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-Game: Oni
-System: PlayStation 2
-Author: Locke130
-Author's E-mail: Locke130 (at) yahoo (dot) com
-Version: 2.1
-Date: 10/2/2007



                           TABLE OF CONTENTS

-I: Intro                                               [ONIINT]
-II: Legal Info                                         [ONILGL]
-III: Credits                                           [ONICRD]
-IV: Contact Info and Contact Rules                     [ONICON]
-V: Previous Versions                                   [ONIPRV]
-VI: How To Read Walkthrough                            [ONIRED]
-VII: PC/PS2 Differences                                [ONIDIF]
-VIII: Training                                         [ONITRN]
-IX: Walkthrough                                        [ONIWLK]
     -Chapter 1: Trial Run                              [CP1WLK]
           -Save Point 1                                [CP1SP1]
           -Save Point 2                                [CP1SP2]
           -Save Point 3                                [CP1SP3]
           -Save Point 4                                [CP1SP4]
     -Chapter 2: Engines of Evil                        [CP2WLK]
           -Save Point 1                                [CP2SP1]
           -Save Point 2                                [CP2SP2]
           -Save Point 3                                [CP2SP3]
           -Save Point 4                                [CP2SP4]
     -Chapter 3: Puzzle Pieces                          [CP3WLK]
           -Save Point 1                                [CP3SP1]
           -Save Point 2                                [CP3SP2]
           -Save Point 3                                [CP3SP3]
     -Chapter 4: Tiger by the Tail                      [CP4WLK]
           -Save Point 1                                [CP4SP1]
           -Save Point 2                                [CP4SP2]
           -Save Point 3                                [CP4SP3]
     -Chapter 5: Hot Pursuit                            [CP5WLK]
           -Save Point 1                                [CP5SP1]
           -Save Point 2                                [CP5SP2]
           -Save Point 3                                [CP5SP3]
           -Save Point 4                                [CP5SP4]
           -Save Point 5                                [CP5SP5]
-X: Attacks/Diary                                       [ONIATT]
-XI: Weapons/Items                                      [ONIWPN]
-XII: FAQ                                               [ONIFAQ]
-XIII: Codes/Cheats                                     [ONICDS]
-XIV: Future Versions                                   [ONIFTR]
-XV: Closure                                            [ONICLS]


                             I: INTRODUCTION                        [ONIINT]

Bungie.  Anyone with an Xbox knows who these giants are: the makers of Halo.
But they just so happened to make quite a few games before Microsoft hired
them.  Oni happens to be one of them and quite a good one to boot.  It was
my first PS2 game and probably the one I've put the most time into (besides
FFX and God of War).  After playing through this several times and seeing
the lack of guides for the game, I decided to write my own, which you are
now reading.

Needless to say, this walkthrough contains SPOILERS, so if you have yet to
beat the game or a particular mission, don't say I didn't warn you if you
get spoiled.

New to this walkthrough are the tooltips!  Just find the section you want to
go to in the table of contents and look for the six letter code to the right
of it.  Press CTRL + F and type that six letter code into the box then click
search to be brought to that section of the guide.  Easy, no?


                             II: LEGAL INFO                         [ONILGL]

This FAQ copyright 2007 by Locke130, all rights reserved.

Oni copyright their respective companies, all rights reserved.

You may not take any info in this FAQ, in whole or in part, and use it for
your own FAQ.  You may not post this FAQ on your website unless I give you
permission to do so, nor link directly to this FAQ unless it's on your
website.  You may not alter this FAQ at any time, sell this FAQ in any way
or put it in a magazine/book.  You may distribute this FAQ freely as long as
it's not altered in any way, sold or printed in a book/magazine.  This may not
be used in any type of promotional advertisement, such as free giveaways,
contests and/or sold with the game.  You may not make any money from this FAQ,
such as selling this FAQ, giving this away with the game or placing it on a
website and restricting viewers to see it unless they pay money or register.
I am in no way affiliated with any companies that made this game.

You can't take anything out of the FAQ, even the smallest detail, and use it
for your FAQ.  You can't put this FAQ on your website unless I say you an
and you can't link to the TXT file unless it's on your site.  You can't
change anything in this FAQ, sell it, or put it in a magazine/book.  You
can hand it out to your friends as long as you don't sell it, alter it or
print it in a magazine/book.  You can't use this to get your company more
money, like giving it away for free to attact customers, giving it away in
a contest or sold with the game itself.  You can't make money from this FAQ
by selling it, selling this with the game or putting it on a website where you
have to pay to see it.  I didn't make Oni or even help.

Now that you've seen it in 2 styles of English, you should know what's legal
and what isn't.


                              III: CREDITS                          [ONICRD]

Usually, this is one of the last sections but I think I should give credit
to those who helped with the FAQ before the FAQ.  Anyway, here it goes:

-Thanks to:

*Bungie for a great, although not well known, game.
*Gamestop for putting up with me while I got this game.
*Gamefaqs for giving me the inspiration to write a FAQ, and posting my other
*The instruction manual for giving me info on moves and weapons.
*Neo Kikiorie and JaZoNkRoLl for the cheats.  (along with a billion others)
*David Littlejohn and PS2N64Gamer007 for their information on training.

-Websites that can use my faq:


That's it at the moment so if you see a direct link to this anywhere else,
contact me ASAP.  If I gave you permission and you're not on this list,
please send me an e-mail, thanks.


                        IV: CONTACT INFO AND CONTACT RULES          [ONICON]

-My e-mail address: Locke130 (at) yahoo (dot) com

*Job offers
*E-mails covering topics already in the guide
*E-mails with excessive bad spelling/grammer or language
*Argumentitive letters about the game's material
*Plagerized work

*CONSTRUCTIVE Criticizm (you must give a reason why something isn't good,
you can't just bash on it)

*Do NOT spam me or anyone else on the credits list.
*If you have a contribution, please put "Oni FAQ" somewhere in the subject
(since I have multiple FAQs)
*If you use this FAQ on your site, it is YOUR responsibility to get the latest
version (which can be found at GameFAQs).  If you don't, then I'll revoke
your right to use the walkthrough.
*Feel free to IM me on Yahoo Instant messenger, but don't be rude or demanding.


                           V: PREVIOUS VERSIONS                     [ONIPRV]

-Version 2.1 (October 2, 2007): Wow, three years...where has the time gone?
Being a game addict and working full time doesn't help either.  No new
content yet, but I did do some reformating.  Added some tooltips, etc.  Next
update will hopefully cover a lot more of the game.  Halo 3 is out!

-Version 2.0 (April 14, 2004): Sorry it took so long.  Added a few sites to
the list and a bunch of codes for the game.  Thanks to everyone who e-mailed
me.  Also added a walkthrough for missions 3-5.

-Version 1.1 (August 13, 2002): Added a site that can host this walkthrough
and some moves/entries to the attacks/diary section.  I'm devising stratigies
for the boss fight on mission 3 and they'll be up in the next update.

-Version 1.0 (August 10, 2002): Created this FAQ/Walkthrough and completed a
lot of sections.  It's still not complete yet but I'm working on it.


                         VI: HOW TO READ WALKTHROUGH                [ONIRED]

Here is my basic walkthrough setup for this game explained:


                 Chapter 01. Trial Run
                  Syndicate Warehouse         <-- Name of the mission


           Save Point #1   <-- The walkthrough divided by save points

-Objectives:     <-- The objectives for this part
1. Objective 1
2. Objective 2

--OBJECTIVE 1   <-- What I do so you will notice
which objective you are having trouble so you can learn about THAT OBJECTIVE.

(Walkthrough and additional objectives follow)

And that's my setup.  Hope it's easy to read.

-L1: Jump

-L2: If you're standing still, you crouch.  Move d-pad/left analog stick while
holding this button to sneak around.  If you jump, you'll do a flip.  If you
run, you'll roll on the ground.  If you dash, you'll slide.

-L3 (press down the left analog stick until you hear a click): Hold to walk

-R1: Punch

-R2: Kick

-R3 (press down the right analog stick until you hear a click): Pickup item,
take out gun, put away gun.

-D-Pad/Left Analog Stick: Move around

-Right Analog Stick: Change camera angle

-Select: Brings up a menu.  Objective tells you the current objective, items
tell you in detail about the items you've collected, weapons tells you about
the different types of weapons, diary tells you about Konoko's feelings and
teaches you new moves and help tells you what everything is and the
controls.  This is the only button you need to remember.

-Start: Pause the game

-[] (square): Reload Weapon

-/\ (triangle): Drop Weapon

-O (circle): Use hypo (which restores your health)

-X (cross): Action button (confirms selections, opens doors, etc.), Taunt
the enemy

It will be better explained in the training, which just happens to be the 
first thing I'm helping you with!


                        VII: PC & PS2 DIFFERENCES                   [ONIDIF]

After many times of being asked this question, I decided to make this section.
I happened to obtain a copy of the PC version, which came bundled with a copy
of Tomb Raider.  For $10, that ain't bad.  But this will show you the

-On the PC, you cannot use codes until you either beat the game or hack a
system file.  On the PS2, as long as you know the codes, you can use them.

-On the PC, you cannot change the controls without editing a file.  On the
PS2, you can change them, but not to what you want.

-On the PC, there was an extra code which allowed you to take pictures,
record movies and do other developers stuff.

-There are no loading times on the PC, therefore, the loading screens on the
PS2 aren't on the PC version.

-Each use the stereotypical fps controls, however, the PC's controls are
easier to learn.

-Rockstar was the PS2 publisher, and Godgames was the PC publisher.

-You can skip the intro on the PC version.


                             VIII: TRAINING                         [ONITRN]

When you start a new game, you'll have to go through training.  This can be
great for newbies but can get old if you have to do it again.  Anyway, 
here's a walkthrough for the training.



