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Onimusha Warlords Walkthrough/FAQ by Oreo
 1.Disclaimer     6.Books + Files   11.Oni Spirits
 2.Characters     7.TIPS            12.Dark Realm   
 3.Items          8.Walkthrough     13.Special Thanks
 4.Weapons        9.Secrets         14.About me
 5.Enemies       10.Fluorite
ONIMUSHA WARLORDS and the character SAMANOUSKE AKECHI are copyright  of 
CAPCOM entertainment.This Walkthrough/FAQ is completely my work so I 
would appreciate it if you would not copy it.If you want to contact me 
e-mail me at eikee2001yahoo.co.uk This document is copyright me Oreo

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                      pt.3 done
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                    East Area as Kaede.
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finished the spellcheck etc.

The main character of the game and the warrior we play.He is an 
intelligent warrior who is well known around Japan although he is only 
24.After receiving a letter from his cousin Princess Yuki he heads 
towards Inabayama castle to find that she has been kidnapped. 
A kunoichi(female ninja)who was sent to assassinate Samanouske but 
instead gains trust in him.We play as Kaede twice in the game when 
Samanouske dissapears.Although she is quite weak she gains in speed and 
sometimes can enter places that Samanouske can't. 
Samanouske's cousin who is about 19 years.She constantly longs to see 
the world and escape the life in which she is to soon have an arranged 
marraige.She envies Kaede and is a kind noble woman.She seems to be the 
only person in the Inabayama castle to notice the strange disappearances 
of some of the maids and servants. 
A young boy whose parents were killed at war several years ago.He 
befriends Princess Yuki and is found wandering around The Keep by 
Samanouske.He is about 12 years old. 
Leader of the Oda clan,Nobunaga died one year ago and was resurrected by 
a top class demon called Guildstern.After making a Contract with 
Guildstern and Fortinbras,Nobunaga plans to take over the world bit by 
bit starting with Nanamagari. 
One of Nobunaga's top ranking officials.He is quite small and nimble,so 
because of this he is referred to as the "monkey man".During the game he 
tries to make Samanouske a member of the Oda clan but fails.He is one 
day destined to conquer the world under a new name....Hideyosho 

There are 4 groups of items in the game. 
1.MAGIC:Items that use magic to heal,power up or attack with
2.SPECIAL:Used as tools(sometimes they have no important use)
3.SPECIFIC:These items are used as keys etc.
4.BOOKS+NOTES:Gives you translations and information.
    There also 5 types of chests
1.NORMAL CHEST:Small red chests with gold lining.
2.TREASURE CHEST:Big brown chests
3.TRICK TREASURE CHEST:You open this by getting the right combination
4.CUPBOARDS:These are small orange parts of the wall you cut in order to 
get whatever is inside.
5.QUIZ CHEST:You need books to translate the answer to open these.There 
are 4 of these.

1.Magic items: 
These plants a common and will restore half of your vitality when 
used.They are found in normal chests or growing in the ground.Although 
they are useful still they are not strong.Save up on herbs to get 
Medicines are not as common as herbs because they restore all of your 
vitality.Instead of using herbs you can enhance them into medicines with 
about 1,000 red souls.Only use medicines when against bosses and save 
plenty for the final boss. 

These mysterious stones are dotted along Nanamagari and are 
invisible.There are about 20 and if you finish the game with all of the 
in your inventory a secret will be your reward.  

This items is very helpful but also extremely rare.In fact there are 
only two in the whole game,they are found in the Dark Realm and the East 
Area.If you have one in your inventory when you die not only will come 
back to life but your vitality will be completely restored. 

These two items are essential and are dotted around the place.They are 
either dropped by soldiers,found  in Quiz Chests or in normal 
chests.Power jewels increases your vitality gauge while magic jewels 
increase your magic gauge. 
These items are very powerful.When used it  creates a large  circle 
which kills everything inside it instantly so you can absorb the demons 
souls.Like the talisman there is only two in the whole game.One is found 
in the West Area and another is found in the Dark Realm.The last one is 
found on top of the Tall Building in the East Area. 
This orb creates the Raizan.It is the  most powerful magic attack in the 
game.When you use it Samanouske will automatically slash an enemy with 
repeatable lightning slashes,sometimes even incinerating the enemy.It 
will open up doors with thunder(blue)crystals. 
This is the second most powerful attack.The orb itself creates the 
Enryuu.Unlike the Shinden it will use magic even if you are not fighting 
an enemy.When you use it a flame will come out of the sword & set 
anything it touches on fire.With this orb you can open doors with 
fire(red) crystals. 

This orb forms the Shippuu.Although it is useful its magic is weak.When 
you use it Samanouske spins the Shippuu around to form a tornado.It best 
for hard  reach enemies,some bosses and when your surrounded by a large 
group of energy.Like the Kouen and Shiden it takes 2,000 red souls to 
enhance it to lvl.2 and 4,000 red souls to enhance to lvl.3.You can use 
this to open doors with tornado  (green)crystals. 

These are pools of water that help you recover magic.Whenever you are 
low on magic they will throw blue spirits to fill your magic meter.There 
are only 3 in the whole game:In the Sentry Box and the candle puzzle in 
the Keep and the Demon World.They can be used over and over again.

These are small orbs which contain 500 red souls.Like the Magic Pools 
there are only 3 in the game but they can only be used once.They are 
found in the 5th floor of the Keep,oppisite the West Area statue and the 
East Area gardens.

This strange item is a gift to you from the Clan of Ogres.It is capable 
of taking the souls of demons when you kill them.You can enhance it by 
collecting 20,000 souls and entering the enhance screen.Also to enhance 
it again collect 50,000 souls and enter the enhance screen.

Special Items:
A strong rope ladder made of cotton found in the Underground Temple 
inside the Trick Treasure Chest.It is used to go down into the drained 
moat on the west side of the keep.The wooden ladder is found in the 
Underground Tunnel and is your only means to get to the Keep.

This set of tools helps ninjas like Kaede open locked doors and disarm 
traps.With this you can go through doors that Samanouske can not open.as 
Kaede in the west and east areas.This will help you get the great bow 
and will get you to the prison.

This item is the most useless thing in the whole game.When you obtain it 
in the Keep Underground you will be able to talk to the dead soldiers 
lying around the keep.When you have it a soldiers "soul" will hover 
above his body and you just have to press the X button.

This bell is said to have the power to heal the tormented souls of the 
dead.........It is found in the Keep Underground.

This is found in the West Area and is a useful item if you are looking 
for the fluorite pieces.It will make your search easier by making them 
visible(as they will glow).

In the inventory in it says it will awaken a sword and that's exactly 
what it will do.When you return from to the Keep from the Underground 
Tunnel,go to the strange man in the Sentry Box.He will ask you to go to 
the Dark Realm.If you do go and finish all 20 levels you will receive 
the ocarina in a chest.

Specific items:
To open the door on the 4th floor you must find these two pieces and 
insert them into the "keyhole" of the door on the 4th floor of the 
Keep.The right crest piece is in the Conference Room and the left piece 
is in the Storage Room.

As Kaede you will need to find a key to the prison.Beside a dead guard 
is the gear which you need to use in the West Area Library to open the 
secret door.

When you are in the West Area as Kaede you will need the gold and silver 
plates in order to enter the prison.The silver plate is in the West Area 
Library and the gold plate is in the West Area Burner Building.Later on 
as Samanouske you will find the Evil Plate in the Underground Tunnel.

