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Kaze no Klonoa 2 : Lunatea's Veil 


Copyright 2001 Namco

Version 1.0  29/03/01
by Oliver 'Mr Bump' Howard


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I.    Introduction
II.   Controls and Gameplay
III.  Enemies and Items
IV.   Menu Translations
V.    Walkthrough
VI.   Boss Guide
VII.  Secrets
VIII. Blah


I.    Introduction

Basic information

      1 player
      Uses 370KB of space on PlayStation2 memory card
      3D platform adventure

The Game

Kaze no Klonoa 2 : Lunatea's Veil or, more simply, Klonoa 2 is the sequel to the 
much over-looked PSX game Kaze no Klonoa : Door to Phantomile. The game is, at 
it's heart, a classic 2D platformer, but utilising the latest in 3D graphics to 
spruce up the proceedings!
Although the game may look to be full 3D, like Mario 64 et al, it is in fact 2D,
whereby you can only move left and right down a predefined route. Well, most of 
the time anyway, but more on that later! The game really is one of the most 
stunning looking games to have graced the PS2 so far, using a 'soft' cel-shading 
technique to make everything look like a cartoon. Underlying all the fluff is a 
brilliant platform game that will bring back many fond memories amongst the older 
players out there! 
This FAQ is based on the Japanese version of the game. At the time of writing, 
Namco has not been forthcoming about a possible western release.


II.   Controls and Gameplay


Note: The game supports use of the left analogue stick, but for some reason does
not turn it on automatically.


Left/Right : Moves Klonoa left and right along the defined route.

Up         : Makes Klonoa face away from you

Down       : Makes Klonoa face towards you


Cross/     : Fire the 'grab' energy from Klonoas' ring in the direction you 
Triangle     are facing

Square/    : Jump. Press again when in the air for a brief moment of 
Circle       weightlessness


Klonoa is equipped with a large magical ring. This ring allows him to grab hold
of enemies and items that he comes across in his adventures and toss them about 
or use them to his advantage. When you come within striking distance of a bad guy 
press the grab button to catch hold of them. Klonoa will grab him and hold him 
above his head. You can now use the bad guy for a number of things; You can throw
him in any direction - should he come in contact with another enemy, they will both 
usually explode (there are exceptions - see bombs and Ruwaru), should he hit a item 
or egg it will be collected. Or, you can use him to gain extra height to your jump: 
Whilst holding a bad guy, jump and then press jump again at the apex - Klonoa will 
throw the bad guy downwards and jump even higher! (Referred to as 'Double jump' in 
the walkthrough)

Two player mode:

A second player can join in, in control of Popka. You can't move around very 
much and can only really do things like save Klonoa or help him jump. >From what 
I can make out from Namcos Klonoa website, this is just supposed to be an aid 
for younger players, so someone can help them out. 


III.  Enemies and Items

Bad guys and their uses

NB: I currently don't know all the correct names for the enemies, so I've just
    used descriptive names. (If you know the names I'm missing, or think I've 
    got any wrong, please email me!:)

Muu       : Basic enemy. Explodes on contact with any surface. Can be used to  
            kill other bad guys, to break open items and also to break boxes 
            marked with a red cross.

Muu       : Same as above, but has a shield to protect him from your grab! Jump 
with        over him and attack from behind. There is also a version with both a 
shield      shield and a sword!

Armored   : Totally covered in a white armor. The only way to get this guy is  
Muu         to hit him with something (or someone!) else first to knock the armor 

Big Muu   : Twice the size of a normal Muu. Cannot be picked up. Stun him with 
            your grab attack and jump on top of him to get to high places.

Running   : Same as a normal Muu - just looks different and moves faster.

Launchers : Fires rockets into the air, five at a time, usually directly at you!
            Or fires cannon balls.

Spike     : Floating spike, mainly seen on the hoverboard sections. Cannot be 
            destroyed or picked up - avoid.

