Boss FAQ by Spybreak001

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#@@   @@@  F@@F @@@  @@@:  @@@  @@@@@@@    @@@@     @@@@@@h @@@  @@@  
 @@X @@@@  @@#  @@@  @@@@: @@@  @@   @@@   @@#@@   @@@      @@@ @@@   
 S@@ @@ @@ @@   @@@  @@0@@ @@@  @@@@@@r   9@@ @@   @@J      @@@@@@    
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  9@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@R0h    .       
.@0@                                                   BX3BB0@@0       
 RX@       C O V E R T       O P E R A T I O N S        3XSSXE 
 @#@                                                    5hGGG3
 @SFFSS55SS5X5 ,cFSSS5SFS5SFcrcJJF   . @B@@@MBBh9R0MRR0@#@Eh5.      
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                              B         #:@ 3E;#KGh99GhG0Gc0          
                              c@:      2XE@EG3FX0B9R99hGGBXhc         
   Boss/General Combat FAQ                      @@cRRKGhhhKGGBB9@c    
   Written By Spybreak001                       5@0FBGRG9Gh9KGKB9@2   
   Version 1.00                                  0@3XBKGBGKBR0KKK9@E  
                                                  X@0S0RKRR 53;9G0EB@ 
     __________________                             ,@@R@@@@@@@@09c2@: 
   ||                  \

1)   Introduction                                   @@@@@  
2)   Legal Stuff                                    @,  @   
3)   Backstory                                      rF
4)   The Armory                                   ,3@@K.@@3c  
5)   Battle Tactics                            9@@@@@@@@@@@@@@.
6)   Rules of Engagement                      @@SR@#@#@R0@Kc@X@ 
7)   Boss Fights                             @@@@@@##@#R0@@@@G@@ 
      1) Bad Luck Lila                      @@@@ @@#@@@0M##@@@@@ 
      2) Leon                              @@B@  @@####MM@@R@09@@ 
      3) Ryan                               0@@@ @@@@@#BB#@R@@#@@ 
      4) Seargent Thunder                     @@@@ B@@@@@@@@@@@@K 
      5) Duke                                   BBc@@##M#M@@@.@  
      6) Gunt                                    @@3EEX3hESM@K3 
      7) Banderas                               0@hhMKh9K9r2@@  
      8) Jin                                   3@@MGXh@@@9M@@@
      9) Deathmask                            :@@33#@@@ @@@K,@r 
      10) The Traitor                          BE5JX@  B@0EJ@B
      11) Cecile                              ;@hS3@S   M@@hK@ 
8)   Credits and Thank-yous                   @@M@@@     @@@B@ 
9)   Contact Info                            X@@0@@      E@0B@@ 
                                             @MK@@2      .@@@M@  
                                            2@h2#K        @@5G@5   
                                            @@0@@         S@93@@ 
                                            @RK@K          @@M@G  
                                            @@@J            @@@   
                                            @@@             @@@      
                                           R@@               @@@@    
                                          @@@@@             B@@@@@@@ 
                                          B#GB                     :; 

    If anybody needs help on Winback: Covert Operations, most of the time it's
on beating the bosses.  If it isn't, it's on dodging laser traps or people
who are stuck on level 31.  This guide will hopefully assist you in beating
the best Crying Lions soldiers there are.  These battle-hardened soldiers
won't give you any mercy, so grant none in return.

  NOTE:  This walkthrough is spoiler-free, so don't worry about the storyline
being...well, spoiled.

     || LEGAL STUFF   \

    This is where you'd expect to see myself protecting my work and telling
everyone not to even look at this guide if it's not on GameFAQs under pain
of law and house assault by the FBI and several SWAT teams.  Well, guess what?
Anybody can post this.  Just give me credit.  Got a website and want to host
this guide? Go ahead.  It's public information, do with it as you like!
I bet you didn't expect to read that, did you? Ha! ha!

    I'm not even going to bother with a copyrite notice.  I have copyrighted
works, but this isn't one of 'em.  Hell, post this as your own work and
plagiarize me.  I don't mind.  Anyone who likes Winback is a friend of mine.
Even if you don't like Winback, I guess. Well, no.  Just...nevermind.

    And I'm not being sarcastic, either;  I've loved this game since the first
time I played it.  Sure, Metal Gear Solid might be a better game, but Winback
just has something in it that keeps me coming back for more action.  This is
also my first guide, so don't be surprised if it sucks.  There are probably
better guides out there; but with my guide you know I love this game and I
have a very informal manner, so at least you might enjoy reading it.

    I did most of this myself, but everyone who deserves a pat on the back will
of course be mentioned in the Credits and Thank Yous section.

     ||   BACKSTORY   \


 The Center for Space Development was suddenly hit with a highly concentrated
energy beam; now only a barren wasteland marks the spot where the proud
structure once stood.  In minutes news of the destruction reached the
Department of Defense.  Some outside force had accessed GULF, a top-secret
strategic weapons satellite in orbit, and fired it without mercy.

 The Secretary of Defense gathered his advisors, but had little confidence
in their ability to deal with this worst-case scenario beginning to unfold.

 The Secretary's worst fears were soon confirmed.

 Reports that an unknown agency had successfully infiltrated and seized the
secret base at Westham were pouring in.

