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                     Zone of the Enders FAQ/Walkthrough
                          Written by AdrenalineSL
                  Version 2.05: Released September 16, 2002

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This is currently [Version 2.02] of Adrenaline's Zone of the Enders Strategy
Guide for the Playstation®2 console.

Have any questions? E-mail me. Find any errors? Tell me. Like my guide? You'd
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-   'CUZ HE'S ON FIRE! (Updates)   -

Version 2.0 | June 9, 2002
I remember way back in April of 2001 that this had been my first "major" FAQ.
It's been over a year since the release of this guide, and when I first took
a glance at it again: it was just horrible. Anyway, updates, updates and
news. I basically gave this guide a new backbone. I removed a lot of
redundant crap. However, I didn't let the "original foundation" of the guide
go to waste (after all, I had spent a lot of time on it back then). I've left
most of the sentences intact, built on them and completely re-wrote other
aspects, including the Introduction, Characters, so on and so forth. I hope
you enjoy the  new and  improved overtone. I'm very pleased with it, if I may
say so myself. Boom, boom, boom!

[Old Updates Deleted.]

  c  o  n  t  e  n  t  s

00. Introduction
01. Characters
       Orbital Frames
02. Game Basics
       Basic Controls
       Special Moves
       Command Menu
       Versus Mode
03. Walkthrough
04. Miscellaneous
       Rescue Missions
05. Bonus ZOE Stuff
       Soundtrack List
       "Heart of Air" Lyrics
06. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
07. Outro
       Legal Junk
       Special Thanks
       Contributor Credits
       Closing Statement

-=[]----------------------=(-- 00. Introduction  --)=--------------------[]=-

You know it. I know it. We all  know it. You *know* you bought this game just
to chomp on that MGS2 demo, and you have been living off of that placebo to
hold you over until the post-launch drought of the PS2 subsides. But
somewhere, hidden in the dark recesses of that same PS2 disc box is a game
called Zone of the Enders. Confounded by the fact that Hideo Kojima had a
hand in developing this visually opulent game, whose title did not begin with
the two words that had enraptured a  good portion of the gaming industry, you
carefully place this obscure title into your humming PS2.

Afterward, the ethereal  voice of a  Japanese  singer  tingles  your auditory
senses, and you find your optical lenses glazed to the flashing images.
Somehow, the effect of this amalgamation moves you right down to the core.
That's ZOE. Make no  mistake, ZOE is an  awesome game. The only  thing now is
that you just wish you had made such a discovery sooner.

Join Leo Stenbuck and his  feminist  sidekick, Celvice  Klein, as they  probe
deeper into a war they want so much to escape from. It seems fate has other
plans in store for them, as one thing leads to another. The year is, er, some
time in the distant future. Mankind has relocated in outerspace. Power
struggles and conflicts over territory continue to transpire throughout the
universe. The tranquil cycle of life is  thrown into disorder once again. Leo
can only handle the situations on the home front. The depravity that has
befallen Leo's  homeland, the colony  of Jupiter, is only  the ignition for a
series of chaotic events.

Why did I write this walkthrough? Well, why are you  reading it? I wrote this
(and all my other FAQs at GameFAQs) to improve my writing skills. Some day I
aspire to be, well, some  kinda writer. However, at the pace I'm going and
with my current caliber, I doubt I can get very far. Yes, that means, I
didn't write this primarily to help you  through the game. To hell with that!

This walkthrough actually began as a project I randomly pulled out of my ass;
something I wrote on a caprice after enjoying the hell out of ZOE. Now I
realize I can use this opportunity to see how much I've improved since April
of 2001. And improved I have. Irked by this  FAQ's repulsive writing, I just
had to polish this up so that it would be up to par with my more recent
works. Even with my most  recent guides, I feel that my  writing is still not
at the level I want it to be. And...um...look, over there...a goat!

Ok, so I'm  not being  honest with you. The second reason  for having written
this walkthrough is to extort money  from readers like you. Be  a psychotic
little darling and back-up my college funds! No, really, I'm serious. Send me

In any case, this is a walkthrough. Start walking...

-=[]-----------------------=(-- 01. Characters  --)=---------------------[]=-

If at some  points, you find  that I get a little  cheesy with the  character
descriptions or that the bios are inaccurate, just assume that I wrote
whatever came to mind first and embellished  their life stories  just to make
them seem interesting.

Leo Stenbuck

Leo is obviously the main character of the game, and also the reluctant pilot
of Jehuty. A resident of the Jupiter-orbital colony, the Antilia, he was
forcibly dragged into turbulent warfare. Trying to escape from the horrors of
the battle, and at the same time, coping with his distraught feelings, Leo
happens upon the sole cause of the battle, a technological-advanced humanoid
robot used to wage war with. During the  skirmish, Leo "retreats" into the
cockpit and is greeted by the AI, who declares him to be  the competent pilot
of Jehuty, after successfully thrashing an enemy robot on his first try.

Now, young Leo is entailed to pilot the  super robot to Mars, without letting
it fall into the wrong hands. Although this is his preordained destiny, he
often tries to extricate himself from this responsibility. His childhood
friend, Celvice, and the robot's AI, Ada, accompany him and help him get a
grip on his tumultuous emotions. His judgment and constant (annoying) whining
shows just how callow he  is. Sometimes, I wish I could just shoot him in the
face, or at least call in for a replacement voice actor.


Ada is the AI  system of one of  the most destructive and advanced mechanized
robots. She ('cause it's got a woman's voice and all) is Leo's invaluable
field advisor, who constantly whips Leo into shape and offers helpful advice
on how to deal with the current situation. Although she is only a machine,
she is able to sedate his emotions, as if she were playing the part of a
loving mother, whenever the  situation escalates. In turn, Leo would
sometimes teach the pacifist ways of dealing with certain things. Ada can't
fully understand what he means or his compulsive intentions, but she
gradually grows  to accept the way  he is, as they continue their struggle to
restore order.

Celvice Klein

Celvice is Leo's childhood  sweetheart, a very  proper young  lady and a luv.
When she's not hanging around Leo, she voluntarily devotes most of her time
to caring for orphans at an old church. Celvice exudes sheer coolness and
maintains her somber composure even after nearly being nicked by a few homing
missiles. Yet, she seems a bit naïve at times, although I don't blame her.
Her parents had both died while trying to emigrate to the colony, leaving her
alone to care for herself in an alien land.

While trying to escape from an air raid in her town, Leo comes to her aid and
extends his hand. Celvice climbs aboard Jehuty and realizes that she is now
decidedly involved in the conflict. She helps whenever she can to assist Leo.
As a cohort, she even sometimes provides  a few hints. She apparently doesn't
have any qualms about Leo's sickening 8-year-old act. Go her.


The female villain  of the game, Viola  is of high  rank in the BAHRAM forces
and commands the Orbital Frame, Neith. Her feminine appearance belies her
utter evilness and diabolical schemes. Cross her bad side, and you can be
sent to the afterlife any day of the week and twice on Sundays. The
contemptible Viola meets Leo, who foils her plans and prevents her success of
claiming Jehuty, during her "capture operation". If she had not been ordered
to pull out, she would have fought to the death during the first
confrontation with Leo. Reckless and daring, Viola constantly seeks her grave
on the battlefield, where she belongs.

Rock Thunderheart

The first pilot of the civilian  transport vessel, Atlantis, Rock  appears to
be very abrasive and insensitive. His main goal is to capture Jehuty and
transport it  to Mars, in  preparation for a  large  scale war. Still, he has
very firm values of  right and  wrong, and he really does  care  about  those
around him.

Elena Weinberg

Elena is the  second pilot  of the civilian  transport vessel. Like Rock, she
too, would like to get her hands on Jehuty before the opposing forces do.
Elena persuades Leo to lend a hand in  transporting Jehuty  to them by sweet-
talking him and, of course, guaranteeing remuneration for his efforts. She is
an amicable and charming person, who tends to think things through more
rationally than Rock does. Dogonnit, she's an all-around great gal, and she's
got style!

                              ---Orbital Frames---

In ZOE, the giant mech robots are called Orbital Frames. There are only three
types of enemy  frames--and that's  only the norm. Repetition  is the name of
this game.


  Range Weapon: Semi-Phalanx (shoots 3 shots in one go)
  Dash Weapon:  -Long-  String of energy shots
                -Short- Quick saber swipe
  Burst Weapon: -Long-  Huge energy ball
                -Short- Powerful 360-degree sword swipe

Jehuty is the Orbital  Frame you control. Its  technology and AI is advanced.
For this reason, every military organization in the galaxy would like to lay
claim to this prize. When it gets to the higher levels, Lv. 8 to be exact,
Jehuty can be a mean, blue killing machine, provided the  player knows how to
use him effectively. Because of his lightweight structure, Jehuty can execute
swift attacks and be an agile lil bugger.

   Range Weapon: Semi-Phalanx (shoots 3 shots in one go)
   Dash Weapon:  -Long-  String of energy shots
                 -Short- Quick saber swipe
   Burst Weapon: -Long-  Huge energy ball
                 -Short- Powerful 360-degree sword swipe

Neith is  Viola's Orbital  Frame. It's  one  of the  most  powerful  existing
Orbital Frames. A frame's performance is only as good as its pilot's.
Adhering to this saying, one can observe that  Neith's fighting style is very
daredevilish and is mostly based on Viola's impulsive and reckless decisions.

