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          Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec - German Cars Guide
                           Version 1.3.0
          By: Palfy  Email:


Last updated:  3/29/02

Table of Contents

1:  Introduction
2:  Why German Cars
3:  German Cars in the Game
4;  Special Competition for German Cars
5:  German Car Power Ranking
6:  German Car Ranking
7:  Winning Strategies for German Cars
8:  Improvements requested
9:  Key Statistics and Ranking
10:  Tuning Guide
11:  Revision History
12:  Legal


1:  Introduction

Gran Turismo is one of the most covered games on the Internet.  The
following FAQ covers the German cars.  I assume most people immediately
jump to the car rankings, but I strongly urge everybody to read the
rankings based on statistics as well.


2:  Why German Cars

So you won your first races, acquired your second car after your starter
car and souped it up.  Now what?  I decided to explore German Cars.
Not only do I own a German in real life, but there are several very
good German cars in the game that can be used in many races and make you
a ton of credits.  But above all, it is just fun to race them.  Even 
after racing many other cars in the game, I keep going back to my 
German cars to race them.  
As explained in my "Winning with German Cars" strategy, you could even make
it through many parts of the game with just German cars (although often,
there are better cars for certain tasks, e.g., I would rather start with
the Toyota Vitz and the New Beetle).  Plus, if tuning an Audi TT or 
New Beetle RSi for rally is not your thing, you should go with a real
rally car.  It's up to you.  Enjoy!


3:  German Cars in the Game

The following cars are featured in the game

                                                Drivetrain   Weight
Make/Model                   Credits  HP Weight	and   Engine  Ratio
Audi S4                       39,730  261  1510	4WD  V6 DOHC  5.785
Audi TT 1.8T Quattro          46,580  221  1395	4WD  L4 DOHC  6.312
BMW 328 ci                    50,690  190  1465	FR   L6 DOHC  7.71
Mercedes Benz SLK 230         55,310  193  1325	FR   L4 DOHC  6.901
Mercedes Benz CLK 55          93,110  347  1570	FR   V8 SOHC  4.537
Mercedes Benz CL 600         133,950  361  1955	FR   V12      5.4
Mercedes Benz CLK 55 Touring Car ---  443  1000	FR   V8 SOHC  2.257
Opel Speedster                38,390  144   850	MR   -        5.902
Opel Calibra Touring Car         ---  449  1060	4WD  V6 DOHC  2.36
Opel Astra Touring Car           ---  453  1000	FR   V8       2.202
RUF 3400 S                    76,740  395  1300	MR   Boxer6   4.248
RUF RGT                      160,000  379  1330	RR   Boxer6   3.509
RUF CTR 2                    382,000  512  1380	4WD  Boxer6   2.684
Volkswagen New Beetle 2.0     15,930  115  1256	FF   L4 SOHC 11.115
Volkswagen New Beetle RSi     70,000  224  1156	4WD  V6       5.137
Volkswagen Lupo Cup Car          ---  123   840	FF   L4       6.885
Volkswagen Beetle Cup Car        ---  201  1170	FF   V6       5.796


4:  Special Competition for German Cars

Part of what makes German cars appealing is that there are special
competitions just for German cars.  Sure, you can use them in many of the
other races as well, but the following competitions just for German Cars are
featured in the Game

Beginner Level

Audi TT Race    Car: Audi TT      Rome Circuit          5,000 Credits
                                  Laguna Seca Raceway   5,000 Credits
                                  Trial Mountain        5,000 Credits
                                  Special Stage Route11 5,000 Credits
                                  Cote d'Azur           5,000 Credits

                                  Event Winner (1 of 4 cars + $10,000):
                                  All four cars are Audi TT 1.8 T quattro

                Comment: Pretty easy competition, you can win it with
                not too much tuning.  No-brainer to go for.  Sell the
                Audi TT that you win at the end, since you have one

Legend of Silver Car: Any Merc.   Test Course           10,000 Credits
Arrow                             Trial Mountain II     10,000 Credits
                                  Rome Circuit II       10,000 Credits

                                  Event Winner (1 of 4 cars + $20,000)
                                  All four cars are MB SLK 230

                Comment: Pretty easy competition, you can win it with
                not too much tuning.  Recommended car: CLK 55, since you
                can use it for the Amateur Levels later on.  But even a
                modestly tuned SLK will allow you to win this competition.
                Good money-maker for a beginner competition.  No-brainer 
                to go for.  Sell the SLK 230 that you win at the end, 
                since you have one already or your CLK is so much better!

