Silent Scope
              A Guide on how to become a Professional Sniper
                      For the Konami Arcade Game
                          Compiled by Mark Kim
                    Date of Completion: 19January2003

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Make: Silent Scope
Developer: Konami Japan
Publisher: Konami Arcade
Available Screens: 27-inch Monitor
Controller: Light Gun with Simulated Scope
Usual Cost per game: 75 Cents, US Currency
AAMA Classification: Life-Like Violence: Strong
Release Date: First or Second Quarter 1999
Genre: Light Gun
Number of Players at once: 1
Features: Continue Feature


January 19, 2003
With newer Konami games coming out, this will probably be the final
update for this FAQ.


* Newsflash
* Reasons for writing this file
* Description of Silent Scope
* How to play the game
* Story
* Hints
* Scoring Schedule
* The First Two Hostages
  - Downtown Chicago
  - To go after Scorpion or Cobra
* Freeway Battle
  - Going after Cobra
* Hotel Battle
  - Removing Terrorists and going after Hornet
* Rescue the President
  - Through the Woods or Parachuting In
  - The Main Power Source
  - Tom and Jerry
  - Infiltration
  - Big Boss Area
  - Monica the Armored Secretary
  - The Terrorist Leader
* The Sniper's Rifle
* Frequently Asked Questions
* Some afterthoughts
* How to suggest fixes
* Resources of this Document
* Acknowledgements
* One Final Warning


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After reading plenty of Silent Scope FAQs lurking around,
maybe I'd better "jump" into the ring with a Silent Scope FAQ of my own. 
I'm not the best sniper around, but hopefully with this guide, maybe 
beginners will understand that it's not good to look at the scope all 
the time since a strict time limit will force you to clean up the streets 
from all terrorists the quickest possible.

As you should remember, Silent Scope is somewhat a military-style, 
sharpshooting simulation game played by many real-life military personnel 
at the United States. The Scope feature of the game is regarded as the 
most innovative aspects ever in a shooting game.

However, as you become faster and better in the game, just like in 
real-life sniping, your nerves begin to twitch. Get used to all of your 
Nerve Twitching in the game. It's really important that you refrain 
from drinking a lot of caffeine before you board to your arcade to play 
this game.

This happens to also be the hardest light gun game to play not because 
of the scope and the strict time limit, it's how fast and accurate you 
can beat the game.

Enough ranting. Please enjoy the non-publication.


Silent Scope is a military-style, sharpshooting, PSG-1-style sniping 
simulation created by Konami through ideas of having to create such 
innovative and original light gun games which are plagued by sequels, 
and Lethal Enforcers clones. In Silent Scope, accuracy and speed are 
extremely important because the player is not only fighting to get the 
best accuracy possible at the end of the game, but to liquify the 
enemies in the quickest manner possible through discreet use of a 
PSG-1 replica. Silent Scope proves to be a promising game because the 
arcade industry has been waiting for a sharpshooting simulator to 
help restore much of the arcade's lost flame to console systems.

You use a replicated PSG-1 as a control. You look at the screen to 
point the muzzle at the desired area. Looking through the scope, you 
can attempt to take a clean shot at the foes, but this doesn't seem as 
easy as it looks. Quick reflexes and potent accuracy will really make 
your nerves twitch, just like in real-life sharpshooting. A 1-player, 
$1.00-a-game stand-up upright really retains the originality of real-life 
sharpshooting, a reason why there could be as many as 100 military 
personnel playing this game during their off-duty times.

Although the game is innovative due to the scope and all the originality 
aspects retained through real-life sharpshooting, Silent Scope is 
classified as a Strong Life-Like Violence game due to high combat 
engagement of the characters and high amounts of gore, so you may need 
to be at least 17 years of age to play this game. Parental discretion 
is highly advised.


Silent Scope features Time Attack, Story Mode, and Shooting Range.

How to play: Insert the desired amount of coins and press the start button. 
From the Game Mode Select, aim the muzzle at either Story Mode, Shooting 
Range, or Time Attack. If you wish to select Time Attack, aim the muzzle 
at the left for Easy, middle for Medium, and right for Hard.

Story Mode Objective: To rescue the President and his family from the 
armed terrorist gang who's demanding freedom of their nation's dictator 
in return for their life through discreet and quick use of the infamous 

Shooting Range Objective: To destroy 46 targets in 150 seconds under the 
following conditions:

* You will be going up against 10 Scoring Targets (similar to that in
  various Police Stations).  Aim at the middle for the best possible
  score.  You will be facing 5 standing targets and 5 moving targets of
  this kind.

* You will then be asked to shoot down 5 Watermelons.  This is kind of

* You will then be facing point boards that are similar to real-people,
  except that they have point values.  If you hit the targets at the
  head, then you will get a lot of points.  If you hit somewhere at the
  White Area, you will get no points.  You will have to face these
  targets under the following conditions: Targets that stand, targets that
  slightly move, and targets that move insanely fast.

* You will then see how well you can judge from criminals to terrorists.
  The targets that you are only allowed to shoot at are guys with Shotguns
  and guys who are pointing guns at Innocent Bystanders.  Shooting any
  Innocent Bystanders will reduce your score and will count as a Missed
  Shot.  You will be asked to judge whether the target is "guilty" or
  not on these conditions: Standing, Slightly Moving, and Night-Vision.
  YES.  You will need to know how to use Night-Vision with the training

* Now you must shoot the target right at the Apple for the finale.  Don't
  shoot at the beautiful lady, just aim and hit the apple of the target
  so that your score will increase.

Depending on the Time Attack Level you choose, you will be practicing your
speed and accuracy under the following conditions:

* Easy: You will be providing backup for the Police who are returning
  fire on the Terrorists, take out all enemy snipers from the rooftops,
  battle with Scorpion through the Tower Battle, and finally, duke it
  out with Scorpion's Airplane.

* Medium: You will have to rescue the President's Daughter at the Football
  Stadium from the hands of Cobra, and then you have to rescue her again
  at the Freeway.  First, you must do away with Cobra's cohorts at the
  Freeway before re-rescuing the President's Daughter at the Freeway,
  then you must remove all the terrorists at the hotel and rescue the
  First Lady from the hands of Hornet the Sniper.

* Hard: You will be battling through a trimmed-down version of Stage
  3 of the game.  You won't be required to sneak in by either Parachuting
  in or going through the woods as opposed to the Story Game.  You will
  be starting your infiltration agenda by destroying a Power Box to
  confuse all enemies.  Then you dispose all enemy guards who have
  spotted you once you have destroyed the Power Box.  Now you have to
  destroy Tom and Jerry before starting your infiltration inside the
  Complex.  You will be on your own while infiltrating the Complex,
  except that you won't be infiltrating the Stairs nor the Upper Floor
  as opposed to the Story Game.  Instead, you will be heading right to
  the hallway that leads to the Dining Room for a quicker infiltration
  inside the Enemy Base.  You will then go inside the Cargo Basement
  to face the final stretch of the enemies.  If you thought that this
  time attack game was easy, then guess what?!  YOU STILL HAVE TO FACE
  SAME WAY YOU DEALT WITH HER IN STORY MODE!!!!  The major difference
  between this Time Attack and the actual Story Infiltration is that
  there will be less enemies in some areas of the complex.  However,
  to clear the Hard Time Attack, YOU MUST HIT MONICA RIGHT AT HER HEAD
  ALL THE WAY!!!!  NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!  I know this is hard, but hey, why
  did Konami decided to "stuff" Monica on the Hard Time Attack Game?

  Fortunately, you don't have to deal with the Terrorist Leader after
  defeating the cheap Monica, which is a good thing.  I think that
  Konami should've given us a break from Monica for AT LEAST ONCE.

How to attack: Look at the "naked" screen to point the muzzle at the 
desired "piece" you want to extend your view at. To attack at the 
piece of screen image, look into the scope, aim with the crosshairs, and 
press the trigger to fire. Please be warned that sometimes bullets won't 
"get their man" as you will be asked to see how well you can aim and
"make your bullet count" while moving as well.  Always keep your cool
while aiming because it's really easy to twitch-up at times.

Once you shoot 5 bullets, the magazine will reload.  You cannot fire while
the gun is reloading.  Shooting is done the traditional sniper fashion
meaning that you can't rapid-fire your weapon--It's pure ONE-AT-A-TIME

Limited Lives in Story Mode: You will start with a certain amount of lives 
at the start of the game. The game ends when either time runs out or if 
you lose the allotted lives. One-life Life box penalties are imposed if 
you hit innocent bystanders. To regain one life box, look for a beautiful 
woman (i.e. women with swimsuits, girls with sexy legs). :)

Limited Time in Time Attack and Shooting Range: You will start the Shooting 
Range game with 150 seconds. The game ends if either time runs out or if 
you have destroyed all 46 targets in a row. In a Time Attack, the game 
ends if you have either completed the Time Attack before time runs out, or 
if Time Runs Out. In Time Attack and Shooting Range, you will be "graded" 
through the following factors:

* Accuracy 
* Innocent Bystanders accidentially shot 
* Longest Accuracy Streak 
* How well you can score (Shooting Range only)
* How fast you can clear either a Time Attack or a Shooting Range Game

Thus after completing Shooting Range or after completing a Time Attack 
game, you will be rated from the following grades:

* F-Public Nuisance (you suck) 
* E-Amateur (Keep up the practice) 
* D-Rookie (You don't belong over there) 
* C-Sniper Third Class (Room for Improvement) 
* B-Sniper Second Class (So-so) 
* A-Sniper First Class (You did well but there's one more step up to the 
* S-Professional (Exceptional) 
* SS-Ultimate Sniper (Now that's like it!)

Try to make sure that you earn no less than a Sniper Second Class. Any 
achievements at Professional means that you're finally learning something 
in Silent Scope.

One correction to make with the Cabinet's Instructions: The cabinet
says "Shoot the enemy's vital parts for certain death and bonus points."
This is totally wrong.  For a one-hit kill during boss fights and double
the point value for killing enemies, kill the enemy at their head.
Not only head shots save a lot of time during boss fights, but head
shots will also double the amount of points you have.  Also be warned
that your score is based on accuracy.  As with the original, the higher
your accuracy streak, the better your score will be.  This is the
formula to determine how many points you will be earning for every

* (Base value of enemy * Current Accuracy Streak) * 2 (if the kill was
  a head shot)

This is indeed a challenge--keeping your accuracy cut-clean while
moving as fast as you can.

Story Statistics
My highest accuracy: 100% without the help scope, 95% with the help
My highest score: 4081400 without the help scope, 1913400 with the
Help Scope
My highest accuracy streak: 155+ hits in a row without the help scope,
96+ hits with the help scope.
NOTE: When I got inside the "Choir Area" nearing the end of Stage 3,
I've got a 118400 (I did a head shot) on a terrorist who's wearing a
suit carrying a FA-MAS.  Well, I've finally reached 4 million points
as of this update.  Now let's see if I can become the first Sniper
Wannabe to reach 5 million points without the help scope.  Only time
can tell because this is A REALLY TOUGH MILESTONE.

In addition, I'm also planning to set up a high score list that will
enable you to post your kick-ass Silent Scope achievement in the
Shooting Range, Story Game, and all Time Attack Games.  While there
is a high score list in one of Konami's websites (Japan), it is
restricted to Japan, according to M.I. Orikasa.

MY NOTE ABOUT ACCURACY: If the help scope DIP Switch is turned off, then
64 hits without missing would be great.  HOWEVER, if the Help Scope is
want to be considered accurate on a machine with the Help Scope DIP

To conclude, GameWorks at Schaumburg has two Silent Scope Machines.
One machine has the help scope on, while the other machine has the
help scope off.  I'd rather play Silent Scope at a Brunswick Zone
location because not only I'm forced to look into the scope to spot
through hard-to-see targets, but my sniper's pride would increase.
It's also cheaper to play it at Brunswick Zone.  Just now, I have seen
my Sniper's Pride evolve as I've managed to pull 1426200 points,
a 93% accuracy, pulling off a 96+ hits without missing, and the
GOOD ENDING (hitting the Terrorist leader right at his Forehead, and
this was during the day of my Sniper's Pride Evolvement).  If you live
at the Chicagoland area, then I highly recommend that you play Silent
Scope at the following locations:

* Brunswick Zone, Aurora Ave, just *a little* west of US Route 34.
  It's inside Naperville.
* Brunswick Zone, Gary Avenue and Illinois Route 64, at Carol Stream.
* Enchanted Castle Pizza, at the corner of Main Street (Lombard) and
  Illinois Route 38 at Lombard.
* Dave and Buster's (VERY HARD MACHINE), at Swift Road near Lake Street
  and Interstate 355 at Addison.  Note: Dave and Buster's require that
  you are at least 21 years of age.

