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                            * SUPER PUZZLE BOBBLE *
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     September  4, 2000  I start work on the Super Puzzle Bobble FAQ.

     September  5, 2000  The Super Puzzle Bobble FAQ is ready for release.

     September 13, 2000  A correction: 1P puzzle mode requires you to clear 6
                         zones, NOT 7. D'oh!  Also, a bit more chronology is
                         added in regard to the series.  If you want to
                         supply level maps, please go ahead and you will be
                         credited at the end of this FAQ.  Character attack
                         patterns have been added for the Versus modes.

     September 18, 2000  This FAQ gets released to Game FAQs as V1.00.

     October   03, 2000  I have seen screen shots of the PS2 version, and it
                         looks like a whole new PB title rather than a direct
                         arcade port.  NOTE: Most of this info is relevant to
                         the Taito G-Net arcade game, though some of it may be
                         useful to players of the PS2 version. This FAQ is now
                         officially released.

     October   03, 2000  Interim update: I grant Cheat Code Central permission
                         to host the FAQ.  This revision has them added to the
                         OK list.

     October   09, 2000  Used JWPce to try to get Romaji for some character
                         names in the arcade version, using the Help Kana

     October   19, 2000  I stick the fork into version 1.10 of the FAQ.  It's
                         now done.  Cheat-elite.com is granted permission.

    December   02, 2000  Red Coupe (www.redcoupe.co.uk) is granted permission.
                         A few minor changes are made to the FAQ, and there is
                         a new copyright notice.  This FAQ is released as 1.12.

    December   31, 2000  Brian supplies info on characters "Katze" & "Fungila",
                         as well as a description of "Catch".  "Robot Herr"
                         was not the correct name for one of the characters,
                         whose correct name is "Mr. @".

     January   11, 2000  Fixed an error in the FAQ regarding Bubblun & Bobblun
                         in the PS2 version.  Thanks to Mark Wolf for bringing
                         it to my attention.

         May   29, 2000  Minor changes to FAQ, and new release.

      August   25, 2003  Email address jerked from FAQ due to spam.
                         If you have the addy from an older version of the FAQ,
                            feel free to keep using it.  I can be contacted at
                         gameoverDude.com via private message (user name is
                         gameover).  Here's release 1.20- with the means to
                         play as Katze & Fungila.

  This is the 5th in the Puzzle Bobble series.  The first installment appeared
on the Neo-Geo MVS, AES, and Neo-Geo CD systems.  Puzzle Bobble 2, 3, and 4
originated on the Taito F3 Package System (aka Cyber Core System).  The PB
series has changed systems once more.  Now it is on the Taito G-Net.  This game
appeared in 1999.

 Series Chronology:

    1994 Puzzle Bobble/Bust-A-Move appears on the Neo-Geo.

    1995 Puzzle Bobble 2 and 2x are released on Taito F3.
         The Super NES conversion of Bust-A-Move is released
         by Taito America.  Later, Taito America is closed
         (a sad day), which explains why their 32-bit games
         have come from other publishers in the USA market.

    1996 Puzzle Bobble 3 and 3dx are released on Taito F3.
         Bust-A-Move 2 appears in the USA, distributed by
         Acclaim for Sega Saturn and PSX.

    1997 Puzzle Bobble 4 released on Taito F3.  TOMMO brings out
         US versions of Bust-A-Move 3 for the Saturn and PSX.

    1998 Super Puzzle Bobble released on Taito G-Net.
         Bust-A-Move 4 appears on the PSX in the US, distributed
         by TOMMO.  The Nintendo 64 gets a cartridge version of
         Bust-A-Move 2.

    1999 Puzzle Bobble 2 rereleased on the Neo-Geo.  Bust-A-Move 3dx
         comes out for the US PSX under the name Bust-A-Move '99 from
         Acclaim.  BAM '99 also appears on the Nintendo 64 with 4 player
         support added.

    2000 A new game called "Super Puzzle Bobble" is released on the PS2.
         This game is apparently the sequel to the G-Net arcade game rather
         than a port of it, despite the fact that it bears the same title.