 Aside from the now defunct Center for Space Development, the base at Westham
is the only location from which the GULF system can be activated.

 As reports of the damage flooded the Department of Defense, the Secretary
received a message from Kenneth Coleman, the leader of a terrorist group
called the Crying Lions.

 As Coleman explained the reason for the attack, the Secretary was faced with
the awful realization that Coleman was not open to any negotiations. They
wanted "freedom" for their homeland Saroczia, and would stop at nothing to
attain it by any means necessary.

 There are only three hours until the GULF satellite is powered up and ready
to fire once again.

The Secretary knows he has only one card left to play - he orders S.C.A.T
(Strategic Covert Action Team) to mobilize - their orders:

 -=Infiltrate the base at Westham and retake control of the GULF satellite!=-

     || THE ARMORY   \

  This section will cover the weapons in this game.  Well, there's only five 
of them; a .45 automatic, a submachine gun, a shotgun, a rocket launcher,
and a silenced pistol.

  First off, forget about the silenced pistol.  It won't do you any good in a
boss fight, so don't bother using it.  It doesn't do any more damage than the
regular pistol and the silencer doesn't help in boss fights.  Just ignore it.

  Normally, the .45 auto is all you need to take down the bosses, if you have
good aim.  The best way to damage the bosses is with a headshot from the
pistol.  More on this later.

  A headshot with the shotgun may be even better, but getting close enough for
all the shells to hit may be unwise.  Usually, it's best to keep your distance.
If you're not very good at making headshots, well, the best thing to do is
practice until you ARE good at making headshots.  If not, a decent shotgun
blast is probably your best bet.

  The submachine gun is an excellent weapon to use against bosses that are some
distance away, such as Duke or Ryan.  Always fire the submachine gun in a
burst of about 2 or 3 shots; you'll inflict more damage.  Any more than that
and the boss will already  e flickering with their temporary invinciblity,
making any more bullets a waste of ammo.

  The rocket launcher will inflict the most damage per shot, as you may have
guessed; however, you have to stop for a moment before you can fire.  When
facing bosses like Duke or Lila, you're likely to be riddled full of lead
before you can get a rocket off.  However, it can be useful in certain
situations; these will be detailed in the boss section.


~=>  KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN.  Whenever you enter a boss's line of sight, it's
a good idea to stay low.  This doesn't apply to all bosses, but it's a good
thing to practice, as it can save your butt in the regular levels.

~=>  STAY BEHIND COVER.  When fighting most bosses, you'll have some cover
available for you to use; a pillar or a crate will do just fine.  Unless
you're shooting at the boss, keep yourself behind cover at all times.  This
does not apply if you're fighting Gunt, though.

~=>  HEADSHOTS ARE YOUR BEST FREIND.  To make a quick, effective headshot,
first use the camera to target your opponent.  When you step out or stand up
to shoot, immediately twitch the crosshair up a bit and pull the trigger
almost immediately.  Practice this until you can do it consistently. A
headshot will do far more damage than any normal shot can.

~=>  ACT FAST.  The window of opportunity is low on most boss fights, as they
will only pause for a second or two before continuing their fire.  When the
bosses strafe their gunfire back and forth, like Lila, Duke, and Gunt, wait
until the gunfire has passed your position and then you can attack, even if
they're still firing.

~=>  HAVE A GOOD DEFENSE.  You've probably heard the saying, "The best defense
is a good offense".  Well, that goes right out the window in these fights.
In this game, the best offense you can have is a good defense. Keep your
distance from the bosses.

  When a boss's health meter drops down to the lower regions, they will
sometimes rush you at you while firing.  This is very dangerous, because
if they reach you they can kick you or get into a point-blank range
fight.  At point-blank range they can wipe the floor with you using whatever
special weapon they've got.  So when they start to run at you, bring them
down hard.  Throw everything you've got at them to kill them before they
can reach you.


   NORMAL MODE: The bosses all have a temporary invincibility effect that
makes them harder to kill than any normal foe.  After you shoot them once,
they'll flicker for a moment and can't be harmed during this time.  It's the
same thing as when you get shot, only for the enemy instead.

   If you're playing on Hard difficulty level, the bosses might get grenade
happy.  This is the most annoying thing in the boss battles, because if you
have your back to a pillar and a grenade bounces off the other side,
it'll detonate and take a huge chunk out of your health.  This means you have
to stand an inch or two away from the pillar, which in turn means you
can't do the swing-out move.  Luckily, only four of the bosses use grenades.

   SUDDEN DEATH: Now this is where things get interesting.  You haven't played
Winback until you get to sudden death mode.  Everybody dies in one shot. You,
the enemies, the bosses, even the crates and boxes.  This makes a few of the
boss fights ridiculously easy, as all you have to do is point and shoot.
On the other hand, other bosses can drive you into fits because they're in
the better position and usually give enough fire to keep you behind cover.
Because the enemies all die in one hit, headshots do not apply here.  Just aim
for the chest or whatever region is easiest for you.

      ||| BOSS FIGHTS \

                 - =  B A D   L U C K   L I L A = -

  Our intrepid hero Jean-Luc enters the main office building.  He pauses for a
moment, surveying the lobby, when he hears a small rustle and knows he is not
alone.  Jean-Luc glances to his right just in time to see a woman watching him.
And pulling the trigger on her M60 machine gun.