Beetle Cup      Car: New Beetle   Rome Circuit          5,000 Credits
                RSi + tuning      Grand Valley Speedway 5,000 Credits
                                  Seattle Circuit II    5,000 Credits
                                  Test Course           5,000 Credits
                                  Cote d'Azur           5,000 Credits

                                  Event Winner          ???
                Comment: This is a tough cookie, even in Beginner mode.
                You race against the Bettle Cup Car, so do not even
                think about showing up in the New Beetle 2.0.  Get the
                New Beetle RSi, plus some decent tuning, otherwise the
                Beetle Cup Car will simply cream you.

Amateur Level

Tourist Trophy  Car: Audi TT     Seattle Circuit        10,000 Credits
                                 Special Stage Route 5  10,000 Credits
                                 Trial Mountain         10,000 Credits
                                 Rome Circuit           10,000 Credits
                                 Deep Forest Raceway II 10,000 Credits

                                 Event Winner (1 of 4 cars + $40,000):

                                 Audi S4 x 4

                Comment: The competing TT's look like the ones that you
                raced in Beginner mode, but that is where the comparison
                stops.  These TT's pack quite a punch, so you better soup
                up your TT a bit.  Still, once your TT is upgraded and
                tuned properly, you should be able to win this.  Enjoy the
                winner's purse and sell the Audi S4 that you win, since 
                your TT is way better.

Legend of       Car: Any Merc.   Trial Mountain         20,000 Credits
Silver Arrow                     Super Speedway         20,000 Credits
                                 Rome Circuit II        20,000 Credits

                                 Event Winner           Mercedes Benz CLK 
                                                        Touring Car

                Comment: The Super Speedway and your upgraded CLK make you
                TONS of credits, so race it often!  With a fully upgraded
                CLK 55, you better know how to race an FR car, but once
                you are half-way decent at that, you should be able to win
                all 4 and get the CLK Touring Car. No-brainer to go for.  
                Keep the CLK Touring Car, it'll come in handy.

Note: Except for the comments, most of the race info comes from the 
excellent Gran Tourismo 3 Strategy Guide that is published by 
Brett "Nemesis" Franklin and OrochiJin - Tim Garza.  


5:  German Car Power Ranking

Please refer to my Power Ranking FAQ on the concept of Power Ranking
and the formula used to rank all cars

The Power Ranking for German Cars only looks the following:

                             Drive                              Power
                             train   HP  HP/W  Torque/W Tuned  Rating
Mercedes-Benz CLK Touring Car   FR  443  1.912  0.169    1.2   11.118
Opel Astra Touring Car          FR  453  1.865  0.168    1.2   10.450
Opel Calibra Touring Car       4WD  449  2.000  0.297    1.2   10.181
RUF CTR2                       4WD  512  2.273  0.169    1      8.119
RUF 3400S                       MR  305  3.601  0.304    1      7.587
RUF RGT                         RR  379  2.975  0.304    1      7.511
Volkswagen New Beetle Cup Car   FF  201  4.915  0.364    1.2    7.508
Volkswagen Lupo Cup Car         FF  123  5.793  0.506    1.2    7.053
Opel Speedster                  MR  144  5.000  0.354    1      6.478
Mercedes-Benz CLK55             FR  347  3.838  0.259    1      6.284
Volkswagen New Beetle RSi      4WD  224  4.345  0.308    1      6.269
Audi S4                        4WD  261  4.902  0.318    1      5.823
Mercedes-Benz CL600             FR  361  4.578  0.319    1      5.775
Audi TT 1.8T quattro           4WD  221  5.344  0.42     1      5.736
Mercedes-Benz SLK 230 Kompresso FR  193  5.862  0.399    1      5.308
BMW 328ci                       FR  190  6.540  0.441    1      5.156
Volkswagen New Beetle 2.0       FF  115  9.443  0.624    1      4.859