Its power and speed can rival that of Jehuty's. Neith is  very dangerous when
at maximum level, especially after it undergoes a kind of mutation. Fighting
against Neith isn't just a mash-whatever-you-can battle. You must devise some
kind of base tactic as the heat of the battle passes you by. It's best to
engage in close-combat, as she can dodge all, if not most, long-range
projectiles you throw at her. Neith can also deflect a good number of melee
attacks, but there are certain situations in which she leaves herself open to

   Range Weapon: Frame-thrower
   Dash Weapon:  Missiles from the sky
   Burst Weapon: Shoots waves of fireballs

Tempest is the  first of several  bosses  you must  confront. When  Leo first
encounters him at his hometown, Tempest appears to be an intimidating
opponent--he makes Jehuty appear to be a diminutive carrot-thing, but his
sheer weight hampers his mobility. Therefore, he can only attack from
one position and send out long-range  attacks. Tempest has two forms: A huge
dome-shaped helm that encases and protects his vital point passes as his
first form. In his second form, Tempest pops off the cumbersome helm and
reveals his core, a rigid  motherboard-like thing. By unfastening the helmet,
Tempest can move more freely without being detained (as much).

During his second stage, he is able to launch  from the ground, high into the
air, and then drop back to the ground in an attempt to crush Jehuty under
foot. His tentacles will also be unshackled, allowing him to produce and send
out a series of fireballs in seconds, all of which  you can defend against by
summoning Jehuty's  shield. This  arrogant punk dares  to look  down on you?!
Toast him.

   Range Weapon: Missiles, Probes
   Dash Weapon:  Invincible Shield (Tank mode only)
   Burst Weapon: Homing Laser (Frame mode only), cutting Lasers
   Other Weapon: EM Field (If you  get within slashing  range, it entraps you
                 while he pounds away at you with whatever he has handy)

Tyrant, like the name implies, is a really big meanie that has the license to
bust 10 caps in yo ass. As his first form, he is extremely slow-moving and
only does long-range, but damaging attacks. In order to get by his first form
without dying every time, the Decoy sub-weapon is needed to manifest an image
of Jehuty to deceive him. Tyrant's special targeting system will unload its
most destructive attacks upon the victim, instantly  dictating a game over.
As his second form, he is quite  active. Transformed into a shape  of a small
battle aircraft, Tyrant can knock Jehuty  around, like a paddleball (with his
being the paddle). Or something. Yeah...anyway, he's no pushover.

  Range Weapon: ???
  Dash Weapon: ???
  Burst Weapon: ???

Nebula is just like every other advanced  Orbital Frame you meet in the game;
just a bit more of a pain. His actions show that he is chicken wuss,
constantly taking cover behind hills and then suddenly popping out for a
surprise attack. Even on the main  battle field, his unrelenting missiles and
projectiles place Jehuty at a huge disadvantage. However, there are a few
brief pauses in which Nebula decides to take a break and tarries in the
center. During  this time, he  exposes his weak spot. If this doesn't  scream
"CHANCE", then I don't know what does. CHANCE!


LEVEL: Leveling up, as we all know, is a RPG  element. Levels  represent your
character's--in this case, Orbital Frame's--experience and skill. As the
level increases, the frame's  power and abilities will  also move up a notch.
As Jehuty is exposed to more and more  battles and successfully winning them,
he will make manifest his utmost potential. The same goes  for the enemies as
well, unfortunately. The higher the level, the more  powerful you or your foe
becomes. Unlike bosses, the level of normal enemies are predetermined at
certain stages. Jehuty can achieve a level as high as level 8. Afterward, his
power won't budge.

Here's the scale that shows how sophisticated your enemies will be at certain

  Level 1-2: Basic attacks. Bad AI. Cannot interact with teammates as well.
  Level 3-4: Same attacks, but have  been amplified  in strength. Pretty good
             AI. Enemies at these levels begin  to understand the  meaning of
  Level 5+:  New tricks. Have enormous  attack power and  fantastic AI. A big
             frog leap in strength and difficulty.

SPECIAL CLASS (S) - Enemy squads tagged with a "S" indicate that this unit is
no pushover. Belonging to the "special" class, these elite groups can bully
a careless Jehuty. Exercise caution when duking it out with these guys.
Although you don't have to be so tense when you're dealing with Lv.1 lackeys.
These squads generally carry the  passcodes for key  programs or sub-weapons.
So dealing with some of them is unavoidable.

TEAM LEADER (*) - Enemy squads marked with "*" suggests  that this unit is no
afternoon playtime. They usually carry valuable items or passcodes. Whee.

   Range Weapon: Javelin
   Dash Weapon:  -Long-  Javelin, Geyser at higher levels
                 -Short- Quick Saber swipe
   Burst Weapon: -Long-  Energy ball that flies in an arc trajectory

That Raptor is ubiquitous; you'll run into it everywhere. Even if it dares to
rear its ugly uh, face-plate in your business, you'll be laughing at its
pathetic power and flicking them off like flies. Being the weakest of the
three enemies you're likely to meet, Raptors must be accompanied by others of
its kind, or just  other frames. When a chance smacks  them in the face, they
are likely to try and gang rush Jehuty. At higher levels, they tend to go
on the defensive 90% of the time. The trick is to get in there and grab these
puppies, then smash them into something to kill them much quicker.

   Range Weapon: N/A
   Burst Weapon: 4-hit punch combo, more punches
   Dash Weapon:  -Long-  Charging punch, Haymaker
                 -Short- Uppercut

Cyclops have been programmed to mimic the fighting style of boxers. They draw
themselves to Jehuty like magnets. Close-quarter skirmishes with them are
obviously inevitable. What's worse is that even Jehuty's scattered shots
can't touch them because they  too have built-in shields. At low levels, they
like to attack with long pauses between each swing. This opens a wonderful
opportunity to act before they can throw in another punch. When they start to
get a little beefed up, however, they are able to execute swift jabs and
uppercuts, practically discarding your every chance to counterattack. Cyclops
are good  defenders. Like heavy-weight  boxers, they put up their  prosthetic
arms to protect themselves. You could, by chance or skill, break this defense
to go in for the coup de grâce.

   Range Weapon: Phalanx, Scattered shots
   Burst Weapon: Retractable beam cannon
   Dash Weapon:  Energy ball

A Mummyhead is really a Raptor  cloaked  in a specially designed, hard-plated
armor that  covers only the  front part. Its  twin  sabers are  replaced with
portable proton cannons. Its only purpose is mass destruction.

Its physical structure impedes its speed, so Mummyheads have a disposition to
just hover in one area, using only its devastating beams to reach out to an
opponent. Its attack power aside, its beam can also breach great distances,
making this enemy very harmful to Jehuty's health when dealt with in numbers.
Mummyheads conspire with  its associates to play a sick joke on you by
attacking from all sides. When this tactic  is successfully carried out, it's
very difficult to escape the gravitational pull of its effect. Unlike most
long-range weapons, the Mummyhead's specially produced beam can pierce even
Jehuty's adamant-like shield. At higher  levels, it's advised that you try to
avoid them altogether, as the consequences spell disaster.

-=[]----------------------=(-- 02. Game Basics --)=----------------------[]=-

                            ---Basic Controls---

Direction Buttons   - Selects sub-weapon
Left Analog Stick   - Controls Movement of the Jehuty
Right Analog Stick  - Change camera view

Triangle Button  - Ascend/Rise
Cross Button     - Descend/Cancel selection
Square Button    - Basic attacks/Shots/Blade attack
Circle Button    - Sub-weapon/Grab/Throw/Confirm

L1 Button    - Cancels lock-on/Shrinks radar
L2 Button    - Lock-on/Change lock-on
R1 Button    - Guard/Defend
R2 Button    - Dash during movement/Burst

Start Button   - Opens and closes command menu

                             ---Special Moves---

Jehuty speeds up his movement. With Burst, Jehuty concentrates his energy
into an attack.

To dash or burst, simple press the Square  Button. This is an essential move,
if you plan on surviving. To  dash, press the Square  Button  while moving in
any one direction. And to burst, stay still and press the Square Button.

Jehuty rushes toward opponent and  slashes at him. It is more  effective than
regular saber attacks. The second variation is that Jehuty releases a string
of energy beams that converge on the opponent. It is also more effective than
the normal salvo of bullets. Anything done in conjunction with the "Dash"
technique enhances Jehuty's  overall speed  and attack power. Wow. Go figure.

First, get  acquainted  with the dash  technique, which  can be  performed by
depressing the R2 button and moving in any direction. While dashing, press
the Square Button to unleash a "Dash attack". The type of dash attack depends
on whether Jehuty is near or distances away from the locked-on target. If the
enemy is out of its saber's range, then it will release a series of lasers.
If Jehuty is  up in its  opponent's face, it will  rush at  the  opponent and
deliver a nasty poke.

Jehuty charges up, forms an energy ball above  his head, and chucks it at his
enemy. Really cool and useful! At close range, Jehuty rotates a full 360-
degrees with his saber outstretched. The momentum engendered  by the spinning
can finish off the enemy in one swipe. This happens only if the  opponent has
taken previous damage, of course. So sorry to disappoint.

To do these attacks, remain at a  stationary position (and  make sure you are
free from any potential danger). Then press the R2 button, and the Square
button. This attack takes a while to execute, so you may give your enemies a
chance to act. If  they do, the  damage received  will interrupt  the ritual,
canceling the attack completely.

Jehuty grabs the opponent by using some special magnetic device and holds him
in place. As soon as a location is determined, he will send his foe flying in
the intended direction.

To grab and throw an  opponent, you have to be  in front of him, at the right
distance. Otherwise, he will counterattack and beat you senseless before you
can recuperate. The best time to do it is while he is defending. So press the
Circle button to capture him, and hold it down to keep him in his place.
While holding down the Circle  button, use the left analog stick to determine
where you want to send him. Then, release the button and watch him go! It
does more damage to backhand him into a building or another enemy. Take
caution that if Jehuty receives any  damage during this process, he will lose
his grip, allowing the ensnared enemy to escape.

It obviously means what it says: Jehuty escapes from battle.