  Jean-Luc rolls forward and dives behind the nearest pillar while bullets
strafe inches above his head.  "Bad Luck" Lila squints after the smoke clears,
unable to locate Jean-Luc.  She grins and taunts him.

  "Come out, come out, wherever you are... so I can pump you full of lead!"

  <Just for Fun Note: If you study the layout of the lobby from the later
levels, you can see that getting from Jean-Luc's initial position to behind 
the pillar would be impossible without being turned into a leaky piece of
meat.  The cutscene flashes by so fast, though, it's hard to see.>

  The fight begins with you against a pillar and Lila out in the middle of the
lobby firing away like a rabid dog.  You're not alone though.  A little
assistant guard rushes across the room to help Lila.
When you get control, stick your back to the pillar and sidle over to the
left side.  Before long, Lila's little helper will come rushing up and stop
behind the crate in front of you.  Swing out and nail his head with the 45.
By this time, Lila has gotten bored and decides to run to the right of you.

  Take your back off the pillar and put it against the side facing away from
the elevators and back hallways.  As soon as Lila stops firing, whirl out and
shoot her in the head with your pistol.  Rinse and repeat.

  If you haven't killed her yet, Lila will get bored again and run out to find
a new spot. Just reposition yourself on the pillar and continue the fight.
Sometimes she'll head off to the other side of the lobby, out of range of your
pistol. You have two options then; you can either sit it out and wait for her
to move to a new location, or switch to your submachine gun and keep fighting.

  Once you dish out enough damage Lila will hold the trigger down and rush you.
Whirl out as soon as her gun is not pointed at you and shoot her in the head.
Take cover again when her gunfire comes back at you.  Once it goes off to the
side, whirl out and fire again.  Keep doing this and you should stop her
dead in her tracks.

  SUDDEN DEATH:  Piece of cake.  Just ignore Lila's little helper.  Immediately
put your back to the pillar, and once she lets off the trigger, whirl out and
blast her.  Once you shoot her the fight ends, even if the guard is still
running around.

                 - =  L E O N    T H E    H U N T E R  = -

  Jean-Luc enters the room with the final bomb only to meet Leon and two guards
keeping watch over it.  Jean-Luc ducks as Leon fires off three shots from his
shotgun.  He reloads his gun and signals to his teammates.

 "It looks like the prey has arrived.  Let the hunt begin!"

  You start out crouched behind a pair of crates.  These aren't solid crates,
though; they'll be destroyed after a few bouts of gunfire, so don't waste
too much time.  As soon as the fight starts switch to your shotgun, stand,
and target the first guard.  Let him have it right in the chest, then duck.
Turn to the other side and blast the second guard when he comes into view.

  Leon uses a predictable fighting pattern; he fires two consecutive shots, 
pauses and then sidesteps.  Be sure not to stand up until he's fired the 
second shot or Jean-Luc is going to get a mouthful of shells.

  Once his helpers are out of the fight, you have two options.  If you have
a rocket launcher, equip it and wait for Leon to finish firing.  Once he
stops, stand up, target him and fire off a rocket.  Duck after firing
and watch the rocket plow into him, taking a huge chunk of his life with it.
Wait for him to fire again, then let loose with another rocket.  A third
rocket should put the hunt to an end before it even begins.  I bet Leon
wasn't expecting that.

  If you don't have a rocket launcher, you'll have to take him on the
traditional way.  Once his helpers are gone, wait for him to finish firing.
Then stand up and run to the left side of the room.  The wall sticks out a bit
here; it makes good cover against Leon's shotgun.  From here everything is
simple Winback fighting.  Wait for Leon to fire twice, then swing out and
shoot him in the head with the 45.  Rinse and repeat.  Leon is one of the
few soldiers that doesn't try to rush you once he's low on health.  Guess
he's a decent guy after all.

  SUDDEN DEATH:  Now here's where the trouble begins.  Right after the fight
begins, Leon fires off two shots as usual.  Problem is, the crates you're
hiding behind aren't solid.  And this is sudden death.  Yup.  The first
shotgun blast will 'liberate' BOTH crates from Jean-Luc's side of the room.
The second blast will blow through Jean-Luc like swiss cheese.  So you can't
sit still, because you'll be dead by the second blast.

  So you think, maybe you can pop up and shoot him before he gets the second
shot off? Wrong.  As soon as you raise your gun, Jean-Luc will auto-target
the closest enemy; and that would be one of Leon's two guards.  You fire, kill
him, and then Leon kills you.

  The best solution I found was this.  Immediately after you gain control of
Jean-Luc, stand up and run like hell for the left side of the wall.  Leon
will get at least one shot off before you can reach the wall.  When he does,
you may be able to avoid the shells by ducking and rolling.  Just be sure not
to bonk into Leon's guard while rolling, or he'll karate kick Jean-Luc into
next week.  Once you reach the part where the wall sticks out, get up against
it (don't put your back to it though) and face the door you entered from.
Bring out your gun and blow the first guard away, then shift aim and gun down
the second guard.  As long as you're behind the outcrop of the wall, Leon
should be unable to hit you with his shots.  Once his guards are taken care
of, switch to your preferred weapon and put your back to the wall.  Once
you're ready, swing out and send Leon to a better place.