Recently, there is a "clean-cut" Silent Scope cabinet lurking around
Aladdin's Castle at Lombard, IL USA.  However, the help scope is turned
on and the blood is off.

Any other locations to play Silent Scope is welcome.

My Shooting Range Statistics
The last update I told you that I sucked in this mode.  NO MORE!!!
I've improved a great deal ever since the last play at GameWorks!!!
My score: 34700
My Accuracy: 100%!!!
My Rank: Sniper 2nd Class (I could do better)

This Shooting Range Game was achieved at Brunswick Zone at Carol
Stream without the Cheat Scope ON and without the Head Shot Indicator

My Time Attack Statistics
Best Easy Time Attack Game Elapsed Time: 1'28"xx
Best Easy Time Attack Game Accuracy: 80-90% (Estimated.  Not bad for
my early games and this was back in 1999)
Highest Easy Time Attack Game Rank: Ultimate Sniper (Let's see if I can
uphold my pride in the Medium Time Attack Game next time...)

Best Medium Time Attack Game Elapsed Time: 2'27"xx
Best Medium Time Attack Game Accuracy: 70-80% (I CAN DO BETTER THAN THAT!!!)
Highest Medium Time Attack Game Rank: Sniper Second Class (Yuck)

Again, I have to see if I can uphold my pride in the Medium Time Attack
Game or not, despite having to find Cobra and kill him in the forehead
with all the Innocent Bystanders and having to find all the Terrorists
at the Hotel Imperial, but I'd rather play the Story Mode because that's
where your pride is being tested.

Now here's the best part about the Hard Time Attack game: On this
update, I've managed to improve a great deal ever since I've first
beaten the Time Attack Hard Game.  Monica ruined my rank at my
visit to Brunswick Zone Carol Stream (formerly Great Odyssey Carol
Stream).  However, with the expertise from playing Silent Scope more
often at both GameWorks Schaumburg and Brunswick Zone Naperville
(formerly Great Odyssey Naperville), it looks like the light of my
Sniper's Pride has finally evolved.

OK, no more drumrolls.  Here's the results from playing 4 games in
Time Attack Hard at Brunswick Zone Naperville (and BTW these games
Best Hard Time Attack Elapsed Time: 3'15"58
Best Hard Time Attack Accuracy: 93% (NOW THAT'S MORE LIKE IT!!!)
Highest Hard Time Attack Rank: Ultimate Sniper (Monica ruined my rank
last time, but not this time!!!  THIS UPDATE IS _THE_ UPDATE WHICH

Special Note: All Time Attack Games were achieved at Brunswick Zone
TURNED ON.  This means that YOU MUST LOOK AT THE SCOPE in order to get
a secretly landed shot.

Kudos again to M.I. Orikasa for a confirmation of the Hard Time Attack.
time-waster Monica is!  At first, I thought that Monica is super-hard.
Later on, I found out that as an Advanced Player, Monica ONLY attempts
to drain so much life away from you.

Keep High Scores at Power Off:
Each Silent Scope machine has a DIP Switch setting that will determine
if the game will save all the high scores or not whenever the Machine
is turned off.

I guess Craig Durnen is right about this after all!!!!  I guess that
my High Score hypothesis is complete!!!

To reply to this, the machines at GameWorks has the "Keep High Scores
at Power Off" at "YES" while the machines at Great Odyssey Naperville
and Carol Stream has this option at "NO".  If you are playing a Silent
Scope Machine that has this setting at "NO", then you will have to jot
it down to avoid losing any precious achievements.

Most of the more expensive locations (Dave and Buster's, Jillian's, and
GameWorks) will have the Keep High Scores at Power Off "ON", while
affordable arcades (Brunswick Zone to name a few) will have this option
"OFF".  This means that if you want to keep track of your scores, it's
better to play it at either GameWorks or Dave and Buster's since the
Save High Scores Switch is ON.

The only time the high scores will be erased is when the operator elects
to have the Save High Scores Switch to OFF and the power is off, or if
someone has to do some bookkeeping on the cabinet just to see how much
income a Silent Scope machine is earning.

Hit Indicator Control:
Konami has included switches in order to control how much violence can
be shown throughout gameplay.  This allows operators to determine whether
the blood should be allowed or not.  Usually, all Silent Scope Machines
has the blood turned "ON", but I highly recommend that all kid-friendly
arcades (i.e. CyberStation) have the blood turned "OFF".  If the blood
is turned on, then you'll see a lot of blood as you "tag" your enemies.
More likely, any adult place (i.e. GameWorks) will have the Blood turned
ON.  However, don't expect all the arcades to have the Blood turned on
because some adult locations (i.e. Dave and Buster's at Addison, IL USA)
will have the Blood Turned OFF.  This helps the arcades determine whether
we will play an uncensored game of Silent Scope or not.

Later on, I discovered that it's called Hit Indicator instead of Blood.
If it's RED, then you will see all the blood.  The options are Red,
Blue, Green, Yellow, and Flash.  Granted, all the Kid-Friendly arcades
has this setting at Flash.

Violence Control:
There's also a DIP Switch that will let you know that you have killed
the boss in one Head Shot or not.  If the "Valor" switch is turned off,
you will still be able to save time if you have killed the boss in one
single head shot but you won't see the skull being pierced by your bullet.
This really makes it hard to know if your Sniper's pride has increased
or not.  If the "Valor" Switch is turned on, then whenever a boss dies
of a single bullet from the Head, then the skull pierced by the bullet
will show up, and your superior will tell you that you are great.  Please
tell your operator to have this "Valor" Switch on so that you know if
you have killed the boss in only one head shot or not.  This switch is
the most crucial to build up your Sniper's Pride at any arcade.
NOTE: The official name for this one is Head Shot Indicator.  Have it
turned ON so that you'll know if you have done any GREAT shots or not.
This is crucial to determine whether you have done a Head Hit or not.
You can still get some boocoo points by hitting some terrorist on his
head even without the Head Shot Indicator ON, though you'll have to hear
a sound that indicates that you have landed a Head Shot.  Still, Double
and/or Triple Hits are recognized regardless of the status of the Head
Shot Indicator.

Later on, I discovered that Head Shots are influenced by a switch called
Violence.  If the Violence is MILD, then you will not know whether you
made a head hit or not.  If the Violence is STRONG, then you will know
whether you made a head hit or not.  If the Hit Indicator is set to
RED, then the blood will stain right at the walls.  Yuck.  Altering
the Violence to STRONG is OK but I would like to have the Hit Indicator
set at Flash so that the Violence isn't too strong.

About the Realtime Window:
Finally, there's a DIP Switch that will determine if the HELP SCOPE
will appear at the upper-left of the screen all the time or not.  If
the HELP SCOPE switch is turned on, then the HELP SCOPE will appear ALL
THE TIME, ruining all the luxury of having to look into the scope.  If
the HELP SCOPE is turned off, then the upper-left scope will only be
visible whenever you hit an enemy or if you are into a battle against
the boss.  Tell your operator to turn this DIP Switch off.  I spoke to
a Dave and Buster's technician and found out that if the help scope is
turned on, then the game would be no fun because this takes away the
fun of having to look through the scope.

MI Orikasa told me it's not called the Cheat Scope at all.  It's
called the Realtime Window.  This determines whether there will be
a simulated scope at the top-left window or not.  If it's turned ON,
then there will be a Scope Window at the top-left hand of the screen.
If it's turned OFF, then there will not be a Scope Window at the
top-left hand of the screen, forcing you to use the Scope for steady
aiming and discreet take-outs.  Please be aware that if you have this
turned ON, then people can increase their speed by using the naked
screen alone but concentration will decrease because you will become
nervous during the boss fights and whenever trying to commence "make
the bullet count" sessions.  The mounted scope increases your
concentration IMO and when used efficiently in conjunction to the
Naked Screen with Realtime Window OFF, then the mounted scope can become
a versatile friend.

Number of Lives (Brand Spanking New):
Silent Scope has this option to determine how many lives you will be
given at the start of the game.  The default for this DIP Switch is 3
life boxes.  For the Silent Scope machines at GameWorks, you start the
game with 4 lives.  There should be *AT LEAST* 4 beautiful ladies in
the story game so if you are careful enough, then you should have
7 lives overall, sometimes 8 or 9 if you get lucky.

Time Limits (Brand Spanking New):
Silent Scope has this option to determine how much time extension you
will get.  I don't know how many levels of Time Extension is included
with this switch but all I only know that the harder the Time Limit
Difficulty is set, the less time you will have.  I was able to confirm
this when I contrasted a Dave and Buster's Silent Scope machine to a
Brunswick Zone Silent Scope machine.

There is one switch called "Sexuality" that determines how "kinky"
the woman will be when you look at her for an extra life, but I WILL

OK so I over-saturated your minds about the DIP Switches.  Now to conclude
the section about DIP Switches, here are the reasonable settings:

For Adult Places (Dave and Buster's, GameWorks, Jillian's, and other
places where you have to be at least 21 years of age, and this also
applies to all Bowling Alleys with Game Rooms):
Hit Indicator: Red (Blood)
Violence: Strong
Realtime Window: OFF (Forces people to use Mounted Scope.  IMO you
concentrate better if you use Mounted Scope)
Keep High Scores at Power Off: You be the judge

For "Children Arcades" (CyberStation, Time-Out, any arcade that permits
children with guidance):
Hit Indicator: Flash
Violence: Mild (You won't be able to know whether you made a head hit
or not so the only way you can know for sure is when you see where you
hit your enemy at when you kill an enemy)
Save at Power Off: You be the judge
Realtime Window: OFF (Looking at the scope to make the bullet count
increases your concentration.  Having the Realtime Window ON will
toggle the scope view at the upper-left hand of the screen, but using
the Naked Screen all the way will decrease your concentration, so you
better have this one off because looking at the scope is better for
your concentration)

There are many reasons why I have to tell all operators to turn the
Realtime Window off: If the Realtime Window is ON, then they will be
using the Naked Screen to BOTH CALIBRATE AND TO AIM for less effort
but IT WILL DECREASE CONCENTRATION.  Why does enabling the Realtime
Window decreases concentration?  Because boss battles require accurate
aiming at times and should you be able to use the Naked Screen during
these battles, then IMO you might get nervous, resulting in reduced
accuracy and frustration.  This is why having the Realtime Window
OFF is a lot better: If you can use both the Naked Screen and the
Mounted Telescope fashionably, then you can be very fast and deadly.
Using the Mounted Telescope can really help you concentrate to make
sure that the bullet count shot after shot.  So why is the Scope mounted
on your Light Gun for?


Note: You can "dig" around the following addresses for confirmation on
these codes:


Now these codes are more difficult to perform but it's worth the try.
Hold the trigger while you either insert the desired amount of tokens
required to play the game, swipe the card and wait until you have enough
credits to play the game (Dave and Buster's), or swipe the card and hit
the Green Button to play (GameWorks).  If Autostart is not turned on,
then continue to hold the trigger and press the Start Button.

Point the sight to where you want to play at.

Press the Start Button 4 times for Professional (Simulation) mode.  The
enemies will not be targeted and this mode was tailored for real-life
snipers, since neither real-life snipers would enjoy seeing all the
spoiler sights.

Press the Start Button 5 times for Night Vision Mode.  You will play
the game all the way with Night Vision.  This creates a bit of a problem
for the Day Scenes as there's enough light for you to look at.  The only
time you need Night Vision is at the beginning of Stage 3 and up until
you reach the dinner table at Stage 3.

Press the Start Button 6 times to activate both Professional (Simulation)
and Night Vision Modes.  Extremely hard because now you will be using
Night Vision on your scope all the way and your superiors won't give you
any spoiler sightings at all.

These codes are targeted and reserved for real-life snipers who live the
life for all-night and hardcore sniping.


Expect all of this to show up at Secrets of the Game Sages in the future.