As Samanouske finding this at the North Gate will let you open a closed 
door in the West Area.After opening it you will find the Matchlock.

Although they sound like weapons they are actually keys because of their 
thick decorations.The decorated sword is found at the North Gate and is 
they key to the East Area where the decorated arrow is found in the East 
Area and is essential for getting the Great Arrow.

These two items are found in the East Area and are essential items to 
enter the Demon World.As Samanouske you will find the Great Bow in the 
floating temple and as Kaede you'll find the Great Arrow in the Bishamon 

These are special keys that open doors with coloured ink.There are 3 
doors like this:the entrance to the West Area,the entrance to the 
Underground Tunnel and the entrance to the Boatyard.As Samanouske you 
will find the Blue Key in the Trick Treasure Chest in the Keep 
Underground.As Kaede you will find the red key in the Keep,and the blue 
key in the locked chest.

You start the game with the normal sword.It is pretty weak and as soon 
as you get a better one you shouldn't use it again.The Bishamon Sword on 
the other hand is the most powerful sword in the whole game and unlike 
the normal sword it has a magic attack yet doesn't use any magic.It's 
magic attack is very strong and the sword itself can kill most demons in 
one hit although you get it just before the last boss.To get it you must 
get the Bishamon Ocarina and use beside the Magic Pool in the Demon 

These are the 3 swords created by the Shinden,Kouen & Arashi.The Raizan 
is very powerful and has strong magic attacks.It is also fast.The Enryuu 
is the strongest sword but is quite slow and has medium magic attack.The 
Shippuu is very fast but both its magic and its strength are weak.There 
is no best sword between the 3 of them,just use your favourite.To 
enhance all 3 of them to level 2 you need 3,000 red souls.To enhance 
them to lvl.3 you need 6,000 red souls.

The bow is a very useful weapons which can be used for killing arches or 
any other hard to reach enemiesd.You can even you use it for bosses and 
setting of mechanisms.Whatever you do with it watch your ammo because 
there isn't much of it.You can enhance a normal arrow to a fire arrow 
with 200 red souls.

This is the coolest weapon in the whole game but sadly you get it half-
way through the game which is such a shame.It is pretty powerful and 
like the bow its versitile.It uses gunpowder and like the arrow there is 
limited ammo.With 100 red souls you can change a bullet into a stronger 
Burst Bullet which can hit multiple targets.

Armour is an essential item for Samanouske and can be the difference 
between life and death.There are 3 types of armor:Normal,Holy,Great.
At the start of the game you have NORMAL ARMOR necause it is used by all 
warriors.The HOLY ARMOUR is found in the 3rd floor of the keep.It offers 
more protection and prevents Skull Demons from using their absorb 
attack.The GREAT ARMOUR is found in the East Area in a trick treasure 
chest and offers the most protection and like the HOLY ARMOUR it does 
not let Skull Demons use their absorb attack on you.

These are they 3 weapons that Kaede has.The normal knife is fast but 
both weak and short,but the sacred knife is much stronger yet is weak 
compared to Samanouske's swords.The kunai are weapons that Kaede can 
throw at enemies and are best used against strong enemies.Kaedes weapons 
are weak but unlike Samanouske she is very quick so here is a list of 

CHOPPED LIVER: When attacking an enemy hold the R1 button and hit the 
square button.
FROG LEAP: While attacking an enemy hold R1 and run towards the enemy 
and keep hitting the square button.
DEEP THROAT:After jumping behind the enemy run up towards his back and 
press the square button.
BACKFLIP:Hold R1 and press down on the D-pad.

They are 4 classes of demons.Each class symbolises there strength,power 
and how much souls they give out and size.All demons have a weak point 
which means only one hit is required.This looks like a yellow streak and 
happens when an enemy lets its guard down.I have weak points for some 
enemies but I'll update it soon.

These Demons are plentiful and are quite easy to kill and take out very 
little damage from you.Although when groups of them attack with stronger 
demons they can be pests.
Moves:Stab,Slash,Demon Cry and Charge.

These are demons with bright red hats and wear green clothes.They seen 
to be the remains of dead soldiers seeming as they are skeletons with 
rotting flesh and blood.Their moves are weak except for slash,which can 
take out some energy.They are common and don't give you much 
souls.They're weak point is when they do Demon Cry just before the 
charge at you.
Moves:Blade slash,Blade charge.

These three green-eyed freaks are very fast and powerful as their Blade 
charge can take a lot of your energy away quickly.Because they are fast 
they focus on the element of surprise and seem to pop out of 
nowhere.Sometimes you can hear their two blades hitting each other 
without even seeing each other.They are very common at first but after 
playing as Kaede in the West Area they are never seen again.Their weak 
point is straight away when they get up.
Moves:Slash,Double slash, Demon Cry,Spike Roll

These demons are quite common and appear around The Keep Entrance the 
Drained Moat and the South Area Bridge.They are small demons with a 
small sword.They have bulky backs with spikes and small legs which makes 
them slow.The only strong move they have is the spike roll which is also 
their weak points.As soon as they start the Demon cry hold the L1 button 
and before they hit you with the spike roll let go and press the square 
button quickly.   

Hercubites or Beetle Demons are attack in groups and are usually 
followed by much stronger demons.They have only one move which is quite 
strong and can drain a lot of energy.They themselves are actually very 
strong and it will take you a while to kill them even with a level 3 
sword,but they are powerless against burst bullets and fire 
arrows.They're weak point is when lunging themselves towards you to bite 

Skull Demons are one of the most annoying enemies in the whole game 
mainly because they steal the souls from any enemy that has just 
died,with their vacuum attack.They are large clouds made up of many 
skullsAlthough they're vacuum is bad it will multiply each soul they 
steal by two.Their absorb attack is when they grab onto your gauntlet 
and steal blue and red souls from it.Soon later they may become full of 
souls that they may start to spin and soon disappear.This is their weak 
point and they can be killed with anything.Getting your gauntlet 
enhanced will mean that your "vacuum" will be much stronger.Also finding 
the Holy Armour will prevent them from doing their absorb attack.
Move:Bow shot

Archer Demons can absolutely annoying because they choose to sit in very 
high ground.Even though they're energy is extremely low they do give you 
a lot of souls.Because they choose to attack you from high places the 
best weapons to use are either the matchlock,wind attack or arrows.

These demons are basically plant-like demons that are extremely rare and 
in fact have abousolutey no moves at all.They only thing they do is 
block up passageways.Because they grow in groups they give tons of 
souls.They can be killed with a strong sword.

Middle class demons require a lot more than just running up to them and 
hitting them over and over again(except if you're vitality bar is long 
and you have a level 3 sword).They require running up to them,then move 
back once they made a move and then hit a few times.Because they are 
stronger they give a lot of souls.
Moves:Upward slash,Downward slash,Sword slash,Double slash,Choke,Block

Samurai demos are recognisable by their long arms,red armour and 
distinctive growls.Their moves are quite strong but their most powerful 
attack is the Choke where they pick you up from your neck and slowly 
kill you.Although they are strong a level 3 lightning and fire attack 
will incinerate them instantly in one go.Their block is powerful and if 
it does occur that they block an attack the it'll slash you before you 
can move.If you ever manage to be picked by their choke attack keep 
pressing the square and circle buttons.
Moves:Slap,Tentacle tunnel,Tunnel slap,Grab + Stab

This freaky creature is Guildstern's newest creation which is difficult 
in groups.It is wearing armour and has two tentacles instead of arms,has 
large white eyes and a soft body which is the reason he is 
annoying.Because of its soft body you can easily chop it in 
half.Great!That is until both his legs and chest turns into two more 
Reynaldo.Some of the Reynaldo's attacks are weak except the Grab and 
Stab where he grabs you and hits you with two spikes on his back.His 
annoying move is the Tunnel slap,where he puts his tentacle underground 
and slaps you even if your nowhere near him.Even worse is the Tentacle 
tunnel which is the same as tunnel slap except he holds onto your leg so 
your stuck and you're an easy target for other enemies.
Moves:Slash,Blade charge,Needle throw,Shadow leap,Needle Stab.

