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                            File Collection Guide
                           By:Landon "Dekay13" Reiff (
                                Version 1.00 (May 12th, 2012)

                               Table of Contents
                              I. Legal/Copyright
                             II. Version History
                             III. Introduction
                             IV. File Collection
                             V. Volume Book Transcriptions
                             VI. Inventory Diagram
                             VII.  Outro
                             VIII. Credits/Acknowledgements
                             IX. About the Author

I. Legality and Copyright Information
This guide/FAQ is the original work of Landon "Dekay13" Reiff. Copyright, 2012.

Onimusha:Warlords and all references to characters,events, and items contained 
within this guide are registered trademarks of Capcom Co. and all other 
respective trademark and copyright holders. 

This guide is written with the intent of being posted on the website GameFAQS.
If you would like to host this guide on your website, please contact my email
address: Not asking for my permission is a violation of
copyright and just plain rude.
II. Version History
5/8/2012: After searching for and finding no similar guide, the File Collection
Guide is concieved!

5/10/2012: Data is assembled and work on the File Collection Guide has begun!

5/12/2012: The File Collection guide has been completed!
III. Introduction
Hello and welcome to my File Collection Guide for the game Onimusha: Warlords!
Within this guide you will find the location as well as a transcription of 
each and every file in the game. There will also be a comments section after 
the details of the file are listed. Here I will give my views on the contents 
of the file and I will also try to describe the artwork in the background of 
the files. Some of my thoughts will be pure musing, other times I may try to 
connect the files to the main plot. After all, the sole purpose of these files
is to enhance and supplement the storyline.

There will also be (attempts at) humor throughout this guide, but it's very 
much in the spirit of Onimusha...get it?

I will be making references to certain places in the game in order to help you
acquire all the files. I will try to be as clear as I can in guideing you to 
all of them. However, this is not a walkthrough to help you beat the game. 
I cannot fight demons for you, nor will I list boss tips. I'm just here to help
you build your file collection. I'm in your corner though, slay those monsters!

This is my first attempt at writing a guide/FAQ so I thought I would start with
something small. I know there are some people out there that don't always get
around to reading files in certain games, so that's what this guide is for! 

Since this guide covers the knowledge within all the files, this guide contains
SPOILERS FOR THE ENTIRE GAME! The files detail events that take place before 
and during the game. They also contain insights as to some of the lore and myth
of the Onimusha universe. Once again:***SPOILERS FOR THE ENTIRE GAME!!!***

Last chance...

Onward to the guide!
IV. File Collection/Transcription
All files will be stored in Samanosuke's inventory under the FILE option. The 
files will be listed in the order that they can first be acquired in the game.
At certain points in the game the player will switch control to Kaede, Samano-
suke's partner. Files that will be collected as Kaede have been marked in their
location description with a (K*) symbol. The files that Kaede picks up are sha-
red with Samanosuke's, meaning some of the four volume files can only be compl-
eted by finding them as Kaede. However, unlike Sam's story path, the files 
within Kaede's story path MAY NEVER BE ACQUIRED AGAIN IF MISSED! Be sure to 
pay attention to when playing as Kaede.

*Special Announcement!* After having this game 
for years, I found something new! While viewing a file, if you hold down the 
[] button the words will disappear and you can admire the fancy paper and art-
work printed on the scroll! Sorry if this is old but it's new to me!

Regarding the files that come in multiple volumes, I will list their locations
as they appear but will list all their transcriptions in a different section.
Yuki's Letter
Location: This is in Samanosuke's inventory when the game begins.


Dear Samanosuke,

I am writing this letter in the hopes you will read this in time to help.

Something is wrong within the Inabayama Castle.

Some of the maids and servants have gone missing and I fear that it might be 
the work of monsters...

I am so scared Samanosuke.

People tell me that the monsters eat the maids and servants then take the rema-
ins deep underground. When I told my brother Yoshitatsu about this, he did not
seem interested.He is too busy preparing for his upcoming battle with Nobunaga.

Samanosuke, although it has been a few years since we were forced to take sepa-
rate paths due to the battle between my father Dosan and my brother Yoshitatsu,
you are still the only one that I can rely upon.

I can only hope that you recieve this letter and that you will find it in your
heart to come and save me before it is too late.