Falcon was once the best sniper of the United Kingdom.  However, a leak
in a mission has forced him to quit Her Majesty's military ranks.  Ever
since he left the Military without warning, Falcon vowed to live a
solitary life somewhere at the Chicagoland Area without having to
expose himself to accuracy again.

However, his past is about to catch up with him.  In the summer of 1999,
a mysterious terrorist group has kidnapped the American First Family
in a seemingly bloodless kidnap.  The Headlines declared that the
terrorists for some reason, require release of their most important
leader in exchange for the first family's life.  The US Secret Service
can't afford to let this happen.  Should the terrorists' dictator
be freed, then a certain disadvantage might occur.

Hence it was necessary for the US Secret Service to contact Falcon in
an attempt to bring Falcon's purpose in life back.  At first, Falcon was
reluctant in cooperating the US Government's request for a Tactical
Sniper to rescue the American First Family but when the US Secret Service
told Falcon that there was no other way to rescue the first family other
than a Sniper doing his valiant aim-based rescue in a secret and quick
manner, Falcon knew that something was bothering him--the past was going
to catch up with him no matter what.  Despite Falcon's fears about some
people he knew in his past would exact justice against him, Falcon agreed
to take on this mission and to help the US Government out.  Falcon
is the only one the US Government knows that can handle a German-built,
Tactically proven, Heckler and Koch PSG-1.  Falcon has customized his
PSG-1 for tactical capabilities, such as a built-in silencer and a modified
Hendsoldt 6x42 Scope to include Night Vision.

We are counting on you Falcon to bring the First Family back alive.
Failure is not an option.  It's time to settle your past once and for
all.  Time to bring back your purpose in life.

The hero.  He was the most accurate sniper during his days with Her
Majesty's Military until a leak on a particular mission forced him to
quit without warning.  Moving to Chicago, he vowed not to use a Sniper
Rifle again until a kidnap of the first family forced Falcon out of
retirement to confront his past again.  Little did Falcon know that
the US Government admires his abilities so they politely asked him to
cooperate with the Secret Service for at least once in order to rescue
the First Family secretly and quickly.  He senses something might be
involved upon accepting this mission as the past might catch up with
him.  What could possibly lie for Sniper Falcon?

Scorpion The Butcher
A former Weightlifting champion that was forced out of his career when
an ankle injury occurred.  Flatbroke, he accepted a job with the terrorist
group and his talent quickly rose him to the rank of Officer.  Acting
on the Big Boss's behalf, he kidnapped the President and his family as
an attempt to force Falcon to face his past and fears once again and
to allow fellow terrorists to seek justice against his past crimes.

Cobra the Iron Man
Falcon's archfoe.  A long time ago, Falcon shot Cobra at his arm preventing
Cobra from doing something malicious.  This resulted in Cobra's right
arm being unusable, and has infuriated Cobra ever since.  Cobra has
sworn vengeance against Falcon for this, and even though in certain
missions, Cobra kept on failing because Falcon was far more superior in
sheer skill.  The Big Boss accepted Cobra because he knew that by
kidnapping the first family, they will force Falcon to rekindle his
past in a violent way.

Hornet the Sniper
A sniper that has a sting of a Hornet and was hired by the Terrorist
Group because he knew that he would get a generous pay for the work
he would do, no matter what the job would be.  Hornet wants to prove
Falcon inferior by challenging him to a "One-On-One, PSG1-to-PSG1"
fight somewhere in the United States.  Hornet claims that he is much
more accurate than Falcon, but keep in mind that both Falcon and Hornet
has their own strengths and weaknesses.

Tom and Jerry--Twin Killing Machines
Experiments that were created by using DNA of an elite assassin.  They
were tested out as lab rats ever since birth by the Terrorist Group.
However, a bug on the program has forced one of these twins to malfunction
and to seek freedom from the Terrorist Group ever since.  However, the
Terrorist Group has enforced certain measures in order to ensure that
neither of them would escape from their grasp whatsoever, that Tom and
Jerry are prone to being disobedient at times.  Medicines had to be
administered to make these two more obedient at all costs.  However,
in spite of having to guard the mansion, they have never given up their
hope of being free.

Monica the Armored Secretary
Being an avid torturer and a cruel mistress, it was Monica's idea to
bring Falcon out of retirement by kidnapping the First Family so that
she can torture the President anyway she wants.  With a seemingly sexy
look and a bewildering figure, Monica is just as deadly, as she is
beautiful.  Combining her skill with a Machine Gun and her iron talon
claws, Monica will be the strongest foe Falcon will ever face.  It is
said that Monica wanted to face Falcon even to torture him!

The Big Boss
A shadowy figure who forced Falcon out of retirement and is waiting
for him.  His reason and his features are not known.


Silent Scope may be a sniper's dream game, but civilians will have a hard 
time adepting to a military sharpshooting environment. Here's how to 
"unlearn what you have learned from the common light gun game":

* Keep your cool and stay calm at all times.  Try to limit the intake
  of caffeine before you go to your favorite arcade.  I don't know if
  you twitch or not but you need to make sure that you don't move
  around too much while aiming at your enemies.

* Avoid trying to rapid-fire the rifle. Your lieutenant will yell at you 
  if you try to do so. Even a real-life sniper knows that PSG-1s doesn't 
  have a good firing rate. Don't fire unless you have to because every 
  bullet counts towards your time and accuracy record.

* Don't look at the scope too much. If you do, then you will be wasting 
  lots of time. You should look at the screen with the naked eye first 
  by aligning the muzzle at the desired piece of image you want to look 
  at. Then look at the scope, take your aim, and fire ONLY IF YOU THINK 
  make every shot count.

* Watch out for instances when you encounter moving air. This will really 
  hurt your accuracy by an inch.  This is important to know because the
  Freeway Chase, Air Battle, Tower Battle, and fast targets can really
  do high damage to your lives and accuracy.  Sometimes you need to aim
  at certain places so that the bullet will hit the terrorist and not at
  innocent bystanders.

* To defeat a boss quickly, aim for the head. You will also receive more 
  points for your dignity if you shoot the guards at their head as well. 
  Notice that if you defeat a boss with a single head shot, then the 
  Lieutenant will tell you that you are doing great thus far.

* Always try to aim the muzzle at the target spottings when looking at the 
  screen with the Naked Eye. This way you can reduce the amount of time 
  of having to aim the gun at the desired area of the screen.
  Any more tips, please e-mail me.

* Try not to miss at all.  The higher your streak (and the more often
  you hit the foe at the head), the better your score will be.  Try a
  100-streak and see what happens to your score!!!  I would consider a
  70-streak without the Help Scope (The scope at the top-left of the
  screen) accurate.  There may be some players who can do 64+ hits in a
  row with the Cheat Scope on.  You have to achieve 70-something hits
  in a row without the Cheat Scope to be considered accurate.  AGAIN,
  if you are playing the game with the Help Scope ON, then to be accurate
  you will need to achieve 80 Head Shots STRAIGHT.  If you are playing
  the game with the Help Scope OFF, then to take home Sniper's Pride would
  be 64 hits without missing.

* The boss scenes can be major time-wasters.  Don't worry about the
  lackeys and other "danger icons" that arise throughout the boss fight,
  worry both about the boss and the time (Thanks, Evan).  You should
  always try to aim right at the boss whenever there are lackeys around.
  In regards to the vehicle fights (Scorpie on an Airplane, Cobra on a
  trailer), focus on the body of the bosses since these two vehicle fights
  can be time-wasters unless you can hit them in their bodies instead.
  Try to get a head shot on these bosses.  It's not easy to do so (since
  it takes valor and patience to pull off one) but it's well worth the
  effort since it saves a lot of time.  In correspondance to the Vehicle
  Fights, if you hit the vehicle, then only 1 measly life point will be
  taken away.  If you hit the boss right in his body, then you will take
  away 6 points of energy away.


Foot Soldiers: 100 Points
Guys with Suits, Glasses, and a SOCOM: 100 Points
Lopars (Guys with Bald Heads): 100 Points
Guys with Suits, long hair, and a FAMAS: 400 Points
Guys with Blue Shirts and with a Shotgun: 400 Points
Guys with a black shirt and with a Shotgun: 400 Points
The guy with brown skin, and with the Red Shirt: 400 Points
The guy with the bald head and with a suit on: 800 Points
One hit at the Trailer or the Airplane: 300 Points
Hitting the tire plating at a Vehicle: 400 Points (Please see the
  Freeway Walkthrough later on through the document)
Killing Scorpion the Butcher: 1200 Points
Killing Cobra the Iron Man: 1600 Points
Killing Hornet the Sniper: 1600 Points
Killing either Tom or Jerry: 2000 Points
Killing Monica the Armored Secretary: 4000 Points
Hitting the Boss: 25% of their death value
Shattering the Bulletproof Glass: 1200 Points*
Destroying the Infrared Sensor: 100 Points
Destroying the Power Supply: 100 Points
Destroying a Spotlight: 100 Points
Killing the Terrorist Leader: 20000 Points*

* These point values are fixed as it can't be changed by higher accuracy

Note: The initial amount of points will multiply by your CURRENT
MISSLESS STREAK.  The points will be multiplied by 2 IF you landed a
Head Shot.  This is the Formula for racking up the points:

(Initial Point Value * Your current Streak) * 2 (If it was a Head Hit)

So let's say that I have done a 1-hit kill on both Tom and Jerry and
I have carried on a 70-streak when the battle started.  I will be on
Streak 71 when I have killed Tom and I will be on Streak 72 when I
kill Jerry.  Here would be my point values:

* Tom's Death: 284000 Points
* Jerry's Death: 288000 Points

This is ONLY an example.  If you miss, then the current streak will
reset back to 0.  If you hit an Innocent Bystander, then the current
streak will reset to 0.  If you hit an explosive or a foreign object,
then the streak will reset to 0.  To ensure that all of your hits
count, use the scope so that you won't miss.  By using this knowledge,
you can eventually reach a high hit streak to rack up the points!!!

Like I said before, if you have hit an Innocent Bystander, you will
either lose points or lives depending on what mode you're playing in.

About the Scores:
If FOR ANY REASON YOU CONTINUE THE GAME, then the score will reset ALL
THE WAY BACK TO ZERO.  Be smart and proud.  DON'T CONTINUE.  This way,
if you can see a higher score by the time the game ends, then you will
know how accurate you will be.  The only time you need to continue is
whenever you need to learn the game.

Also, when you are prompted to enter your name, THE GAME WILL ONLY
RECOGNIZE THE SCORE FROM THE ENDING GAME.  For example, if your highest
score was 452,000 and if your game over score was 33,900, then the
game WILL ONLY RECOGNIZE the 33,900 game.  This proves that you need
to improve game after game in order to become the fastest, and most
accurate sniper at your arcade.


"The police are returning fire!!! PLEASE PROVIDE BACKUP!!!"

Downtown Battle
Difficulty: Easy
Enemies: Foot Soldiers

All you need to do is use the naked screen to aim the muzzle at the 
TARGET sightings and then let the armed terrorists have it. Go steady 
with the aim for each terrorist and then try to tag the terrorists the 
quickest possible. Beware that some terrorists may wish to use obstacles 
to disrupt your aiming. Defeat a terrorist as quick as you can because 
if you wait too long, then the terrorists are going to be harder on you.
Don't overfire the weapon at one area or you may scare off the terrorists. 

Note: In the very first scene, sometimes a police officer will be able
to kill a Terrorist for you.

You need to dispose each terrorist discreetly so that you won't be able 
to scare off the terrorists.

If you follow much of this section of this FAQ closely, then you should be 
under 30 seconds (for the most part) on Story Games.

Also, the Sniper Sabatoge formation will depend on how you started the
Story Game.  The formations are as follows: On top a building, seeing
the back of the terrorists firing at the streets, Inside the left
building, aiming within the window, and Inside the Right Building,
aiming within the window.  In Timed Games, you will always start at
the right building, aiming within the window.  There will be more
enemies in Timed Mode.

All starting formations: There will be 5 foot soldiers on the streets.
You should have no problems.  However, sometimes Police Officers will
be able to kill an enemy for you.

Back Building, top of the roof: There will be 3 snipers who will use
the building walls to disrupt your bullets.  Tag them while they are
firing for the best results.  Now you will be facing the left buildings
and face 2 more snipers.  They should have minimal problems.