Withdraw the lock-on command and fly in the off-screen direction until a thin
red boundary keeps you from moving any further. A timer will appear on the
screen and begin to countdown. Once it reaches 0, Jehuty will have
successfully escaped. However, if he engages in a battle with an enemy Frame
and bears any damage before the counter hits 0, then the  escape command will
be reset.

Jehuty can freely explore the area without having to centralize his attention
on any one area or opponent.

Cancel the lock-on mode by  pressing L1. Then use  the right  analog stick to
rotate the camera angles. You can also use  the left analog stick. You could
re-adjust the angle to see in front of Jehuty by having him face the desired
direction, and then  letting go. The  camera  angle will  automatically  move
behind Jehuty and face the front.

Jehuty can flip up or down to avoid enemy attacks.

This is an unlisted ZOE move that  has been brought to my  attention by alert
reader ShinRiGGs. By pressing the dash button (R2) and one of the vertical
movement buttons (Triangle or Cross) simultaneously, Jehuty can flip twirl up
or down.

                            ---Command Menu---

Press the Start button to  open the menu. It will become  available to you as
soon you depart through the aperture in the ceiling of the hangar at the
beginning of the game. It displays the machine's current status and
inventory. Pressing the Start button again brings you back to the battle
screen. Use the Circle Button to confirm selections, and the Square Button to
rescind your selections.

Here, you can choose  to equip or un-equip sub-weapons. A roster  of the sub-
weapons you've collected the programs for will be displayed. It also
indicates the remaining  ammunition of that  weapon. Some  sub-weapons aren't
easy to come by, so wanton expenditures should be avoided.

This list represents the full number of programs that Jehuty has been able to
obtain. Programs are needed in this game to learn new abilities, or to enable
the use of specific sub-weapons. Programs are found at local servers.
However, a passcode is necessary to break  the security system. If the server
gives off a red glow, then it is still inaccessible.

A list that digs up all the passwords you have collected and used. Previously
used pass codes will not be displayed. Pass codes are needed to hack into
local servers and extract the program contained within it. Many of them are
essential to completing  the game. Usually, squad leaders  possess  passwords
and will relinquish them upon defeat.

Exits current area, allowing you to move to the next, or a different area. If
Jehuty cannot leave the current area, the words AREA CHANGE will be
semi-transparent, which gives a good indication of its unavailability. This
usually occurs during boss battles and important events. Remember, after
leaving, the area will be  reset (i.e. enemies will return and treasure boxes
will be replaced).

Jehuty's next mission can be read here. The text  in purple gives  you a hint
on how to proceed with the mission. You may refer to this when you are stuck.
It usually provides helpful hints.

Change  various game  settings, including  Toggle  Vibration, Subtitles, etc.
This is available to you on the title screen and command menu.

Save your current game status. This option  is accessible only on the "colony

On the right of the  Command Menu, a rough layout  of the  area you are in is
provided. The light-blue triangle is Jehuty, and the point of the triangle
indicates the direction he is  facing. That marker is not the only thing that
is shown on the  map. There are various  symbols and  letters that  represent
something, like a passcode. Here are some more:

    [M] This symbol indicates that the enemy party has a Metatron Ore in its
    [P] This denotes that the enemy squad has a passcode.
    [B] This indicates that the enemy possesses sub-weapon ammunition.

Aside from letters, there are geometric icons that symbolize what an item is.
If it is a:

    [Green Pyramid] This shows that this item is a local server.
    [Red Cube]      This indicates that the item contains sub-weapon
    [Blue Cube]     This indicates that the item contains a Metatron Ore.
    [Red Dot]       This indicates that the object is a Porter.


You can tell that the item  diversity in this game is limited. There are only
two standard types of items you can find: Restorative items and sub-weapons
(and its ammunition). They aren't  extremely hard to  come by, as they can be
acquired through squads and item boxes.

If you destroy an enemy  squad with an  item labeled  next to their marker on
the map, then chances are, you will get that item. As long as the whole squad
is destroyed, Jehuty will surely claim the prize.

Typically, you are only allowed a few item  boxes in  each area. Most of them
yield the rejuvenating Metatron Ores to service Jehuty, if needed. There are
two types of item boxes. Each is distinguished by the color: red and blue.
The blue ones always contain Metatron Ores. The red ones hold sub-weapon
ammo. Remember, they will return  once you  leave the area, so you  can hoard
as many as you want.

A Porter is a special device that serves  its purpose only in certain stages.
It veils item boxes that cannot be seen or accessed until all the Porters are
destroyed. This special situation is called a "vector trap". The item box
appears only after every existing Porter in the area has been disabled. To
locate them, whip out your map  and point out the smaller red dots. Those are
your Porters. One mission  dictates you to seek out these Porters in order to
move on with the game.

There are typically two types of  recovery items: the Metatron Ore, which you
can acquire from enemies and item boxes, and the Repair item enemies
sometimes drop. As you probably already know, the Metatron Ore squirts
Jehuty's circuitry with some rejuvenating juice that fully restores his
energy. However, the Repair item only restores about a third of his health.


By obtaining programs, Jehuty can learn  to wield new weapons or evoke hidden
abilities. I'd say 60% of the programs are  optional, while the other 25% are
absolutely necessary for game completion.

All programs (well, 99.9% of them) are received from Local Servers, which are
kept locked-up until you find the correct passcode to crack it open. There
are ways to know whether a Local Server has been activated or not. If the
light it emits is red, then it is still  suspended from  activity. When it is
green, that signifies that it is ready for information transfer. However, you
may even encounter servers that are  completely inactive; there's no green or
red light. That just means that the program isn't available yet.

As indicated  above, the  passcode is the  other  half of  the key  to making
available a program or sub-weapon. The squad leader of an enemy squad carries
the passcodes. Other times, you can find them in item boxes. You will know if
you've  found the  right passcode  for  that certain  server if  the light is


A sub-weapon, as the name implies, is a secondary  weapon function, which you
could employ offensively or defensively. Since Jehuty's database doesn't come
equipped with the programs to use all sub-weapons, you must help it reinstall
the necessary data to utilize them. So, that means  going around to each area
and learning the passwords to access local servers. I must have mentioned the
words "servers" and "passcode" at least 50 times now (don't bother going back
and counting, though). Each sub-weapon varies in range, power and operation.

                              ---Versus Mode---

Versus mode can be used to play against either the computer or another human
player (you know, like your friend--if you have any =P). Basically, you
choose from a roster of selectable Orbital Frames, of which include Jehuty,
Neith and her incarnation. You can adjust the level of your frame to suit
your abilities. No significant changes will be made to your frame, but you
will be able to notice a sharp enhancement in your opponent's performance.
After selecting your combatants, the game prompts you to select a battle
stage, which consists of areas you've already seen and  visited in story
mode. When you access Versus Mode for the first time, several blocks will be
blank, indicating that you must somehow unlock them.

In order to make this option  at your disposal, you must  have first  won the
game once. Save your completion data, and "Versus Mode" will appear among the
list of options on the title screen.

***Note: See FAQ section for details on how to  fill in the blanks of the two
remaining Orbital Frames and levels.

For you  lazy blokes who just  can't be bothered to finish this already short
game, use this code to instantly subject yourself to Versus Mode elysian
bliss. Press the following buttons on the title screen:

Circle, Cross, Right, Left, Right, Right, Left, Down, Down, Up, Up.

You'll hear a sound for confirmation.

-=[]----------------------=(-- 03. Walkthrough --)=----------------------[]=-

                This walkthrough is based on the Normal mode

After the lengthy, but amazing cut-scene, you will be  able to control Jehuty
(the giant robot Leo is in) in your first battle. It doesn't matter whether
you know the controls or not, just mash the Square Button like there's no
tomorrow and you will get through. It's also  OK if you receive  some damage.
In fact, absorb all the damage you want! You can heal later.

Once your deft  mashing has  helped  destroyed the  Raptor, Jehuty's AI, Ada,
will be introduced to a palpitating Leo. Ada is a smart one. She senses that
Leo is not the actual framerunner of Jehuty, so she takes him to an on-screen
training course, which only you could benefit from. I suggest  you go through
it to better understand the controls. Take some time to master the Dash
technique, Burst attacks, and what not. You don't want to happily fling
yourself upon the enemy uninitiated, do you? It's better to play it safe and
take the  house when you've got  a good hand. Remember, there  is no set time
limit as to when the game must be completed.

After exiting the  training program, proceed  forward to the  Metatron Ore to
repair Jehuty. Even if you've been dealt no damage, you must still get your
cherry popped when it comes to learning about the amazing rejuvenating item.
Metatron Ores replenish Jehuty's health to maximum. So don't, absolutely
under no circumstances, use these unless he is in critical condition. Now,
your next  objective is to  leave the hangar. Go in the  direction  the green
spiral is pointing, and ascend through the hole.

The moment Jehuty exposes  himself to the  fresh, space air, a few  groups of
fervent fans will greet him and incite two intense battles. One of which is
with Raptors, and the other with Mummyheads. I hope you spent enough time
training like I told you to. Here is where those new abilities come into
play. Jehuty's current caliber  can trash them easily, but don't build up too
big of an esteem. These were just practice runs. The other enemies won't fall
as quickly.

Following the obliteration of the last Mummyhead, Ada detects another Orbital
Frame quickly approaching Leo's position. She warns that he must exercise
caution with this frame because it is not like the others, or so she says.
Viola appears, along with her curvaceous Neith to give him the beating of his
life. That is, if he doesn't retaliate. Tis very simple battle. Just mash the
living daylights  out of  your poor  PS2 controller (like  you've been doing)
until Neith withdraws from the battle briefly and tries to recuperate.

After Viola's ignominious retreat, proceed to the local server to acquire the
[monitor.fcmd] drive. This program allows you to monitor Jehuty's menu screen
(which is really your command screen, if you're confused). As a complementary
gift, the program also includes the wonderful  ability to lock-on to enemies.
Set your soul at rest, knowing that you will never lose sight of your target.