Yours faithfully,


Comments: This is the letter that was read in the opening cutscene of the game.
If you didn't watch the opening, (which you should have!) this will clue you in
to what is going on.

Location: Recieved automatically after the cutscene with Osric taking Princess


Absorbing Souls
Hold down the () button to absorb the souls that emerge after defeating the de-

Soul Types
Red: Enhance the power of your Orbs and items.
Blue: Recover your magic power.
Yellow: Recover your vitality.

Magic Attack
Press the /\ button to attack with a Magic Spell while you have an Orb equipped
to your gauntlet.

Every time you use the Magic Spell, some of your magic power will be consumed.

Enhance your Orbs and items by the red souls you have absorbed.

How to Enhance
Look into a Magic Mirror and Choose "Enhance" to enter the Enhancement Screen.

Hold down the X button and your Sword and Magic Spell will get injected with 
souls and be enhanced. One item will be enhanced every time you press the X bu-

Comments: These are basic instructions for using the Ogre Gauntlet. It's a 
shame that they don't detail anything about using your sword...or even hint at
the all-powerful Issen. I guess they expect you to figure it out on your own.
Ah, such is the Way of the Samurai.

Sougen's Note
Location: In the Underground Temple, on the alter with the mummified monk. You
have to pick this up to progress.


To the brave one who finds and is reading this document: I ask you to put all 
other thoughts aside and heed my warnings that are written here within...

There is an Ogre's Gauntlet that draws its power from the souls of those who
are killed by demons. Master its secrets, and great powers will be yours.


Without the power of the Ogres, you are no match for the demons.


Comments: The final memoir of the warrior monk, Sougen. His body is the one on
the alter. It would seem he knew of the Ogre Gauntlet but never found/recieved
it judging by his note and apparent condition. This the first file you will get
that has artwork in the background. This scroll depicts a man wearing a blueish
robe and hat. The man has a bow&quiver on his back, a sword in his left hand, 
and what appears to be an Ogre Gauntlet on his right arm. The man is shown with
with his left foot on a demon's back, pinning him to the ground. At the same 
time, the man is blasting a very large demon with a beam of light emitting from
the Ogre Gauntlet. I think it is fair to say that the man in the scroll is not 
Sougen, but rather a depiction of a chosen hero and the power he will wield.

Seiryu Vol. 1
Location: In the Underground Temple, after recieving Sougen's Note, go through
the door that is revealed. You will appear in a hallway with demon swordsmen.
From the door, go towards the top of the screen and around the corner. You will
reach a dead end. Search the wall at the back of this dead end to open a hidden
cupboard that reveals Seiryu Vol. 1.

Journal # 1
Location: In the Underground Temple, in the room with the Thunder Orb. There 
are multiple pots in this room, break them all. One of them contains a chest 
which has Journal # 1 in it.


Master Sougen and I have followed the monster that has been kidnapping people 
around town, and have been lead to this cave.

The cave seems to be a nest for demons: Every kind of monster imaginable, and 
even ones I never would have believed to exist are here...

They call themselves "Demons." They hate sunlight and seem to have lived under-
ground since before the human race began.

My master has already made up his mind to go into this cave.

I am confident that my master has the power to dispel the demons.

I have a little talent for drawing, and I also have faith and courage so that 
I will not be afraid of any monsters.

Therefore I am going to record everything I see.

This is going to be the most bizarre book in history.


Comments: This is the first in a series of scrolls written from the perspective
of Sougen's disciple, Saimyou. The tone of this journal is very light-hearted 
compared to the rest. This probably reflects Saimyou's eagerness towards an 
adventure with his master. The art of this scroll depicts two men who 
are venturing into a cave and encounter many demons of different shape and
size. The men are dressed like Shaolin monks, except wearing blue/white instead
of orange. The leading man is most likly Sougen, he is carrying a spear and 
looks courageous. The man in back is probably Saimyou, he appears to be wield-
ing an immense strand of prayer beads with no visible charm attached.

Journal # 2
Location: In the South Area Underground, after your fight with Osric. It is in 
a chest right by the doors you have to go through to progress.


I am a sad, pathetic coward...weak, and unworthy of the priesthood...

My master was seriously injured during the battle against the demons.

I could not do anything... I could not save my master...

