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Asked: 6 years ago

What do you need to do to confront the lion?

What do you need to do to confront the lion?

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From: JochNessMonster 6 years ago

Wow, a question for DMC1. About time! :p

I'm guessing you're in the fountain room in Mission 2. If I'm right, there's nothing you can do yet. Beat Missions 2 and 3, then in Mission 4 go back to that room. Use the Pride of Lion obtained from Mission 3, then slash the lion three times. You'll have to fight a new enemy.

Hope that helps... >_>

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Do you have to slash the lion? The *boss* just appears as soon as I use the icon

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Yes, you have to slash the lion.

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First, Pump the Shadow full of Devil Lead, then, when the orb is exposed, start slashing like theres no tomorow.

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Yeah, you have to slash the lion. I'm puzzled as to how you got the Shadow to appear without slashing the lion statue first, to be honest.

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What? Cant i tell them the strategy to beat the shadow?

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That confused me at first also, you know that place where alastor was? Put the judgement rod there and beat those missions and then slash the lion then fight the mini-boss that apears.

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