King's Field: The Ancient City Leveling Magic FAQ
Author: The Journeyman
Version 0.75
Began FAQ: 3/22/2003
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3/22/2003- Started this document (My first FAQ, Striving for originality.)
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3/26/2003- Made some minor changes, added a note to section B2, Aquired ALL crystals!
7/26/2003- Contributor section added

My Docket:
= I'm at the end of the game.
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if you catch any that bother you then write me, please tell me the section. 

Why a Leveling up FAQ?:
I shall provide you a fairly quick and safe way to level up your Character's
Magic via used elemental crystals. I will also provide a quick way to level up
your character physically which should not need a faq of it's own.
I will NOT post the locations of weapons, armor, element crystals and such 
as the other faqs provide greatly a large portion of that info. However,
I will post the names of all the spells that I've found thus far and what
they look like at each level. I did not post the location of the crystals as 
Seorin provides you with his item location faq which has these locations, 
I'm merely posting what they look like since I DO posess these spells myself. 

Table of contents:
Section A- Good spot discovered to build up your character physically.
Section B.1- Leveling up Defensive magic.
Section B.2- Leveling up Offensive magic. (Main reason for writing this FAQ)
Section C- SPOILER! I have the names of all the spells I found and what 
they do at each level. (Not finished, Another update planned!)
Contributor Section at the bottom.
|Section A- Building up your characters physical strength|

-Center Tower Level 2-

From the save point with the wand marker (I used yellow), come out of the door 
then turn right then go all the way to the flat bridge which you used the bridge
pedistal key on, the other bridge should be half way down while the other bridge
is nonexistent (I suppose the king died around the time construction began?)
After crossing the only bridge that is down go through the main door then the
sub-door in the hallway, make a left toward the door you first found this room
with the widda in toward the room with the faces that spit out fire arrows.

Now, Assuming that you still have the faces turned on and the dwarf unfrozen
drop down off the ledge and choose a face to start hacking, It doesn't matter 
which but I recommend the last face of each line since it's safer. 
Go into your equipment and choose a weapon that you would like to level up. 
Start hacking at that face. Here you can build up your personal level, physical,
and weapon level, including the lawful blade/moonlight sword! Return to the 
swordsmith as needed then return here to provide more punishment to those pesky faces.
Needless to say, Keep doing this until your satisfied. 
This worked with any weapon. Perhaps you can even level up your 'fist' here 
however I recommend the mole cave in -The Holy Forest- which is where Section B 
begins and where I leveled my fist.
Level 3 is the maximum for leveling all weapons including the fist.
Armor cannot be leveled at all. 
Minimum durability for both weapons & armor is 50, 100 maximum.
|Section B.1- Leveling Up Defensive Magic; The Holy Forest healing fountain|

For this section you should have 4 of the 6 crystal vials filled with the pink 
liquid to fill your magic gauge which is all you'll need for this sub-mission. 
I never had to use the fifth vial for this!

Here we are in the Holy Forest, assuming that you have the swordsmithy, you don't 
need him, however the best time to come here is when he is repairing your equipment! 
If your character is around Lv.42 or more you can come here with NO armor, just your 
favorite sword and Earth Heal Level 2.

First let's level up your defensive support magic. 
Go to the fountain and just begin using one defensive support spell at a time. 
Descriptions of defense spells also will be in Section C.
Level 3 is the maximum for leveling all spells.

-At the fountain of healing-
1. Earth Heal:
Level 1- It should take only 10 minutes and no spell gauge refills.
Level 2- It should take 15 to 20 minutes and at least one refill.

2. Divine Light:
Level 1- It should take 5 to 10 minutes and probably one refill.
Level 2- About the same as level 1.
Level 3- Light attributes become infused into armor.

3. Purity:
You should use earth leech on your self to build this up, or walk through poison water.
I did this spell periodically over the course of the game, not at the fountain. 
I'm at level 1.
Level 1- N/A
Level 2- N/A

4. Remedy:
Better than purity, To level up use this periodically when needed or get poisoned.
Level 1- N/A
Level 2- N/A

5. Shadow Skin: !The shadow mask does the same thing for you!
Level 1- It should take 15 minutes, one refill.
Level 2- It should take 15 to 20 minutes, 2 refills.
Level 3- Darkness is imbued into weapon.