He asked me to bring his wounded body to the enterance of this cave. Then he 
began to perform his final cerimonial rites. He made up his mind to offer his 
life and die there as a human sacrifice.

With his remaining powers, he is trying to sacrifice himself and set up barr-
iers at the enterance of the cave so that the demons cannot get out.

My master gave me a document and a jewel, and then ordered me to leave the 
cave. That was the most embarrassing moment of my life.

I felt relieved to know that I could come out of the cave. I was too happy to 
be leaving to be worried about my master... I could only think of myself...

Afterwards, I hid the document and the jewel, and I came back to my master's 
place of sacrifice.

I will never have willpower like that of my master. All I can do is learn as 
much as testament of my findings.


Comments: Saimyou's second journal. The shift in tone from his first journal is
immediate and completly understandable. In all probability, the document and 
the jewel that Saimyou mentions are Sougen's Note and the Thunder Orb. One 
could argue that both items aren't exactly hidden, but I like to think that Sam
would not have found the cave unless that hole opened up. Maybe the hole opened
because Sougen's barrier responed to Sam's gauntlet and inner light? The art on
this scroll depicts Sougen being captured by several animalesque demons. A bird
-like demon holds Sougen's spear out of reach while a large one-eyed snake (Go
ahead and laugh, it's funny!) ensnares his waist. A larger, humanoid demon has
Saimyou trapped in his arms. Boths men's struggles look futile.

Journal # 3
Location: In the Keep on the first floor. After entering the Keep proceed for-
ward through the double-doors. You wil be in a small room with a single door to
your right and another set of double-doors ahead of you. Go through the door
on your right. The chest in this room contains Journal # 3.


I am starving... I wonder how many days have passed since I entered this cave.
My only source of sustenance has been some water leaking out of the wall.

I followed the smell of blood and came here... Normally I would not have been 
able to smell it, but hunger seems to have sharpened my senses... That is why 
I am now watching something I could not have imagined in even in my worst nigh-

Ah, what a sight... Demons are eating human prisoners alive.

They pay no attention to their victims screams, they just crunch the bones and
chew up the flesh.

I am standing still, just watching the scene... so as no to be spotted by the 
demons... No... That is not exactly what I had in mind...

I am watching a person's finger lying on the ground... when a person dies, its
body becomes only meat.

Ah, I'm afraid of what I am thinking about. I am like a wild scavenger that 
waits expectantly for the scraps of food that the tiger leaves behind.

What an evil desire I am having...


Comments: Saimyou's third journal. Saimyou is starving, as he blatantly states.
In a delerious state and following the smell of blood, Saimyou most likly stum-
bles upon the room where the fight with Osric will take place. Within this cave
Saimyou sees hungry demons feasting on human flesh...and thinks about looking 
for scraps to eat himself! A very personal journal. The art depicts five demons
munching and crunching human bones and flesh. Three of the demons are animal-
like and two of them are humaniod.

Suzaku Vol. 2
Location: In the Keep on the first floor. Before ascending the staircase to the
second floor, enter the room which is under the staircase. This room also con-
tains a trick treasure box. The Suzaku Vol. 2 is on a shelf at the back of this

Red Book
Location: One of the first rooms you will encounter on the second floor is loc-
ked by 2 Kouen seals. If does not really matter if you can't break the seal,
you will have to get into this room at some point. If your Fire Orb is already
at level 2 then enter the door and collect the Red Book on the table. It kind 
of blends into the background, but not as much as other books. If you cannot 
break the seal yet: either wait until you progress further in the Keep to reach
an alternate enterance or go and harvest some souls! (MwahahaAhaaha...sorry)


I remembered that there were other animals that chose a similar fate to

When I remember something, I should write it down... because my brain has too 
many things to think about, it shouldn't be wasted on such trivial matters. My
number one priority must be producing things for our demon species, not remem-
bering things.

I will write it down here, and forget about the information.

The animal is called, Genghis... Alexand... Ah, never mind.The names of animals
do not have any meaning for us.

These animals fought extensive battles and managed to continue fighting to ex-
pand their territories. They are considered extremely heroic and exceptional 

But in truth, they offered large numbers of sacrifices to us to obtain our 
technology and weapons.

Wise animals can be destined to conquer the world by making a contract with the
demons, while the stupid ones simply get sacrificed.

