Awards FAQ by Aerisweet

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Game:  TimeSplitters
System: PS2
Players: Up to 4 (using Multitap)
Memory card: about 200KB per saved game 1Meg per Custom Built Level
Design: Free Radical


Note:  Once again, this is revised cause I have friends o' mine giving me more
advise, so I will credit them as deemed.  Further more, once again, these
awards are Proven to be TRUE ways to earn these awards.  I earned these as
well, and my tactics are posted for you to enjoy.  (I have US version, but I'm
sure they are in Europe Version, etc..)

Copyrighted 2001 by Aerisweet.

1) - Some things you should know about earning these awards.

2) - The Awards

3) - Credits, and other ways to reach me, for further advise, or complaints,
etc, you know the deal. :)

| Number 1 |

Alright, some things you have to realize, when you go after certain awards, you
might not get it because other awards block it up in the list.  I'll give you
an example.  Say... you're going after the Ledgehopper award, and you Jump off
of ledges 500 times.  Well, that's all good and that's the way to do it, BUT,
you have to take into consideration that, while you're on your journey to get
the award, there are other awards you could earn INSTEAD.  Like, you could get
Most Useless, or Most peaceful, or Most losses, or Shortest Innings, instead of
getting Ledgehopper.  That's a little qwirk that makes this game a little tense
to play.

Plus, a good way to get cheap awards (if you're like that.. Like me), is to go
into the game setup screen and set the weapons to "custom" and just leave the 5
slots blank.  No matter how many bots you have, or how many stars they are set
on, the bots will not move.  You can easily get awards like, most sneaky,
decapitator, brain surgeon, etc.

The awards "Aloth" and "Cart" ARE NOT AWARDS.  Do NOT email me saying I left
them out, they do not exist.

Something else I gotta say.  A person approached the boards claiming there is a
"blind" award.  Explaining how to get it.  I won't post it here cause I found
it to be a waste of time.  I tried it several times with several different
options to no avail.  So.. sorry, if you have proof of this, aka, screen shot,
or exact instructions, i will repost and give you credit only after i earn this

| Number 2 |
These awards are ok, some are just a PAIN to get, but nonetheless, here they

1) Most Professional - Be slick.  Be careful.  Watch your radar.  Your radar is
your best friend in this situation.  If you're going around a corner, and
someone's there, take the right weapon, side step across, and own them.  Use
few bullets.  Few bullets and knowing where your opponents are is your guide to
this award.

2) AC-10 - This award is received when you Run over Armor when you don't need
it.  It's nice to fill up on armor, but if you get hit and lose like 5% of your
armor, and get more, you're bound to get this award.

3) Maniac - I don't remember how to get this one, 100%, but I know i got it
again today.  The settings I had were: around 30 kills, single start opponents,
life -10 (Hero), and just random weapons.  In the tomb.

4) Hoarder - Weapons is this awards secret.  Match starts, no matter where,
Go.. Get weapons, keep them, don't let others get them.  That's how you unlock
this award.

5) Most sneaky - Ooh, hiding is fun.  Hide behind corner or follow someone and
take them out when the turn corners toward you, or attack them when they

6) Betrayer - This award I got accidentially, but I tried it again and it
works, so to get this award, just attack your team mates.  But if you're
planning to win, you'd better turn friendly fire off so you don't get yourself
in a situation going solo..

Svge0828 - Kill your teamates alot

7) Decapitator - Mummies, zombies... off with their head.  If you aim with the
crosshairs, L2, you can move it up to their jaw and fire away.  Try it, heads
bounce off the walls.. haha :)

Svge0828 - Punch off alot of zombies/mutants heads

8) Ricochet King - This is kinda difficult for some to get.  The alternate fire
weapon often ricochets off off walls, so, you have to either hit or kill
enemies using that method.  good luck, i know the sci-fi handgun and pistol
bounce.  You'll need the luck.

9) Bag Man - Go get those bags... get a lot of them, you'll need them for this
award.  Easy way to do it, is.. set all your opponent bots to 1 star and put
your base next to another base and get their bag.  Make a level it's easier
that way.  :)  Have fun.