 Mission 1
Location: FACTORY.1
Objective: Obtain the flight mode module and move to another area using "AREA
CHANGE" in the Command Menu.

Mission 1 begins just after having  been introduced to the Atlantis crew. You
are still outside the hangar area, and your goal now is to scavenge for the
squad with the needed passcode to obtain a vital transportation program.
Start by disposing of the four squads in the area. Don't like searching? Then
the best  solution is to just  whoop everyone up and get what  you want under
duress. One of the squads you've cruelly annihilated  should have rendered up

With the passcode  in possession, look  for the  server. It's  in one  of the
underground warehouses. Hook it up to receive the [global.fcmd] program which
enables you to migrate to other areas  in the colony. Just select AREA CHANGE
on the menu screen and off you go!

 Mission 2
Location: TOWN.1
Objective: Destroy the large Orbital Frame in TOWN.1

Seeing Leo's hometown  up in flames  isn't  like a view  from atop the  Grand
Canyon, eh? He, of course, jumps right to the conclusion that everyone has
died from the hazardous fumes or been burned alive. Or maybe they were blown
asunder by the friendly neighborhood missiles. The possibilities are endless!
He quietly promises to take revenge.

To protect any further casualties, he flies toward the huge  Orbital Frame in
the center of town, who seems to sadistically enjoy setting everything around
it ablaze. Fight, fight, fight, Leo, GO!



He isn't the least bit hard, assuming you've ditched  the mashing  techniques
you have somehow adopted at the hangar. Don't lie; I did NOT tell you to do
such a ridiculous thing...Anyway, while Tempest has his huge  pearl-like helm
on, he won't be able to move as freely. He surely cannot match Jehuty in
speed, so Jehuty has the upper hand. As soon as the fight begins, splurge all
the long-range burst  attacks (energy balls) you can muster up before getting
singed and slapped around by his flames. It's relatively easy for this part,
so I hope I don't need to delve into  elaborate details. After Tempest strips
down to his real form, it gets a bit tricky when it comes to actually dealing
any damage to this walking monstrosity.

He now likes to send out a myriad of  fireballs, discharged from his flailing
tentacles. I'd recommend repelling all of them with the shield until he
decides to stop and take to the air instead. Once he's air-borne, fly away to
a safe distance and prepare a burst attack. Then keep it at hand 'til he
lands and tries to make a pancake out of Jehuty. As soon as he exposes his
head again, release the energy ball and make him eat it. You only have enough
time for one attack, two at the most (sometimes). Just repeat the tactic 'til
you make him cry to his mommy.


Tempest malfunctions and ADA suggests destroying him. Leo, of course, refuses
(since he is a wimp) and she questions his motives. He then tries to
unsuccessfully make a computer program  understand human morals and so on and
so forth. Well, you can see the rest of the dialogue yourself. :P

Afterward, the town will be  swarming with enemies. Strange, isn't it? So get
a move on and go play with them. Continue the violent assault against the
army of Orbital Frames until they all bite  the dust. Poor guys; they didn't
even see  you comin'. You  should, by  now, have  honed your  skills to nigh-
perfection. If not, better start now.

 Mission 3
Location: TOWN.1
Objective: Avoid any unnecessary battles and move to another area.

Find and destroy the squad that  possesses [pass_javelin] to  attain Jehuty's
first sub-weapon, which can be equipped using the Command Menu. Finish off
the remaining squads, and you might level up. Once that's done, pull out your
map and locate the server. Head into the trenches and hook it up with your
first sub-weapon, JAVELIN. Yes, you just wasted 3 minutes of your life, heed-
less of life or limb, fighting to obtain this utterly weak  poking weapon. Le

***RESCUE MISSION in TOWN.2*** See Rescue Mission for details.

If you choose to skip the Rescue Mission, you should head to FACTORY.1

 Mission 4
Location: FACTORY.1
Objective: Obtain the info necessary for mission completion from the local
server in FACTORY.1

Upon entering, ADA will give Leo a few  tips and direct him to the squad that
possesses the passcode: [pass_antilia]. They are a Lv. 3 Frame party so it
wouldn't be a total shocker if the battle were tougher. Once vanquished, take
the newly acquired passcode to the local server stationed in the warehouse,
near a  Metatron Ore. Jehuty  receives [antilia.info] from  that server. Once
obtained, you may leave the area.

Back on the  Antilia (global screen), ADA goes  in-depth  on  Leo's  ultimate
mission. Your key role is to deliver Jehuty to the transportation ship, the
Atlantis. From there, Jehuty will be  transported to Mars for a major battle.
Again, watch the dialogue yourself to understand it better.

***RESCUE MISSION in TOWN.1*** See Rescue Missions for details.

If you've chosen to skip the rescue mission, you should head to CITY.1

 Mission 5
Location: CITY.1
Objective: Move to CITY.1 where the colony shaft is located and destroy the
EPS relay block.

The landmark of this area is a large vertical shaft  erected in the center of
the area. The shaft emits a tangible force field that renders Jehuty's energy
blasts useless. Not only that, it prevents him from going through it. Damn
force fields; always nothing but trouble. ADA informs you that you don't have
the proper weapon to destroy the colony shaft with, so nothing more can be
accomplished here at the moment. If you're in the mood to, you can fight
whatever enemy squads you can attract with the lock-on mode. The enemies here
tend to be a bit tougher, especially the Mummyheads since they've matured
enough to be able to utilize their cannons. Check your MISSION on the command
menu to find your new objective: Find long-distance bullet weapon necessary
to destroy the relay block. The weapon isn't lying around anywhere nearby, so
head out.

 Mission 6
Location: TOWN.2
Objective: Destroy the Porters in TOWN.2 and obtain the hidden item.

In TOWN.2, the enemies  have  returned and are in  greater  numbers. Ada also
informs Leo that there is a "vector trap" in the area. She explains what it
is and how to disable it. In order to reveal the item, you must destroy all
the Porters (these glowing urn-like things) scattered around town. Before
that, however, it'd be a good idea to decimate the  enemy squads in the area.
It will make your  task easier. If you  haven't  received the  Phalanx in the
last rescue mission yet, this is a good time to do so.

When you return, seek  out and  destroy  the 6 Porters  strewn throughout the
area. Use the right analog stick to aim Jehuty's weapon at the Porter. Making
contact with the Porter is the real challenge, and if there are any squads in
the area, they will make things even harder. As soon as the last Porter is
destroyed, head to the slope where the  two downed  frames are to pick up the
disclosed [Sniper] from the red  item box. Now that you've found  what you've
been looking for, return to the colony shaft in CITY.1.

 Mission 7
Location: CITY.1
Objective: Use the newly obtained SNIPER and destroy the EPS relay block in

With the Sniper, float  in front  of the rotating  shaft and  take aim at the
white dots. Hit each one as they enter target range. Once they've all been
neutralized, the green energy field will disappear. Clear the remaining
squads. The squad leader  relinquishes [pass_geyser]. Use it to  log into the
local server to obtain the [geyser.drvr]!

 Mission 8
Location: EPS.1
Objective: Destroy the power supply facility of EPS.1 and EPS.2

If you'd like you  can go to EPS.2 first  to receive a  few passcodes  and an
item, but you won't be able to get any further than that. So it is better off
starting at EPS.1.

Upon entering, notice  the huge satellite dish at the top of the steppes. You
can try to reach the satellite by getting past the numerous patrolling squads
stealthily under cover of shadows and land walls, but that is rather
difficult. Once you get to the satellite, you find that you cannot destroy
it. ADA suggests looking for an underground passageway leading to the
emergency back-up EPS supply. Proceed to sweep  the enemy squads off the your
territory and destroy  the Porters to  receive [pass_halberd]. Jehuty can get
the [halberd.drvr] from the local server.

To find the underground tunnel, open the map and look for white arrows (looks
kind of like this: >>>). Those arrows  indicate that  there is an underground
passage in that area.

Once underground, follow the corridor and keep  moving in the same direction.
Jehuty will be confronted with enemy frames at almost every juncture, so be
vigilant. Once he reaches the generator room, hover in front of the generator
and blow up the core with a burst  attack. When it's destroyed, backtrack and
head back out.

--- Obtaining Mummy --------

On the global stage, notice the question mark next to the CITY.1 label? Well,
go on to investigate. The very cool Mummy sub-weapon is waiting for Jehuty to
claim there. Mummy is very special because it doesn't require any passcodes
to make available. It just likes to appear out of thin air on occasion. Neat,
huh? What does it do? Please read the  Program appendix found near the bottom
of the guide.

 Mission 9
Location: EPS.2
Objective: Destroy the emergency EPS generator of ESP.2

Not surprisingly, this area is  modeled after the  landscapes  of EPS.1. Your
mission objective is no different either. So get to it! As always, the
emergency generator is stored away in  an underground facility, marked by the
arrows on the map. Let's fast-forward a  little: in the tunnel, Jehuty is not
able to ingress very deep  much to your dismay. There is--surprise--an energy
field blocking the way. Ada tells Leo that another way must be sought out.
Turn around and leave. As you do, three beefed-up Cyclops will come and throw
a party especially for you. Upon their demise, the  leader of the squad drops
passcode [pass_control1]. Leave the area to make use of the passcode.

 Mission 10
Location: TOWN.1
Objective: Find the necessary module to get past the EPS.2 energy field.

A second half of the  passcode is needed to  consummate the  entire "control"
passcode to unlock the next server. Almost all the enemies in the area can
put up quite a fight, if Jehuty is at lower levels. Target the squad with the
passcode first and ferret the [pass_control2] out of them. Now you've just
combined both passcodes to unlock the local  server, which is not found lying
around here.