     - =  R Y A N ,  C R Y I N G   L I O N S   L I E U T E N A N T  = -

  The elevator door opens silently and Jean-Luc walks carefully forward.  He
stops once he hears a noise of metal bouncing on concrete.  One word pops into
his mind: GRENADE. Jean-Luc runs forward and barely makes it out of the blast.

  The express elevator is under guard by Ryan, a high-ranking lieutenant of
the Crying Lions.  Ryan makes a comment on how useless his guards are.
Jean-Luc tries in vain to order Ryan to surrender.  Ryan gets annoyed
and tosses another grenade next to the pillar Jean-Luc is behind.  It explodes
while Ryan smirks and taunts Jean-Luc.  The smoke clears, though, and Jean-Luc
is right behind it, standing like a statue that can't be budged.  This makes
Ryan a bit nervous, who throws out an awkward taunt and readies his MP5.

  The battle for the express elevator begins with Ryan in front of the
elevator's doors and Jean-Luc behind his trusty pillar.  Ryan will attack
mostly with his grenades.  He'll throw them at you, and as long as you're
behind cover the grenades will bounce off and explode safe distance away.
Every so often, he'll fire off a stream of bullets from his MP5 submachine gun
at you.  Unless you're out in the open, these are no threat at all.

  Put your back to the pillar and sidle to the left edge.  Wait for Ryan to
toss a grenade at you.  Once it bounces off the pillar, whirl out and shoot
Ryan in the head with your 45.  Return to your back to the pillar and wait
for him to throw another grenade.  If he fires a volley of bullets, wait
until his gun stops firing, and then whirl out and take a shot.

  Ryan is also a decent fellow and will not rush at you once his health is low,
so go ahead and finish him off.  You can't change the ending cutscene for this
fight, even if you finish him with a shotgun blast in the head.

  On the hard difficulty level, Ryan is a real pain in the arse.  If you've got
your back to the pillar, his grenades will explode instead of bouncing off the
pillar harmlessly.  And when they explode against the pillar, they not only
bounce you off the pillar, but they take a decent chunk of your life away.
You've got one change of winning; and that's to take this battle slowly
and carefully.  Your best chance is to edge Jean-Luc to the right until you
can aim your pistol at Ryan's arm, but the grenades still bounce off the
pillar.  After a while he may get himself propelled back a bit and run back
in front of the elevator door.  Be sure to re-align yourself.  There's not
much to do other than this, that I know of.  If you keep plugging away at
him, he'll go down eventually.  If you know of a better way to beat Ryan on
the hard difficulty level (you'll know its on hard if his grenades blow up
when you've got your back to the pillars) let me know and I'll post it here,
with credit for you as per usual.

  SUDDEN DEATH:  Just stick your back to the pillar, wait until his grenade
bounces off the back of the pillar, swing out and cap him.  Easy as cake.

  On the other hand, if you're still on hard, run out and blast him as fast as
you can.  It's either him or you, so be sure to get the timing right.

            -  =  S E R G E A N T     T H U N D E R =  -

  A bright light illuminates the dim warehouse.  Debris sprays everywhere as
a burst of flame erupts from an obscure spot along the wall.  The smoke clears
leaving scattered ash and a bald man with one hell of a backpack walking into
the warehouse.  His eyes spot the blue S.C.A.T. uniform in front of him and
automatically sprays flame in its general direction.  He throws out an insult.
Jean-Luc, not to be outdone, tosses back the necessary retort.  For some odd
reason this angers the sergeant, who fires another huge blast of flame. Jean-
Luc somersaults out of the way of the explosive crate he wisely chose to hide
behind and the fight begins.

  Mr. Thunder has got himself a big old flamethrower.  This means trouble for
Jean-Luc, because hiding behind something won't stop the flame.  Not that it
matters, because Sergeant Thunder is a very social person and tries to be
as close as possible to you throughout the entire battle.  Maybe he's lonely?

  Thunder also has two assistants riding around above the level.  You can
ignore them if you're quick on your feet, but feel free to kill them if they
give you too much trouble.  The fight ends when Thunder hits the floor,
regardless of whether the guards are still there, so if they don't bother you
don't waste time and ammo killing them.  On sudden death it may be prudent to
kill them as they can be just as deadly as Sgt. Thunder.

  This battle is played out without any real order.  It's more like an arena
fight, so all I can do here is give you a few tips.

  First off, a headshot with the handgun is always the best way to damage Sgt.
Thunder, so stick with that.  If you can't get a headshot without wasting
time aiming, use the shotgun.

  Second, KEEP MOVING.  Thunder is not shy about using his flamethrower to
completely rape the entire warehouse.  One way to avoid his flaming fire (bad
choice of words, I know) is to do laps around the room, staying on the outside
of the conveyor belts.  When he starts shooting at you, duck and roll.  It's
not always effective, but it lessens your chance of being hit by the fire. And
you do NOT want to be hit by the fire; it takes away a TON of your health.

  Keep running from him, and when you get an opportunity, stop and shoot him
in the head.  Then take off running again.  Keep this up and eventually you
should send him packing.

  SUDDEN DEATH:  Piece of cake.  Just aim and shoot.  You might have a problem
with the guard riding around above you, though.  If he keeps killing you first
then just cap him and then cap Thunder.

