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Last update 26-7-01

Welcome to my Oni Battling Guide,

This contains battle strategies for each type of bad guy in the game.
Look for the bad guy you're having trouble with and zoom straight to
their section using my handy doofercodes that use the find button
to full potential. Please e-mail feedback to

I suppose you know all of the legal crap. No making money. No putting
on sites without my permission. Basically, you can't do ANYTHING except
read this guide without my permission. Oh, you can save the page. I have
absoultely no problems with that. Becuase I, Reid Wason, own this guide.
So ner ner on you.

I wrote another guide for the game Diablo II. It is nothing like Oni,
but it is excellently excellent if you like that sort of thing. I have
a collage of Konoko displaying all of her good moves. I'll send it to 
you if you e-mail me. Just ignore the bad-hair-day looking thing in the
bottom right corner. That went slightly wrong.

Revision History
26-7-01: Started guide. So that'll be the 1k mark I've broken.
4-8-01: Guide finished, unless I can think of something else to put
in here. Oh, I know. A walkthrough. Yay. More work for me. I've done
the first level in it.

Number Name <Doofercode>
1. Standard Bad Guys
   Strikers <Strikerdoofers>
   Furies <Furiousdoofers>
   Tankers <Simdoofers>
   TCTF Troopers <Lawdoofers>
   Ninjas <Ninjadoofers>
   Elites <Elitedoofers>
   Other <Otherdoofers>
2. Boss Bad Guys
   Deadly Brain <Organdoofers> (Level 2)
   Barabas I <Cyborgdoofers> (Level 3)
   Barabas II <Barabasdoofers> (Level 7)
   Mukade <Mysterydoofers> (Level 10)
   Muro <Brotherlydoofers>(Level 12\14)
   Griffin <Beardoofers>(Level 12)
   Konoko's Clone <Sheepdoofers> (Level 12)
   Shinatama's Omega Chamber <Omegadoofers> (Level 13)
   Muro's mutation <Imagodoofers> (Level 14) 
3. General Strategies (and clever tricks) <Tiberiandoofers>
4. Weapon Usage <Handsupdoofers>
5. Walkthrough
   Level  1 (Syndicate Warehouse) <Warehousefullofdoofers>
   Level  2 (Musashi Manufacturing) <Manufactureddoofers>
   Level  3 (Bio-Research Lab) <Biologydoofers>
   Level  4 (Airport Assault) <Flyingdoofers>
   Level  5 (Airport Hangers) <Hangersfullofdoofers>
   Level  6 (TCTF HQ PartOne) <TCTFOnedoofers)
   Level  7 (Conversion Plant Exterior) <Exteriordoofers>
   Level  8 (Conversion Plant Interior) <Interiordoofers>
   Level  9 (TCTF HQ PartTwo) <TCTFTwodoofers>
   Level 10 (Rooftops) <Ninjitsudoofers)
   Level 11 (Hasegawas Lab) <Dreamingofdoofers>
   Level 12 (Sci Prison) <Sciencedoofers>
   Level 13 (TCTF HQ PartThree) <TCTFThreedoofers>
   Level 14 (Syndicate Mountain Base) <MtDoofers>


STRIKERS Strikerdoofers

Green class: These are too easy. Give them a good Sledgehammer Heel
(or possibly a Triple-Punch) and they're down. Don't forget to use low
kick if they're floored but you're not sure they're dead.
1ST APPEARANCE: Syndicate Warehouse, Save Point 2.
Blue class: This just adds the minor problem of some jumping attacks
and, of course, the Striker Slam. For the Slam, use a skidding or low
attack (or Willow Kick). For the jumps, either jump yourself and time 
the kick just rightto knock them out of the air, or Crescent Moon\
Rising Fury them while on the ground.
1ST APPEARANCE: Bio-Research Lab, on the roof.
Red class: These guys have a Headbutt Dash move. Jump over it, or roll
out of the way. For all else see the Blue Class guide.
1ST APPEARANCE: I _think_ its the Airport Level, but I can't be sure.

FURIES Furiousdoofers

Green class: A quicker but less strong version of a Blue Striker,
these should be no problem to you. The Foot Stomp Special only works
while you're down, so get up quickly. Willow Kick is noticably less
effective on Furies, so don't go there. I'd use something like a
Triple Punch or a Triple Kick on them.
Blue class: They noticably have the Whirl Kick move. I'd reccomend
a jump-kick followed by a low punch and a triple-punch till they
Red class: 10-shadow Punch is added here. It is basically Headbutt
Dash, but faster. Watch out for this class, as they're quite tough 
and fast. Try and get behind them, or use the Van Der Backbreaker
(as mentioned in the Strategy Section).