Bombs     : There seem to be different versions of these. One type starts the 
            countdown to explosion the moment he arrives (purple), the other only 
            once you have thrown him (brown). Use to activate switches in your 
            absence and to break through rock based blockages. Doesn't work on 

Ruwaru    : Can be charged to 3 different levels to get through certain blockages. 
            Pick up a ruwaru and throw him at an other enemy, he will return to you
            charged to the yellow level. Find another bad guy to throw him at and 
            he'll charge to blue and a third for the final, red level. Charge him 
            to the same colour as a crystal blockage/energy switch and then throw 
            him at it to break/activate it!

Erubiru   : Floating purple guy, with electricity sparking off him. Grab him and  
            use him to do a double jump and Klonoa will blast upwards in a shower  
            of sparks! Using him, you will be able to break through boxes that are 
            above you and you also jump higher than with a Muu.

Toasty    : Annoying little git with fireballs circling him. Wait until he reins 
            them in before trying to grab him.

Flying    : Green guy with a clockwork key sticking out of him. Grab him and he 
Clockwork   will float you up into the air for a short period before popping

Kitsuton  : Grab him and tap the jump button to make him fly! Green version lasts
            for a short period, yellow version lasts indefinitely.

Hat guy   : Throws his spiked headpiece at you in a straight line.

Spider    : Can only be killed by doing a double jump over him in order to throw
            a Muu downwards at him.

Wasps     : Fly above you and nose dive into the ground.

Lift      : Grab him and he'll power you up into the air really quickly. You have a
            couple of seconds to aim first, so move him under gaps etc.


Gems      : Come in two flavours; Green (1) and Blue (5). Collect 100 to gain a 
            extra life. Your counter does not reset at the end of a level.
            Collect all 150 in a single level to unlock a picture in the gallery.

Star      : AKA Puzzle piece. Collect all 8 on a stage to gain a odd little 
            monster to go on your mantelpiece!

Heart     : Restores one piece of energy.

Double    : Fully restores your energy

Fairy     : For a short period of time, while she spins around your head, all 
            gems collected equal double their normal worth.

Alarm     : Way point. Hit, and should you die you will return to the last 
Clock       clock activated.

Eggs      : Have to be hit with a bad guy to open one. Usually contain Star 
            puzzle pieces or hearts. There are also invisible eggs that only 
            appear if you run into them.

Hook      : Floating green or pink globe with wings. Klonoa can grab hold one
            and hang off or double jump off. Green versions are stationary, pink

Key       : Collect and use to open a door.


IV.   Menu Translations

Start Menu

      New Game : Continue

Pause Menu (During Level)




Pause Menu (World Map)





Options Menu

      Button Config

      Sound Stereo/Mono

      Adjust Screen


Progress Menu (Press R1 on World Map)

Each bar represents a completed level;

      Level name : Max Gems Collected : Number of Stars collected 

Note: Once game has been completed, you can use this menu to select a level to 

Mometsutos Extra Stuff (Unlocked after Boss#2)

Boss Time Attack - Choose a Boss, listed in chronological order and try to 
                   better your best time!

      Art Galley - Look and all the lovely Klonoa artwork! Haven't got any? 
                   Better go back to some older levels and start collecting 
                   gems then!


V.    Walkthrough

Note : The first few levels of Klonoa are very easy, so I will only mention key 
       points and list the puzzle piece locations. The later, more tricky levels 
       will have full walkthroughs.


Klonoa has this time ended up in someone else's dream! He is somewhat rudely 
deposited into the ocean on the world Lunatea. He is washed up onto the beach of 
a small island where he is found by the young priestess Roro and her bizarre
companion Popka. The world of Lunatea is kept in harmony by the power of four
mystical bells - however there is a fifth, dark bell, that is threatening to be
rung that will disrupt everything and bring the world to an end! Roro and Popka
join Klonoa on a quest to try and stop the Dark Bell from ever being rung.

Level 1 - The Beach

After the intro and having met Roro and Popka, you gain control of Klonoa. Take 
a little while to get used to the controls and chuck about some enemies. This 
really is just a training level - get the hang of manipulating the bad guys and 
using the double jump feature - you will need to be very adept at this later on!