Left Building, inside aiming from the window: You will be facing 2
snipers from the top of the right building.  You will then face right
and face 3 snipers, with one of them on top of the roof, who's far
away.  Take careful aim and don't miss.

Right Building, inside aiming from the window: You will be facing 2
snipers and then another 2 snipers both from the top of the buildings.
You should have minimal problems.

"Take all surviving Enemy Snipers from the Roof"

Downtown, Enemy Sniper Sabotage
Dificulty: Easy
Enemies: Foot Soldiers

There are some hard-to-reach targets at some points of the game. Some 
enemies are really far from you and are aiming at difficult places at the 
roof so make sure that you don't scare the terrorists off. Use this 
section of the game to practice tight aiming at the terrorists so that 
time loss would be minimized. If you follow this paragraph closely, then 
you should be under 60 seconds.

Right Building, from inside the window: You will be starting the Enemy
Sniper Sabatoge by facing 3 enemies on top of the roof.  You can look at
the woman at the pool somewhere at the lower-left hand of the screen.
Take the sniper at the left side of the splitter first, and then take
out the other two snipers at the right of the splitter.  If you can time
the bullet right, then you should be able to score a double-hit.

Now the next scene is where you only have one walking sniper to take
care of.  Just hit him without scaring him off.

You will now be dealing with two snipers taking fire at the cops who
you should always back up.  They are fairly far so don't go for any head
shots at this point.

Now you will be dealing with two snipers walking around the rooftop.
Hit them and don't scare them off.  If one enemy dies while when the
other sniper is next to the victim, then you'll scare him off.  Make
sure that he stops moving before you kill him.

Left Building, aiming right at the window: You will be at a rooftop
where you will see one sniper taking aim at the roofedge, and another
sniper pacing around and around.  Take out the sniper pacing around
and around before he hides inside the pilliars, and then take out the
sniper firing at the police.

Now you will be facing two snipers who will be firing at the police from
the top of the rooftops.  Discreetly dispose them.  Now you will be
facing another sniper who's firing at the police from another rooftop.
He's fairly far so don't go for a headshot unless you can do it without
missing and/or scaring him off.  Now you will be at a rooftop with the
swimming pool at the lower-right portion of the screen.  Kill the sniper
pacing around first, look at a woman at the swimming pool, and then
kill the sniper who's going to take fire at the police.

Back of the building, aiming on top of the roof: First, dispose the
sniper pacing back and forth, and then look at the women near the
swimming pool, and then take out the sniper aiming right at the

Now take out the sniper on top of the skyscrapper by carefully aiming
at him.

Now the terrorists will be close to you.  They are really easy to spot
and are easy to kill without looking at the scope.  Don't use the scope
as you should be fairly close enough to kill them before they chop one
half life box away (WATCH OUT!!!  THE ENEMY IS GOING TO SHOOT!!!).  Don't
worry about getting a head hit.  Worry about getting rid of them before
they shoot at you.

Now you will be seeing a terrorist who will be aiming at the police
from the rooftop.  Skillfully dispose him.  Now you will be facing the
back of the terrorist as he tries to call out the shots.  He won't
react unless you scare him off so just try to make the bullet count.

The final terrorist will be at very far range so you need to make the
hard-to-reach shot COUNT.

Note: There should be a beautiful lady near the pool.  Voyeur Vision
her for an extra life box.

If you do not miss from this point, then you should be at a robust
17-18 hits.


You can select who to rescue first from this point of the game if you 
are playing Story Mode. If you select either Tower or Air Battle, then 
you will be fighting Scorpion the Butcher. After defeating Scorpion, 
then the First Lady is rescued. If you choose the Stadium Battle, then 
you will be fighting Cobra the Iron Man for a chance to rescue the 
President's Daughter from the very start.

"Understood.  Leave the remains to me!!!  Wipe them out from the
Helicopter.  Good luck!"

Tower Battle 
"I've located the First Lady at the top of that Skyscrapper.  Wipe
the terrorists out, and save the First Lady.  IT'S HIM!!!  IT'S

Enemies: Scorpion the Butcher (with RPG), Foot Soldiers.
Note: Foot Soldiers who are interfering during a boss fight can be
destroyed for some Time Extends

Boss: Scorpion the Butcher 
Weapon: Sage RPG (Rocket Launcher) 
Interference: Enemy Sniper Backup 
Hostage: The First Lady 
Difficulty: Medium 
Shots required to defeat Scorpion: 5 Normal Shots or 1 Head Shot
Note: The Rockets can be shot

It's really hard to get a clear shot at the head at Scorpion since the 
Helicopter is habitually moving. Try to hit Scorpion without hitting 
the First Lady. Since the helicopter is moving, be careful that your 
bullet does not hit the First Lady. Just concentrate on hitting Scorpion 
since he's the boss. Pound on Scorpion until he's defeated. If you have 
much luck with him, then you can defeat Scorpion with only one Head Shot.

Don't go for the head shot right here since it's kind of hard to get a
clear aim due to the fact that you're circling around.  Worry about
Scorpion, don't worry about the Enemy Snipers.  And make sure that you
don't waste too much time on this one.

The helicopter won't be moving around a lot in this battle.  However,
during the Freeway Battle, you will be moving around so try to get used
to "firing while moving".  This is not something that can be done with

Don't worry about the Foot Soldiers--Worry about Scorpion.  Perhaps this
one is the first major time-waster in the game (though not as blatant
as later "time wasters" in the game).  Just watch the time.  At the time
of Scorpion's Defeat, you should have at least 45-50 seconds remaining.

Air Battle 
Superior: "I've spotted an unidentified aircraft"
Scorpion: (laugh) Go to hell!!!!!!

Enemies: Scorpion the Butcher (with Airplane)

Boss: Scorpion the Butcher 
Weapon: Aircraft 
Hostage: None, just defeat Scorpion to rescue the First Lady 
Difficulty: Easy 
Shots required to defeat Scorpion: 30 shots at the Aircraft, 5 shots 
at Scorpion, one shot at Scorpion's head

I consider this one child's play because all you need to do is to jack 
Scorpion's body up. Just aim for the Cockpit and when he tries to get 
close to you, jack Scorpion at is body and then at his head for Stage 
Clear. You can defeat Scorpion by unloading 30 bullets at the Aircraft 
but this takes more time, so just try to hit Scorpion with a single head 
shot and go for the Cockpit. This may be hard at first but once you 
know how to dispose this unusual sniping pest, then it's pretty much 
second nature.

As an avid Silent Scope player, I would recommend this one for beginners,
though you may accuse me of firing like Helen Keller.

HIGH SCORE TRICK: If you can hit the Jet for about 30 times without
even hitting Scorpion directly, then you can increase your streak,
though it may waste a lot of time.  If you are playing this one on Time
Attack, then just go for the Head Shot (since it saves time).  Either
way, I highly recommend that you end this fight quickly by giving
Scorp a smack at his head.  However, if you want a high score, then
you should try to hit the airplane without missing.

Craig Durnen was able to come up with this trick.

MY NOTE: This is a major time waster so you may want to just defeat
Scorpion as quickly as you can.  The only other scenes where you will
encounter time-wasters is the Trailer fight against Cobra and when you
fight Tom and Jerry.

A quick way to defeat Scorpion is to land two bullets at the fighter
plane without the scope and hopefully, you should be at your next clip.
The plane will be retreating so wait until the plane is going towards
you.  Now land all of your shots at Scorpion and try to land the entire
clip at Scorpion so that you can clear the stage quickly.

As far as high scores are concerned, this is the preferred route.  The
target remaining time is 50-55 seconds.

"The Terrorists have kidnapped the President's Daughter and are hiding
inside the stadium!!!  WE CAN'T IDENTIFY ANYONE FROM HERE!!!  You'll
have to search for them on your own!"

Enemies: Cobra the Iron Man, Foot Soldiers

Boss: Cobra the Iron Man 
Weapon: Machine Gun 
Interference: Movement of the Helicopter, too many innocent bystanders, 
the President's Daughter is being carried around Cobra's back!!! 
Difficulty: Very hard 
Shots required to defeat Cobra: 5 shots at his body or 1 head shot

Don't choose this one when you first play the game because there are a 
lot of innocent bystanders and the President's Daughter is INSANELY CLOSE 
to Cobra. If you hit the President's Daughter or the Football Players 
by accident, you will lose one life box. Try to hit ONLY Cobra since he's 
much of the attention in this area. Your main concern is the moving 
current of your bullets which makes hitting Innocent Bystanders easier so 
be careful when you aim and fire. If you take too long to hit Cobra, then 
terrorists will try to jack you from the Stadium and you will be forced 
to fight Cobra at the Freeway. More on the Freeway battle later. Only 
shrewd snipers would be able to clear this area without much trouble.

A word from Calyth
"If an Intermediate Player wants to hit Cobra without the risk of hitting
innocent bystanders, try to aim right at his legs (but the bullet might
be off since he's moving really fast).  Try to aim and fire the bullet
_just a bit_ ahead of the target, and it will move into the alignment."

Don't get pissed if you can't master this trick in the first few tries
as this scene tests your ability to be a competent sniper rather than
on accuracy.  It might take token after token before you're able to get
the timing right so the key to master this Calyth trick is lots of

Note: You can look at the Cheerleaders for extra lives.  On my test run
against Hornet just today, the "boss reinforcements" don't chop off half
a life box unless they get really lucky since they only carry FAMASes.
The only thing you need to be worrying about is the boss character
themself.  Concentrating on the boss through a central manner helps
reduce the amount of time.

Innocent Bystanders note: Even though you might have hit Cobra doesn't
mean that your bullets will stay out of the innocent's touch.  A bullet
can double-hit right at both Cobra and either at the President's Daughter
or the Football Players.  I've read an FAQ of the same game and the writer
stated that he had "too much luck".  No matter what the case would be,
your bullets should ONLY touch Cobra, and Cobra alone.  The more football
players there are while they are trying to tackle Cobra, the more likely
you will be losing lives by accident.

Note: You won't move around as opposed to either the Tower Battle or
the Aircraft Fight, which is a good thing.  However, Cobra moves fast
and you need to get a clean shot in order to avoid hitting innocent

I don't think that sniping while riding a helicopter was included with
your Shooting Range Training either.  You only take training at a Target
Range, not at a Helicopter so you may get yelled at your first couple of
times for hitting innocents by accidents.  Just stay patient and tag
Cobra--He doesn't attack but the chasing football players are making
this a difficult task.


Note: If you have resuced the First Lady first, then you will go onto the 
Freeway Battle.

"Some terrorists have kidnapped the President's Daughter, and are
escaping through the Highway!  Chase the Terrorists, and save the
President's Daughter from Harm!"

Freeway Chase
Difficulty: Advanced
Interference: High Speed Winds, Vehicle Movement
Enemies: Lopars, Foot Soldiers, Helicopter
Note: The Grenades that some terrorists and Cobra the Iron Man can be
nullified.  Be warned that if you choose to shoot the Grenade only, then
your accuracy streak will reset.

Typically, this stage is a lot harder than you can ever imagine.  You
will be able to get cleaner shots if you can nab the enemies while the car
is travelling straight.  Beware of the blistering turns at the freeway
because this will ruin your accuracy a bit.  Also beware if the screen
has to move at times because that will also ruin your accuracy as well.

Also, if the wheels of the vehicle are "squashing" through the enemy,
then your will get into a dip, ruining your accuracy.  Be also careful
if the enemy's vehicle has to move.

I highly recommend that you hit your enemies at the torso (even though
you won't get too many points for this) if you have to dispose any "back
door" terrorists from the back of the vehicle during the sniping chase.
This should prevent your accuracy from getting worse.

When you start the Freeway Chase, I highly recommend that you kill the
Lopar (guy with bald head) and kill the driver.  Don't kill the terrorist
at the right or you might face a formation that you might not understand.
If the car spins, then you will be facing two more enemies at the back.
If you kill the foot soldier and then the Lopar, then you will be facing
enemies at the front.