  This series is called "Bust-A-Move" in the USA.  So, you could call the
arcade game "Bust-A-Move 5".  The PS2 version is basically "Bust-A-Move 6".
  The new SPB is out NOW for the PlayStation 2 in Japan,
having been released on 09/28/2000.  It retails for JPY 5,800.  The graphics
are far superior to the arcade game and are done in high-res.  The art style
is also changed.

In fact, it will be a LAUNCH TITLE for the USA release of Sony PS2.  Guess what
it will be called?  "Super Bust-A-Move".  Acclaim is localizing the PS2 game
for the USA.


Several play modes are available for you to choose:

 1P Puzzle - A traditional 1 player Puzzle Bobble mode with Zone Select. Four
              versions are available (three regular games and a 5-stage
              practice mode).

             The PS2 version offers Training, Normal, and Classic modes for
             this one.

 1P Battle-   Essentially a story mode where you take on a roster of CPU

 2P Battle-   You challenge another player.

    NOTE: In Versus modes, you can play either with or without the Chain
          Reaction system.  It's good that Taito offers a choice here, because
          this system has drawn some mixed reviews.

 2P Puzzle- A new mode.  Two players will be shooting bubbles at the same
                 time.  Both players will have separate scores. (G-Net ONLY)


  The controls consist of a joystick and ONE button- SHOOT.  It doesn't get any
simpler than that.  Left & Right will aim the Launcher in that direction.
Pushing Up will move your aim toward the center.

  Here are the changes in the game play since the last installment:

    Pulley System- GONE!

    Arrow Block- Hit this with a bubble and it will shift the Launcher to a
       different place.  If they appear in a level, there will be two- one
       with a left arrow, and one with a right arrow.

    Launcher Position: It varies in certain stages.

    Large Bubble- Hit it with JUST ONE bubble of the same color and it will
       pop immediately.  It will radiate a colored light after you pop it.
       All the small bubbles on the screen will be changed to its color.

    Unbreakable Walls- You must plan your shots around these walls.  Bubbles
       will bounce off of them.

    Red Magic Gem- Causes the Unbreakable Walls to drop out.  You will hear
       "Bye Bye!".

    Small Bubbles- In some stages, you will be shooting small bubbles that
       fit more easily through gaps.  When one is hung, it expands into a
       regular bubble.

    WARNING!- When you get in danger, some real-time rendered meteors
       are shot toward the screen and the background momentarily will be a
       starfield while there is an audible alarm.  (G-Net version)

  Some hold-overs from PB4:

    Posts- Golden hexagonal blocks that will not go away until you clear out
           all surrounding bubbles.

Big Stage- Some of the levels are wide, as first seen in PB2.

 Trashing- If you don't want to use a certain bubble, you can aim it at the
           back wall.  If it doesn't meet any other bubbles on the way up or
           down, it will fall off the bottom.  This feature has been in the
           series since PB3.

 Blue Gem- This bubble is blue with a glowing star in it.  It's been in the
           series since PB2.  Hit it with a certain color bubble to instantly
           dispose of all others like it.

Wood Block- To remove it, you must cause it to fall off.  Nothing else
           will get rid of it.

Rainbow Bubble- Match 3 or more bubbles near it, and it will change to the
                color of the ones you just took out.  This can result in
                additional matches.

Ceiling Drop- After a certain number of shots, the frame will begin to judder.
             When you've fired the next one, the stage's ceiling is lowered.

  If a bubble crosses the bottom line, it's GAME OVER.

  I'm not sure if the Iron Ball is in this one.  In fact, it may be gone.

  The Zone Select screen now is done above a 3D landscape with Bub/Bob riding
atop the Launcher.

PS2 version new stuff:

  Ragged Frame- some levels have a frame whose shape is not the usual vertical
rectangle.  One example is a frame that has a stair-step ceiling.

  Conveyor Walls- These will alter your shot's path.

  The Iron Ball is in the PS2 version, and it destroys bubbles in its path.

  The large bubbles now contain captured characters.

  Unfortunately, the Cooperative Puzzle game from the arcade version seems to
  have gotten lost.  What a shame.

  NOTE: Some changes have been made to the PS2 version.  I'm guessing that some
  of the arcade features will be brought over to it.  It does have a new cast
  of characters rather than the ones found in the arcade.