After Shinatama finishes talking, she'll tell you to change your orientation.
Do this by moving around the right analog stick on your controller.  After
a second of doing this, it will tell you to walk around.  What I like to do
is keep the left analog stick straight and move the right one.  This moves
Konoko around and changes your POV so it basically follows you.  After a while
it will tell you to go to the control console where the yellow circle is.
Then, press x and activate the console.  Shinatama talks to you again and
tells you to dash around the room.

Now, after that, she'll tell you to dash on the track circling around the
room.  Hit every arrow (it doesn't matter if you go slow but it's better if
you go fast).  After you're done, it will tell you to go to the console you
passed.  Go there (it has a yellow circle under it) and activate the console.
Then, run to the door and open it with x.


             JUMP TRAINING

When you get in the room, wait for Shinatama to finish talking and press L1
to jump.  Then, run around and jump.  It will tell you to jump up, but don't
just yet.  See the boxes going around the track?  Jump on them and up on the
huge one.  Grab the ballistic ammo and then jump up to the next training



After you bound up into this room, it will give you instructions.  Crouch
down for a couple of seconds then look around.  See the crates?  Jump on
them and crouch down to look through the window.  Watch this person for a
while.  You can either crouch and watch this person beat up the drones or
move around, jumping off the boxes until this person loses.  Either way,
wait until training resumes.

Creep around by holding L2 when you walk.  Then, run forward and press L2
to roll and after that press back and L2 at the same time to cartwheel.
Once that's done, dash and press L2 to slide on the ground.  Shinatama will
activate lasers which you have to slide under.  Either slide or roll under
(whichever one you can do) and then wait for her to finish talking.  She'll
teach you fliping, so do a couple.  The energy field blocking the opening
will dissapear and Shinatama will tell you to jump flip to the next area.
If you want to try, dash towards it, then hold L1 and press L2 without letting
go of L1.  If not, jump up on the crates then up into the room.



Now's the fun stuff.  Do a couple of punches with R1 and a couple of kicks
with R2.  Shortly after, tap R1 fast enough to do two punches in a row.
Then press R1-R1-R2 rapidly.  Then fool around for a second.  When you're
ready, enter the door and start the fun part.

Approach the robot and start beating the crap out of it.  It's just practice
so don't worry about messing up.  Beat him up as much as you want, then go
into the next room.

This new room is the same as the other except now Shinatama teaches you how
to throw your opponent.  Go up as close as you can, then press up + R1/R2 at
the same time.  Press R1 will result in a different throw then pressing R2.
Also, try throwing from the back.  Practice then enter the next door.

Now the robot will attack you.  Stand right in front of him, facing him and
don't attack to block the attacks.  Try and beat this robot up, then move on
to the final training room.

Go over to the inside of the table and face the weapon.  Press R3 (press
down on the right analog stick until a click is heard) and you'll pick it
up.  You can press R3 to put it away and take it out, but for now, let's
leave it out.  You can press select to read info about the gun if you want.
Once you have the gun out, aim at the circles in the glass pillar type
things with the right analog stick and press R1 to fire.  Destory as many
as you can with the ammo you have.  You'll know when you're out of ammo
because your aiming line will dissapear and there will be no more red dots
in the slots in the circle in the bottom-left corner.  Go over to the table 
and grab the ammo that is where the gun used to be (R3).  Once you have them
in your inventory, either fire your gun again to reload or press the square 
button.  Finish destroying the circles with your new gun, ammo and shooting

HINT: If you are really lazy, you can run up to the pillars and shoot them
from point-blank range.  Try to shoot them from far away if you can.

Once you have finished, Shinatama will give you praise for destroying them.
After that, she'll announce you'll be shooting moving targets.  You'll need
a more powerful gun for this so go over to the table to the right of the
computer and grab the gun (R3).  You'll drop your other weapon.  Don't try
to pick it up.  You can only hold one weapon at a time and you'll drop your
current one if you try and grab it.  See the training drones near the
pillars you were just firing at?  You need to shoot those and kill them.
Try and do it from a good distance (not every enemy will allow you to shoot
them at close range).

HINT: All you lazy people out there (or bored people who've beaten the game
already), you can easily beat this activity.  Stand in the path of the
drone, facing him so that he's either coming towards you or walking away
from you and just fire.  You won't ever miss (unless you're really bad at
this game).

It takes around 3 shots to disable a drone.  After the first is gone,
Shinatama will activate a second drone.  Shoot that one (the hint works
for this one too) three times and Shinatama will come back on.  This time,
she's congratulating you.  You've completed Oni training!  Good job!

After you beat the training, you'll see a message that says "training
program Beta 6 complete.  Rating ___".

Once Shinatama stops talking, go over to the console and activate it (X)
to finish Oni training and start your first mission.  Congrats!

David Littlejohn says:

I got a training score of 100 on Medium difficulty.  I missed the glass targets
twice but I didn't miss the robots.


PS2N64Gamer007 expains how to get a perfect score:

You have to dash full speed the whole time you are on the tracks with the arrows
and not miss one.  Do everything Shinitama says.

Do everything Shinitama says, like always, when she says it.  Jump onto the
highest platform and get the Ballistic ammo clip (red).

Do everything Shinitama says, when she says it.
Never touch the laser sensors.
Jump-flip into the next training room on the first time.

Do everything Shinitama says, when she says it.
Get the punch-punch and punch-punch-kick combos the first time.

Don't get hit once and beat the enemy before Shinitama says something about the
Final Flash.

Throw the robot all 4 ways (2 front, 2 behind).

Block every punch and kick the robot gives you.
Don't get hit at all.

Hit every circle target with using just one bullet from the pistol.
Hit the robots 100% of the time with plasma rifle.



                           IX: WALKTHROUGH                          [ONIWLK]

Once you've completed the training, you'll automatically get teleported to
the first mission.  If you want to skip the training, go to load game and
select the mission you want to load (most people will only be able to load
the first mission).

PS2N64Gamer007 says:

There are no added levels for harder difficulties.  The enemies are only 
smarter and more powerful.



                 Chapter 01. Trial Run
                  Syndicate Warehouse            [CP1WLK]


           Save Point #1          [CP1SP1]

1. Entry
2. Contact Chung


As soon as the game stops loading, you'll see a short movie with Shinatama,
Commander Griffin and Dr. Kerr are talking about Konoko.  After that,
Shinatama opens a window that explains your health meter.  Read up and
then press X to exit out of it.  The bottom-right hand circle has notches
around it with none of them filled in.  This is how many hypos you have
left.  Use them when you need health.  Next, put away your gun (this is
optional but with all the time I've played Oni, the only time I used my gun
was when I needed to shoot someone from far away.  Also, I don't know if
this is true, but it seems that punches do more than gunshots).  

There are two ways to get to where you need.  One is to jump-flip off the 
ledge to the right of you and the other is to go down the stairs through the
door in front of you.  Its a little more stealthy if you walk down the 
stairs and gives you a bit of an advantage so I'll use that way for this 
walkthrough.  If you walk near the edge though, the guy will see you and
run up the stairs after you.  Either way, use your combat skills to beat
him up (in this game, it doesn't matter what you use to beat the enemy as
long as you win, sort of like a fighting game).  When you see the big, red
flash of light and the "ugh!" sound, you've defeated him.  Continue until
you're on the bottom floor.  

Look around.  You should find 2 consoles (one with a whole lot of green and 
another with a picture of a diamond).  The one with the green has 
information on it and when activated lets you read some of their 
information.  It is optional and none of these types of consoles are 
required to beat the game (some of them are funny though).  The other will 
unlock doors with that symbol on it.  Activate it and you'll hear a sound, 
along with seeing the console go blank.  I recall seeing a door with that 
symbol on it near the stairs...maybe we should go check.  Once you find it 
over there (its on the corner of the right wall when you exit the stairs 
coming from the top floor), open and go through the door. You'll shortly 
recieve a transmission from Shinatama about compass data.  This will mark
the end of the objective.

*OBJECTIVE: You must make contact with TCTF operative Chung who has been
investigating this warehouse for Syndicate activity.

The arrow in the left circle at the bottom tells you the floor the objective
goal is on and the yellow bar tells you the direction you need to go to get
to the objective goal.  The larger it gets, the closer you are to the spot
where it is.  Basically, if you're lost, use the objective compass to find 
your way.  In this case the compass is pointing east.  However, there is a
wall there and Konoko isn't about to change into a being that goes through
walls.  I bet your saying "Hey!  You just said it points the way to the
objective goal!  Are you crazy?" and the answer is "it doesn't point to the
PATH you have to take to get to it, it points to the exact place where the
objective is completed.  You'll have to find an alternate path that points
you to it."  In this case, you'll notice there is an arrow pointing up, so
look for some stairs that we could take to get to the floor of the
objective.  Then we'd be half done!  Look in front of you.  There are two
doors.  One has a symbol on it and is locked, the other has nothing on it.
Doors that look like this usually lead you to a stairway or a big room.  
Lets find out if it leads us to one....it does!

Run up the stairs until the arrow dissapears.  I bet you're now saying
"whoa, there are still stairs that go up!  What gives?"  The answer to this
is "Oni has massive levels in which some areas aren't required to go to.
These areas may have items in them or info that you may want to read.
Just explore a bit before you beat the mission."  In this case, there is an
enemy that might just show up later to kill you.  Take him out now before he
gets any ideas.  Once you're done, got back down to the level where the
arrow is gone (2nd floor).  Follow the compass and go through the door into
the room to see that the compass is pointing to a console with another shape
on it.  Activate it and you'll be able to enter these types of doors
(yeah!).  You'll see them unlock the doors with this symbol.  One of them
looks really familiar...I remember!  Walk out the door and to the left of
the stairs where you came in is a door with this symbol on it.  Somehow, a
guy has appeared here.  Take care of him and enter the door.  