Star Puzzle Piece locations:

1. 1st area. Top of ledge after talking to Popka
2. 2nd area. Use Muu to reach ledge before the bridge, go left, use cannon.
3. 3rd area. Top of stairs after cannon
4. 3rd area. After bird flight head left - there is an invisible egg under the
   one you can see - open it for star.
5. 4th area. After bridge, head under overhang and open egg
6. 5th area. At the entrance, use the running Muu to reach the whirlwind, grab
   the flying Muu and throw left to break egg.

After completing Level 1 you will go to the world map for the first time. Move 
to the next available location to talk to the old priest under the tree. After 
that, move on to the next level....

Level 2 - Village and Caves

Again, nothing very difficult here worth mentioning. Watch out for the cave 
monsters -  whenever you see a large cave in the background with a pair of 
glowing eyes in it, throw a Muu in front of it before venturing out. A huge 
monster will pop out and chomp on the unfortunate bad guy and you can safely 
walk past while he's munching.

When you get to the top of the mountain you will exit outside to a circular area 
with a large pendulum hanging in the middle. Double jump back to the left over 
the door you came through and down the other side. First of all head over the 
updraft and pick up the last star. Now pick up the handy Muu, press up to face 
into the screen and throw him at the pendulum. The idea here is to break the 
giant pillar opposite you, by causing the pendulum to bash into it, so line 
yourself up so that the pillar is directly across from you. Once done head back 
over to the entrance and repeat with the second pillar. Now you can keep heading 
right to the exit.

Star Puzzle Piece locations:

1. 1st area. After first cannon run left, ignore whirlwind and use the Muu to 
   double jump whilst standing on the box to break it. There is an invisible egg 
   to the right surrounded by 4 gems.
2. 2nd area. At the entrance, on top of the 3rd platform - you will need to face 
   inwards to get it.
3. 6th area (after statue). Grab Muu by spring pad then bounce up. Double jump to 
   reach whirlwind, and head all the way right to get another Muu. Fall down gap 
   to left and use spring pad and double jump to reach star.
4. 6th area. Just to the left of the whirlwinds mentioned above, use spring pad, 
   grab flying Muu and double jump to get star.
5. 7th area. Double jump back to the left over the door you came through and down 
   the other side. Keep heading left for the star.
6. 7th area. Platform to right of pink spring Muu has a invisible egg on it.

Boss 1 - Mechanical Dragon
See Boss guide below.

After beating the boss, you get to meet Reorina and Tatsuto for the first time. 
Now return to the priest under the tree, after a cut scene, a new area opens up. 
Go there and watch the cut scene - now you have a choice of 2 levels to do. To 
the right is the Rapids and to the left is the Funfair - it makes no difference 
which order you do them in.

Level 3 - Rapids

Woo Hoo! The first hoverboarding level! And great fun it is too.

When the camera is to the side:

Left       : Slow down
Right      : Speed up

Jump and grab work in the usual way.

When the camera is in chase mode:

Up         : Speed up
Down       : Slow down
Left/Right : Steer

Jump and grab work in the usual way.

When the camera swings in front of you everything is the same, except the speed
up/down are reversed.

Make your way down the rapids, avoiding obstacles and sharks. Nothing else to 
say really - it's quite easy!

When you reach the end you will have to chase the black version of Tatsuto the 
cat to try and get your bell jewel back! Chase him around the circular track, 
pressing forward to speed up. Don't hit anything, or you'll lose him. When you 
get close enough, use grab to catch hold of the little beggar!
Note : Tatsuto won't have the jewel if you chose to do this level first; 
likewise the white Tatsuto won't have the jewel if you choose to do the funfair 
level first.

Star Puzzle Piece locations:

1. 1st area. Jump onto multi coloured wooden boards, jump to hit the jump pad at
   the end and you'll land on the star.
2. 2nd area. After being chased by the sharks, jump into the whirlwind to be 
   thrown into the star.
3. 3rd area. Hit the 2nd jump pad and head left for the star.
4. 4th area. Grab one of the surfing Muus and double jump through the 2nd hanging
   vine to get the star.
5. 4th area. Same as above - the vine is just after the ramp with the jump pad on
   the end of it.
6. On the wooden course, when chasing Tatsuto, grab the only surfing Muu and 
   immediatly afterward, double jump over the arch to get the last star.