I should say
"Demons flourish in the zoo"

Comments: This is a diary kept by the head demon scientist Guildenstern!
The conclusion really speaks for itself in this line of files. Some of the 
things spoken of are kind of shocking. Think about it, some of the greatest
Warlords(haha :]) in history were way ahead of their time. Genghis Khan and his
Mongol army were nomadic warriors that had unrivaled "Mangudai" horse-archers
and decent siege technology. Alexander the Great was a master tactician and 
great symbol to his people, on and off the battle field. To muse how these men
could have "sold their souls" to the Demons for knowledge and power is a very 
interesting concept. But in the Onimusha universe, it is apparent truth!

Byakko Vol. 2
Location: In the Keep on the third floor. Upon reaching the third floor, if you
do not move you can see the Byakko Vol. 2 tucked in the corner on a piece of 
furniture. There is also a magic mirror in this room. Whether you have played 
this game or not, I reccomend saving here... you'll thank me later ;]

Journal # 4
Location: In the Keep on the second floor. Now you just read that last sentence
and I know what your thinking: "Awwww DK now I have to backtrack?" The answer 
is: not really, but backtracking is a part of the game/series. Anyway, once you
reach the fourth floor of the Keep you will come to a ladder next to a locked 
door. Descend the ladder, then turn around and descend the ladder again when 
given the option. You are now technically on the second floor. In this store-
room you will see a suspicious wall/ hanging art to your left. Slash at this 
to reveal a hidden shelf with Journal # 4. *Special Note* If you didn't already
get the Red Book, you can get it now. After claiming Journal # 4, ascend the
ladder. Now go down the linear hall to find a different ladder and descend it.
Follow this linear hall to a suspicious wall with a latch and unlatch it. You 
are now in the War Room which contains the Red Book.


Ah, what a wonderful scene... I am very happy to be here. I am so moved that my
hands won't stop trembling...

I am witnessing the birth of a demon baby... as it is pulled out of the bottle.

Human blood and evil essence are mixed in the bottle, and then a demon is born.

What a supernatural other creature in the world is born in this way.

Were there any artists that encountered the scene that I have just watched, 
I wonder...

I have never felt so much regret for my poor painting skills.. Stop trembling,
my dear hand... I am aware that all of the truth that I must record completely
depends on my hands.. but I can't help trembling...


Comments: Saimyou's fourth journal. When we last left Saimyou, he was suffering
from hunger pangs and the fears of his own concise. It is unclear as to whether
or not Saimyou consumed human flesh in order to survive. This journal is more 
about the artwork than the record. Saimyou seems to feel a mix of honor and
disdain for himself while making this journal. The art depicts two demon 
"doctors", humaniod in form, pulling a small humaniod demon from a bottle. 
There is also an apparent demon "nurse" present. Only the long hair of the 
creature leads me to believe it is female. The "nurse" is preparing some sort 
of cloth, possibly to wrap the demon child... as we do for our newborns. 
The previously mentioned bottle is an understatement. It looks more like some 
of the clay pots you can destroy in the game, in both size and shape.

Seiryu Vol. 2
Location: In the Keep on the fourth floor. This book is in the room in which 
Sam encounters Tokichiro for the second time. The Seiryu Vol. 2 is on a mini 
table near the door to the next room.

Suzaku Vol. 1
Location: In the Keep on the fourth floor. This file is in the room after the
previously mentioned room for Seiryu Vol. 2. Suzaku Vol. 1 will be next to you
on the floor to your left as you come in the door. Can be kind of hard to see 
but it does not blend into the background.

Seiryu Vol. 4
Location: In the tower of the Keep on the fifth floor. This room also contains
a soul shrine, Seiryu Vol. 3, and a magic mirror. Seriyu Vol. 4 is in plain 

Seiryu Vol. 3
Location In the tower of the Keep on the fifth floor. This room also contains 
a soul shrine, Seiryu Vol. 4, and a magic mirror. Seiryu Vol. 3 is in plain 

Blue Book
Location: In the Keep on the first floor. This book is located in the room that
leads to the Keep Underground. This room conatins a sealed gate that requires 
all three Orbs to unlock. The Blue book is to your left, right as you come in 
the room.


...What an incredible animal this Nobunaga is! Normal animals would have 
already been dead for sure from such a large transfusion of demon blood...