In addition, if you want to know where you get the best bang for your
credit, consider the following Credits per Power Ranking Point:

                                       Power  Cost per
                              Credits Ranking PowerRanking
Volkswagen New Beetle 2.0       15930  4.859   3278
Opel Speedster                  38390  6.478   5926
Audi S4                         39730  5.823   6823
Audi TT 1.8T quattro            46580  5.736   8120
BMW 328ci                       50690  5.156   9831
RUF 3400S                       76740  7.587  10115
Mercedes-Benz SLK 230 Kompresso 55310  5.308  10419
Volkswagen New Beetle RSi       70000  6.269  11166
Mercedes-Benz CLK55             93110  6.284  14817
RUF RGT                        160000  7.511  21301
RUF CTR2                       182000  8.119  22415
Mercedes-Benz CL600            133950  5.775  23196
Mercedes-Benz CLK Touring Car	      11.118	
Opel Astra Touring Car                10.450	
Opel Calibra Touring Car              10.181	
Volkswagen New Beetle Cup Car          7.508	
Volkswagen Lupo Cup Car                7.053	

If you compare cars with similar cost, this table should help you to
choose the better car.  But then again, it depends on your strategy -- 
if you want to compete in the Mercedes Cup, the Ruf 3400S will not
help you, even although you get a much higher ranked car for about
the same cost per Power Ranking Point.


6:  German Car Ranking

I understand the following ranking is subjective, and you might have a
totally different opinion.  But following is my personal ranking of the
German cars.  Rather than ranking them in order, I sorted them into the
following buckets:

- Absolutely worth the credits:  
                  Get the car.  Period.

- OK to own, if you want to spend the money:  
                  You will have fun with the car, but it is not a must have

- Absolute enthusiast, so I've got to have them
                  In other words, it does not make sense to buy the car

- Don't even think about it
                  No matter how much you love the car.

Absolutely worth the credits
Mercedes CLK 55 AMG
This might surprise you, but it's for purely economical reasons.  This car 
is THE money-maker.  Get this car, tune it a bit, then enter the Amateur 
League. Go to the Legend of the Silver Arrow and enter the Super Speedway 
race.  With little tuning, you will win this race for 20000 credits in about 
5 minutes.  In other words, you can get around 200000 credits per hour 
doing just that.  Also, it's not too tough to win the Legend of the Silver
Arrows in both Beginner and Amateur Mode, although I'd recommend you have
pretty good tires when racing the more curvy tracks, since this beast is
hard to tame.  When winning in Amateur mode, you will win the CLK Touring 
Car, a GREAT car to have!

Mercedes CLK 55 Turing Car
Once I had it, it became my "default" car for racing the championships in
Amateur mode until I got my first F1 car.  It's well tuned and is very
competitive with the other GT cars.  I find it more balanced and more fun
to drive than the overpowered US GT cars, such as the Viper or the
Corvette.  Get the NA upgrade and slick tires for races with tire wear on
and you will find out that you clock a lot of miles on this baby.  After
my F1 car(s), this car has the most miles on it!

Opel Astra Touring Car
Excellent Touring Car as well.  Can be won in the German Touring
Championsip in Amateur mode, so you can get this car pretty early on.  This
car is nimble, quick and lots of fun to drive.  I like it a bit less than 
the CLK 55 Touring Car, though, but you might think differently.  Upgrade 
it and this car will allow you to win the same races the CLK 55 Touring Car
does.  It could be the cornerstone of your racing efforts until you win 
your first F1 car.