Level 4 - Funfair 
Head left and climb the stairs. Hit the switch to lower the bridge. On the other 
side is a egg 'coconut' shy - throw Muus at it to break them - the middle top 
egg contains the first star of the level. Continue on and you'll get a cut scene 
with Tatsuto - he will explain how to use Kitsuton in order to fly (tap the grab 
button to gain height). Use the Kitsuton to fly up and right, grabbing the gems 
on the way - the second star is at the top, throw the Kit at it to collect. Grab 
the Muu and throw him at the target on the swinging boat to make it go higher, 
then grab another Muu, hop on, head right and use the Muu to break the box. 
Follow the path round in the next room to get a star, then exit back the way you 
came and head along the upper left path from the boat. In next room, use the Muu 
to jump to the platform, then grab the spring Muu and jump up to the switch - hit 
to open the door. Head left in the next area and grab the lift guy to be powered
upwards at great speed! Make sure you land on top of the tower to the left, so
that you can grab the star, then drop off the side. Grab the Kit and fly over the
lake. Hit the switch to lower the bridge and head ALL the way left to pick up a
Muu. Go back to the bridge and use the Muu to jump over the broken gap. Now enter
the Ghost House (cut scene).
Jump onto a moving pot, taking care not to land on the glowing blue smoke. The 
forth star from the second platform - just hit it as you pass. In the next room 
meet the time switches. These will crop up quite a bit in the game - basically, 
once hit, they only remain 'switched' for a short period, during which you have 
to make sure all are activated in order to open the door. In this room, hit the 
2 far right switches first, then jump into the whirlwind in order to make it over 
to the 3rd switch in time. Grab the Kit in the next room and fly up to the door. 
Now another switch room; Use the Kit to fly to the very top platform and hit the 
switch. Drop down to right, hit next switch then grab the Kit and throw him at 
the last switch to activate the door. Be quick! In the next area, run to the far 
right and wait for the big Muu to arrive. Stun him and grab a small Muu. Jump on 
top of the big Muu and double jump up into the whirlwind to reach the door. Now 
another switch room. Stun the big Muu and use him to reach the right hand platform. 
Grab the Muu and throw at the far left switch. Now hit the switch closest to you 
and then drop off the platform and hit the final switch to open the door. Grab the 
Kit in the next room and throw him at the final star to collect it. Now grab his 
replacement and fly over the river, avoiding the sharks. Cutscene.

Grab the Kit and fly up to the same height as the floating coffin and then throw
the Kit at it. Repeat twice more to beat him. In next room, break the egg in the
background for a extra life, then use the Muu to double jump up to the lift guy
and grab him. Once outside, head right along the rollercoaster track, jumping 
over the cars, until you reach the cannon and jump in. Cutscene. Now, simply 
chase Tatsuto around the carousel and grab hold of him to finish the level.

Return to the World map and move to the red marker. Enter for the second Boss 

Boss 2 - Flower Head
See Boss guide below.

After the boss Mometsutos Extra Stuff becomes unlocked - see menu translations 
above.Now head back (again) to the priest under the tree, after talking to him, 
a new area is opened. Go there and watch the cutscene with Reorina and Tatsuto. 
Now 2 more levels are available - the upper one is the Town and the lower is 
the Factory. Again, it makes no difference which order you do them in.

Level 5 - Town under attack!

