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Jamie Stafford/Wolf Feather

Initial Version Completed: April 19, 2003
Version 1.0 Completed:     April 19, 2003


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When I learned that a sequel to the original Midnight Club: 
Street Racing was in the works, I knew that I would buy it, 
as I had purchased the original game at the North American 
launch of the PlayStation2 and absolutely loved it :-)   

Fortunately, the gameplay mode I loved most about the 
original Midnight Club: Street Racing has returning in 
Midnight Club 2: the excellent Capture the Flag Mode.  Some 
changes have been made to Capture the Flag Mode, naturally, 
but while not all these changes are good (obviously a 
subjective statement), they are rather refreshing for the 
Midnight Club series nonetheless.  

Please note that since I do not have online access, this 
guide only covers single-player Capture the Flag Mode.  


The vehicles permitted for use in Capture the Flag Mode are 
those the player has unlocked while working through Career 
Mode.  This means that if the player has yet to win any 
vehicles in Career Mode, then only the Cocotte can be used in 
Capture the Flag Mode... and this is admittedly not a very 
good car to be using in ANY gameplay mode.  Most vehicles in 
the game have at least one Nitrous available; the Nitrous can 
be quite handy at key moments in Capture the Flag Mode, 
especially when carrying a flag with opponents closing in 
from behind.  

Midnight Club 2 introduces motorcycles into the Midnight Club 
series.  Motorcycles are excellent for their maneuverability 
through traffic, and their almost-paper-thin width permits 
them to slip easily through tight spaces, such as very narrow 
alleyways or between lanes of traffic.  However, they also 
require an expert touch (especially when cornering), and they 
do not have Nitrous.  


Capture the Flag Mode in Midnight Club 2 has many more 
customizable options than in the original Midnight Club: 
Street Racing.  Within each city, the player can select from 
the use of a full city map or a small specific area of the 
city (so for Tokyo, for example, the player can select 
between all of Tokyo, the Imperial Palace area, Shibuya, or 
the wharf)  Power-ups can be turned on or off; if activated, 
power-ups are located in sets of three at various points on 
each gameplay map.  The player can also select the weather 
(clear, foggy, or rainy), time (dusk, midnight, or dawn), 
level of traffic, and optional pedestrians.  These represent 
the general options.  

Another page of options constitute the true 'battle' area of 
Capture the Flag Mode.  This is where the player can select 
between the number and type(s) of CPU opponents, the weight 
of the flag, the capture limit, and the time limit for each 

Note that if Heavy Flag is used, then the vehicle currently 
carrying the flag receives a weight penalty.  This is 
important because it will greatly slow that vehicle.  
Therefore, the use of Nitrous must be EXTREMELY judicious, 
cornering must be absolutely precise, and the player's 
knowledge of the current city/map needs to be flawless to 
know where all the jumps and alleyways and tunnels are 


Capture the Flag Mode pits the player against one or more CPU 
opponents in the chosen city (or sector of a chosen city).  
Each match begins with the player and the CPU opponent(s) in 
the same location each time; however, the placement of the 
flags and the delivery points are all randomized.  The rule 
is to grab each flag (by driving through or very near to the 
green searchlights containing the flag) and deliver it to the 
delivery point (by driving through or very near to the larger 
mass of green searchlights).  

Fortunately, one is not required to be the first to grab each 
flag in order to gain maximum points at the delivery area.  
If a CPU vehicle has a flag, the player need only ram the CPU 
vehicle to gain possession of the flag.  On the other hand, a 
player can lose the flag if rammed by a CPU vehicle.  

Ramming can also have other consequences.  Any vehicle (CPU- 
or player-controlled) can lose a flag by ramming anything 
with sufficient velocity.  This can be disastrous when 
driving against traffic, through a grove of trees, or when 
out of control while cornering in these 'concrete jungles.'  

In any case, the CPU vehicles are always designated by a 
down-pointing green triangle, to help the player to 
distinguish the opponent(s); this is especially useful at a 
distance, to 'see' the opponent(s) far down a long straight 
road or sometimes even 'through' buildings and other 
obstacles.  Similarly, the CPU-controlled vehicles are 
indicated by green triangles on the map in the lower-left 
corner of the screen.  


The first tip to achieving success in Capture the Flag Mode 
is to simply roam around each city first in Cruise Mode.  
This allows the player to discover various shortcuts, 
obstacles, jumps, tunnels, etc.  Cruising with varying 
amounts of traffic also helps the player to better identify 
the strategies needed for high-speed racing in both thick and 
thin traffic.  (This tip helps not only in Capture the Flag 
Mode, but in other Arcade and Career segments as well.)  