You should see a little message appear at the bottom of your screen.  
Always remember this as it will aid you later (when you'll rely on enemies 
to drop hypos to give you life).  Here, there are two doors and an enemy.  
The door with a symbol is locked and you should know what to do with the 
enemy.  Be careful with this one because he's got a machine gun.  However,
when you are done, you can pick it up and use it (its better than the one
you have right now).  If it doesn't have much ammo, don't pick it up and 
continue using the one you have right now.  Go through the only unlocked
door you saw when you entered the room and go down the stairs.  The
staircase ends when you get to the door you need, making it easier to get
where you need.  There are 5 doors here.  One is locked with a picture on
it.  Another is an unlocked door with a picture on it that leads back to the
beggining of the level.  The other three are in a row.  The middle is the
staircase you came in and the right one has nothing in it that could aid you
(unless you're trying to hide from someone).  The door you should go in is
the one on the left of the staircase (when you're looking directly at the
3 doors).  Inside is an enemy.  Either beat him to a pulp or shoot him with
your new gun.  Either way, make sure he's not getting up anytime soon.  Pick
up the hypo he drops and activate the console in this room (the compass is
pointing towards it).  While you're doing this, Shinatama will tell you 
about hypos.  Make sure you pay attention to what she says because it will
come in handy later when you're fighting a tough boss.  When shes finished,
leave and exit through the newly unlocked door to your right.  

As you look around, you should see there is no door on the wall directly in 
front of you.  See the red containers to the right of you?  Turn right
as soon as you pass the last one and check the wall there.  There is a door
there and it has a clip of ammo.  Take it and head back out to the room you
just came from.  Head back up the stairs (the middle door on your left) and
enter the door that was locked the last time you were there.  When you get
in the room, you'll see 2 doors and a fallen man.  Go to the door closest
to the right while avioding the dead man and his device.  After you get
there, turn around.  You'll see another door, which leads to a staircase you
should go up.  It isn't required but it helps.  Go through the only door on
that floor once you get done climbing the stairs.  Kill the soldier in here
and grab the hypo he drops.  Now, climb back down the stairs and try to get
close to the dead man.  As soon as you do, Konoko will recognize him as 
Chung and she'll call Commander Griffin.  Go over to the thing Chung was
holding (the thing with the yellow arrows around it) and pick it up.
Konoko will read it.  Its Chung's last message.  Once you're done reading
it, a soldier will barge through the door.  Defeat him and pick up the hypo
spray.  Walk through the door to complete the objective and the save point.


           Save Point #2          [CP1SP2]

1. Find the Warehouse Manager

*OBJECTIVE: Chung is dead.  Griffin has ordered you to keep investigating.
Try to find the warehouse manager and get some answers.

Technically, this objective was given to you BEFORE save point #2 but since
you can't complete it until you go through the door to get to save point #2,
I'm putting it in save point #2.  After the game saves itself, you'll see a
worker who doesn't realize what's going on or who's there.  However, there
is another guard who is hidden when you come in.  He's behind the machinery
in the upper-left hand corner.  Take out your gun and shoot the first guard
and when he charges at you, put it away and launch a relentless assault on
him.  While you're doing this, watch out for the second guard.  Just find a 
way that works for you and stick with it.  I usually just jump and attack,
then attack them on the ground but that might not work for everyone.  If the
other gets up, throw him.  You're probably low on health after this fight so
bust out one of those hypos you just earned in the last save point (circle 

JUST FOR FUN: If you adjust your camera angle (right analog stick) so you're
looking up, you can see some windows.  If you move around, you can see the
sky and some buildings.

From the door you came in, take a right when the wall breaks.  Under the red
light is a door which leads to a set of stairs.  You should know what to do
by now.  When you get up there, you'll see a door to your left, a path
straight ahead and a fence to your right.

JUST FOR FUN: Go up to the fence.  You can just barely see past it.  This
area is where you net to get to later in the save point.

Enter the door which you saw upon entering the room.  There is a worker
here.  Just to be on the safe side, take him out.  When you are finished,
leave the room.  Walk down the pathway ahead.  Be careful as a soldier is
patroling the guards.  Remember, if your health gets low or you want a boost
of power, use a hypo.  Around where you saw the guard, there is a door.
Go in and defeat the guard in here (you'll know its the room if the walls
are deep red).  Pick up the hypo he dropped.  There is a green console in
the upper-right hand corner if you want.  If not, continue your journey down
the enclosed pathway.  At the end of the hall, there are 2 doors.  I bet
you're thinking "which one to open?".  That's the glorious thing about Oni.
You can explore the huge levels and get items sometimes, but since you're
reading this walkthrough, I have to assume you don't want to explore.  Go
in the door to your left and take out the guard there.  When you're done,
go in the other door.  This door is a portal to a stairway which you should
go down.  There just happens to be a soldier after the second set of stairs
so show them that TCTF is stronger than their army.  Pick up the hypo and
go through the door.

In the next room, there is a soldier walking around.  To make matters worse,
he's guarding the hub you need to access.  Take out some anger on this
under-paid weakling and activate the console.  Make sure to grab the hypo
this guard drops and resume the search for the warehouse manager through
the door in the indentation of the wall.  This will complete the save point,
but not the objective.


           Save Point #3          [CP1SP3]

1. Find the Warehouse Manager (cont.)
2. Find the Truck

*OBJECTIVE: Chung is dead.  Griffin has ordered you to keep investigating.
Try to find the warehouse manager and get some answers.

Whoa, the save point ended before the objective did!  When you walk out past
the right wall, a new type of guard appears.  Since I have no idea what this
guard is really called, I'll call him the wuss.  Take in the message at the
bottom of the screen as this guy will apply it.  Once you start to attack,
he'll run off towards the stairs and Shinatama will call you.  MAKE SURE
will station in the next room and will open fire when you come through the
door.  If he activates the alarm, pause the game and go to Quit Game then
load save point #3 on the title screen (don't worry.  You weren't very far
into it and all your items are intact).  The red console in the room the 
guard was running for activates the alarm so make sure you do not activate 
it.  However, if you face that console and turn around, you'll find another
console that unlocks a door.  Activate it and go back down to the second

Straight ahead is a door, but nothing is in it so go to the door that 
brought you to save point #3 and turn around.  There's the door we 
activated!  Go through it and run past the door to your upper-right.  Kill
the guard in the area just beyond it and go in the door you past.  Run
down the stairs and kill the guard that awaits you.  Go in the door to the
right when you came in (the one with a diamond symbol on it).  You'll learn
about innocent bystanders and guards who attack them.  Kill the guard, then
talk to the innocent bystander (make sure you do not attack him, cause if
you do, he won't talk to you).  After he's done talking, attack him if you
want.  It's kind of funny.  Make sure you pick up the hypo and ballistic
ammo the guard was holding.  When you're done, run straight towards the door
that has a red light to the left of it and turn around.  Go through the door
thats on the left and up the stairs.  Once you get the the third floor,
there is another guard beating up another civilian.  Kill the guard and
talk to the civilian.  It's the Warehouse Manager!  Since you saved him,
he will tell you some info and open the door to another area.  You cannot
kill him so don't try.  Once the doors open, go through it and the objective
is completed.

*OBJECTIVE: The warehouse manager believes that Syndicate agents are about
to leave the facility with an armored truck.  Commander Griffin has ordered
Shinatama to coordinate your operation with a TCTF assault team.  In the
meantime, find the truck.

After you enter the door, go right and you'll find a guard.  Take him out
of this world (its easiest to fire your gun at him from a distance).  Once
he's gone, turn around and head towards what used to be left when you first
entered the room.  Go through the 100th door you've seen in this level and
down the 57th staircase you've seen here (by the way, those aren't accurate
numbers.  They are alliterations used to show there are a lot of doors and
stairs here).  Be careful when exiting the staircase.  There is very little
space between the door to the end of the floor.  Make sure you don't fall
off.  Run right until you get to the wall where a worker is waiting.  If
you don't know what to do by now, please talk to your local doctor and ask
if your brain has stopped.  As soon as you beat him, go in the door past the
wall and another worker will come out.  This one is easy too so take care
of this one and run down to the bottom of the stairs.  At the bottom, a
third guard is waiting.  Kill this one too and run straight until you get
to the door you see thats far away.  Run up the stairs and turn right.
Behind the structure on the right wall is...wow...a much needed energy cell
(i'm being sarcastic.  There are no weapons that use this right now).  Run
straight and go through the door to your right and up the staircase.  Behind
the red structure is a hypo.  Now, go back down to the first floor and run
straight until you see a green light on the upper left wall.  Go through the
DIFFERENT door under it and you'll complete the save point.


           Save Point #4          [CP1SP4]

1. Find the Truck (cont.)
2. Detain the Syndicate

*OBJECTIVE: The warehouse manager believes that Syndicate agents are about
to leave the facility with an armored truck.  Commander Griffin has ordered
Shinatama to coordinate your operation with a TCTF assault team.  In the
meantime, find the truck.

No sooner than you enter the door, a guard sees you.  Defeat him by any
means necessary (you're almost done with the mission!).  Watch out for the
guard whos shooting you from the second floor.  You can aviod him by running
behind a brown structure and fighting there.  Shinatama will call you while 
you're fighting and tell you that the Syndicate troops are removing evidence
from the warehouse and gives you a time limit to complete the mission.
Don't worry.  It's more than enough to get the job done.  As soon as she's 
done, objective complete.