These are stronger versions of the blade demons as the have the same 
moves(and a some more)but look different.They have three purple eyes,are 
faster,have needles on their hands instead of blades and wear black 
robes.Their most annoying yet weak attack is the Needle Throw.This is 
where they throw sharp needles at you.The Shadow leap is cool but 
definitely confusing as you don't know whether it'll jump above you or 
stay in place.
Moves:Axe swing,Axe swing combo,Downward Axe Swing,Slash,Double 

These hefty brutes are bigger and faster than samurai demons.They carry 
a big steel axe which takes out a lot of health.They are huge demons 
with fur,two horns tipped with red and they usually block your attacks 
and the give you a Downward Axe Swing.An Axe swing combo consists of a 
downward axe swing and then an Axe swing.Usually it only takes one hit 
from a lvl.3 magic attack to kill these quickly.

High Class Demons give more souls than middle class demons and are 
harder to kill.Sometimes it may take 2 or 3 lightning attacks.There are 
only 3 types of High Class Demons.
Moves:Exactly the same as the SAMURAI DEMON

This demon is exactly the same as the Samurai Demon except a few 
things:it has a wooden shield(big deal!!!),it's darker(WOW!!!) and it is 
stronger than the normal Samurai Demon(OH GOD NO!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Moves:Jump swipe,Swipe,Jump boomerang,Boomerang.

This Demon is an excellent hunter as it uses stealth(like the monster in 
the film PREDATOR)in order to kill humans.It moves are a bit strong but 
it is quite slow.When it uses stealth the outline of its body and its 
footsteps are only visible until it jumps up into the air and shows 
itself.If you manage to stab it while it is on the ground then it will 
die instantly usually giving you lots of yellow souls.
Moves:Downward Axe swing,Upwards axe swing.

These Demons are a light shade of green and are twice as strong and 
harder versions of the Minotaur Demons and so may take either 2 or 3 
lightning attacks.Not only that but because they have a bigger axe(I 
mean huge)made of bronze(Bigger than the Minotaur Demons axe).It's best 
to use magic only.

Top Class Demons are the games bosses(except Guildstern).You fight them 
in a battlefield which is closed off and the give tons of souls.

6.Books + Files:
There are 17 books and files in this game.The translation 
book's(Seiryu,Suzaku,Byakko and Gebnu) volumes are written in the order 
you find them.I have written the locations.By the way the notes have 
paintings that depict what they talk about.

The Seiryu:
The Clan of Ogres that has been subverted by 
the demons has granted a man their power.
This brave and strong man also holds a
grudge against the demons.

1 - Found in a drawer in the first room of the Underground Temple.

2 - On the writing bench on the 4th floor(of the Keep) in the room  
    where you meet Tokochiro for the second time.

3 - On the ground next to the door of the Balcony,at the 5th floor of 
    the Keep.

4 - In front of the fireplace on the Balcony of the Keep

The Suzaku:
The gauntlet of Ogres has been 
created to destroy the demons.
The gauntlet absorbs the demons'
souls supplying it 
with power and energy.

1 - On the first floor of the Keep go into the room above the well  
   (which also has a trick treasure chest).You'll find it on the 

2 - After meeting Tokochiro for the second time go into the next room 
    with a set of stairs and you'll find it on the ground next to 
    the door.

3 - On top of the shelves inside the West Area Library.

4 - As Kaede you will find it in the small room ( on a shelf)under  
    the one with the trick treasure chest in the East Area.   

The Byakko:
When the demons power revive,
the Clan of Ogres will gather in
the Chasm of Dimensions that lies
between times.It is here
That they will inaugurate discussions.

1 - You'll find it on the 3rd floor(the Keep)opposite the magic   
    mirror and the fire crystal door.

2 - On the shelf of the Demons Liberia in the Keep Underground

3 - In the room down in the Keep Underground with the trick treasure   

4 - On a desk in the West Area Liberia past the trick door. 

The Gebnu:
A Dragon Orb, which
had been enhanced with
a demon's soul may
help the one that owns it.

1 - Inside the West Area Prison look for it around past the cages and 
    old pots.

2 - In the West Area (as Samanouske)you'll find it in the building 
    with 3 lightning crystals,on the ground.

3 - In the East Area you'll find in the building past the 2 shielded        
    samurai demons on the shelf (as Samanouske)

4 - As Kaede you'll find this inside crates above the ladder in the 
    Boatyard (East Area).
The Journals belong to Saimyou a monk who tells of his observations on 
the demons.There is 7 including one from his master Sougen and are 
dotted around Nanamgari.On each of them there are pictures related to 
the topic.In the walkthrough I have called them scrolls.

1 - Sougens note is found on the pedestal at the Underground Temple 
    entrance.He talks about the Ogres Gauntlet.

2 - Found in a chest inside on of the vases in the Underground 
    Temple,beside the alter with the SHINDEN.Saimyou talks of his 
    discovery of the demons

3 - After defeating Orsic go through the newly revealed passage and           
    open up the chest to find the second journal.This time he talks 
    about having to leave his master Sougen at the Underground 

4 - After meeting Tokochiro go into the room that has no fire 
    crystals.The 3rd journal in which Saimyou talks about the demons 
    eating habits and what it has made him do.

5 - This is found in the Storage Room in the Keep.Cut open the 
    cupboard on the wall and pick it up.Saimyou describes the birth 
    of a demon.

6 - Found in the West Area Library.Open the chest beside the trick  
    door.In this one Saimyou(who is barely alive)tries to enter the 
    gate to the Demon World.

7 - This is found in the East Area on a door.Saimyou is dying and  
    writes how to get into the Demon World.      

Also there are coloured books found in the Keep and the East Area that 
are written by Guildstern who writes about his fellow 
demons,Nobunaga,Princess Yuki and the Apocalypse.Although they have 
nothing to do with completing the game they do tell you what's going on.   

After finishing a boss backtrack in order to get more red souls etc.Try 
different ways to kill different enemies in order to get more souls.Keep 
going into a room or place until all enemies are dead.Save as much as 
you can in case you die and when you are about to face a boss.Conserve 
herbs to enhance them and also keep medicines until you face Fortinbras 
or when you play as Kaede.When you play Kaede be careful and don't waste 
any talismans until you face Frotinbras.Get power and magic 
jewels.Enhance items when you get the chance.
Always check your map to see if there are places where you have not 
been.Enhance orbs before you enhance weapons so you can enter all 
blocked doors quickly.When a door is blocked by a crystal you need a 
certain orb at a certain level. eg.A door with three fire crystals 
requires a lvl.3 KOUEN.A door with two wind crystals requires a lvl.2 

                            Part 1 
             ******NANAMGARI & THE SOUTH AREA******
When you first gain go through the passage to find 2 blade demons and 
Princess Yuki.Take out your sword and after a few hits they will run 
away leaving Princess Yuki.