TANKERS Simdoofers

Green class: They say "Can't Top Tanker!" They're wrong. You can
top tanker. Tankers are slower than Strikers but nearly as powerful
as Elites. Kick moves take advantage of Tanker's poor speed and if 
you throw in a Rising Fury or Crescent Moon they'll be toast. The
Nuclear Tackle should be avoided with a side roll followed by a kick
while they're down. <REQUEST: Can someone help me by giving me info
on the supposed Hover Kick move?
1ST APPEARANCE: Airport Cargo Hangers
Blue class: Blockbuster is nothing special. The boost in speed is
noticable, though. I'd still use kicks, but in combos this time.
1ST APPEARANCE: Airport Cargo Hangers, a bit later on.
Red class: Ah, yes. The dreaded Red Tanker. You'll need to very
carefully use side-rolls to avoid the Nuke Tackles, and have an
eye for the Atomic Elbow Drop. Don't let him get a hit in... get
behind him, or throw him about.

TCTF Troopers Lawdoofers

Little Guy: The guys who were once your support are now against you.
They're not especially strong, and they're slow as hell. Kick them 
lots and always get in a Willow Kick. If they've got a pistol\uzi
then use the stepping disarm.
1ST APPEARANCE (against you): TCTF 2
Cops: Nothing special here. The guys in blue take about 4 kicks
or 6 punches to go down, and can't do you any real damage. The guys
in red are stronger, though, and need to be dodged and thrown.
1ST APPEARANCE (against you): TCTF 2
Large Guy: Lionaxe is a practical joke. Lionaxe Fist isn't as funny.
You'll want to Lariat these guys when you meet them, and definitely
put in a few Devil Spins if there are more than 1 of them. Don't be 
afraid to Triple-Kick them, because they are quite slow.
1ST APPEARANCE (against you): Conversion Plant Interior
Big Black One: This isn't racial. Its a guy in black kevlar, and
he's got crap specials, but great normal moves. Don't let them get
a gun, they're tough enough already. Punch them, they're fast, and
even a good VanDerBackbreaker won't kill them outright. Use plenty 
of Rising Furies and don't be afraid of the Willow Kick. It is class.

NINJAS Ninjadoofers

All classes: Ninjas. They look cool and they kick ass. Ninjas can dodge
well and they're fast as a Mercedes with steroids in the engine. You'll
want a good Lariat, and only kick them when they're unawares or you're
doing a jump. The Volt moves are deadly and they let them escape, so 
be careful when up close. I'd repeatedly hit and run them, and if they 
were to run at me I'd slide them. 

ELITES Elitedoofers

Green class: The Cannonball is frequently used and its bloody hard to
do anything about, except dodge and take advantage with a backbreaker.
You'll meet the first of these on the 1st TCTF HQ level. This is 
deeply unfair, because Elites are so good. They take a hell of a lot
of punishment, so use plenty of Rising Furies, and Devil Spins. Maybe
you'll have to resort to armed combat on these, even if they do take
2 mercury shots. 
Blue class: And they've gotten stronger! This one will *NEED* a Willow
Kick-Backbreaker combo. If that's too hard, then run off, Lariat them,
then run off again.
1ST APPEARANCE: Syndicate Mountain
Red class: Just run away. Failing that, bait them out of a window or 
into some sludge.
1ST APPEARANCE: Syndicate Mountain

OTHERS Otherdoofers

Snipers: If you know one is in the area, stay out of their line of 
sight and find a way around their firing range. If you have to do 
combat with one, they're dead in two lariats. Or three, maximum.
Comm Trooper: Easy enough. Disarm them, and then have a good time
Rising Furying them until they drop. Just watch out for that Static
Fist special. It hurts. Trust me.
1ST APPEARANCE: Syndicate Warehouse


DEADLY BRAIN Organdoofers

The first Lasers are easy to dodge, duck the high one and jump the low one.
The second Lasers are harder to dodge; you'll need a good jump-flip over 
The third Lasers aren't worth dodging; if you've got enough health then
run through them and hope you don't get hurt too badly. If you have to
dodge them then you'll need to time your run so you're chasing a set of
lasers, and make sure you dash.


