death that comes.
    This AF quest is not started by Narcheal, but rather by the mage Prince, 
    Pieuje.  Pieuje is the younger prince of San d'oria, and is located in the 
    Cheateau d'Oraguille. Take the left path and follow the left wall, eventually 
    you will find the prince Regents room.  Examine the door, and a cut scene will 
    play, and you will recieve this quest.
    Before you can go to Fei'Yin like the quest implies, you need to get a 
    Tavnazia Bell.  Tavnazia Bells are dropped off Dark Stalker mobs in the 
    Eldieme Necropolis.  At level 55 or so, the Dark Stalkers con Very Tough.  
    There are two main locations that Dark Stalkers pop, one is at the far end of 
    the Necropolis, and the other is on the lower level, near the 'Hume Bones'.   
    The Hume Bones is my preferred camp.  This drop is rather random, as I've seen 
    two drop within a half hour, and the third took another 3 hours to drop.  The 
    bell is EX, not RARE, so you can hold as many as you want.  If you arent 
    confident you can beat the NM in Fei'Yin, I suggest getting two bells.  
    After you get your Tavnazia Bell, head to Fei'Yin.  Fei'Yin is located at the 
    far north end of Beaucidine Glacier, which is to the southeast of the Teleport 
    Vhazl crystal.  Once in Fei'Yin, you want to head to the upper level, and find 
    the ???.  My party wandered around for a half hour before the 65 White Mage 
    actually remembered where it was -_-. 
    You will have to kill the NM for each White Mage in the party who wants the 
    Before you start the battle, clear the room out of all mobs, and make sure you 
    are fully healed.  Some people like to get 300% TP on all melee before taking 
    this bad boy on.  I don't actually reccomend that, because the tank will have 
    a hard time keeping hate.  And the second the tank looses hate, people start 
    dying.  Literally.  
    Also note that I much suggest a Ninja Tank for this battle.  When I did mine, 
    I did it with a 67 Galka Paladin tank.  His HP went from 1,700 to 300 in 
    seconds from the Dimensional Death.  We also had two other Paladins 'just in 
    case' we needed them. A Ninja tank wont take damge from the DD spam (which he 
    does very often) and so less MP is used, and as long as he doesnt lose hate, 
    less deaths.
    When ready, trade the Tavnazia Bell to the ???.  Cast Stoneskin and Blink on 
    yourself first. 
    The first thing the Tank should do is do everything in his power to keep as 
    much hate as possible.  But if its a Paladin, he should NOT use Invincible 
    immediately.  Instead he should wait until about halfway through the battle.  
    Also, if you have a Paladin tank, your White Mage should have a Macro set up 
    exclusively for him.  Lets say his name was 'Ghrast' I would set up a Cure III 
    spam macro for him, even when he is at 100% HP.  
    /ma "Cure III" Ghrast
    That ensures that if he IS hit with DD that you can cure him very quickly.  
    Note though that He can spam DD 5-6 times in a row, so even at full HP, 2-3 
    people can die if he decided to.  Ive seen a full HP SAM go from full HP to 
    death in seconds because no one cured her fast enough (or rather, the DD was 
    too fast).  I've also seen a DRG about lvl 64 go from 1,300 HP to 20 in 
    seconds.  And I've even seen people dead before you can even cure them or see 
    their HP go down.  
    Basically, with a paladin tank, this battle is very, very dangerous.  yes, 
    they keep hate better, but there is a large chance they will die.
    Ideally, you will want an alliance of at least 15 people, and have at least a 
    level 60 ninja tanking the battle for you.  You want 3 White Mage at least, 
    and please, PLEASE tell your mele to be nice to the mob, there is too damage 
    to have the Paladin lose hate at a critical time.
    You dont want the White Mage tanking this battle -_-. It IS possible to steal 
    hate from an entire alliance, which I have done, even with -11 enmity. So just 
    stick with Cure III spam on the main tank, and keep the rest of your PT (try 
    not to worry about the rest of the alliance, unless the other Parties don't 
    have a White Mage) because you never know when the main Tank will be brought 
    down to 300 HP.
    After the Shadow is dead, lot of the Tavnazia Mask, and then bring it back to 
    Narcheal (NOT the prince) in San d'oria Cathedral and you will recieve your 
    Healers Briault. 
    While I have made a big deal of this battle, is IS extremely dangerous, if not 
    hard.  When I got mine, I did it 6 separate times, with someone (mainly the 
    Dark Knights HINT HINT) dying each time, except for the one time the Paladin 
    used Invincible.
                 White Mage AF4: Bhorgertz's Healing Hands
    All classes have the same quest for their AF hand items.  To start this quest, 
    talk to the NPC Guslam in the weapon shop in Upper Jeuno while as your White 
    After you have done this, head to Beadeaux.  head up to the highest level, and 
    then fall down in the northeast.  You will now be hunting mobs for a Beadeaux 
    Coffer key.  This item can be very easy, or very annoying as a drop item. I've 
    sen one key drop in six hours, and one key drop in 2 hours.  The fastest I've 
    seen one drop was an hour, which was considered by all who helped as very 
    lucky.  After you have the key, open the coffer chest, and you will recieve a 
    key item: Pair of Old Gauntlets.