  NOTE: The score will not reset in the PS2 version if you use continues.  WHY
   NOT?  That kind of hurts it, IMO.
1P Puzzle Mode:

     In this mode, you can choose to play a quick 5-stage practice round or
  one of three main games of varying difficulty levels.  On the map, press
  down for the practice round.  Press up, right, or left to choose one of the
  main games.  In a main game you will select A or B for your first zone at the
  Zone Select.

     NOTE:  The PS2 version lets you play a 5-stage practice round (Training),
     a Normal mode, or a Classic mode.  Classic mode is "a past puzzle side
     can play".

     Shoot bubbles into the formations.  Match 3 of the same color and they
  disappear.  If this match causes other bubbles to fall, you earn bonus points.

    The formula for the points from dropped bubbles is 10*(2^n).  From this you
  see that causing 1 bubble to drop gets you 20 points.  Drop a cluster of 17
  or more, and you've got 1,310,720, unless you wish to try the trick below.

  The higher drop bonuses are 2,621,440 ,  5,242,880 , and 10,485,760.  To go
  for these amounts:

    -  One of the bubbles in the "Rock" must touch only one member of the
       "Rope".  By "Rope" I mean the pair of bubbles that you are hanging the
       cluster from.

    -  When you get the bubble that is the same color as the "Rope" and you're
       going to drop the "Rock", this one must touch only the "Rope".  If it
       touches the "Rock" you will only get 1,310,720.

       I'm sure it takes 21 bubbles in the "Rock" for the 10.4M shot.  I could
       be wrong.

  You have a limited time for each shot.  When only 5 seconds remain, the time
  will count down on screen.  If it reaches zero, it will be shot automatically
  (You don't want this to happen).

  Once no bubbles remain, the round is over.  You can get a time bonus of up
  to 500,000 points.  If you take too long, you will get no time bonus.  If you
  know how to set up a 10,485,760 point shot and you wish to go for it, the
  time bonus will mean less than jack to you.

  Finish off the 5th round of a zone, and you return to the Zone Select where
  you can go left or right to choose the next zone.  The game will be completed
  once you have cleared six zones.  Zones are named with letters except for the
  one which is called "?".

  If one of your bubbles gets close to the bottom line, an audible alarm is
  heard and some 3D meteors will be shot toward the screen.  The music will
  also be increased in tempo as long as you are in danger.  Get out of danger,
  and the music will revert to its normal tempo.  The PS2 version doesn't have
  the meteors.
Versus modes:

    You match the bubbles and drop them as in the Puzzle Mode.  If you match
enough bubbles or cause some to fall, some bubbles will be dumped on your
opponent's side.  This is one game where you're REALLY out to make your
opponent LOSE so that you can win.

    1P vs. CPU: If you win, you go to the next opponent.  If you lose, you
                can either continue or quit.  Continuing resets the score to

    2P vs. CPU: If you win, you keep playing.  If you have no new challenger,
                the game reverts to the mode you were previously in.

    In Versus games, you can select different characters.  "Trashing" is not
  allowed in these modes.
  Sometimes in a 2P game, the center boundary will not be there.  You have to
  be careful not to shoot a bubble into your opponent's area when you intend to
  shoot it into your own.

NOTE: Both versions let you play with or without Chain Reactions.  The arcade
one will ask you before you start a Versus game.

2P Puzzle:

    Two players will be shooting bubbles at the same time, but they will be
cooperating.  There is no Zone Select in this mode.  The 1P Puzzle rules
generally apply.  Be ready in case your partner gets greedy and decides to
gank that 10M shot you've set up.

    If a bubble crosses the bottom line, you're BOTH out of the game.  You can
still continue.

    NOTE: Not available in the PS2 version.  Bull, isn't it?


NOTE: Attack Patterns are now included.  Capital letters stand for different
      colors.  Lowercase letters are as follows:
       r= rainbow bubble  b= blue gem  w= wood block

G-Net Characters:

 & Bobblun - The bubble-blowing dragons who are the main heroes.  Everyone
             should know them.

             Attack Pattern:  RROYGBB

   Patukii   - The mechanical toy cat from Bust-A-Move 2.