*OBJECTIVE: The armored truck here must be the one the warehouse manager
mentioned.  With the evidence you've uncovered, Commander Griffin has
authorized a TCTF team to seize the facility.  You must detain the Syndicate
and their contraband until the assault team arrives.

As soon as you hide from the guard that is shooting at you from the second
floor, he might come down to attack you.  If he does, kill him.  If not,
shoot him from the first floor.  There is also a guard on the third floor
and he might also come down.  If not, kill both of them on the floors they
are on.  Go around the brown structures and into the door under the red
light.  Go up the stairs and kill the guard up here (if you haven't already.
Also note, the guard from the third floor may be here too.)  Pick up the
ballistic ammo he drops and continue forward.  Go through the door to your
right at the end and up the stairs.  If you haven't already, kill the
soldier up here.  Run straight and on the wall directly in front of you
(if you turn left after exiting the stairs), there is a console.  Activate
it to complete the objective, the save point and the mission.


               Chapter 02. Engines of Evil
                  Manufacturing Plant            [CP2WLK]


           Save Point #1          [CP2SP1]

1. Look for Evidence

*OBJECTIVE: Begin your search of Musashi Manufacturing.  Look carefully for
any evidence of illegal Syndicate activity.

Congratulations!  You've learned a new move!  Check out the diary in the
start menu to see how to do it.  You've also got a new diary entry which are
fun to read.  When you gain control, beat up the guards that came rushing
through the doors (help the TCTF agent who's fighting two guards).  Don't 
worry about losing health.  You've not only got a hypo, you've got some TCTF
agents on your side.  If you want, you can kill the secretary.  Just go 
northeast of the desk where she'll be standing, looking at you like nothing
happened.  Show her that no one messes with the TCTF.  When you're done, go
left (from the desk) and go in the door on the left wall.  Take care of the
worker or let an agent handle it (if there are any left).  Pick up the
ballistic ammo he drops and head back the way you came.  Near the secretary,
there is a door.  You'll be able to spot it because its the only door that
has a green light next to it.  Enter that door.  When you get in, there is
a door on the left wall, which you should enter.  Kill the guard in there,
then pick up the hypo he drops.  Kill the other guard, then activate the
console to the right (if you were just coming in).  This will unlock all
doors with white stipes on them (which you should already know).  

Backtrack to the hall where you came in and you'll see a door with a white 
stripe on it.  Go in, kill the guard and take the hypo he drops.  Go back 
to the room that you were just in (the one that leads to the white stripe 
console).  There is a data console in the upper-right hand corner if you 
like to read those.  If not, go through the door with the white stripe next
to that console.  As soon as you're in, an elite guard comes in and starts
to open fire at you.  Shortly after, a regular guard runs in and starts
attacking you while the elite soldier retreats.  Kill the regular guard,
then go after the elite.  Watch out for its static fist.  As soon as its
dead, Konoko will call Griffin.  When thats over, pick up the hypo the guard
dropped and continue through the door in the upper-right hand corner.

As you can plainly see, there is only one way to go.  As you go this way,
you'll see a dreaded alarm console.  Leave it be for now and continue down
the hall.  Open the door and the save point will be over.


           Save Point #2          [CP2SP2]

1. Look for Evidence (cont.)
2. Go to the Manufacturing Wing

*OBJECTIVE: Begin your search of Musashi Manufacturing.  Look carefully for
any evidence of illegal Syndicate activity.

If you go around the structure, you'll see a guard.  Kill it and pick up the
hypo, but don't leave the room just yet.  Circle around the structure until
you find an opening.  Inside is a console.  Activate it and go through the
door thats on the wall behind you (facing the console).  Go through the door
in the upper-right hand corner and then help the scientists in the room on
the left.  Speak with any living scientists and then activate the console
that was to the left of you when you entered.  You will then complete the

*OBJECTIVE: Make your way to the manufacturing wing.  If the Syndicate
really is using this facility for assembling illegal technology that's
where you'll find some hard evidence.

Go back into the room you were in a couple seconds ago.  A guard will attack
you.  Kill it, then, if you like, read the data console next to the only
door you haven't gone through yet.  If not, go through the only door you
haven't gone through yet (the one with a green stripe).  Things look
familiar?  They should.  This is the room you started out in.  Kill the
patroling guard, then go up the stairs to the right of you (if you're just
coming out of the room).  Be careful with this guard as he's using a new
weapon which uses energy cells (the first yet if I may add).  You might
want to take it for a spin, but leave your current weapon somewhere close
because it doesn't use ballistic ammo so you can't reload.  Pick up the
energy cell the guard drops and run down the catwalk.  Go through the door
at the end and then the next two doors.  

If you take an immediate right, then turn right after the giant, red device
ends, you'll find a energy cell.  This is great if you have the new weapon.
After you get that, go through the opening in the wall to the left of the
door you came into.  There is a soldier patrolling here and he has a new,
deadly weapon.  This weapon uses ballistic ammo and shoot rockets at you.
Along with him, there are two workers in the area.  One will come from the
door you just exited.  Pick up the ammo the guard drops and the hypo the
guard drops.  As you walk towards where the guard was, another worker will
charge at you.  Kill him for another hypo.  Despite the level layout, there
aren't any items laying about besides the ones the enemies dropped so head
into the next room.  Again, despite this areas layout, there are no items
here so go through the door on your left when you are JUST entering (you
should see it if you go past the structure in the way).  This will lead to
a staircase and yet another door.  Once through the door, Konoko will
receive a call from Griffin.  After he's done yapping, go through the door
to beat the save point.


           Save Point #3          [CP2SP3]

1. Avoid Defenses and Keep Moving
2. Shut Down the Brain

*OBJECTIVE: Avoid the automatic laser defenses, and keep moving.  Musashi
Manufacturing wouldn't have set up this much security unless it had
something to hide.

Go into the room at the end of the short hall and beat up the two soldiers
at the bottom of the stairway.  Pick up the hypo the gun soldier dropped and
go back up the staircase then through the door at the end of the catwalk.

Heres where the level gets tough.  You have to avoid touching the lasers
because they will trip a auto-defense system that will fire at you until you
leave the room.  The first laser is easy.  Just go under it when it's going
up.  The second one is a little harder, but still easy.  Use the same
strategy you used for the last one on this.  The same applies for the 3rd
and 4th only you have to react faster.  Go through the door directly in
front of you.  Don't worry, you'll come back to the door on the right in a
second.  When you enter this room, take the right path and go down the
stairs.  Kill the two guards and pick up the hypo the gun soldier drops.
Run to the end of the room and activate the console here.  It will give you
some vital information about the upcoming boss.  Anyway, when you are done
reading the console's information, turn around and look to the right of you.
There should be structures lined up in rows.  Count 2, then go into the gap
between the 2nd and 3rd.  There should be some ballistic ammo here, which
you should pick up.  Now, go back into the hallway and face the stairs.  You
should see a wall-like structure behind the structures.  Let your curiosity
overwhelm you and go behind the stairs and see what is behind that structure.
Here, you'll find a console and a great console at that.  Activate it to
show a cutscene showing the lasers near another console go off.  Remember that
door we didn't go in?  Let's go.

Run up the stairs, following the catwalk until you get to the first door on
your left, which you should go through.  When you get outside again, go in the
door to your immediate left.  Recoginze the room from the cutscene a few
seconds ago?  Here is where it can get hard if you don't know whats going on.
There are lasers to the left and to the right with one auto-defense system
EACH.  Now, we have to go past them to get to the console so let's devise a
plan to get past them...hmm...what was that move?  Ah yes.  Pick whichever
side you want (the left has a little more room though) and then wait until
there is a large gap underneath the lasers.  Start dashing and then press L2
to slide under the lasers.  Not so bad now was that?  Now all there is left
to do is activate the console in the middle, but I don't have to tell that to
you, right?

When the cutscene stops, Shinatama will call you and tell you they found the
source of the auto-defense systems and you'll learn a bit about the past.
Once that's over with, go back under the lasers and out the door.  Now, go
back under the lasers to your left and continue until you get back to the room
where you encountered your first enemies in save point 3 (the large room).  Go
down the stairs and you should start to recognize this area from the cutscene
that just played when you activated the console.  Anyway, there is now an
unlocked door just ahead with a orange stripe and two dashes on it.  Go
through it.  In this room, you'll find lots little light, a scientist and
some structures that don't matter much anyway.  Follow the wall with the door
you just came in and activate the console there.  You recognize the room that
you just unlocked a door in, right?  Talk to the scientist to get a hypo, then
leave the room.

When you re-enter this room, you should notice that there is a guard above you
on the catwalk.  He will run right past you and into the room where you
encountered save point #3.  Go up the stairs, then into the room where he just
ran into and take him out.  From there, head back to the laser room and go
into the newly-unlocked door to your right.  If you look to your right again,
you'll notice a dead scientist and a console.  If you want to truly learn as
much as possible about Oni, activate it and read the data there.  If you just
want to beat it, go to your left and follow that path.  You'll see two guards,
one is a regular guard and the other (which is kind of hard to see) is at the
console.  Take out the guard in black because he's stronger than the other
guard and knows a move called "Striker Slam", which does a lot of damage.
Once they're both unable to attack, pick up the hypo the elite guard dropped
and activate the console in the upper-right hand corner (when looking straight
forward from the door's entrance).  This will unlock another door, but the
location is much more hidden.

Exit this room, then go past the lasers to your right and into the room at
the end of the hall (straight forward).  Turn left and enter the room you
find there.  You'll see a guard bullying a scientist.  Take out the guard
and talk to the scientist.  He will start yelling and then give you some
hypos, then he will run off screaming.

Notice how Konoko tells the scientist to "get out of here".  You can make her
go against her word and kill the scientist as he's on the run.  However, make
sure that you do this AFTER he gives you the hypos (you'll need them).