                            - = D U K E = -

  Curious as to the source of the odd whirring noise, Jean-Luc enters yet
another warehouse room.  He peeks in just in time to see a huge man wielding
a minigun and firing wildly in his direction.  Jean-Luc ducks back behind the
nearest pillar, gearing up for a fight, when Duke's voice expands across the
room: "Come on out four-eyes, there's nowhere to hide!"

  Apparently Keith got himself shot in the leg and is hiding out inside the
warehouse.  Jean-Luc thinks fast; he has to do something or Keith will be
ventilated.  Unfortunately he doesn't think enough and steps out into full
view of Duke and says "Hey ugly! Over here!"  Jean-Luc realizes his mistake
when Duke's minigun starts spraying fire in his direction.

  Duke fights in a very similar pattern to that of Lila.  Only difference is,
he's got himself a large minigun instead of a wimpy little M60 machine gun.
Duke will stay in the same place for most of the fight so the pillar you start
out behind will do pretty well throughout the battle.

  Duke is also one of the bosses that doesn't bode well with headshots from the
handgun.  Unless you move to one of the closer pillars (which is not a good
idea) he's out of your handgun's range.  Thus you should stick to using the
submachine gun for the duration of the battle.

  Duke has three methods of attack.  In the first one, he sprays bullets from
left to right, or from right to left.  Once the bullets pass by your pillar,
lock on to Duke, whirl out, and fire off one shot with the submachine gun.  If
you can get a headshot, so much the better, but it may be difficult to do at
such a long distance.  Your window of opportunity is low, so if you can't aim
fast enough for a headshot just shoot him in the default location.

  In his second attack pattern, Duke will duck slightly and fire off a huge
stream of lead directly into the pillar you're behind.  The pillar is
indestructible, however, so don't panic.  As soon as you hear his gun stop
firing, even if the bullets are still coming, whirl out and cap him.  Once he
stops firing, the bullets that are coming at you will still be aimed at the
pillar, so you should be fine.

  Duke's third attack pattern is definitely the strangest.  In this one, he'll
spin around and around while holding down the trigger.  This will spray bullet
fire everywhere, but due to his rate of spin not many bullets head in your
direction.  Sometimes the bullets will hit one of the explosive crates nearby,
which will take a nice chunk out of his Duke's health.
  During this pattern you can whirl out and take a shot at him if you want,
but if you do, be quick about it.  If you're on hard or sudden death it would
be best to just wait this one out behind the pillar.

  One important thing is not to attack after he stops firing completely.  By
the time you fire and try to whirl back behind the pillar, he'll have opened
up with another volley of bullet fire and will probably hit you.
  Ignore Duke and keep your eyes on the line of bullets he fires.  Once they
have passed by your pillar, whirl out and take a shot.  If he's firing in a
straight line, wait for the sound of his gun shooting to end, then whirl out.

  After you waste him pretty badly he'll rush at you.  Well, not exactly at
you, but he definitely rushes.  He'll run around in a zig-zag pattern coming
your way while holding the trigger down.  This is the final stage of the fight,
so whirl out and gun him down as fast as you can.  Throw everything you've got
at him.  Shotgun shells, headshots, everything.  If he manages to reach you,
you'll be running and taking hits before you can hit him, so bring him down
hard and fast once he starts running.

  One note: keep your eye on your health at the end of the fight, because this
boss battle doesn't mark the end of the stage itself.

  SUDDEN DEATH:  This isn't too hard, as long as you get your timing right.
Get your back to the pillar and get out your MP5 submachine gun.  Follow
the instructions on your best window of opportunity detailed above and waste
poor Duke.  Guess that big gun didn't do him any good anyhow.

                              - = G U N T = - 

  After Law's heroics, Jean-Luc rides the freight elevator down into the
warehouse-like area of the control centre.  He gazes at the place and sees the
door on the other side of the room start to open.  Jean-Luc takes cover and
ducks behind the closest box.  Once again, he chooses unwisely, and this turns
out to be an explosive box.

  The door completely opens to reveal two guards and a positively huge man
carrying a rocket launcher over his shoulder.  They gaze about the room,
curious as to why the elevator descended with no one on board.  The moment
the guards lower their weapons after they fail to find anyone Jean-Luc appears
from behind the box and fires a bullet right in the first guard's head.

  Gunt yells at the other guard to get lost and cracks him in the chest.  He
then fires off a rocket which completely misses the box Jean-Luc is hiding
behind.  Our hero takes note of the immediate threat and rolls out of harm's
way before Gunt's second rocket blows the explosive crate all over the room.

  At first glance, Gunt may appear to be a real challenge, but once you
practice, he's actually rather easy to beat.  First off, choose your weapon.
Headshots with the handgun, as always, are the most effective way of damaging
Gunt, but due to the close quarters of the battle, the shotgun works well too.
Personally I prefer the handgun because it is a bit faster, but either one
will get the job done.

  Gunt has but one attack pattern.  He'll crouch for a moment to steady his
rocket launcher, then fire off about four or five rockets from right to left.
That is, his right and left.  If you're looking at him, the rockets will come
from your left side.  Try to keep a short distance from him, but don't get so
close that he can whack you out of the way.