If the enemy is coming right at your back, then kill the driver inside
the jeep.  NOTE: Sometimes, when dealing with the grunts-on-wheels, the
player may attempt to shoot one of the wheels of the vehicle in question,
with similar effects to shooting the driver (i.e. the vehicle would spin
out of control).  This is probably feasible when dealing with those
grunts that are closing in on the player from the rear.  You will need
to hit the wheel right at the "Tire Plating" in order to make the car
spin out of control.  It's fairly hard to get a clear shot at the Tire
Plating, and it's quite a time-waster trying to hit it, but you'll get
a base 400 points and it also counts as a head hit because you'll see
GREAT if you do so.  Unless you've got time to spare for this impressive
stunt, I wouldn't do this.  Just aim at the Driver to save time.  Don't
let any driver get close to you or it will get harder as far as
liquidation is concerned.

Now you will be facing two jeeps coming right in front of you and you
will eventually face them from behind.  Try to get a double hit on one
of the jeeps and then take out the other jeep.

At the middle of the chase, a Helicopter will come after you.  Five shots
is what you need to take care of the Heli but a shot near the rotator
should do the job, though the Heli moves around a lot.

Now after the helicopter, the enemy will be coming at the back of
you.  Kill the driver before the enemies jack you up.

There is a lady with a swimsuit near the end of the stage but you need to
take careful aim so you don't hit the lady by accident as a few more
goons are waiting.  Now you are going to do some harsh battling with Cobra.

Be very careful if your car is "squashing" over the downed terrorists
as it will only disrupt your aiming.

NOTE: If you failed to dispose Cobra at the Stadium, then you will have
to rescue the President's Daughter from this part of the chase.

Cobra the Iron Man
"I've found the President's Daughter at the back of an old convertible.
She's being held by Cobra.  Take Cobra out and save her from harm."

Enemies: Cobra the Iron Man

Vehicle: Old Convertible
Weapon: FAMAS Assault Rifle and Grenades
Interference: Harsh Freeway Turns, Vehicle Movement, high wind speeds,
President's Daughter right of him
Hostage: President's Daughter
Difficulty: Somewhat Hard
Shots required to defeat Cobra: 5 shots at his body or 1 head shot

It's really important that you dispose Cobra really carefully because at
times a well-aimed shot right at Cobra may hit the President's Daughter
by accident.  Your main concerns is the harsh turns of the freeway which
may at times throw your shots off-range.  The grenades can be shot but
just try to hog around at Cobra without hitting the Pres's daughter by
accident.  You can try a Head Shot at Cobra, but the timing is way more
difficult than it seems.

On a test run, I found out that your accuracy can get ruined if for any
reason the vehicle has to take a turn from the freeway.  Be careful if
this has to be the case because it becomes really easy to miss and REALLY

Watch out for those damn grenades Cobra throws.  If you see a grenade,
just nullify it (but remember that nullifying a Grenade means that your
Accuracy Streak will have to reset).  Use the straight to your own
advantage--this way you can get a good Head Shot to save time.  Either
way, you will have to be careful that you don't accidentially hit the
President's Daughter, and to make things worse, every time you "squash"
over the downed Terrorists, you will "bump", causing big movement and
a disruption over aiming.  Sharp Turns also can be a problem.

And with the your car and the terrorist's car moving and swerving at
times, it can become really difficult to get the best possible shot.

A word from Calyth
"There is cool pointer to disposing Cobra's First Stage of Attack.
Try to predict where he will be when your bullet reaches him.  This
may sound odd but the only reason why the bullet would be off-aim when
you take a turn is that the target would not be aligned with the bullet
as it hits.  If Cobra's car is taking a left turn, try to aim at the
hand of the President's Daughter (this is surely ODD!).  If the curving
is right, then the bullet will hit Cobra's torso instead.  If Cobra's
car is taking a right turn, then aim _just a bit_ right (using your
view and with *careful* use of the Sniper's Scope) of Cobra, off the
side of the car, then the bullet will hit either the chest or the
torso.  If your alignment and/or timing is right, then you may get
lucky enough to score a head shot."

Again, this trick requires precise mastering so it may take you token
to token before you're able to master this trick.

Cobra the Iron Man take 2

Enemies: Cobra the Iron Man (with Trailer)

Weapon: Commercial Trailer
Interference: Having to aim at Cobra directly
Difficulty: Somewhat Hard
Shots required to defeat Cobra: 30 shots at the Trailer, 5 shots at his
body or 1 shot at his head

Just when you thought you've seen the last of Cobra doesn't mean that he
goes down that easily.  He's hijacked a trailer and he'll do everything to
destroy you once and for all (and this could be a reason why Cobra has
a lot of dirty tricks to exact revenge against Falcon, as Cobra is
associated with Falcon's past).

There are two ways you can send Cobra to the dumpsters: either pound at
the Truck and nail him somewhere at his body or just try your luck in
slamming his head.  Head shots are really difficult here as the Sniper
calibrates himself into getting a clear shot of Cobra's Head and the
trailer moves really fast.  If you don't hit Cobra's body or head as the
trailer passes you, you will lose one life.  I don't think that this one
was included with your training package because the Shooting Range
Package only tests your accuracy and not the ability to take out a
30-shot vehicle.  Your lieutenant will yell at you if you try to rapid
fire at the Truck.  Just be valiant and you'll be OK.

When the fight starts, just shatter the windows and jack Cobra before
he can jack you up.  Now aim right at the trailer and when he turns
around, try to get some clean shots right at Cobra himself to inflict
gobs of damage.  Be sure to hit Cobra at his head or his heart before
he comes to ram you, though.  It's really difficult to prevent Cobra
from running you over the first time he runs you around but the
subsequent times you can prevent Cobra from doing this.  Save yourself
lots of time by hitting him in the head as quick as you can, even
though the vehicle is moving too fast.

HIGH SCORE TRICK: You can hit the trailer as many times as you want
(Be careful not to fire like crazy because your lieutenant will yell
at you if you even try) to increase your streak but make sure that you
do not miss.  If you want to survive while trying to pound the Trailer,
then you will need to hit Cobra's body as he tries to run over you.
This is of high-risk but it's quite rewarding.  Any streaks like this
will carry on to the infiltration of the Enemy Base.

At the forest, try not to miss because the higher your streak, the
better you will be.  If you can carry on the Trailer Streak and avoid
missing from the moment you choose "Through the Woods" until the point
you defeated Tom and Jerry, then your score could kick ass.

Also, try not to miss from the start of the invasion up until you come
face-to-face with Monica.  This way your score can really fly.

Another Craig Durnen first.  Very hard to do but rewards are incredible.

Calyth's hint regarding about the trailer turning: Whenever Cobra
turns around (provided that you can see the trailer lengthwise), try
to shoot a bit ahead of the cabin (using the scope precisely).  If the
timing and/or alignment is right, then Cobra *should* into alignment,
causing Cobra to die under the fabled *but hard-to-get* head hit.
This is another hard trick to master but the rewards are also incredible.
Either way, I personally would just wait until Cobra tries to get me.
Calyth's hint regarding about the trailer may seem like a missed shot
at first but once you can get the timing right at the bat, it should
be second nature.

Rolander came up with a super risky trick.  This one requires super
precise timing and it will take you quite a while and with lots of
money before mastering it.  The trick is to aim the red dot slightly
right of Cobra's head at the first pass and punch it.  If you can
time this right, then you should be able to double-hit and even jack
Cobra right at the head before he passes you.  This takes time to master
but the rewards for this is significant.  Pretty much Pro-level due to
the high difficulty on getting the shot right the first time.

Stomper stated that usually you can get a Head Hit in the second pass
as long as you are calm enough.  You have enough time to line Cobbie
up for a head shot so be calm and slam Cobra at the brain whenever
you're ready.  The key here is to remain patient if you want to beat
Cobra in the second pass.

If you defeated Cobra and if you have already rescued the First Lady
by the time you've secured the President's Daughter, you're off to
Wisconsin to rescue the President.  If you've just came here from a
failed attempt to jack Cobra at the stadium, then you'll have to go to
the Hotel and rescue the First Lady from Hornet at the Hotel.


Note: If you have chosen to rescue the President's Daughter first, then
you will be fighting enemies in a long-range combat at the Hotel.

The Hotel
"Some terrorists have kidnapped the first lady and are hiding inside
the Hotel Imperial.  Find the terrorists, and remove them all."

Enemies: Guy with Black Suit with FA-MAS, Guy with Grey Suit with Bald
Head, Dark-skinned Guy with Red Shirt, Guy with Blue Shirt with UZI, and
Guy with Blonde Har, Glasses, and with Shotgun.

Difficulty: For Real-life Snipers, males who can handle a PSG-1 like
Solid Snake of Konami's MGS, and for Females who are as shrewd like
Sniper Wolf of Konami's MGS.
Interference: Enemies are difficult to see well without having to calibrate
at the naked screen and to look at the scope.  You must dispose the foes
discreetly to avoid certain commotion.

If there was a reason why Sniper Wolf of Konami's Metal Gear Solid would
be correct about her belief that "Women naturally make better soldiers",
then I would have to go with the Hotel Battle.  Your objective is to find
five members of the terrorist gang and *discreetly* eliminate them in the
quickest manner possible.  Don't fire recklessly or things could only
get worse.  If you wait too long, then your lieutenant will spot the target
for you, but you will be wasting precious time this way.

There are only two parts where you have to find the five members of the
Terrorist Gang and then discreetly remove.  At part 1, just find 2 members
of the Terrorist Gang, take steady aim, and fire.  If you miss, then they
will make things harder on you so you need to be extremely discreet all
the way on this stage.  If you find an innocent bystander while trying to
find and remove the members of the Terrorist Gang, then you should refrain
from pulling the trigger, especially the beautiful ladies doing their
exercises.  Take advantage of looking at the Beautiful Ladies while trying
to discreetly find and remove the terrorists as each life box will help
you for the fight against Hornet, who's one tough customer.

On the first part, neither of the two guys will move at all.  All they
will do is stretch around.  On the second part, the guy with the blue
shirt and with the shotgun is the guy who will almost always walk
around so against this guy, secretive and well-timed shots are
essential.  The guy with the glasses and blonde hair and the guy
with the bald hair, grey suit, and with the SO-COM usually stretches
but sometimes they might walk around from window to window.  If this
is the case, then avoid doing head shots since you might miss for the
most likelihood.  It doesn't matter if you can get a head shot or not--
it matters if you can make all the shots count.  I am vehement on this
because I don't want you to miss a single shot at all.

Story Mode Note: Each Terrorist before the Boss Fight is worth 400
points (but the Bald Guy with the Grey Suit is worth 800 points).  The
guy with the black suit, long hair, and with the FA-MAS, the guy with
the blue shirt and with the Shotgun, and the guy with Blonde Hair,
Glasses, and with the Shotgun will be returning in Stage 3 inside the
Enemy's Base so that you can improve your accuracy and score.

Note: In Time Attack games, concentrate only on the terrorists.  In a
story game, try to look up as many ladies as you can because Hornet's
rage is quite severe.

Do the same thing again in the second part, but this time you'll have to
find three members of the Terrorist Gang instead of 2.  To reduce the
amount of time needed to find and remove, calibrate the PSG-1 with your
naked eye, look into the window with the scope, and if the contents of
the window contains a terrorist, then take steady aim, and then try to
knock him out discreetly.  It doesn't matter if you hit him in the head
or not, it only matters if you can discreetly dispose him or not.  After
discreetly disposing the five members of the Terrorist Gang, you'll see
that the First Lady is held captive by Hornet.

Note: If you couldn't find the targets, then your Lieutenant will spot them
for you, but for dignity, just find the terrorists and remove them in the
discreet and quickest manner possible.  This saves time.  This is also the
case in Time Attack Modes.  You don't have enough time to wait for your
Lieutenant to give you the go-go, so act quickly.

Rooftop Battle
"I've found the First Lady.  She's being held by Hornet.  He is the
Expert Sniper.  Be careful."

Enemies: Hornet the Sniper, Foot Soldiers

Boss: Hornet the Sniper
Weapon: PSG-1
Interference: Enemy Sniper Backup and very distant firing
Hostage: The First Lady
Difficulty: For Real-life Snipers, Males who can handle a PSG-1 like
Solid Snake of Konami's MGS, and for Females who can handle a PSG-1 like
Sniper Wolf of Konami's MGS.
Shots required to destroy Hornet: 5 shots at his body or 1 shot at his

Sniper Wolf would definitely make good work out of this scenario.  This
battle reminds me of the two Sniping Battles in Konami's Metal Gear Solid,
only this time the battle is a lot more interactive because you are using
the PSG-1 all the way.  Hornet will always take a half box of life away
because his accuracy is as high as a professional sniper's.