SPECIAL MOVES: Earthquake Drop, Stronger and Stronger.

Barabas I is good enough. Get the Wave Motion Cannon off of him, 
though, as a priority. Once he's disarmed, pull out your pistol 
and shoot him lots. Don't worry about the ammo, there is a plasma
rifle behind one of the buildings. Once his health is in the yellow
then give him a good load of kicks. Don't let him out of the combo
as he'll Earthquake Drop you, then heal himself. Also, avoid getting
thrown as that'll hurt you lots. He's ..s..l..o..w.. though so you 
don't want to worry about your speed. Kicks work here.


SPECIAL MOVES: Earthquake Drop, Stronger and Stronger

Barabas's final conflict is just like the first, only it is harder
because you'll have less health, he might be immune to guns (I 
forgot), and you can fall off of the edge and die (he'll fly back 
up again if you knock him off). Best bet here is to do a good Disarm
or Running Throw, then nick his Wave Motion Cannon and use the 2nd
Attack button to kill him. After this punch him about and he should
die quite quickly.

MUKADE Mysterydoofers

APPEARS ON: Rooftop level
SPECIAL MOVES: Volt moves, Invisibility, Homing Light Missiles. 

Mukade is HARD! Maybe even harder than Muro! But don't worry, as I'm
here. Mukade's missiles home in on you, so try and trick them into 
killing Mukade. If he cloaks, then start running and don't stop 
until you see him. If you don't see him after a complete lap of the 
arena, double back and Lariat him. He is fast and strong, so you
might want to consider overpowering if you can. If you have a small
amount of health go back a savepoint and come back with more. Also,
guns don't effect him, so DON'T USE THE SCREAMING CELL!! Apart from
that, you'll need combos up close to prevent the slippery devil from
escaping. Rising Furies, Crescent Moons, Devil Spins and even Willow
Kicks are all too slow for this, but every time you run at him do the
Lariat. Good luck, you'll need it.

MURO Brotherlydoofers

APPEARS ON: Hasegawa's Lab, Syndicate Mountain if you don't kill Griffin
on TCTF 3
SPECIAL MOVES: Many. Neck-Snapper Drop throw, all of Konoko's specials
except for Rising Fury and Devil Spin.

Muro is also hard, especially the second time. The first time just
combo him till he drops, and don't let him knock you down because
after he does that he'll sit on your head which is *painful*. Always
Lariat him if you have to run away.
The second time he shows up with his mates, two Red Furies. Kill them
before you even think about Muro. Muro is immune to guns, but he 
doesn't like to be Willow Kicked, Backbreakered, or thrown. He'll start
on Overpower Mode, so you'll *need* to run off for a bit at the start.
After his 30 seconds are up, move in with a Lariat, followed by a 
low kick and a triple kick when he gets up. After that, you decide
how you deal with him because it needs improvisation. Don't stop short
on Rising Furies though! 

GRIFFIN Beardoofers

APPEARS ON: Hasegawa's Lab
SPECIAL MOVES: None. Appears with a VDG Pistol.

Griffin isn't hard himself, but get his VDG pistol AWAY from him,
and get in a few VDBackbreakers. If you're going to VDB, make sure
his guards are both at least down. I'd reccomend maybe a Lariat
Hit-and-Run festival for his troopers, and don't be scared to throw
them at each other. There are 2 hypos and a Phase Cloak in this arena
which might help you. On Griffin, though, just don't fight him when
he's got his gun, and you should be fine.

KONOKO'S CLONE Sheepdoofers

APPEARS ON: Hasegawa's Lab
SPECIAL MOVES: All of Konoko's, except Stepping Disarm and Twister Kick.

"Hello MAI!" Yes, its your clone. At the start, run away unless you
can get Overpowered yourself. If you can get overpowered then you'll
want a few Lariats and a good Rising Fury. And don't be ashamed to
VDBackbreaker her. *NOTE: If you know someone called Mai then play 
the movie in front of them. It is funny. If your best mate fancies
someone called Mai then its doubly funny. If your name is Mai then
you'll like this scene*


SPECIAL MOVES: She has Lasers.