  The idea is to roll under his rockets and cap him in the head, then trot
back a ways and repeat the process.  As soon as he starts firing rockets,
run sideways to the left and do a roll.  Jean-Luc should pass under the stream
of missiles.  Immediately pop up and shoot him square in the head with the .45,
or with the shotgun if you prefer.  Then trot back a few steps to where you
were before.  Roll again when Gunt repeats his firing.  Shoot him in the head,
trot back a few steps again, repeat.

  Gunt will sidestep now and then, but other than that he'll stay in the same
place throughout the battle.  Just keep at him and he'll fall like a rock.

  SUDDEN DEATH:  Probably the easiest battle in the entire game.  The second
the battle begins, blast Gunt with whatever weapon you have currently equipped
and watch his body crash to the floor.

                       -  =  B A N D E R A S  =  -

  "We're under attack!"

  Jake's hurried words echoed through Jean-Luc's mind as he watched Mike
open the shutter.  They had to get to Jake and Lisa before they were
overwhelmed by the sheer number of enemies that had taken up position inside
the massive complex.  Jean-Luc looks behind him and confirms that the room is
empty, then watches as the shutter rises.

  Mike crouches and surveys the room.  Seeing it to be empty, he signals the
all-clear to Jean-Luc.  Just then the door opposite them opens, and inside
it stands Banderas... with an uzi in each hand.

  Banderas is one of the more challenging bosses in Winback to defeat.  He can
lay down a decent pattern of fire with his akimbo autos, and he gets aggro
on you later in the fight.  He not only has the room you're in suddenly wired
with explosives, but he even calls in a few guards to help him out halfway
through the battle.  Good advice here is to not make any mistakes.

  One of the most important parts in the entire fight is the beginning.  You
start out immediately faced with a tripwire, linked to explosive barrels,
moving up and down in front of you.  Beyond that stands Banderas, and he's
ready to fire.  You want to get through these lasers as soon as possible; once
you do, Banderas will retreat into a side room and give you some breathing
space and the opportunity to find some cover.

  As soon as the sensor goes up, duck and roll under it.  Don't bother to stop
and fire at Banderas, you'll get that chance soon.  Banderas runs from you and
takes cover in a room to the right.  Note the explosive barrels on either side
of the doorway to the room he's in and destroy them.  Then advance and put
your back to one of the walls; I usually stick with the right side, but either
one will do.

  Once there, pick a weapon (handgun w/headshot works the best, but Banderas
doesn't lay off the trigger for long, so you may be better off just getting
a chest shot or wherever your crosshair lands when you aim.) Swing out and
cap him.  Don't waste any time; as soon as Jean-Luc finishes his firing
animation swing back and stay there until Banderas fires off another spray.

  About halfway through the battle, a few bad guys will come out of the door
you entered the level from.  If you managed to duck and roll under the sensor
without setting it off, these baddies will be blown to bits when they hit it.
As soon as you hear them coming, stay where you are (against the wall where
Banderas can't hit you) but take your back off the wall.  Take out a good gun
with plenty of ammo; shotgun works well here.  Manually aim it forwards so that
you can safely ventilate any guards who do manage to make it through.

  Once you've taken care of them, return to your previous position and keep
plugging away using the methods detailed above.  You may want to move to the
left side of the door so you can take cover behind the crate when Banderas
gets mad.

  Once you bring him down pretty far Banderas will rush you.  Now is a great
time to put your shotgun to good use.  Blast him hard and often.  A decent
strategy is to run behind the crate on the left side of the door and use that
for cover.  It's not much, but it will buy you a few seconds time to get in
more hits.  Bring Banderas down hard and fast and you'll win the fight.

  SUDDEN DEATH:  If you skip the cutscene, the shutter will still be opening
when you take control.  So skip it, then crouch and aim for Banderas' foot.
Shoot him as soon as the opportunity presents itself.  It's either him or you,
so make your shot count.

         - = C R Y I N G    L I O N S    A S S A S S I N :   J I N = -

  Jean-Luc enters the generator room.  This is the place where Jake and Lisa
radioed for help from, but there seems to be no sign of them anywhere.
Jean-Luc peers through the dimly lit room and spots blood and bullet shells
down below on the main floor.

  He descends from the walkway and starts into the room, when he hears a faint
the pitter-patter of feet.  His eyes sharpen, watching for any sign of
movement.  However, was not expecting what he heard next: a high-pitched,
ear-scratching fit of laughter that could only belong to someone who was far
beyond the barrier of rational thought.

  The warehouse is rather dimly lit, and Jin is by far the fastest enemy
you'll face in the entire game.  Despite this, if you know what you're doing,
Jin's not too hard to kill.

  As for what weapon you should use, this is one battle where I actually prefer
the shotgun over the handgun.  Jin is fast, and you'll get only a small window
of opportunity to hit him, so the shotgun's spread is naturally the best
choice you have.  If you think you're fast enough to get headshots, by all
means go for it, but otherwise I recommend the shotgun.

  Jin has two attacks.  He'll either fire off a few rounds from his Glock or
chuck a throwing star at you.  These aren't normal throwing stars; they'll
explode like grenades the moment they hit something, so make sure you're not
up against a wall during the fight.

  Jin will spend his time running laps around the outside of the room.  The
best tactic I know of is to stay in the center of the room and wait for him.
Listen closely so you know where he's coming from, then take aim and cap him
as soon as he pops out from behind the generators.  As soon as you hit him,
duck and roll to the side because Jin will throw a grenade at you.  If you
roll to the side the grenade should pass over you completely.  Make sure
you're not close to one of the walls, or else the splash damage could hurt.