***HEAD TO EPS.1***

The squads are back with a  vengeance! Feeling a  little annoyed? Just ignore
'em, then. Although if they do become a big hindrance, it can't be helped.
Whatever you choose to do, head to the underground passage afterward and
infiltrate the  facility until you reach  the intersection. Make a right, and
access the local server to receive [rap_ctrl.drvr]. With this sexy thang, you
can control abandoned Raptors.

***HEAD TO TOWN.2***

The only unmanned Raptor is the decrepit machine inclined on the small slope,
near where the Sniper was obtained. More Sniper ammo can be extracted from
the box, too, if  you're interested. Approach  the inactive Raptor to trigger
Ada's AI system. With her incredible  something skills, she sends it to EPS.2
on auto-pilot. Now the shoe  is on the other foot! You get to  be the one out
to eliminate good guys, except that's not really the case...at all.

 Mission 11
Location: EPS.2
Objective: Destroy the emergency EPS generator of EPS.2

Jehuty has now been  replaced by a  common, weak  Raptor. Raptors  stink, and
it's not because they don't use deodorant. Try to avoid unnecessary
bloodshed. In this case, it may be your own Raptor  that will be  torn apart.
There is a rare occasion in which someone can easily master using this
prototype failure and totally kick butt, but let's assume that that's not
you, K? At any rate, just inch along to the tunnel in one piece. GO, GO, GO!!

However, AND  unfortunately, battle  encounters at the  junctures are (sadly)
inescapable. You must somehow revert to your old mashing habits. Take the
path that branches off to the right to come to the local server and obtain
[Detector] from it. Destroy all the previously invisible  Porters to unveil a
Metatron Ore. Now, continue deeper into the facility until a seemingly
impenetrable wall prevents our poor friend from going any further. Looks like
he'll have to turn back, but WAIT! Why not use a...burst attack to drill a
huge hole in it? YES! On the other side  of the wall is the generator room in
which the emergency reservoir is held. So like, send another burst attack at
it to demolish the thing. Strangely, though, the aftermath of this event
influences the Raptor's equilibrium--it twitches and  suddenly suffers from a
few seizures, then the player loses total  control over it. Ah well, you have
done well, my friend. Rest in peace.

 Mission 12
Starting Location: TOWN.2
Objective: Move to MOUNTAIN.1 and meet up with the Atlantis.

All right! Let's head on over to  MOUNTAIN.1 and...KABOOOM!!!! WTF  was that?
Looks like a potential hostile situation, eh?

***RESCUE MISSION in TOWN.3*** See Rescue Mission for details.

 Mission 13
Location: PARK.2
Objective: Avoid battle with large Orbital Frame located ahead and move to
another area.

A boss  fight?? No, silly  goose! A party?! No, silly cow! Then  what? Just a
friendly, neighborly  welcome just to let all who are interested know he's
here. With Jehuty's current arsenal, there is no way in hell he can beat that
thing. Not now, anyway. If you know  what's good for  you, AREA  CHANGE outta
there for the time being.

***RESCUE MISSION in CITY.2*** See Rescue Mission for details.

If you choose to skip the rescue mission, head to FACTORY.2

Oh, no! A special computer virus of some sort has somehow invaded Jehuty's AI
system. Its effects are quite deleterious. He can't possible confront that
big bad boss in this condition! What a giant mechanized robot to do? Not only
does it deprive Jehuty of his health, it scrambles Ada's wavelengths. Or
something. Even the all-powerful Metatron  Ore can't restore his condition to
normal. An alternative must be procured!

 Mission 14
Location: FACTORY.2
Objective: Find the program in FACTORY.2 necessary for the repair of ADA.

Take a look  at Jehuty's  health bar. Notice  that his  life meter  is nearly
depleted. One hit and Jehuty will go to robot heaven. To make matters worse,
the area is swarming  with enemies. So a good idea is to  stay low  and avoid

Pull out the ever so trusty map and look for an  underground passage. ANOTHER
one, I know. Remember to slip by the squads surveying the area
surreptitiously as Jehuty makes his way to the tunnel entrance. Once
underground, just follow the corridor to eventually reach a circular room. In
the center of the room is a local server, but there is an enemy here closely
keeping watch. Tis a pretty intense battle since  your concern lies in mainly
Jehuty's vitality. Luckily, the enemy frame is a puny Lv.1 Raptor.

Upon defeat, it drops [pass_vaccine]. Now you can get  the [vaccine] from the
local server with which Jehuty uses to drive the pernicious virus out of his
system. This quick service restores Ada and all her functions. Jehuty is back
and ready to kick some butt!

Note: The other local server will need two passcodes  for it to unlock. Until
      you find those passcodes, ignore it.

***RESCUE MISSION in CITY.1*** See Rescue Missions for details.

EPS.1 has a question mark next to its marker. So make a quick stop to pick up
some Mummy and Sniper ammo.

 Mission 15
Location: CITY.2
Objective: Find the module necessary to avoid the laser attacks of the large
Orbital Frame in PARK.1

In the city, destroy each of the squads to  gain experience (if you  have the
time, or if you are already at a Lv. 8, then you don't need to), or simply
look for the squad with one of two passcodes you will need. One of the squads
shall present Jehuty  with [pass_decoy1]. Sub-weapon  enthusiasts should take
to destroying  all the Porters to receive [pass_comet] and pick up the  Comet
driver from the local server. You know the routine.

 Mission 16
Location: TOWN.3
Objective: Find the anti-stealth module necessary to defeat the enemy in

Hey, look! A totally  deserted town. Well, that's  what it  appears to  be at
first glance. As Jehuty starts to explore the oddly quiet town, he is
suddenly targeted by...what? Nothing's even there! Is this the work of the
supernatural! WAAAHH! Hey, what are those bleary contours? They're frames,
that's what! You know they're there, but...problem: they aren't tangible
beings. Problem: Jehuty can't  lock-on. Problem: even if they hurt Jehuty, he
cannot retaliate. Problem: you're  whining like a  little 'itch! Maybe that's
just me?

The first step to solve this enigma is to...RUN AWAY! That's right. Just AREA
CHANGE. It's pretty shameful, but that's OK! We're like that!

On the  Global  Stage, Ada  explains  that the  enemies in  TOWN.3 are  under
stealth mode, designed especially to affect Jehuty's system. He isn't able to
see these cunning enemies without the aid of another new program. What he
needs is an anti-stealth module to  reverse the effects, allowing him  to see
and defeat the enemy squads. To find that, go back to your Raptor friend.

 Mission 17
Location: ESP.2
Objective: Find the anti-stealth module necessary to defeat the enemy in

Retrace the steps the  previously controlled  Raptor had taken, and head into
underground tunnel again. Head to the position where the Raptor lost its
insanity (and where you laughed at its misfortune) and malfunctioned. Somehow
the proximity of Jehuty awakens the Raptor, and the two engage in a raging
battle to the death. Only the Raptor's death, that is. Its demise allows
Jehuty to extract the [detector.fcmd] from it. ADA will  install  it into her

Outside, Porters suddenly materialize and become  visible to the  casual eye.
Destroy all the Porters to receive [pass_gauntlet]. Laugh and cry because the
Gauntlet rocks everyone and  his mom! Then go to the  local server to pick up
the Gauntlet driver. Immediately equip  Gauntlet, as it is very effective and

 Mission 18
Location: TOWN.3
Objective: Find the anti-stealth module necessary to defeat the enemy in

This time, you can see the enemies buzzing  around. Waste no time  and get to
work exacting revenge for their having fooled you earlier. Quickly dispose of
the squad that has the [pass_decoy2] and head to FACTORY.2.


In FACTORY.2, return to the subterranean facility and lay claim to the  prize
from the previously locked server. Now you should have [decoy.drvr] in your
possession. You now have what it takes to turn  that Orbital  Frame in PARK.1
into scrap metal. Before impulsively taking off, seek and vaporize the
previously invisible Porters in the factory to pick up  some Decoy ammo, 5 to
be exact. Not to worry, five should suffice.

***HEAD TO PARK.1***

NOTE: Before entering, equip Decoy on your sub-weapon slot.

 Mission 19
Location: PARK.1
Objective: Destroy the large Orbital Frame in PARK.1

I hope you've  equipped  Decoy prior to  this. If not, do it  now! After  the
dialogue, prepare to face...



He's got to be  the biggest boss  you'd have to face  in this game. But  size
does not matter here; survival does! Waste no time in delivering your first
blow to the big guy with a Burst attack. Avoid his lasers and aim for the
head. When you see a red CAUTION! beacon, quickly summon a Decoy so Tyrant
focuses on that while you recuperate. Otherwise, Jehuty will become
fireworks! While he tries  to register  what has  just happened, quickly give
him a burst attack or two. The least number of Decoys you will have to expend
is 2, if you know what you're doing.

Once about 50% damage has  been dealt, he transforms into  his second form: a
small battleship cruiser. He is now deadlier, so be very careful. On a side
note, do away with the Decoy and equip Gauntlet instead. Focus your
attention on avoiding his rampages and do not endeavor to hurt him while he's
in attack mode. Once he stops to send out some missiles or whatever, send him
a greeting  in the form  of a burst attack  or two. This is a  time-consuming
battle. Be patient and don't rush with your attacks.

[TIP] Thanks to Thesilenthealer

When facing Tyrant I found it a lot easier to use  geyser when  he gets ready
to dash at you. For  some reason, it  stops him and I barely  got hit at all,
but try it out yourself and see what you think.


That takes care of that! We won't be seeing  any more of him. Leo asks Ada if
she will destroy this frame. Having learned from the last conversation they
had, Ada wonders why humans are so fickle. Well, something like that. Leo, as
per usual, refuses to witness mass murder. Ada is somehow able to compute how
he feels about the situation, but is still convinced that his actions are
completely illogical. Really now. Leo is such a big fat baby. Suck it in like
a man!