"I'm sorry Konoko" Yeah, I don't care how sorry you are, STOP 
SHOOTING ME!!! <sigh> 
The first Lasers are easy. On the first platform, wait for the
Lasers to come right back and then start running. Activate the
computer then wait for the Lasers to get blocked by the comp. 
When this happens go go go to the next platform. Proceed until
the second Lasers appear.
The second Lasers are harder. After Shinatama stops talking you'll 
want a side-roll AWAY from the lasers at the sides followed by
a backwards cartwheel escape and a roll back to near the computer.
Activate it, then time it like the first and watch out for the
above laser near the computer. Repeat until the third lot appear.
The third Lasers are virtually impossible. You'll need to time it 
and have good hand-eye co-ordination to succeed. If not, make sure
you've got plenty of health (if not top it up) and try to run 
through the lasers. You probably won't die if you did the first two
laser sets correctly. Good luck on this as it is bloody hard.

MURO'S MUTATION Imagodoofers

APPEARS ON: Syndicate Mountain if you killed Griffin on TCTF 3
SPECIAL MOVES: Lightning Attract, Lightning Repel, Charging Punch,
Earthquake Drop, Invincible until after he does a move.

If you're going to make an invincible Daodan Chrysalis person
then please make them not able to be defeated by little people like
Konoko. You'll need to trick this guy into doing a charging punch
before you can even start to backbreaker him, or run away so he has
to use the lightning waves attack to bring you closer. If he does 
this then run straight at him and Rising Fury. Muro's mutation
is bloody hard, but remember to use escape moves, dash lots, and
always hit-and-run and you should be fine. If Muro hits you with
anything too many times you're dead. Also, don't forget that you 
can't throw him, or even lariat him to my knowledge. Willow Kick
won't work either. Crescent Moon is quite good here, as is Rising
Fury, and the odd Devil Spin. Twister Kick might be useful but I 
can't use it so I wouldn't know. Good luck, and whatever you do


The Van Der Backbreaker

You know how its real hard to backbreaker an enemy unless they're 
standing still? Well, if you shoot them with the stungun (VDG Pis-
tol) then run up behind them, you'll get them good and proper. Of
course, practice this technique before you go using it on Mukade,
but it works in theory.

Falling Meteorite

I've given this a cool name to make it sound better than it really
is. If you can time a flying kick, Crescent Moon, or at best a 
Rising Fury right, you'll knock enemies out of the air simply. This
does not work on Nuke-Tackling Tankers, but whaddayagonnado? With
practice you probably won't ever be knocked down by a jumping twit 
ever again

Silent Ninja

A bit of sneakiness never hurts. Always sneak off ledges if you know 
that beneath you is a badguy. If you time it right you can backbreaker
them without them even seeing you >:).

Lariat Rope Bounce

Run at the enemy and Lariat them. Keep running, double back, Lariat
them again. Repeat until bored/convinced its cheating/enemy is dead.
You could try this with the original Running Throw but don't place 

Sliding Throw

By far the best tactic when locked in a combo is to jump backwards,
slide toward your enemy and use the basic punch+forward throw. 

No Guns

If you don't like being shot at (like me) then try repeatedly jumping
while moving towards an armed enemy. They won't hit you as much, and
if you time a kick really well then who knows what'll happen.

The Slayer

If you watch Buffy, Angel, and the film Blade back to back, and then
play Oni, you'll be amazed at how much better you've gotten. You'll 
have lots of adrenaline pumped up, you'll be excited, and you'll be
in just the right kind of mood. This tactic sounds weird but it works.
Trust in the freckled Onimaster.

Willow Backbreaker

If you're unarmed, use Willow Kick to stun the enemy and backbreaker
them to take advantage of it. Amazingly powerful.

WEAPON USAGE Handsupdoofers

THE PISTOL (Campbell Mk4 Equaliser)

The Pistol has a decent rate of fire, but does virtually no damage.
They're common, and they're good for stopping enemies running toward
you, but if there is any other weapon on offer then choose it.

THE UZI (Hughes Blackadder SMG)

The Uzi packs a powerful punch, but it runs out of ammo faster than
my cupboards run out of peanuts on a Friday night in (That is what 
Tortilla Chips are for... mmm). This gun is a pain to have used on
you, and worth carrying around, but if you think there are better 
guns that run on ballistic ammo (Grenade Launcher, Sniper Bow) then
never reload it. They're like disposable nappies (thats diapers
if you're American): put them on to do dirty work, but throw them
away once emptied.


I like this. It sets enmies on fire briefly, it has a decent rate
of fire, and it kills after between 2 and 6 shots. Perfect for
sniping until you get a Sniper Bow. But, it runs on different ammo!
Bliss! Worth keeping unless you get something better.