After waking up Princess Yuki thanks you for coming and it seems great 
until a large demon named Orsic shows up.Samanouske tries to fight him 
but it thrown through the air and dies.Oh well c'est la vie.Princess 
Yuki runs to help you but then gets picked up by Orsic.
Meanwhile in Samanouske's mind he meets the Clan of Ogres and is given a 
gauntlet from the clans leader.Then he is brought back to life and 
receives instructions on how to use the gauntlet.

Now straight away save at the Magic Mirror and enter the gate,and cross 
the bridge for another cut scene will show soldiers fighting 
monsters.Kill the Warrior Demons and go inside.When inside go through 
another door and more warrior demons will come.Kill them and go 
outside.Another short scene will introduce you to the remaining 
soldiers.Follow the path until 2 Blade Demons attack you.Quickly kill 
them and them go into the cave to see a large hole form in the 
ground.Press the X button and choose to go down.Walk through a small 
passage to where 3 more Blade Demons attack you.After killing them open 
the small chest to the left of the stairs to get the UNDERGROUND TEMPLE 
MAP.Go up the stairs and pick up the scroll on the pedestal of the 
mummified monk.After reading it the pedestal will move so you now enter 
the temple.Straight away when you enter the temple go the top and kill 
the Warrior Demons.Get the SEIRYU VOL.1 and the FLUORITE in the two 
cuboards.Then kill the other 2 demons.and then go out the door at the 
end of the corridor.Destroy the vases to find a scroll in a small chest 
and pick up the SHINDEN from the small alter.Head through the small 
corridor and to your left you'll find a Trick Treasure Chest.
To open it spin: Left Grid,Right Grid,Left Grid.
Inside there is a ROPE LADDER.Now exit through the door that looks like 
a crumbling wall.When you are outside it will be nightime.Open the small 
chest to get a MAGIC JEWEL.Follow the path and go and save your 
game.You'll probably notice a small brown chest beside it.Open 
this.Answer the question to get a POWER JEWEL.

QEUSTION:Chant the name of a clan that has been subverted by the demons?

    THE         CLAN                     OF             OGRES
 ___     \/     ______       |          _____        ______      |
|   |  ----- __|______|__   /|\        |  |  |      |      |    /|\
|---|  | | |   |      |    / | \       |-- --|      | ---- |  _/ | \_
|   |  | | |   |______|   /__|__\      |__|__|      |______|  |  |  |

Enter the second gate in with the SHINDEN equipped and kill all of the 
Armadillo Demons on the bridge.Look for a small chest with the SOUTH 
AREA MAP in it.After that go into the next door to find yourself in the 
Courtyard.Now kill the Minotaur and Armadillo Demons and head north-west 
to find door.Go inside and kill all of the Warrior Demons before they 
kill the soldier and pick up the HERB he drops.Now walk to where there 
is a large gap in the wall and use the ROPE LADDER.Go down it and look 
for another quiz chest next to a magic mirror.
Question:What has been created in order to defeat the demons?

 THE GAUNTLET         OF               OGRES
 ____  __|__        ______        ______      | 
|  | |  _|__|      |   |  |      |      |    /|\
|__|_| |_|___      |--- --|      | ---- |  _/ | \_
         |   |     |___|__|      |______|  |  |  |

Save at the magic mirror and enhance your SHINDEN and RAIZAN if you want 
to,destroy the 2 crates to reveal a chest with a MEDICINE and enter the 
door to your first boss.

Moves:Swing,Double Swing,Head Smash,Charge
This hefty brute is quite easy although he blocks off your only way 
out.His moves are quite strong and are easy to block except the double 
swing.The battlefield is a large square room with a large fire in the 
middle which gives you a fair chance.
The best tactics for this boss is to run up to him and either use a 
magic attack or just hit him repeatibly.If your RAZIAN is at level 3 
then you'll make short work of him.If you use the lightning attack then 
he'll give you lots of souls.Soon he'll turn red and will start to 
charge at you.When he does this run away and attack him when he bangs 
into a wall.

After Orsic dies a new path will appear.Go through it and open the chest 
for another scroll.Go through the door and in the next room look for a 
piece of FLUORITE behind the vases.Then go through the hallway with blue 
torches on the wall and go into the next room to meet Guildstern.After a 
small chat he'll release a Reynaldo.
Try to stab him not slice or slash him to prevent him from being cut in 
half and turning into another Reynaldo.When he is dead pick up the KOUEN 
which is in the top left corner.Now go back to where Orsic was,his body 
has decomposed and some Skull Demons have appeared and are taking more 
souls from him.After you have killed them all and have the souls go 
outside the door with a fire crystal on it.Save your game(Because a hard 
part is coming up).Go up the ROPE LADDER and kill the Minotaur Demon and 
quickly kill the Skull Demons before they dissapear.Now go back into the 
Courtyard and use the KOUEN to go inside the Keep.
                       Part 2
         *********THE SAITO CLAN KEEP**********
When you regain control kill the Samurai Demon and the 2 Warrior 
Demons.Go into the top-left room to find magic mirror and a magic 
pool.Open the chest for the KEEP MAP,save your game and enhance your 
KOUEN to lvl.2.Go outside and enter the door right beside it.Another 
cut-scene introduces you to Tokochiro.Open the chest and open the door 
to your right to find chest with a scroll inside.Go back and open the 
chest which has arrows.Open the door with the Fire crystal and kill the 
2 Blade Demons and go into the next room.Then walk down the hall for 
another cut-scene where you meet Yumemaru and Kaede.Go into the next 
room,kill the 2 Warrior Demons and the Blade Demon and enter the 
next.Don't chop the rope and get the SUZAKU VOL.2 then go to the trick 
treasure chest.
To open it spin:Left grid,Right grid,Left grid,then the Right grid twice 
to get the BOW.
Now exit this room and go to the other side of the room.Open the chest 
for a HERB and look for a FLUORITE piece to the left of the chest.Go up 
the stairs and go inside the door beside it.Don't chop down the 
rope,just look for the POWER JEWEL inside.Go out the door and into the 
next room.Kill the Blade & Samurai Demons.Go into the door with 2 fire 
crystals(if you KOUEN is at lvl.3) to the Conference Room.Pick up the 
RED BOOK on the table and open the chest for the RIGHT CREST PIECE.Exit 
and take out your BOW and some arrows and go into the Balcony.Kill the 2 
Warrior Demons attacking the soldiers from here(kill the one next to you 
by moving into corner near you).When you have killed them go back 
downstairs to where the soldiers are to collect a HERB and a MAGIC 
JEWEL.Return to the Balcony and go through the door with the fire 
crystal.Kill the Samurai Demon and the Warrior Demons and into the next 
door.Destroy the two crates and open up the chest for arrows,also look 
for the FLUORITE behind it.Go up the stairs and pick up the BYAKKO VOL.2 
and save the game.Enter the door with 2 fire crystals.When you enter the 
door walk forward to meet Kaede.About 4 puzzles await you.
 PUZZLE 1:Switches              ________
                               |      |_|lever 6
                               |      |_|lever 5
                               |      |_|lever 4 
                    Grate 1    |________|
             __________________|      |_|lever 3  
            |       ||                |_|lever 2
            |    _  ||                 _|
As Samanouske hold onto lever 1.Then as Kaede hold onto lever 2.Then as 
Samanouske hold onto lever 2.As Kaede hold onto lever 6.As Samanoske 
open the chest(which is now accessible)to get the HOLY ARMOR.Equip it 
and hold onto lever 4.As Kaede go through the door.
In the next room use the fire attack to light the candles in the middle 
of the room to unlock the next door.In the next door you must get to the 
"O" at the top of the room.When you stand on an X or + tile it will 
cause all tiles surrounding it (in the same pattern of the 
tile)disappear and reveal spikes.Go through the door for a tricky 
Move Kaede to a small panel to the right of where Samanouske is trapped 
and press X.You have to get the 2 gold crest pieces to meet in the 
Move the steel piece in the bottom-left side as far left as possible.
Now move the left crest piece and its vertical counterpart down.
Move both of the two small steel pieces as far left as they can go.
Now move the steel piece in the bottom-centre up twice.
Then move the piece that's in the bottom right corner right under it.
Move the right crest piece and its vertical counterpart down.
Now see the space you just created?move the steel piece on its left into 
Now move the piece that was originally in the bottom-right corner up 
beside the piece you just moved.
Now move the left crest piece into the center.Move the 2 small steel 
pieces into the bottom-left corner.Then move the two horizontal pieces 
from the top two rows on top of them.Them move the right crest pieces 
vertical counterpart to the space you made.Finally move the right crest 
piece into the centre to finish the puzzle.