Svge0828 - Score all the points in Capture The Bag(CTB)

10) Best Equipped - Using the best weapon in different situations.  Like, in
Planet-X when you're on your way to the top of the cliff, pick up a sniper. 
Pick off some people at the top.  One star is good for this.  Also, you can use
remote mines to set and detonate and destroy a lot of bots.  therefore.. being
"best equipped" for that situation.

11) Most Cowardly - Run.  Run away a lot.  Like, in the mansion, you go to the
big room, and wait for people to fill it in, and then run, and hide and shoot
people from around the corner.  Keep your eye on the radar, it'll help you a

12) Most Dishonorable - Not only are you on a killing spree, but you're on a
killing spree by shooting them in the back.  It's easy, just chase them and
fire away on their backside.  It's an easy award to get.  Cyberden, watch the
yellow opponents walk right past that tunnel, then walk into the room and nail

13) Porter - Gaurd your base.  capture the flag, (you know what I mean), just
wait until others try to take your bag.. then, nail them.  Let them take it a
few times but shoot them before they leave the room.  After all, porter means,
keeper of the gate.

Svge0828 - Secure most of the bags in CTB

14) Weapons Expert - Using the right weapon at the right time, like the best
equipped award.  Use remotes to destroy groups of people.  Etc... Basically,
killing people with whatever weapon you happen to run across

15) Most Lethal - Killing everyone!  Just going off, using Rocket Launchers to
kill 1 person, or like, M16's to kill people lined up.  Fun award!

16) Most Losses - Just die.  a lot, losing to everyone and everything, jumping
off of ledges, getting killed, blowing yourself up.  Just die.  For
inexperienced players, set the bots to 5 stars and set your "handicap" to Hero
(-10 health)

17) Most Outgunned - Don't pick up any weapons throughout the level and you'll
easily pick this award up.  Mostly runs with most peacful, unless you kill
someone, or hurt them.

18) Under equipped - Running out of weapons, and having to go find more. 
Pretty easy.

19) Sloth - This award is sweet.  When the match starts, just... stand there. 
don't move, i usually, set the weapons to custom and not set any, just leave
them blank so none of the bots move, then I set the kills to 0 and the time
limit ro 5 minutes.  match starts, go make a sandwich. :)  haha, time runs
out.. award earned, if you can call it that.

20) Multi Kill - Remotes.  nuff said, but I'll continue.  Plant some remotes,
wait for some crowd.  Tick tick.. hehehe, rack them up.  Or use a rocket
launcer and tear up the house!

21) Pathetic Shot - Miss.  But if you have auto aim on, you gotta use the
crosshairs.  It's easy if you're a bad shot.  I'm a good shot with the snipers
so it was kinda hard to miss but you just aim around them, like over their head
and to the side.  You'll get pathetic shot.

22) Longest Spree - Go, kill and kill, be safe and don't get killed.  Run
around and kill a ton of people.  A good place to do this is the mansion level,
with all bots of level 1, and go under the steps in the big room.  it's like a
very short "u" shaped hall.  There's a weapon that spawns back there.. so stick
around and just Own people that come inside and down the steps.

23) Shortest Innings - This award sort of runs with Victim and most losses. 
Just be careful about it.  I mean,  you can go around and shoot people, walls,
whatever etc, just don't die quick enough to earn a lesser award.  it's a
little tricky.  Good luck.

24) Longest Innings - Living the longest.  I also got it, using Uzi's with a
bunch of 1 star bots. :)  Maybe that's why.  I take 1 star as being easy.  :) 
I lived the longest.  Also, try not to get hurt, cause you could get Survivor
or Hypochondriac if you do and then get health, just practice and stay alive.

25) Ledgehopper - I got this award, but Being the Blue Color, at the Village
level.  Respawn and jump off.  Set the custom weapons blank so the bots don't
move, keep the kills to 0 and the time limit to 5 minutes and jump, respawn.

26) Where's the Health? - Run to a health spawn location right after it's been
picked up.

27) Where's the Armor? - Read Where's the Health? and do the same but with

28) Victim - Runs opposite with bully, get killed by the same person.  This is
easy for inexperienced players to set on one opponent, to 20 kills, 5 stars,
and -5 health.  :)  happy hunting.