Also, the interference of those damn bodyguards (Guy in black masks) will
keep you away from Hornet and they don't have as much luck in chopping you
off as Hornet does so just concentrate on Hornet.  Discreetly pound out
Hornet.  He's really difficulty to take out because not only he moves fast,
but after attacking, he quickly runs away from your touch.  Once you've
injured Hornet at least once, keep on squashing him like a Pancake making
sure that all shots count until he can't take it anymore.  The best time
to punish Hornet is to hit him when he tries to take a shot at you.  Don't
fire too recklessly or he may run away from your touch.

Now here's a teeny-bitty pet peeve I've discovered on one of my games:
OUT THE BOSS.  You should try to make the boss your central target even
though you may accuse me of fighting like Helen Keller.  Keep the boss
within your scope at all times and just squash the boss like a Pancake.
Really, the enemy troopers are only here to interfere your aiming.  I
don't know what other Silent Scope FAQ Authors may think but the troopers
do lousy damage even at this point of the game.  The only time the troopers
will be able to do awesome damage is just before the fight against Monica
the Armored Secretary.  At this point, only Hornet will have the most luck
of draining your life boxes quickly so just concentrate on Hornet for now.

Remember, you should have looked at least 1 beautiful lady (hear the Sax
for 1 or more seconds) for extra life boxes if you are running short, since
Hornet can do incredibly high damage.  For an expert, three life boxes
should suffice.  It's really hard to see well without the scope because
all enemies are relatively far away.

After defeating Hornet, it's time to rescue the President.


NEWSFLASH!!!  Before I go on to help you out on the President Rescue
portion of the game, let me tell you on the following conditions on
how to achieve 1 million points:

* You should ask your operator to turn the "Help Scope" off.  Silent
  Scope was meant for looking within the PSG-1's scope.

* You should have at least 40-50 seconds by the time you defeat Tom
  and Jerry.

* You should take the following routes: Downtown, Air Battle, Freeway,
  and Invasion via the Woods.

* From the beginning of the Enemy Invasion, don't miss.  Try to avoid
  missing from your invasion route until you get to Monica.

* You have viewed at least two beautiful women (for two extra life

* You have made it through Tom and Jerry without continuing

* Break into the start of Stage 3 by going through the woods.

* You should have earned at least 300,000 points overall for defeating
  both Tom and Jerry.  Head shots are the best since both are time wasters,
  and head shots often save time.

* Your score should be at least 500,000 points by the time you defeat Tom
  and Jerry.

* Finally, make it up to Monica the Secretary without missing at all.
  I've managed to get a 142-streak as of this update.

* Additionally, the following are the people that MUST BE DISPOSED WITH
  HEAD SHOTS (No Exceptions): Guy with Black Suit, ponytail, and with
  FA-MAS, guy with Blue Shirt and with UZI, and guy with Blonde Hair,
  Shotgun, and with Glasses.  Use the scope to aim the red dot at their
  heads.  Try not to miss because if you can carry such a really high
  streak into their deaths, then they can be worth boocoo points.

Sounds a bit extreme.  I know this is going to be a tough run but with
a little practice, you should be able to achieve the 1 million point
milestone at your arcade.  Just make sure that spoiler scope is off!!!

This part of the game is going to be the longest and the most difficult
part in the game.  I don't think Night Vision Battling is quite bad
but the enemies are more intelligent than ever, requiring discreetly
landed shots.  Also, the time limit is a lot more stringent so you will
have to eradicate the enemies as fast as you can.

There are two ways you can break into their base: Either by going through
the woods or by parachuting in.  Wood Travel is the preferred path for
accuracy purposes.  Don't choose Parachuting through your first couple
of times as this will require high-end accuracy.  Enough ranting about
this, let's rescue the President.

"You can get there by either Parachuting in or going through the woods."

Going through the Woods
"Understood.  Beware of intricate security systems."

Enemies: Foot Soldiers and a Infrared Sensor

Right after you defeat some so-so enemy troopers, you will have to take
aim at an infrared security battery.  Destroy it to advance further to
their base.  While you are crossing their road, you will see some
terrorists at the uphill section of the screen.  Note that all enemies
have high accuracy so be sure to nail them before they nail you.  Really
take discreet aim towards the uphill enemies.

When you confront the Grenadiers, be sure that you nail them right away
in a discreet and quick manner or the light may really disrupt your
aiming, which wastes time.  However, you should try to use this time to
use the naked screen to calibrate the gun at the desired area you want
to aim at the enemies.

All you need to do before you land right into their base is to just stay
calm and land discreet and quick hits on your enemies.  Watch out for
enemies who love to use trees as coverup.

This is definitely the preferred route since I'm really fishy about your

Parachuting In
"Understood.  If you get caught in a search light, you will be killed

Enemies: Foot Soldiers and Spotlights

I don't recommend this one because your accuracy is ruined by the
Parachute and Wind Currents.  If you need to take this route, then try
to nullify all the Searchlights first.  If you get spotted through a
Searchlight, then you will lose lives in an instant so nullify the
Searchlights first and then take on the Enemies.  Each enemy will extend
your time so make sure that you take patient and discreet lands on them.
You will eventually miss because of the movement of the screen.

Powerbox Supply
Take aim at the Powerbox Supply and then proceed to the next part.  Now
just look at the two ladies as you move on to get your bonus life, and
then take on the grenadiers at the rooftops before taking on the troopers
near the pool.  Make sure that you are nullifying the grenadiers first so
that your scope doesn't go dark through high light.  Once you are done
nullifying all the enemies at the Pool Area, you'll have to fight Tom
and Jerry.

Tom and Jerry--The men with Night Vision Goggles
Weapons: Knives and Crossbows
Difficulty: You be the judge
Interference: Trees and their sneaky movements
Shots required to dispose them: 5 shots on their bodies or 1 shot on their
heads.  You'll have to destroy both Tom and Jerry to advance.

Note: Originally Tom and Jerry were supposed to be called "The Killing
Machines" by the desk of M.I. Orikasa.

First, you should try to shoot the boxes in the back of them in order to
stop them temporarily.  Now all you need to do is to just hit one of the
Night Vision Goggle twins and nullify the first guy as quickly as you can.
Now all you need to do is concentrate on the other guy and try to get in
a head shot.  Neither of these guys can run away to a tree if you stun
them with a body shot but they will run away if you fire too carelessly.
Pounding either of them is your best bet, though a double hit may not
be probable.  Don't give them a chance to attack, though.


Also, be careful that you don't give them to retailiate as if you give
them a chance to hide, then you will only be wasting time since they
hide a reasonable amount of time before coming out again.  Just slam
on them continuously so they don't have a chance to escape.  Head shots
should save time, but you will need to look at the scope in order to
achieve such valor.

Note: You can try to pound the bosses as valiantly as you can since
each shot will stun them, giving you time to land yet another shot.
You will get more points if you hit enemies at either the heart or at
the head.  Be careful if your PSG-1 has to reload because that's when
Tom or Jerry will recover from the stun.

Now here's something that I have read from other Silent Scope FAQs:
The explosive box will stun both Tom and Jerry, giving you some time
to get some clean shots at them.  However, if you happen to shoot the
boxes, then your accuracy streak will reset.  If 64 hits in a row is
what you are looking for, just hit Tom and Jerry right away when the
fight starts.  I've done a test run at GameWorks and there's actually
no need to hit the explosive boxes in order to make defeating the
KILLER MACHINES easier to defeat.  Even though this forces you to
look at the scope more often, it makes no sense by hitting the boxes
at the back of them.

Although there was an FAQ Author who slammed these two for being
the worst time-wasters in the game, you only need to be accurate to
defeat them.  Beginners and Intermediate Players may need to use the
Explosive Boxes (this will reset your accuracy streak) to enhance
accuracy a bit and to reduce the amount of time wasted on these two,
but an Advanced Player should just slam these two bozos with well-
placed Head Shots once the fight starts.

No more support from this point on
"The enemy has spotted us and we're fighting back!!!  We can't assist
you anymore!!!  You'll have to rescue the President on your own!!!
Proceed whenever you can!!!"

Enemies: Foot Soldiers, Guys with Suits and a SOCOM, Guys with Black
Suits and FA-MAS, Guys with Blue Shirts and with UZI's, and Guys with
Blonde Hair, Glasses, and with Shotgun.

Right after you enter inside the Enemy's base, your Lieutenant will inform
you that the enemy has founded the entire rescue team and they're fighting
back.  You will no longer receive any support from your lieutenant so you
are on your own from this point on.  Hopefully, you know the basics of
Silent Scope while your Lieutenant was supporting you.  Now it's one-man
army time.

The targets are fairly close and it's hard to miss since you will be
really close.  However, you still need to fire discreetly since the enemies
will now run away from your shots if you fire too recklessly.  Be careful
that you don't accidentially hit any innocent bystanders as your bullets
may multi-hit at times.  The only time you will need to use the Scope is
when you need to hit your foe's head at tight range or if the targets are
far away.  If you have to hit them from afar, then you will need to look
into the scope and stay calm since your shaking may miss and scare the
enemies off.

Try to hit some enemies ahead of time so that they don't get a chance to
hide from a pillar or something.  This should save you time.  Also, the
enemies will be exposing some of their body parts even while they are
hiding so try to get a clear shot at it, though you won't get as many
points for leg shots or something like that.  The only thing that matters
in Silent Scope is that you defeat your enemies discreetly while maintaining
a 100-streak in a row.

Once you are through with the most exciting part of the stage, you will
be given three doors, which switch around at random.  The doors may include
a surprise attack, a beautiful woman, or an entrance to the Big Boss Area.

Note: If you think that the bullets WILL MISS, then look at the scope
just to ensure that your shots DO count.  The Scope Ensurance Trick helps
to keep your Streak Counter HIGH for a higher score and better Sniper's

From the desk of highest-scoring sniper Craig Durnen
"In the elevators, they are always in the same order.  The order is
always the Girl, then the transit to the "Choir Area", and the Enemies.
However, the starting point appears to be either random, or possibly
determined by the starting part of the game (not sure yet).  But you
should never lose a life on the elevator, because if you get the enemies,
you just pick the elevator to the right of them (if it's the last elevator,
simply go back to the first), and it will be the girl.

I will try my best to get a *true* confirmation of this.  Thanks."

---Craig Durnen, 2.6 Million-points Sniper, December 19, 1999.

It is true.  On my test drive as of this update, if you chose the middle
elevator and if enemies just attack you, then choose the rightmost
elevator.  There should be a girl that will heal your wounds.  After you
choose the girl, then choose the door right of the girl.  Now here are
the patterns possible (Note that they are ALL RANDOM):

* Surprise Attack, Girl, To the Choir Fight
* To the Choir Fight, Surprise Attack, Girl
* Girl, to the Choir Fight, Surprise Attack

By using this knowledge, you should be able to heal up your wounds, even
though you might get jacked by the enemies.

Konami has decided to use choir music as you enter the Big Boss Area since
you are getting closer to the conclusion of the game.  The first goon at
the entrance should be easy but the enemies before Monica are rather far
and they will always attack so try to nail them as fast as you can.

Warning: All of these enemies have a high luck of taking away half an
energy box so act quickly and don't let them jack you up.  Be very
careful because even though you are moving into "still" position, you
can still get hit by the enemies.

I found that the enemies are hard to hit during the final stretch before
the fight against Monica because the enemies are insanely far away and
some enemies may be hiding in places where it may be sometimes blind.
You might miss doing this so you may need to use the Naked Screen to
spot the targets and look into the scope.  I recommend that you attack
them while they are trying to attack you.  If you need to share any
comments regarding about this tough spot before the fight against Monica,
please e-mail me.

Once you dispose of all of the punks before Monica, you will go
face-to-face with the hardest boss in the game.

Beginners: You probably need a lot of money for this boss since she
is regarded as a major life-waster.  Worry about both the lives and

Intermediate: Assuming that you *did* reach this point of the game
without continuing, you will need decent amount of time (35 seconds or
so) and AT LEAST 5 LIFE BOXES.  Although Monica might be a time waster
in general, she is more of a life-waster than a time waster because
her attacks will drain your lives pretty quickly.