Grab the Muu and double jump over the boxes to break them. Kill the spider 
monsters, grab the hook and double jump into whirlwind. Go down slide, grabbing 
the star on the way. Double jump onto platform and make your way across the 
jump pads. You can grab the clockwork and jump into the cannon to the left for 
extra gems - you will return here afterwards. Now go to the door on the far 
right. Bounce across jump pads and grab the lift guy - aim for the hole above. 
Head right using the hook to get over the fire (like water, fire is a instant 
kill) and climb over rubble. Throw Muu towards screen to break egg and get the 
next star. Double jump over rubble and continue. Grab the star between the two 
rocks being bombed - you have to double jump off one of the rocks, so time it 
well! Use Super jump pad to get over fire, use jump pad to grab flying Muu and 
kill the giant spider. Use jump pads to get over river, being careful to avoid 
the moving spikeand jump down drain opening. Grab the Erubiru and double jump 
under the boxes to smash up through them. Double jump over the next box to break 
it. Power double jump up to ledge - don't worry about the flying Muus, you'll be 
invincible. Grab Muu, double jumpand grab Erubiru. Use him to break up through 
boxes to left a grab star. Now use Muu to reach the Lift guy and go upwards. 
Press right immediately to get the next star, while in the air. Grab the Erubiru 
and take him over both jumps and use him to power through the box above. Cannon, 
then door out. Use the Lift guy to exit. Head right using the jump pads and super 
jump pads - the second super jump pad has a Star by it - face inwards and press 
grab just as you hit the pad to get it. Cannon followed by more superjump pads 
- easy, just keep going - use float off last one to reach walkway. Use hook and 
whirlwind to reach next pad, keep going, float when necessary. Cannon. Head right
around the statue, at the end use hook to reach whirlwind while avoiding 
cannonballs. Go through window, use cannon, then Lift guy - make sure you land on 
the train engineand not the track or the carriages! End of level - cutscene.

Level 6 - Factory

Head right, use Muu to double jump to ledge and get on moving platform. With next
moving platform take a Muu with you and feed him to the cave monster. Go down hole.
Stun big Muu and double jump off his back to the ledge on the right. Two cave 
monsters together to feed! Now use the wasp to double jump to reach the first star. 
Keep going left, double jump up to get key - use it to open grate. Throw bomb into 
blockage to clear it. Throw next bomb at switch in the background to open the door. 
Grab bomb in next bit and throwat the blockage. Once blown up, grab his replacement 
and throw through the gap. Pick him up on the other side and use to double jump. 
Grab the next bomb and throw him into the background. Cannon over and pick him up 
and use him to clear the blockage - grab the key. Cannon back and use key to open 
the door. Get on moving platform and jump to avoid the steam. Grab the BROWN bomb 
and throw him into the background, then use the purple bomb to double jump to the 
cannon. Pick the bomb up again and use to clear the blockage, get the key and open 
the door to the right. Go across the platforms, grab the Muu and head back to the 
right and use him to double jump up to the star. Now go left and use the whirlwinds 
to the door. Spring up to the conveyor belt and grab the Muu. Go all the way left 
and double jump to get the star. Now use the Muus to break through the boxes. Ride 
on a platform! Use left/right and jump to avoid the steam. Grab the star at the end 
- don't miss - you only get one chance! Mini boss. Grab the Muus and jump throw them 
at the giant Tatsutos when they are charging. Hit him 6 times to win. Cutscene.
Head left and double jump onto the disappearing platforms. Get on the moving 
platform - you can jump onto the various disappearing platforms if you're collecting 
stars. Use Muus to double jump your way up the conveyor belts to the cannon. Head left, 
blow up line of bombs and grab the brown bomb. Throw him into the background, being 
careful not to hit the giant Muu. Cannon over, stun the Muu and use the bomb to double 
jump off his back to get the star. Left to door. Cannon. Left down slide. Cannon. Grab 
Muu, spring and double jump to cannon. Go through door. Cutscene. Level end.

Boss 3 - Rocket Tank
See Boss guide below.

Cutscene. Now return to the town area.