I do not understand how the holy blood of the demons could be compatible with 
the body of a pathetic animal... It's very annoying...

Moreover, this Nobunaga is highly intelligent and ambitious.

He wasn't the slightest bit surprised when we ressurected his body, he pledged
loyalty to Master Fortinbras without showing any fear, and he just made a cont-
ract to sacrifice his own species... He is an animal that should not be under-

Anyway, if Nobunaga keeps offering sacrifices, we will not run out of guinea 
pigs for our experiments.

Comments: Guildenstern talks about the persona and ressurection of Nobunaga. 
Guildenstern sounds slightly afraid of Nobunaga but dismisses the feeling beca-
use his research is apparently flourishing. This is also the first mention the 
player hears of Fortinbras, the Demon King.

Green Book
Location: In the Keep Underground area. The Green Book is on a shelf in the 
Library. This is very hard to miss because it is level with the player and
Sam's eye. Easy pickin's.


Is it impossible to obtain the blood of a sacrifice...?

A Dark Ceremony is the holiest and darkest ritual that can be carried out betw-
een the demons and the pitiful animals.

In the Dark Ceremony, the blood is taken from a chosen sacrifice. Then the 
Demon King bestows his evil blessing upon it. Once the animal that wants to 
make a contract as a boss animal drinks the blood from a grail made from a 
human skull, the evil powers will be given to him.

But nobody has solved the mystery of why the evil power is given to the animal
through the  Ceremony.

Ahhhh... I want to know the answer. Why does no one understand my frustration?

Once the mystery of the Ceremony has been solved, the knowledge will make the 
demon species evolve so much...

I believe I am the only one who can solve the mystery. And yet, I am forced to 
waste my time doing things which won't bring me the truth...

I just need one drop of blood. I wish Nobunaga would leave some blood after he 
has drunk it in the Ceremony...

Comments: Here we recieve a juicy slice of info on how humans (Guildenstern
calls us animals!) recieve dark power and knowledge from the demons. No inter-
pretationis really needed. Guildenstern's narcissistic tendencies continue.

Orange Book
Location: In the Keep Underground area. This book is placed in the same room as
the Green Book...right next to it in fact.


To carry out the contract with Nobunaga, we have unleashed a large amount of 
evil energy from Inabayama Castle for sveral days now. But it seems the amount
was insufficent.

I found out we need to tighten the seal around the surrounding district of Ina-
bayama Castle, and fill the district with the evil energy.

We have to sacrifice a girl who is born of that land and who has a pure heart.

A girl has already been chosen... Princess Yuki. She is a fair-complexioned 
person with long hair.

She has beautiful internal organs... especially the heart.

I can't help thinking about her organs. They are the best of the best.

However, if I take advantage of her, she will be worthless as a sacrifice for 
the Dark Ceremony. And if that happens, i will be eaten alive by the King. I 
have to give her up.

Once the Dark Ceremony is over, every life including those in the surrounding 
area will be lost.

In short, we will not have to worry about the materials for my experiements 
for awhile.

Comments: More intricate details about the Dark Ceremony. I think we knew that
they wanted Yuki really bad, and now we know why. Guildenstern really goes off
in his Orange Book. I had a hard time writing that part about Yuki's organs.
The only thing that helped me pull through was the line about her organs being
"The Best of the Best". I just thought about that awesome 80's film starring 
Eric Roberts and Phillip Rhee with all the martial arts. The title track is so
compelling! Anyway, Guildenstern knows that if he messes around he's going to 
get the axe, so he is content to go along with things as they are.

Byakko Vol. 3
Location: In the Keep Underground area. On a shelf in the Library, right across
from the Green and Orange Book.

Byakko Vol. 4
Location: In the Keep Underground area. This book is behind a door locked by 2
Arashi seals. There is no alternate way to get into this door, so work that 
Wind Orb if you haven't already. Beyond is the Torture Room and on a table you
shall find Byakko Vol. 4.

Apocalypse # 1
Location: In the Keep Underground area. This book is also in the Torture Room,
right next to a dead soldier.


The Dark Ceremony is a traditional holy ritual in the Dark Realm.

Through this ceremony, demons make a contract with a human.

Obtaining sacrifices by making a contract is indispensible for the Dark Realm.

To carry out the Dark Ceremony, a woman who is born of that land and noble in 
heart must be proffered as a sacrifice.