6.Reckless Strength:(!YAY!)
Level 1- Takes 10 minutes with a full magic gauge, no refills.
Level 2- Takes 15 minutes plus one refill, it should level up when the gauge is
halfway used on the refill.
|Section B.2- Leveling Offensive Magic; The Holy Forest + Golem Sanctuary|

In this section, I will provide you 2 particular places to level up certain magic.
Every 2 spells you level from Lv.1 to Lv.3 will take about 2 hours or more non-stop.
Spells I possess that can be leveled up in the forest are:
1. Fireball
2. Firewall
3. Earth Leech (Poison, Cool)
4. Eclipse (It's a shock at lv 3!)
5. Wind Cutter (Almost never use it!)
6. Retribution (It hit on target when I used it, 20 inches away)
7. Vortex (Water Gysers)
8. Judgement (Mole Cave or Golem Sanctuary, whichever place suits you.
9. Freeze
10. Ice Clad
11. Flash
12. Upheaval
13. Floating Death

NOTE: Wear this stylish equipment below to save some time and keep you going magic wise:
1. King's Crown
2. Queen's Rod
3. Widda Neckless
4. Ancient Armor
5. Myu's Legs
6. Myu's Arms

The first place that we will visit is the Holy Forest where we will use the fountain
and the mole cave where you got the 'mountain dew' for the golem.
We'll begin with Retribution Level 1 as an example, first fill up your 4 vials 
with pink water then save. Next go toward the mole cave then standing 20 inches 
away use the spell on the mole when it stops running, which is by the tree or 
the small hole, not by the stairway! Two hits should kill it. Now go downstairs 
and make a left toward the corridor with the water and the mushrooms taking out 
the moles on the way. When you get there take out the lone mole in the back then 
the one charging by the mushroom on the right. After him go ahead and kill the 
mushrooms and head down the same corridor taking out the other shrooms and moles 
until your at the last mole in the room with the mountain-dew pedistal. 
Take him out but be careful that the gold doesn't end up under the branch between 
the pedistal!
The only time I did that the creature dropped a healing liquid
which is still there after 25 hours more of playing. (I'm at about 58 hours) 
At that note, Any gold or items you leave laying around here will be saved as 
long as you saved & your Game CD doesn't happen to catch rust. 
Back to the specifics, Now after refilling your empty gauge turn around and head 
back through the flooded corridor and you'll see that 2 moles already re-spawned 
in the same location you just slaughtered them in! Now head over past the exit down 
the other corridor where there should be two paths take out all the moles in this area. 
After that Head back toward the exit and head right down the final corridor and 
take out the 3 moles in this area using those vials as needed. 
Now that you've cleaned out all the moles in the cave, head outside the stairway 
exit with your four empty vials (Mine were) then get refreshed at the fountain, Save. 
Now you can head back down the cave for more automatically respawned moles or load 
it up to make the one at the cave entrance reappear because he won't if you just 
keep going without loading and that one extra will level you up faster and save 
you a trip back to the fountain!! 
Just keep this up with the spells listed above and you should finish 2 spells
in the timeframe I mentioned if you didn't fall asleep playing!

Review for the forest: Go to the cave, take out the left corridor downstairs, 
next come back to take out the corridor straight ahead. 
After that come back and make a right to clean out that corridor, then exit the cave.
You should now refill magic and save, then load.

What does it take to do this?
Level 2: Takes one refill of 4 vials, 2 trips through the cave.
Level 3: Takes 2-3 refills of 4 vials, about 3 trips through the cave, because you 
level up after a third refill of your gauge but it should not take any vial use.

That pesky mole is ambushing me, what did I do to him?
If a mole is jumping at you back off until it begins to turn then retailiate with 
your spell. If you really need to..then use a weapon. 
Do not use your fist unless you want to level up that but it takes six punches to 
kill a mole at level 1!

|Rock Golem Sanctuary (Guardians) City Tower Level 2|

Dangerous/Out of Control Spells you can level up here:

1. Tornado
2. Volcannon
3. Meteor Cascade
4. Flame Strike
5. Invoke Lightning (It may kill you if done in the Mole Cave)
6. Immoliate
7. Judgement (Mole Cave or Golem Sanctuary, whichever suits you)

