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-TimeSplitters for Playstation 2-

Written by Shinya


*Complete Character List*


In this FAQ I will give a complete list of all 64
playable characters in Arcade Mode. I will also cross
reference each character to my other FAQ and tell you
how to obtain this character. The characters are in
order as they appear in the character select sreen.

NOTE: When I say "timed secret", I mean that that
stage has to be done in a certain time limit to aquire
a secret. Please refer to my other Secrets FAQ for
addition information concerning TIMES.

-Character List-

You will start the game with the first 6 characters.

1. Captain Ash
2. Lady Jayne
3. Det. Harry Tipper
4. Lt. Christine Malone
5. Deacon Swain
6. Chastity Detroit

To open up the next 6, just beat 2035 Tomb, 1970
Chinese, and 2005 Cyberden on Easy.

7. Dr. Seth Graven
8. Dr. Katje Nadir
9. Fingers McKenzie
10. Ravelle Velvet
11. Sebastian Photon
12. Angel Perez

To open up the next 6, just beat 1950 Village, 1935
Chemical Plant, and 2020 Planet-X on Easy.

13. Peekaboo Jones
14. Mary-Beth Casey
15. Jacques Misere
16. Olga Strom
17. R108
18. Gretel

>From here on you have to beat a certain thing to
obtain the rest of the 46 characters. I will tell you

19. Cultist->Beat Tomb on Easy
20. Priestess->Timed secret for Tomb on Normal
21. Teeth Mummy->Timed secret for Tomb on Hard
22. Eyes Mummy->Beat Tomb on Hard

23. Priest Mutant->Beat Mansion on Hard
24. Fishwife Mutant->Beat Village on Hard
25. Hick Hyde->Timed secret for Village on Normal
26. Insect Mutant->Timed secret for Village on Hard
27. Overall Mutant->Timed secret for Mansion on Normal

28. Police Zombie->Beat Challenge 1-C
29. Girl Zombie->Timed secret for Mansion on Hard
30. Skull Zombie->Beat Challenge 1-C
31. Jacket Zombie->Beat Challenge 1-C
32. Green Zombie->Beat Challenge 1-B
33. Brown Zombie->Beat Challenge 1-B

34. Chinese Chef->Beat Chinese on Easy
35. Chinese Waiter->Timed secret for Chinese on Easy
36. Malehood->Timed secret for Chemical Plant on Hard
37. Male SWAT->Timed secret for Chemical Plant on Easy
38. Female SWAT->Timed secret for Chemical Plant on
39. Gasmask SWAT->Beat Challenge 6-B
40. Veiled SWAT->Beat Challenge 6-C
41. Suit Hoodlum->Beat Chinese on Hard
42. Mr. Big->Timed secret for Chinese on Hard
43. Male Soldier->Timed secret for Docks on Easy
44. Female Soldier->Timed secret for Docks on Easy
45. Gasmask Soldier->Beat Docks on Hard
46. Shock Trooper->Timed secret for Docks on Hard
47. Lumberjack->Beat Chemical Plant on Hard

48. Badass Cyborg->Beat Cyberden on Easy
49. Siamese Cyborg->Timed secret for Cyberden on Easy
50. Female Cyborg->Beat Cyberden on Hard
51. Spaceways Stewardess->Beat Spaceways on Hard
52. Tuxedo Cyborg->Timed secret for Cyberden on Normal

53. Red Alien->Timed secret for Spaceways on Easy
54. Female Alien->Timed secret for Spaceways on Normal
55. Pillar Alien->Beat Planet-X on Hard
56. Green Alien->Timed secret for Planet-X on Easy
57. Float Alien->Timed secret for Planet-X on Normal

58. Duckman Drake->Beat Challenge 2-C
59. Robofish->Beat Challenge 3-C
60. The Impersonator->Beat Challenge 5-C
61. Gingerbread Man->Beat Challenge 7-C
62. Farrah Fun-Bunny->Beat Challenge 8-C
63. TimeSplitter #1->Beat Challenge 9-C
64. TimeSplitter #2->Beat Challenge 9-B

All of these are accurate, and you should have no
trouble in tracking a certain character that you want.

Thank you for reading.

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from here and use it for any other FAQ or Tips Guide
is prohibited my law. Do not ask me if you can use
this FAQ for your own, I will say "NO". I've spent
many hours writing, note taking, and playing. All
copyright laws are in effect.

-This document is a Copyright of Shinya 2000-

Thank you

-Submitted by Shinya-

11/19/2000 10:00PM PST