             Attack Pattern:  GrrrrGr

   Anju    - A girl who resembles an elf with 4 fox tails.

             Attack Pattern:  ROOYGGB

   Maita   - The rock-throwing ghost from Bubble Bobble series.

             Attack Pattern:  wGORBYY

   Iibi - Rabbit with blue hair.

             Attack Pattern:  ROOYGGB

   Uurun- The "Pink Fluff Girl" from Bust-A-Move 2.

             Attack Pattern:  rrrrOrr

  Hibadon- Sasquatch type character.

             Attack Pattern:  ROOYGGB

  Devillun - A dark gray colored evil dragon.
             Attack Pattern:  RYRGBYB

Non-Player Characters:

  Chack'N Pop- Accompanies Bubblun or Bobblun in the 1P Puzzle mode.  Chirps
    when you match bubbles.

PS2 Version Characters:
  Bubblun & Bobblun- You know who they are.  They cannot be chosen at the
   Player Select here, but one of them teams up with the character you have

  Mog- A child wearing a cat costume with a necktie.

  Catch- The character who is apparently a Taito mascot.
    A white colored guy that loves karaoke and video games

  Pinky- A dancing girl who looks like a cat with star-tipped antenna.

  Mr. @ - A robot who can transform into a rocket, looking for
   the doctor who made him.

  Wolo- A mischievous blue guy in orange overalls and a striped shirt.

  Pukadon- Weird looking blue character that is apparently part fish.

  Miss T- Some pink character, I'm not sure exactly what she is. A dog?

  Tom & Yam- Two frogs.  One is a small frog in a yellow shirt.  The other is
   a big one wearing a red shirt with a bullseye design and a Robin Hood cap.
   The two are a blundering older brother and cowardly younger brother. Sorta
   reminds me of the cartoon "2 Stupid Dogs".  Tom & Yam dream of being the
   President and Vice President of the frog country.

  Katze- He is 2038 years old and wishes to conquer outer space.

  Fungila- He is Katze's watchdog and is a very confusing character.

  To use Katze & Fungila, hit Triangle-Left-Right-Triangle when you get to the
  title. You'll see a small icon in the corner and K&F should be available at
  the player select screen. (PS2 version)


  The G-Net Super Puzzle Bobble BGM is composed by Sayoko of Taito Sound Team
  Zuntata.  The producer is Tono (Hiroshige Tonomura). Sayoko also collaborated
  with Mu-Nakanishi (Munehiro Nakanishi) on the music for the PS2 title.

  Previous Bust-A-Move games feature different Zuntata members on the

  BAM 1: Karu.
  BAM 2: Joutouhei Nakayama (Norihiro Furukawa)- This one has the best
         soundtrack of the Puzzle Bobble Series, IMO.
  BAM 3: Karu.
  BAM 4: OGR (Hisayoshi Ogura)


SHOUT-OUTS (The Credits):
  If you supply me any information that is used in this FAQ, you're going to
be credited here.  Corrections are welcome as well, if something is wrong.
PM me if you have any information to add.

  Taito Corporation, for adding new stuff to the classic game idea and offering
   info on their website relevant to the PS2 version.

  Acclaim for announcing the US version "Super Bust-A-Move" as a US PS2 launch

  Jeff "CJayC" Veasey of Game FAQs ( gamefaqs.com ) for hosting a great FAQ

  Brian, for info on Katze, Fungila, & Catch.

  The creator of JWPce, Glenn Rosenthal.  I looked up the Kana/Hiragana
   characters in the Help Kana Table for character names on the arcade version.

  You, for checking my FAQ out.  Thanks!

  This FAQ publication is (C) S.A.Ives 2000-2003. All Rights Reserved.
  Breaking the Copyright is a prosecutable offense subject to applicable
  civil & criminal penalties.

  Taito Corporation is the sole owner of all copyrights and trademarks that
  are relevant to Super Puzzle Bobble or the Taito G-Net Arcade System. PS2,
  PlayStation, and PlayStation 2 are trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment.
  Any other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

  Last note: If you find something out about the game that I've not covered
    in this FAQ, I'd like to hear about it.  Please give me any comments or
    suggestions you may have as well.