OK to own, if you want to spend the money
Audi TT 1.8 T quattro
Good 4WD car to have.  One of the few cars that you can take to the races
immediately without tuning and win in the beginner mode.  Great "basis" car
for tuning, although the turbo upgrades do not give you too much more power.
Also, try converting this beast to a rally car!  Pretty easy to drive, does
not slide/spin too much.  Upgrade it, tune it accordingly and you will find
that you will use this car often, although even with some decent tuning, it
is still underpowered in many of the Amateur League Competitions.  Don't be
surprised, if you find yourself battling more for 4th place than first. On
the plus side,  this car has two dedicated events (Audi TT Race and Tourist 
Trophy); that does not exactly hurt, either.  Without its own race, though, 
this car would be rated one category lower.

Mercedes SLK 2.3
Cheaper alternative to the CLK, but unless you upgrade this car to the hilt,
you will not be able to win the 20,000 credit races easily.  However, if you
struggle with the CLK 55 in the Amateur level Legend of the Silver Arrow 
competition, you might want to get this car just so you get the CLK 55 Touring
Car.  Still, the car is fun to drive and not too costly to upgrade.
My recommendation: skip if for the CLK 55, or get both of them.

Absolute enthusiast, so I've got to have them
Audi S4
While higher ranked in the Power Ratings than the Audi TT, the lack of a 
dedicated race makes this the Audi car to skip.  You can try to tune it for
rallye, but it's not that easy.  I wish they had an Audi rallye car in the
game, esp. given the history that Audi had in the rallye sport.

BMW 328ci
One would have great expectation for a Bimmer, but it is slow and overweight, 
esp. for the price you pay.  Plus, it does not have its own competition, so 
why own it, if you get a much better car (e.g., Audi TT), for less.  However, 
if you spend 100,000 credits on upgrades, this care becomes suddenly much 
better.  But even then, heavy tuning is needed to make it a contender.  Plus,
the absence of a dedicated race for BMWs makes you wonder why you should 
really bother with this car.  I played with it for a while, but ditched it 
for better cars.

Mercedes Benz CL600
Great looking car, but more expensive than the CLK55 AMG, and as expensive
to upgrade.  Also heavier, thus not as nimble.  You can use the CL600 to
achieve the same things the CLK55 AMG allows you to do, but why spend an
extra 40000 credit and fumble around more with the tuning parameters?  Unless
you really love this car, get the CLK55 AMG instead.

Opel Calibra Touring Car
Don't get me wrong -- this car is as good as the Opel Astra Touring Car.
The reason why I rate this car lower is that you win it very late in the
game (in professional mode races).  At that time, you most likely have a
F1 car, or you use one of the great race cars that you won already (such
as the GT One) or you use a Touring Car that you are more familiar with
already.  Why switch then?  If there was a dedicated race, maybe.  If you
want to re-race the Amateur level competition in this car, feel free to
do so.  But I saw that as a waste of time, so I raced it once or twice in
Arcade Mode, then sold it.  Too bad, it is a great car. If you could only
win it earlier in the game.

Opel Speedster
Decent car, hugs the road great, fun to drive, but always feels underpowered,
despite its low weight.  Since there is no turbo option, you have to go for
the 70000 credits NA Tune-Up Stage 3.  Then the car rocks!  Relatively easy
to tune and balance, but compared to other cars, the upgrades are too costly.
No dedicated race, so why spend all this money?

VW New Beetle RSi
OK, you need one to win the Beetle Cup, don't you?  I recommend to try to
win the New Beetle Cup Car in the German Touring Championship in the Amateur
mode.  The Cup Car is better balanced and tuned.  If you want to go for the
RSi, be aware that you will spend more than 50000 credits for upgrades on 
top of the 70000 it takes to acquire the car.  All that for just one series
of races?  For me, that price is too steep.  So win the Cup Car, use it to
win the New Beetle Championship, and then sell the Cup Car, since you will
not need it again.

Don't even think about it
New Beetle 2.0
This car will win you ZIP in the Beetle Cup.  Save your money for the New
Beetle RSi. 'nuf said.