>From afar, this is slightly useful. At medium range, it is more
useful. At close range this defies all known physics: it sucks
AND blows. I never saw the point in this gun; its nearly as bad
as the pistol. Those warheads are SUPPOSED to do damage aren't they?
Well I don't think they're doing their job. Avoid this unless you
are unarmed.

THE STUNGUN (Van Der Graaf Pistol)

Ah! One of the two top guns IMO. It basically stuns an enemy, leaving
them prone to... BACKBREAKER! This is known as the Van Der Backbreaker.
Or you can throw them at their mates. Or off of a tall ledge. Or you 
can run off and use a hypo. The possibilities are endless. Wayhey for
this gun.

THE STREAM GUN (Phase Stream Projector)

Nah. No damage here, but it is very ammo effective; knock them down, 
then commence beating. I can see few possible situations where this
would be of any use at all. Sorry.


The ultimate weapon of mass destruction! It basically DESTROYS 
anything within a 10ft radius. But this is very dangerous for
two reasons: 1. You'll hit yourself sometimes and 2. If you use
this and the glassworld cheat you'll get so lagged up you'll be
killed by the nearest enemy. Other than that, cool. Cool. Wicked.

THE SNIPER BOW (Mercury Bow, Lightning Sniper)

ARGH! I hate this gun... when its being used on me. Like on Level
9 with the sniper on the roof... near impossible not to be sniped.
But when the shoe's on the other hand, then I love it. It will kill
anything but an Elite or Blue+ Tanker instantly. It does severely
weaken Tankers, but Elites are less affected by it (3/4 or a 1/2
will be taken). Now I'm hungry so I'll close this section.

<chomp> Mmm... peanut butter... <chomp>


Its a right tricky one this. I don't personally like it all that much.
The enemies often run towards you, attracting the Cell and then
it'll damage you. I'd reccomend this for big situations with Elites
involved somewhere, but otherwise STAY AWAY!

BARABAS' GUN (Wave Motion Cannon)

Press Punch and it'll charge up a good-damage, crap-speed plasma 
wave. Press Kick and it'll charge up a fair-damage, good-speed
bomb like thing. So Kick is better for this. This weapon makes
you so ...s...l...o...w... that I'd only reccomend using it on
Barabas. If you carry it through half the level, it'll be out of 
ammo, and you'll have been a sitting duck for the Strikers. Only
worth it on Barabas, then.


The only other guy who I know who has done a guide for Oni is Martin
Gaston. He had a walkthrough as well. If you aren't satisfied with
my walkthrough so far he has many more levels than me. Also, if you
are so incompetent that you need a walkthrough for the training level
he has that. 
Here is a guide to my guide. Every paragraph is a new room. Save Points
are separated by small banners saying "SAVE POINT X". Levels have a row 
of dashes on top of them to separate them from the rest of the guide. I
will do a level in my walkthrough every day (time permitting) and send it
off on that day, so keep checking back!
Here's a temporary solution. I'll do difficulty ratings for each level 
here. OK:

TCTF Training: <snore>
Syndicate Warehouse: <wakes up>
Musashi Manufacturing: Quite easy
BioResearch Lab: Moderately hard (with the special selection at
this stage)
Airport 1: Moderate (but very fun)
Airport 2: Moderate (but not as much fun as Airport 1)
TCTF Base: Not very hard (but cool)
Conversion Plant 1: Moderate and fun
Conversion Plant 2: Moderately hard
TCTF Base 2: Quite hard, but fun
Rooftops: Fun, not very hard, but not at all easy, especially
the boss.
Hasegawas Lab: Pretty hard, but I like it. Except those invisible 
ninjas <GRRRR!!>
TCTF Sci Prison: Very hard
TCTF Base 3: Very very hard
Mountain Base: Near f!!!ing impossible.