Anyway, after he runs off, you'll complete the objective.

*OBJECTIVE: The Syndicate have activated this facility's Deadly Brain!
Despite the considerable hazards involved, you must shut it down.  Who knows
what damage that thing could cause if it gains access to an external
information node!

From where you talked to the scientist, head forward until you notice an
opening in the left wall.  Go through it and go all the way down the stairs
and through the door down there.  Shinatama will contact you, then you'll
see the brain say something but its too fast for me to read.  When you move,
you'll complete the save point.


           Save Point #4          [CP2SP4]

1. Shut Down the Brain (cont.)

*OBJECTIVE: The Syndicate have activated this facility's Deadly Brain!
Despite the considerable hazards involved, you must shut it down.  Who knows
what damage that thing could cause if it gains access to an external
information node!

If you touch ANY laser during this boss fight, the boss will unload at you
with machine guns and a homing missile which will take health away if you are
even near it.  Whatever you do, do NOT touch a laser beam unless you have tons
of health or many hypos.  To counter this attack, activate all the consoles
and the attack will stop, sending the missile away.

There is a console in the room you just entered, so activate it for more info
or just watch the door to the right.  As soon as you see the laser pass, run
up to the small, out-of-place wall straight ahead.  You'll find a console in
it if you're in the right place.  Activate it, then wait for the laser and
run to the right, jumping over the bottom one if you need to.  Activate the
console here and repeat until another cutscene starts.

You'll recieve more news from Shinatama and the brain will say something else
that is too fast to understand (the subtitles).  The laser system will change,
but its much easier than before.  Since you're right in front of a console,
you should activate it to save time.  Wait until the double lasers rush past
you, then run behind them until you reach the next console.  Activate this one
and continue until you yet another cutscene loads.  Shinatama says the brain
has gone crazy and demands feet.  The brain will again say something else, but
its still too fast to read (I saw something about it complaining about not
having feet).  Activate the control console in front of you then DASH to the
right after the laser passes the console.  Activate this console, then
continue this pattern until the last cutscene plays, where you'll see the
brain shut down and you'll hear a strange conversation between Griffyn and
Kerr, completing the mission.


               Chapter 03. Puzzle Pieces
                  Bio-Research Lab               [CP3WLK]


           Save Point #1          [CP3SP1]

1. Defeat Barabas

*OBJECTIVE: It's the Syndicate enforcer Barabas!  You must defeat him to gain
access to the Research Facility.  TCTF reports indicate that Barabas is
inhumanly strong and tough.  Watch him carefully.  Eyewitnesses report he can
regererate damage to his body!

After an interesting introduction to the third mission, Barabas will challenge
you to a match, bringing you to your second boss match.  However, he's quite
slow and if you do fast attacks, like the Sledgehammer Heel and Triple
Haymaker, you should be able to connect quite easily.  I cannot walk you
through it, but I can give you some tips to make Barabas easier.

*When you see Barabas's gun light up, he will shoot you in a couple seconds.
While he's charging up, he won't attack you.  Use this opportunity to deliver
a crushing blow!

*Try not to use your gun in this fight.  Since Barabas is inhumanly strong,
it will cause little damage and your fists will do more.

*Look around the stage.  You'll find dead TCTF operatives and they're usually
accompanied by an item.  Most of the time the items can REALLY help you out,
since hypos cure you (and if you're at full health, they power you up).

*Sometimes, Barabas will use a move called "Stronger and Stronger", which
restores health.  First off, the color of the energy represents his current
health.  The darker the color, the weaker he is.  Secondly, he won't attack
you while doing this move unless you're a few feet away.  Use a projectile or
gun to counter this move.

*See that big gun Barabas is using?  Its called the Wave Motion Cannon.
Its immensly powerful and, fourtunately, can be used by Konoko.  Just knock
Barabas down and he will drop it, allowing you to pick it up.  Its perfect
for when he's using "Stronger and Stronger" because he will take tons of
damage and won't bother attacking you.  Unlike most guns, this gun has 2
functions: R1 fires a laser beam and R2 fires grenades.  Watch out because,
like real guns, they both run out of ammo sooner or later PLUS this gun makes
Konoko extremely slow.

*The easiest way to win this match is by knocking the Wave Motion Cannon out
of Barabas's hands, then attacking him until he's a distance away.  After
that, you should then shoot him with the grenade launcher until he falls over,
then attack him on the ground with the grenades (you might have to aim lower).
Repeat until you're out of ammo or you beat Barabas.

*Watch out for his "Earthquake Hit".  It sends out a shock wave and does a lot
of damage.  To counter, jump when he does this move.

*Be careful when using the Motion Wave Cannon.  You won't be able to attack
him at close range fast enough to blast him back plus you won't be able to
attack without the gun at all.

*Don't get too close to Barabas when he's unarmed.  He has a move where he
picks you up and throws you away, giving him time to pick up the cannon and
shoot you.  He also has another move where he picks you up, then hits you
up and away, doing massive damage.

*Block often.  After the boss fight, you won't be healed and you have to go
through a lot of guards.  If you lose too much health and have taken all the
hypos off the ground, restart the match (unless the hypos are still in your
possesion or you think you can make it).

*Overall, the best strategy I've found is to just get up in his face and beat
on him.  I used this strategy and I barely took ANY damage before he went off
and left (I didn't need hypos).  Just dodge the first attack, then knock him
over and attack him on the ground.  Use attacks that will knock him over and
continuously use those.  Using this strategy, you'll have a good amount of
health, a decent amount of hypos and full ammo for the wave motion cannon 
(if you want it).

Once you've defeated Barabas, you'll see a cutscene of him flying away and
talking to Muro, warning him about you.  When he's done, you'll get a
message from Shinitama telling you that the place is flooded with guards
(but I already told you that, right?).  Search around until you're
satisfied (there is some ballistic ammo, a plasma gun, two hypos and two energy
cells).  Watch out though because a few guards will come out of nowhere while
you're exploring and attack you.  However, if you're good at this game, they
can benifit you since you can get 3 hypos from them.  So, if you've done
everything there is to do right now, you should have 2 clips of ballistic
ammo, two energy cells, five hypos and a wave motion cannon (or another type
of gun).  When you're ready to continue, go right from where you first saw
Barabas and then follow that until you find a door.  Enter it.


           Save Point #2          [CP3SP2]

1. Stop The Strikers
2. Get to Security Tower

*OBJECTIVE: It looks like the Syndicate troops have locked down all the floors
in this wing of the lab.  Surveillance scans indicate that teams of Strikers
are now sweeping every floor and killing scientists.  Stop them if you can!

Take whichever route you feel like taking because they lead to the same place.
There is a Striker around the end of the paths, guarding.  Kill him.  Once you
do, another Striker will start shooting you with a machine gun.  Quickly, run
through the door in the middle of the two paths and wait for the guard to run
up to you.  When he gets close enough, attack him and kill him.  Then, return
to the room again and activate the console here.  Guess what?  You just
unlocked all of the doors on this level!  You also completed 1/3 of the next
door you have to open!  Good job!

Leave the room and go through whichever set of doors you want (they all lead
to two different rooms).  In each, there are two scientists and some Strikers.
Kill the Strikers, then talk to the scientists.  The scientists give you hypos.
Don't be surprised if you die or lose a tremendous amount of health here.  It
is a hard part indeed.  To make it a bit easier, dash to the last door of the
four door sets and enter it.  Now, wait in front of it and the Strikers
should come in.  As soon as you see the door open, either take you your gun and
fire or attack immediately.  This should allow you the first attack and make
them drop their weapons.  Kill them that way and then talk to the scientists to
get your reward.

After that difficult part is done, go to the stairs directly across from where
you entered the building.  Shinitama will send you compass data when you get
to the top.  As soon as you do, three guards will probably notice you.  Watch
out, one has a homing missile gun.  Take him out first, then kill the rest.
When you get there, gasp!, you discover that the guards are already there.
Hurry and save the scientists and they'll give you a hypo, a force field
and an ammo clip.  Don't forget to activate the console in the room in 
front of you!

Ignore the room between the staircases (you activated the console to
unlock the rooms remember?) and then go upstairs again.  Before saving the
scientists, turn around and go in the room there.  Activate the console to
unlock all the doors here and complete the final 1/3 of the door.  Great
job!  Now hurry and save the scientists!  (Oh yeah, beware of the guys that
come in when your done activating the console!).

You probably saw that all of them were dead by the time you got there.
Don't worry, they dropped their items on the ground and you won't fail
the mission if they die (you can even kill them and pass).  However,
they won't give you their items if you do that.  Now, after all the enemies
are dead and you've got the items, go up the staircase one more time and
through the door.

*OBJECTIVE: Make your way across the roof and get to the top of the Security
Control Tower.  Once the tower is secure TCTF officers can storm the lobby.

Immediately kill the guard in front of you and grab the hypo.  Use it if
needed, but continue on.  Now, watch your step here and stay away from the
edges.  If you fall, you die instantly and you'll have to do the entire
thing with the scientists again.  You don't want to do you?  So basically
keep away from the edges.  However, if you're looking for a good laugh,
kick a guy off the edge or run towards one and they'll back off the edge.

Now, when fighting the guards, lure them into an area where you won't fall
off.  Even if you're in the middle of a narrow passageway, if they use
their suplex move, you'll fall off.  If you're really scared of falling,
go straight forward and into the room to your right (not the alleyway to
your right) and fight them there or lead them to where you fought the first

When you're finished, head into the room inbetween the two guards.  Kill
the guard in here and head up the staircase and through the door.  You
know what to do with the guard in here.  When he's dead, go through the
door to your left and walk down the walkway.  Kill the mad bomber here
and you'll trigger a hilarious cutscene.