VW Lupo Cup Car
It's good that you cannot buy this car -- why would you? Actually, it's
a pretty decent car, but it has no dedicated race and is by far not as
good as the Beetle Cup Car.  Can be won in the German Touring
Championship in Amateur Level.  If you win it, sell it immediately.


7:  Winning Strategies for German Cars

Be forewarned: Like in real life, German cars are expensive.  If your
strategy is to be as cost-effective as possible, quit reading this FAQ.
Unlike some other cars, e.g., the Lancer, you will not be able to make money
by buying a German car, entering a dedicated race, then selling it after
you won the race(s) and making a profit overall.  But I do not see making
a profit as my goal for playing GT3 anyway.  I want to have fun racing the
cars, and you can have tons of fun racing German cars.

Well, your only option to start with is the New Beetle 2.0.  As outlined
above, this car is pretty much a dog, so you will need patience and lots
of races in the Sunday Cup, Clubman Cup and the FF Challenge.  There's the
Beetle Cup, but as stated above, don't even think showing up with this
car, since the Beetle Cup Cars will cream you.  You should invest in a
turbo early on, so you can enter the Race of Turbo Sports just to win
more credits per race than you can do in the other competitions.  I would
seriously recommend to start with the Toyota Vitz (as outlined in my
Toyota Vitz Strategy), since it will allow you to earn credits much faster.

Your ultimate goal will be to get the CLK and soup it up, since it is the
quickest way to lots of credits per race (Amateur Level Legend of the Silver
Arrow, Super Speedway, 20000 credits in less than 5 minutes)  Also, it is
the quickest way to win a Touring car.  To get there, if you start with the
Beetle, I would recommend to buy the Audi TT as quickly as possible, so you
can enter the Tourist Trophy races in both Beginner and Amateur level.  You
will have to spend credits for upgrades to win on the Amateur level, but it
should come pretty easily.  If you follow the Toyota Vitz strategy, win
it three times to be able to buy the CLK.

Once you have the CLK, you can enter the Legend of Silver Arrow races in both
Beginner and Amateur level.   Beginner level is pretty easy, but you will
need upgrades to win the Amateur levels.  Since the CLK is not the most
stable car in tight curves, I would recommend buying pretty good tires
early on, at least mediums.  Sell the SLK you win in the Beginner level
races, but your goal is to win the CLK Touring car, since it will be the
first Touring car (and quickest one) you can win. Also, as mentioned above,
the CLK 55 is your ticket to 20000 credits in 5 minutes, just in case you
need more money.

If at this time you have not bought the Audi TT, buy it and win the Tourist
Trophy races in both Beginner and Amateur mode.  Sell the two Audi's you will
win as a result of this.  Also, the TT is a good car you could take into the
4WD Challenges on both levels.

Once you have the CLK Touring Car, the fun starts.  Head for the Gran Tourismo
Championship in Beginner Level first, then the first five championships in
Amateur Level.  You should be able to win them all with your CLK Touring
Car.  Don't forget to change your oil in between championship, or to buy an
additional set of tires, since the CKL Touring car comes with Medium tires.
After that you have enough credits to do pretty much what you want to do.

If the Beetle is your thing, try to win the Beetle Cup Car by winning the
German Touring Car Championship (please refer to other FAQs on how to win a
specific vehicle in a championship), then take the Beetle Cup Car to the
Beetle Cup.  Alternatively, you can buy the New Beetle RSi, but you will need
to invest in upgrades to win the Beetle Cup.

You might have noticed that there's no German rally car in the game.  There
are three ways to address this problem:
- Take your trusted Audi TT and tune it for rally.  You will need time to find
the right setup, but you should be able to win races with the TT, although not
all of them
- Take any of your German FF or FR cars, or even your 4WD New Beetle RSi and
tune them for rally.  I'd recommend the Audi TT, though
- Alternatively, give up on German cars for rally, buy or win a Mitsubishi
Lancer, upgrade it a bit and win the Mitsubishi Evolution Meeting races on 
the Amateur Level to win the Lancer Rally Car.  That's the most cost-
effective way, since buying the Lancer plus upgrades will cost you less than
you make by later selling the Lancer Rally Car.