  If Jin makes it up onto the balcony, he'll probably fire off a round or two
from his Glock.  Duck and roll to avoid the shots, and take cover if you can.
Don't stay behind cover for too long, though, or he might get grenade happy.
Try to lure him back down to the generators if you can.  And whatever you do,
don't go up on the balcony.  You're completely vulnerable to his bullets
and his grenades will be near impossible to dodge, so stay on the ground floor.

  Just keep tagging him and eventually he'll die.  He won't rush you at any
time so don't worry about that.

  SUDDEN DEATH:  Not that hard.  Get your shotgun out, take aim towards the
center of the room, and when Jin comes around the corner, squeeze the trigger.

                      - =  A S H  /  D E A T H M A S K  = -

  After the stand-off, Cecile leaves you alone in a room with four or so guards
and his personal bodyguard, Deathmask.  Jake Hudson gave you an opportunity to
attack.  Don't let it go to waste.

  Deathmask, or Ash as he's referred to in the multiplayer mode, is one nasty
piece of work.  He's covered in body armor so he doesn't go down easily.  Not
only that, but you're surrounded by a bunch of guards.  The odds are about 5
to 1.  First thing to do is lower them.

  Deathmask has himself holed up inside a mini-fort of boxes and crates.  He'll
stay in there for at least half of the fight.  There's a small safe spot where
you can avoid his fire as long as he's inside the fort.  Head forward to the
door Cecile left from.  There should be two outcroppings on either side of the
door, like the one you used for cover when fighting Leon.

  The first thing to do is run for the wall outcrop furthest from Deathmask.
On your way there, whip out your shotgun or submachine gun.  Once you get
to the outcrop, target one of the bad guys and let him have it.  Don't put your
back to the wall, just stay behind it so that Deathmask can't hit you.  Keep
on shooting until you and Deathmask are the only ones left.

  Now the duel begins.  Deathmask is armed with two .45s, and he's not shy
about using them.  He'll stay ducked behind the fort for most of the time,
aside when he pops up for a moment to take a shot or two at you.

  Take note of the barrels at the back of Deathmask's fort.  This is what you
want to be aiming for.  Take out your submachine gun and wait for Deathmask
to fire twice and duck back behind is fort.  Swing out, quickly aim at the
barrels and open fire.  Once you destroy the barrels, the resulting explosion
will take off a huge chunk of his health bar.

  With his fort destroyed, Deathmask will rush you.  There are two methods you
can use to kill him.

  Method #1.  Start doing laps around the outside of the tables.  Keep away
from Deathmask as he runs after you.  When you get a safe distance away, whip
your gun up, auto-target him and fire a bullet into him.  Then get moving.
Deathmask will raise his dual pistols before firing; ducking and rolling will
give you a decent chance of avoiding the bullets.  Keep this up until he dies.

  Method #2.  Lead Deathmask on a lap around the room, then commandeer his
little mini-fort.  Run inside it and crouch behind the crates.  Deathmask is
not the brightest of bosses and will probably not be able to get to you.  Pop
up now and then and fire off a shotgun shell into his thick head.  It won't
be long until there's not enough matter left in his brain to keep his heart

  SUDDEN DEATH:  Head to the wall outcrop, full speed ahead.  If you get the
chance, cap a few of the gaurds.  Basically, once you get to the outcrop, take
out the guards as fast as you can, then shoot the barrels behind Deathmask's
mini-fort to send him to hell and back.

                     - =  T H E     T R A I T O R  = -

  Jean-Luc enters the control room with his weapon raised. He surveys the area
before hearing a familiar voice.

  "I had a feeling you'd make it, Jean-Luc."

  You start off on the middle floor of the control centre.  The Traitor stands
on the lower floor.  You have no available cover in this level, so your best
chance is to force the traitor to stay behind his.  Don't stray too far to the
left or the right, because there are sensors that will set off laser traps.
Stick to your initial position until the Traitor tries to come after you.

  There are three sets of boxes on the lower floor.  Each one has a few
explosive barrels behind them.  This is what you want to aim for.  The MP5
submachine gun is a must-use here.  You'll need all 30 bullets if you're going
to bring down this baddie.

  When the fight begins, take your submachine gun and aim at the Traitor.
Pump a round or two into him until he ducks down.  Then manually aim at the
barrels behind him and open fire until they explode.  This'll take off a nice
chunk of his health.

  There are two more crates with barrels behind them that the Traitor will use
for cover, one to the left and one to the right.  Immediately shift your aim
to the pile of barrels on the left and wait for the traitor to take cover over
there.  As soon as he's in position, fire again and destroy the barrels behind
him.  That should take off even more of his health.

  One more time.  Shift aim to the set of barrels on the right, wait for him
to take cover there, then destroy the barrels.  This should leave the traitor
will very little health left.

  Now that all his cover has been literally blown, the Traitor will rush you.
Or at least, he'll try, but a laser blocks his path.  He'll head to the ramp
on the right and start up it, then stop when he reaches the laser and start
either taking shots at you or throwing grenades.  This is the last phase of the
battle.  As soon as the traitor heads to the right ramp, turn around and head
back towards the wall, then head towards the ramp and set off the sensors.

