Question from bbeach2013

How do i get my gamesave on my memory card?


bbeach2013 provided additional details:

Off game faqs

loujoelou asked for clarification:

You need to be more specific.


Iwanagi answered:

Define. From what, from a Gameshark?
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GekkoDefender answered:

Well, If your a cheater, then IDK, but copying a save file is pretty easy you know.
COPY from one memory card and to another. DUH!!!
Oh Yeah. DUH!!!
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Iwanagi answered:

Update: You need a PS3 to bring a save from here to the PS2 mem card, since the other saves can't be transferred to the PS2 mem card from the PS2 Save Builder. =/
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GekkoDefender answered:

I was wrong and i am really, but from your original question, save the game and the savefile will be in your Mem Card. DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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