Advanced: Having perfected the art of Head Shots, you probably need
at least 3 Life Boxes.  Unmasking her is easy, but at the second part,
you need to hit Monica in her head before she wipes out all of your
life boxes.

Monica the Armored Secretary
Weapon: Catclaws (Part 1) and a FAMAS Assault Rifle (Part 2)
Hostage: The President
Interference: Various Obstacles and her confusing movements
Difficulty: A real pain in the ass
Number of shots required to destroy Monica: 10 shots at her exposed chest,
3 shots at her head.  The first two shots at her head will unmask her.
The third shot will kill Monica.  Monica is invincible at other parts
of her body.

Note: I have read the three Silent Scope FAQs published before this one
and at first, I believed that you only need two shots at the head to kill
Monica (one shot removes the helmet, one shot will negate Monica).  Later
on, I found out that you need 2 hits to remove her helmet (shoot her at
the helmet) and one hit at the exposed head.  However, you should try to
aim right where the glass is at on her helmet.  This way you can remove
the helmet much quicker.  Another Test Run at Great Odyssey Naperville
tells me that you need at least 50-55 seconds (after getting inside the
Elevator that will lead to the "Choir" Area) and at least 5 Health Boxes
to make it through alive.

This prick is HARD so get ready for a real fight.  There is a way to
lessen the cheapness of Monica.  Just concentrate on her helmet, and
keep in mind that it will take 2 hits to remove her helmet, and your
accuracy streak will be reset for hitting Monica's helmet, so don't
worry about your streak from this point on, since your near the end of
the game.  When Monica tries to get close to you, slap her at her helmet
and when she hits you, try to hit her again at the helmet before she
cuts you the second time.  There is a delay after Monica gets hit, so
use the delay to your own advantage.  When she tries to do a backflip, try
to go for the Helmet (if you haven't removed her helmet already) and you
should be at Stage 2 of the attack.  If you are sloppy, then I don't know
why you're not playing the game properly.

In this stage of attack, worry about both the Time and the Lives since
she can't be slammed on continuously like other bosses and she will always
drain life boxes like crazy.

Monica is a lot harder on Stage 2 as all Monica does in this stage of
attack is to touch the President in an obscene way and then use dancing
shots to chop off life marks away.  It's important that you hold your
fire until Monica comes out to attack.  The boxes will interfere with your
fire and you will have to watch your life bar because Monica always have
a tendency to cause massive damage with her gun.

It takes a lot of patience to defeat Monica so don't get pissed if you
have to continue a lot just to get used to Monica--in later games you
should be able to get better and dispose of Monica before your life runs
out.  Valor and steadiness pays off in this fight against Monica.

Note: If you have at least 4-5 life boxes left when you start the fight
against Monica, then you will have a great chance of survival right over
here.  Make sure that you dispose Monica as quickly as you can because
she drains a lot of lives quickly.

I have to give MDH credit for the cool trick on how to defeat Monica
because while she may be hard (because of her armor), the only reason
why Monica is so hard is not because of her patterns, it's because
she takes about 2-3 Head Shots to be defeated, and it's because she
drains your life boxes in a flash.  All you only need to do to
minimize such cheap fighting pattern is to be as quick as you can
to kill Monica before she kills you.  Also notice that once you start
the fight against Monica you will get a massive Time Extension.  However,
you will always find yourself running out of time so kill her as
quickly as you can.  Just remember to calm down while aiming right
at her head.

These are the following patterns Monica uses in Stage 2:

* Monica touches the President at his shoulders and while dancing, she
  fires at you at either the left or right side of the President.

* Monica will be waving her FAMAS and will be doing dancing shots at
  either the left or right side of the President.

* Monica will NOT move and will be doing fixed shots at you.

Once Monica is tired of firing, you will be given a moment for a good
shot at the head before she hides behind the President once again.
Use this chance to nail her in the head by all means possible.  However,
if Monica finishes firing by the time the boxes disrupt your aim, then
you will have to wait until the boxes gets out of the way and wait until
Monica starts firing again in order to attempt this.  To make things
worse, the boxes will disrupt your aiming as Monica takes her firing
position, so be prepared for any surprises!!!

Worry about the Life Boxes during this point of the game as she will
drain your life boxes quickly.

Terrorist Leader
"You are as good as rumor has it but selecting me as your enemy was the
ultimate mistake!!!  I know you're not coming for me, you must have only
MY EYES!!!!!  If you miss, I'll send you to heaven along with your
hero, the President!"

                              ----Excerpt from the Silent Scope Cabinets

After fighting through 10-plus minutes of hardcore short- and long-range
sniping, you're finally face-to-face with the man who forced you to
face your past once again--THE BIG BOSS!!!!!!!  Unfortunately, he has a
device that will blow up the entire base!!!  He'll try to get the last
laugh, so it's time to chase after him.  Shatter the bulletprooof glass
by keeping the muzzle at one place.  Once you shatter the bulletproof
glass, you will advance to the final part of the game.

Now here's my logic for the Bulletproof Glass:

After the defeat of Monica the Armored Secretary, you will be forced to
break a bulletproof glass. Make sure that you point the muzzle at ONE
SPOT ONLY because if you aim it at multiple spots, then the glass won't
break the sooner the better. Keep calm and fire at only one spot for the
fastest results. This "obstacle" is only there for a purpose: To make
sure that you only have ONE BULLET LEFT. Now here's the Bulletproof Glass
Logic that you need to know:

Start Bulletproof Glass Logic
    Check Magazine inside PSG-1
        If Bullets Left=3, then
            Error Sub Reload Magazine
        Else If Bullets Left < 3 then
            Error Sub Reload Magazine
        Else If Bullets Left >= 4 then
            Shatter Bulletproof Glass when one bullet is left
        End If
    End Check
    Sub Reload Magazine
        If Error equals Reload Magazine then
            Reload Magazine after mag empties
            Shatter Glass when one bullet is left from reload
        End If
    End Sub
End Bulletproof Glass Logic

to say something important...You MUST get a Head Shot with the final
bullet at all costs to rescue the President and complete the mission so
you will need to make this shot count at all costs.  You will get the
bad ending if you either miss or hit him at other parts of his body other
than the head.

It's sniper time.  You may think it's easy to hit him in his head but
you are actually wrong.  Although you may think it's your nerves are
twitching because of the "most critical shot", it's basically not.  If
you point the nozzle at one position for long enough, then you will
realize that the boat is habitually moving.  The pattern of the boat's
movements will change from game to game so make sure to point at the
position where the shot will count.  He sometimes twitches his head,
thus making the most important shot even more difficult.  Your best
bet is to level up the scope at a state where you can "tag" his head
and when you are comfortable enough, slam him with the head shot.
Now make this shot count.  And be warned that the boat's movements
will try to ruin your shot.  Also, it has to be a head shot.  You have
a lot of time to align the red dot on his head so keep your cool.
The US is counting on you to rescue the president with the most
critical aim of all time and to settle your past once and for all.

Note: You have PLENTY OF TIME to nail this bastard so just calm down
and take steady aim.

Note: If you boo-boo the final bullet, then just press the Start Button
rapidly or pull the trigger to skip the crappy bad ending.  I'm pretty
sure that you don't want to watch the bad ending.

Well, I hope this helps!!!  The best "mission complete" game was at
Brunswick Zone at Carol Stream, IL USA, because I was able to kill
the Terrorist Leader with one head shot and was able to get the good
ending with the "Cheat Scope" turned off.  Now that's Sniper's Pride
you are talking about.

I still remember my best score from eons ago: 4081400 with the Sniper
Scope turned off with a 150+ Streak.


Note: This section of the FAQ was derived from Millenium Publishing's
Metal Gear Solid Official Mission Handbook by Millenium Books.  It's on
Page 30 on the aforementioned book if you have this book at your own

Also, about 50% of the information is derived from Heckler and Koch's
USA Website (  The MSG-90 is included
as well.

Name: PSG-1
Function: Sniper's Rifle
Caliber: 7.62mm
Weight: 17.86 lbs
Length: 47.56 in
Scope: Hendsoldt 6x42
Magazine Capacity: Minimum 5 rounds, Maximum 20 rounds
Type of Magazines: Heckler and Koch G3 or HK91
Used by: Agent Falcon and The Jackal
Notes: Falcon and Jackal uses a specially-formulated PSG-1 in the game.
The Hendsoldts of their PSG-1 are customized so that they can spot targets
under the following modes: Thermal, Night Vision, and X-Ray.  Their PSG-1
rifles are customized for Silencer and multi-vision device support.
Heckler and Koch has their work cut out for them.  Nowadays, most of these
terrorist actions require secretive and timely-mannered elimination
techniques with the least possible danger imposed.  Their beliefs fell
through the idea of 600 Meter firing for tactical espionage by today's
sharpshooters.  The PSG-1 is the result of the demands of today's
anti-terrorist organizations.  Like all HK weapons, this kick-ass
weapon has been operationally tested and combat proven.  This weapon
is also used for traditional silent defense, although IMO this weapon
is now being used as a tactical espionage tool.  Although heavy, this
weapon seems to be useful of its kind.

Tested through 50 rounds through an 80 millimeter circle at 300 meters,
the PSG-1 makes the finest snipers around the planet proud.  Traditionally,
sharpshooters usually stand at stationary positions (in groups of two)
where it's easy to destroy intruders off-guard but in an infiltrational
manner where sniper rifles are required, accuracy gets ruined by chases,
parachuting sneak-ins, snowboard ski chases, and other interferences that
exist.  Like all semiautomatics, you do have to stay calm with this
baby but you need to be a lot more calm because while other weapons are
suited for balance and rapid-firing, this weapon is suited for accuracy.
While there are no 100% accurate weapons in this world, this is probably
as close to a discreetly versatile weapon for an everyday sniper.
Hendsoldts can be equipped traditionally, or can be customized for Night
Vision Aiming, Thermographic Aiming, or even X-Ray Aiming.  The Barrel
can also be customized to support HK-approved Suppressors as well.

Please KIM that customized Hendsoldts and muzzle parts can only be
purchased by anti-terrorist and Police SWAT Team organizations.  X-Ray
and Thermographic Aiming support allows snipers to see enemies hiding
behind walls (but Thermograph detects enemies by heat so if you are
attacking someone with a flamethrower like Tanya, then it's more sense
to use X-Ray Aiming instead) while Night Aiming allows you to see
anything in the dark.

Suppressors and Silencers lowers the noise caused by firing the PSG-1
to the absolute minimum for discreet, espionagic firing.  Most Snipers
of anti-terrorism origins are now demanding secretive and tactical
espionage, so Heckler and Koch has various PSG-1 customizations available.

Name: MSG-90
Function: Sniper's Rifle
Caliber: 7.62mm
Weight: 14.11 lbs
Length: 45.87 in
Scope: Hendsoldt 10x Telescopic
Magazine Capacity: Minimum 5 rounds, Maximum 20 rounds
Type of Magazines: Heckler and Koch G3 or HK91
Used by: Hornet the Sniper from Silent Scope 1, all enemy snipers

According to Heckler and Koch's USA Website, this rifle is supposed to
have all the features of the PSG-1, but weighing only 14 pounds.  I
don't want to explain this one too much because neither of our heroes
use this weapon.  I only focus on the weapon used by Falcon and Jackal.
And that's the PSG-1, the weapon that most "sharpshooting spies" choose.

Sniper Rifle Conclusions
If you had to ask, you are to be warned that these two rifles are
_STRICTLY_ high-end rifles--either rifle can cost as much as $15,000 USD,
placing it out of reach for tight-budget anti-terrorism agencies.


There are at times when there are some *irresponsible* people who will
be asking me the dumbest questions that I have ever heard of.  The
hassle of having to deal with these guys who always indulge in such
negative e-mailing with the dumbest game-related questions started
when I first release both my Time Crisis FAQ and my Time Crisis on the
Internet website back in the Summer of 1997 regarding if there are any
probable cheats in the game.  I'm getting sick and tired of people
e-mailing me the stupidest questions (which makes me lose patience and
compels me to use my potty mouth a bit more), so in order to reduce
the amount of such dumb-e-mail that I receive in my mailbox, here
it goes...