Save Point 1

At the start of this level Shinatama will tell Konoko some crap, then
its off on Level 1. I suggest going to the edge of the balcony and 
shooting the guy at the computer. Use the console in this room and go
to the next.
There are some boxes here, use them as cover if needed.Go up the 
stairs to the next bit. On the second floor there is a roomwith a 
computer in it. Use the computer to open the door to the next room.
 You'll be ambushed by an engineer on the way back, but he's easy 
enough to take down. Go down the stairs that he came up and through the
door marked with the yellow and white diamond. If you go up the stairs
there will be an engineer with an Uzi. Shoot him, pick up the Uzi, and
look off of the balcony. On the middle row of boxes there is a piece
of ballistic ammo. Jump on to the middle boxes to get it.
 Drop down and go for the door currently on your left. Kill the
engineer in here. When you pick up his hypo Shinatama tells you 
about the Daodan Overpower Mode. Worth knowing, listen up. Then 
activate the computer, climb the stairs to the second floor, and
go to the next room through the door with the green and white diamond.
 Head forwards to find a body. You need to pick up the datapad, cos
this is Chung, the dead agent Griffin told you about. I don't quite 
know how, but a Green Striker arrives on the scene for you to kill.
Go up the stairs, and in one of the rooms is a Striker behind a box.
Kill him for his hypo. Go back downstairs, and through the door at
the opposite end of the green-diamond room.

Save Point 2

In this room are two engineers. Kill them both, and go up the stairs.
 Along this corridor is a room with an enginner in it. Don't bother
going in here, he'll just hurt you and he doesn't give you anything.
Keep going along the corridor and a Striker will attack you. Kill him,
and don't go into the room as it has a rewardless Striker in it. In the
third room on the corridor is another rewardless engineer, so keep out 
and go through the door. At the bottom of the stairs meet a Striker and
kill him, and his mate who shows up halfway through the fight. Go through
this room and into the next.

Save Point 3

A comm trooper will ambush you in this room, and if you hit him then
he'll run to the alarm console upstairs. You need to go upstairs too,
to activate the red-diamond console to get through the door, and the
door is back downstairs.
 In this room is one engineer to kill. Do so. Then go through to the
next room and save the guy from the Striker, who has a hypo on him.
The innocent guy says the manager is upstairs, so go there (no bull,
Sherlock). Save the manager from the Striker, and he'll open the doors
for you. Go through.
 This room has one engineer on your level. Kill him. The second floor 
has one engineer and the ground floor has two. Go through the big door.

Save Point 4

One engineer on ground floor, but there is someone shooting at you.
Lead the guy on ground floor through to where the shooting guy can't
get you. There is a guy with a plasma rifle by the truck as well. On
the second floor on the left is one engineer, who is the guy with the 
Uzi. On the third floor is the computer you need, and a Striker with
an Uzi, the toughest baddy on the level. Activate the computer, watch
the video, and proceed to Level 2.


Watch the video, hahaha. Then three strikers come into the room. 1
of them has an uzi, and one of the TCTF troops with you will attack
him. The other TCTF guy thinks he can take the other two at once. I
personally kick the Uzi guy, take his gun, and go after the other 2,
but you may see things differently. Try to keep the TCTF guys alive,
as they're not all that useful but better than nothing. Follow them
through the door.
 Kill the two engineers behind the glass, and activate the white |:
computer to open the door. One of the engineers has a hypo. Pick it
up and head through the now open door.
 There is a comm trooper in here. Kill him quick, as he'll run to an
alarm console. Also kill the engineer. Head through the door and go
past the alarm console and through the door on the other side.
 In this room is one striker. Kill him, then activate the console in
here. It shouldn't take too long to find, just turn backwards from the
exit door. You need to do this, even though it unleashes a Striker with
a Plasma Gun. Head straight out of here, and through the next room, to
get to a place with a Comm Trooper bullying a civilian.
 Kill the Comm Trooper quickly and don't hurt the woman. She'll give
you ammo. Activate the green |: computer and head through the green |:
door. Shinatama says something, then go through the door and up the 
stairs on the right.
 If you kept the TCTF Troops alive, they'll be dead by now. Kill the
plasma rifle guy before you join them. Nick his gun and ammo, then go
along the balcony and through the door. Keep going until some music 
starts, and you've been down one flight of stairs. 

Save Point 2

 In this room is a Striker with a Scram Cannon and three engineers.
Two of the engineers give a hypo, one gives a ballistic ammo clip, &
the striker gives you a Scram Cannon. IMO, its crap, so don't pick it
up, and keep the Plasma Gun. At the other end of the room go up some 
stairs and Griffin says some crap.