Our King sanctifies her blood with an evil blessing, then, using her skull as a
grail, a person drinks the blood, and the contract is complete.

Comments: Well Apocalypse seems to be a how-to manual or the Demon Bible or 
it could be both. Either way it is basically a combination of the Green Book 
and the Orange Book. Although, this book was definatly not written by Guilden-

White Book
Location: In the Keep Underground area. As you come out of the Torture Room, 
turn left and go down the far hall. You'll probably have to kill some Reynaldo
on the way. Enter the door to a storage room and you will also find the White 


I have categorized the demons as follows:

Low Class Demon: Their intelligence is very basic and immature. They do not use
language. They wander about for a victim under the cover of night, and 
sometimes eat pitiful animals.

They abide by the rules of the Dark Realm, and obey orders from the higher dem-
ons. They serve the higher class for life. They are very loyal, but their beha-
vior is very similar to insects.

Middle Class Demon: Larger than the low class demons, they have enough intelli-
gence to speak a sort of babbling language.

Based on my research, their behavior is wild and ferocious. Very similar to the
basic instincts of the animals...

High Class Demon: Like Fortinbras and I, this type of demon is extremely intel-
ligent and is responsible for building the high level civilization.

Based on my calculations, the birth rate of the high class demon is only 1 in 
100,000. That means we are the true chosen ones.

We are supposed to conduct the research on the high class demons through surgi-
cal dissection, but it is almost impossible to obtain a sample, as they're very

Someday I will find out with my own hand.

Comments: Guildenstern gives us a social hierarchy of his species from the 
bottom up. This was always and still is one of my favorite files in Onimusha.
It really just speaks for itself. I also like to think about what enemies fit 
into which categories in the hierarchy. Guildenstern strokes his ego again, to
which I have to say "Be quiet monster!"

(^Remember this symbol means you will be playing as Kaede.)

Journal # 5
Location: (K) The West Area outside the Keep. As Kaede you will eventually come
to a room which I call the Archive, as there are various files, documents, and 
scrolls to been seen in the room. Journal # 5 is in a chest. (K*)


At last I saw the world of the gods. I caught a glimpse of the demon world in
the evil gate...

The color's are truly astounding... No multitude of pigments could enable me 
to accurately paint what I saw...

But I do not understand one thing. The gate is firmly shut now. Is the world of
gods refusing me...?

With this fatally wounded body, I cannot open the gate or come out of this cave

But I want to look at it. I want to look into the gate just one more time...


Comments: Saimyou's fifth journal. Saimyou has most likly gone completly mad at
this point. We can only speculate as to how much time has passed between his 
last journal entry and this one. Saimyou references "the world of the gods" and
the demon world as one and the same. This sounds as if he is showing reverence
for the demons. There really isn't that much information to go on in this file,
so it's hard to hypothesize about things. The art depicts the demon gate, a 
ghastly looking skull with sunken eye sockets and eyes illuminated by flames.
Three animalesque demons are marching into the mouth of the gate. The rest of 
the page almost seems to be a seperate drawing/event. A wounded Saimyou lies 
prostrate, cluctching what is apparently Sougen's broken spear. A three-eyed,
humaniod demon stands over Saimyou. He waves a  spear of his own and his tongue
hangs out with salivation.

Suzaku Vol. 4
Location: (K*) This book is also in the Archive but it is kind of hard to see.  
Suzaku # 4 is on top of a book case directly to the left of the chest you just
open to get Journal # 5. (K*)

Byakko Vol. 1
Location: (K*) This file is also in the Archive, but you must first acquire a 
key item to access a secret part of this room. In the secret part of the room
you will find Byakko Vol. 1 on a shelf, across from a chest. (K*)

Genbu Vol. 2
Location: (K*) Inside a burning house in the West area, first floor. When you 
get inside the burning house make your way to the end of the hall but watch out
for the fire and demon ambushes. You will come to a small room with many pots.
Break them all to reveal Genbu Vol. 2 on the floor in the corner of the room.

Genbu Vol. 1
Location: In the West Area Statue room. In the beginning of the West Area,
before you even get to the prison, you will come upon a door sealed by 3 
Shiden seals. I'm sure your Thunder Orb is at level three by now...but if it 
isn't then you know the drill. Inside this room is a large statue (of the west)
, a soul shrine, and Genbu Vol. 1 on a mini table.