When you regain control as Samanouske go into the next room search for a 
tab,pull it to reset the traps and make a set of stairs fall.Go up the 
stairs and make a turn.When you find a door use the RIGHT CREST PIECE if 
you have it already.Go down the ladder beside the door.Then go down a 
small passageway to find another ladder.Go down and look for a 
chest.Then look for a door and open it this will lead you to the 
Conference room.Go out the opposite door and kill the Warrior Demons and 
collect the HERB which the soldier drops.Go back into the Conference 
Room and go back up the ladder.Go straight to the ladder which you was 
beside the locked door.This time it  will let you go either up or 
down,go down.Open the chest for the LEFT CREST PIECE and cut open the 
cupboard thing to get another scroll.Go back to the locked door and use 
both crest pieces.Go inside to meet Tokochiro again.Then look for the 
SEIRYU VOL.2 on the bench and the FLUORITE on the makeup box.Enter the 
next room get the SUZAKU VOL.1 on the floor and kill the Blade Demon.Go 
up the stairs to hear Yumemaru shouting for help.Go to the far side of 
the balcony killing all the demons that come after until you come to a 
door with a green crystal.You cant do anything until you get the 
ARASHI.Now look for a large double-door and enter it,pick up both the 
SEIRYU VOL.3 + SEIRYU VOL.4 on the ground and at the fireplace.Destroy 
both of the wooden screens and keep the O button pressed until the SOUL 
STONE on the left is used up.Now go save your game or enhance your 
weapons at the magic mirror at your right and go up the ladder to meet 
the second boss.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~BOSS:MARCELLUS JR.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Moves:Double chop,Downward swing,Stab,Shield hit,Wind stab,Stab 
      combo,Spin combo.

Marcellus is a tough warrior as most of his attacks are combos.All of 
his moves are completely powerful especially the wind stab(which comes 
from the ARASHI).The battleground is on the Keeps roof which gives you 
lots of space.Worst of all is the really bad camera angles.Because he 
has a shield made of steel it can block a lot of your moves.After a 
while his shield goes away and he becomes more prone to magic 
attacks.Remember using magic is necessary
First use as much lightning attacks as possible.Also if he has his 
shield hit that as many times as possible because it releases souls.When 
his shield is gone use the fire attack to quickly put them out of his 
When he is dead,collect the souls and pick up the ARASHI.Now go outside 
and open the door with the green crystal to Yumemaru.
Yumemaru is taken to the rest area on the first floor where he is joined 
with Kaede.Samanouske tells him about the world outside of Japan.He 
talks about why Princess Yuki brought Yumemaru into the royal 
family.Then out of the blue a maid for Princess Hatsui,comes into the 
room.She says that her name is Nui and tells Samanouske that Princess 
Yuki is underground and then faints.

First Go back to where you found Yumemaru in the balcony to get 20 BURST 
BULLETS in a small chest and some souls.Go back to the main room of the 
Keep and enter the small door near the exit of the Keep.Then go through 
the door with 2 lightning crystals.Then go through the next room with 2 
or 3 Blade Demons and the next room contains 3 orbs.First pick up the 
BLUE BOOK.Then take out your RAIZAN and press X on the 3 orbs to 
activate the lightning orb.Next take out your ENRYUU and press X on the 
2 remaining orbs to activate the fire orb.Finally take out your SHIPPUU 
and use it on the last orb to activate.Walk down the stairs to reach the 
Keep Underground. 
                          Part 3 
           *********THE KEEP UNDERGROUND LIBARY**********
Walk straight forward to find a door blocked by ghosts.Now go back to 
where you entered via the Keep.Walk down the passage taking two turns 
and go through the door.Save the game,collect the herb growing beside it 
and continue on and kill the Vine Demons.Kill the Reynaldo and pick up 
the ORANGE BOOK,GREEN BOOK and the BYAKKO VOL.3 on the shelf.Go through 
the next door and to find yourself in a narrow hallway with 3 
Reynaldo.Just avoid them for now and enter a set of double doors.Go to 
the left side of the room to find a chest with the KEEP UNDERGROUND MAP 
and a rope.Cut the rope and go to then right to get the ROSARY OF 
COMMUNITCATION.Exit the room and go down the hallway,avoiding the 
Reynaldo and enter another door.Run up the wide passage to find a small 
chest,open it to get the PURIFIER BELL and return to the Demon 
Libary.When you are back at the magic mirror in the Demon Library and 
save.Now straight away check your map and see where you have not been so 
go back to the door blocked by ghosts.Use the PURIFIER BELL to get rid 
of them.Now the Underground Science Lab is acessible.Go through the door 
and you'll find yourself in a hallway with Samurai Demons in glass 
tubes.As you run down the hallway about 3 of them break out of the 
glass.Kill them and when you reach a door enter the Dome Room.You'll 
find yourself in a hallway full of Reynaldo,kill them and enter a door 
with two wind crystals.Inside you'll find a Samurai Demon so kill it and 
beside the door you'll find a FLUORITE piece in a torture box,shaped 
like a human.At the back pick up the BYAKKO VOL.4 on the desk and the 
APOCOLYPSE#1 on the table with the burning crystals.Also there is a 
trick treasure chest.
To open it spin:Middle Grid,Left Grid,Right Grid.
Inside there is the BLUE KEY.Exit the room and turn left and enter 
another room with Vine Demons.Kill all of them and pick up the White 
book and open the chest to get a HERB.Return to the Underground Science 
Lab and continue down the hallway until you come to a door.First pick up 
the FLUORITE piece at the wall.Open up the set of double doors and run 
towards the gate of the Demon World.
Tokochiro appears and asks Samanouske to join the Oda clan again but he 
refuses.Suddenly Tokochiro activates a switch on the gate which then 
fires a laser beam at Samanouske.Samanouske is lying wounded while 
Tokochiro stars to laugh menically.Then it shows a fake Samanouske 
approach Kaede.Nui then kidnaps Yumemaru and the fake Samanouske knocks 
out Kaede.At the same time Samanouske disappears into a hole.