           Save Point #3          [CP3SP3]

1. Clear the Upper Floors
2. Find Muro and Stop Him

*OBJECTIVE: The Syndicate Bomb Trooper disabled the lab's security
sub-systems.  But, thanks to you, a small group of TCTF officers has
made it into the lobby.  Syndicate forces still hold the upper floors
of the building and are guarding the skyway over to the loading bays.
Clear out the upper floors, and find the control consoles to unlock the
upper passageway.

Get ready to break your controller: this SP is one of the hardest in the
game.  When you regain control, talk to the TCTF officers and you'll get four
hypos and some information.  The first is located to your right, the second
is located near the room behind you (go left then turn around) and the third
is exploring the other side.  Watch out!  If you take too long, guards
will come and start shooting at the TCTF officers.  This will happen anyway, but
if you are good you can time it so you're on the other side of the building
at this time.

After talking with the guards, run forward through one of the two openings to
the left/right of the staircase.  In here, there is a console but don't activate
it just yet.  Instead, go through the door in the back of the room and kill the
two guards here.  The second is a mad bomber and will count down the time to his
explosion.  Run before it hits 0 or you'll die.  As soon as he's done, take the
two hypos on the ground (if you can).  If not, use hypos to gain full health and
pick them up.  If you're too lazy to kill two guards, kill the mad bomber, then 
run away and if the other guard is close enough, he will die in the explosion.

Turn around and activate the console you see inbetween the staircases that
lead up to the main room as soon as both guards are dead.  This will unlock
1/3 of the lock on a door somewhere.  This is the door to the place you're
supposed to go.  As soon as it's activated, turn around and go back to where
you found the guards.  Go up the stairs, through the door to the right and up
more stairs.  Turn right and you'll see a door.  Enter it.  In here there is
some ballistic ammo (near the dead guy by the console).  As you run up to go
activate the console, you'll hear a guard.  Wait until he arrives, then kill
him and, if you need it, pick up the hypo and activate the console.  Only 1
more console to find!

Now, exit the room.  If you want some ballistic ammo, there is a catwalk
in front of you.  Run down it and kill the guard you find there.  If not,
turn right and right again and go up the staircase.  Turn right at the
staircase, then turn right again and you'll see the door to unlock.  However,
there is another door to the right of you.  Go in this door and grab the
energy cell on the ground.  A guard should enter.  Have some fun kickin' the
crap out of him.  Hey, wait a sec!  The console isn't in here!  That's right,
there's just an energy cell.  If you're not already stocked up on hypos, exit
the room and go to the back of it to find a fallen guard with a hypo next to

As soon as those items are yours, go back to the staircase and go down one of
the catwalks.  On one of them should be a guard.  Kill him (watch out for his
homing missle gun) and continue on until you find a door.  If you need a hypo
(which I HIGHLY doubt right now), go in there and grab it.  However, watch out
for the two guards that come.  If you don't need one, ignore the door and
continue on.  There it is!  The last console!  Activate it and complete the
unlocking process!  Great job!  Now, go back to where you saw the door (to the
left of the staircase, facing it).  There is nothing in this room so go ahead
and run through the door on the other side.

*OBJECTIVE: Muro and his men are loading their stolen technology on the rear
loading dock.  Find them and stop them!

Now that you're in the room (and the rare music is playing to show its
difficulty), turn left.  There is a guard there, really far away.  He has a
gun so if you don't have one yourself, run up to him and kill him.  When he's
dead, another guard will shoot at you from behind.  Turn around and on the other
catwalk is another guard. Kill him and yet ANOTHER guard will start shooting at
you.  Run up the catwalk and turn left to find this one.  Kill him and, guess
what?  No more guards on this level!  Continue going left on this catwalk until
you find a staircase going down.  On it will be a guard and he will shoot at you
(not another one...).  Kill him and continue down the steps.  However, unlike
this particular room's strategy, another guard will come up to you while
fighting this guard but he does NOT have a gun!

When they're both dead, turn around (facing the staircase) and follow this
catwalk until you get to the staircase (don't turn at any intersections).
There are (gasp!) NO GUARDS on this level!  Follow the same strategy as you did
for the other staircase (take the catwalk behind it and follow it to the next
one). What's this?  NO GUARDS on this level either!  Just follow the compass to
the console (if you need help, its behind the staircase) and activate it,
unlocking another door.  Kill the guard that comes, but watch out for the acid.
Here, there are 2 ways of getting to the door you just unlocked.

To your right, there are floating blocks.  Jump across those to the other side
and enter the door.
-Benefits: Bragging rights, controls become more familiar, no loss of health.

Run back up the stairs, taking the catwalk almost straight ahead and follow it
until you can see the door (you'll turn once).  Jump down and enter the door.
Press R2 just before you hit and you might not take any health loss.
-Benefits: Much easier, no risk of losing automatically.

Either way, kill the guards in the room and take either door.  You'll hear
Konoko say something.  Continue down the path to initiate a cutscene which
will complete the mission.


          Chapter 04. Tiger by the Tail
                  Airport Assault                [CP4WLK]


           Save Point #1          [CP4SP1]

1. Stop Muro
2. Find an alternate route.

*OBJECTIVE: Muro plans to excape by plane while Syndicate troops attack the
airport as a diversion!

Alright, this mission is a lot easier that that last mission (thankfully).
You've also learned a new move, the Willow Kick.  Unlike all of your
current moves (besides throws), this move has an effect on the people you
use it on: if you successfully connect, your enemy will grab their stomach,
stunned for a few seconds.  This technique is so useful, it can mean the
difference between life and death when fighting multiple enemies.

With that out of the way, go up and charge the enemy that Muro has sent
to stop you.  After this easy fight, proceed forward and right, into the
building.  If you were quick enough, there will be a guard tormenting a
civilian here.  Play hero and take down this menace to society.  Talk to
the person you just saved and they'll give you a hypo.  Proceed ahead and
notice the walls.  After the first one protruding on the right, watch the
left side.  Behind the next wall, you should encounter another enemy.  You
know what to do.  Continue forward and a civilian will run at you, followed
by the sound of an SMG.  Take out that civ killer!  Talk to them afterwards
to get a hypo.

Hurry!  There's a guard with a Rocket Laucher type weapon ahead and to the
left, killing civilians!  Make him bleed, and the civilians will reward you
with hypos.  If you're facing forward from the entrance to the room, on the
left wall will be a console with a picture of a plane.  Activating it will
unlock the door to the next room.  It's hard to tell where it is, but if you
look for a giant, rectangular hole in the wall to the right of the console,
you should find it.  Just as you run in, two guards will run in and start
attacking whatever they see first, you or the civilians.  Play hero again and
grab the hypo one of the guards dropped.  Talk to the male civilian to get an
ammo clip, then head into the next room.

*OBJECTIVE: The Syndicate have destroyed the cargo bay access ramps.  Find an
alternate route.

Finally!  Done playing hostage rescue!  Watch out in this room, cause you're
on a ramp that, if you fall from, is an instant kill.  Since there are no more
civs, the guards in this room will start attacking you.  Take them out, but be
careful for the guys that look like construction workers.  They're on your side
and if you happen to attack them, you'll have two more enemies to fight when
they're done helping you take down the syndicate morons.  When the battle's lost
and won, look around.  Do not go up the staircase!  This leads to a dead end.
Instead, look around for a humoungous glass window.  Underneath this is part of
the ramp you were just on, and under that is the path which you need to take.
The compass is a nuisance here, so just ignore it and take the path I tell you


           Save Point #2          [CP4SP2]

1. Find an alternate route (cont.)

*OBJECTIVE: The Syndicate have destroyed the cargo bay access ramps.  Find an
alternate route.

Take either path, they both lead to the same place.  When you get up, most
likely, you'll be shot at by a guard.  Turn left and take out that guard, taking
his hypo if you don't already have a full stock.  Turn around and go right,
under the airplane and to the next set of ramps going downwards (this is where
the compass was pointing).  Take out whatever guards you need to, then head down
the ramp (whichever one).

This room has a guard with a SMG (what a surprise) on the ramp to your right.
Watch out for the fire, then head up and take him out.  Chances are, a suicide
bomber will start attacking you while you're busy with this guard.  Use that
willow kick to distract him while you take out the other guy.  Don't forget to
run like mad when you beat the bomber!  If the suicide bomber didn't take him
out, there should be a civilian around here (he's one of the construction
workers).  Talk to him for a hypo and pick up the one the SMG guard dropped.
Afterwards, go up the set of stairs that the SMG guard was standing on (the
other is broken and has that huge flame between the broken ramps. Once you
reach the top, you're done with SP #2.


           Save Point #3          [CP4SP3]

1. Find an alternate route (cont.)
2. Unlock access doors

*OBJECTIVE: The Syndicate have destroyed the cargo bay access ramps.  Find an
alternate route.

After is saves your game, a guard will likely come to you from the room inside.
Kill him, then enter the room.  You'll notice it looks exactly like the rooms
we saved those civs in.  Luckilly for you and me, there's nothing in this room
except two guards.  One is near the entrance you just came in, the other near
the exit you need to go through.  Kill both (if you haven't already), then go
through the door.

A cutscene ensues which shows Muro bragging about his power and threatens you
while calling in two guards.  One is holding a new type of gun you haven't seen
as of this point in the game.  Watch out for this gun.  While it doesn't do any
damage, it stuns you for several seconds if you're hit with it.  This means that
you cannot do anything but stand there and rub your head for about 4 seconds,
long enough for them to kill you.  Make sure you avoid this gun while you take
out the guards.  Pick up the hypo (and the gun if you so please).  Face the door
with the red light next to it then turn right.  You'll see two doors: the one on
the right contains a force field, useful for stopping bullets.  The other
contains the console we need to activate.  Get the force field, then activate
the console and go through the door you just unlocked.