To the Guardians we go:
From the save point and teleport marker in center tower 2 come out of the door 
and make a right turn, circling around to the lowered bridge opposite the save 
point room. Enter two doors then make a left heading toward the room with the 
spit arrow faces, when there drop down then head toward the middle door
in between both sets of faces to the room on the left with the blue door where 
you fought the ghouls with the green orbs and the jackal spellcaster, 
Go through the blue door to enter a room with 2 doors, one with a teleport circle 
and the other room with writing. Go past to where the guardian stands to find a 
drawbridge, You will need 2 elf hand keys, put the one in next to the door, 
and one upstairs. After the drawbridge is lowered a new second floor room will be 
revealed. Go through this new room to aquire the mammoth shield and take notice of 
the two binding pedistals. Go ahead and put on two binding crowns to get the tresure 
from the chest below. The guardians return to their dark dungeon in a single file 
fashion one at a time, however they may not attack. Return to take off the crown 
for infinite golems! Whether you wanna duke it out physically with them is up to you 
but it depends on your level, Waiting until level 50 or higher is recommended because 
it will take them 4 hits to kill you, but you should have a Level 3 Earth Heal now.
Finally you may head down to begin leveling up spells mentioned above.
Now is a good time for a beer or coffee.
Just use the teleport pad when you must refill magic. Don't do all this in one day!
Good Luck!
|Section C- Spells names and cinematics of each level|
Although I have all of the spells in the game keep there are certain spells 
that I have not built up until I find an easier way, 
Spells that are posted below this paragraph and also in the magic crystal 
section that I haven't leveled up yet are marked with an aterisk* and may be 
updated in the future.

1. Tornado* (It's too out of control)
2. Flame breath* (It only aims straight ahead)
3. Immoliate* (Whatever... Just use a fireball!)
4. Flame Strike* (It burns out instantly on the ceiling in the mole cave and 
bounces off the guardians head so I must find another place for this.)

Magic Crystals Section
Below are the names of all the spells in the game and the cinematics of each level.
Light Crystal 1 {Divine Light}:
Level 1- Illuminates a room dimly.
Level 2- Illuminates a room more so.
Level 3- Almost completely illuminates a room, imbues light into weapon.

Light Crystal 2 {Flash}: Two hits at any level kills the purple birds in the tower!
Level 1- A ball of light.
Level 2- A larger ball of light.
Level 3- Explodes after impact into smaller shocks throughout the room.

Light Crystal 3 {Retribution}: Reminds me of The Cube movie, cool sound efx!
Level 1- 4 lines pop out from a ball.
Level 2- 6 lines pop out from a ball. (The coolest level in my opinion)
Level 3- Same 6 lines ending with two large lines.

Light Crystal 4 {Invoked Lightning}: Deadly spell, may kill you instantly!
Level 1- 1 strike!
Level 2- 2 stikes!!
Level 3- 3 strikes!!!, If you're not out the enemies will be!

*Light Crystal 5 {Judgement}: It can really be compared to flash in Kings Field 2!
Level 1- 3 orbs shoot out in a spread fashion.
Level 2- 6 orbs shoot out in a spread fashion.
Level 3- 13 orbs shoot out in a spread fashion. (Argueably the best spell in the game!)


Water Crystal 1 {Purity}:
Level 1- Cures poison.
Level 2- Cures poison, it lasts for seconds longer.
Level 3- Cures poison, last longer, protects against poison for a bit.

Water Crystal 2 {Endure Fire}:
Level 1- Take less damage from fire.
Level 2- Lasts longer, 7 seconds.
Level 3- Lasts for 15 seconds and allows you to walk through the Widda castle 
entrance unharmed by the dragon statue breath!!

*Water Crystal 3 {Remedy}:
Level 1- Heals all status effects including poison, darkness.
Level 2- N/A
Level 3- N/A.

Water Crystal 4 {Vortex}:
Level 1- 3 gysers shoot upward.
Level 2- 6 gysers shoot upward.
Level 3- 6 gysers shoot upward then end in a finale of circular gysers. 
The dolphins Echo & Flipper would probably approve!

*Water Crystal 5 {Hydrosphere}:
Level 1- 4 streams of hi-pressured water shoot at enemies.
Level 2- N/A
Level 3- N/A


Fire Crystal 1 (Fireball): 
Level 1- It's bigger than it was in King Field 2.
Level 2- Larger than it was at level 1.
Level 3- Looks the same as level 2 however it burns for a few seconds longer.