Now as Kaede go out the room you are currently in and you'll find a 
dying soldier.Pick up the RED KEY that he drops and exit the Keep.Now  
your to find the West Area Prison so go into the door that was said to 
be locked with red ink near the Drained Moat                
                            Part 4
                *********WEST AREA PRISON GATES*********
Now at the West Area open a chest to find a HERB,kill the annoying Blade 
Demons and you'll find a FLUORITE piece on a rock after the last 
torch.In the next area use your KUNAI on the two Warrior Demons and the 
Samurai Demon,pick up the FLUORITE piece that is found on the right side 
of the door with 3 lightning crystals.In the next space kill all of the 
demons in order to get a SOUL ABSORBER from the soldier.To kill the 
Archer Demons go up the stairs.When you have received your prize for 
saving the soldier go into the door beside him and you find yourself in 
a small garden with fireflies.Kill the Blade Demons and pick up the 
KUNAI in a bush.(by the way you can cut down some trees in here).Use the 
SHINOBI KIT to enter the Prison Gates.Save your game at the magic 
mirror.And open up the Quiz Chest.
Question:Where do the Clan of Ogres meet?

   THE         CHASM              OF             DIMENSIONS    _         
    _       |    _______       _____          _____|  _|__|   / \                    
   / \     /|\  /_______\     |  |  |        |_____|  _|__/   \_/
 -------  | | | \   |   /     |-- --|        |     | |_|__    / \ 
 /_____\  | | |  \__|__/      |__|__|        |     |      |   \_/

This box contains a MAGIC JEWEL.Go towards the Prison gates and pick up 
the GEAR beside the dead soldier near the magic mirror.Exit here and go 
back through the garden and when you reach the area with soldier who 
gave you the SOUL ABSORBER go up the ladder through the door to the Food 
Storage Room.Save your game at the magic mirror and open the chest for 
the WEST AREA MAP.Go into the door requiring the SHINOBI KIT.Then go 
through the small passage killing any of the Warrior Demons until you 
come to an intersection.To your left is the West Area Library and to the 
right is the West Area Furnace.Go into the Library and open the two 
chests which contain a HERB and a scroll,also pick up the SUZAKU VOL.4 
on top of the shelves.
Now open a the big drawer on the wall made of wood.Don't pull the 
tab,instead use the GEAR and then pull the tab.A secret door will be 
revealed.Pick up the FLUORITE piece and the BYAKKO VOL.1 on the  two 
desks and then open the chest for the SILVER PLATE.Go outside and enter 
the Furnace.When you are inside be careful not to get hit by the 
flames.Pull the chain when the first two flames are not spewed out.Get 
inside the door before it closes and get the GOLD PLATE on the wall and 
also the HERB inside the crates.Run back to the Prison Gate and use the 
SILVER PLATE on the small slot on the left and use the SILVER PLATE on 
the right slot.Save your game and enter the Prison.
Inside you'll find that it is on fire.First look for a room at the back 
of the prison(covered with pots)with a Blade Demon a Warrior Demon.It 
also has some KUNAI and the GEBNU VOL.2.Enter the door to at the front 
of the prison and look for the next FLUORITE piece under the stairs and 
then go up it to find a trick treasure box.
To open it spin:Middle Grid,Left Grid twice and the Right Grid twice.
Inside it is the SACRED KNIFE.To equip it enter the weapon screen,press 
X on the KNIFE and then press X on the SACRED KNIFE.
Go downstairs out the door.Then kill the Warrior Demon and go down 
another set of stairs beside the entrance of the prison.Kill the Vine 
Demons,enter the door.Then try to open the cage in this room.Here you 
will meet Princess Yuki,although Guildstern will take her away and 
release a Stealth Demon.Kill the Stealth Demon and you will regain 
control as Samanouske.
As Samanouske open the chest for a MEDICINE and save your game.Walk 
through the passage for another boss.

Moves:Slice,Triple slice,Agility,Block,Laser beam.
This boss looks exactly like Samanouske although he has the weak NORMAL 
ARMOR and the NORMAL SWORD.Never try using combos or stabs as he will 
either block or using his agility attack(where he runs at you and uses a 
combo).The battlefield is a small,shallow pool cut off from the rest of 
the tunnel by magic.
TACTICS:Especially watch out for his laser beam attack.When he does this 
use a magic attack or just keep hitting him till he's dead.
When he is dead continue on and open the small chest to find the EVIL 
PLATE and also the WOODEN LADDER in the bigger chest.Use the ladder to 
get out of the well and into the keep.Now go to the door on the 1st 
floor that couldn't be opened earlier.Use the EVIL PLATE to open it.Go 
A rather short but cool scene.Nui takes out her hair and slowly turns 
into her true form Hercubus.She then uses her wings to tear away some of 
the floor and in the process blocks off the Keep Underground and most of 
the Keep.At the same time the gate to the Demon World rises up from the 
ground and then she flies in there with Yumemaru in her hands.Another 
cut-scene shows a large object that looks like a stone creates a force-
field around the gate.

If you want to go to the Dark Realm enter the Sentry Box to meet the 
weird man who will offer to bring you to the Dark Realm.Here you can get 
pieces and the BISHAMON OCARINA.There are 20 levels and they require 
skill and patience.In each level you will be up against different 
combinations of all the enemies from the game.

Straight away go outside the Keep and run towards the South Area 
Bridge.You will meet a soldier fighting off some Hercubites that have 
come from the East Area.Kill them and go to where they came from.It 
seems you need a key so run now to the West Area.
When you are in the West Area kill the Warrior Demon and the Archer 
Demons to get 10 NORMAL BULLETS from the soldier.ontinue into the next 
area killing the Archer and Ninja Demons and enter the door with 3 
lightning crystals.Collect the GEBNU VOL.1 the VISION STAFF and a SOUL 
STONE.There is a treasure chest in the back,but you can't get it 
now.Head now towards the Food Storage Area and open the door with 3 fire 
crystals when you get there.Go up the passage,open the small chest to 
get a MEDICINE.Cut the rope on the carriage to kill all but one of the 
Warrior Demons.Then pick up the FLUORITE piece on the ground where the 
carriage was.Enter the next door for another boss.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~BOSS:TROLL KING~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Moves:Thes same as a normal Troll Demon.
This large brute has a huge axe(10 times bigger than a Troll Demons 
axe)made of gold.Although he does the same moves as Troll Demons,they 
are much powerful.If you thought that was bad they are 3 Troll Demons in 
the same room as him.The room your in is large.
TACTICS:Use the fire attack straight away because it will burn all four 
of them.Use it until it is gone and switch to your wind attack and 
finally your lightning attack.When all four of them are dead collect the 