*OBJECTIVE: Muro has locked the access doors to the Repair Hangar.  You'll have
to find a way to unlock them to continue your pursuit.

To your left is a guard.  Step into his field of vision, then hide behind the
pilliar and wait for him.  This should save massive ammounts of life, and allow
you to knock him down with a side kick before he can even hit you.  When that's
all done, turn around and continue walking in that direction.  On your left will
be a door.  Enter it and grab the hypo in here.  Don't worry about the console,
since we cannot access it yet.  Exit the room, then turn left and go down the
stairs.  Down here, you'll see either civilians (who will attack the enemy with
you) or an enemy.  Act according to whichever scenario you have right now.
Look for a door on your current floor with a red light next to it.  There should
be stairs next to it.  Go up them and kill the guard you find up there and in
the room.  Enter the room after they're pushing up daisies.  To your right is
a console, which will unlock the other console we just passed.  Activate it.
This causes two guards to slowly walk into the area.  Luckily, they can't see
you.  Sneak up on them and kill them, then run back to the console you just
unlocked (it's the side without the door) and go through the door.  Great job!
Mission complete.


                 Chapter 05. Hot Pursuit
                  Airport Cargo Hangars          [CP5WLK]


           Save Point #1          [CP5SP1]

1. Find Muro

*OBJECTIVE: Muro's men are using the Repair Hangars as a temporary base of
operations.  Find Muro before his men are finished loading his personal
transport plane.

Mission 5 starts out with the sounds of gun shots.  To your left a guard
is either located or will be in a few seconds.  Kill him then pick up the
hypo on the floor.  Go through the opening the guard came through.  This
room is huge, but since you're playing Oni, you should know by now that all
the levels are enormous and usually close to empty.  Anyways, if you hang
out too long in this room, guards will spot you and start shooting at you
or they'll rush down to attack you.  If that happens, feel free to hide or
explore the room.  There is some ammo near a dead guard here, but other than
that, nothing.  From this point on, I will only talk about specific guards,
so if you encounter one I don't talk about, assume I mean to kill it.

Well, anyway, head through the door on the other side of the level entrance.
Go right all the way then turn right to find a guard attacking civs again.
Save the poor civ and get the hypo that he offers you.  Turn around and go
back towards the door, but instead, turn right and go up the stairs.  Go
out the door and across the catwalks to the door on the other side.  Enter
the room, turn right and behind the giant wall type thing is a suicide
bomber and a console.  Activate it.  If you'd like more ammo, go past the
stairs and explore this area.  If not, head out the door and jump down
(make sure you press L2 before landing, or else you might take damage!).
Hug the left wall and it will lead you to the door you just unlocked.

This room is a boring room.  It's small and the civilians don't give you
anything.  Regardless, talk to the one that acts like he's going to give
you something and he'll tell you where you need to go next.  Follow your
compass to find a console behind a giant stack of boxes.  Activating it
unlocks a hangar door, so exit the room and to your northwest is the door.


           Save Point #2          [CP5SP2]

1. Beware of troops
2. Keep Muro away from plane

*OBJECTIVE: Beware!  Syndacite troops are protecting the entrance to the

This next objective can be REALLY hard if you don't know the map or the
enemies near it.  A guard is patrolling ahead of you and has a regular
energy plasma gun.  To your northeast is a caged area with a SMG guard
and a suicide bomber.  Ahead is a new type of enemy with a new gun.  This
enemy is enormously strong...he resembles Barabas and he's carrying a grenade
launcher which has one blast, followed by more.  With him is another guard.
Take out the patrolling guard and then follow the west wall.  You'll find a 
guy with a SMG.  Take him out.  Take out the bomber too (he's in the fenced 
in area near the wall).  One should drop a much needed hypo.  Also in this 
area is a Force Shield.  It's in the lower left hand corner.  Exit the fenced
in area and continue following the west wall.  Run forward and hide behind the
giant objects ahead of you.  Hold L2, then sneak up on the giant guard and use
the R2 backbreaker move on him.  This should attract the attention of the
other guard, but he's easily taken care of.  Kill the giant guard, then pick
up the hypo.  Run into the room behind you and kill the Striker with the stun
gun.  Wait in here for the other guard and kill him when he arrives.  Take
the hypo and use it, then activate the console at the end of the room.  Exit
the room and then turn left.  The room you just unlocked is behind you.

*OBJECTIVE: Muro has split his men into two groups to better cover his
escape.  Chase Muro across the hangar's rooftops.  Or try to cut him off
from below by working your way through the heart of the hangars.  Either way,
keep Muro from reaching his plane!

After a cutscene, get ready to engage three guards.  Luckily, only one has
a gun and your Force Shield should last long enough to disarm him of it.
This battle will be hard and very stressful, since you have little health
and if you die, you get to do objective #1 again.  However, this battle
will become a lot easier if you have a lot of health/hypos/a stun gun.
To give you an idea of how hard this is, I had full health and a hypo
and had about ( ]              ) that much health left when I won.  If you
take out the blue guards first though, you can get a hypo.  All I can say is
good luck.  When the battle is over, follow your compass to a room and a
console.  It's the big building that was to your left when you first
entered this room.  Anyway, once you've completed this, head up the ramp.
You can take the lower route to your left, but there are multiple enemies
which include the giant one you just killed in objective #1 and rocket 
launcher guns.  However, for this walkthrough, I am going to take the ramp.
It's a lot easier to beat enemies (just kick them off) and the consoles
you need to activate are up here.

Anyway, kill the guard up here and get the hypo he drops.  Go to the top
and straight ahead is a ramp leading down into a room.  Watch for the ramp
(so you don't fall off) and then go in the room.  Turn around and activate
the console.  1/3 of the lock is broken now.  Exit the room, take the path
opposite you (that you haven't taken) and follow that path until you kill
a striker.  Pop your head out and wait until the guy with the gun sees you,
then come back into the room and wait.  Once he's dead, follow the path.
Take the ramp up (it's to your right) and you'll see another suspended
room.  Take the ramp down to it, then activate the console inside (this
time it's on the right).  Almost done.  Be careful going back up and continue
by taking the path to the right.  You'll pass the door that you're unlocking,
but that's okay.  Go up the ramp and you'll see the third and final room.
Enter it, grab the Force Shield (if you need it) and then activate the
final console.  Head back to the door you passed and go through it.


           Save Point #3          [CP5SP3]

1. Keep Muro away from plane (cont.)

*OBJECTIVE: Muro has split his men into two groups to better cover his
escape.  Chase Muro across the hangar's rooftops.  Or try to cut him off
from below by working your way through the heart of the hangars.  Either way,
keep Muro from reaching his plane!

As soon as you step in, a guard starts firing at you.  Two more guards come
rush at you as well.  If you're unlucky (like I was), a third will fire at
you from a distance.  Your job is to take all four of them out.  I hope you
got some health cause none of them drop hypos.

Killed em?  Good!  Keep going right until you see a ramp on the left-hand
side.  Up the ramp we go, where our ol' friend, the blue guard is waiting
for us, armed.  Kill him while dodging his comrade's fire.  If you want a
hypo and can fight for it, there is a path that leads down here and two
guards are at the bottom.  One has a hypo.  If not, continue up the ramp 
and kill the other guard.  Keep it up until you pass a staircase going up.  
Keep going, watching the left side until you see a staircase going down.  
Go all the way down until your compass arrow dissapears.  If you like fighting, 
there are two guards ahead in the alley to your right, but they don't drop
anything.  So turn around and follow your compass, past the big door into an
alleyway with a fenced in area.  There are two guards here: a suicide bomber
and a tanker (with a grenade launcher).  Watch out!  The grenades that the
Tanker is shooting at you are enough to take out half of your life at times
if not more.  Once they're dead, head over to the console to open a door
and a save point.


           Save Point #4          [CP5SP4]

1. Find Rappelling Harness
2. Go to roof

*OBJECTIVE: You need a way to get to Muro's transport plane.  Search the
facility's offices for a Rappelling Harness.

Go all the way back to the staircase and go up to where you were before.
Remember that staircase that you passed that went all the way up?  Just keep
hugging the left wall until you reach a staircase, which you should go up
and go through the door.  Talk to the civilian on the right for ammo and
head through the door on the left.  Go down both sets of stairs where you'll
find a guard beating on a civilian.  Kill the guard and get the hypo from
the civilian, then proceed through the door which is to your right.  Go down
both sets of stairs and save the civilain from the two guards (again).  Follow
your compass to find the Rappelling Harness on a box.  Jump up and grab it.

*OBJECTIVE: Reach the roof of the Repair Hangar to use the Rappelling Harness.

Follow your compass to the door and down the two sets of stairs.  Kill the
tanker directly in front of you and continue on through the door.


           Save Point #5          [CP5SP5]

1. Go to roof (cont.)

--OBJECTIVE 1: GO TO ROOF (cont.) --
*OBJECTIVE: Reach the roof of the Repair Hangar to use the Rappelling Harness.

Kill both guards you find here.  Take out the striker first, because he's
running to an alarm, then take out the guard.  Go up the ramp and kill the
Tanker up there but do not go in the room.  The only thing in there is an
alarm.  Go in the door next to the upward ramp to see a little cutscene
of Muro and his men running to the plane.  Exit the room and go up the
ramp.  Just follow your compass to the part of the catwalks that has a hole
in it and you'll automatically jump down.  Mission complete.


                             X: ATTACKS/DIARY                       [ONIATT]



-Escape Moves: Press L2 + any direction.  With this move you can avoid
hand-to-hand attacks (punches) and pick up objects on the ground.