Save Point 3

Two engineers in this room, one with an Uzi, one with a hypo. Its not
strictly neccesary to kill them now, but if you want less trouble lat-
er then do kill them, and head upstairs through the door.
 The first laser puzzle, this is pretty easy. Slide under one, then
time then next one with a slide. Repeat this pattern for 3 and 4. Don't
go through the door on the side (unless of course you WANT to kill
yourself), instead head through the door at the end.
 In here are two strikers, one with an Uzi, one with a hypo. I chall-
enge you to complete this room without killing either of them. It is
near impossible, though. Behind the stairs and behind the box is a 
weird-looking computer. Activate it and head through the door which
I said don't go through before. Do the computer in here.
 Head back across the lasers, and realise it is possible to jumpflip
over two at a time. Go to the engineer room, and through the orange
|: door. The civ in here will give you a hypo. Activate the blue
|: computer. In the engineer room, kill the striker with the plasma
gun, and head back into the laser room, and through the blue |: door.
 In the room is a Striker and a comm trooper. Neither are armed, and
the striker gives you a hypo. The real reason you're here is because
of the yellow |: computer. Activate it and head into the Striker room,
and then through the yellow |: door. 
 There is a striker Uzi-ing a doctor. KEEP THE DOC ALIVE! He gives you
two hypos. Kill the striker and take the gun if you want. Then head 
downstairs to...

Save Point 4

This is just a door with a boss on the other side. I can't be arsed to
write the boss details again, so just head to the Deadly Brain section
which is Organ Doofers (but without the space).


Save Point 1

Fight with Barabas. Doofer code: Cyborg. Note that the two dead TCTF
troops have hypos, and one dead guy has an energy clip and Plasma
Gun. Go into the building through the door on the right.

Save Point 2

Two strikers. One has an Uzi. Kill them one at a time if you want to
stand a remote chance. In the cubicle at the far end is the Red
Wing computer. Activate it. Two Uzi-ed strikers are attack Scientists
on either side. On the right, the woman gives a hypo. On theleft, the 
guy gives two hypos. Now head upstairs. 
 In here are 3 strikers and a comm trooper, and someone in here has
a SCRAM cannon. Kill Scram-man first, then start on the others, and
go through the cubicle to the Opposite Triangle computer. On the left,
the guy gives you a hypo. On the right you'll get an Energy Clip and a
Force Field. Forcefields mean bullets damage the Shield and not your 
health. Which is nice. Head upstairs.
 Up here is one Striker and one Comm Trooper. Kill the Striker first,
and then the Comm. Everyone on either side is dead, but have a Striker
with an Uzi in each of them. One corpse has a hypo next to it, and one
of the Strikers has an Energy Clip. Head upstairs.
 On the roof is the first Blue Striker in the game. Watch out for the
Striker Slam, and kill him quick. On the next bit of roof is at least
one Green Striker. There might be two. I fell off the roof at this point.
Careful you don't do the same. Go in a door, then up some stairs, killing
the green striker on your way. At the top of the stairs is another green
striker in a room with 2 dead guys. Kill him. Go through the door on the
left of the entrance to a room with a Bomb Trooper in. Beat him up, watch
the video.

Save Point 3

Talk to the TCTF peeps to get 2 hypos. The third guy that you can't see is
in one of the rooms. Take cover before the strikers get there. In one room
is a computer with a credit card symbol on it. Activate this, and kill the 
blue striker behind you. By now the strikers should definitely have arrived,
so go upstairs and apply your favourite method of destruction to them. On
2nd floor, there are two green strikers armed with Uzis (hell) and on 3rd
floor is a blue striker with a SCRAMCannon. On 2nd floor is also a room
with another credit-card computer. Activate it and kill the blue striker that
is behind you. On the 3rd floor there is a creditcard comp behind the huge
room. At the opposite end of the floor is a door to a new room with a pool
of sludge in it. Go in here. 
 On the top floor are 2 strikers, one with an Uzi. On the 2nd floor, there
is one striker. On the 3rd floor are 2 strikers, one with a Plasmagun. Go 
to the bottom floor, and activate the computer. Climb up the stairs, kill 
Bomberman, and jump down onto the gates. Through here is 1 Blue Striker
and 1 Green Striker. Kill em both, then watch the movie with the truck.


If Muro thinks he can kill you with 2 green strikers, he's very stupid. Go
straight past\through the first one, cos the second one is attacking civilians.
Kill the 2nd one, and then come back for the 1st one. In the first lot of 
rooms, the man and woman in blue and one woman in red give you hypos. Take em.
Also in the first lot of rooms are 2 strikers (one with SCRAM, one with an
Uzi) and a Comm Trooper. Kill these before they kill the civs. Now head back
outside for a guy to give you 1 hypo, and you can find another out there. Then
go back in, and into the final room of the first lot and activate the plane