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-TimeSplitters for Playstation 2-

Written by Shinya  

*Complete Challenge Mode FAQ*


Do to the amount of e-mails I have recieved, It seems
to me that more people are having trouble or stuck in
Challange Mode. I too suffered quite a bit when
playing these challenges, so I want to make it a
little easier for me to keep up with all of your
e-mails by writing a Complete FAQ for Challange Mode.

NOTE: For those of you who haven't gotten Challange
Mode yet, all you have to do to aquire it, is beat
2035 Spaceways on Easy. You do not, I repeat, you do
not have to complete every level on easy to unlock it,
just Spaceways.

There are 27 challenges in all, and I will go through
each one step by step in order to answer all of your
questions, as well as give you some suggestions on how
I was able to beat that perticular challenge. I will
also tell you what you get for beating that challenge.

If you want to skip the whole walkthrough part and
just want to know what you get for beating it, go take
a peak at my other SECRETS FAQ.

*Challenge Mode*

You will start off challenge mode with challenges 1-A,
2-A, and 3-A open. You do not have to do challenge
mode in any certain order, as long as you beat them
all. In order for you to unlock other challenges you
have to beat earlier challenges. All challenges come
in sets of 3; A,B, and C. To unlock B you have to
finish A and so on.
Challenges will open up in numerical order 1-9.

1-A| Behead the Undead:

Zombies are coming at you from all angles, and you
have take 50 heads off in 2 minutes, what to do? Here
what I do is manual aim at the zombies heads. This
will give you the most accurate shot with your
shotgun. Don't worry about dying you will respawn very
quickly. Learn to strafe and manual aim at the same
time, and accuracy is the key. And try not to spread
the zombies out to much, if you clump them up, you can
take off more than one head with just 1 shot.

*What you get- The Living Dead bot set will be
unlocked. All zombies are available as bots in Arcade.

1-B| Putrid Punchout:

Now unarmed you have to take off 30 heads in 1 minute.
This is what I noticed, when you punch, you punch
right handed. So, strafe around the left side of the
zombie and swing and if you miss, they won't hit you.
Its almost like closelining them. It is also best to
try to stay alive as much as possible to save time.

*What you get- Green and Brown Zombies as Playable
characters in Arcade Mode.

1-C| Dusk of the Dead:

Oh boy! Zombies are flooding you and you have to score
10,000 points to win. The zombies that come after you
come in phases, each phase of zombies is increased
every phase. So, if you want to take some time and
learn where the Zombies appear it will take you less
phases to beat(It only took me 4 phases). The faster
you beat a phase the more points you get. But, if you
just want to try and go "GungHo", you can use the
stairs to your advantage. Start off a phase upstairs
and take out all zombies that appear up there, if you
can. Then all of the zombies downstairs will just
start to flock in the middle of the room. From here it
will be easy to pick them off from upstairs, you will
not aquire many points due to you taking more time in
beating the phase, but it is a good tactic. If you
wish to camp downstairs, by all means. And if you ever
get to flooded with zombies coming at you, the best
thing to do is strafe. Strafing around the zombies
will almost 100% of the time be your life saver.

*What you get- Police, Skull, and Jacket Zombies are
now playable characters in Arcade Mode.

2-A| Flock Around the Dock:

Getting those 100 ducks in only 5 minutes can get
quite frustrating at first. What you will have to do
first is locate the 2x Uzi ammo spot outside by stair
case leading into one of the buildings. You will find
that it reappears by the big grey crate. Keep
resuppying your ammo, and stay in that general area of
the stage. Do not try to follow the ducks around, you
will waste to much time in doing so. If you stay in
that stop and in between the 2 buildings you can kill
the ducks as fast as them come, they will respawn
quick and they can find you a lot easier. Like I said,
let them come to you, do not chase them. And start
killing them off the get go, dont waste any time, it
could mean getting 99 or 100 ducks.

*What you get- Arcade Bot, Duckman, will be unlocked
in Arcade mode.

2-B| Dock Duck Shot:

You're up against some competition here. You have to
get 100 kills in 7 minutes. A Green and Red Alien are
fighting against you, trying to stop you from winning.
This challenge isn't to hard as long as you keep
yourself healed, have plenty of ammo, and keep the
dying down. The ducks that you fight here again will
not take to much life out of you, but the Red and
Green Alien will, so keep an eye on them both. Use
your radar, it can come in handy.

*What you get- All enemies are Ducks cheat is now
unlocked in Story Mode.

2-C| Crispy Duck:

This is one of 3 escort challenges. You have to cover
Duckman Drake and get him to the dock without him
dying. This is where your radar comes in very handy.
Learn to use your radar, and stay out of the way of
Duckman Drake, so when people try to shoot him they
will not hit you instead. Most importantly, DO NOT
DIE. There are a few drone guns on this stage, I
suggest you find them and run ahead of Drake and
destroy them before he gets there. And keep a good
ammo supply. This may take a few tries, don't worry.