Level 7 - Return to Town

Same map as before, but with changes to layout of traps and bad guys. Plus some 
other surprises!
Drop down and get on the moving pots. Slide now has pots too - get the star at
the bottom. Next room use Lift guy to go to surface. Use super jump pads to get 
over the fire. Now you're on the upper walkway. Now the Giant Robot Attacks!
He'll chase you with a laser that sets fire to the ground - get moving! Use hooks
and whirlwinds to stay above the fire - be quick! Get the star by the fountain. 
Keep moving. Cross river and jump down drain. Jump from the pots to the hook to
the whirlwind then back down the other side back onto the pots. Grab Erubiru and
double jump up. Grab Muu, double jump to Erubiru - grab and immediately double
jump to reach whirlwind. Grab Lift guy. Move across springs, grab Launcher and 
use to double jump to whirlwind. Cannon to door. Lift guy. That Robot's back!
Move! Use the whirlwind just before the cannon to grab the star. Go down the ramp 
and over the Super jump pads. The second one has a star - face left and press grab 
just as you hit the pad. Keep going, cannon to Statue plaza. The robot now moves
both left and right trying to get you. Use the springs and jump pads to jump over 
him. Grab the star between the 2 whirlwinds. Run underneath him when you reach the
window. Cannon, followed by Lift guy. Cutscene. Level end.

Now return to the priest. A new area will open.

Level 8 - Giant ship *COMING SOON*

Level 9 - On the piste

Level 10 - Ice castle

Boss 4 - Snow Egg
See Boss guide below.

Level 11 - Return to Village

Level 12 - Return to Beach

Level 13 - Sand Surfing

Level 14 - Destroy the Flying Ship!

Boss 5 - Reorina
See Boss guide below.

Level 15 - Trippy surfing

Level 16 - Underworld

Final Boss - Devil guy
See Boss guide below.


VI.   Boss Guide

Boss 1 - Mechanical Dragon

The first boss and nice and easy he is too!
Pick up a Muu and circle behind him, you will see a yellow target on his rear.
Throw the Muu at the target to knock some energy off, while avoiding the spiked 
balls he throws out. Repeat three more times. If you are on time attack, quickly 
hit him with a second Muu after the first to stop him spinning, allowing you to 
go for the next hit quicker.

After 4 hits he starts spinning with some metal parts protruding onto the track
- avoid these and hit him in the same fashion 4 more times to complete.

Boss 2 - Flower Head

Meet a very odd chap - he doesn't have a head, but a flower instead! 
First off he splits into 4, but only one is real - the one with a spotlight on
him. Grab a Muu and throw it at him. He will fall over and start rolling 
around the track. Each time he gets near to you, hit him with a Muu and he will 
change directions - keep going until all his energy is gone. If you miss at
all, he will return to the split form.

Now he enters a big tube with spikes all around it. He will bash the ground,
sending out a fire attack - jump to avoid and hit him with a Muu. He will now 
start rolling again. Get opposite him on the track and throw a Muu across the 
center of the track INTO the tube. Repeat twice more to finish him off!

Boss 3 - Rocket Tank

Grab a flying Muu, then hop onto the Super jump pad - aim yourself over the tank
and use double jump to throw the Muu down into his fan to hit him! Hit him 6 times
then he starts bouncing around and trying to run you over. Be careful not to jump
into him as he is coming down. If you stand on the ground he can't hurt you from 
landing on top of you. Repeat the same tatics as before 4 times to finish him off.

Boss 4 - Snow Egg

Boss 5 - Reorina

Final Boss - Devil guy


VII. Secrets

After completing the fairground levels a new area opens run by the ringmaster, 
Mometsuto. From here you can re-try completed bosses in an attempt to better your 
times. Also, there is a picture gallery option.

Later in the game, if you return to the ringmaster, he opens up a new time attack 
level, when you have to make your way through a fiendish fun house in the best 
time possible. I'm not yet sure what actually unlocked this. 

After completing the game, Mometsuto has a BGM player.


VIII.  Blah

Thank you Namco, for producing this lovely little game and finally make me feel 
glad to own a PS2!
Thanks to Tronix (www.tronixweb.com) for getting it to me - they really are the
best import site out there - highly recommended!
GameFAQs  - 'cos it's a cool place and its displaying this FAQ!

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If you have stuff to add, please send it along to mrbump1@hotmail.com 
for inclusion in the next revision. Any kind of translation of the story would 
be greatly appreciated! Full credit will be given.
Please don't contact me with locations of Puzzle pieces - I'd rather find them 
for myself, thanks! ^_^
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