Journal # 6
Location: In the East Area, placed on a door. In the East Area you will arrive 
at a door blocked by 2 Arashi seals. Go through this door and down a linear 
hallway. At the end of the hall is a door that is blocked by Journal # 6. You 
must take this scroll to progress.


This will be my final journal, I guess.

As the bleeding from the wound does not seem to stop, I am barely managing to 
write this.

For the one who makes it here someday, I offer you this: I have drawn a picture
of how to open the gate to the demon world.

If you can acquire these tools, then you must go beyond the gate. Remember 
everything you see in the supernatural world, and let people know that such a 
world does exist.


Comments: Saimyou's sixth and final journal. In his last moments on Earth, 
Saimyou leaves behind instructions for opening the gate to the demon world in 
beautiful illustration. The art depicts a man who looks almost identical to the
man shown in Sougen's Note. This man is drawing an immense longbow nocked with 
an equally large arrow. The man is aiming at a large, jewel-like target; this 
is apparently the lock that seals/unseals the demon world. Man... you gotta 
have strength to draw a bow that big.

Genbu Vol. 3
Location: In the East Area in a side storeroom. After going through the door 
that was blocked by Journal # 6, you will appear on a plank walkway. Follow the
walkway to end, cutting down any demons in your path, and go through the door.
In this small room is a suspicious wall/hanging art. Slash at it to reveal a 
hidden shelf holding Genbu Vol. 3.


Apocalypse # 2
Location: (K*) In the East Area Statue room. When you gain control, run along 
the walkway and use your Shinobi Kit to unlock a door Same could not. On the 
next screen, follow the walk to the right which leads to a set of double doors.
This is the East Statue room. In here you will find the Apocalypse #2 by walk-
ing around and into the hallway behind the Statue. The book is on a shelf. (K*)


Our demon king was born in the confusion when the Earth was created, and has 
lived in the deepest and darkest places underground. All demons are created by 
the demon king.

The demon king shows his holy snake-like body only when and where the ceremony 
takes place.

No one knows what he usually does.

Demons remember: No one can disobey the demon king. The holiest spirit of the 
demon king is the one you have to learn from.

Commments: Here we get a preview of a demon creation story and details about 
the Demon King himself. Unfortunely, it is not much. The Demon King has a snake
-like body and doesn't show his face unless the Dark Ceremony is performed.
I wish there were more books in the Apocalypse series. Except for his White 
Book, most of Guildenstern's diaries talk about his experiments and the demon's
plans. Apocalypse 1 and 2 give us information as to where demons come from 
and why they need to even interact with humans at all. Although, it is unclear
as to what human sacrifices are actually used for and why exactly they are 
indispensible to the Dark Realm. I just burst tend to burst of laughing when I 
think about Fortinbras does in his free-time between each Dark Ceremony. :D

Genbu Vol. 4
Location: (K*) In the East Area Boathouse (I guess thats a good name). While 
travelling through the Boathouse you eventually come to a small room. This room
conatins a magic mirror and a ladder. Climb the ladder and you will appear in a
small attic with a bunch on crates. Smash the crates and find Genbu Vol. 4 on 
the floor. (K*)

Suzaku Vol. 3
Location: In the East Area Boathouse. From Genbu Vol. 4, go down the ladder. In
the room with the mirror, go through at the base of the ladder. On this screen 
you will be on a walkway. Follow it to the end, kill or avoid the demons, and 
enter the far door...not the one the demons were guarding. You will be in a 
small room with a ladder. Kaede may be blocking your view of Suzaku Vol. 3 when
you first enter this room so move her out of the way. This book is on a shelf
right next to the door you just came through. It is very easy to miss so be 

If you followed this guide correctly you should now have obtained every file
in the game! Wipe your brow, pat yourself on the back, and rest easy!
V. Volume Book Transcriptions
In this section are transcriptions for the files with multiple volumes. It 
would have been pointless to list these as they came up: then you would have 
had to scroll back and forth to put the story together.


The clan of Ogres that had been subverted by the demons has granted a man their
power. This brave and strong man also holds a grudge against the demons.