While the temptation to mow down pedestrians is great (a 
fabulous side-effect of the Midnight Club series), 
pedestrians will slow the vehicle, albeit slightly.  If 
driving side-by-side with a CPU opponent at breakneck speed, 
hitting a pedestrian may cause the player's vehicle to lose 
just enough ground for the CPU vehicle to take advantage in 
some way.  Also, hitting a pedestrian may alter the 
trajectory of the vehicle, which at high speeds can be 

In the first sessions in Capture the Flag Mode, playing with 
no or little traffic may seem like a good idea, but can 
actually lead to failure.  With no or little traffic to 
navigate, the CPU vehicle has just as easy a time flying down 
the streets and highways as does the player.  This makes 
high-speed cornering and knowing the respective city's 
streets and shortcuts a top priority.  The first sessions 
should be played with low traffic at the bare minimum.  

Amazingly, driving AGAINST traffic can be beneficial, 
especially if playing in rainy or foggy conditions.  By 
driving against traffic, the headlights of other vehicles 
make it easier to see the traffic ahead.  

In Los Angeles, Paris, and Tokyo, busses can be both a curse 
and a blessing.  As a curse, busses are BIG, incredibly 
bulky, and practically immovable.  As a blessing, a bus in an 
intersection can be useful for making a quick turn around a 
corner, by ricocheting the vehicle at just the right angle.  
This latter maneuver takes practice, and Capture the Flag 
Mode may not necessarily be the time to practice it; it is 
definitely best to try this maneuver first in Cruise Mode.  

What appears to be the quickest route to a particular point 
in the city may in actuality NOT be as quick as it appears.  
This is especially true if that route requires a lot of tight 
cornering.  Instead, look for a long stretch of straight or 
gently-curving road, especially one with few stop lights 
(less stopped traffic to navigate through; stopped traffic is 
essentially a brick wall).  Alternatively, drive through a 
park or a canal, but avoid trees, the occasional building, 
fountains, ramps, bridge pillars, and boulders.  

Amazingly, the CPU-controlled vehicles can and do make 
mistakes!!!  These vehicles will crash into buildings, other 
vehicles, trees, etc.  Taking full advantage of these 
situations can mean more successful flag deliveries.  

Learning the intricacies of the chosen two- or four-wheeled 
weapon is a must.  Each vehicle handles differently, which 
affects straight-line speed, cornering, etc.  

Highways can be great in Capture the Flag Mode to get from 
one end of a city to another quickly, without the need for 
excessive cornering as on the surface streets.  However, 
there are relatively few highway entrances and exits, so 
making use of the highways can quickly backfire in a player's 

Knowing when and when not to use the Nitrous (if available 
for the chosen vehicle) is of great importance.  For example, 
if the vehicle is sliding while cornering, it may be 
beneficial to hit the Nitrous milliseconds before broadsiding 
a wall or other obstacle, to help keep up the vehicle’s speed 
and to help swing/drift the back end of the vehicle through 
the turn.  

Of the three cities in Midnight Club 2 (Los Angeles, Paris, 
and Tokyo), Paris is somewhat 'special' due to the catacombs.  
The entrances to the catacombs are not marked on the map in 
the lower-left corner of the screen, nor are the paths 
through the catacombs included on the map.  This means that 
going into the catacombs can be extremely dangerous for the 
player, as it is very easy to become lost in the catacombs - 
meanwhile, if playing a timed game, the available time to 
make the required number of necessary deliveries ticks 
unrelentingly away.  

The best tip of all is 'clean' driving.  'Clean' is purposely 
used here in quotes, as the premise of Capture the Flag Mode 
forces all opponents to break virtually every traffic law in 
existence.  Nonetheless, fast reflexes, judicious use of the 
Nitrous (if available), immaculate cornering, and avoiding 
obstacles (including streetlights, trash, pedestrians, and 
especially brick and stone walls) can all help to reach the 
flags and the delivery points first.  'Clean' driving also 
means keeping vehicle damage to a minimum, especially in 
vehicles with poor handling and/or low damage tolerance.  
Finally, 'clean' driving is greatly aided by near-flawless 
knowledge of each city - especially Paris, with its many 
extremely narrow streets.  And above all else, do not drink 
and drive!!!  

Midnight Club 2 is certainly much more than just Cruise Mode 
and Capture the Flag Mode.  However, learning the cities in 
Cruise Mode and honing the racing techniques playing Capture 
the Flag Mode can greatly prepare the player for the other 
games and modes of Midnight Club 2.


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