    Once you have the key item, head down into Port Jeuno and examine the ??? near 
    the Auction House and Jeuno: Duty Free.  Then, head up into the Tenshodo 
    Headquarters in Lower Jeuno, and talk to the Mithra in there.  When she asks 
    for 1,000 gil, pay her (you have to do this to continue the quest). Head back 
    down to port Jeuno and examine the ??? again, and another cut scene will 
    Now, you need to head to Castle Vhazl.  if you dont have Teleport-Vhazl (Shame 
    on you!) walk from Rangeumont Pass to Beaucedine Glacier to Xarcabard.  And in 
    Xarcabard go to the far west, and you will reach Castle Zhavl Baileys.  Once 
    in the Castle, sneak and invis everyone up, and head straight.  Eventually, 
    you will reach an intersection.  At the intersection, head completely straight 
    until you reach an iron gate door.  At this point, STAY IN THE CENTER!  
    Uninvis, and kill all the Demons around.  But stay in the center, else many 
    will link on you. After all the Deoms are dead, have someone examine the Third 
    Flame from the left (second on the right) and a NM, the Dark Spark will 
    This is a bomb type NM, so keep Barifra up at all times incase he decides he 
    wants to explode.  I suggest a party of level 55 or so to kill this mob, 
    though its very possible to kill it with only 1 75 melee and you.  I did it 
    with no problem with me (56 at the time), a 55 Black Mage, 54 Summoner, 75 
    Warrior, and a 67 White Mage (Hexa Strike <3). 
    After the NM is dead, examine the torch again (you only need to kill him once) 
    and you will recieve the Shadow Flame.  Now head back to Jeuno, and examine 
    the ??? again.  You will recieve your AF4 Healers Mitts.
                 White Mage AF5: Garliage Citadel Coffer
    There are two main hell holes in Final Fantasy XI.  Eldieme Necropolis, and 
    Garliage Citadel.  To get this coffer key, you need to kill the weapons, and 
    undead on the lower level of the citadel.  The Beetles and bats you EXP off do 
    NOT work.  Killing undead only, my party took 6 hours to get 3 keys.  I hear 
    killing the weapons is faster drops, but I havent done that yet.  
    After you have your coffer key, MAKE SURE you have started the Bhorgertz's 
    Healing Hands, or have completed it. Now, you need to get past some Banishing 
    Gates.  There are three Banishing Gates in Garliage Citadel. Each gate 
    requires 4 people to open, and there are mobs that agro everything in there.  
    Undead agro sound, a well as weakness/low HP, Beetles agro sight, and Arcana 
    (the magic Pots) agro magic.  You may want to bring some Prism Powder and 
    Silent Oil with you when you do this.  While your party can open both doors to 
    try and find the coffer, what I suggest doing is actually camping behind one 
    of the doors.  I suggest Banishing gate 2, because there is a zone in case you 
    get into trouble.  
    Note that the doors here are very dangerous.  I've seen a 75 Beastmaster get 
    killed behind these.  It also took me 4 attempts to actually get this coffer, 
    with at least 6 deaths, and 5 other people getting killed for me. Very 
    dangerous, though possible if you are careful. 
    The coffer contains your AF4 hat, which I like to call your condom hat.  I 
    hate how this thing looks ><
                 White Mage AF6: Crawlers' Nest Coffer
    This has to be the easiest coffer key to obtain.  Most likely, you will get 
    this key while EXP'ing at lvls 49-53.  The Rumble Crawlers, Knight Crawlers, 
    and Helm Beetles drop it.  Once you have the key, the problem is finding the 
    coffer.  The coffer spawns on completely different sides of the nest, but once 
    you have it, and open it, you recieve your Healers Pantaloons.
    A few things to note, Bees here agro sight, Lizards agro sound, and the Flies 
    agro as well.  While these types of mobs do not usually agro, CN is an 
    exclusion, so keep everything up at all times.  And also you may want a warp 
    scroll if your sub isn't BLM. 
                         Section 4: Misc.
    Legalities:  This is all my personal work, from memory, and from hard work 
    doing these quests myself. If you copy this guide without my permission 
    (Please EMail me at fallenangelcyril@aol.com) then I can take legal action.  
    Plagiarism is NOT your friend damnit!
    If you want to add something to my guide, find mistakes (...or your server 
    just might play differently...)  or all around comment on my guide, feel free 
    to Email me at fallenangelcyril@aol.com as well.  
    TMF: Its been a while since I've really AF'd a lot with you (like...months) 
    but hey, what the hell, thanks for the help.  I owe Ku especially because she 
    helped with my AF2 and 3. 
    JB: You know why.
    Everyone on Garuda: Because I can.  And because Garuda>all servers
    Copyright 2004 Stephanie Nutter