Pick up the DECORATED SWORD on the ground.Also pick up the 10 NORMAL 
BULLETS and the STATUE HEAD.Exit and go back to the building which had 3 
lightning crystals on it.Use the STATUE HEAD on the statue body,to allow 
you to get the MATCHLOCK.Go back to the Courtyard and place the 
DECORATED SWORD into its place and enter the door to find yourself in 
the East Area.
                               Part 5
          ****************EAST AREA GARDENS*******************
Now when you enter the East Area walk down the cliff and onto the bridge 
killing the Blade Demon and the Ninja Demon.Enter the door with two wind 
crystals and walk past the door to a small gap.Equip the MATCHLOCK or 
your BOW and shoot the rope across the water to make a bridge fall 
down.Go across to find 10 NORMAL BULLETS in a chest and a TALISMAN from 
the cupboard.Go back and pick up a scroll on the door and enter it.After 
killing two Shielded Samurai Demons pass the door,kill the Ninja Demon 
and run to the end of the bridge to find the GEBNU VOL.3 on a shelf,10 
NORMAL BULLETS,and in the  cupboards EAST AREA MAP.Go back and enter the 
door while killing the Ninja Demons.This is the Tall Building.Inside 
you'll find a Shielded Samurai Demon.First open the chest beside the 
door for 10 NORMAL BULLETS and start to go up the stairs while killing 
the Archer Demons.When you come to another Shielded Samurai Demon use 
the ARASHI to kill the Archer Demon above you and to take energy out of 
the Shielded Samurai.Open the small chest to find a MAGIC JEWEL and go 
up the stairs beside it.When on the roof look for a piece of FLUORITE(it 
should be glowing if you have the VISION STAFF)go onto the top of the 
roof and kill the Ninja Demons.When they are dead look for a POWER JEWEL 
and a SOUL ABSORBER.Go back downstairs and kill the Shielded Samurai 
Demon and enter the door with 3 wind crystals.After killing several 
Ninja Demons head for the door past the water.In the next area you'll 
find a couple of Stealth Demons and a SOUL STONE.Enter the next two 
doors to find yourself at the Waterfall Path.In this area you'll find 
two Shielded Samnurai Demons and a rope bridge kill them with your 
MATCHLOCK using BURST BULLETS or kill them with your BOW and FIRE 
ARROWS.Make sure you don't cut the rope at either side of the bridge 
because you'll be here as Kaede later on and she's pretty weak.Don't go 
over the bridge instead go around it to find a Trick Treasure Chest.

Key:LL=Lower left  UR=Upper right  LR=Lower right
To open it spin: LL.Grid,UR.Grid,LR Grid,LL Grid,LR Grid.

Inside is the GREAT ARMOR.Equip it enter the Lakeside House.Open the 
chest to get a MEDICINE.Also there is a Quiz Chest. 
Question:What has been fitted into the gauntlet?
     A  DRAGON               ORB         
  _|_     _     _        __|__   ___    |
 | | |  _/_\_  /_\      |  |  | |_|_|  /|\
 |/ \|  /___\ /___\     |  |  | |___| /_|_\
Inside you'll find a MAGIC.Go down the stairs to find a FLUORITE piece 
and then board the boat.When you reach the Lake Building go inside and 
open the door.Pick up the GREAT BOW.When that happens a cut-scene will 
show the door close and some Hercubites jump into the building  from the 
water and surround you.At the Same time Kaede sees the Lake Building 
from the entrance of the East Area.Suddenly she is attacked by more 
As Kaede kill the two Hercubites and enter the broken door to the left 
using the SHINOBI KIT.In this area two more Hercubites will jump onto 
the bridge so kill them.Open the chest for some KUNAI and enter the 
door.Now go inside the set of double-doors.Pick up the HERB beside the 
statue,pick up the APOCOLYPSE#2(In the back) and the FLUORITE piece on 
the floor.Exit the building and enter the next door requiring the 
SHINOBI KIT.You'll find yourself at the shore of the lake with 
Hercubites coming out of the lake.Run away don't bother killing 
them.When you reach the Waterfall Path you can run across the bridge if 
its still there or you'll have to kill the Ninja Demons.When in the Lake 
Side House,save your game and enter the door with the broken 
keyhole.When inside kill the Warrior Demons and head through the next 
door.Run past the Shielded Samurai Demon and the two Warrior demons and 
enter the door.In the next building kill all of the Warrior Demons and 
destroy all of the vases to find some KUNAI.
Enter the door which isn't blocked by green ink to find yourself in the 
Boathouse.Save your game at the magic mirror and climb up the ladder and 
pick up the piece of FLUORITE and the GEBNU VOL.4,go back down the 
ladder and into the next room.You now face some Archer Demons and 
Warrior Demons.Run past the Warrior Demons and kill the Archer Demons.Go 
into the wooden door and pick up the FLUORITE piece on the chest and 
pick up the SUZAKU VOL.3 on the shelf,go up the stairs.At the top of 
this room you'll find a trick treasure chest.
To open it spin:Left Grid twice,Middle Grid,Right Grid twice,Middle Grid 
twice to find the DECORATED ARROW.
Now kill the Ninja Demon that appears and go downstairs.Go out into the 
room with Warrior Demons and Archer Demons and enter the door and go 
into the door with a dragon emblem.Go to the back of the statue and take 
the GREAT ARROW and replace it with the DECORATED ARROW.Now you will be 
able to get the GREEN KEY from the chest.Exit the room and return to the 
room with the vases and the door with green ink(Remember save at the 
magic mirror because you will be facing a boss soon.)When through the 
green ink door go down the ladder and board the boat and open the door 
of the Lake House.You'll now regain control as Samanouske.

Moves:Slash,Double slash,Poison sting.
This is one of the hardest bosses so straight away get ready for an 
awesome battle.You battlefield is the inside of the Lake House most of 
the ground has been removed and there are a few corners that you can 
stay in to get a few hits.What is hard about Hercubus is that she 
constantly summons Hercubites yet sometimes she hits them with her slash 
or double slash attacks.Her poison sting attack is where she charges at 
you and stings you which can take a lot of energy out of you.You'll know 
when she is going to do this(When she shouts out "DIE")
Straight away when you regain control get Hercubus into a corner and use 
your wind attack and then when she's on the ground use the fire or 
lightning attack.Also whenever she is in the air use any arrows (both 
normal or fire arrows).Use BURST BULLETS in your MATCHLOCK as it will 
hit her and some of the Hercubites.Repeat this until she is dead.

When Hercubus is dead you will find yourself on the first floor of the 
Keep.Go to the Dark Realm Gate and use the GREAT BOW to enter the Demon 
                              Part 6
            **************THE DEMON REALM*************
When you enter this level Guildstern is here waiting here for you.After 
a small chit-chat he'll release a stronger Marcellus.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~BOSS:MARCELLUS SNR.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Moves:Exactly the same as Marcellus JR. except Shadow Twirl.

DESCRITION:He looks the same as the first Marcellus.The battlefield is a 
large circular stone inbetween two doors.His shadow twirl is very 
powerful a can make it hard to see what he is going to do yet he can 
only do it when he has lost his shield.
When you gain control open the small chest beside the door you entered 
to find a MEDICINE.Take as many hits as you can from him using 
combos,bullets,arrows and wind attacks.When his shield is gone use fire 
and lightning attacks to finish him off.

After he is dead take all the souls and enter the next door.Save your 
game and enhance HERBS into MEDICINES at the magic mirror.Pick up the 
DARK REALM MAP.If you have the BISHAMON OCARINA then use it beside the 
magic pool to open a secret door containg the BISHAMON SWORD.Pick it up 
and equip it(go to weapons screen,press X on the NORMAL SWORD and choose 
Go through the door and go down the pathway killing the Reynaldo.At the 
bottom you'll find a Stealth Demon.Kill it and pick up the two MEDICINES 
at the dead end and go through another passage.Enter the door.

Samanouske finds himself in a large room with Yumemaru and Princess Yuki 
tied to a wall.Then the king of demons Fortinbras appears from a large 
door.At the same time Nobunaga walks down into the chamber.Then 
Fortinbas shocks Princess Yuki with some pink orbs.
Moves:Each of Fortinbras moves are deadly and precise.The battleground 
is the large chamber and the camera angle focuses on Fortinbras himself.

A huge yellow laser beam comes from his eyes and goes up and down the 
room.The best way to avoid this is to side-step or stay at one the back 

this move can only be avoided if you stay in one of the back corners.
Fortinbras spews a large wave of fire across the room from left to right 

Several pink orbs are put in the air and send waves of electricity down 
into the ground.To avoid them you can see where they move by looking at 
their shadows and staying either inside them or away from them.

