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Asked: 4 years ago

What characters are best paired together to make a different openin for the characters(e.g Wang & Xiaoiou)?

wen u pick 2 characters like Wang & Xiaoiou u get them bowing to each other and i want to find out all of them!!

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1) Paul and Law
2) Yoshimitsu and Kunumitsu

There are even more and i forgot the rest..

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Alex/Roger and Yoshi
Yoshi and Bryan
Nina and Anna (theres an extra one with the right costume combo)
Paul and Kuma (same as ^)
Paul and Law, only same costume
Paul and Hwoarang
Hwoarang and Jin
Hwoarang and Lee
Hwoarang and Eddy/Tiger
Bryan and Bruce
Xiaoyu and Panda
Lei and Bryan
Armor King and King (both costume X or Square)
Baek and Hwoarang (both costume X/O or Square/Triangle)
Devil and Kazuya
Ganryu and Michelle (i think)
Gun Jack and Jack-2 (i think)
Heihachi and Kazuya
Heihachi and Jin (Square or X)
Jin and Kazuya

There's a ton more, but i don't remember them all

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I think Yoshimitsu & Bryan...not sure

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