29) Glass Jaw - this'll take 2 people, or else it's really tough.  have 1
person just spin around, and have the other person just start swinging at him. 
You'll get it.  set the kills for like 15.

30) Vandalism - Break windows.  Best place to do this is the Chinese level,
cause of the surrounding glass..

31) Hypochodriac - Get health when you don't need it.  Like have 95% health and
fill up with a health pack and continue this for awhile.  You'll get this

32) Unlucky to Lose - I think you get this by being like 3 kills away from
losing and just quit the game, check your awards list at the end of the game
menus and see if you got it.  Or, you can be a few kills from winning, then, go
down and lose.

Troywright gave me another way to receive this award.

33) Bully - haha, just follow one person around and kill him a lot of times. 
An easier way to do this, is to set 2 opponents and just go at it, if you are
good, you'll probably get Longest Innings with it.  But you'll beat up on just
those two people so you'll get Bully too.  Just set the limit of kills up
higher like.. 100.

34) Fists of Steel - Swing, but Swing and hit.  You have to Hit people.  The
cheat where you have the bots not move is a good way to earn this.  Swing and
hit, hit a lot of times.  make due.  You'll get it.

35) Fists of Fury - Go nuts.  Swing, your fist (obviously).  Go crazy, swing at
everything, glass, buildings, everything.

36) Brain Surgeon - Lopping heads.  take mummies, or zombies, and make their
head, disappear from their bodies.  Do this for like, 6 minutes or something.

Svge0828 - Get alot of heads shots

37) Dodger - Dodging bullets.. Or ROCKETS.  I went to Planet-X and and used
nothing but grenade launcers.  see, the opponent likes to use the secondary
fire (i think), where the grenade rolls, and then blows up.  Well, run away,
"dodge the bullet".

38) Backpeddler - Back up when you shoot.  Like the side stepper, except going
in reverse.

39) Survivor - This award is kinda hard to get, cause any death can make or
break this award.  Have little health and stay like that for a long time. 
Meaning, get hurt and just stay hurt, don't go after any kind of health.

40) Sidestepper - Sidestepping while shooting, but you have to HIT targets, you
can't just sidestep and shoot walls.  Sorry, "some" skill needed for this
self-explanatory award.

41) Most Peaceful - The easiest award to earn, you can do it in a minute. 
Start a match, with custom weapon set, with no weapons set.  While your
opponent bot is frozen, just walk around, in front of him or just around on the
level.  Set the kills for 0 and the time limit for whatever, you can earn this
in 2 minutes or something.  Take a good time to learn things about the level.

42) Most honorable - I ASSume, you get this award by taking shots at opponents
in the chest, instead of the "most dishorable" shooting them in the back.

43) Markmanship - This is a hard award to get, just take tricky shots. 
markmanship means, works well with guns.  Also award given ran with others,

44) Most Frantic - most frantic is when you go looking for trouble.  Moving
contantly killing anything in your site.  teammates or opponents.  Go get them,
don't waste time running into walls, or picking up health or armor, just go
after trouble.

45) Most Manic - Most Manic and Most frantic kind of run together.  It's more
or less, just running around the entire time.  game starts, you run.  that's
all it is.

46) Lemming Award - Jumping off of ledges but not dying.  Like if you jump off
the side of the blue base at planet-x, throw a few remotes and kill yourself on
the way down.  :)

47) Most effective - Don't goo under 75% accuracy.  Now as i stated at the top,
this is a difficult award to get cause this one runs with a lot of other
awards.  Most honorable, sidestepper, backpeddler, survivor, and hoarder.  Be

| Credits! |

Aerisweet: for writing this FAQ (
Credit:  Svge0828 for how he got the Betrayer,  Bag Man, Porter, Brain Surgeon,
Decapitator awards.
GameFAQs: for owning the site and for being a wonderful place for game
Wes2000: For running a good site and support.  Visit it, it is a very
well done site and very helpful.
big dude who is cool for most effective, and most outgunned.
houdini04 for reminding me about lemming
BobaClark for the longest and shortest innings reiterration