Basically he moves his hand horizontally just above the ground.To avoid 
this stay in the back of the room.

Fortinbras smashes you to the ground and you may lose a lot of energy.To 
avoid this move side-step.

This is his most powerful and most annoying move in the whole 
game.Fortinbras picks you up and takes you up to his mouth and breathes 
fire onto your tiny body.Avoid this by keeping away from his body when 
he is mobbing his hand.

to defeat Fortinbras keep bashing his snake-like body until his head 
falls down.Then when this happens hit his eye.
If you have the BISHAMON SWORD it will be easy.If you have hit his eye 
many times then here is a tip to get his head down much quicker:Use 
lightning and fire attacks and then hit his eye with the BISHAMON SWORD.
If you don't have the BISHAMON SWORD here's what to do.
Use the SHIPPUU to hack at his body and then hit his eye with the 
ENRYUU.After a while hack at his body with the SHIPPUU again but then 
use a lightning attack on his eye.When you he is dead you can sit down 
and watch the ending.

Well you've finished the game but have you done everything?

Your final grade is made on 3 things.The time it took,the amount of 
souls you got and the amount of enemies you killed.
0 - 3 Hours: 10 points
3 - 4 Hours: 7 points
4 - 5 Hours: 5 points
5+ Hours: 3 points

55,000+: 10 points
45,000 - 54,999: 7 points
35,000 - 44,999: 5 points
0 - 34,999: 3 points

600+: 10 points
500 - 599: 7 points
400 - 499: 5 points
0 - 399: 3 points
S Grade: 30 points
A Grade: 25 - 29 points
B Grade: 18 - 24 points
C Grade: 10 - 17 points
D Grade: 9 points

To open easy mode die fives times while against Orsic.After you do that 
you can choose to play a game with Easy or Normal difficulty.
In Easy mode Samanouske takes less damage.You can get an S ranking in 
this mode.

To get this finish the game once.You'll find this in the Special 
Features section on the main menu screen.Although it may sound cool its 
about 40 seconds long.

To get Samanouske's "Panda" costume finish the game with at least 9 
fluorite pieces.Its very funny as the gauntlet is replaced with a flower 
and you can take the Panda hat on/off by pressing the L1 button.To get 
Kaedes "Demon"  costume finish the game with an S ranking.Finish the 
game in less than 3 hours,collect more than 55,000 souls and kill more 
than 600 demons.Her suit is a red dress with bat wings and a tail.

This is a hard mini-game which requires patience and skill.To get it 
finish the game with all 20 fluorite pieces.

To get this finish all 12 levels of the Oni Spirits mini-game.
This is easier said than done.But the reward is indescribable.
Not only do you start the game with 99 soul absorbers,but you also have 
all swords(Including the Bishamon Sword),unlimited ammo,unlimited arrows 
and unlimited magic.

           Part 1:NANAMGARI & THE SOUTH AREA.
(1)The very first fluorite piece in the game is found in the drawer   
beside the SEIRYU VOL.1 in the first room of the Underground Temple.

(2)The second fluorite piece in this area,is behind the vases in the 
room that is inbetween the room that Orsic was in and Guildsterns 
          Part 2:THE SAITO CLAN KEEP.  
(1)On the first floor you'll find this in the room leading up to the 
second floor.Its inbetween the small chest and the staircase.

(2)On the second floor you'll find it in the room leading up to the 
third floor.It's inside some crates beside the small chest.

(3)After meeting Tokochiro for the second time you'll find it in the 
make-up box next to the door that leads to the fourth floor Balcony.
              Part 3:THE KEEP UNDERGROUND LIBARY.	
(1)You'll find this piece in the torture box found in the room with two 
wind crystals.

(2)You'll find this on the floor next to the door requiring the BLUE KEY 
in the Underground Laboratory.
             Part 4:THE WEST AREA PRISON GATES.
(1)In the first part of the West Area you'll find a fluorite piece on a 
rock,to the right of the last torch.

(2)In the second part of the West Area you'll find another piece to the 
right of the door with three lightning crystals.

(3)As Kaede you'll find this in the West Area Library on a desk past the 
puzzle door.

(4)Again as Kaede when inside the West Area Prison look under the flight 
of stairs,leading up to the trick treasure chest.

(5)At the Food Storage open the door with three fire crystals.When 
inside cut the carriage and look for the fluorite on the ground where it 
                    THE DARK REALM  
(1)Found inside the chest on the 5th level.
(2)Found inside the chest on the 10th level. 
(3)Found inside the chest on the 15th level.                 
            Part 5:THE EAST AREA GARDENS 
(1)On the Roof of the Tall Building,at a dead end.
(2)Down the stairs in the Lake-Side House beside the boat.
(3)As Kaede you'll find it beside the door inside the building with the 
Statue of the East.
(4)When you reach the Boathouse go up the ladder,destroy the crates and 
pick up then fluorite.
(5)The very last piece is found on top of an old chest in the room below 
the room with the trick treasure chest.You'll find this as Kaede.
11.Oni Spirits:
In this mini-game you must destroy the amount of vases that it says on 
the screen and destroy any remaining vases.At the same time tour 
vitality is being drained and enemies are destroying the vases.I have 
not finished this so I am going to write that later.

12.Dark Realm:
You can access the Dark Realm as Samanouske after you play the West Area 
as Kaede.Find the cocoon man in the Sentry Box(Keep)or in the well which 
is found in the West Area.

       ENEMIES                              ITEM
1 - 10 Demon Warriors.

2 - 7 Blade Demons.

3 - 2 Samurai Demons  5 Demon Warriors

4 - 4 Samurai Demons

5 - 2 Samurai Demons  5 Blade Demons      Fluorite

6 - 12 Armadillo Demons 

7 - 8 Hercubites

8 - 10 Armadillo Demons  2 Skull Demons

9 - 3 Minotaur Demons  6 Armadillo Demons  Medicine

10 - 6 Minotaur Demons  4 Skull Demons     Fluorite 

11 - 5 Reynaldo  

12 - 4 Reynaldo   4 Skull Demons           Soul Absorber

13 - 5 Hercubites  4 Reynaldo              Talisman  

14 - 3 Stealth Demons                      Herb

15 - 2 Stealth Demons  5 Reynaldo          Fluorite

16 - 8 Ninja Demons                        Herb

17 - 2 Samurai Demons  4 Shielded Samurai  

18 - 2 Stealth Demons   4 Ninja Demons     Herb 

19 - 3 Shielded Samurai  5 Ninja Demons  

20 - 3 Troll Demons  3 Stealth Demons    Bishamon Ocarina  

13.Special Thanks:
I'd like to thank my mother for buying the game for me.I'd like to thank 
Golden Discs of Carlow for supplying the game and selling it for only 
$49(The pound sign does not work on this keyboard,so I'm going to use 
the dollar sign).I'd also like to thank CAPCOM for making the game.I'd 
like to thank God for helping me do well in my summer exams(I got $80 
for getting for A's),and getting me this done quickly.
I hope to get this walkthrough in 3 places 
1.Gamefaqs                        (www.gamefaqs.com)
2.Playstation cheat.net           (www.psxcodez.com)
3.Neoseeker                       (www.neoseeker.com)
Thanks to all of them. 

14.About me:
My real name is Shane Nolan and I am 14 years old.I live in Ballon 
,Co.Carlow,Ireland.I go to school at FCJ Bunclody and is currently 
working on a Walkthrough/FAQ of Shadow of Memories.