8:  Improvements Requested

GT3 is a very balanced game and not many things should be improved.  With
respect to German cars, I can see the following improvements that could
be made.

1. I'm 75% through the game and have yet to race a RUF in simulation
mode.  They are too expensive to race them early on and you win them 
too late in the game when you have much better cars already.  
- Porsche is such a racing dynasty, arguably the second most important
  after Ferrari, so license the real thing, not the tuner.  Add more
- Add a dedicated championship for just Porsche/RUF
- When entering the Boxer races with a Subaru, don't just let these
  Subarus race against each other.  Let them race against the RUFs,
  thus forcing you to enter the championship with a RUF car.

2. There's not a single German rally car.  Audi invented the quattro and
made it the cornerstone of its rally strategy.  Yet, there's not a single
Audi rally car in the game.  Add one.

3. Mercedes has/had excellent race cars, but only Touring cars from Mercedes
are featured in this game.  Add one or more of the original silver arrows.

4. Great game, but only one Bimmer?  And such an underpowered one?  I'm
sure you can do better than that.  What about the Z8?  Or a 750?

5. Speaking of Audi, the A8 would be great as well, esp. in a race of
the "big" sedans (CL600, 750i, A8 against Aston Martins, Lexus LS 430)

6. The only Volkswagen I would like to see is the new Bugatti concept
car.  Now that would be a cool car to race! 16 cyl., almost 1000 horses,


9:  Key Statistics and Ranking

OK, here are the facts -- as with all statistics, they are utterly debatable.

First, the test methodology:  To determine the data needed for the
comparisons, I did the following
- went to the dealer and bought a brand-new version of the vehicle
- took it to the test drive and ran the 1000m test run three times
  - each time, I also captured the time at 400m and the highest speed
  - at the end, I kept the best speed and the quickest times for both
    400m and 1000m.
- went to the tune-up shop and upgraded the car (see below)
- set the gear ratio to Level 27 (only tuning performed)
- took the car back to the test drive and performed all tests again as
  described above.

These upgrades are probably debatable as well, but I puchased the following
upgrades, since I normally buy them (and more) on most of my cars.  I did
not purchase upgrades that have no influence on the test results, e.g.,
sports brakes or brake balancers.  I always put these into my racing cars,
but not into these test cars.  After all, even my funds are limited.
- Engine & Intake System
  - Muffler Racing, Port Polish, Full Engine Balancing, Racing Chip
- Drivetrain
  - Clutch/Triple Plate, Flywheel/Racing, Driveshaft/Carbon, 
    Transmission-Full Racing
- Turbo
  - if available, Stage 3 and Intercooler/Racing, 
    - if no turbo option was available, I bought NA Tune Up Stage 3 instead
    - if both turbo and NA Tune Up were available, I bought Turbo only
- Stability Control
  - Leightweight Stage 1+2

Next are the rankings (based on all the test data), followed by the actual 
test data, so keep on reading:

Here, I ordered the rankings by how affordable/expensive it is to achieve a
result, e.g., how many credits do I have to spend on average to buy one HP.

Credits spent per HP gained
BMW 328 ci             368
Audi S4                433
Mercedes Benz SLK 230  468
Audi TT 1.8T Quattro   574
Opel Speedster         620

Credits spent per kg gained	
Mercedes Benz SLK 230  427
Audi S4                570
Audi TT 1.8T Quattro   611
BMW 328 ci             985
Opel Speedster        2088

Credits spent per mph in speed gained	
BMW 328 ci             2107
Mercedes Benz SLK 230  2425
Audi S4                2799
Opel Speedster         2982
Audi TT 1.8T Quattro   3487

Credits spent per second gained on 400m and 1000m test 		
Mercedes Benz SLK 230             29356     14358
BMW 328 ci                        29618     13589
Audi S4                           33269     16889
Opel Speedster                    40918     19061
Audi TT 1.8T Quattro              49293     20853

Conclusions:  The Audi TT gets the least bang for the upgrade buck, so watch
your wallet there.  The BMW and the SLK are pretty cost-effective when it
comes to upgrading, so it makes sense to upgrade them.  The Speedster's
upgrades are also very expensive, so I would stay away from the car as well.
And the Audi S4?  Decide for yourself.