Notice that PARK.1 has a question marker next to it. Return to PARK.1. In the
center of the area are more Mummy supplies! I really hope you haven't wasted
any Mummys yet because the going is about to  get fairly rough. You will need
every ounce of Mummys you can get.


On the way to MOUNTAIN.1, Elena  contacts all those  aboard Jehuty  and makes
slight alterations to  the mission. The new objective now is  to meet up with
Rock Thunderheart in the warehouse. To get there, one must traverse the
mountains. How quaint. We were just about  heading there  like, now, ya know.

 Mission 20
Location: MOUNTAIN.1
Objective: Fly through the gully on the mountain slope and get from the dam
to the warehouse area.

This area  is a home to  skulking enemies, who love to  attack  unexpectedly.
Be very aware of your surroundings and always be prepared to engage in
combat. Since the area is bounded by high walls, it is a good time to make
use of the Geysers. Escaping from any of these battles is not an option. It's
now survival of the fittest.

At the first intersection, ignore the side road and  continue upstream. Don't
worry about conserving health, as there is a surfeit of Metatron Ores strewn
throughout the mountain region. At the dam, use the [pass_bounder] you should
have received as a gift and access the local server to embrace the extremely
sexy [bounder.drvr]. Woohoo! Equip that if you want to. Now head  back to the
intersection and head into the diverging path.

At the end, slip through  the hole in the wall and make  another chuck off on
the opposite wall. Proceed along the river and snag the ammo from the item
box while you're at it. Look for the weak spot on the wall, using either your
map or until Ada says something. It's all about  crashing through solid earth
to venture farther into enemy territory.

In the new  area, take a look  at the map  and  take the  route  that  allows
Jehuty to stock up on  various ammunition. Either path is fine, and they both
wind up at the same endpoint. After traversing the  canyon, you should have a
surplus supply of sub-weapon ammunition. When you're ready, enter the
warehouse through the filters or whatever they are. Save as prompted. There's
a nasty boss ahead.

 Mission 21
Location: MOUNTAIN.1
Objective: Destroy the large Orbital Frame in MOUNTAIN.1

Get ready 'cause things are about to get ugly!



This boss is tough. This boss fight is going to take a little longer than the
previous one because there aren't as many opportunities to attack Nebula than
there were with Tyrant. Give it your all while he's still in his infancy (aka
first form). Nebula likes to play dirty and adheres to a tactic called
"guerilla warfare", which I'm sure many of you are familiar with. For those
of you who have no idea what I'm blabbering about, guerilla warfare is
basically a hit-and-run strategy in which the side carrying this strategy out
will well, attack and then take shelter from the opposing team's retaliation.

Nebula's style is  similar to that. He tends to fly behind  the mountain tops
and then surprise you with his beams and missiles. To avoid this, a good idea
is to dance around him until he pauses for just a slight moment. Then let him
have it with a good ol'  burst attack. Repeat this  pattern until he  matures
into a formidable battle robot. Ouch, he hurts like a needle.

I would say to dodge all his attacks, but it's  easier said than done. Keep a
move on at all times and Jehuty won't suffer as much damage or any at all. A
moving target is harder to hit, as they say. Once Nebula calms down and feels
at ease, he will expose his "tail" (it could also very well be a hemorrhoid).
Take this opportunity to deliver a  burst attack. Slash, hack, whatever, just
try to find an opening and make him weep. When he  starts moving again, put
up the defensive shields until he takes a break again. It's slow, but somehow
it seems to work.


--Phalanx:  For the 3rd big boss you can use the phalanx to do a lot of
damage when the boss sits there and exposes his tail to fire.  It makes the
fight much faster.

--When fighting Nebula, wait for him to yell "Die!" and send the barrage of
discs toward you. If you sit directly, and I mean directly, facing him you
won't get hit. You have a good ten to fifteen seconds to equip Mummy and
regain around half your life.

--In the Boss fight with Nebula, after he transforms if you "Burst" him in
the face right after he lands, but before he attacks, you will usually
cause him to fall or tip over and expose his tail, so you can cause
major damage. This strategy is what helped me beat him. Hope this helps!

Thanks to Thad, lthial and Jeff Fox for these awesome tips.


Whew! Wipe the sweat off your  forehead and  controller. Don't think  the fun
ends here. Oh no, that would be far too simple...Muahahaha!

 Mission 22
Location: WAREHOUSE.1
Objective: Meet up with the civilian freighter Atlantis.

Guess who came to visit you? Definitely not Santa...



She's fast! She certainly isn't the pushover she  was at the beginning of the
game. Neith's bullets can rip through the pillars or any obstructions without
hesitation and totally destroy them, if Jehuty were to try to hide behind
them. In order to keep Neith at bay, you'll have to adapt to her quickness.
Close-combat is the key here, as long-range shots will barely touch her.
Unload as much ammunition as possible at her while you rush toward her to
engage in close-combat. The gauntlet here is pretty effective here, too. It
almost hits her every time. Don't bother switching to Decoy when the CAUTION!
beacon  appears. Just wait  for the  inevitable. Heh. Afterward, continue the


A lengthy  cinema ensues after the  battle. This is the time to  take a quick
restroom break (if you need to) or just kick back, sip  some coffee and watch
the long cinema.

 Mission 23
Location: HUB.1
Objective: Meet up with the civilian freighter Atlantis.

The hub is the last area of the game. The hub is also rigged  with bombs that
are ready to blow things sky-high. Your task here is to find and deactivate
the several bombs planted in the hub. Ada will search for the bombs. While
she is searching, destroy all the enemies before she finds one, or before the
timer runs out when she does find one. If Jehuty happens to get hit while he
is neutralizing  the bomb, he will lose  his grasp. If  the bomb explodes, it
will inflict major damage upon Jehuty.

To find the bombs quickly, tap the  lock-on button (L2) repeatedly  until Ada
targets something. Chances are that it might be  an explosive. So be careful!
Once a bomb has been sighted, head to it and press the  circle button to grab
onto it. Do NOT let go of the button until the timer reaches zero.

Once all the bombs have  been defused, Viola will  rise from  the dead with a
new frame.



She's back. She's mean. She's on  a mission to kick  yo  butt. Her long-range
attacks have become varied and more lethal. Viola likes to use Bounder and
several of her Burst attacks, which have become quite a pain. To pull this
off, go head-to-head with her. Close and personal. Then HACK AWAY! There's no
use trying to use long-range attacks, as she can counter them easily. The
best strategy is  to just rush in and slash her  with multiple sword attacks.
Stay on the move at all times. It's possible to zoom  through the six sets of
comets she hurls at Jehuty. Eventually, her energy will run dry  and bite the


1. Use Phalanx as sub-weapon
2. When the battle starts, dash toward him.
3. When Neith is in phalanx's range, tap the O to burst some phalanx while
   still moving toward him. (Neith will guard.)
4. Then once near, instead of bursting Phalanx, it will grab Zombie Neith and
   just throw it. Once thrown repeat procedure 3 and 4 till it dies.

Thanks to Yungyung

I found it easier to simply stay far back and fling comets at her. I took
almost no damage and had her beaten in about 2 minutes.

Thanks to Rasslinfan5


Watch as a bomb explodes  nearby and blasts  her through  the viewing window.
As the strong gravitational pull of the neighboring planet sucks her into its
atmosphere, she confides in Leo--all her feelings  will pour out like a leaky

Ada detects an unknown presence behind Jehuty. Jehuty turns  around and finds
another Orbital Frame! Ada recognizes this frame and affirms that Jehuty and
he are not  destined  to meet yet. Heedless of  life or limb, this  new frame



Winning this battle is impossible. However, that is the purpose of it. You're
not supposed to beat him, but DO NOT die. (I don't know if you can, but just
to be on the safe side.) Anubis teleports all over the place and can ward off
any attack Jehuty throws at him. Just play along with this sick joke until
Elena interrupts. For the remainder of the battle, just avoid his threatening
attacks. After a while, the game will completely take over.


Ok, this is the end. The ending and credits will follow. Yes, that's it. Live
with it. It's over, buddy. It's over...

-=[]----------------------=(-- 04. Miscellaneous --)=--------------------[]=-


                       monitor.fcmd        Factory.1
                         -----               -----
                       global.fcmd         Factory.1
                       antilia.info        Factory.1
                      *decoy.drvr          Factory.2
                         -----               -----
                      *javelin.drvr         Town.1
                      *sniper.drvr          Town.2
                      *phalanx.drvr         Town.2
                      *geyser.drvr          City.1
                      *comet.drvr           City.2
                      *halberd.drvr         EPS.1
                       rap_ctrl.fcmd        EPS.1
                      *gauntlet.drvr        EPS.2
                       detector.fcmd        EPS.2
                         -----               -----
                      *bounder.drvr        Mountain.1
                      *mummy.drvr           Varied

"*" : Those marked with this symbol signifies that it is a sub-weapon.

  This program is the first Jehuty autonomously  installs into its mainframe.
  With it, the player can activate the command menu, which allows him to
  assume total control over the game's components, like saving, equipping
  sub-weapons, etc. The program  also comes  with an extra option that endows
  Jehuty with the ability to lock-on to enemies.

  Activates Jehuty's transportation system. Jehuty can leave the current area
  to explore the uncharted regions, aka the "world map". This is achieved
  through selecting AREA CHANGE on the menu screen.

  A program that contains info  on the EPS facilities, with which ADA uses to
  locate the EPS energy sources.

  This program enables Jehuty to make a disposable replica of himself to give
  the full illusion that he is there, but really not. Get it? Beguiled
  enemies commence attack on the clone instead, you see. The decoy program is
  an integral element in totally  trashing one of  the bosses  you meet later
  on in the game.