*What you get- Duckman Drake as a playable charater in
Arcade Mode.

3-A| Tin Man Trial:

A good ol' game of bag tag. Robofish has gotta hold on
to that bag for a minute. Just get yourself a good
weapon, shoot everyone you see, grab the bag and camp
on one end of the level and just wait for guys to come
get you, then just pick them off as they come. This is
pretty simple since you can shoot when you have the

*What you get- Arcade bot Robofish is now unlocked in
Arcade Mode.

3-B| Lobster Run:

Gotta get those lobsters back to your cirlce and you
need 15 in 5 1/2 minutes. Your cirlce is in the
middle. Just use the path that leads you straight to
the docks that will be behind you when you first
start. Key here is shoot everyone and get those
lobsters back fast! Use the other way through the
house instead of taking the street, it will save you
tons of time and gunfire.

*What you get- All enemies are Robofish cheat unlocked
in Story Mode.

3-C| Bowl Them Over:

Gotta get those heads off of those mutants, 40 of
them, in under 5 minutes. You can use a really cheap
trick to beat this one. If you know the Castle level
really well, there is a cellar with an Assualt Shotgun
and health. If you camp there and keep getting
healing, the Mutants will come to you very fast. Just
be sure to manual aim at there heads, if you miss they
will die and you will have to wait for them to respawn
again. You need heads not kills.

*What you get- Robofish as a playable character in
Arcade Mode.

4-A| Shame if Something Got Broken:

Its pay back time. Break every single pane of glass
you see in 1 miutes 10 seconds. There are 69 panes in
all, 4 in the building behing you, one of which is
very hidden. In order to get this hidden pane, look
through the bottom window and look to your upper
right, you may have to move back a little, you should
have a clear shot at it. There are 4 in the building
ahead of you and 61 of them over on the huge wall just
ahead of you when you start. Some small panes are
black, be sure to get each and everyone of them.

*What you get- Nothing.

4-B| Don't Wait Around:

Time to just break everything in the Chinese level,
and you have to do it in 3 minutes. There are no
secret panes of glass in this one, just be sure not to
over look any when you shoot. Sometimes the smoke can
make you miss 1 or 2 panes. There are 140 panes total
and they are in these locations.

-5 windows when you first start in the door entry.
-18 windows up high in the gong room.
-4 railing glass in the gong room.
-28 windows in one room.
-5 misc panes in the same room.
-28 windows in the other room.
-5 misc panes in the same room.
-47 plates in the kitchen.

Grand total of 140.

*What you get- Enemy Bricks cheat unlocked in Story

4-C| Brick Flung High:

Same thing as challenge 4-B except you have to do it
in 4 minutes 30 seconds with just Bricks. Aiming the
brick can be very tricky at first, and be sure to use
the seconardy fire for the windows that are up high.
Also be sure to break the plates at an angle.
Sometimes the brick can be very mean to you, and will
hit the wall and bounce back and hit you. If you get
hit with the brick, IT HURTS, so be very careful when
breaking the plates. It also helps if you break the
small windows with just your fist instead of taking
extra time in aiming the brick to break them.

*What you get- The Brick is now available as a weapon
in Arcade Mode.

5-A| First Impressions:

Help the King get 10 kills in under a minute. All you
have to do in this one is cover the King and have him
win with 10 kills. The Compound is a small level, and
the King should make quick work of these guys. Just
kill anyone you see. You should be able to get this
one in your first or second try.

What you get- Arcade bot Impersonator is now unlocked
in Aracde Mode.

5-B| Lasting Impressions:

Help the King this time get 1st place with 25 kills in
1 minute 15 seconds. You can't let the King die in
this one, or its failed. A good tactic to do is learn
where the other 3 opponents start. Work your way
toward them, killing them as they come out of there
little room. The King will pack some great fire power
and never miss most of the time. Work your way closer
to where they start and you should be sitting right
infront of there respawn point. Try not to die, its a
time saver and you need to cover the King. This one
may take a few tries to learn where the other team

*What you get- All enemies are Impersonators cheat is
unlocked in Story Mode.

5-C| Who's he Trying to Impress?:

Same rules apply as in 5-B, but you can't personally
score more than 3 kills, if you do, you will fail.
What you can do, is let the King do everything, work
your way toward their respawn point, and If you need
to shoot someone, count how many you have shot. This
one can be a pain, because the Kings AI can be really
dumb sometimes. A lot of time, this challenge is luck.

*What you get- The Impersonator as a playable
character in Arcade Mode.