Test data
Audi S4                                 Power    Top  Acceleration    
                                       Weight  Speed    400m   1000m
                 Credits     HP Weight  Ratio  (mph)   (sec)   (sec)
Normal            39,730    261   1510  5.785    123  14.357  26.547
Tuned (Turbo)    134,880    481   1343  2.792    157  11.497  20.913
Difference        95,150    220    167  2.993     34   2.860   5.634
Difference %      239.5%  84.3%  11.1%  51.7%  27.6%   19.9%   21.2%
Credit / Difference         433    570  31791   2799   33269   16889

Audi TT 1.8 T Quattro                   Power    Top  Acceleration    
                                       Weight  Speed    400m   1000m
                 Credits     HP Weight  Ratio  (mph)   (sec)   (sec)
Normal            46,580    221   1395  6.312    116  17.151  30.276
Tuned (Turbo)    140,730    385   1241  3.223    143  15.241  25.761
Difference        94,150    164    154  3.089     27    1.91   4.515
Difference %      202.1%  74.2%  11.0%  48.9%  23.3%   11.1%   14.9%
Credit / Difference         574    611  30479   3487   49293   20853

BMW 328 ci                              Power    Top  Acceleration    
                                       Weight  Speed    400m   1000m
                 Credits     HP Weight  Ratio  (mph)   (sec)   (sec)
Normal            50,690    190   1395  7.710    114  15.862  29.022
Tuned (Turbo)    141,290    436   1303  2.988    157  12.803  22.355
Difference        90,600    246     92  4.722     43   3.059   6.667
Difference %      178.7% 129.5%   6.6%  61.2%  37.7%   19.3%   23.0%
Credit / Difference         368    985  19187   2107   29618   13589
Note: Intercooler/Racing not available for this car

Mercedes Benz SLK 230                   Power    Top  Acceleration    
                                       Weight  Speed    400m   1000m
                 Credits     HP Weight  Ratio  (mph)   (sec)   (sec)
Normal            55,310    193   1395  6.901    115  15.568  28.578
Tuned (Turbo)    147,460    390   1179  3.023    153  12.429  22.160
Difference        92,150    197    216  3.878     38   3.139   6.418
Difference %      166.6% 102.1%  15.5%  56.2%  33.0%   20.2%   22.5%
Credit / Difference         468    427  23762   2425   29356   14358
Note: Intercooler/Racing not available for this car

Opel Speedster                          Power    Top  Acceleration    
                                       Weight  Speed    400m   1000m
                 Credits     HP Weight  Ratio  (mph)   (sec)   (sec)
Normal            38,390    144    850  5.902    116  15.232  28.093
Tuned (NA T/U 3) 163,640    346    790  2.283    158  12.171  21.522
Difference       125,250    202     60  3.619     42   3.061   6.571
Difference %      326.3% 140.3%   7.1%  61.3%  36.2%   20.1%   23.4%
Credit / Difference         620   2088  34609   2982   40918   19061
Note: Driveshaft/Carbon not available							

More cars to come -- keep on watching


10:  Tuning Guide 

In the works...  meanwhile, read the Tuning FAQ at


11:  Revision History
Version 1.3.0
- added "German Car Power Ranking"

Version 1.2.0
- added "Improvements Requested"
- finalized the "German Car Rankings" section

Version 1.1.0
- added "Winning Strategies for German Cars"
- added to the "Why German Cars" section
- changed "Conclusion" for Audi TT races
- minor updates for the CLK 55 and the Audi TT in the "Rankings" section

Version 1.0 8/11/01 - First Edition.  Here it is


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