  Allows Jehuty to wield  sub-weapon, Javelin--the first  of many sub-weapons
  you will find. Javelins follow an arc trajectory when released, so they
  don't work really  well when thrown  from afar. Plus, its impact  isn't all
  too powerful either.

  A primitive weapon from earth. Strangely enough, this model had been  built
  to accommodate Jehuty's size, considering that he IS bigger than an
  apartment complex and all. With it in possession, Jehuty can blast (small)
  things into oblivion from a long-range. The sniper is a story-driven
  weapon, so you can't miss it. And after it has lent its services to a
  certain task, the sniper rifle  won't be needed  any longer. Apart from the
  services rendered, yeah, it'd be pretty useless.

  The Phalanx is a pretty nifty shot that can pump out rapid shots, much like
  a machine gun. Of course, you would need enough ammunition to do so. It
  does a  fair amount of  damage to low-leveled  enemy frames; nothing really
  worth writing oodles of words for.

  Once set, chains of  lasers are released  from these tiny  devices, forming
  a small, temporary barrier in its vicinity. If anything (besides the one
  who called forth the geysers) is even nicked by it, the victim  will suffer
  sharp pain. These lasers sear through even the toughest metal. They are
  best deployed in a confined area.

  Comets are huge energy  balls  that can  auto-target enemies--it has homing
  missile physics, I guess. Like the Javelin, it also runs on an arc
  trajectory, so it's not too challenging for  opponents to surmount. And um,
  it's shaped like a comet.

  As a very sophisticated  weapon, it's still in its  rudimentary stages. The
  Halberd summons and collects "spirit energy", then concentrates it at one
  point, which is the "palm" of Jehuty's hand. This program grants Jehuty the
  know-how's to control this condensed energy, allowing him to draw it out
  and retract it at will. It ultimately can  become a type of sword. However,
  Jehuty will be immobilized while it is "unsheathed".

  A mind control  program that  influences only  unmanned  Raptors. Yes, that
  means you get to be behind the pilot seat of a pathetic Raptor to see how
  inscrutably weak it  is. Why, Konami, why?! It appears that this is another
  story-driven program. Without its acquisition, you won't be able to
  complete the game!

  The most awesome and all-dominating sub-weapon (in my opinion, only, so put
  down the torches and pitchforks). Easy to manage and can really knock an
  enemy dead with cold efficiency. Basically, it goes  really, really fast
  at an opponent (fast  enough that  he can't  escape from it) and smacks him
  dead on without fail (unless it's thrown totally off-target).

  This program enables Jehuty to detect  previously invisible objects. One of
  The numerous key programs to completing the game. Whee.

  The Bounder is probably the most  powerful sub-weapon. Its target  hit rate
  isn't as great as the gauntlet's, making it less useful when compared to
  the all-dominating gauntlet. w00t! Using it in  small, confined areas makes
  up for its flaw, however.

  Hideo sure has a strange knack  for naming things. Looking  past its rather
  strange appellation, the mummy is, by far, the MOST USEFUL sub-weapon ever.
  Useful in the field of healing, that is. Yes, it's not an offensive
  sub-weapon, so don't expect all enemies to suddenly drop dead upon using
  it. When summoned, the mummy builds a shield in front of Jehuty as though
  it's protecting him. It's the same metallic armor the Raptors use to become
  Mummyheads. However, its fallback is that it's very rare and can only be
  found in places marked with a "?". Don't let them go to waste! When Jehuty
  is using Mummy, fast movement is impossible. Jehuty cannot receive any
  damage in his  "mummified" stage. If he  does, the healing  process will be


               |     Passcode:             Program:           |
               |                                              |
               |     pass_global           global.fcmd        |
               |     pass_javelin          javelin.drvr       |
               |     pass_phalanx          phalanx.drvr       |
               |     pass_antilia          antilia.info       |
               |     pass_geyser           geyser.drvr        |
               |     pass_halberd          halberd.drvr       |
               |     pass_control1         rap_ctrl.fcmd      |
               |     pass_control2         rap_ctrl.fcmd      |
               |     pass_vaccine          vaccine.fcmd       |
               |     pass_decoy1           decoy.drvr         |
               |     pass_decoy2           decoy.drvr         |
               |     pass_comet            comet.drvr         |
               |     pass_gauntlet         gauntlet.drvr      |
               |     pass_bounder          bounder.drvr       |
               |                                              |

                             ---Rescue Missions---

Rescue Missions are  completely  optional and  not required  to  complete the
game. It merely tests how human you are, as in, do you have any morals? Don't
you feel guilty that people are crying out in distress and you're ignoring
them? If you actually do the missions, they will look good on your completion

There are five possible grades:
  "A" – occurs when you have 100% population and less than 10% of colony
        building damage.
  "B" – occurs when you have 100% population and more than 10% of colony
        building damage.
  "C" – occurs when you have less than 100% of the population saved.
  "D" – occurs when you have less than 50% of the population saved.
  "E" – No one survived; everything was destroyed.

--- Tips ---------

* Even when you're not in battle, enemy frames are  already on top of things,
blasting away everything in sight.

* SensateBo says: "Fly  High! That's  right. The mummyheads  have projectiles
that move in a continuous path, and flying high will ensure that their missed
shots will end up in the sky as opposed to buildings."

* Thad says: "Sniper: use to shoot at far  away enemy squads, causing an easy
encounter.  They will head for you and stop shooting buildings."

 Rescue Mission 1
Location: TOWN.2

Being your first  rescue mission, this should be  fairly simple. To  keep the
town safe and intact, draw all the enemy  units to an area devoid of denizens
and many buildings. We don't want to jeopardize the lives of the people you
want to save, do you? Focus  on taking  out mainly  the Mummyheads  first, as
they seem to enjoy the hell out of themselves shooting wildly everywhere.
Next, take out the Raptors, as they  also tend to love throwing those
Javelins. Save the  Cyclops  for last since  they can't do any  damage to
buildings. Refrain from using any long-range attacks, and just rush them head
on. Go all out on them and, at the same time, prevent reciprocation.

 Rescue Mission 2
Location: TOWN.1

Repetitive, aren't they? Unfortunately, the battle with Tempest counts toward
your grade for this rescue mission. In other words, if the buildings in the
vicinity went BOOM with Tempest, docking points off your grade is inevitable.
If you'd like, you can start over and be  painfully scrupulous  when battling
against Tempest.

There are four  squads patrolling  the area and  wreaking  havoc as usual. To
engage in combat without a hassle, stay at a distance--but close enough to
lock-on--and target an enemy. Once targeted, the enemy will accost Jehuty and
follow him. Lure the enemy unit to the trenches, where it is safe to battle,
and mercilessly bash them into oblivion. Apply this method to the remaining
squads. If all goes well, you should  receive a fairly  high grade. Good job.

 Rescue Mission 3
Location: TOWN.3

Notice that  there is only  one moving  squad, inflicting all the damage upon
the poor, defenseless buildings. At the moment, the other squads seem to be
suspended from activity. However, that won't be so when you annihilate the
active group. Well, get to it. Eliminate the moving squad first, then head
toward the river. From there, use the Sniper to draw their attention toward
Jehuty. Deal with one squad at a time, so you won't be overpowered and forced
to stray far from the river.

 Rescue Mission 4
Location: CITY.2

At the  time you attempt  this mission, Jehuty  should  be infected  with the
virus. Gah, not good. Remember, one hit = death. So how in the world are you
going to be able to pull this off? That Rescue Mission grade seems so distant
now. Fear not! Luckily for you, the enemy squads here are all at a measly Lv.
1. Thanks to that, they won't pose too much of a problem.

The Metatron Ore won't help, since the virus repels its effects. Start off by
destroying the nearby squad on your right. Once in combat, start dashing
backward to avoid getting hurt. While doing that, shoot wildly at the
Mummyheads, as they are the major threat to you now. If you are far enough,
burst attack them. Do the same for the Raptors and Cyclops. It's too risky to
engage in close-quarter skirmishes. Repeat this  pattern until all the squads
have been confirmed dead. It's not an effective strategy, but hey, as long as
it works, right? Stay safe and you can't go wrong.

 Rescue Mission 5
Location: CITY.1

Whew, last one! There is a  total of  five squads. Go for the  ones  with the
Raptors, as they seem to like attacking the tower instead of Jehuty. There
are civilians trapped in the tower, so be careful! (This means that you
cannot allow any stray shots to damage the building at all.) The Raptors and
Mummyheads are the biggest threats, so focus on taking them out first. After
the temporary act of genocide, cleaning up the remaining Cyclops shouldn't be
too problematic.

Congratulations! You've completed  all five rescue  missions! Pat yourself on
the back for being such a good Samaritan. No, you don't get anything other
than the items you receive while saving  the people. Expect a nice completion
data. Here's a lolli. My treat.

-=[]--------------------=(-- 05. Soundtrack List --)=--------------------[]=-

As far as I know, uh...this  is the Zone  of the  Enders official  soundtrack
listing! So there! Some of the names  may sound a little goofed-up, but don't
look at me: I wasn't the one who  translated the song  titles. But hey, um, I
like your shirt!