*Fire Crystal 2 (Firewall): 
Level 1- 2 Relatively small volcanic shaped pillars of fire.
Level 2- 4 Pillars of volcanic fire.
Level 3- 6 Pillars of fire and it licks the floor with flame for a few seconds

Fire Crystal 3 (Fire Breath):
Level 1- Same flame the red dragons and dinosaurs breath at you
I didn't bother to level this up, It's kooky as you can look upward and it will
always be in the same middle position! It sucks.
Level 2- N/A
Level 3- N/A

*Fire Crystal 4 (Immoliate):
Level 1- An oval bullet shaped fireball flies through enemies 4 times then burns out.
Level 2- N/A
Level 3- N/A

*Fire Crystal 5 (Flame Strike):
NOTE: Wear the Sacrificial Mask to get the same spell -randomly-. 
Take caution with the mask, the spell will kill you instantly.
Level 1- Shoots a fireball toward the ceiling that spurts out 5 
lines toward the ground. Use on the flying purple birds in the tower to make up 
to 400 gold a pop!
Level 2- N/A
Level 3- N/A


Wind Crystal 1 {Wind Cutter}:
Level 1- A single saucer shaped blade of wind travels toward enemies.
Level 2- A double saucer shaped blade of wind travels toward enemies.
Level 3- Two double saucer shaped blade of wind travels toward enemies.

*Wind Crystal 2 {Life Shield}:
Level 1- Protects against projectile attacks.
Level 2- Protects longer against projectile attacks.
Level 3- N/A

Wind Crystal 3 {Ice Clad}:
Level 1- Same spell the knights in the kings mausoleum have.
Level 2- A larger block of ice hurls toward enemies.
Level 3- An icy mist drifts in the air after the larger block explodes on impact.

*Wind Crystal 4 {Tornado}:
Level 1- A stubborn dirt-devil spins like crazy -passing- enemies. (Looks realistic)
Level 2- N/A
Level 3- N/A

*Wind Crystal 5 {Freeze}:
Level 1- Two oval blocks of mist hurls at enemies freezing them for a few seconds.
Level 2- N/A
Level 3- N/A


Earth Crystal 1 (Earth Heal):
Level 1- Heals Half HP.
Level 2- Heals More HP.
Level 3- Heals Most Hp, Imbues earth magic into your weapons slowing enemy attacks.

Earth Crystal 2 (Upheaval):
Level 1- A few pillars stike upward at enemies.
Level 2- More pillars strike upward at enemies.
Level 3- Same as level 2 except a large pillar impales afterward.

Earth Crystal 3 (Earth Leech):
Level 1- A sissy amount of poison surprises enemies.
Level 2- The attack lasts longer.
Level 3- The poison biohazard now has gas above it.

*Earth Crystal 4 (Volcannon):
Level 1- Spews out fire like earth leech, or bounces off the enemies head.
Level 2- N/A
Level 3- N/A

*Earth Crystal 5 (Meteor Cascade):
Level 1- A fireball shoots upward then spews firelines downward.
Level 2- N/A
Level 3- N/A


Dark Crystal 1 {Shadow Skin}:
NOTE: If you wear the Shadow Mask you will get the same effects, and it's more fun.
Level 1- You lose brightness on the screen but the monsters still attack.
Level 2- You lose more brightness on the screen but the monsters still attack.
Level 3- Same as level 2, Darkness is imbude in armor protecting against dark attacks.

Dark Crystal 2 {Eclipse}: 
Same orb guarding Myu's armor, Just back off when the sequence starts, it may kill you!
Level 1- 1 orb expands catching enemies and you underneath, back off when using.
Level 2- A larger orb expands.
Level 3- Up to 6 smaller orbs expand ending with the original orb in the middle. 
(Deadly but Cool spell!)

Dark Crystal 3 {Reckless Strength}:
Level 1- Become stronger for 5 seconds.
Level 2- It does last longer, 15 seconds.
Level 3- It last for 20 seconds, and imbues darkness into weapons.

*Dark Crystal 4 {Drifting Death}: (Same gas you see when cracking a Dark crystal.)
Level 1- A black & purple gas fill the area suffocating enemies.
Level 2- A black-purple-blue gas fill a larger area suffocating enemies. (Cool!)
Level 3- A spark charged black-purple-blue gas fill the area.

*Dark Crystal 5 {Dark Matter}:
Level 1- A large atom floats out, separating into 4 orbs electrocuting enemies.
Level 2- A large atom floats out, separating into 6 orb electrocuting enemies.
Level 3- N/A

-Contributor Section- (I appreciate the help, I would like to finish Section C before finalizing this faq.)

Thanks to squall_the_leader for this info:

 The place I did this is at the fountain that poisons you near the old man that gives you a release rock.
Level 1: It takes about 10 minutes to level this one up.
Level 2: It takes 10-15 minutes for this one.  Neutralizes poison in the body and gives 
     temporally resistance to poison.
Level 3: Neutralizes poison in the body.  Great resistance to poison and also adds
     poison to your weapon.

Copyright 2003 Aaron B. (The Journeyman)
That's it for the moment. Thanks for looking! I hope that this is useful! 
I may do more leveling up faqs for larger games in the future.