  SUDDEN DEATH:  Take aim and fire as fast as you can.  There's no trick here.
It's either him or you, so make sure it's him.

                 - =  C E C I L E    C A R L Y L E  = -

  Cecile enters the room; bloody, but still very much alive.  In a move
slightly reminiscent of Ballistic: Ecks Vs. Sever, he calmly pulls out a
grenade and tosses it towards the traitor's dead body.  Jean-Luc once again
barely makes it out of the blast radius.  The GULF system is still the top
priority, but Cecile is what stands between you and getting out of the complex
alive.  The final battle has begun.

  Once again you stand on the middle floor of the control centre.  Cecile
stands above you on the top floor.  He's got the better position, so the first
thing for you to do is run for it.  Head to the left and climb the ramp leading
up to the top floor.  A set of lasers will activate.

  Cecile has a huge health bar and incredible endurance.  Killing him just by
plugging away with your weapons is incredibly difficult.  Fortunately, a gun
turret lies at the top of the ramp.  In order to use the turret, you need to
get rid of the lasers.

  First things first: DO NOT put your back to the wall if you are on Normal or
Hard difficulty modes.  Cecile gets very grenade-happy, and the grenades he
throws will explode against the wall you're behind.  This means a whole world
of hurt for Jean-Luc.  So stay the heck off the wall, but don't get too far
away from it.  Place Jean-Luc about a foot or two away from the wall; at the
right distance, the grenades will bounce off the wall instead of exploding or
soaring over it and hitting you.  Move Jean-Luc around if he still takes damage
until you fight the right spot.

  To deactivate the lasers, you'll have to destroy two laser panels.  Duck and
head up the ramp until you're about halfway between the moving laser's start
and end points.  Be sure you can duck and the laser can still pass safely
above you.

  Once you're in position, you need to destroy the two panels.  Wait until
Cecile ducks behind the crates he's using for cover, then pop up and aim at one
of the panels.  Fire off a shot at it to destroy it.  If you take too long and
Cecile pops up again, drop your aim and duck back behind cover.  Cecile's
Desert Eagle doesn't do that much damage, but his grenades sure as heck do.

  When the first panel is destroyed, continue the process and destroy the
second one.  Once that's done with, the lasers will disappear.  Drop your aim
and dash up to the gun turret as fast as you can.  Cecile will come out from
behind cover and fire off shots at you so be sure to stay low.

  When you reach the gun turret, take aim at Cecile and hold down the trigger.
Cecile will throw grenades at your turret if you aren't fast enough, so don't
waste any time making a one-liner before you kill him.

  Keep up the stream of bullet fire and turn Cecile into a leaky piece of meat.
Congratulations, you've beaten Winback: Covert Operations!

  SUDDEN DEATH:  This gets pretty tricky.  Duck and roll as fast as you can to
avoid Cecile's first shot, then run towards the wall so he can't hit you.  Then
make your way up the ramp.  As soon as you get into position to shoot the laser
boxes, wait until Cecile ducks behind his cover.  Then pop up and shoot him
through the crack between the two crates.  Victory is yours.


  If you receive the bad ending by taking an ungodly amount of time to reach
stage 27, you won't fight Jin.  You won't fight Deathmask, either, or the
Traitor.  Instead, you'll fight Cecile at the end in the exact same manner
as you fought the Traitor.

  In order to beat Cecile in this manner, just use the tactics outlined in
The Traitor section, and replace "Traitor" with "Cecile".


  This guide was written entirely by me, Spybreak001.  Other people, though,
deserve thanks for helping spice it up.

  The ASCII art (the pictures made out of text) were made using Jonathan
Mathews' ASCII generator.  The thing is just incredible.  Check it out at, which I guess is his website.

  I'd also like to thank DomM64 and halijh for their Winback walkthrus.  They
probably helped me out when I was stuck, I don't remember exactly, it's been
so long since I first beat this game.  Years and years.  There was another
Winback walkthru on GameFAQs, but it's not there anymore.  Probably because,
even though it was excellent quality, half the guide was just made-up stuff.

  Everyone on the Winback message board deserves thanks just for being there.
Yes, all 3 of them.

  And I'd like to thank you for reading this friggin guide in the first place.

  And of course CJayC for posting the guide on his fantastic website.  I mean,
I wish I could make a website this successful.  I had one for a Jedi Knight:
Dark Forces 2 clan that had about 19 members and 3000 hits on the counter, but
that's about it.  The clan died out before long anyway, but it was fun while
it lasted.  Except for the guy with the DBZ name that never showed up to...
huh? What? Whoops, got a bit carried away.  Aah, the good old days.

  If you see this FAQ on any website other than GameFAQS, well, frankly I don't
give a damn.  Ha! Ha!

     ||   CONTACT INFO   \

  Any questions, comments, or stuff you want to know?  Any questions about
Winback you may have I'll try to answer.  That is, EXCEPT the amount of time
needed to get the bad ending.  Just leave the game on for about 10 hours before
the last checkpoint on stage 27.

  You can reach me at if you want to ask a question or
make a comment.  And if you just want to chat, use my e-mail address to reach
me on MSN messenger, where I spend about 80% of my time.

                                  - END -

"And that's why we're all standing here looking at each other."

"Oh, that explains it.  I thought it was some kind of group therapy."