   Original Soundtrack (KMCA98)

01: Title (The Origin)
02: Introduction
03: Leo Stenbuck (break out)
04: Factory (Vivid Transparency)
05: VR (The Fourth Dimension)
06: flowing destiny (Piano Arranged)
07: Global 1 (Forever And Ever)
08: Are you alright, Celvice?
09: Boss
10: Celvice! This way, quickly!
11: Residential Block (S02)
12: A Light with a name of HOPE (Piano Arranged)
13: Radar (Pandemonium)
14: Global 2 (Virus)
15: City (The Earth Light)
16: Mountain (Who Can Read The Future?)
17: Rock Thunderheart (Function)
18: A Light with a name of HOPE (Protect Me)
19: You Need This Done To You
20: Flowing Destiny (Resolution)
21: Ada (Promise)
22: Flowing Destiny (Memories)
23: Neith (Risky)
24: Viola (Silent Death)
25: Anubis (Impossible)
26: Jehuty Will Self-destruct (??)
27: Flowing Destiny -- Ending Theme 1
28: Kiss Me Sunlights -- Opening Theme
29: A Light with a name of HOPE -- Ending Theme 2/Celvice's Theme


Ever wonder why this song has such a poignant  effect? Me neither. It must be
the evil doing of that Akiko Yano! At any rate, this song kicks fifty butts.
It has been a part of my massive MP3 list since April of 2001, and to this
day, I still rev it up  every now and  then on my  Winamp. Each time it has a
phenomenal soul-stirring influence. It's inexplicable--like an enchantment.
While you listen to it, Yano's voice super tingles your every senses and puts
you in a state of delight. It is truly mysterious. As soon as it stops, you
will want to hear  it again. And again. And again...On an  unrelated note, my
insane mother calls it the "Chicken Song" for some reason.

Thanks to the two people who have put  their minds  together and  sent me the
(incomplete) lyrics to this song. The missing stuff had been produced by me
after listening intently for 45 minutes. (Even after all that, plus all the
other times I've listened in the past year, I still can't distinguish what
she sings sometimes.) Now those who are interested can actually sing or hum,
like you know it by heart, to the tune without  feeling dumb. But um, I can't
guarantee they're accurate. If anyone would like to correct an error in the
English translation, feel free to e-mail me! (Yes, I am aware that the lyrics
in the opening movie are either distinctly different or incomprehensible.)

"Kiss Me Sunlights"
Vocals: Akiko Yano

Japanese Lyrics                            Spotty English translation

Dare mo ga, namida                         Someone's tears
Mune ni....mune ni...                      In my heart..In my heart...
Nakushita, ano hi                          I have lost it, on that very day
Motome...motome...                         Hoping...wishing...

Kurai mado ni, Ame...                      Rain, falling on the dark window
Kirameku machi                             Glistening the road,
Tobi ko-e, Ikitai                          Leaping over it, yearning to go

Angel heart, so many heart,
Kiss Me Sunlights
Fly to the dark, set soul free,
Hold me moonshine
Until my rumbled hands lead to the end of time
Find me in your eyes...

Finally I'm missing ki do (???)
You hold me, hold me...
Until I can slowly give you

Hoshi hara yoro ni                         Amid the stars
Hitori...Hitori...                         Alone...alone...
Kakebuke no yume                           A warrior's dream
Mitsume...Mitsume...                       Staring...staring

Minai hitomi imai                          You cannot see yourself now
Noni sora sa taka miru                     In the sky above
Tobi tai                                   Together we will fly

Fantaria, tempesta, it's my Odyssey
Go higher, and wonder heart of labyrinth
Until I feel new dawn bloom on the silent sea
Sing for me your song

Angel heart, so many heart,
Kiss Me Sunlights
Fly to the dark, set soul free,
Hold me moonshine
Until my rumbled hands lead to the end of time
Find me in your eyes...

Air l'amour                                Air of love
Air l'amour                                Air of love
Air l'amour                                Air of love

-=[]---------------=(-- 06. Frequently Asked Questions --)=--------------[]=-

 Q: Where can I find the driver for the "unknown" item?

 A: Unfortunately, this question can't be answered. An unknown item can be
    _any_ type of sub-weapon. Usually, this occurs when you have received
    ammunition for the weapon, but you have not yet obtained the proper .drvr
    program to put it to use. Until you find the .drvr program for that
    unknown, it will remain as an unknown. I cannot tell you where to "find"
    it. You'd have to look through the program list and scout out which you
    haven't found yet. Phooey.

 Q: How do I unlock the two remaining Orbital Frames and levels?

 A: When you beat the game for the first time, you will notice that there are
    two additional spaces for the Orbital Frames and levels in the Versus
    mode. To fill in those holes, beat the game a second time either by
    beating Zombie Neith again from a saved file, or starting the game all
    over again. Save the second completion data and voila! The holes are
    filled by the Single-Sword Raptor and Zombie Neith. The two extra levels
    are the Warehouse and the Hub.

 Q: How long does this game usually take to beat?

 A: I've seen this question numerous times on the message boards. Depending
    on the player, it can take up to 6-7 hours, 8 hours at the most, and 4-5
    hours at the very least. Honestly people, this isn't a 40+ hour RPG. It's
    a mech game for crying out loud.

 Q: What are "Enders"?

 A: According to caer_caveral, the proper description for these are the
    humans living at the very end of civilisation. I quote from the manual of
    the game: "This term refers to persons living in the farthest reaches of
    space. It has the connotation of "country bumpkin". From Earth's point of
    view this is everyone living beyond Mars. For those on Mars, this term
    refers to anyone living in the Jupiter block.

 Q: Can I play as Anubis? He really kicks hard!

 A: No.

 Q: I heard there's a rumor that there's an extra mission on Mars. Is this

 A: Not unless you re-programmed the game to have this extra mission, then
    no, it is far from the truth.

 Q: How do I access the Metal Gear Solid 2 Demo?

 A: For some strange reason, I keep getting this question. Damned Blockbuster
    (or damned pirated versions!), not including the MGS2 demo. Anyway, to
    "access" it, simply pop in the disc like you did with ZOE. The MGS2 demo
    is apt to have 2 discs: one for ZOE, the other for the MGS2 demo. I think
    those of you who have e-mailed me with this question either bought a one
    out of a million ZOE packagings that didn't include the MGS2 demo, or you
    got the pirated version! Or maybe those beasts at Blockbuster just didn't
    feel like giving you the MGS2 demo. I feel for you man! To clear this up
    more, the MGS2 demo is not "hidden" away in the  ZOE disc. There's no big
    secret in playing it.

 Q: I heard about Jehuty doing the disco if you input <the code>, but it
    doesn't work. How do I do it?

 A: Apparently, this is just some stupid rumor. It shouldn't work, and I'm
    sure the boys at Konami weren't that bored either.


-=[]--------------------------=(-- 07. Outro --)=------------------------[]=-

                               ---Legal Junk---

The unofficial ZOE  strategy  guide was  created  April 3, 2001.  © 2001-2002
AdrenalineSL. All rights reserved.

All rights reserved including the right of reproduction in whole and  in part
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or create derivative works based on the documentation in whole or in part. Do
not remove any copyrights.

DISCLAIMER: Zone of the Enders, the Zone of the Enders logo, and all related
characters are copyright and property of Konami, Inc.

o|                        S P E C I A L  T H A N K S                       |o

Adrenaline would like to thank the following for directly or indirectly
contributing to this FAQ:

Carolyn - For just being a friend and lending me money! Yay! Lots of hugs and
kisses! She especially puts up with my obsessive gaming habit.

Konami - For making this amazingly cool game.

CJayC - For accepting and hosting my FAQs, and for maintaining one of the
best websites on the net! He obviously gets only like 10 minutes of sleep
each day, and yet, he still has the motivation to write FAQs for us! His ZOE
guide helped me plenty with the rescue missions.

Mom – For always being silly. Really, it was her fault that my gaming habit
has evolved into what it is now.

Contributor Credits

- Dave, for some enemy tidbits I missed or left blank.
- Jackson Wingate, for the quick Versus Mode acquisition code.
- ChangeV, from the ZOE Message Board  for generously providing the full list
  of the ZOE soundtrack.
- Yungyung, for sending in an alternative strategy for Zombie Neith.
- Kalle Beneus, for expounding on the meaning of enders.
- SensateBo, 'cause he submitted a good tip for the rescue missions.
- Thad, for sending me a good tip for the Sniper and not to mention providing
  an alternative strategy for Nebula.
- lthial, for sharing one of his  fanciful fantasies. No, not  really, but he
  did give us a neato strategy to put Nebula in its place.
- Jeff Fox, for sending in a Nebula strategy. They just come in numbers don't
- Rasslinfan5, for sharing a Zombie Neith strategy.
- Thesilenthealer, for offering a nice butt-kicking strategy to whip Tyrant
  into shape.
- Seth Paynte, 'cause without him I wouldn't have known who sang that awesome
- Jacquelyn Johnson, for e-mailing me both the Japanese and English portions
  of the "Heart of Air" lyrics!
- Caer Caveral for also sending in half of the lyrics. Half is better than 0!


                ************* CLOSING STATEMENT **************

Fare the well! I'm getting too lazy to think of anything special to say. With
a closing statement in almost every guide I've made, it's hard to come up
with anything worthwhile to say anymore. Maybe I should stop writing, then I
won't have that problem anymore! Nah, I won't do that. See, my desultory
ramblings are wasting your time again. Then again, if you've made it this
far, you have got to have some  spare time on  your hands. Ok, here it is, my
grand finale: ............Goodbye! That means GET OUT.


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                      DeFtones   @#(((^  ^//~6K%^^^^
                                R@G%/~     //(CK@
                               @@B6((~/ ^^^~/~t%@
                               @@R6((~((/%/~(/CO@   /
                        ^^ % /(OKeC%tCC6C6666OG%~// /
                      / ^(t/~%G6(tC%(%tC%%C6%%///////
                    ^  ^%/(%KCC(((%((/(/(~// //^//~//
                       C/%R@(t(/^        ^^   / / ///
                   ^/^(t#@(((/^  !~AdrenALiNe~!
                   ^%%@@(~/~/^          ^    ^//^// /
                    /(//////// ^  /  / R~%G^C~Gt~/^ ^
                     // ////// / ^^^///////G/ ~/ ///^
                     /// ^//^/// / /   /^ / ^//// ///

                       _Adrenaline_ Deftones 1995
           The Unofficial Zone of the Enders Strategy Guide
                   Copyright © 2001-2002 Stephanie Lee
                               April 2001