Q: Where are the cheats?

   I only give strategies.  NOT CHEATS!!!  There are a lot of people
   who begged me for lots of cheats in Time Crisis when I first released
   my Time Crisis FAQ and my own Time Crisis Website.  AND TO TELL YOU

Q: Why are the PSG-1 and MSG-90 expensive?

A: Go to for the scope

Q: If there are no cheats in Silent Scope, is there still codes?

A: Yeh, duh. :P  Go to for the lowdown on
   these codes (Kudos to M.I. Orikasa for pointing these codes out).
   They are not cheats but these are more of codes that should ONLY
   be used if you want a higher challenge.  There are codes for
   HARDCORE SNIPING (No Spoiler sightings), Full-Time Night Vision
   Sniping (You only need it from the start of Stage 3 until you get
   to the dinner table inside the base), and a code that enables the
   "best of both worlds".  Remember that these codes should ONLY be
   used by real-life snipers and not by civilians.

Q: Will a home version of Silent Scope come out?

A: According to "The Stomper", THERE WILL BE A HOME VERSION OF
   SILENT SCOPE.  Too bad that only the Japanese version will have the
   Scope-built Light Gun Support for both the Dreamcast and the
   upcoming PlayStation2.  Another bad thing is that the story follows
   Silent Scope and not Dark Silhouette.  Many people wanted the story
   to follow Dark Silhouette instead of the original but since Konami
   wanted this to be a one-player game, having the home conversion
   following the story of the original Silent Scope had to be the
   case.  I don't think it's worth getting the NTSC-UC or PAL versions
   of the game since under government ordinance, no light gun support
   should be exercised.  I rather play this game at the arcades,
   although most of the arcades now have Dark Silhouette instead of
   the original but there are still arcades that have the original
   Silent Scope.  In the NTSC-UC and PAL version of Silent Scope,
   you will be using a control pad to calibrate and you will use this
   *rather lame* command to magnify the view of the piece of the image.
   This is not as innovative because much of the Sniper Rifle Features
   are taken away from the home release.  If Scope Ogling is what you
   are looking for, SPEND YOUR QUARTERS--don't buy the NTSC-UC or
   PAL versions of the game--the innovation of looking at the Telescope
   to aim is not there with the exception of the Japanese versions of
   the PlayStation2 and Dreamcast Conversions.

Q: How much does a single Silent Scope or Dark Silhouette cabinet cost?

A: I am not a salesperson but I'll tell you the typical costs (which are
   my estimates if you have to ask).  Silent Scope will cost you about
   $6000 a pop while Dark Silhouette will cost you $9000 a pop.  Again,
   these figures are estimates so please correct me if I'm wrong.

Q: Who's the toughest boss in the game?

   entire storyline and you'll see who's harder than Monica.  I won't
   tell you the names, but I do have a How-To Sheet for Dark Silhouette,

Q: If you were a member of Konami's Silent Scope team, what things would
   you fix?

A: First of all, I would try to fix the gameplay a bit.  I would keep
   the scope, but I would try to make it more involving than ever.
   You will point the muzzle at an area of the screen and by looking
   at the Telescope, you will still be able to magnify the image's
   piece 10x its size.  The only difference is that I would give you
   freedom of movement so that you can aim as you please.  I would also
   make it more involving so that you can point the muzzle away from
   the screen so that you can "block" hits and reload your rifle at
   the same time.  I would also give you the option to zoom in/out
   and to switch to Thermal, X-Ray, Night Vision, Trap Detector, and
   Normal Modes at anytime.  I would also give you 4-6 types of ammo
   you can use as well by pumping the rifle.  I would also use a brand
   new graphics engine so that the game would move at 60-120 FPS instead
   of the suspected 30FPS.  Please contact me if you have anymore
   suggestions on how you can improve Silent Scope.

Q: You haven't answered all of my questions regarding about Silent

A: BALONEY!!!!  I've tried EVERYTHING to answer all of your questions!!
   If for any reason I didn't answer a single question mentioned
   somewhere in this document, then you can drop me a line.  NOW BEFORE
   this because it is important for me to prevent anyone from spoiling
   one's efforts.


It's pretty interesting to know that you can hit a boss repeatedly and
you can always slam him continuously even while he's stunned, but you
can't slam Monica repeatedly because of her heavy armor and her confusing
patterns.  If you hit Monica, then she will always backflip, thus she
doesn't get stunned for a long time unlike other bosses.  I don't know
why other bosses can be slammed like a pancake while Monica will always
guard herself after being shot once.

This is an interesting rant because when I continuously slammed Scorpion
the Butcher, Cobra the Iron Man, Hornet the Sniper, and the twins with
the Night Vision Goggles, I realized that they are not wearing any strong
armor and neither of these bosses were as agile as Monica.

Also, the enemy troopers don't do as much damage as either the bosses
or the enemy troopers near the fight against Monica.  I don't know why
this is so, but it seems that all of the enemies are using FAMASes in
most cases rather than using PSG-1's.

In other words, the game would've been intersting if the enemy would have
been invincible after being shot.  This way you have to dish out all the
interference during a boss fight or take out the other sub-boss.

It's interesting to find out that even though you won't be able to polish
off all of the boss's reinforcements, you can still clear the stage by
just killing the boss.  Once you defeated the boss, then all of the
reinforcements become "under arrest" by the police department you

Anyway, if you have any more Silent Scope rantings you need to give out,
please drop me a line.

Here are my suggested test runs to see why I had to include this set of
Silent Scope Rants:

* Fight Scorpion the Butcher at the Rooftop Battle.  Just pound on Scorpion
  and don't fight the enemy troopers, who are only there to interfere.

* Fight Hornet the Sniper.  Just slam him continuously without focusing
  on any other enemy troopers.

What I would like to see in a Sniper's Game is that you should also have
the right to use Thermovision--You track down enemies by their body heat.
Aim at where there's the most body heat is at and then take your best
shot.  I liked the Night Vision feature added with the PSG-1, but a PSG-1
with both Night Vision and Thermovision capabilities would make the game
a bit easier near the end.  The best time to use Thermovision would be
during the final stretch before the fight against Monica, where enemies
will be insanely far and will be hiding in areas blind through the use
of normal vision alone.  In addition to the Thermovision feature in a
PSG-1, I would also like the bullets to "lock-in" to an enemy so that
you don't have to miss all the time.

I thought that it's all 1000-feet shooting as I progressed along, but
I found out that in the base infiltration, some targets were just too
close for me to look at the scope.  The final stage really hurted replay
value a bit, but the scope's priority came back once I have reached the
Choir Area, where enemies are hiding at insanely blind areas.  Silent
Scope is a blend of far and close-range shooting.

As Sniper Wolf of MGS said, "It's really hard to miss if you are very

During a visit to Dave and Buster's one technician told me that if the
Help Scope (the scope that appears at the left-top of the screen) is
there all the time, then the game would become easily boring.  I told
him regarding about that some arcades have that DIP on and he told me
that it only hurts the replay value.  I think that D&B Technician might
be right about this.  The DIP while turned on allows you to get more
head shots but by having the DIP turned on, it only spoils replay value.
Why do you have to look at the naked screen all the way while you can
calibrate and then look at the scope?  If you see the scope at the
top-left of the screen visible all the way during gameplay, ask an
attendant to turn off the Help Scope.  This way your Sniper's Pride
may increase and it will push you to look at the scope for more critical

If the scope does not work properly, then make sure that you talk to
your operator immediately.  This is an expensive game and you are paying
for it so make sure that the game is in good condition at all costs.

I personally would either tell your operator to turn the Help Scope on
the Naked Screen off or just stay away from the Silent Scope Machines
with the Help Scope turned on.  For Sniper's Pride, you need to look
through the simulated scope and the Help Scope really ruins the beauty
of the Scope.  If you can get 100 hits in a row without the Cheat Scope
turned on, then you can consider yourself a real Sniper.  The reason
why I'm doing this again is because I want you to unmask that Sniper's
Pride inside you.

Even though you have been drinking too much caffeine in the final
part of the game, try to aim the gun at one place (but don't pull the
trigger as the bullet MUST land right at his forehead).  You'll notice
that it's not because of your nerves.  It's because of the boat.  It's
only natural for the boat to move:  It's because of the Water Current
that the Boat twitches up and down slightly and methodically.  If you
can point the gun to a state where you can get a head hit, then you
should be fine.  Either way, just take your time and be sure to make
the shot count, and have the shot aimed right at his head.


Sending UCE to any of the mailboxes that I have is not tolerated.
Period.  I report any incidence of spamming by checking the header on
where you originated the message at and then report the incidence to
the server you originated your message at (which is more likely to get
you in deep trouble) or I can just slam you by sending complaints to
the following: The server you originated the message at, to your
provider, or possibly the Free-Mail Service that you use.  Don't spam
me.  It's not worth it.  I will only tolerate e-mail in regards to Silent
Scope.  See to see why it's bad.


* Billy the Kid
* E. Mitchell
* K. Falkowski
* Millenium Publishing's Official MGS Mission Handbook

Get information about Konami's Arcade Games at this address:


You can find their work at

For codes pertaining to Silent Scope, please visit Secrets of the Game
Sages at

And for those who helped me through precious Silent Scope Info:

* Craig Durnen
* M.I. Orikasa
* Peter Cheong (for changing my Scoring Sheet)
* Wei-Hwa Huang (for information regarding about the Bulletproof Glass)
* Evan Mitchell (for telling me about Dark Silhouette)

Again, please visit the following sites for the official Silent Scope



-  Hideo Kojima for making MGS a kick-ass game

-  Some real-life snipers for helping out Konami for creating a respective
   light gun game since Lethal Enforcers

-  Konami for taking the real-life sniper's advice for granted

-  Dave and Buster's, Enchanted Castle, Great Odyssey Naperville and
   Carol Stream, and GameWorks for having the game in stock.

-  Billy the Kid, E. Mitchell, and K Falkowski for being the first three
   people to write FAQs for Silent Scope

-  GameFAQs for being the largest stable of all original work

-  MDH and BAT in correspondance to the accuracy issue

-  Network Solutions and the InterNIC for handling my Domain Registration.

-  Saturn Services and Savant Networks for doing a great job of hosting
   my website.

-  Kao Megura for being the most prolific FAQ Author

-  Myself for doing test runs during the fights against Scorpion the
   Butcher, Cobra the Iron Man, the twins with the Night Vision Goggles,
   and against Hornet the Sniper.

-  M.I. Orikasa for corrections regarding about Monica the Armored
   Secretary, Tom and Jerry, how you are graded through Time Attack and
   the Practice Package, and the codes supplemented by Konami.  Also to
   note is the confirmation of the Hard Time Attack Routes and the High
   Score Theories.

-  Craig Durnen for pointing out some opportunities for an incredible
   score and for pointing out one more DIP Switch under the Silent Scope
   Board.  Also, he should be praised for giving a crack out of the
   patterns in regards to the pre-choir elevators.

-  Calyth for some pointers in regards to Cobra.

-  Erik Germanis for telling me a preliminary hypothesis that the PSG-1
   is a (maybe) $10,000 German Semiautomatic!!!  Expensive rifle to own!

-  Konami for stuffing codes under the Silent Scope board

-  And Monica the Armored Secretary for making me waste more money on
   ruining my Hard Time Attack Game in two instances, and making Silent
   Scope for becoming a popular Arcade Hit!!!!  CHEAP ATTACKS AND CHEESEY
   FIRING PATTERNS!!!  However, Monica is NO PROBLEM for me because I've
   improved a great deal.  NOW IT'S PAYBACK TIME!!!

-  Myself for _finally_ beating Silent Scope without continuing and for
   being the first person at Great Odyssey Carol Stream to beat Silent
   Scope without continuing.

-  Dave and Buster's at Addison, IL USA for their thoughts about the
   Help Scope Switch.

-  Andrew Leonard for convincing me that the PSG-1 is a German-made
   Sniper Rifle.

-  Wei Hwa Huang and Peter Cheong for contributing for the March 26, 2000

-  Rolander for contributing to the Easter Sunday 2000 updates.

-  Stomper for contributing for the majority of the August 13, 2000 updates

This document is dedicated to the loving memory of Princess Diana of Wales
and Fashion Designer Gianni Versace.  We need to stop destroying people
for a stupid reason right now.


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