6-A| Barrel Blast:

You have to use your Special Forces skills to destroy
all the barrels in this level in under 6 minutes. To
start this one off, it is best to get to know the
Chemical Plant. It will be quite hard to do this
challenge if you do not know where you are going and
where to cut down time when running to a certain area
of the level. This challenge is pretty straight
forward, totally destroy all 72 barrels. To destroy a
barrel, you must keep shooting it until it is
completely gone and has stopped spraying toxic fumes.
Using the primary and secondary fire don't make to
much difference, but I have noticed that the secondary
fire tends to spray the shotgun rounds more, this
works when you are shooting a huge mass of barrels at
one time. There is what they call a "hidden" barrel on
this stage. It is located behind the big brick wall
toward the back of the stage. To get to this barrel,
make your way upstairs and outside onto the ledge that
is facing the brick wall. Where you shoot the barrel
that is in your way of fire, you will stand there and
manually aim at the barrel. Be sure to watch your
total barrels left to insure yourself that you did
indeed destroy that barrel.

*What you get- Nothing.

6-B| Bodyguard:

This is the second escort challenge out of the 3. You
have to cover Lt. Christine Malone and make sure she
lives to reach the other side of the Chemical Plant.
Same rules and tactics apply as in challenge 2-C. Key
here is be sure to use your radar and look up and down
when walking through the Chemical Plant, enemies can
pop out of anywhere at any time.

*What you get- Gasmask SWAT as a playable charcater in
Arcade Mode.

6-C| Heist:

Stop Fingers and his gang from taking 5 bags from the
bank in 5 minutes. You will start on a ledge infront
of the bank and be supplied with ammo and health, you
cannot fall off of the ledge, if you do you will die
and respawn. This is where the tactic "camping" comes
in handy. Just keep yourself well supplied with ammo,
grab the health when needed, and try to keep your
deaths down. Also avoid anyone coming up to your
camping stop, it can be a pain if you respawn and then
just die right away. And also keep an eye on your
radar, it can come in handy will all of those pesky
bots trying to get those bags. Remember, they have to
get 5 to make you fail, if they get 4 you will still
win the challenge.

*What you get- Veiled SWAT is now a playable charcater
and bot in Arcade Mode.

7-A| Shop 'til you Drop:

Another variation of Capture the Bag just as in
challange 3-A, except this time you have some help
from Peekaboo Jones and Mary-Beth Casey. You will have
to bring back 15 items in 3 minutes. Now this isn't
just you having to do this, its a team effort. Since
you are playing in the Mall, don't forget that you can
venture off to any spot as you wish, but the Items
will be out in front of you in the isles. A good tip
is to let the AI on your team do a lot of the work and
try to keep yourself alive. All of the bots that are
against you can be a real pain sometimes. Good way of
avoiding them after you pick up a bag is to venture
out of the main shopping area, run back around behind
(away from the gunfire) and hit the target point from
behind the action. This may take longer, I know, but
it will save you plenty of time in that you will take
less damage and keep your deaths way down saving you
even more time that way.

*What you get- Arcade bot Ginger is now unlocked in
Arcade Mode.

7-B| Sorry, Was That Your Bag?:

Help Dr. Graven and Dr. Nadir win this Capture the Bag
challenge with 5 in 3 minutes. Again you will playing
in the Mall with 2 other bot teams. Knowing where the
other teams Bags are helps a bit but the Doctors will
do a lot of capturing for you. You have to help them
"WIN" so, even though you got 5 bags you could still
fail because another team got more than 5. So guarding
your bag and at the same time getting bags can be
hard, so take your time and be quick if you are going
to leave your bag to go get one. Also keep an eye on
the others teams scores, if one is jumping ahead, go
cause some trouble over at there base.

*What you get- All enemies are Gingerbread's cheat is
now unlocked in Story Mode.

7-C| Everyone Must Go!:

Just a straight Team Deathmatch challenge. You will
have help and you have to get 45 kills in 3 minutes.
Just play it as if you were playing multi-player. Keep
yourself alive, ammoed up, and use your radar. Be
fast, you only have 3 minutes. Again this challenge is
in the Mall level.

*What you get- Gingerbread Man is now a playable
character in Arcade Mode.

8-A| Girls `n` Boys:

Farrah is here to help the girls team win with a score
of 80 in 5 minutes. A historic team deathmatch with
the Boys versus the Girls. This challenge takes place
in the Cyberden, it again helps to know this level and
be able to follow your radar. Try not to die, because
your AI teammates can be really dumb and that leaves
you to do all of the killing. You will also have to be
very fast in order to obtain 80 kills in 5 minutes.
Use speed strafing to get to the Boys and just let`r
rip. Less dying, keeping ammo, and using your radar,
this challenge will be cake. Also do not kill your own
teammates, it will not help you when they are running
around gunless after they respawn.

*What do you get- Arcade bot Fun-bunny is now unlocked
in Arcade Mode.

Others are on there way, I just wanted to get this for
those of you out there who need what I have here.
Please stay posted for the whole FAQ, thanks.

-Legal Stuff-

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from here and use it for any other FAQ or Tips Guide
is prohibited my law. Do not ask me if you can use
this FAQ for your own, I will say "NO". I've spent
many hours writing, note taking, and playing. All
copyright laws are in effect.
Thank you for waiting.

-This document is a Copyright of Shinya 2000-

Thank you

-Submitted by Shinya-

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