-Jump Flip: Pres L1 then L2.  Allows you to jump higher and sometimes allows
you to fall from higher ledges without taking damage.  It also functions as
an attack if you land on them.

-Slide: Press L2 while running.  You can trip enemies, avoid lasers and get
items by doing this.

-Throw: Press Forward + R1/R2.  If you do this from different angles, you
can do different throws.

-Running Throw: Run towards the enemy and press R2.  This is a great move
for getting enemies out of your way in a hurry (you'll need it later on).

-Sledgehammer Heel: Press R1 then R1 then R2.  Its a very powerful attack
but can be a bit slow sometimes.

-Block: Face your opponent without moving or trying to attack.  This is
great if you want to attack without losing much health.

-Disarm: Stand next to an opponent and press forward + R1.  This can cripple
a heavily armed person.

-Backbreaker: Press forward + R2 while facing an enemy's back.  The
backbreaker takes a lot out of enemies!

MISSION 2) Press R1 three times.  It's a bit slow, but effective.

3)  Press R2 three times.  It's very slow, but can do a bit of damage.

Press backwards then forwards + R2.  It's a little hard to initiate but
the effects are devastating (major damage AND stunning the opponent).

MISSION 5) Press R2, R2, then Forward + R2.  Takes a while to get used
to, but it'll be second nature after that.  It's a great attack that
will send your opponent flying backwards and will knock flying opponents
out of the air!

6) Crouch, then let go and press kick while rising.  Awesome move that
will cause Konoko to spin rapidly with her leg extended, allowing you
to knock down a group of people at once.  The first move in the entire
game that Konoko learns in which she says the name, showing how important
this move is.


                       DIARY ENTRIES


           MONDAY - NOV 22 (#1)

-UNLOCKED: After beating Mission 1

This place is really big.  What the heck are they making here?  Weapons?
Robotics?  They must be building something large.  I'd better check the data
consoles to see if I can figure out what it is.

Some of this stuff looks like atmoshperic processing equipment.  I can't
believe I KNOW that!  Maybe that means I'm a nerd?

Just great...my first mission and I started to argue with Commander Griffin.
But I just know this lead will pay off.  It has to!


           MONDAY - NOV 22 (#2)

-UNLOCKED: After beating Mission 2

Barabas!  I can't believe it!  I know his record...he's very strong.  I know
I'm not supposed to enjoy combat but that guy will be the first real challenge
I've had.

I can't believe it...the building is full of innocent people and those
Strikers were...just horrible.  I know the head man behind the Syndicate is
named Muro.  I swear when I find him I'll...I don't know what I'll do!

First Musashi Manufacturing, now Vago biotech.  Why?  The Syndicate are getting
more aggressive all the time.  Why would they need industrial equipment and
access to cutting edge biological research facilities?


           MONDAY - NOV 22 (#3)

-UNLOCKED: After beating Mission 3

It's strange, but nobody really talks about Muro very much; not even Griffin.
When I ask they try and change the subject.  Well, I'm not scared of him.  If
Muro wants to go to war that's fine with me.  When I DO finally catch up to him
I'll wipe that little grin off his face for good...

What happened to airport security?  Normally this place is swarming with
uniforms.  I could swear Muro told them all to take the day off.


           MONDAY - NOV 22 (#4)

-UNLOCKED: After beating Mission 4

At least I know what kind of plane Muro is heading for (Shinatama says its a
Wucraft m17e VTOL transport).  That will help us generate a destination

How the heck did the Syndicate manage to set up an air base in the airport
cargo hangars!?!  And airport records show they've been rerouting heavy
machinery shipments to the sites around the world.


           WEDNESDAY - NOV 24

-UNLOCKED: After beating Mission 5

The Syndicate got close to TCTF HQ without us knowing!  Vans with troops, attack
helicopters!  How the heck did they get through the surveillance drone web that
covers the city!?!

It looks like they've sabotaged all the power substations and that took down
the building static defenses.  The whole power spine of the building is
off-line.  They really know how to hit us!

The command center is up on top...that explains the helicopters.  Why hit the



                            XI: WEAPONS/ITEMS                       [ONIWPN]



-Name: Campbell Equalizer Mk4
-Ammo Type: Ballistic Ammo
-Magazine Capacity: 10 rounds
-Fire Rate: 5 rounds per second

-Name: Hughes Black Adder SMG
-Ammo Type: Ballistic Ammo
-Magazine Capacity: 30 rounds
-Fire Rate: 12 rounds per second

-Name: SML3 Plasma Rifle
-Ammo Type: Energy Cells
-Magazine Capacity: 10 rounds
-Fire Rate: 1.1 rounds per second

-Name: Phase Stream Projector
-Ammo Type: Energy Cells
-Magazine Capacity: 300 units
-Fire Rate: Continuous

-Name: SBG Man-Portable Mortar
-Ammo Type: Ballistic Ammo
-Magazine Capacity: 4 rounds
-Fire Rate: 1 round per 2 seconds

-Name: Van de Graaff (VDG) Pistol
-Ammo Type: Energy Cells
-Magazine Capacity: 5 rounds
-Fire Rate: 1 round per 3.1 seconds

-Name: Scram Cannon
-Ammo Type: Ballistic Ammo
-Magazine Capacity: 5 rounds
-Fire Rate: 1 swarm per 2.5 seconds

-Name: Mercury Bow
-Ammo Type: Ballistic Ammo
-Magazine Capacity: 2 rounds
-Fire Rate: 1 round per 5 seconds

-Name: Screaming Cannon
-Ammo Type: Energy Cells
-Magazine Capacity: 6 rounds
-Fire Rate: 1 round per 10 seconds

-Name: Wave Motion Cannon
-Ammo Type: Unknown
-Magazine Capacity: Unknown
-Fire Rate: Unknown



-Item: Ballistic Ammo
-What it does: Allows Konoko to reload any weapon that uses ballistic ammo.

-Item: Energy Cell
-What it does: Allows Konoko to reload any weapon that uses energy cells.

-Item: Hypo Spray
-What it does: Recovers life/Powers up Konoko at full life

-Item: Phase Cloak
-What it does: Makes Konoko invisible.

-Item: Force Shield
-What it does: Prevents damage from projectiles and bullets.


                              XII: FAQs                             [ONIFAQ]

Q: What's up with the controls?  Is there any way to change them?
A: No.  You have to use those controls.  But, it's not they're not THAT bad
once you get used to them.  It is a little hard to play on the PS3 though.

(Update: According to an e-mail I got, you can change the controls in the
configuration on the main menu, but you can only select preset control 
options.  Thanks to whoever sent me this info).

Q: Is there any differences between difficulty levels?
A: No, the only difference is that the enemies are more powerful and
smarter (thanks to PS2N64Gamer007).

Q: Hey!  The bottom of my disc is blue!  Is my disc a pirated copy?
A: Some PS2 games are like that.  For example, Wizardry and Harvest Moon:
Save the Homelands.  It's just a CD instead of a DVD.  Some companies went
that route as DVD burning technology wasn't quite as common and more expensive
at the time, so a lot of early PS2 games are CDs instead.

Q: I saw pictures of Konoko in casual clothes!  What the heck?  Why isn't
she in her TCTF armor?
A: You'll just have to play through the game to find out!

Q: I heard there was a PC version of this.  Is that true?
A: Yes it is.  This game was based on the PC version, which featured all the
same stuff except for an extra code which allowed you to view the game's stats
and take pictures and stuff.  (Update: see differences section)

Q: Hey!  I e-mailed you a while ago and still haven't gotten a reply!  What
A: Sorry I haven't gotten to it yet!  I try to check my e-mail every night,
but I am pretty busy.  To speed up your reply, make sure you follow the rules
in the "Contact Info" section and put "Oni FAQ" in it somewhere in the subject
otherwise it won't get recognized by my filter.  If you still haven't gotten
a reply, I apologize and I'll send a reply ASAP.

Q: What's up with your FAQs?  Are they dead?
A: Most certainly not!  I've been busy with work, and game addictions don't
help either.  But rest assured, I plan to finish them all.

Q: Does this game work on the PS3?
A: Yep, sure does, although because they changed the L2 and R2 buttons to be
triggers, it's a little different.

Q: Which version do you think is better for me to get?  PS2 or PC?
A: I'd say PC, only cause there aren't any load times.  That's really the only
major difference.


                            XIII: CODES/CHEATS                      [ONICDS]

-No damage from jumping off high places: Sometimes, if you press L2 just
before you hit the ground (about 5-10 feet), you won't take any damage.

-Cheat Codes (thanks to Neo Kikiorie and JaZoNkRoLl): To activate these
cheat codes, press select during gameplay and go down to "help".  Press
L2-L1-L2-Square-Circle-Square then the following buttons:

*Character Select (keep pressing L2 to change characters, when you transform,
you get those character's moves as well): L2-L2-L2-L2
*Invincibility: R3-L3-R3-Circle
*Invisibility (insert again to turn off): L1-R3-L2-L3
*Unlimited Ammo: L2-L2-L1-L3
*Tiny Mode: L3, R3, Down, Circle


                          XIV: FUTURE VERSIONS                      [ONIFTR]

In the future, I'd like to have:
-A complete walkthrough
-More Codes
-More Moves/Diary Entries
-Answers to the "FAQ HELP" questions


                              XV: CLOSURE                           [ONICLS]

Even though this game wasn't Bungie's most popular, it's still a great game.
I had a great time writing this FAQ and playing this game and I hope you had
fun reading this and learned something.  If you have any info that's missing,
or some strategies that you find effective, please e-mail them to me.  I'll
put them in and credit you 100%.