Comments: I like to think that all of these four-volume files were written by 
some sort of scribe/record keeper for the Ogre Clan. Of course, that would also
mean that said Ogre scribe would be following Sam throughout his adventure, 
jotting down helpful information, and leaving these records in places he knew 
Sam would visit. It sounds kind of silly, really. My other theory would be that
they are simply books of myth or legends. Take your pick, these books are most
likly just meant to help unlock the word treasure boxes. Although, other than
the cutscene where Sam recieves the Ogre Gauntlet, all of these files are the 
only real source of information about the Ogre Clan. It's a tough call...

Details: The Gauntlet of Ogres has been created to defeat the demons. The 
gauntlet absorbs the demons' souls supplying it with power and energy.

Comments: Well, it's clear that an Ogre Gauntlet is needed to fully kill a 
demon but what I would like to know is if the Ogre Clan uses these themselves
when going to war. I think that the Ogre Gauntlet is probably similar to a 
power that the Ogre Clan naturally has and that they created it so humans could
mimic this power. This would mean that the Ogres are constantly at war with 
the Demons since Demon souls provide power and energy. Humans get caught in the
crossfire, I guess.

Details: When the demon's powers revive, the clan will gather in the Chasm of 
Dimensions that lies between times. It is here that they will inaugurate 

Comments: The Chasm of Dimensions must have the place Sam recieved his Ogre 
Gauntlet. "Between times" is a cool concept... and a hard one for me to elabor-
ate on. Some of the Ogre Clan's discussions most likly involved taking pity on 
and helping the Human race.

Details: A Dragon Orb, which had been enhanced by a demon's soul, may help the
one who owns it.

Comments: A Dragon Orb seems pretty useless on its own but, when combined with 
an Ogre Gauntlet, true power can be unleashed. This is the only book where I 
can not make any connections. It seems purely to help unlock a word treasure 
box. Of course, if you take Journal # 2 and my theory about these books being 
legends into account, you can make the claim that humans have encountered 
Dragon Orbs before but simply do not know their purpose. If we go by my idea 
that the jewel referred to in Journal # 2 is the Thunder Orb, then we can make
a guess a say that Dragon Orbs are seen as holy relics. Someone entrusted the 
Thunder Orb to Sougen and Sougen, in turn, entrusted it to Saimyou. Saimyou
thought it was a good idea to hide Sougen's Note and the Thunder Orb, thus he 
must he known its'  importance to the matters at hand. I'm surprised I came up
with that much from one sentence.
VI. Inventory Diagram
This section will give you a handy, dandy diagram of what your file inventory
will look like when it is complete. If you already have some files and still
to collect more, this will serve a quick reference to the ones you need.

|Yuki's Letter|Journal # 3     |
|Instructions |Journal # 4     |
|Sougen's Note|Journal # 5     |
|Journal # 1  |Journal # 6     |
|Journal # 2  |Blue Book       |
|Red Book     |Apocalypse # 2  |
|Green Book   |Seiryu Vol. 1234|
|Orange Book  |Suzaku Vol. 1234|
|White Book   |Byakko Vol. 1234|
|Apocalypse #1|Genbu Vol. 1234 |

VII. Outro
I hope you enjoyed reading my guide as much as I did writing it! I hope to see 
this guide go live and will do a dance if it does. Upon acceptance of this
guide, I will most likly begin compiling data for several more Onimusha-related
guides. If you would like to discuss some of my theories from this guide, then
please make a topic on the Onimusha: Warlords message board. I go there every-
day even though no one else seems to anymore. I promise a quick response!

Catch you later, Demon Warrior.
VIII. Credits and Acknowledgements
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-CJayC- Thank you for creating GameFAQS!

-SBAllen- Thank you for running and upkeeping GameFAQS!

-namahage- Thank you for giving me an idea on how to set up my headline and 

-GameFAQS Help section- Thank you for helping me contribute and cover my butt
in regards to legal issues. I hope I did it correctly!

-Capcom- Thank you for putting out an awesome game!

-Grandma- Thank you for always believing in me!

-Me- Thank you for loving videogames!


Thank you, dear reader, who has taken the time to read my guide! Next time I 
run into you, I'll buy you a beer or bake you and ecake!
IX. About the Author
Dekay 13 is an avatar/alias/nickname used by Landon Reiff. DK13 has been loving
videogames since he was five years old. Some of his fondest memories are video-
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